tonyyarussoTakyoji: Just because I happened to think of it:  Are you still interested in biking the Sakatah trail sometime?  Might be a fun weekend, bike from Faribault to Mankato one day, overnight at Minneopa SP, then bike back the next.20:52
Takyojiyea; I'm not certain of my schedule next week, and I'm pretty open as it is; I just still have the same tires by the way. :P20:53
tonyyarussoWell, go buy some tires silly :P20:54
tonyyarussoNext weekend is out for me as well, but something to remember for sometime soonish perhaps.20:54
TakyojiI've exhausted most of my money on car-related expenditures, I just have yet to get money from one other project, and finish at that school (that's using Ubuntu)20:57
TakyojiNice; just got a used printer from my father from work ('old printer'), and I plugged it in, and it was automatically detected of it's exact model and everything and works perfectly out-of-the-box without having to touch anything21:29

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