bjsniderSarvatt, does x-updates still have any kind of relevance in oneiric?03:52
brycehbjsnider, it won't until oneiric is released07:02
raevolhey all07:47
raevoli just ppa-purged xorg-edgers, restarted, and then tried to install fglrx, and now my X won't start07:48
raevolany advice?07:48
brycehuninstall fglrx07:51
raevolhow would i do that from the command line :(08:18
raevolwell i got my oeneric beta downloaded so i'll just install that08:33
raevolhere's hoping oeneric fglrx isn't toast :)08:33
brycehman jockey-text08:38
RAOFxranby: Arm stuff is generally moderately weird; I'm not sure to what extent it actually *supports* xrandr, so the output of that tool might not be trustworthy.10:03
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