InHisNameGood Evening knightzero and any else awake02:23
Sadini am awake :P03:23
Sadinand wimpy wimpy ryan howard my god03:23
Sadinno offence phillies NO OFFENCE03:24
InHisNamewho knows command line for upgrading ubuntu from 10.10 to 11.04 ?03:36
InHisNameI looked in man page for apt-get but it wasn't obvious03:36
SadinInHisName it should propt you to upgrade when you run system update application03:38
InHisNameIt did not.03:39
InHisNamerunning again says 0 0 0 for all parts.03:39
SadinInHisName there is a way through the system update in in some extra option thing03:39
InHisNamesudo apt-get update was the command that did not do it03:40
Sadinuse the GUI system update03:40
Sadintheres an option some where im looking for where i saw it one sec03:40
InHisNameI'll check for sub options.   NO gui on my ubuntu server03:40
Sadinoh your talking server03:40
Sadinmy mistake03:41
* pleia2 waits for airplane to philly03:42
InHisNamesorry should have said server earlier03:42
InHisNameIts a little late for plane to philly tonight, pleia203:42
pleia2InHisName: it's a redeye03:42
Sadinpleia2 InHisName wish i could come to release party :(03:43
InHisNameI didn't know they still did redeyes any more03:43
pleia2I go sleepies on the plane, wake up in philly03:44
pleia2oh yes, I almost always take them when going to philly03:44
InHisNameProlly nicest price too03:44
pleia2because I hate sleep03:44
InHisNamewhat's it do... arrive 6am our time ?03:45
pleia2[Dyeah, 6:2003:45
InHisNameOne of the first ones at a still resonably quiet airport that early.03:46
InHisNameNo irc'ing across the country?03:47
pleia2the flight has wifi, but I have a busy day tomorrow so I should sleep03:47
InHisNameDo they charge extra $$$ for use of wifi?03:48
pleia2yeah, but we bought a monthly pass this month (lots of flying)03:48
InHisNamepleia2: do you know the terminal command to upgrade server from 10.10 to 11.04 ?    I tried apt-get update / upgrade but not change in linux versions in uname -a03:49
pleia2or something03:50
InHisNameinside apt-get ?03:51
pleia2nt on good wifi at the moment, can't look at the exact command03:51
pleia2no, ubuntu hasn't used apt-get for release upgrades in ages03:51
pleia2(you can, but at our own risk)03:51
InHisNametry     man -k release-upgrade       or just one word ?03:52
InHisNameshould I03:52
InHisNameI can do that on commandline ?03:54
pleia2yes, see the server instructions03:54
pleia2on that page03:54
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pleia2ok, time to leave the lounge and find a comfy spot out with all the muggles03:54
pleia2(they are closing)03:55
InHisNameshort and sweet, thanks pleia203:55
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pleia2well, at least the wifi out here is good :)04:02
pleia2bah, famous last words04:04
InHisNameWell I am on road to upgrading, all seems smooth at the start......04:07
InHisNamemorning andrew05:24
rmg51morning JonathanD09:33
rmg51the real morning, not one of those fake andrew mornings ;-)09:33
InHisNamemorning andrew, JonathanD, and rmg51  and anyone else who happens to be awake.12:07
jedijfInHisName: Run 'do-release-upgrade' to upgrade to it12:07
InHisNamepleia2:  did you land and connect to wifi yet ?12:07
InHisNameI did twice now.   Aparently was only at 10.04.   Now at 11.0412:08
jedijfInHisName: it's a command itself type do<tab><tab>12:08
InHisNamepleia2 helped me with a web link with instructions to install a couple of things and edit a prompt setting before the DO command would work.  It worked great after that.  2wice.12:12
InHisNamejedijf: actually that was comment for you to see. ^12:12
jedijfawesome, excellent practice for her talk at North12:15
GeekyAdamwaltman: good point16:26
JonathanDTo the store!16:26
Sidewinder1Guess everyone is outside, enjoying this glorious whether; so what the heck am I doin' in front of this screen?16:38
GeekyAdamthe same thing I'm doing.16:52
GeekyAdamanyone have experience running teamspeak-server in ubuntu server?16:58
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andrewmorning rmg51 & InHisName19:08
andrewpleia2: Welcome $home-119:08
waltmanit's home^ :)19:11
rmg51afternoon andrew19:11
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