Unit193binarymutant: Welcome back :)20:37
binarymutantthe welcoming party is awesome20:38
* Unit193 looks around20:39
binarymutantparty of one :P20:40
binarymutant"Tom has been selling Lennox for over 25 years"  -> commercial had me very excited until I actually looked at the tv20:50
binarymutantyou all seen stardust@home yet? Take a look at this blog post - http://arielwaldman.com/2011/10/07/mail-delivery-from-nasa/20:53
wrstbinarymutant: welcome back :)21:02
* wrst joins the welcoming party21:02
binarymutantnow it's a party :D21:35
binarymutant:(    compiling things from xorg is...annoying22:30
binarymutantautoconf, automake, aclocal  ::insert gripe::22:45

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