Kilosmorning superfly and others09:32
superflymorning Kilos!09:33
nlsthzno/ to all in ZA land :)09:33
Kiloshi nlsthzn 09:33
nlsthznHello uncle Kilos :)09:34
nlsthznAll well?09:34
Kilosyeah ty and there nlsthzn 09:34
nlsthznOK... same old same old...09:34
Kiloshere is a all well add for you09:34
nlsthzn@work so no good, but thanks :)09:36
Kilosaw sorry nlsthzn 09:36
nlsthznno worries :)09:38
Kiloszeref, did you win??09:49
Kilosand you JabberwockyA19 09:49
JabberwockyA19good morning Kilos, no I just used a pci network card09:50
JabberwockyA19I've got two of those motherboards, the only OS I've gotten the network cards to work was, ironically, in windows vista09:51
Kiloshave you tried the manufacturers for more info09:55
Kilosthen lotsa googling09:55
Kilosgoogle setting up that card in linux10:06
Kilosif redhat or mint or so go drivers then use alien to convert to .deb10:07
JabberwockyA19hehe there's no hope for that board unless I reverse eng. it10:11
Kiloswell if you can do that it will keep you outa trouble for a while10:13
Kilosim thinking of the wrong guy now10:15
Kilossomeone battled with a modem. and i membered after a few days i had to use ozerocdof to get mine working10:16
zeref Kilos> zeref, did you win??10:52
Kilosgreat, what was the prob10:52
zerefi had to change the tranparency in the panel10:53
zerefto opague10:53
Kiloswas it an update that changed it10:53
Kilosi was working before10:54
zerefnah, i read the bug report on the freeze problem10:54
zerefokes said that the wnck was the prob10:54
zerefmem leak10:54
Kilosah an actual bug10:54
Kilosglad you fixed it10:55
Kiloswell done10:55
zerefwasa going to upgrade to 10.1010:55
Kilosyou can do that safely i am sure10:56
Kilosi found 10.10 just that bit better10:56
zerefyeah, but since prob is fixed, i'll wait to 12.0410:56
Kilosthen gnome gone10:56
zerefyeah :-(10:56
zerefi'll run 11.10 on a VM to check it out10:57
zerefsigh, need to find a job in the holi's10:58
* JabberwockyA19 notices netbeans have been removed from oneiric repos11:02
Kilosthats life lad11:03
JabberwockyA19I actaully dont like the multiverse anyhow :P11:03
JabberwockyA19only brought it in last night 11:04
JabberwockyA19I'm still waiting for my beta access to desura11:13
Kilossuperfly, hows the grass, become lawn yet\14:22

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