toyowheelinwow more people than I thought there would be00:26
Saltparty up in the hizzouse00:29
toyowheelinso is this just for people running gnome ubuntu or is kubuntu fine as well?00:32
Saltoh, there's at least one k-head in here00:34
* Salt peers in valorie's general direction00:34
toyowheelinlol yeah I got tired of gnome and the new direction that ubuntu was going so I switched to kde00:35
Salti actually just tried lubuntu out and have really enjoyed the direction00:36
toyowheelinwhich DE is that00:36
Saltit really reminds me of gnome200:37
Saltbut way faster00:37
toyowheelinoh right... yeah I think I tried that one before as well00:37
toyowheelindont remember why I didnt like it00:37
toyowheelinmenu looks like old windows also00:38
Salteh, it's better than flux00:39
toyowheelinyeah I am not really a fan of minimal desktops00:40
toyowheelinwhen you start getting into the box desktops they get too stripped down and I just feel like I need to do everything from a terminal00:40
Saltwell that's part of the point now isn't it?00:41
Saltterminal makes things much quicker for many tasks :P00:41
toyowheelineh I suppose 00:41
Saltbut yeah, i dig openbox when i want to go minimal, gives just enough to use gui stuff00:41
toyowheelinyeah when I am using a gui I usually dont really want to use a terminal 00:48
toyowheelinbut I always seem to find myself opening one as soon as things get weird00:49
toyowheelinare you running the beta release of 11.10?00:51
aendrukhello toyowheelin 01:30
toyowheelinhi aendruk01:30
aendrukyou on the mailing list?01:30
toyowheelinno I just found out there was a ubuntu community in WA01:31
toyowheelinhavent dug that deep yet01:31
toyowheelinfound the FB page01:31
aendrukwe'll be amassing in person for the 11.10 release next week, and you're welcome to join01:32
toyowheelinhmm yeah I might try to make the drive down01:33
toyowheelinwhat kinda things usually happen at release parties?01:36
aendrukusually some combination of food and informal discussion, and few people might be getting help with installations01:40
aendrukit's really just an excuse to meet in person, since it's difficult to feel like we're a "community" just over irc/email01:42
toyowheelinyeah thats understandable01:42
toyowheelinkinda surprised that people still use mailing lists01:44
aendrukwe have a fair amount of cross-membership with GSLUG, too. that's a much larger group, meets in seattle every month. meeting tomorrow at google fremont, i believe.01:44
toyowheelinyeah I used to attend TACLUG meetings back in college01:45
aendrukSalt: is asimov a uw server?01:48
toyowheelinoh yeah I was going to ask if anyone knew of any ubuntu repos that were local01:50
toyowheelinfigure it might speed up package downloads slightly01:51
aendrukI don't know of anything beyond Ubuntu's official list, though there was something mentioned on the mailing list a year or two ago01:54
toyowheelinit would be awesome to get a comcast mirror :P01:55
toyowheelinmore likely to get a .edu mirror like UW though01:56
aendrukpeople generally like OSUOSL, I believe01:58
aendruknot speedy, but there are supporters around01:58
toyowheelinoregon state?01:59
aendrukthat's it02:01
=== Toyo is now known as toyowheelin
valorieoh, I missed our newest visitor, boo02:38
* valorie is blogging for Ada Lovelace Day02:39
toyowheelinwho me02:40
toyowheelinI am still here02:40
toyowheelintime to go, bbl03:19
ievans3024hello toyo! welcome welcome. I too, use KDE because gnome has become this strange, ungainly monster04:58
ievans3024for me, at least.04:58
ievans3024while i'm on here, if anybody's watching: how exactly do mailing lists work?04:59
ievans3024i want to participate, but i have no clue how to sign up, what to expect, or what is proper ML etiquette05:01
valorieI'm here05:40
valoriemail lists are my favorite; I got started online with them after real-time chatting05:40
valorieour launchpad page should have the link -- you can sign up on the webpage05:40
valoriethey work by mail -- you send an email to the list address, and then it is distributed to all subscribers05:41
valorieif you reply to a post, please clip all but necessary verbiage05:41
valorieand top-posting makes some people angry05:42
valorieievans3024: still here?05:43
valorieoh, also: most mls are archived, and searchable05:43
ievans3024yeah sorry, watching deep space nine05:43
valorieso the archives are a wonderful resource05:44
valoriebut also you should think carefully about posting personal information, because it will be found05:44
* valorie doesn't care, but some people do05:44

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