qinyerac: Does gnome-apperance-properities started from terminal (or Alt-F2) works?00:00
yeracno, it says i need to instal gnome-control-center, when i want to do this it says it is already installed with newest version00:01
qinyerac: What version is it? lsb_release -sc00:03
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Stockholm_AngelHi, how to make a 4gb system only backup on my intenal harddrive?00:04
bazhanghttp://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/linux-hardware-18/sis900-pci-ethernet-wont-connect-to-network-617944/   Chwoka this may be relevant00:04
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tux-mattso is xorg x window manager is preinstalled in ubuntu 11.0400:04
bazhangtux-matt, desktop edition or server00:05
qinyerac: No clue, sudo apr-get update && sudo apt-get install --reinstall gnome-control-center00:05
tux-mattdesktop ediditon00:05
bazhangtux-matt, then yes00:05
tux-mattbut i cant see it what woud it be under00:05
qin*apt-get update00:06
bazhangStockholm_Angel, you mean / ? excluding home?00:06
tux-mattbazhang how can i run it or can i00:06
Stockholm_Angelbazhang, no like the old xubuntu eeepc machines had00:06
bazhangtux-matt, what do you mean by run it00:06
Stockholm_Angelbazhang,  where if anything went wrong it could be used to reinstall a new system from the 4gb partition00:07
tux-mattbazhang like you are running xchat right now00:07
bazhangStockholm_Angel, sorry not clear; you wish to do a complete backup of your eeepc install? like an image or the like?00:07
Stockholm_Angelan image so i can make sure i can install ubuntu again00:08
bazhangStockholm_Angel, clonezilla? remastersys? like that?00:08
Stockholm_Angeli am a noob00:08
bazhangStockholm_Angel, then take a look at those two options? decide if thats what you need?00:08
bazhangStockholm_Angel, certainly only *you* know what you want, check those and see if they fit your needs/demands00:09
Stockholm_Angelbazhang, thanks00:10
yeracthis sucks00:12
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Chwokawell okay! i'm getting pings to the router, i'm showing up on the dhcp client list, the lights on the port stopped flashing -- the router is finally recognizing the computer. but now i need to get ubuntu to recognize the router.00:17
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fayimorahey guys please i need help..i am installing ubuntu now on xbox and its stuck at the "ready when you are area"00:18
fayimorai restarted the whole process and it still got suck there00:19
fayimorahow do i get pass this area?00:19
rwwfayimora: which version of Ubuntu?00:19
fayimorarww: 11.0400:20
rwwfayimora: make your username all lowercase00:20
fayimorarww: they are all in lowercase00:21
crash1hdhey all I just got a new motherboard ASUS F1A75-V Pro it has 6 SATA ports 1-4 are SATA and 5 & 6 are PATA but when i boot if I have 6 drives attached by default it wants to boot from 5 the PATA drive can some explain why it doesnt just boot from 1 the first in the 6?00:21
rwwfayimora: fun times. no idea then, that's the usual reason Ubiquity does that00:22
Gale0nhow do I echo out the permissions of a file ?00:22
Gale0neg +x00:22
Jordan_U!screenshot | fayimora00:22
ubottufayimora: Screenshots can be made with the [PrtScr] button. Want to show us a screenshot of your problem? Upload an image to http://imagebin.org/?page=add and post a link to it.00:22
fayimorarww: :(00:22
jribGale0n: why?00:22
fayimoraubottu: ok woukd do00:22
ubottufayimora: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)00:22
Gale0nFor my installer script00:22
jribGale0n: what does it do?00:23
Gale0nInstalls a server00:23
jribGale0n: what server?00:23
Gale0nA gaming one00:23
fayimorahttp://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/195/screenshot20111008at012.png/ rww00:25
yerachow to get back my gnome-appearance-properties???00:25
Jordan_Ucrash1hd: Just change the boot order in the BIOS to whatever you want.00:25
rwwfayimora: the password field isn't optional.00:25
Gale0nyerac: Was it uninstalled ?00:25
yeracidk, i just installed 3 libs and restarted00:26
yeracnow my gnome theme is changed and i am missing Appearance in System menu00:26
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fayimorarww: yaaaaay00:27
Gale0nTry typing gnome-appearance-propertie00:27
rwwfayimora: welcome00:27
Gale0ngnome-appearance-properties *00:27
yeraccommand is missing00:27
Gale0nThen do sudo apt-get install gnome-appearance-propertie00:27
Gale0nsudo apt-get install gnome-appearance-properties *00:27
Gale0nYo a_teammate00:28
yeracit is installed00:28
a_teammateyo Gale0n :)00:28
a_teammatehi all00:28
Gale0nDo you use compiz-effect ?00:28
crash1hdJordan_U, ok but would I benifit by connecting my boot drive to 5 or just leave it at 1? cause in Disk util it shows 5,6 then 1 2 3 4 or 6 as sda and 5 as sdb and then 1 as sdc where if 6 is not plugged in then 5 becomes sda?00:29
yeracand there is no package "gnome-appearance-properties"00:29
yeracit say unable to locate that package00:30
Gale0nTry re-install gnome00:30
Gale0nsudo apt-get install gnome00:30
molganyes :)00:30
yeracwe will see what happens... reinstalling00:31
Gale0nI'll be waiting, with help00:31
molganquestion.. anyone know any command line args to get the current user's (ie you) uptime?00:31
SIFTUmolgan: "w"?00:32
Gale0nmolgan: uptime00:32
Gale0nOh, wait00:32
molganuptime reports system uptime only00:33
Gale0nmolgan: who00:33
Chwokaso, wait. in the network connections window, in the box that says "Device MAC Address," is it supposed to be the mac address for the ethernet port you're using, or for the router?00:33
molganI am looking for user uptime in hh:mm:ss00:33
JonnyRChwoka, it will be your network card MAC00:33
Chwokaokay cool.00:34
ChwokaAHA! I DID IT!00:34
JonnyRWhat did you go Chwoka? :)00:34
* JonnyR just joined the chat00:34
ChwokaI've been struggling wit the chat all day to get my computer on the internet00:35
JonnyRcool, glad you got it working.00:35
JonnyRRemember what you did for next time. :p00:35
petersonguys, I'm having a weird problem in Oneiric. Ubuntu looks are all messed up. Apps are ugly, using a spartan gtk theme; I've previously set faenza icon theme and I can't set it back. Can any help me restore its appearance or this isn't the right place to ask for help if I'm in Oneiric?00:36
Chwokamy router and my computer were acting like the boys and the girls at middle school prom, all standin' on other sides of the gym and trying to ignore the other half00:36
Chwokaand i gave 'em a nice hot injection of hormones!00:36
Chwokaalright, i am out of here!00:36
Jordan_Upeterson: #ubuntu+100:37
Gale0nSorry, molgan, I can't seen to find an answer :(00:37
th0rmolgan: w00:37
Gale0nth0r: won't work, I suggested it already00:37
SIFTUmolgan: you will have to script it, by converting the time of login to epoch and the current time, finding the difference and converting it back00:38
petersonJordan_U: Thanks! =D00:39
Jordan_Uperlstein: You're welcome :)00:39
molganSIFTU: figured as much.00:39
andrewh192hey, how do i create a "slideshow" of background images like there is already there?00:39
molgan@ guys trying to help me, thanks for trying. :)00:40
Gale0nNP molgan00:40
Gale0nyerac: How's the re-install going00:41
molganoh, does anyone know how to use grep well enough?00:41
Gale0nmolgan: I could00:41
robin0800crash1hd, I think you need to adjust your bios as I have an asus motherboard and that also defaulted to the pata drive and not sata00:42
Gale0nHey, no one answered me yet :/00:42
Gale0nHow do I check if a file = -x only00:42
molganGale0n: I don't know much about it, any indepth manuals on it?00:43
crash1hdrobin0800, so did you put your boot drive on the pata or the sata?00:43
molganI've search google..00:43
Gale0nmolgan: no, sorry :(00:43
Gale0nAll my knowledge was self-taught00:43
Gale0nNo prob00:43
th0rmolgan: check the linux documentation project...tldp.org00:43
yeracGale0n: what after reinstall? restart?00:43
robin0800crash1hd, on the sata look in the bios menu under boot00:44
molganGale0n: ah, ok. and lol that's how I have learned linux so far00:44
molganth0r: looking....00:44
Gale0nyerac: Try now gnome-appearance-properties00:44
th0rmolgan: might start with the bash scripting guides that are there00:44
Gale0nIf it doesn't work, re-start computer00:44
crash1hdrobin0800, yeah I have it set to sata and I changed the boot order i just cant figure it out00:44
robin0800crash1hd, mine had an entry below the normal boot order that said something like configure disk drives its that one that was wrong00:46
Gale0nHow do I check if a file is -x only, and then echo it out ?00:47
Gale0nI tried ls, and find00:48
SIFTUGale0n: find should do it00:48
Jordan_Ucrash1hd: Don't worry about how drives are enumerated, all Ubuntu configuration files use UUIDs so that drive order doesn't matter. On many machines it will even change from one boot to the next so you should not depend on it anyway.00:48
Gale0nFind didn't00:48
Gale0nI wanna echo it out00:48
Gale0nI use a for loop00:48
Gale0nIt won't work :(00:48
SIFTUGale0n: seems to work for me00:48
Jordan_UGale0n: What is your entire end goal? Please give as much detail as possible.00:48
crash1hdJordan_U, thanks00:48
Jordan_Ucrash1hd: You're welcome.00:49
bazhangGale0n, minecraft server?00:49
SIFTUGale0n: find -perm 700 -exec echo {} \;00:49
Gale0nbazhang: No, Sauerbraten server00:49
SIFTUGale0n: replace your permissions you want to search for00:49
Gale0nJordan_U: I wanna echo out if a file is executable, using a for loop to list the files00:49
Jordan_UGale0n: That's not an end goal. That's a step toward a larger goal (your real end goal): http://catb.org/~esr/faqs/smart-questions.html#goal00:50
Gale0nI wanna check for permissions of the files, in order to block out a part of a script, using an "if" statement00:51
SIFTUGale0n: or "find  . -executable"00:51
yeracErrors were encountered while processing:00:51
yerac /var/cache/apt/archives/gnome-games-extra-data_2.30.0-1ubuntu1_all.deb00:51
yeracE: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)00:51
Jordan_UGale0n: That's still not an end goal. Please read the link I gave you.00:51
yeraci will restart00:52
Gale0nI'm trying to list the files with executable permissions (with a for loop) and then use that to see if a auto-permission script should be enabled00:53
SIFTUGale0n: why do you need  for loop00:54
SIFTUGale0n: why not use find and output it to a file and process that if you need00:54
Jordan_UGale0n: That's still not an end goal.00:55
Gale0nOtherwise I have to re-write all the files to be checked, one by one, with its own command00:55
Gale0nJordan_U: yes it is :/00:55
SIFTUGale0n: ask in #bash00:55
yerak_Gale0n: i restarted, nothing changed00:56
yerak_do u have more ideas?00:56
Gale0nyerak_: No, sorry :(00:56
Jordan_UGale0n: From earlier comments you've made I would assume that your end goal is "To make a script that automates the installation of a Sauerbraten server". But I would expect that such an installation script already exists so I'm wondering why you need to write a script of your own. End goal means end of the line, top level, what you're actually trying to accomplish.00:57
yerak_Gale0n: th problem appear after i update ubutu from  xx.xx.08 to xx.xx.1100:57
Gale0nyerak: Type unity00:57
Gale0nIn terminal00:57
Gale0nThat's the new GUI00:58
Gale0nOr wairt00:58
Gale0nWait *00:58
Gale0nyerak_: Type nohup unity &00:58
SIFTUGale0n: you explained it different in #bash00:59
SIFTUGale0n: or "find  . -executable -exec <function> \;"00:59
Gale0nSIFTU I tried that01:00
Gale0nAlso, <function> = $i01:00
SIFTUGale0n: does the function accept a filename01:00
Gale0nA few01:00
SIFTUGale0n: or "find  . -executable -exec <function> {} \;"01:00
yeracGale0n: i typed unitiy and got unity and then everything froze, what should i type now01:02
yeracnohup unity?01:03
Gale0nyerac: You should've done "nohup unity &"01:03
Gale0nNote the "&" at the end!01:03
yeracwell i was fast... let we see now nohup01:03
th0rETERNA: stop screaming01:03
Gale0nETERNA: no caps01:03
tflgen2Hi everyone. I'm trying to use Xmonad and would like to get rid of GDM as my desktop manager and have login only from terminal. When I do this and start the computer with a login terminal, I cannot get X to start when running startx, it just crashes. I'm using 10.04 32bit ubuntu01:03
ETERNAok... sorry I just hate gnome 301:04
th0rand I just hate script kiddies who scream01:04
ETERNAI know what a script kiddie is and I am SO not one.01:04
Gale0ngnome3's cool01:04
Jordan_Uth0r: Name calling isn't needed or appropriate.01:04
ETERNAGNOME3 sux. I think that Canonical should write it's own GUI library that doesn't suck.01:05
Gale0nfor i in sauer_server server monitor env.sh utils/newserver.sh utils/convert utils/luapp utils/keygen utils/shell.rb utils/shell.pl; find -executable -exec $i {}; done01:05
Gale0nSIFTU: Would that work01:05
ETERNAIf i'm script kiddie, then Shakespeare's illiterate.01:06
Jordan_UETERNA: This channel is for Ubuntu support, not for ranting about how you dislike GNOME3. Please stay on topic.01:06
yerak_Gale0n: same thing as unity, it froze01:06
Gale0nyerak_: I hope you never exited the terminal ..01:07
ETERNAI know. I am warning people not to use Gnome3 because it breaks Ubuntu unless you REALLY know what you're doing.01:07
Gale0nETERNA: Not on my Ubuntu01:07
yerak_what u mean?01:07
pangolinETERNA: We know. thank you for the warning now Please stay on topic01:07
SIFTUGale0n: of course it would work01:07
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ETERNASo what's the issue.01:08
yerak_Gale0n: something eles to do?01:08
Gale0nyerak_: thinking01:08
ETERNAI'm sorry everyone for my disruption. I will stay on topic now.01:08
rodrialguien habla español?01:09
pangolin!es | rodri01:09
ubotturodri: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.01:09
DingGGu_!¿Í¿ìÀ» ½ÇÇàÇÕ´Ï´Ù.01:09
Gale0nSIFTU: Trying your method01:10
yerak_now i can install gnome-control-center01:10
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Gale0nBut, not working01:10
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yerak_no, it just setting up01:10
SIFTUGale0n: well it does work as I use it all the time.. maybe your function does work01:11
Gale0nWait a min01:11
Gale0nI'll paste my super-ugly script01:11
korn788i heard that running linux on a dell can be a bi**ch is that true i want to run it on a dell 470001:11
yerak_Gale0n: well, i go to bed01:12
Gale0nkorn788: My Ubuntu works great on my Dell D50001:12
yerak_Gale0n: man i hate this01:12
Gale0nyerak_: Hate what? And good night01:12
yerak_Gale0n: everything is f...d up01:12
Jordan_Ukorn788: Please don't swear (asterisks or not). It depends entirely on the model, Dell even sells Desktops with Ubuntu pre-installed.01:12
Gale0nyerak_: Come here tomorrow, maybe I could help01:13
korn788sorry for swearing01:13
Gale0nWe seem to be in similar time zones01:13
korn788so would my best bet be to try it and see if it boots01:13
Gale0nSIFTU: http://pastebin.com/ZZ3wjdmH01:14
Jordan_Uyerak_: Please don't swear (obfuscated or not).01:14
yerak_Gale0n: but i installed 3 libs (libsdl1.2-dev, zlib1g(-dev)), maybe to delete them, but i need it for something01:14
Gale0nyerak_: That's 2 LIB's01:15
yerak_i swear because linux is making fun of me01:15
Gale0nyerak_: Should cause probs01:15
yerak_3 2nd are with and without dev01:15
Gale0nI installed it too :/01:15
yerak_uninstall them?01:16
Chwokahey how can i make it so ubuntu oesn't make me authenticate for everything, all the time, every time01:16
Gale0nIt's not a LIB problem :/01:16
korn788ok well im downloading 11.4 right now hope it works01:16
Gale0nChwoka, I think set yourself into the "root" group01:16
Gale0nOr just keep logging in as root01:17
Gale0nkorn788: It will, I have it on my D50001:17
yerak_should i install compiz?01:17
Gale0nyerak_: I don't think so :/01:17
Gale0nDo you want gnome3 on Ubuntu ?01:17
SIFTUGale0n: well i dont have much time to look at it, but you didnt end the find with \;01:18
korn788i love linux but can get away from windows so i need a pc just for linux01:18
sdzcan anyone recommend a good tiling windows manager that actually has a polished look?  (nicer looking fonts, shadows, rounded corners, not boring, etc)01:18
yerak_i ti already installed01:18
Gale0nyerak_: what ?01:18
yerak_is gnome3 better?01:18
Gale0nkorn788: lol01:18
Chwokakorn788: you could dual-boot?01:18
illmortaldoes anyone know what application i need in order to control the system's bass/treble? Not just application specific, but bass and treble for everthing?01:18
yerak_it is* :)01:18
Gale0nyerak_: for non-experienced, can be an issue01:18
Gale0nElse, just stick with Unity01:19
SIFTUGale0n: also $i isnt right, you want a function to be called.. not part as a loop01:19
yerak_i don't want unity01:19
korn788yea i could i dont want to have to boot into windows everytime i want to do something plus i want to learn linux more01:19
yerak_i have gnome2 now01:19
yerak_and i like it01:19
Gale0nSIFTU: The loop's better01:19
korn788i mean video games01:19
SIFTUGale0n: not with find01:19
Gale0nyerak_: sudo apt-get remove --purge unity01:19
Chwokaoh, speaking of unity, can i move the dock to the bottom of the screen?01:19
Chwokais that a thing you can do?01:20
Gale0nChwoka: Not as far as I know01:20
Gale0nyerak_: How did you install gnome2 ?01:21
yerak_i removed unity, 1,750kb cleared, ubuntu-desktop and unity, restart now?01:21
yerak_i just installed 11.1101:21
Gale0n11.11 ?01:21
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yerak_ubuntu 11.11, and i left my home folder, just formated root partition01:22
bazhangyerak_, there is no 11.1101:22
Gale0nyerak_: 11.1001:22
Gale0nnot 11.1101:22
bazhangyerak_, 11.10 is in #ubuntu+1 not here01:22
Gale0nOr do you mean 11.0401:22
enchiladobazhang: for the next four days, yes :D01:23
yerak_ups 11.0401:23
yerak_i need to restart01:25
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tflgen2can anyone help me with an Xorg problem?01:28
Gale0nJordan_U: http://pastebin.com/ZZ3wjdmH01:28
Gale0nMy current01:28
yeracback, now i got new image at GRUB, stars and debian01:28
hdonhi all :) for those of you who partition up your drives a lot, what size do you allocate for your /? /var? (/home i can judge for myself)01:29
yeraci also lost wallpaper image and right click don't work on desktop.!?01:29
Gale0nyerac: Gnome3 or what ?01:29
yeracdidn't got ur last message01:30
Gale0ndid you try updating and upgrading ?01:31
illmortalanyone know of an equalizer for all of ubuntu, not just application specific?01:31
yeracor gnome?01:31
Gale0nyerac: Ubuntu01:31
yeracyes, today01:31
dingus9having issues with sudo and $PATH any ideas01:32
Gale0nDo it again01:32
yeracbut it was working ok for 1st restart01:32
yeracthan it starts01:32
yeracafter 2nd01:32
yeracupdate command?01:32
Gale0nsudo apt-get update && upgrade01:33
jbrokchaving a hard time with the zip command. how do I exclude the .git directory and .gitignore file?01:37
ngc0202I've been using Ubuntu, but I am currently using Windows 7, and I need to retrieve a file off of ubuntu, and I can't seem to figure out how01:39
Gale0nDual-boot ?01:39
ngc0202I installed ubuntu with Wubi i think also01:40
robin0800ngc0202, you need a program that can reed ext3/4 if you dual boot01:41
Gale0nAs far as I know: reboot into Ubuntu, put stuff on a stick, back to Windows, and copy stuff over01:41
ngc0202Gale0n: No way xd01:41
ngc0202robin0800: Like what?01:41
ngc0202and why can Files go Windows -> Ubuntu bot not inverse01:42
rypervenchengc0202: Because Windows doesn't like Linux.01:42
Gale0ncorrection: hates01:42
Gale0nu win01:43
robin0800ngc0202, because linux can read ntfs but windows can't read ext3/401:43
ngc0202I'm downloading a programme01:43
Gale0nFsd ?01:44
yeracit is done, go to restart01:45
illmortalanyone know of an equalizer for all of ubuntu, not just application specific?01:45
Gale0nillmortal: equalizer >01:45
yeracExt3Fsd is ok but http://www.diskinternals.com/linux-reader/ is like u have explorer01:45
illmortalyes Gale0n.. I need to lower the bass on my speakers lol01:46
illmortalBut seems like I can only do that through software vs hardware.01:46
Gale0nillmortal: BRB01:46
Gale0nillmortal: Try libasound2-plugin-equal01:47
illmortalok  will check it out right now, Gale0n01:48
Gale0nGood luck01:48
ngc0202yerac: How do I work it?01:48
illmortalthanks :D01:48
ngc0202he left D:01:49
ngc0202How does Linux-Reader work?01:50
dr_williswubi installs linux to a file on the windows hard drive basically. ive not noticed any windows apps that can read files from that file.. yet.  Not really looked for one. I hate wubi. :)01:50
ngc0202It was easier01:51
dr_willisive learned not to trust those windows-ext2/3/4 reader utilities also. If windows crashes while windows is accessing your linux hd's - they can get messed up.01:51
mdlueckAnyone hear of loading Ubuntu 10.04.3 x64 from the LiveCD, reboot, system will not POST? I have to plug in my 9.04 drive to get booted. This has happened twice now with two different brand new drives. What does 10.04 do to these drives?!?!01:53
illmortalGale0n that was exactly what I needed!01:53
DesertFoxNightCan I change the install directory of an apt-get package in Xubuntu 11.04?01:53
Gale0nillmortal: NP :)01:54
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ChogyDanmdlueck: that seems impossible01:54
dr_willisDesertFoxNight:  cant recall ever seeing a way to use apt to install packages to differnt locations.  Never needed to. Why doyou want to do this?01:54
ChogyDanmdlueck: the computer should post even if the drive is dead, no?01:54
mdlueckChogyDan: Ja, I have not seen anything like it in 24yrs of working with PC's.01:55
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delinquentmeanyone have any thoughts on why i can't burn a 4.5 gig image onto a 4.7 gig dvd?01:55
DesertFoxNightI'm unable to install vsftpd on Ubuntu Server.01:55
mdlueckChogyDan: I only get the nVidia BIOS, next is black screen with the FDD light stuck on01:55
dr_willismdlueck:  how large are these hard drives?01:55
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mdlueckChogyDan: Switch HDD's back to the 9.04 HDD and it POST's / boots fine01:55
dr_willisDesertFoxNight:  and why are you unable to do so?01:56
mdlueckThe new drive is a 1TB, the existing one is 500GB01:56
delinquentmeooo wait there are virtual .iso mounting programs for ubuntu right?01:56
dr_willisdelinquentme:  the normal ubuntu tools can mount iso files just fine.01:57
dr_willisNo need for anything fancy01:57
ubottuTo mount an ISO disc image, type « sudo mount -o loop <ISO-filename> <mountpoint> » - There is a list of useful cd image conversion tools at http://wiki.linuxquestions.org/wiki/CD_Image_Conversion - Always verify the ISO using !MD5 before !burning.01:57
DesertFoxNightI don't know. Ubuntu Server is connected to the internet.01:57
ChogyDanmdlueck: have you tried 9.04 on the new drive?01:57
dr_willisthere are gui front ends to that mount command/options01:57
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delinquentmeohh sweet !01:57
delinquentmethanks dr_willis01:57
dr_willisDesertFoxNight:  you do a 'sudo apt-get install YourFTPserver' and you get some errors?01:57
mdlueckChogyDan: No, went straight to 10.04.3 x64 both times. 9.04 is x86 though.01:58
DesertFoxNightI'm using the root account.01:58
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dr_willisDesertFoxNight:  and you get some errors when you do try to install the ftp server?  errors such as?01:58
ChogyDanmdlueck: I would start there, make sure the drive is working.  Try a 9.04 x86 install   (but thats just me)01:58
dr_willisbe back in about an hr.. gotta run to work.01:59
mdlueckChogyDan: But now the system will not even POST, after loading 10.04.3 x64, if the drive is attached.01:59
DesertFoxNightI get, "Failed to fetch http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/, E: Unable to fetch some archives, maybe run apt-get update or try with --fix-mising?01:59
mdlueckChogyDan: I see the nVidia BIOS screen, then a blank screen with a cursor, and the FDD light is stuck on.02:00
ChogyDanmdlueck: by post, you mean you can't even get to the bios?02:00
mdlueckChogyDan: Ja02:01
mdlueckChogyDan: Should go from nVidia BIOS screen to Intel BIOS screen02:01
ChogyDanmdlueck: but before you installed 10.04, it would work with that drive being connected, correct?02:01
mdlueckChogyDan: How loading 10.04.3 x64 can do that much "damage" is beyond me... Yes about checking that the drive was recognized in the BIOS prior to booting 10.04.3 x64 LiveCD02:02
mdlueckChogyDan: And the LiveCD saw the brand new 1TB drive just fine02:03
mdlueckChogyDan: BOTH times...02:03
mdlueckChogyDan: I would think if the hardware was not x64 compatible, it would not even boot the LiveCD, correct?02:04
mdlueckChogyDan: I have never run x64 code on this computer02:04
mdlueckChogyDan: BIOS is at the latest Intel release02:05
ChogyDanmdlueck: have you tried deleting the drive? and seeing that it works then?  fwiw, Im no expert, but either you missed something, or the drive suddenly went bad.  Either is a PITA02:05
ChogyDanmdlueck: what is the motherboard model?02:05
mdlueckChogyDan: How to "delete" a drive on a system which will not POST if it is attached?02:06
mdlueckIntel DG33BUC02:06
crash1hdOk I have a new System that I am about to install ubuntu on I have a choice I can either install ubuntu from LiveCD or LiveUSB or LiveUSBEFI which is my best option I am mostly curious about the EFI if anyone knows more about that?02:06
eldanijoin #peru02:06
mdlueckcrash1hd: Install from CD is best choice02:07
mdlueckcrash1hd: LiveCD02:07
crash1hdmdlueck, why?02:07
mdlueckcrash1hd: More people do it, so tested better02:08
neoarkanyone know how to fix this error: SIOCDIFADDR: Cannot assign requested address02:08
neoarkgetting that on networking restart02:08
mdlueckcrash1hd: I see reports of installing from USB and the boot loader gets put to the wrong place02:08
crash1hdmdlueck, well I did try from USB and it created an ubuntu bootloader option in the bios which I have never seen done before02:09
ChogyDanmdlueck: well, it looks like the board supports x64 processors (core2duo etc)02:09
jsemarso hey guys, I have been using avahi for my local network for some time and it has all seemed to work pretty well for most devices (wireless and otherwise) however, for my android phone, it doesn't seem to work (dns doesn't resolve) does android just not work for this or is there another way?02:09
mdlueckChogyDan: Ja, I would think if the system can boot the LiveCD that should be good enough affirmation that it can run x6402:10
ChogyDanmdlueck: maybe pull the drive out, and wave a kitchen magnet around it02:10
ChogyDanmdlueck: yeah, I think so too02:10
neoarkinet6 addr: fe80::3a60:77ff:fe3b:c7d2/64 Scope:Link not sure where that came from02:10
neoarkis that local ipv6?02:10
jsemaroh, and it works on my wifes iphone02:10
delinquentmewhat is the normal directory for programs to be installed into ubuntu?02:11
delinquentmelike the "Program Files" equivalent02:11
dee-deehi guys02:12
edbiandelinquentme: it's not as simple but the short answer is /usr/bin02:12
mdlueckdelinquentme: In Aptitude you can see where each package installs its files to by checking the properties of a package02:13
neoarkanyone know?02:13
neoarkor good with sorting out ipv6 problems02:13
dee-deeI just installed Ubuntu 11.04 on my dell mini 9. I've never had problems with wireless, but now... The driver for the wireless card is installed and it works. But it cant see my router. Other routers yes, but mine...no. Im using a dlink dir300. Am I missing something?02:14
MrSassyPantsI have an inexpicable 3000kbit traffic on udp port 13702:15
MrSassyPantsI just shot down smbd and it's still going02:15
MrSassyPantsI believe it's going to the networks' printer02:16
th0rMrSassyPants: it is windows netbios http://www.iss.net/security_center/advice/Exploits/Ports/137/default.htm02:20
MrSassyPantsth0r, It's definitely traffic between printer and ubuntu server, I've never seen anything like that02:21
MrSassyPantssome sort of feedback?02:21
robin0800dee-dee, something wrong with your router I would say02:21
MrSassyPantsfeedback loop, I mean02:21
dee-deerobin0800, would a rebooting the router help?02:22
robin0800dee-dee, can't do any harm02:23
dee-deeI'll try that then. Thx02:23
MrSassyPantsmy printer sends 3000kbit/s udp on 137 to my ubuntu server, any idea why?02:29
MrSassyPantsit's a samsung 285002:30
dee-deerobin0800, It works :) Thanks a lot02:31
robin0800MrSassyPants, perhaps there is a hung print process that makes the printer keep talking to the originating server02:32
MrSassyPantsrobin0800, hmm02:32
MrSassyPantsnetstat -u reports nothing, which isn't true02:33
robinschi need help02:33
robin0800MrSassyPants, recycle the printer02:33
robinschi got 32bit setup for utorrent server to run on my 64 bit natty02:34
robinschi want the server to auto start at logon (not startup)02:34
robinschhow do i get the executable to run in background?02:34
robinsch./utserver& works but i don't know how to get it to work at startup02:35
MrSassyPantsok, netstat --udp -l -n | grep \:137 produced some output02:36
th0rrobinsch: put it in .profile02:36
MrSassyPantsbut how can I figure out what program it is? is there something like lsof for ports?02:36
th0rrobinsch: I think .bash_login will work also02:37
robinschbrb, ill give it a shot th0r02:38
MrSassyPantsok, the process was nmbd02:41
lost127when enabling remote, it only allows me to access it via localhost. how do i change this? it is connected via eth0 and has an IP address.02:42
cappicardhmm.. looks like i cannot undervolt my toshiba satellite C655-S5082 (Celeron 900 2.2GHz)02:46
robinschth0r: thats, it worked02:47
fdgeone trick to get a process to run in the background would be to have the output go to a file02:47
fdge/path/to/binary > logfile.log02:47
fdgeor if you don't want a file02:47
th0rrobinsch: no problem...you're welcome <smile>02:47
fdge/path/to/binary > /dev/null02:47
FloodBot1fdge: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.02:47
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fonrithironghi, stupid question: i installed something (gnuradio) and it's in my /usr/local/bin i'm unable to open it by just typing the name of the program. how do i fix this?02:49
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rypervenchefonrithirong: Are you able to run it by typing "/usr/local/bin/gnuradio" ?02:50
fonrithirongrypervenche, gnuradio-companion02:50
rypervenchefonrithirong: Are you able to run it by typing "/usr/local/bin/gnuradio-companion" ?02:50
dfcnvtWhy is it that I will never get empathy to work with video conference?02:51
fonrithirongrypervenche, it says cannot import gnuradio02:51
fonrithirongrypervenche, "are your pythonpath and ld_library_path set correctly?"02:51
dfcnvtI'd like to have my aim & googletalk to work on empathy.. but I am unsuccessful every time I tried to get it to work.02:51
rypervenchefonrithirong: Why not just install it from the pre-compiled binary in Ubuntu?02:53
fonrithirongrypervenche, i need a specific version02:53
rypervenchedfcnvt: It's not going to work :P02:53
rypervenchefonrithirong: Sounds like something didn't get done in the installation process. How did you install it?02:54
dfcnvtJesus... When it come to video, linux suck at that.02:54
fonrithirong./bootstrap ./configure --enable-grc ./make sudo make install sudo ldconfig02:54
rypervenchedfcnvt: You use Google Video for Google Video...02:54
T-X-CHIs there a webIRC code that I can insert in my blog that works perfectly with ubuntu?02:54
dfcnvtJust any protocol on Empathy would be fine. I have several accounts.02:55
dfcnvtNone got the video to work.02:55
fonrithirongrypervenche, ./bootstrap ./configure --enable-grc ./make sudo make install sudo ldconfig02:55
dfcnvt...Oh, you're saying there is googletalk for linux02:55
rypervenchedfcnvt: Video won't work with it. You shouldn't expect it to.02:56
mappumIs it possible to run an Ubuntu machine with no HDD but a USB drive?02:56
rypervenchedfcnvt: There is02:56
rypervenchefonrithirong: I don't know then.02:56
xanguamappum: don't expect the usb drive to live long ;)02:56
fonrithirongrypervenche, no problem, appreciate the help02:56
xanguaif you plan to use it as a hd02:56
mappumxangua: even if I expect to not use too much IO?02:57
dfcnvtI don't see empathy in it... http://www.google.com/talk/otherclients.html02:57
krenfrowdoes anyone have experience using a Logitech G700 mouse in ubuntu?02:58
dfcnvtThis suck.02:59
rypervenchedfcnvt: What exactly are you trying to do?03:01
AtharvaHii...where can I download ubuntu server 10.10 ?03:01
Atharva<Willis420> : It's giving 10.04 and 11.04 options..where is 10.10 ?03:02
rypervenchedfcnvt: You want voice chat or video chat?03:02
puffI'm running ubuntu 10.4 LTS on a thinkpad t520. a) how do I get the wired connection working, and b) is it possible to get both the wired and wireless connections working simultaneously?03:03
puffI'm trying to set up a router via web interface, which is firewalled from the wireless side.  And I don't have a second machine handy to look stuff up while I'm trying to figure this out.03:03
puffhm, on second thought, forget b), I just want to get this thing working.03:04
puffWhen I do "sudo ifconfig -a" it only shows me wlan0. Is w for wireless? Where's the wired interface?03:04
rypervenchepuff: Normally you just plug it in and it works. It shold be eth003:04
puffSo if I"m on wireless and I plug the wire in, it should automatically turn off wireless and turn on wired?03:05
krenfrowAtharva: check out http://ubuntu.mirrors.tds.net/pub/releases/03:05
Atharva<krenfrow> : ok..03:05
rypervenchepuff: That I'm not sure how it works. It has always shown them both as connected...not sure exactly which takes priority.03:05
Atharvakrenfrow : Thanks :)03:06
puffrypervenche: Shown where?03:06
krenfrowAtharva: you're welcome03:06
rypervenchepuff: In the Network Manager.03:06
krenfrowAnyone know if programmable buttons on the Logitech G700 mouse work in Ubuntu?03:08
puff rypervenche: Upper right corner on the menu bar?03:08
puffI only see two gui tools, the wireless thing on the menu bar, and System/Network Connections.03:08
puffEr, System/Preferences/Network Connections.03:09
rypervenchepuff: Let me think... I don't use Gnome anymore... uhhh It's the applet on your toolbar with your wireless bars. Click on it to show what available connections there are.03:09
puffrypervenche: Yeah, that's the one... just shows wireless stuff.03:09
rypervenchepuff: You tried plugging in your ethernet cable?03:10
puffHmm, wonder if there's some sort of hardware switch that disables wireless.03:10
rypervencheDo you see eth0 when you ifconfig -a ?03:10
ambujHeyy I have stuck somewhere03:11
robin0800puff, a switch or key or keys combination03:11
ambujany body gotto help me03:12
ambujI am not able to execute an application03:12
ambujin permissions its showing that you are not the owner03:13
puff Hm, found the switch, it just disables wireless.  When I do ifconfig -a it just shows me lo and wlan0.03:13
* w30 bios has an enable/disable setting03:13
puffI have a green light on the router side of the ethernet jack...03:13
ambujhelp me please03:13
Atharva!enter | ambuj03:13
ubottuambuj: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line. Don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!03:13
puffOn both sides of the ethernet cable, actually.03:14
puffSo the cable's probably good.03:14
Atharva<ambuj> L Then who is the owner ? root ?03:14
puffOkay, well, guess I'll shelve this and try again tomorrow.03:14
* w30 can disable wirless with a Fn key but has to go into bios to enable it again....bummer03:14
puffrypervenche thanks.03:15
puffrobin0800: You too :-).03:15
ambujAtharva : IN properties its giving no privilage to me so i m not able to execute it03:15
dr_willisambuj:  what app? where is the file stored at?03:16
Atharva<ambuj> : Have to tried changing the properties as root ?03:16
ambujAtharva : yes its disabled for root ,group and others........I m not able to change its read/write options so not able to execute it03:17
ambujdr_willis : App is tesseract-ocr and its stored in usr/bin03:18
dr_willisambuj: /usr/bin? you need to use root/sudo to change permissiins. not your users filemanager03:19
dr_willissudo chmod +x /path/to/file03:20
ambujdr_willis : trying it03:21
sdzAnyone in here run the wm awesome?  Anything you dislike about it (compared to other tiling wm's)?03:22
bazhangsdz, issues with it?03:22
dr_willislove it or hate it. :'(  :-)03:23
sdzbazhang: recently installed linux... trying to decide on a wm...03:23
dr_willisi dont care for tiling wms.03:23
BdiahNeed a bit of help; I upgraded to 11.04 this evening and am now stuck at the command prompt03:23
ambujdr_willis : How to enter into usr/bin from home folder03:23
dr_willisambuj: enter? i gave a terminal command.  cd /usr/bin03:24
sdzdr_willis: why?03:24
dr_willisambuj:  and the first / is imporntant03:25
dr_willissdz i dont work the way they are ment to be used.03:25
bazhangsdz, thats a bit out of scope for this channel03:26
ambujdr_willis : kkk.......I tried with chmod but its saying changing the permisions not permitted03:27
bazhangambuj, how did you install it?03:27
dr_willisambuj: whats the exact command you used03:27
ambujdr_willis : sudo apt-get -b install tesseract-ocr03:28
ambujbazhang: see up......I have written03:29
ambujdr_willis : Actually i wanted to download source files also.....how to see source of a installed program03:31
dr_willis-b? never noticed that option befor.03:31
ambujbazhang : Actually i wanted to download source files also.....how to see source of a installed program03:31
ambujdr_willis : kkk........I will reinstall it but how to download  source files of programs03:32
dr_willisi think we are missing the core of the issue.  perhaps time to start from thebeginning.03:32
dr_willisusing apt-get should have all permissions set to begin with03:33
ambujI wanna ask : CAN WE SEE SOURCE OF installed SOFTWARES  IN UBUNTU : HOW?03:34
Bdiahoh man, this upgrade seems to have wrecked my system03:35
Bdiahcan't even get to the login screen anymore03:35
w30ambuj, I think you can enable source repos in synaptic and then just download them03:35
HypothesisFrog hi. I have a problem ... I have three log files that have grown so big that they've taken up all available space on my root partition. These are kern.log, ufw.log and syslog.1. How do I clear them, or reduce them in size?03:36
dr_willisapt-get has that option to download sources to a users home. but i havent dine that in ages. you do need the src repos enabled03:36
dr_willisHypothesisFrog:  you could just delete them03:37
ambujw30 : dr_willis : Thanks03:37
lavezarezhello fellow ubuntu users03:37
dr_willisif they.grow too much you may want tp see what they are logging. ;-)03:37
HypothesisFrogdr_willis won't let me do it. The files are open, so it won't.03:37
dr_willisHypothesisFrog:  live cd perhaps. ive deleted mine befor without03:38
dr_willisneeding a livecd03:38
robin0800HypothesisFrog, check you have log rotate installed and working03:38
dr_willisa. 1 log file sould be an archived version.03:39
HypothesisFrogrobin0800 it's installed, I don't know if it's working. ps ax|grep logrotate doesn't show anything.03:39
dr_willisfoo.log.1  foo.log.2.gz   and so on.03:40
dr_willisi clean mine out about once a month03:40
[Ryan]Can anyone recommend a good vps host? I'm currently with bHost and am looking for alternatives03:40
bazhang[Ryan], thats pretty much offtopic here, try #ubuntu-offtopic03:41
chanellei'm running xubuntu and all of my window borders are missing03:44
dee-deechanelle, are you using compiz?03:45
chanellei think so03:45
dee-deeif so you should check your settings.03:46
chanelleoh wait yeah i have checked the compiz config thing03:46
chanellewindow decoration is enabled03:46
chanellenothing has changed03:46
D_Russyou know its difficult to get used to gimp after using Photoshop for so many years. Does anyone know of a way to get gimp to lock the tool bars to one window instead of having 3 windows?03:47
rapageI have a question03:47
rapageI want ubuntu folders to show file eed which is oddxtensions, I just renamed an exe file from uppercase to lowercase and the exe dissapear03:48
rapagewhich is odd03:48
joe__Hi!  I'm pretty new to this so bare with me!  My upgrade from 8.04 to 10.04 has failed and i need help!!03:48
rapageI want to know how can I see all file extensions for good03:48
D_Russwhat happend joe?03:48
D_Russwhat happened joe_03:48
joe__many open office failed messages then at the end, the upgrade was aborted by the system.  Now it won't boot properly.  I can get you more info03:49
D_Russsorry joe__ this one is over my head03:49
D_Russdid you back up?03:50
=== derp is now known as [You
joe__of course not, you know?  I had no idea that this would happen...03:50
D_Russalways back up03:50
D_Russwell im sure you have heard it many times before03:50
dr_willisD_Russ:  thats to be a new feature in the latest gimp i belive. single window mode. it may be a option in older versions.03:51
joe__it all may still be there but i just need help at the boot screen to hopefully access everything03:51
D_Russdr_willis, is the latest version available yet?03:51
dr_willisjoe__:  you can use a live cd to get to the files to backup.03:51
D_Russjoe__ i cant help you fix it but i am sure you can get it via live cd03:52
D_Russlol, dr_willis beat me too it03:52
joe__YES!  I have a live cd of 10.04.  more info, please!03:52
D_Russstuck it in your pic03:52
D_Russand boot from the CD03:52
D_Russback up your files03:52
D_Russand do a clean install03:52
dr_willisD_Russ:  latest version is avail. somehow i imagine. ;-)03:52
D_Russmust have just become available, i was looking into this about a week ago03:53
dr_willisbackup your backups03:53
jseongtae76Hello, everyone03:53
dr_willisD_Russ:  ive seen unofficial mods to do it last year i rwcall03:54
joe__ok, i think i can take it from there.  thank you!!03:54
dr_willissingle window gimp is not imporntant to me. :)03:54
joe__however, how do i access my files from the live cd (sorry to be so ignorant!)03:55
dr_willisi noemally use 2 monitors03:55
elkydr_willis, gimpshop. but i believe it's abandoned03:55
dr_willisjoe__:  as root from terminal is one way03:55
Shirakawasunasingle window gimp is great, but the last time I tried it out it wouldn't remember the setting (only temporary)03:56
Shirakawasunaalso the current dev release of gimp has an arguably nsfw splash image ;)03:56
dr_williselky:  ive seen others besides gimpshop. but its been a while03:56
elkyyeah he had to fork after the domain got hijacked or something03:56
jseongtae76How weather is there?03:56
rapageI want ubuntu folders to show file eed which is oddxtensions, I just renamed an exe file from uppercase to lowercase and the exe dissapeared which is odd03:56
dr_willisbeta setting perhaps.  been ages sibce i last gimpoed03:57
bazhang!ot | jseongtae7603:57
ubottujseongtae76: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!03:57
rapageI want ubuntu folders to show file extensions, I just renamed an exe file from uppercase to lowercase and the exe dissapeared which is odd03:57
jseongtae76I'm sorry03:57
dr_willisrapage: renamed how?03:57
rapagejust renamed from let's say CF_UNINST.EXE to cf_uninst.exe03:58
rapageand the exe dissapeared03:58
dr_willishow...  terminal. nautilus... magic?03:58
doranhi i have a quick question i am trying to use a soundblaster live sound card and it shows up when i do sudo lshw but i cannot get it to show up with the alsamixer03:59
crash1hdHmm should the swap go at the beginning or the end of a drive? or does it really even matter? I am asking because I always thought it was supposed to go at the beginning but when I installed ubuntu on this small drive it put the swap automatically at the end? thoguths?04:00
robin0800doran, you might need a driver for that?04:01
dr_williscrash1hd:  not really a big issue these days04:01
doranit says driver=Emu10k104:02
rapageI want ubuntu folders to show file extensions, I just renamed an exe file from uppercase to lowercase and the exe dissapeared which is odd04:02
doranand it was blacklisted in etc/modprobe.d ossblacklist or something like thatso i deleted that entry04:02
dr_willisive seen it argues both ways in years past when swap was critical. and speeds much sliwer04:02
rapagejust renamed from let's say CF_UNINST.EXE to cf_uninst.exe04:02
dr_willisrapage:  what tool did you use to rename it......04:03
rapageno tool I just hit f204:04
dr_willisive never seen nautilus hide extensions. dies the twrminal show the. exe on the file04:04
rapagelet me see04:04
robin0800doran, and it still dosen't show in alsamixer drop down list04:04
doranno sir04:04
dr_willissi yoy usen nautilys as the tool..04:04
dr_willisdoran:  add. exe back then04:05
robin0800doran, you have rebooted?04:05
Rokalihai all04:05
rapageno it doesn't show any file extensions04:05
rapagejust the name of the file04:05
doranits labeled in the generic:0 UNCLAIMED in lshw ... and yes i have rebooted04:05
Rokalii hav an problem adding tinychat room embed link to pidgin04:05
Rokalican anyone help me please04:05
Gale0nWhat problem04:05
rapagedr_willis, only the name not file ext04:06
Rokalihow to add tinychat room to pidgin04:06
Gale0nRokali: What problem ?04:06
dr_willisrapage:  if the cli shows no extension then there is none. add. exe to the filename04:06
rapagewhat's cli04:07
rapagedr_willis, what's cli04:07
robin0800doran, its a pci card? could try it in a different slot04:07
ubottuThe linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome) or K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE).  Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal or type in it: man intro04:07
rapagecommand line interface?04:07
Gale0nRokali: ?04:07
rapageI don't recall I eliminiated the exe04:07
rapageanyway I have anmother question04:07
Gale0nRokali: are you there ?04:08
rapageI have this file on a zipdisk formatted for fat04:08
rapagebut I cna't see this file on windows why04:08
Gale0nRokali: What's the *full* problem04:08
Rokalii need to add an tinychat chat room to pidgin04:08
rapageI can see all other files but not this one04:08
doranyeah its a pci card04:08
Rokalithis room i need to add in pidgin04:09
Rokaliis it possible or nt04:09
bazhangrapage, on windows? whats the connection to ubunty04:09
bazhangRokali, try #pidgin04:09
Gale0nRokali: TinyChat isn't included on Pidgin by default.04:09
Rokaliso wat to do04:10
Gale0nRokali: /join #talkhere04:10
dorani read some stuff about adding  snd_emu10kx_load="YES" to the load.conf but i have no idea where that is04:11
Gale0nRokali: you here ?04:11
lhdchi guys04:11
rapageI have downloaded this file on ubuntu to a zipdisk formatted fat, this disk has like 10 object 9 files 1 folder I can see all 10 in ubuntu but on windows I cant see this file however when I go to properties the spaced used reflects this file is there04:11
IridiumScaffoldhas anyone got ubuntu iscsi boot to work reliably?04:11
bazhangrapage, so nothing about ubuntu04:12
IridiumScaffoldrapage: i have this problem sometimes04:12
bazhangrapage, ##windows for that04:12
IridiumScaffoldrapage: the solution is to use cygwin to copy the file somewhere else.04:12
lhdccould anyone give me some advice on how should I find duplicate files by content, not filename,size or date04:12
IridiumScaffoldI can't remember what it turned out actually caused it.04:12
IridiumScaffoldlhdc: FSLint is good for this.04:13
bazhangrapage, wrong channel:  ##windows for windows support04:13
lhdcIridiumScaffold: thanks iridium. thatś a nice tool04:16
Brewmaster619Yeah, but rapage would get better answers here; nobody at ##windows would have a clue04:16
bazhangBrewmaster619, not true actually, and moot. this is ubuntu support only04:19
rapageas far I get cygwin is an app for windows that provides unix tools04:19
qinrapage: /j #cygwin ?04:21
bazhang!ot | rapage04:21
ubotturapage: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!04:21
juxta_I've recently installed a kernel update, on reboot a module that's automatically compiled by DKMS is not loading - it seems to be compiled against something other than the current linux-headers. Is it possible to tell DKMS to rebuild a module?04:22
IridiumScaffoldjuxta: if you run dkms uninstall on the module04:23
IridiumScaffoldand then re-add it with dkms it'll be built against the current kernel correctly04:23
IridiumScaffoldit's probably happening because the makefile uses something other then the ${kernelver} environment variable to find linux headers.04:23
juxta_IridiumScaffold, thanks - I will give it a shot right now04:24
juxta_it's a networking module annoyingly enough which means I'm out in the garage where the machine is trying to fix it :)04:25
lhdcI've put scripts in folder /usr/bin that links to the shell script in my ~/bin folder, that way I can Alt+F2 and type in the script name. Is there any other way I can achieve the same effect if Im not root, or sudoer?04:26
lsvdoes anyone knows how to remove software from bash?04:26
lsvmy brother installed "wine" but I don't want it, and I need to free some space.04:27
crash1hdJust wondering if I install ubuntu and place the home director on its own partition how big should the partition that contains the ubuntu os be?04:28
bazhanglsv, sudo apt-get remove packagename04:28
javier_Hi. I have some problems with errors in my hard drive and I'm going to format it and reinstall ubuntu. Shold I follow any advice in order to recover my hard-drive "health" before the new instalation=04:28
linuxuz3rhey bazhang04:28
linuxuz3rcan you do me a favor can i message you04:28
Gale0njavier_: what problems04:28
bazhanglinuxuz3r, ok04:29
lsvbazhang: thanks.  Would that remove everything dealing with wine?04:29
bazhanglsv, you wish to use the purge option?04:29
dr_willispurgeing wine will not delete apps installed with wine. ie; user installed windows games04:30
lsvbazhang: yeah something like that.  I just want to free as much space as possible.  But I don't know if that would remove some stuff that other programs would need.04:30
juxta_IridiumScaffold, I've uninstalled it and reinstalled it with DKMS, but it still complains of an invalid module format04:30
qinlsv: sudo apt-get purge wine<TAB> (wine 1.2 or 1.3) also rm -r ~/.wine (carefull, will remove all stuff installed in wine)04:30
bazhanglsv, the config files won't be that much space04:31
molganhello ubuntu guyz04:31
Gale0nHi again molgan04:31
javier_Gale0n: I hear some strange noise when it's working hard, and when I check hard drive usage, it's says there are sectors with errors04:31
Gale0n<<< Gale0n04:31
Gale0njavier_: Sounds like hardware problems04:32
IridiumScaffoldjustxa_: sorry I misled you. you need to use the "remove" function04:32
SIFTUjavier_: do not use that drive then04:32
Gale0nIf you physically hear it04:32
theTwizhi all04:32
SIFTUjavier_: run smartmontools on it04:32
molganlolz, I am working on the current user uptime, and hit a bit of a snag, but looking into it.04:32
lsvthanks dr_willis, qin, and bazhang.  I'll try what qin said.04:32
molganit's for a conky config.04:32
Gale0nWhat's the snag? :F04:32
IridiumScaffoldjuxta_: the order of events is "dkms remove" and then "dkms uninstall" and then "dkms install"04:32
javier_SIFTU: How to run that?04:32
molgangetting it only to display the user uptime04:33
IridiumScaffoldraw dkms uninstall doesn't remove the built module, so it doesn't get rebuilt when you instal l it04:33
brandonIs it possible to allow a non-root user to dd directly to a specific harddrive, but not any other. I need this to stay through removing the drive, so moddify /dev/sdb won't work.04:33
molganI can use ${user_times}04:33
juxta_IridiumScaffold, righto - sorry, my mistake04:33
Gale0nmolgan: That's what we were talking about earlier ><04:33
SIFTUjavier_: I have a script if you would like.. make sure you have smartmontools installed04:33
juxta_just did it now and it seems to have worked :)04:33
IridiumScaffoldbrandon: sounds like you need to make a udev rule. i'm not familiar with how though.04:33
molganGale0n: I may have not seen that comment...04:34
juxta_what would you suggest I look at to prevent it from happening next kernel update IridiumScaffold?04:34
Gale0nmolgan: what comment04:34
SIFTUbrandon: possibly with a udev rule04:34
javier_to be honest, I'm not sure if it's a hard drive stuff. What happens is (both in windows and ubuntu) that some times it start working hardly (slow and so on and hard working) and a strange noice starts sounding, and it sound bad. Then, after a minute or so, it get's back to normal04:34
molganGale0n: I don't know which, the last comment about user uptime04:35
Gale0njavier_: hardware problem04:35
brandonSIFTU: thanks, it looks like google can take it from here04:35
Gale0nmolgan: Lol, it never worked04:35
dr_willistime to invest in a new hd. soon04:35
SIFTUjavier_: I PMed you my script04:36
javier_Gale0n: how could I check what concrete problem I have?04:36
qinjavier_: Your harddrive is saing: back up me before i will die.04:36
Gale0njavier_: I'm not a hardware guy :(04:36
somsipjavier_: I am learning this the hard way as we speak...04:36
molganGale0n: do you use conky?04:36
Gale0njavier_: I agree with qin04:36
Gale0nmolgan: nope04:36
Gale0nI don't know what it is ^^04:37
dr_willisbad sectors are bad. no cookies for them04:37
molgantext based system moniter injected into your desktop.04:37
Gale0nmolgan: oh ok.04:38
molgananyone know conky well?04:38
javier_qin, Gale0n: it's what I think, that can be hard drive stuff. What I thought I could better do (I have back up already) is to reinstall everything, and maybe it will work a bit lighter and it will be better04:38
dr_willisconky has gained a lot of features lately04:38
bazhangmolgan, let me get you a guide04:38
molganGale0n: well from command ${user_times} I get tty0h 10m 43s04:38
Gale0njavier_: Get a new had drive04:38
bazhanghttp://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=867076   molgan04:38
SIFTUjavier_: more blocks will go bad and the drive will die.. get a new one if you have tested it and it failed04:39
molganbazhang: looking....04:39
javier_Gale0n: but I'm I going to change hard drive while this still works?04:39
javier_SIFTU: to test it is that script?04:39
SIFTUjavier_: that will do a test on all drives in your system04:39
Gale0njavier_: Yes, unless you wanna wait till the last possible second, where your harddisk explodes04:39
SIFTUjavier_: I use it on my RAID array04:40
javier_SIFTU: how to do it? run that on terminal?04:41
Kaigeoscan anyone tell me the path to linux-headers-2.6.38-11-generic is? vmware player needs it, apt-get say's it's already installed.04:41
* Kaigeos shrug04:41
SIFTUjavier_: yes on a terminal04:41
lsvthanks for the help.  Wine is gone and the ~/.wine is also gone.04:41
Gale0nKaigeos: use find04:41
javier_the whole thing? at one time?04:41
lsvKaigeos: mine is on /boot04:41
l403daily live54 doesnt support ext4, does it?04:43
lsvjust one quick question.  Does ubuntu run nicely on a mini with lets say 2Gb of ram?04:44
bazhangl403, daily live of what04:44
bazhanglsv, very04:44
Brewmaster619lsv: very nicely04:45
w30lsv, how much drive space do you have?04:45
lsvI want to save money and buy an eee pc series 1000.  They look awesome.04:45
bazhangl403, 11.10 daily?04:45
bazhangl403, sure , #ubuntu+1 for 11.10 please04:46
lsvw30: drive space?  On my laptop or the eee pc?04:46
w30lsv, on the mini you want04:47
l403do you guys know which live does support ext4. I guess thats my real question04:47
bazhangl403, ext4 all ubuntu support that04:47
lsvw30: I think it has 320 Gb or something.  Let me check.04:47
ar9how can I acces a windows machine that doesn't have a password? it works fine with a password but not whitout04:48
w30lsv, I got a gift HP mini with XP and it only had a 8.8 gig ssd drive04:49
qinar9: Where is Ubuntu part?04:49
FvckYourselfFuck Ubuntu.04:49
w30lsv, I couldn't even put word on it without running out of room.04:50
lsvw30: yeah I was seeing that, some models have like 40 ssd but this one has 160 http://www.ebay.com/itm/ASUS-Eee-PC-1000H-/120787122108?pt=Laptops_Nov05&hash=item1c1f7937bc04:50
DaigoroHow do I return irssi back to it's default settings?04:50
lsvw30: D:04:50
Gale0nDaigoro: /RESET04:51
qinDingGGu_: mv ~/.irssi ~/.irssi_old04:51
w30lsv, I put Lubuntu on it and it works great, it's a light weight memory and hard drive conserving ubuntu variant04:51
Gale0nLubuntu = Light Ubuntu ?04:52
lsvw30: But even if it just has 160 Gb, I want it.  The laptop I have now it's too big to take to school.04:52
pangolin!lubuntu | Gale0n04:53
ubottuGale0n: lubuntu is a project to create a derivative of Ubuntu using the LXDE desktop environment. See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu . /join #lubuntu for lubuntu support.04:53
soreauGalaxor: ubuntu with lxde as default04:53
qinlsv: You really want to pass laptop type with term like "linux" "ubuntu" "wifi" "webcam", etc to google, to see what is feedback.04:54
w30lsv, yeah, my big laptop needs a trailer to haul it on and a portable generator for more than 2 hours of life04:54
lsvqin: yeah, sometimes I see some people here with some problems.  Luckly I never have problems with mine :D04:55
qinw30: It is really sad, when battery is flat before you done with coffee ;)04:55
lsvw30: haha.  And my battery is "broken"...  I need another one -__-04:56
w30lsv, lubuntu uses ubuntu repositories so you can make it the same as ubuntu application wise.04:56
lsvso does anyone wants to buy me the eee pc?  Just ~$100 with shipping...  haha.04:57
Gale0nlsv: Come to SA, we have it on sale04:58
w30lsv, Sure, I'll have my butler drop one off at your door.04:59
lsvGale0n: SA?04:59
k0d0k_ng0r3kgood morning04:59
lsvw30: Oh how nice of you haha.04:59
Gale0nSouthern Afri`a04:59
Gale0nAfrica *04:59
lsvGale0n: mmm, I don't even have the money to buy the mini...  I would like to visit Africa some time.05:01
rustyshacklefordI'm having trouble getting my ubuntu box to output to my tv. I have a DVI to VGA converter, and the VGA to composite cable. it outputs fine to my DVI monitor (which I'm currently using). Any thoughts as to how I can troubleshoot this?05:01
jausfeldmay I ask a question here?05:02
rustyshacklefordyou mean another question.05:03
rustyshacklefordyes :)05:03
jausfeldthanks.  I think I have read just about every wifi hotspot help guide on the net and for the life of me I cannot seem to get mine to work right.05:03
jausfeldI have eth0 connected to a linksys router which assigns and ip no prob.05:04
jausfeldI can ping the world without issues.05:04
jausfeldI have also set up isc-server and hostapd for the wifi card.05:04
rustyshacklefordre: my problem, that should have said component cable, not composite05:05
jausfeldIt broadcasts no problem connects clients and assignes ip addresses in the expected range.05:05
jausfeldIf wlan0 and eth0 are all ok05:05
Kaigeoshow would you uninstall an app you installed from a .bundle file?05:06
jausfeldwhy can any client connected to wlan0 not get to the internet?05:06
crash1hdSomething that seems to be missing from any of the ubuntu guides regarding partitioning (unless I cant seem to find it) is a decent guide on how big each partition should be and why? does anyone know of such guide?05:06
bazhangcrash1hd, how big a hdd05:06
crash1hdI am installing windows 7 and ubuntu, I am thinking of having my boot partition on its own as well as my home directory on its own partition the hdd I am planning on having this on is 250gb05:06
villahow can I extract data from a commen file?05:07
crash1hdbazhang, oh and I will be having an 8gb swap cause there is 8gb in the system05:07
crash1hdbazhang, also everything I am storing will be on my other 4 drives that are 2TB each for storage05:08
bazhangcrash1hd, ntfs for those?05:08
crash1hdno ext405:08
bazhangcrash1hd, shared 2TB?05:08
crash1hdhow do you mean?05:08
lsvwell, I must go.  Thanks for all the help, it was awesome talking to you all.  Bye :D05:08
crash1hdprimarily an ubuntu system only adding windows 7 for the occasional game05:08
crash1hdso it will have a very small foot print05:09
bazhangcrash1hd, the 4 shared 2TB wil be ntfs, right?05:09
crash1hdno they are ext405:09
bazhangcrash1hd, windows wont be able to access that05:09
crash1hdthey already have data on them05:09
crash1hdI know05:09
crash1hdnot worried about that05:09
crash1hdthis is a media server05:09
crash1hdand I feel ext is safer then ntfs05:10
bazhanghow much for windows7 ?05:10
crash1hdexactly thats the part I am not sure05:10
crash1hdwhat would be the min05:10
crash1hdfiguring 25gb05:10
crash1hdor 20 even05:10
bazhang##windows probably but that sounds about right05:10
crash1hdyeah for sure :) I am more curious about how much space for ubuntu when the /home directory is on its own partition05:11
bazhangso /boot / /swap and /home , correct ?05:11
crash1hdand / yes05:11
crash1hdoh crud didnt see your / lol sorry05:11
bazhang 20 for / would be generous05:11
crash1hdyeah figure /boot = 250mb /swap = 8gb / = ? and /home =  remaining05:11
crash1hdthat gives lots of room for app installing05:12
bazhangyou'd have to install nearly every package05:12
crash1hdwould I be able to do the same with 10 or 15 or would I be constricting it by that point?05:12
bazhang15 would be fine05:12
bazhang /home would be by far the largest05:13
bazhangaround 200 GB if my math is right05:13
jausfeldQuestion:  eth0 works ok, wlan0 (master) works ok, comes up on boot and auto broadcasts.  eth0 and wlan0 are on different subnets.  Clients connecting via wlan0 are assigned IP address in the expected range.  But unfortunatly they cannot ping eth0 or get online05:14
crash1hdwhich makes sense05:14
jausfeldBridge utilities or my configuration (interpretation of configuration) does not work either.05:14
crash1hdbazhang, problem is I dont know what I would put in those 200 lol since /downloads is its own drive05:14
bazhangcrash1hd, well a nice luxury to have, but that partitioning scheme sounds fine05:15
crash1hdI guess I could make it 10gb for / as I can always resize it later as long as the /home is not full05:15
crash1hdor do you think I should make it 15 to be on the safe side05:15
bazhangbetter to err on the side of too much than too little imo crash1hd05:16
crash1hdhmm I know what will fill up the 200 lol ubuntus version of vmware images lol05:16
crash1hdgood point :)05:17
aaasanyone set up a squid proxy to allow connection from an external ip?05:18
crash1hdhmm I had installed ubuntu onto this drive already (just as a quick test) and it installed a 20mb /boot/efi thats fat16 what is that all about?05:18
tomas__Hello, can someone help me with a problem installing Kubuntu 11.04?05:19
theTwizim getting a "lost page write due to I/O error" in my syslog everytime I attempt to transfer a large file via ftp, and the entire filesystem goes into read-only. the drive passes SMART. this does not occur on my other two drives in a raid 0 array. any ideas?05:20
g0rstomas__: ask your question directly05:20
g0rstomas__: you better ask in #kubuntu05:20
theTwizclarification: "everytime i transfer a large file TO the server in question", so a write operation05:21
tomas__I get to 75% install then an error saying SystemError: E:Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)05:21
bazhangtomas__, from an install cd?05:21
g0rsbazhang: he left05:23
crash1hdSo if I understan the logic of moving /home to its own partition if I have another /home and I use it on a new install will it automatically know all the programs and reinstall them? or am I not understanding it right?05:27
=== Cock-for-GirlyGi is now known as Cock-for-Girly
jausfeldQuestion:  eth0 works ok, wlan0 (master) works ok, comes up on boot and auto broadcasts.  eth0 and wlan0 are on different subnets.  Clients connecting via wlan0 are assigned IP address in the expected range.  But unfortunatly they cannot ping eth0 or get online05:29
jausfeldBridge utilities or my configuration (interpretation of configuration) does not work either.05:29
SIFTUjausfeld: so you are bridging instead of routing? with 2 diff subnets?05:30
jausfeldThanks for reaching out SIFTU05:31
jausfeldI would rather make a simple wifi hotspot.05:31
jausfeldso they do not "have" to be on different subnets.05:31
SIFTUjausfeld: ok so you want both interfaces on the same subnet05:31
SIFTUand yes you would do that with bridgeutils05:32
jausfeldand it is installed.05:32
jausfeldbridge utils05:32
jausfeldbut when I put in the simple link the whole system crashes05:32
SIFTUjausfeld: you followed https://help.ubuntu.com/community/NetworkConnectionBridge05:32
jausfeldthis is between eth0 and eth105:33
jausfeldnot between eth0 and wlan005:33
SIFTUjust substitute05:33
SIFTUthe bridge doesnt care05:33
mtnman80Hello.  Can someone help me with a problem regarding Ubuntu starting up ... in lieu of disconnecting a USB drive improperly?05:34
jausfeldread something about frames being ignored if not originating from the AP05:34
dadinckI have a new installation of Natty Narwhal. I was contemplating doing some updates, but previous experience says that if I update everything, something will break. Does anyone have some pointers on good/bad updates?05:34
mtnman80I have an IBM Thinkpad T43 business model ...05:34
SIFTUjausfeld: dd-wrt/openwrt/tomato all bridge like you want05:35
mtnman80When I start up, it just goes to a blank black screen with a j at the top of the screen the cursor blinking after it ...05:35
pangolinGirlyBitch: family friendly nicks are mandatory in all ubuntu channels, please change your nick now.05:35
jausfelddoes openwrt work ok on 11.0405:35
pangolinthis is the only time I ask.05:35
mtnman80And that is after the IBM start up screen ...05:35
SIFTUjausfeld: no they are distros for routers05:35
SIFTUjausfeld: but you could use their doco05:36
jausfeldso a complete reinstall then?05:36
__machineif i add an smb mount in fstab… and ubuntu boots and the smb share is unavailable… will ubuntu auto mount it when it becomes available (or some program tries to access it)? or if it mounts ok at boot, but then the file server goes offline… what happens to the mount?05:36
jausfeldNot opposed.  It is all about the end result.05:36
BitchyGirlpangolin: Ok now05:36
jausfeldSITFU which of bunch would your recommend giving a shot first?05:37
SIFTUjausfeld: no, i was just suggesting you could see the bridge config on their doco and use it in ubuntu.. those distro are for hardware routers running arm procs05:37
BitchyGirlHi my ubuntu won't recognise my flash disk05:37
mtnman80It has to be a problem with the computer trying to read the flash drive that was removed after shutting down the computer without commanding the computer to "safely remove" ...05:37
jausfeldThe hotspot is dedicated.05:37
mtnman80can anyone help?05:37
pangolinBitchyGirl: no.05:38
jausfeldSmall little via nano box05:38
BitchyGirlAnd beware of the user GirlyGirl ... He tries to make people run an erase script05:38
BitchyGirlIt contains rm -rf05:38
jausfeldUSB atheros card05:38
BitchyGirlpangolin: You suggest a nick05:38
BitchyGirlpangolin: I'm bad with ames05:38
fancyninjaBitchyGirl- run sudo fdisk -l05:38
mtnman80can anyone help me with my startup problem?05:38
pangolinTrollyTroll comes to mind. change your nick now or I am banning you.05:38
BitchyGirlpangolin: ok05:39
=== BitchyGirl is now known as trollytrol
dadinckBitchyGirl: how about "FemaleDog?"05:39
pangolinthank you.05:39
jausfeldBitchyGirl - how about "mildlyannoyedlady"?05:39
jausfeldok I will thanks.05:39
jausfeldmaybe just install the distro anyway.  The drivers are basically in the kernel at this point anyway.  Should go right in like a charm05:40
=== FemaleDog is now known as trollytrol
mtnman80Is anyone knowledgeable with helping someone with an Ubuntu startup problem on an IBM Thinkpad?05:43
mtnman80Anyone at all?05:44
pAt_mtnman80: just wrirte you problem and lets see then if anyone can help you out05:47
theTwizim getting I/O errors on one disk - how do I determine if it is hardware failure or configuration/software failure?05:48
theTwizalready ran smartctrl, and the drive passed05:48
mtnman80pAt_: because I did not safely remove an USB flash drive before shutting down my computer ... and then removed it after shutting down ... my computer now does not complete startup ...05:50
mtnman80I am running Ubuntu ...05:50
mtnman80pAt_: I am running Ubuntu ...05:51
MithadonI love ubuntu 10.04 but 11.04 pisses me off05:51
Mithadonjoin #wolfgame !05:51
mtnman80pAt_: I think it is trying to read the USB flash drive.  I plugged it back in, but it is still having the same problem ...05:51
pangolinMithadon: Please don't advertise/spam in here.05:51
Mithadonalright, sorry05:51
mtnman80pAt_: trying to read the flash drive upon startup, I mean ..05:52
* kandrew comforts Mithadon05:52
pAt_mtnman80: I ment to ask the crowed, not me ;)05:52
mtnman80Can anyone help me with my problem?05:52
mtnman80When I startup my IBM Thinkpad (running strictly Ubuntu) it is trying to read a USB flash drive that was not "safely removed" before shutting down last time ... and then USB drive was physically removed after shutting down ...05:53
mtnman80Do I have to manipulate something in the BIOS settings to get it to properly startup again?05:54
mtnman80I would really appreciate anyone's help!05:55
mtnman80I really sucks that currently I cannot use my computer because of this stupid problem ...05:55
mtnman80it really sucks, I mean ...05:55
crash1hdIf creating a boot partition should I make it ext 2 3 or 4?05:56
mtnman80pAt_: OK, I'm not getting any responses.  Is there a better channel to ask this question in?05:56
pAt_I would check the BIOS settings for the first boot device and change that in case mtnman8005:56
pAt_no mtnman80 its is the right channel, but maybe not the best time05:57
mtnman80pAt_: OK, let me tell you the choices I have in the BIOS settings ... and see if you can help properly order the devices that the system references when starting up ...05:57
crash1hdmtnman80, not that I have any idea on this but have you tried putting the thumbdrive back in? before restarting05:58
mtnman80crash1hd: yes, I have.  Still have the same problem.  Good thought, though :)05:59
crash1hdwhere does it lockup?05:59
raj-darkmysterystrange issue useradd: cannot lock /etc/passwd; try again later.06:01
mtnman80crash1hd: right after the introductory IBM Thinkpad screen (which also allows for the option of entering the BIOS settings), it just goes to a blank screen with one letter at the top ...06:01
crash1hdhmm that is odd06:01
crash1hdwhat is the letter?06:01
mtnman80crash1hd: letter j06:01
crash1hdhave you tried to boot with a different device in the usb port?06:02
crash1hdI am just shooting out longshot ideas06:02
crash1hdas I know the feeling of frustration06:02
mtnman80crash1hd: I can try with the other flash drive that I have.  We'll see if that works ...06:02
crash1hdseems odd but maybe the only other thing you can do is go into your bios and look for anything that says usb and disable it06:03
NickMindsomeone clear my head.  This line:  *.*;auth,authpriv.none          -/var/log/syslog ...  I my syslog.conf said all messages are writing to syslog.  Correct?06:04
nronksrwhat other app can I use to get an iso to usb for usb-booting?  unetbootin isn't working properly on this system.06:04
NickMindBut when i look in syslog file i don't see all.06:04
mtnman80crash1hd: when I plugged in the other USB drive, the black screen after the introductory IBM screen now says "Invalid system disk.  Replace the disk, and then place any key ..."06:04
crash1hdsounds like your bios is trying to boot from the usb device06:05
mtnman80crash1hd: ok.  let me go into BIOS and see if I can disable any of the USB settings ... just a sec ...06:05
crash1hdyou need to look into your bios settings for boot order or keep pressing f8 usually gives you the ability to boot from choice06:05
crash1hddont disable06:05
crash1hdmtnman80, look for boot order06:06
crash1hdand change it so that the usb device is not at the front06:06
mtnman80yeah, I've been playing with the boot order.  let me tell you what I have when I get to that screen in BIOS .... just a sec ...06:07
mtnman80crash1hd: yeah, I know ... if I can just get it to boot up ... then I will plug the USB drive I originally had in again ... and properly remove it ... and restart ... to reset the system (if you will)06:09
mtnman80crash1hd: "HDD0" and "HDD1" is the hard drive, right?06:09
mtnman80crash1hd: "IDE HDD0" and "IDE HDD1", that is ... ???06:10
crash1hdthose are hard drives06:10
archmage_whats the IDE stand for06:10
mtnman80crash1hd: This did not work last time I tried this, but I will let you know what i get on the black screen ...06:11
mtnman80crash1hd: This is what I got: "PXE-E61: Media test failure.  Check Cable" and "PXE-M0F: Exiting Broadcom PXE ROM"06:12
mtnman80crash1hd: ... and then it says "Operating System not found"06:13
crash1hdarchmage_, IDE = Integrated Drive Electronics06:13
tensorpuddingwhat it stands for isn't that important06:13
tensorpuddingwhat's important is the connectors they use06:14
tensorpuddingIDE drives have the old wide ribbon cables06:14
mtnman80crash1hd: that is what I got after setting the primary two devices in the boot order to the two IDE drives I just mentioned.  What the heck?06:14
crash1hdmtnman80, hmm not sure beyond that I would google what those are but it sounds like you lost your boot loader (You may have to go into live cd (if you can) and see if you can fix your mbr)06:15
NickMindsomeone msg me if your all good with syslog configuration.06:15
mtnman80crash1hd: what do you mean by "boat loader" ?06:15
lapionmtnman80, most ide controllers use scsi-emulation, and get /dev/sd designations06:16
crash1hdmtnman80, boot loader is what loads the OS06:16
mtnman80crash1hd: wait a second, now it's booting up just fine it seems.  So weird!  Let me log in, plug in the USB device I originally had in, properly remove it, restart, and then see if things are still working normally ...06:16
mtnman80lapion: can you explain that just a little bit more?  I would like to understand :)06:17
crash1hdin your bios you can set your boot order of devices06:17
crash1hdmtnman80, glad its working06:17
tinfuryI can't seem to get desktop cube to work on 11.04 with gnome classic. Can anyone help?06:17
tinfuryI have an NVidia 7400 but nothing seems to work. In the compiz config manager none of the settings seem to take06:18
mtnman80lapion: what is "scsi-emulation", I mean?06:18
mtnman80lapion: I understand the /dev/sd designations.  That was my problem ... and for some reason when I did not remove it properly ... it seemed like the boot order got all screwed up in BIOS ...06:19
sammyso I'm aware installing a .deb from a newer version is risky, and its better to use `apt-get -b source -t newdistname package` but I'd like to install a package from debian sid. should I light up the entire repository in my sources, or can I use apt-get to build the package from source using the downloaded files from, say, using dget?06:20
lapionide controllers on newer kernels use drivers that emulate scsi controllers so instead of ide0-master=/dev/hda ide1-master=/dev/hdc ide0-master=/dev/sda ide1-master=sdb ( that is if there are no slave drives06:20
mtnman80lapion: ok. the driver part I get.  what are "scsi controllers", though?06:20
mtnman80lapion: forgive me for still being a little ignorant with actual computer / OS components ...06:21
sonnoHey everyone. I've been having a lot of trouble with my pc lately and would like to quit bumming on my brother's. I downloaded damn small linux onto a flash drive and can't seem to figure out if I can get my WUSB54G to work with it. From what I've read, some say it's impossible, and others that I just need a driver.06:22
lapionscsi=smaal computer systems interface06:22
sonnoAnybody have a clue how I can find out or do something about it?06:22
mtnman80lapion: I see.  so let me see if I understand what you are saying.  so the system was reading the driver for my USB to emulate the scsi controllers on my system?06:23
sonnoWUSB54G being a linksys wireless adapter (in case someone knows about internet config, but not model numbers)06:23
mtnman80lapion: why the heck did the system automatically think it needed to boot from the USB ... after I improperly removed it?  that is so strange!06:24
Stingray88Hey guys, I had a SMB server configuration GUI for Ubuntu before, hard drive crashed and I installed ubuntu on a new drive... but I can't seem to find that SMB GUI, can anyone point me in the right direction?06:24
Flannelsonno: You should ask in #damnsmalllinux, which likely means you should really be using tinycore and asking in #tinycorelinux06:24
lapionmtnman80, that has nothing to do with ubuntu/linux you are mixing things up06:24
sonnoWell if you don't have an answer, you could help with the wording of the question.06:25
sonnoOr not reply.06:25
sonnoThat'd be okay too.06:25
mtnman80lapion: ok.  sorry for my misunderstanding.  you are talking about hardware, then?06:25
sonnoFlannel: Is tiny core a distro?06:25
Flannelsonno: this channel is for Ubuntu support, not general linux questions.  There's 1400 people in here, we can't just have random questions being asked, it would make this channel useless.06:25
Flannelsonno: yes.06:25
sonnoI've only ever messed with ubuntu for a very short while.06:25
sonnoI understand. Thanks for the advice.06:26
usr_1104hi all, anyone here use clonezilla before?06:26
lapionmtnman80, I was talking about hardware and how linux manages it, your problem is not linux/unix related but rather bios related06:26
sonnoI just remembered the ubuntu folks being knowledgable and friendly. Thanks again.06:26
mtnman80lapion: I see.  So it has to do with automatic configurations for my BIOS and how it operates in various situations ...06:27
Stingray88Does anyone know of a SMB server configuration GUI for Ubuntu?06:28
lapionmtnman80, if your system keeps on trying to boot of usb devices enter the bios and change the boot order, or disconnect all usb disks at boot06:28
mtnman80lapion: I just know to make sure to remove this "ext4-formatted" USB drive properly from now on so as to not run into anymore problems with it.  I think I'm actually going to reformat it to the file system that allows me to use it on both a Windows PC and in Linux ...06:28
Stingray88I had one before06:28
lapionmtnman80, that is unless you installed the ubuntu on a usb stick.06:29
lapionmtnman80, or maybe you setup grub to boot via usb06:29
mtnman80lapion: yeah, I've already reorderd the boot order ... and that took care of the startup problem.  If I tell the BIOS to disconnect all USB disks at boot ... will I still be able to use the flash drive after it boots up into Ubuntu?06:30
mtnman80how do I setup grub to boot via usb?06:30
mtnman80lapion: how do I setup grub to boot via USB?  I think this is a wise idea ...06:31
lapionmtnman80, I was just teling you in case you dud so..06:31
lapionI run my linux system of an external usb-hdd because the laptop has a defect internal sata controller06:32
Stingray88Does anyone know of an SMB server gui06:32
Stingray88I had one before and I can't find it now06:32
Ben64nautilus lets you browse network shares06:33
sammyStingray88: youre talking about a GUI to configure a samba server on your ubuntu box?06:33
Almightyis it possible to have a faulty library in a folder that's getting used instead of a good one in a folder like /lib/06:33
Stingray88sammy: correct06:33
mtnman80lapion: no but like ... do I put grub on my ext4-formatted USB ... as a backup?06:34
sammyStingray88: check out system-config-samba06:34
usr_1104anyone here can help on clonezilla for imaging ubuntu ext4 fs?06:34
Stingray88sammy: thanks will do06:34
usr_1104i have problem doing that to my hp elitebook 8450w06:34
atlanteanI configured samba on ubuntu and then I shared it with a vista pc.... later I revoked the share..... the vista pc upgraded to win 7.  Will the share need to be redone?06:34
sammyso I'm aware installing a .deb from a newer version is risky, and its better to use `apt-get -b source -t newdistname package` but I'd like to install a package from debian sid. should I light up the entire repository in my sources, or can I use apt-get to build the package from source using the downloaded files from, say, using dget?06:35
mtnman80lapion: I think you can save an image of the OS to an USB, if I am not mistaken ...06:35
Almightywhat's the variable for search paths for libraries etc?06:36
mtnman80lapion: or can't you back up your current system on a USB?06:36
atlanteanHello everyone06:36
Ben64sammy: the best thing to do would be to find an ubuntu repo for it06:36
sammyBen64: the ubuntu repo is 4 minor versons behind. the newest ppa is one. I'm happy to properly build it from the sid source files, there are very few patches installed and most have been applied over the last few minor versions. I'm just curious about people's experience with adding a debian repo and building from source that way, or if its easy enough to just grab the sources for a single package.06:38
Ben64source is pretty easy06:39
Ben64i build my own mplayer06:39
mtnman80lapion: anyway, thanks for your input :)06:39
sammyBen64: from the mplayer original sources, or from debian patched and tested sources, with proper control and init files etc etc06:39
sammyBen64: I'd rather not go the whole 'build a debian package from source' route since someone already has for this version.06:40
Ben64actually, mplayer2, their original source06:40
Ben64mplayer2 works much better for me06:40
sammyBen64: yeah, I considered that, but since sid already has a debian package for this version, Id rather just rebuild that against my copies of erlang, libc etc etc (since you shouldnt mix/match binarires from newer versions)06:41
Ben64that just seems like more work, imo06:41
sammyBen64: if I were to build the package from oneiric, its a single command :)06:42
sammyBen64: and if I were to add the sid repository to my sources.list, its also a single command06:42
sammyapt-get -b source -t oneiric packagename < will rebuild from the oneiric source package on my natty system, if it compiles correctly and all the dependencies are available06:43
u_1104skype always crash on my Ubuntu 11.04, any cure?06:45
zykotick9sammy, mixing repos with other distros (including debian) is a bad idea.  building mplayer from the original source makes a lot more sense to me.06:45
joshua291981Enter text here...hi06:49
u_1104joshua291981, hi06:50
u_1104zykotick9, can u help me?06:50
oxohi all06:50
u_1104oxo, hi, u need help?06:50
zykotick9u_1104, sorry, skype isn't free software - i can't help.06:51
u_1104zykotick9, okay, thanks06:51
u_1104zykotick9, is there equivalent free software for Ubuntu that can use to conenct to skype?06:52
oxoim lookink for a free vpn service like hotspot shield in winfows for my lovely ubuntu06:52
zykotick9u_1104, i *wish* there was06:52
u_1104zykotick9, lol, okay....06:52
sammyzykotick9: why is it a bad idea if I am recompiling the package from its sources?07:03
YusukeHello, i tried to boot 11.04 beta1 in my pendrive . i used Universal USB Installer v1.7.9 ..but when i tried to boot it lags at "SYSLINUX 3.86 blablabla".07:03
sammyzykotick9: its already a debian package, so its dependencies are well marked and can be built from source if necessary as well. I'm well aware mixing binaries from newer versions is a bad idea, that is what I'm trying to avoid.07:03
sammyzykotick9: but someone has already gone through the trouble to make a debian package for this application, complete with working init scripts log rotation etc etc. there's no point in me using the developer's original, vanilla source package.07:04
YusukeHello, i tried to boot 11.04 beta1 in my pendrive . i used Universal USB Installer v1.7.9 ..but when i tried to boot it lags at "SYSLINUX 3.86 blablabla".07:06
zykotick9sammy, it's your computer - you should do what YOU want, not what some random guy (me) on the internet says.  good luck man.07:06
pookyI'm running thunderbird 7 under 11.04 ubuntu and I continuously get the error "failed to create drawable"07:08
pookyI tried to look online for a solution, but couldn't really get an answer relevant to just thunderbird07:09
pookyfirefox seems to work fine however, would anyone here have a suggestion?07:09
Yusukethanks pooky07:14
sammyzykotick9: I'm genuinely curious, I didn't mean to imply I thought you were wrong. I thought the issue with mixing binary versions was the libraries they were compiled against. I thought having apt-get build packages from source for you solved that issue.07:16
Yusukeyou are genuinely right sammy07:17
mtnman80can anyone help me with a startup problem on my IBM Thinkpad related to the BIOS settings.  I am running Ubuntu ...07:21
u_1104anyone here using HP EliteBook 8540w and have problem with the docking station?07:21
u_1104mtnman80, what exactly is your problem with ur startup?07:22
dc5alamtnman80, just try to describe your problem, then can see if someone is able to help07:22
zykotick9sammy, it's the mixing of libraries/package requirements - between two different distros (and thus two package standard systems) that I think is rather risky.  it will probably work!  but... you "could" be introducing a system wide problem by building and installing mplayer (and any package requirement) from a system that wasn't intended to be used with ubuntu.07:23
mtnman80u_1104: it seems like my BIOS keeps going back to default boot order settings, which sets the USB as the primary device for bootup (at the top of the order) ... even when I reset the primary device for booting to be the hard drive.  It's like the new BIOS settings don't stick ...07:26
AndroUser2u_1104 hi there..I am using the same laptop.07:27
mtnman80u_1104: it will boot up normally other times ... just fine ... right into Ubuntu.  But most other times it gives me this error of "PXE-E61: Media test failure, check cable.  PXE-M0F: Exiting Broadcom PXE ROM.  Operating system not found"07:27
mtnman80u_1104: How do I permanently fix this?07:27
u_1104mtnman80, did you check to make sure you have actually save the settings?07:28
u_1104mtnman80, okay, do u have laptop_mode installed?07:28
mtnman80u_1104: I am running an IBM Thinkpad T43 business model.  And yes, it prompts me to save the new boot order setting in BIOS every time.  I do, but still get the same errors on a black screen upon startup ...07:29
sammyzykotick9: by two different package standard systems you mean... .deb packages and .deb packages? I see your point if youre talking about, say, gentoo and ubuntu, or arch and ubuntu, but debian and ubuntu? as long as apt doesn't complain about any dependencies, I'm not sure what system wide problem I could be introducing07:29
u_1104mtnman80, how old is your notebook?07:29
mtnman80u_1104: I don't know ... a T43 ... which is an older molder, I guess.  This all started taking place after I improperly removed an ext4-formatted USB drive (physically removed) it without "safely removing it" by right-clicking on it ... before shutting down one-time ...07:31
mtnman80u_1104: This particular USB drive has been giving me significant problems ...07:31
mtnman80u_1104: it seems like it screws up my system on occasion when I use it ...07:32
zykotick9sammy, i don't really want to debate this - do what you want :)  But a DEB for Debian is not the same as a DEB for Ubuntu.07:32
u_1104mtnman80, hmmm, this is really interesting. I have not seen such problem caused by pulling out USB drive that was not properly unmount07:33
u_1104mtnman80, my guess is that ur cmos battery is giving up itself...07:33
mtnman80u_1104: ???   what do you mean by that?07:34
mtnman80u_1104: maybe if I physically remove the laptop battery and put in back it in ... that has helped sometimes ...07:34
u_1104mtnman80, u were saying that u can't keep your bios settings....this usually is because ur cmos battery is not functioning anymore07:34
u_1104mtnman80, it could also be ur battery problem07:34
u_1104mtnman80, for some reasons, it can't hold the electricity while it's off07:35
amjadassalamu alaikum07:36
mtnman80u_1104: when you say "cmos battery", you are referring to the main battery, right?  Or something different?07:36
u_1104amjad: hi, u from muslim country?07:37
u_1104mtnman80, sorry, i meant the main battery.07:37
amjadu_1104:I am from india. and u?07:37
u_1104amjad, oh, okay, i am from singapore07:38
mtnman80I think it definitely has to do with an electricity flow or something.  But I don't really know if this is true, because I have problems with startup before after using this one USB drive ... that was originally improperly formatted for Linux ...07:38
u_1104mtnman80, best to check your battery first and work out from there...07:38
mtnman80u_1104: well, I physically removed and put my battery back into the laptop again ... and I got the same problem, so ...07:39
amjadi want internet part time job.. anyone can help me?07:40
u_1104mtnman80, okay, then i can't help you there....for some reasons i doubt it's the linux causing it....can i know which version of kernel u are running?07:40
u_1104amjad: wrong channel to ask that...07:40
amjadu_1104: can you help me?07:40
u_1104amjad: no07:41
mtnman80u_1104: give me some options for the kernel version ... and then I can choose one ...07:42
ravengpodder 2.14 - how to disable single click menu on episodes?07:42
u_1104mtnman80, uname -a07:47
mtnman80u_1104: ???  Is that a command you are telling me to run?07:47
u_1104mtnman80, yes07:47
=== Mkaysi|ZNC is now known as Mkaysi
mtnman80u_1104: how do I run a command when I am not even booted into Ubuntu?07:48
u_1104mtnman80, okay, tough luck then :)07:48
=== nphase_ is now known as nphase
u_1104mtnman80, can't help you much there.07:48
mtnman80u_1104: what is that command supposed to do?07:48
ravengpodder 2.14 - how to disable single click menu on episodes?07:48
mtnman80u_1104: because sometimes it boots in ... and then I can run it ...07:49
u_1104mtnman80, well, it will report you the kernel version07:49
mtnman80u_1104: what if I booted up via live CD with a previous version?07:49
u_1104mtnman80, u can give that a try...07:50
RajeevGEChow can i change the default permissions of directories under /var/www07:50
mtnman80u_1104: I know it's not a hard drive issue, because it was working just fine earlier today ...07:50
=== massimo is now known as Guest38440
u_1104this is an example output of the uname -a07:51
ravengpodder 2.14 - how to disable single click menu on episodes?07:52
RajeevGEChow can i change the default permissions of directories under /var/www07:53
mtnman80u_1104: what will knowing the kernal version help us to do in terms of fixing this problem?07:54
u_1104mtnman80, well, it can at least point out if you are using old kernel....new kernel sometimes help in fixing ur problem.07:55
=== massimo_ is now known as Guest15880
mtnman80u_1104: ok.  this is the kernel version that I have: Linux ubuntu 2.6.31-14-generic #48-Ubuntu SMP Fri Oct 16 14:04:26 UTC 2009 i686 GNU/Linux07:57
mtnman80u_1104: at least that is the total output I got after running the command you gave me ...07:57
mtnman80u_1104: do I need to update my kernel?07:58
u_1104mtnman80, yes, looks like u are using old kernel.07:59
u_11042.6.38-11 #50 is the latest08:00
auronandacemtnman80: what version of ubuntu are you using?08:00
mtnman80u_1104: Natty Narwhal, I believe.  The newest one ...08:00
mtnman80u_1104: how do I update the kernel?08:00
auronandacemtnman80: 10.04 uses 2.6.3208:00
mtnman80u_1104: what commands would I run in terminal to do so ... to update to 2.6.32?08:01
u_1104mtnman80, probably try sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get upgrade08:01
mtnman80u_1104: Sorry ... I am actually running 11.0408:02
u_1104mtnman80, that's fine.08:02
mtnman80u_1104: I still need to updgrade, though ... right .. by running that command you just gave me?08:02
u_1104mtnman80, yes08:02
mtnman80u_1104: ok.  doing so now.  I hope this fixes my problem ....08:02
auronandacemtnman80: then why did it output 2.6.31? did you upgrade from previous versions?08:02
mtnman80auronandace: no.  that is the version I am running.  it is outdated ... and I need to upgrade ...08:03
auronandacemtnman80: natty never shipped with 2.6.31, it shipped with 2.6.38, how did you get 2.6.31?08:04
ravengpodder 2.14 - how to disable single click menu on episodes?08:04
mtnman80auronandace: I am running Karmic Koala ... 11.0408:04
auronandacemtnman80: karmic is not supported08:04
auronandace!eol | mtnman8008:04
ubottumtnman80: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades08:04
mtnman80auronandace: so you are saying that won't be able to get an updated version of the kernel?08:05
DeichShafhi folks08:06
mtnman80auronandace: .... even though I need an updated version (2.6.38) to run things properly and without problems?08:06
auronandacemtnman80: it would be easier to install natty fresh08:06
mtnman80auronandace: so what is the point of having 11.04, then ... since it is no longer supported?  For this reason, you are saying it is better to run Natty Narwhal?08:07
auronandacemtnman80: you are not running 11.04!08:07
auronandace!karmic | mtnman8008:08
ubottumtnman80: Ubuntu 9.10 (Karmic Koala) was the eleventh release of Ubuntu. !End-Of-Life on April 29th 2011, see http://goo.gl/UUTAB for details.08:08
auronandace!natty | mtnman8008:08
ubottumtnman80: Ubuntu 11.04 (Natty Narwhal) is the current release of Ubuntu. Download http://releases.ubuntu.com/11.04/ - Release Info: http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/110408:08
DeichShafi'm having a little trouble, getting 11.04 installed on my machine: after confirming installation prerequisites with "Next", the cursor changes to clock but there happens nothing else for over an hour. if i try the same image within virtual box everything wents fine and i can select a harddisk to assign in the next step. but i can't get to this step on my machine, if i try setup from cd.08:08
DeichShafis it possible that having a ssd built in may cause this?08:08
mtnman80auronandace: I am running the newest version, that is all I know.  So that would be Natty Narwhal.  Sorry for my mixup :)08:09
auronandacemtnman80: please stop it, you are lying08:09
mtnman80auronandace: not really :)08:09
auronandacemtnman80: you are running karmic which is no longer supported08:09
Ben64if you want to run a version without upgrading for a long time, use LTS. Last one was Lucid08:10
mtnman80auronandace: I know for a fact I am not running 9.10.  That has an orange background as default on the desktop.  That is not what I currently see.  I have a purple-white theme ...08:10
mtnman80auronandace: ... with maybe another color or two thrown in there ...08:11
puntjeam new to Linux/Ubuntu and wanted to know wether I should get an antivirus here as well. Is ClamAV a good alternative ?08:11
Ben64antivirus is not really needed08:11
auronandacemtnman80: themes are easy to change/install, you still haven't explained why you are running 2.6.3108:12
Ben64puntje: as long as you have good practices you should be safe. (Don't run things as root, or run unknown files/commands)08:12
DeichShafpuntje: i suggest to not use any av, exept for mails (in case you want to forward some mails, they might be cleaned before forwarding them)08:12
in0culahi, i have ATI 5470 and INTEL graphic card, how do i switch off ATI, my laptop overheat08:12
puntjealright, thank you08:13
mtnman80auronandace: maybe it's because I am running 9.10 off a live CD ... and so that is why it is pulling up that version when I run "uname -a" in Terminal ...  I am having problems booting into 11.04. I get these errors upons startup.  It's driving me batty.  I don't know how to remedy the problem ...08:13
oxoi cant install vida08:14
oxoim on 11.1008:14
auronandacemtnman80: then why didn't you mention that when somebody told you to run uname?08:15
auronandacemtnman80: can't you use the cd for 11.04 instead (as your livecd)08:15
mtnman80I don't know.  I was just following their guidance when told to run uname.  But since I can't boot into 11.04 ... I thought I could do it off a live CD.  I forgot that the results are "per version of the OS" ... so this is not going to work ...  I will try running my 11.04 CD.  Last time it didn't work.  I might need to burn the ISO again ...08:16
mtnman80auronandace: I don't know.  I was just following their guidance when told to run uname.  But since I can't boot into 11.04 ... I thought I could do it off a live CD.  I forgot that the results are "per version of the OS" ... so this is not going to work ...  I will try running my 11.04 CD.  Last time it didn't work.  I might need to burn the ISO again ...08:18
amjadanyone can help me to find internet part time typing job?08:18
auronandacemtnman80: i hope someone else can help you08:19
mtnman80auronandace: ok.  I appreciate your efforts, though.  Thank you :)08:19
ravengpodder 2.14 - how to disable single click menu on episodes?08:21
mtnman80can anyone tell me ... that if I run 11.04 off a live CD ... and update my kernel ... that it will fix any problems that I am currently having with system startup and BIOS?08:22
ruslan_osmanovhi. I've got 'Server not responding. Try again later' trying to sync tomboy notes with the ubuntu one notes running tomboy in terminal shows 400 BAD REQUEST. However, the URI is correct: https://one.ubuntu.com/notes http://susepaste.org/7309993008:30
seidellhow do i install crunchbang?08:31
martin_PLhello everyone, who is booting to Ubuntu from a SD CARD?08:31
BlackBishopanyone knows a server ( and client for linux ) that could allow me to share a soundcard on the server ?08:36
se7enhow can i share a folder so windows can access them?08:43
se7eni use samba to access files on the windows computer.08:45
se7endoes it work the other way as well08:45
DeichShaf_yes it does08:45
DeichShaf_but you will have to configure samba as server08:45
se7enoh that sounds not so easy08:45
DeichShaf_either automatically or manually by editing /etc/samba/smb.conf08:45
se7enDeichShaf_: automatically sounds good to me08:46
DeichShaf_i suggest to take a glance at the config-file08:46
DeichShaf_its easy to understand08:46
se7encan it only be done one way at the time?08:46
se7enlike would the editing kill my setup to access the files on the windows box?08:47
oxose7en are u using win7?08:48
se7eni am using linux but the other box is windows7 oxo08:49
crash1hdCan anyone tell me how to remove the uefi ubuntu boot choice in my bios?08:49
se7enthis setup is for a friend of mine, who uses linux but want to share a drive with windows 7 oxo08:50
Wurstmenschleinhello there - may anyone tell me why i'm not able to access my windows7 shares from my natty ubuntu (64bit) machine although i'm able to see them? all i get when i try to access them is the error "unable to mount windows share"08:53
oxose7en   samba08:53
Wurstmenschleini configured samba already using a gui08:54
Wurstmenschleinbut i should be able to at least access the shares from another machine even without samba, shouldn't i?08:54
martin_PLhi, i'm booted to Ubuntu from SD card, how do i boot the regular HDD so i can access it?08:55
ikoniamartin_PL: you remove the SD card and reboot the machine.08:56
ikoniamartin_PL: the machine will then default to boot from the local hard disk08:56
martin_PLikonia, nono, i do not want to boot into the internal HDD - i want to access (read write) to the internal HDD right now from the ubuntu (on SD card)08:57
Wurstmenschleincan't anyone help me with my problem?08:57
ikoniamartin_PL: the disk should be auto mounted on your desktop08:57
ikoniamartin_PL: is there a file system on the internal hard disk ?08:57
mtnman80Hello.  I need to update my kernel from 2.6.31 to 2.6.38 in order to get my system to boot up and run Ubuntu properly in 11.04.  Can this be successfully accomplished via a live CD of 11.04?08:58
DeichShaf_wurstmenschlein: ich gehe mal davon aus, dass du deutsch lannst?08:58
DeichShaf_-l +k08:58
ikoniamtnman80: why do you need to update your kernel. What is the reason.08:58
oCean!de | DeichShaf_ Wurstmenschlein08:58
ubottuDeichShaf_ Wurstmenschlein: In den meisten Ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuche bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Einfach "/join #ubuntu-de" eingeben. Danke für Dein Verständnis!08:58
Wurstmenschleinja, sicher08:58
ikoniamartin_PL: it's also worth lookin in the /media file system to see if your internal hard disk has been auto mounted there08:58
martin_PLikonia, the internal HDD are not mounted after ubuntu startup, the internal HDD are ntfs drives (they are not visible on the desktop, nautilus, nor /mnt or /media)08:58
DeichShaf_ubottu: thanks for that hint, i was about to help wurstmenschlein a bit08:58
ubottuDeichShaf_: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)08:58
oCeanDeichShaf_: only in english here08:59
ikoniamartin_PL: have you tried to manually mount it ?08:59
martin_PLikonia, how do i do that? :)08:59
ikoniamartin_PL: could you please pastebin the output of the following command "sudo fdisk -l"08:59
mtnman80ikonia: I am having major problems with the involving the BIOS on my IBM Thinkpad.  Another one of the support staff thought that one of updating my kernel would help.  Basically, I used a USB thumb drive formatted in ext4 earlier this evening ... and since then ... my computer had problems starting up.  It's like reading the USB drives, detecting a problem, and then telling me the operating system cannot be found ... which is bullcra09:00
theadminikonia: May I wonder, why do people do "sudo fdisk -l" rather than "ls /dev/sd*"? That last one doesn't need root priveleges...09:00
ikoniamtnman80: I can't see a kernel change fixing a bios issue. What is the actual issue you are having09:01
ikoniatheadmin: because it shows the partition table and disk sizes so it's easier to work out what disk is what09:01
theadminikonia: Guess that does make sense :D09:02
mtnman80ikonia: this is even in lieu of switching my boot order in the BIOS to have the primary device be the hard drive instead of USB devices ...  For some reason, even time I use this particular USB flash drive ... and even remove it properly by right-clicking and choosing "safely remove" ... then shutting down ... it throws my computer into a tizzy when starting up.09:02
ikoniamtnman80: that's nothing to do with ubuntu, and therefore nothing to do with a kernel update.09:03
martin_PLikonia, i think it might be too long for the chat, it lists two devices: 1) internal HDD on dev/sda with sda1 sda2 sda3 sda4 sda5 partitions and 2) sdb with the ubuntu09:03
ikoniamartin_PL: that's why I asked you to use a pastebin09:03
ikonia!pastebin | martin_PL09:03
ubottumartin_PL: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.09:03
mtnman80ikonia: I have an IBM Thinkpad.  I see.  Well, I need to burn the ISO for 11.04 again anyway, but the first one I burned wasn't working ...  How else would you recommend fixing the problem?09:04
martin_PL!pastebinit Disk /dev/sda: 250.1 GB, 250059350016 bytes09:04
martin_PL255 heads, 63 sectors/track, 30401 cylinders09:04
martin_PLUnits = cylinders of 16065 * 512 = 8225280 bytes09:04
martin_PLSector size (logical/physical): 512 bytes / 512 bytes09:04
martin_PLI/O size (minimum/optimal): 512 bytes / 512 bytes09:04
ubottumartin_PL: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)09:04
martin_PLDisk identifier: 0xe6beb1cf09:04
mtnman80ikonia: Ubuntu has booted up fine just a couple of times, but the other times I keep getting the same errors upon startup ...09:04
ikoniamtnman80: you've not explained anything about the problem as you keep using no-descript words like "it has the problem" or "gets in a tizzy". When you explain the problem clearly we can look at a resolution09:04
martin_PL   Device Boot      Start         End      Blocks   Id  System09:04
martin_PL/dev/sda1   *           1          26      204800    7  HPFS/NTFS09:04
martin_PLPartition 1 does not end on cylinder boundary.09:04
martin_PL/dev/sda2              26       24524   196782080    7  HPFS/NTFS09:04
martin_PL/dev/sda3           24524       28476    31738880    f  W95 Ext'd (LBA)09:05
martin_PL/dev/sda4           28476       30402    15471800   12  Compaq diagnostics09:05
martin_PL/dev/sda5           24524       28476    31737856    7  HPFS/NTFS09:05
__machinei downloaded 64bit ubuntu server from ubuntu.com and the filename is amd64.iso … does that only run on amd cpus? how do i get the intel 64bit version?09:05
martin_PLDisk /dev/sdb: 7948 MB, 7948206080 bytes09:05
martin_PL245 heads, 62 sectors/track, 1021 cylinders09:05
oCeanmartin_PL: please read the link ubottu send you about the pastebin09:05
theadmin__machine: That's intel-compatible too09:05
theadmin__machine: It's just a Linux tradition to call 64-bit "amd64".09:05
oCeanmartin_PL: you should use http://paste.ubuntu.com09:05
mtnman80ikonia -- ok.  let me boot up again and tell you the exact error as they read verbatim ...09:06
__machinetheadmin: thanks09:06
theadmin__machine: Given that you don't know even that fact, I think Ubuntu Server isn't for you -- it comes with no graphical interface whatsoever. Are you sure you even want that?09:08
mtnman80ikonia: here are the errors I am getting upon startup -- "PXE-E61: Media test failure, check cable; PXE-M0F: Exiting Broadcom PXE ROM; Operating system not found"09:08
martin_PLikonia, http://paste.ubuntu.com/704363/09:08
Farghhow do I prevent ubuntu from using bad sectors ?09:08
Farghsmartmontools is already enabled.09:08
__machinetheadmin: yes, im sure09:08
idovecerFargh, replace HDD09:09
damnoif I want to exclude some deamons from starting up @ the time of sys start, would sumply removing the corresponding shell scripts from /etc/init.d do the job?09:09
mtnman80ikonia: last time we had this problem ... we did something to edit the fstab ... I think ...09:09
theadmindamno: Use update-rc.d09:10
villerI have installed libsdl-dev but when I try to compile with gcc file.c -lSDL then gcc will complain SDL.h doesn't exist09:10
Farghnice answer idovecer ....09:10
mtnman80ikonia: would editing "fstab" help in this instance?09:10
damnotheadmin: after removing the shell scripts? the programs are still installed though09:11
Farghanyone has a smarter idea ?09:11
idovecerit is09:11
theadmindamno: No, just read that manpage. It's a system service management thing.09:11
damnotheadmin: ok. thanks09:11
martin_PLikonia, to mount the drive should i make a directory in /media (sudo mkdir /media/mount1) and then command: sudo mount /dev/sda2 /media/mount1  ?09:12
idovecerbtw, anyone know is there any tool with which you can improve boot up of Ubuntu09:12
llutzFargh: if your hdd cannot hide badblocks anymore, its broken. there's no software to prevent that, so you should replace the hdd09:12
idovecerI already know for bootchart09:12
mtnman80ikonia: would should /etc/fstab look like if Ubuntu is just booting normally from the hard drive?09:13
theadminmtnman80: Still depends on the partitioning scheme09:14
crash1hdIs it sad that its faster to format and install then it is too move partitions around09:14
mtnman80crash1hd: hey ... I'm still having this start up problem after all ...09:15
idovecerdamno: also you can try to use application Boot-Up Manager09:15
Farghllutz: ok, thx.09:15
mtnman80crash1hd: it like ... worked a couple times ... booted normally into Ubuntu ... and then exhibited the same problem, showing the same errors .... again ...09:15
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crash1hdmtnman80, that sucks09:15
=== fork is now known as forkup
crash1hdmtnman80, it sounds like something in your bios is not right09:16
mtnman80crash1hd: any other ideas?09:16
crash1hdunfortunatly no09:16
ikoniamtnman80: they are not errors09:16
mtnman80crash1hd: I can't figure out how to disable the USB drives upon startup in there either ...09:16
crash1hdbut I dont think your issue is with the usb device09:16
ikoniamtnman80: that is netboot failing, which it should fail as you are not net booting09:16
mtnman80ikonia: netboot?  OK.  Then how do I get my system to recognize that I am not net booting?09:17
ikoniamtnman80: it's not a problem, it's just a warning.09:17
ikoniamtnman80: most systems will display that message (or wording to that effect)09:18
mtnman80crash1hd: that seems strange to me ... this is the second time I have had major startup problems after using this particular USB device.  There has to be correlation ...09:18
mtnman80ikonia: OK.  But startup doesn't go any further after these message display.  So what is going on?09:18
ikoniamtnman80: it will fall back to netboot if the your boot device is unavailable.09:19
ikoniamtnman80: which at that point, is nothing to do with ubuntu as your machine hasn't started to boot09:19
crash1hdI know that feeling its like if I stare at my machine when booting its fine but if I look away it locks up09:19
crash1hdjust make sure your hdd is set to the first thing to boot from in the boot priority09:19
mtnman80ikonia: ok.  so what "boot device" is it pointing to?  The first time this happened tonight, I went in to check the BIOS settings ... and sure enough the default was set to a USB device being primary.  I don't know the default got that way anyway.  I was booting off the hard drive without a problem earlier today ...09:21
martin_PLhi, how do i manually mount the NTFS internal HDD partitions in Ubuntu (Ubuntu is run from an SD card) - output of sudo fdisk -l is: http://paste.ubuntu.com/704363/09:21
mtnman80ikonia: i.e. what "boot device" is it saying is "unavailable" ?09:21
ikoniamtnman80: so either a.) the usb devvice has a problem b.) the notebook has an fault09:21
crash1hdI know with mine if the usb device is connected it will add it to the boot menu if it is not connected it will not show up09:22
ikoniamartin_PL: sudo mount -t ntfs /dev/sda2 /mnt09:22
theadminikonia: That'd be more like "sudo ntfs-3g /dev/sda2 /mnt"09:22
ikoniamartin_PL: that will mount it read only to see if the disk is accessable, from there we can move forward09:22
ikoniatheadmin: no, it wouldn't09:22
mtnman80ikonia: and it doesn't matter if I plug in the original USB device I was using ... again.  I get the same message.  I think it is related to the usb device ... because this is the second time I have had major system startup problems after using this device.  I did not "safely remove" it in the OS before shutting down the first time either ... and I think that is what created the problem ...09:23
theadminikonia: Well, the one you gave is read-only...09:23
ikoniatheadmin: correct, READ what I typed to him09:23
mtnman80ikonia: ... and then I physically removed it ... which I should not have done ...09:23
ikoniamtnman80: sounds like a hardware issue09:23
Ben64chkdsk and/or fsck?09:24
mtnman80ikonia: previously, with other USB devices ... even if I physically removed it prematurely ... I still didn't have the startup blow up on me.  But for some reason, this USB drive creates problems ... even though it is correctly formatted now in ext409:24
martin_PLikonia, ok, its mounted, when i open /mnt in nautilus i can see the partition contents09:25
mtnman80ikonia: so if it's a hardware issue ... what hardware is failing or dying ... would you say?09:25
ikoniamartin_PL: ok, so you know the disk is fine and can be mounted09:25
ikoniamtnman80: I have no idea.09:25
mtnman80ikonia: scis?09:25
ikoniamtnman80: what are you talking about scis ?09:26
ikoniamartin_PL: now if you unmount the disk with "sudo umount /mnt"09:26
ikoniamartin_PL: we can move onto the suggestion theadmin was saying to mount it read-write09:26
mtnman80ikonia:  someone else told me that my system may be using drivers to emulate the scis controllers ...09:26
ikoniamtnman80: that is not a problem. All disk devics are seen as scsi09:27
martin_PLikonia, ok, umounted :) and now should i go with: ntfs-3g /dev/sda2 /mnt  ?09:27
ikoniamartin_PL: did you see what theadmin wrote earlier ?09:28
murlidharcan anyone tell me how to open a video in 16:9 ratio by default in totem movie player?09:28
mtnman80ikonia: last time, I booted 9.10 on a live CD to check /etc/fstab.  Then I edited right on the black screen upon start up.  Would it hurt to try this again?09:28
ikoniamtnman80: yes, that would cause a problem, but it would not cause the problem you are having09:28
ikoniamtnman80: please listen to what I'm saying. Your machine is NOT starting to boot, so therefore ubuntu is not involved at this time09:29
ikoniamtnman80: therefore making changes to ubuntu will not fix/break anything09:29
martin_PLikonia, i think he suggested this command for read-wrtie purposes (on contrary to the one proposed by you for read only)09:30
ikoniamartin_PL: did you actually see what he posted though? as in the command09:30
mtnman80ikonia: I guess you are right.  Because last time I edited fstab directly via command line ... the startup went further to allow me to do so ...09:30
constrictorany xubuntu 11.10 users here?09:30
martin_PLikonia, ntfs-3g /dev/sda2 /mnt for read-write access to the ntfs drive09:30
oCeanconstrictor: Oneiric/11.10 is not yet released (still beta). Please join #ubuntu+1 for further support and discussion09:30
ikoniamartin_PL: give that a try09:31
theadminikonia: Oh thanks09:31
mtnman80ikonia: some hardware failure was triggered by the improper removal of this USB drive.  It would be nice to know what that is ...09:31
mtnman80ikonia: I don't really know if there is any way to tell that though, at this point ...09:32
Ben64have you run fsck on the partition09:32
mtnman80Ben64: how would I do that without being able to boot in?09:32
ikoniamtnman80: does it matter - it's failing.09:32
Ben64should be able to from livecd09:32
makaraHi. I'm trying to add degrees / minutes with the Ubuntu calculator. Where is the degree key?09:33
martin_PLikonia, the ntfs is mounted on /mnt, i opened it in nautilus and created an empty file there, is that ok?09:33
mtnman80Ben64: even the live CD of a previous version, right?09:33
mtnman80ikonia: you are referring to the hard drive, right?09:33
Ben64well, you said ext4, so it'd probably need to have ext4 support09:34
ikoniamartin_PL: sounds perfect. Well done09:34
theadminBen64: It's NTFS09:34
ikoniamtnman80: your hardware is not working, it doesn't matter why it broke, it's broke, nothing is going to change that.09:34
Ben64then chkdsk from windows cd :|09:34
martin_PLikonia, two last questions, how do i umount the drive after mounting it with ntfs-3g command? and can i mount it to some other folder than /mnt (for example a 'disk' folder in my desktop?09:35
GriGiHi, i got little question, are there any way to undo this: "gsettings set com.canonical.Unity.Panel systray-whitelist "['all']"? I don't want icons in unity panel anymore09:35
theadminmartin_PL: 1) "sudo umount /mnt", 2) "sudo ntfs-3g /dev/sda2 ~/Desktop/disk"09:35
ikoniamartin_PL: use umount or right click on it and use unmount, and you can mount it where you want09:35
mtnman80ikonia: so I just need to somehow get booted in one more time, save all my stuff, and be done with it ... right?09:36
ikoniamtnman80: if thats what you want to do, sure.09:36
mtnman80Ben64: can you clarify?09:36
theadminGriGi: Common sense tells me you should replace "all" with "none", but I'm not so sure09:36
GriGiYea, i tried this but it didn't worked09:36
GerowenQuestion, just installed Ubuntu 11.04 64bit, installed Adobe Flash Player from the software center, but Firefox isn't picking it up, suggestions?09:37
GerowenI even removed and re-installed it09:37
GriGiare there any GUI interface for Unity Panel configuration?09:37
Ben64mtnman80: if its formatted ext, check it with fsck in ubuntu livecd, if its ntfs, check it with chkdsk in windows install cd09:37
ActionParsnipGriGi: its configured in ccsm09:37
mtnman80ikonia: ... that's assuming I can get booted in again at some point.  I think I saved all the important stuff on the problematic USB (and perhaps another one).  Good thing I just bought a new laptop ... even though it's a Windows PC ... but oh well ...09:38
GriGiSo i need to install ccsm packet?09:38
mtnman80Ben64: I think I'm going to at least try that ... to hold on tight here a sec ...09:38
Ben64it might not work, but it can't hurt09:39
GriGiOkay, i find it, i need to leave empty space instead of 'all'09:40
ubuntu__hi all09:40
GriGiso im going to reboot, cya ;)09:40
ubuntu__hi all09:40
GriGiOkay, everything is working :).09:42
crash1hdhas anyone used the uefi ubuntu install?09:43
crash1hdCause I am having trouble getting ubuntu to boot properly after install09:44
meerkatswhen is 11.10 out?09:44
ActionParsnipGriGi: install compizconfig-settings-manager09:45
ActionParsnipmeerkats: ask in #ubuntu+1 please09:45
Arturcrash1hd: What problem?09:46
crash1hdit wont boot says that it cant find any os09:46
GriGiOkay, thanks ActionParsnip, that's what i was looking for :).09:46
crash1hdArtur, I have tried booting from the ubuntu boot choice and from hdd the only thing that works is the usb drive and the cd rom09:47
crash1hdArtur, see I installed ubuntu from USB uefi and then installed windows and somehow lost ubuntu so I reinstalled ubuntu and somehow lost windows09:48
Ben64crash1hd: windows always gets rid of grub, which is used to boot ubuntu09:48
crash1hdSo now i am trying to reinstall ubuntu ontop of itself with the USB CD uefi version hoping that it will recreate the connection09:48
Arturcrash1hd: can you boot into ubuntu?09:49
crash1hdArtur, from live cd yes09:49
Ben64when you're installing ubuntu, did you hit "erase entire disk" or something similar09:49
Arturcrackerjackz: follow these steps http://goo.gl/TKQqu09:49
Arturcrackerjackz: after boot into livecd09:50
Ben64that should work09:50
AmDAssalamu Alaikum09:53
mihagot this new android tablet.. samba share doesnt work on it.. neither do i know how to set up that... MTP thing09:53
mihaanyone has some experience? :)09:53
crash1hdI will give that a try after the install finishes if it doesnt work09:53
Arturmiha: do you have es file manager on android?09:54
Ben64android is beyond the scope of this channel, but yeah, check the market for apps that can access samba shares09:54
mtnman80Ben64: ok.  here's the plan.  for some reason, this time when I booted up, it did so normally into Ubuntu.  Strange.  This time I was running a living CD .... and it booted instead off the hard drive into 11.04 as normal.  My BIOS is currently set to boot primarily off the hard drive.09:54
mihaArtur: no?09:54
mihaArtur: built in 'Files' dont work09:54
Ben64ikonia: you around?09:55
oCeanmiha: how is that an ubuntu issue?09:55
Arturmiha:  you can acces files in smb share, but on android you must have app that have this funcion. I have es file manager (it was preinstalled on my device) and this work09:55
GerowenAny idea why flash wouldn't be working on an almost out-of-the-box Ubuntu 11.04 install, even though I've uninstalled and re-installed flashplugin-nonfree?09:56
mtnman80Ben64: ... so I am going to run fsck and see what the results are.  I will also try "sudo apt-get update" and then "sudo apt-get upgrade" to make sure I have the most up to date version of the kernel.  I am also going to check to see if all the files on the home match what is on my USB drives ... in case none of this works .... and what "ikonia" has said is true in that my hardware is failing .. which in that case ... my computer is D09:56
Ben64if it is failing, you should make backups asap09:56
mtnman80Ben64: i,.e. perform any necessary backups ... as you just stated ...;09:57
ArturGerowen: search for flash-aid in firefox extensions09:57
mihaoCean: well, i asked on #android as well .. sorry09:57
oCeanmiha: it's offtopic here09:57
ravengpodder 2.14 - how to disable single click menu on episodes?09:57
mihaoCean: are 'mtp tools' offtopic too?09:58
GerowenArtur: Just letting you know what I just found out, flashplugin-nonfree is installed, I did an updatedb, then did "locate libflash", the libflashplayer.so file that is normally in /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins isn't there, even though the package is installed.09:58
Ben64miha: this channel is for ubuntu only09:58
oCeanmiha: this is only ubuntu09:58
mihaoh well09:59
ArturGerowen: in my case flash-aid helped with flash issues09:59
Ben64flash doesn't come out of the box because it is non-free09:59
head_victimadriana is spamming onjoin10:00
oCeanhead_victim: you can report such issues in #ubuntu-ops10:01
mtnman80Ben64: ok.  the result of "fsck" was that /dev/sdb1 was mounted.  It tells me that if I continue with the disc check, I will cause severe system damage. Should I proceed anyway ... or will I really cause severe system damage?10:01
GerowenArtur: flash-aid did it, that's a sexy little addon, thanks!10:01
Ben64mtnman80: you should not fsck a mounted filesystem, thats asking for trouble10:02
mtnman80Ben64: or do I need to run a command in terminal to unmount /dev/sbd1.  Isn't that referring to the USB flash drive?10:02
Ben64aren't you booting off of it? if so you cannot unmount10:02
mtnman80Ben64: No, I am not booting off it currently.  It booted straight off the hard drive this time.  So /dev/sdb1 refers to the hard drive?  I am confused.  Isn't there a command that you can run to check "what is what", I thought?10:03
theadminTo fsck the root filesystem, you may do "sudo touch /forcefsck ; sudo reboot"10:04
theadminBen64: ^10:04
Ben64mtnman80: if you do "mount" on the command line, you will see where everything is mounted10:04
theadminmtnman80: sudo fdisk -l may give some hints10:04
Ben64theadmin: i think he's having trouble booting though10:04
Ben64might not make it back10:04
mtnman80OK.  let me try these few things.  hold on a sec ...10:04
head_victimoCean & LjL cheers10:06
mtnman80Ben64: ran "sudo fdisk -l" as "theadmin" instructed.  /dev/sdb1 is indeed the main Linus OS.  /dev/sdb2 shows as the "extended" system.  /dev/sdb5 shows as the Linux swap / Solaris.10:06
lokhi all; i use ubuntu 11.04; earlier in my app tab there was a recently used app tab which has disappeared; hw cn i get it back?10:07
mtnman80Ben64: where should "/dev/sbd1" be mounted?  I just ran "mount", so I can tell you what it says ...10:09
Ben64where does it say it is10:09
mtnman80Ben64: it says it is on "/type ext4".  I don't really know what that means, but ...10:10
Andy80hi all10:10
Andy80it's just me that I'm blind or there are not any differences in these 4 options http://www.ubuntu.com/community/countdown O_o ?10:10
mtnman80Ben64: so like ... is my OS mounted incorrectly.  Is that the whole problem?  Or is it still something else?10:10
Ben64mtnman80: "on / type ext4" means its the main linux partition10:11
Ben64not a problem at all10:11
AterI'm trying to install ubuntu 10.04.3 TO usb memory stick, but installer won't recognize it. Any ideas?10:11
theadminAndy80: Apparently so.10:11
mtnman80Ben64:  yeah.  so no problem there.  should I still run fsck on it, then ... or not?  We need to check the disk.  I should probably take the instructions given by "theadmin" to do fsck on the root filesystem ...10:12
Andy80Ater: what application are you using to put Ubuntu on the USB memory?10:12
ravengpodder 2.14 - how to disable single click menu on episodes?10:12
Ben64mtnman80: i'm still confused, is it booting off the "bad" disk? or the external usb one? is there an internal one at all?10:12
theadminmtnman80: Does it all work? If so, don't bother fscking around10:13
mtnman80Ben64: it's booting off the hard drive, which apparently is what "ikonia" said was failing ...10:13
mtnman80Ben64: it's booting off "IDE HDD0", which is the hard drive ... right?10:14
AterAndy80: I used universal USB installer to get ubuntu 10.04.3 to boot from USB memory stick. It's working so far, but I'm trying to install that on another memory stick and can't get that to recognize10:14
Ben64i don't know how your system is set up10:14
mtnman80Ben64: that is what is set as #1 currently in the boot order in BIOS ...10:14
Andy80Ater: how is the memory formatted? what kind of filesystem?10:15
crash1hdOK I think I have it right this time :) lets hope first 20MB dedicated to uefi then 40gb ntfs (for windows7) then 250 mb for /boot then 8GB for swap and the remaining for / :)10:15
setientsounds good crash1hd for the most part10:16
setienthow big is the drive10:16
setienti would have more like 200 gb for windows710:16
setientyou can read and write ntfs from linux10:17
crash1hdsetient, whats annoying is that after installing and rebooting it doesnt boot10:17
setientbut it is much harder to read/write ext3/ext4 from linux10:17
crash1hdyeah I know its a dedicated ubuntu media box10:17
crash1hdwith 8TB attached as ext410:17
crash1hdonly adding windows 7 to play around with10:17
AterAndy80: fat3210:17
crash1hdthe occasional game10:17
Andy80Ater: it's ok...10:17
mtnman80theadmin: it all works this time, but I am afraid that once restart ... I am going to get the same warning messages again after the IBM splash page upon system startup: "sudo touch /forcefsck ; sudo reboot"10:17
mtnman80theadmin: that is why I think we should do the fsck on the root filesystem.  what do you think?10:18
crash1hdsetient, the annoying part is sofar uptill now and this is like install #4 after installing and rebooting the uefi doesnt boot right10:18
Andy80Ater: are you using "Startup Disk Creator", the application that ship with Ubuntu, or another app? I don't have this clear....10:18
setientcrash1hd: i have never had to play with uefi for the most part10:18
setientwhich is good10:18
theadminmtnman80: If the hard drive is failing that won't help anyone10:18
AterAndy80: Universal USB creator from Pendrivelinux10:19
theadminmtnman80: And if it actually boots, this is not the problem10:19
crash1hdbut this is the first time I have done custom partitioning instead of letting ubuntu choose where it places /boot inside /10:19
Andy80Ater: try using the one I just suggested then10:19
crash1hdnot that it should matter since its just a pointer to /boot anyhow10:19
crash1hdin fstab10:19
AterOK, thanks Andy80. I'll do that10:19
theadmincrash1hd: You should leave at least 100MB for /boot, imo10:19
theadmincrash1hd: Just saying10:19
Andy80Ater: you're welcome :)10:20
crash1hdtheadmin, I set it to 250mb10:20
theadmincrash1hd: Will do well.10:20
crash1hdtheadmin, the 20mb is for the efi10:20
crash1hdwhich has to be at the front of the drive from what I can tell10:20
theadmincrash1hd: I'm not sure how the EFI works -- does it need a separate partition?10:20
mtnman80theadmin: right.  if the system is booting.  then the hard drive is not failing.  It has to be something to do with this particular USB drive that screws up my system startup ... which did so again this time ... given that I did not "safely remove" it before shutting down the system this time ... and then I physically removed it ... which I should not have done ...10:20
setientcrash1hd: what does it do10:20
crash1hdtheadmin, it seems to need to be at the very front of the drive10:20
theadminmtnman80: Um, if you shut down, all the plugged in devices will be unmounted ("safely removed", if you wish)10:21
crash1hdsetient, its a pointer to /boot for the bios to the best of my knowledge10:21
=== Sietse|MMS_ is now known as Sietse|MMS
crash1hdsetient, the first time I installed ubuntu from usb efi it created a boot choice in the bios called ubuntu10:21
mtnman80theadmin: ok.  I believe you.  it is just such a coincidence that I have a major system startup problem right after using this USB drive ... for the second time in a row ...10:21
crash1hdand there doesnt seem to be anyway around it10:22
=== psycho_oreos is now known as hatake_kakashi
crash1hdwhich is why I am now on install number 410:22
theadminmtnman80: Could be something with the drive indeed, but then you need to run fsck on the USB drive, not on the hard drive...10:22
crash1hdshouldnt have messed with the first one10:22
mtnman80theadmin: ok.  I will run fsck on the USB drive then ... just a sec ... and then I will let you know the results ...10:22
setienti have no idea crash1hd10:23
crash1hdI think its new10:24
tux-matthey all10:24
mtnman80theadmin: how do I specify that I want the system to run fsck solely on this USB drive that is now mounted?  What specific command do I enter?10:25
mtnman80theadmin: ... in Terminal?10:25
theadminmtnman80: You need to unmount the drive...10:25
theadminmtnman80: And I have no idea how it's named10:25
ravengpodder 2.14 - how to disable single click menu on episodes?10:25
=== paertopdroid is now known as Haegin
crash1hdOMG it actualy work lol10:26
crash1hdok maybe I spoke too soon10:27
mtnman80theadmin: how do I find out the name of this drive ... and then unmount it (versus safely remove it)?  What commands do I run?10:27
mtnman80theadmin: then what specific command do I run to fsck it?10:28
mtnman80theadmin: ... once I know the name of it?10:28
theadminmtnman80: mount|grep "the current mountpoint of the drive" ; sudo umount "drive name you found" ; sudo fsck "drive name you found"10:29
=== pepito_ is now known as pepito
mtnman80theadmin: I ran "sudo blkid".  I remember now, it is "/dev/sda1" for this thumb drive.  I will now run the other two commands you gave ... and get back to you in a minute ...10:31
crash1hdok so the uefi partition has to be first no matter what10:31
germain1 hi all. I switched my laptop to Ubunutu 10.04 and my CPU is clocking @ 100% all the time. Anybody has any clue? Thanks10:32
mtnman80theadmin: how do you get that bar symbol inbetween "mount" and "grep", though?  what do you type?10:33
theadminmtnman80: It's right above the Enter key on a standard US QWERTY keyboard...10:33
crash1hdand from what I have read you have to install ubuntu first before windows with uefi10:34
theadmin!es | juan_10:35
bazhang!es | juan_10:35
ubottujuan_: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.10:35
LjLjuan_: /join #ubuntu-es10:36
juan_join ubuntu.es10:37
* LjL rolls eyes10:37
wkwhenever I use any equalizer to increase the bass output, it gets really distorted, anyone know why?10:37
wkworks fine in windows10:38
oratedI got split files from file.img.bz2aa till file.img.bz2av. Is it possible that I cat file.img.bz2aa till .bz2ag to some file.img.bz2x1. And .bz2ag till .bz2av to some file.bz2x2, then cat x1 and x2?10:38
ActionParsnipwk: there is a pulseaudio equalizer (3rd party app)10:39
wkActionParsnip: This happens with any equalizer I use, I tried 2 different mediaplayers.10:39
theadminorated: I think so, this should work fine if I understood what you want correctly: cat file.img.bz2a{a..g} > file.img.bz2x110:40
amierHello everybody, I'm newbie and I'm trying., :D10:40
oratedtheadmin: and then cat file.img.bz2{g..v}. And lastly, cat file.img.bz2x1 file.img.bz2x2 > file.img.bz2?10:41
theadminorated: Maybe, or maybe not, actually10:41
theadminorated: Try it... Might work. I don't have a machine to test on.10:41
theadminorated: If not, do a for loop10:41
mtnman80theadmin: when I try running "sudo fsck /dev/sdb1", I get the following message returned -- "sudo: can't open /var/lib/sudo/[my system alias]/0: read-only file system"10:42
theadminmtnman80: Why is your root filesystem mounted read-only, then?10:42
oCeanHello amier, you're welcome to just describe your issue / ask your question here in the channel. Try to keep your post in a single line10:42
oratedtheadmin: for loop?10:42
mtnman80theadmin: no ... /dev/sdb1 refers to the USB drive you told me to fsck ...10:42
mtnman80theadmin: are you talking about the root filesystem of the thumb drive?10:43
theadminorated: http://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/bash-loop-over-file/10:43
theadminmtnman80: No, I'm talking about your OS's root filesystem.10:44
mtnman80theadmin: if so, I don't know.  can we change that?  it's weird though, because I can copy and paste stuff to it just fine ...  my OS's root filesystem is not read only ....10:44
mtnman80I was just performing fsck on the USB thumb drive just now ....10:45
theadminmtnman80: Okay, weird.10:45
theadminmtnman80: Is your /var located on some other drive?10:45
hellofoowhat is ubuntu 1 ?10:45
justanotherlameguys if i have a terminal command that i want to be executed when my computer boots what should i do? just to write it in a text file, make it executable and put it in /etc/init ?10:46
auronandace!one | hellofoo10:46
ubottuhellofoo: Ubuntu One is a service where you can back up, store, sync and share your data with other Ubuntu One users - For more see https://one.ubuntu.com/ support and help available at #ubuntuone10:46
mtnman80theadmin: yeah ... that would be on the hard drive ... right?10:46
jribjustanotherlame: what terminal command?10:46
theadminhellofoo: Ubuntu One is a cheap dropbox ripoff.10:46
justanotherlamejrib for starting my vnc session10:46
hellofoowas gonna ask that :D10:46
jribjustanotherlame: what terminal command?10:46
theadminmtnman80: Meh, sorry, I'm out of ideas...10:47
hellofoo11.10 released ?10:47
theadminhellofoo: Not yet10:47
justanotherlamejrib vncserver :1 -geometry 800x600 -depth 2410:47
mtnman80theadmin: can I somehow run a command to change the permissions on the thumb drive from read-only to read-write?10:47
theadminhellofoo: Will be this month, not sure when, ask in #ubuntu+110:47
hellofooi went to ubuntu.com and thought i would have some 11.10 info but i found ubuntu 1 to be there10:47
theadminmtnman80: That's got nothing to do with your thumb drive10:47
hellofootheadmin: ok, thanks10:47
oratedtheadmin: ok, thanks10:48
hellofoo13th oct, ok10:48
mtnman80"/var/lib/sudo/[my system alias]/0"is referring to a file on my hard drive, then?10:49
jribjustanotherlame: that needs to be started as your user or root?10:49
justanotherlamejrib as root10:49
mtnman80theadmin: "/var/lib/sudo/[my system alias]/0" is referring to a file on my hard drive, then?10:50
theadminmtnman80: Yeah.10:51
jribjustanotherlame: either write an upstart script or add it to /etc/rc.local then10:51
jribjustanotherlame: what package are you using for vncserver?10:51
mtnman80theadmin: if we went as "root", would the computer be able to open that file then?10:52
justanotherlamejrib tightvnc10:52
theadminmtnman80: sudo is what gives you root permissions... Okay, stop asking, I have no idea what you have messed up and where.10:52
justanotherlamejrib i found in google an article about how to do it :) thanks tho10:53
theadminmtnman80: Well, or ask someone else. I'm out of ideas10:54
mtnman80theadmin: what would be the best boot order to have setup in BIOS?  I've already got the hard drive set as primary, though.  Perhaps that is where the problem still lies?  We've isolated that it's not a hardware issue.  But we cannot perform a disk check on the USB drive ...10:55
histomtnman80: the permissions on the thumb drive are set at mount10:56
theadminmtnman80: It's something with your /var, and I have no idea what.10:56
auronandacemtnman80: perhaps you should state the entirety of your problem (the reason you came to the channel in the first place)10:56
histomtnman80: i'm trying to read through scroll back to see if I can lend a hand hold up10:56
histomtnman80: what auronandace said would help10:57
Herbert426Mal einen schönen guten Tag alle10:57
mtnman80theadmin: can you change the read-only status of that "/var ..." to something that will allow the fsck to run?10:57
mtnman80theadmin: or not?10:57
theadminmtnman80: I have no idea where the problem is, and have no idea how to diagnose it, either, I'm not Torvalds10:57
Herbert426<<<< brauchte mal ein bissel anfänger hilfe10:58
LjL!de | herb__10:58
ubottuherb__: In den meisten Ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuche bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Einfach "/join #ubuntu-de" eingeben. Danke für Dein Verständnis!10:58
llutz!de | Herbert42610:58
ubottuHerbert426: In den meisten Ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuche bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Einfach "/join #ubuntu-de" eingeben. Danke für Dein Verständnis!10:58
theadminHerbert426: Deutscher Support in #ubuntu-de bitte. Danke schoen.10:58
Herbert426möchte gerne umsteigen habe aber von linux null ahnung :-( af was sollte ich dort achten vieleicht hat ja jemand ein tip10:58
mtnman80theadmin: ok.  thank you so much for trying, though.  I appreciate all your efforts :)  "histo" might be able to help ...10:58
llutzHerbert426: Deutscher Support in #ubuntu-de bitte. Danke schoen.10:58
mtnman80histo: thank you for taking a stab at it ...10:58
Herbert426ohhh sorry10:59
mtnman80histo: let me basically state the nature of the problem ...10:59
theadminHerbert426: Ubuntu *is* a good starting point10:59
histomtnman80: yes pls10:59
theadminOh, (s)he left10:59
mtnman80histo:  I used this crazy USB drive once today earlier in the evening.  I did not properly do "safely remove" before shutting down the system.  I then physically removed the USB drive after the system shut down without it "safely removed" via the OS.  "theadmin" said this should not have been the problem, as they are automatically unmounted upon shut down anyway ...11:00
auronandacemtnman80: she is right, it would have unmounted on shutdown11:02
mtnman80histo: well ... then when I get home ... I start getting these warning messages on the black screen after the initial IBM startup / splash screen -- "PXE-E61: Media test failure, check cable; PXE-M0F: Exiting Broadcom PXE ROM; Operating system not found"11:05
llutzmtnman80: setup your machine NOT to boot using PXE11:06
theadminmtnman80: PXE? Disable that in your BIOS...11:06
theadminmtnman80: Unless you *do* want the network boot capability11:06
mtnman80histo: something like this has not happened in a while when using my Linux system ... and so it seems to have something to do with the use of this USB drive ...11:06
mtnman80theadmin:  what does the "network boot" capability allow you to do?  And where would I disable PXE in the BIOS?11:07
theadminmtnman80: I have no idea what your BIOS is like.11:07
theadminmtnman80: And network boot allows you to boot, well, from network11:07
mtnman80theadmin: so regarding the network connection ... this whole thing could have something to do with the fact that I was hard-wired for Internet use ... until using wireless again tonight?  Or not?11:08
auronandacemtnman80: you are trying to boot from pxe, if you want to boot from your harddrive disable pxe11:09
=== Richard is now known as Guest98834
theadminmtnman80: Maybe, maybe not, just disable it11:09
mtnman80theadmin: ok.  you are all right.  that is probably the main issue.  I just don't understand how the system reverted to that setting ... but anyway ... let me work on it.  I'll let you know if I can find this setting in the BIOS ...11:10
mtnman80theadmin: I need to quickly double-check my backed up files on the USB drives with the system contents ... so that if this thing doesn't boot up again ... at least I have my stuff.  Then I can work with the BIOS again here ...11:11
oratedWhat is the difference between 7zip and 7z? Which one to use for highest compression?11:12
mtnman80theadmin: never mind ... it won't come back from hibernation mode ... so I had to hard start anyway ...11:13
TheLastProjectorated, .7z is the file format and p7zip is a command line Linux version of the popular 7zip program for Windows.11:14
oratedTheLastProject: I got 200GB tib file which I which to compress down to some 100GB or probably even less than that. Can you guide me on that?11:18
TheLastProjectErrr..., well, I myself use PeaZip, choose 7z as compression format and use Extreme compression, but I'm not sure if you would make that, it would probably still be way large =/11:19
theadminorated: Maybe just splitting the file into several ones will do? Sometimes it would, so that's why I ask11:19
oratedTheLastProject: i see -mx=9 flag in man for 7z11:19
oratedtheadmin: I wish I had space for splitting11:20
theadmin!cn | mao11:20
ubottumao: 如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw11:20
TheLastProjectSorry, I haven't use p7zip myself so I don't know anything about the flags =/11:20
theadminorated: 50% compression still sounds a bit too good11:20
seemawnis ubuntu one worth to trust in?>11:21
seemawni mean is this encrypted or something?11:21
rdzhi all. In earlier linux days one was able to do: 'cat somefile > /dev/dsp' . how can something like this be accomplished in ubuntu 11.04?11:21
Promilleseemawn: specify. what is encrypted?11:22
theadminrdz: padsp cat somefile > /dev/dsp11:22
rdztheadmin, aah.. many thanks11:22
soreautheadmin: Does it work like that?11:23
llutzseemawn: would you generally trust some international companies storing your data somewhere out there?11:23
theadminsoreau: I think it should.11:23
soreautheadmin: padsp ls /dev/dsp gives no such file/dir11:23
theadminsoreau: Oh, I see.11:23
theadminSorry, rdz, my bad.11:23
soreautheadmin: I don't know what voodoo padsp uses but it's not very straightforward ;)11:25
rdzsoreau, so there isn't any straigh forward way as it used to be with the real OSS?11:25
soreaurdz: Not afaik11:26
marinahi wo gehts zum deutschen raum11:26
theadminmarina: #ubuntu-de11:26
theadminmarina: Bitte.11:27
ravengpodder 2.14 - how to disable single click menu on episodes?11:30
D_Russcan anyone help me with compiz?11:30
D_Russtrying to figure out what settings cn be unchecked to imporve performance11:31
seemawnPromille: is there any possibility to see my data when he has not the password?11:31
seemawneg anyone from the developers or sth11:31
soreauD_Russ: What is performing poorly?11:31
hellofoojust trying to mess with and learn xorg, gdm stuffs. so i hit ctrl + alt + f2 and then sudo service start gdm , and that says "Job is already running: gdm" - but i dont understand where? what should be the expected result?11:32
theadminhellofoo: It's already running at tty7, I suppose, as usual.11:32
soreauhellofoo: try restart11:32
soreauinstead of start11:33
hellofooyeh at tty711:33
D_Russits not performing poorly but there are times when my descktop changes. if i mess with screenlets too often my theme changes. on 11.04 soreau11:33
soreauhellofoo: Or what are you trying to do ultimately?11:33
hellofoosoreau: umm ,that would restart the tty7 one ?11:33
soreauhellofoo: yes11:33
hellofoosoreau: well, nothing but just learn things.11:33
hellofooso how to i start one at tty8 ?11:33
hellofootty8 is blank screen11:33
hellofoowhere you cant type anything11:34
D_Russi am sure that i have a lot of things on compiz checked off that i will never use and or might be causing some conflicts with other programs11:34
soreauhellofoo: start only starts a service if it's not running. Restart stops then restarts it and stop stops it11:34
soreauhellofoo: restart should work if it's running or not11:34
hellofooits running on tty711:35
hellofoocan i run another one on tty8 ?11:35
hellofooi am a newbie trying to learn :)11:35
soreauD_Russ: I don't see how screenlets changing your theme has anything to do with performance11:35
soreauhellofoo: You can run multiple X sessions, yes but I'm not sure about gdm..11:36
D_Russwell l ets forget the whole performance thing11:36
hellofoosoreau: how do i run multiple X sessions ?11:36
D_Russi am trying to eliminate all options on compiz that i dont need active11:36
D_Russto minimize possible conflicts with other applications11:36
auronandace!ccsm | D_Russ11:37
ubottuD_Russ: To enable advanced customization of desktop effects in Ubuntu: install 'compizconfig-settings-manager' or 'simple-ccsm'. If you install the latter, a new option will appear in your appearance properties - See also !compiz - Help in #compiz11:37
soreauhellofoo: For example, you can start another X session on tty8 with DISPLAY :1.0 using this command: /usr/bin/X :1.0 -br -audit 0 -nolisten tcp vt811:37
hellofoobtw, i did sudo service kdm start and it started it, how can i access/use it ?11:37
hellofooctrl alt f8 is still blank11:37
D_Russauronandace, i have ccsm open just not sure which settings are vital11:37
soreauD_Russ: compiz plugins shouldn't conflict with other apps..11:37
D_Russyour right it shouldnt11:38
soreauD_Russ: It's a compositing window manager that manages windows while providing effects11:38
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lackvoidWhats the default hard drive spin down time in Ubuntu?11:38
soreauD_Russ: The 'vital' ones are probably Window Decoration, Move Window, Resize Window, Place Window and maybe a Switcher.. also Opengl and Composite11:39
mtnman80theadmin: I'm back.  So I found out how to disable the PXE.  I don't get those messages anymore upon start up on the black screen.  I still get the "Operating System not found" ... and it goes no further than that for startup ...11:39
mtnman80theadmin: so maybe the hard drive is shot ...11:39
theadminmtnman80: I'd guess so...11:39
auronandacemtnman80: and what is the boot order in the bios?11:39
hellofoosoreau: btw, i did sudo service kdm start and it started it, how can i access/use it ? ctrl alt f8 is still empty blank screen where i can type nothjing11:40
D_Russbut i see strange things heappening on my PC sometimes. like for instance sometimes i can close firefox and still see images of it on my desktops background black section11:40
soreauhellofoo: I'm not familiar with kde or kdm11:40
BlackBishopanyone knows a server ( and client for linux ) that could allow me to share a soundcard on the server ?11:40
mtnman80auronandace: let me tell you exactly ... just a sec ...11:40
hellofootheadmin: do you know ?11:40
auronandaceD_Russ: do you use flash?11:40
DustyMonkBlackBishop: type /j #ubuntu-offtopic11:40
theadminhellofoo: It's ctrl+alt+f711:41
theadminhellofoo: not f811:41
jribBlackBishop: pulseaudio is such a thing11:41
D_Russi ahve a flash plugin for firefox11:41
soreauBlackBinary: Try asking in ##linux11:41
hellofootheadmin: i.e. still my gnome sessions11:41
auronandaceD_Russ: that is likely a bug in flash, do you use nvidia too?11:41
ikoniamtnman80: I've told you the problem approx 40 minutes ago11:41
soreauBlackBinary: but I think pulseaudio can do it, try there too #pulseaudio11:41
hellofookdm should run a kde session i guess11:41
ikoniamtnman80: why are you still refusing to accept this11:41
theadminhellofoo: If you started KDM without stopping GDM some mess may occur11:41
D_Russihave an nvidia graphics card11:41
auronandaceD_Russ: i had the same problem ages ago11:41
BlackBishopjrib: interesting, didn't even think about it11:42
D_Russno solutions?11:42
hellofootheadmin: hmm, i just wanted to try out things11:42
auronandaceD_Russ: it solved itself after flash and nvidia updated, not sure if it was flash or nvidia but it wasn't compiz11:42
D_Russi see11:42
mtnman80ikonia: I have a feeling something just still messed up with the BIOS ... because it has still booted successfully a couple of times ...11:42
hellofootheadmin: so anyway to see the started KDM somewhere ? or shall i just kill the process :|11:43
D_Russthat sucks11:43
ikoniamtnman80: carry on wasting your time then. Good luck11:43
bhush1089Hello friends How do i start ubuntu after first installation On first reboot I got blank screen What am i doing wrong pls tell me....??11:43
D_Russloging out and back in usually cures it11:43
D_Russfor a bit anyway11:44
auronandaceikonia: i'm glad it isn't just me, i thought he was not listening11:44
soreaubhush1089: Possible graphics driver issue.. did the live session work ok?11:44
mtnman80ikonia: I'm almost at the point of saying "forget it" and "give it the death sentence" ...11:44
bhush1089no... :(11:44
soreaubhush1089: How did you install it?11:44
bhush1089From CD..!11:45
soreaubhush1089: What graphics card do you have?11:45
soreaubhush1089: I'm not really understanding how you installed it from CD if it didn't work ok..11:45
bhush1089Installation goes OK without no errors but I am getting blank screen on first boot11:46
soreaubhush1089: Does it work if you boot with nomodeset?11:46
GirlyGirlbhush1089: Try booting in recovery mode11:46
mtnman80auronandace: here is the current boot priority order -- "IDE HDD0, IDE HDD1, ATAPI CDO: ..., Legacy Floppy Drives, USB FDD, -USB HDD, USB CD:, PCI LAN" ... in that order ...11:47
bhush1089GirlyGirl : Not working11:47
soreau! nomodeset | bhush108911:47
ubottubhush1089: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter11:47
auronandacemtnman80: and what are you trying to boot?11:47
theadminHey GirlyGirl :)11:47
bhush1089Tried but not working...!!!11:47
soreaubhush1089: nomodeset didn't work either?11:48
mtnman80auronandace: everything thing else has been reverted back to default except that PXE setting.  I am trying to boot from the hard drive ...11:48
soreaubhush1089: Did you check the md5sum of the image you downloaded and burned to disk?11:48
auronandacemtnman80: and you have a harddrive in there yes?11:48
mtnman80auronandace: yes11:48
auronandacemtnman80: what is on the harddrive?11:49
soreaubhush1089: recovery mode is not the same as booting with nomodeset..11:49
llutzmtnman80: go get a live-cd with software for hdd-checks, perform some checks on your hdds from it before you keep wasting your (and others) time here11:49
bhush1089I also tried recovery mode but only thing i get is blank screen11:49
soreaubhush1089: What model card is it?11:49
mtnman80auronandace: I think I've already backed up all the important stuff.  Pictures, documents, etc ...11:50
auronandacemtnman80: is there an operating system (windows or ubuntu) on the harddrive?11:50
mtnman80llutz: will the 9.10 live CD work for this?11:51
bhush1089ATI Mobility Radeon HD 425011:51
mtnman80auronandace: yes, 11.04 is on the hard drive11:51
BlackBishopany way I can control de output sound .. and sound levels from the cli ( no X11/Xorg )11:51
llutzmtnman80: nope, there are cd holding special software made by HDD-manufacturerers for that11:51
theadminBlackBishop: Try "alsamixer"11:52
auronandacemtnman80: what llutz suggests is a good idea11:52
BlackBishopthanks :)11:52
mtnman80llutz: is that something you can find online and burn to a CD ... or do you have to go buy it?  fsck run from the 9.10 live CD won't do it?11:52
bhush1089soreau : ???11:52
soreaubhush1089: Try 11.10 when it's released11:53
auronandacemtnman80: fsck just checks filesystems, you need to check the harddrive itself11:53
soreaubhush1089: Make sure to burn on lowest speed and use the built-in cd checker utility11:53
bhush1089:D LOLz Ubuntu is my life...!!! Pls Help me...!!!11:53
llutzmtnman80: http://ubcd.sourceforge.net/    you need to check the harddrives, not the filesystem11:54
xgt001bhush1089, please state your problem11:54
mtnman80auronandace: I see.11:54
djaloneserver irc.penguinfriends.org11:54
nicofsI need help to get a mobile broadband dongle to work... it's recognized, the connection is set up - but all that happens is "Disconnected"...11:54
bhush1089When ever i try to boot with ubuntu...!!! A splash screen is come and then a blank screen,,, Instead of login screen...!!!11:55
ActionParsnipnicofs: run:  lsusb   one line will identify the device, use the 8 character hex ID to find guides11:55
soreaubhush1089: I already told you several things to try11:55
soreaubhush1089: It's not likely it would still boot into a black screen if the cd and image were ok and you used nomodeset11:56
soreauIn fact, you shouldn't even need nomodeset11:56
xgt001nicofs, happened to me quite a few times, reinsert the modem and try again... or restart and see what happens.. but recent updates fixed that for me11:56
soreauBut if the cd didn't work ok, I wouldn't use that to install it11:56
dee-deehi guys.11:57
nicofsxgt001, i just discovered - it's a huawei k3770 - and that apparently has issues11:57
bhush1089CD is working ok bcz the problem is with graphics card but I dont knw how to solve it...!!!11:57
xgt001 i need noiseless video playback like in windows, but the problem is my amd card offloads the load to itself from the cpu resulting in lots of noise and heat...i dont think gpu intervention is needed for my cpu core i3 370 m...any ideas?11:58
wkwhenever I use any equalizer to increase the bass output, it gets really distorted, anyone know why? works fine in windows11:58
mtnman80llutz: which hard disk diagnostic tool would you choose in that list for download, then?11:58
mtnman80llutz: on the webpage?11:58
xgt001nicofs, sorry :( mine was some zte model... and i dono if there is any way to connect via cli11:58
llutzmtnman80: what brand is your hdd?11:59
bhush1089should i need to remove quite splash or not...!!!???11:59
dee-deeI'm running Ubuntu 11.04 on a dell mini 9. It's great! much more responsive and better looking than wondows. I bought it second hand and i think it's cute :) I'm wondering what it'll be like with Compiz enabled. Can anyone tell me what I need to do?11:59
nicofsxgt001, the biggest issue is, that it's not my dongle and not my pc and that i'm not in front of it...11:59
xgt001dee-dee, are u running unity?12:00
auronandacedee-dee: if you are using unity then you are already running compiz12:00
bhush1089xgr001 : Pls help me12:00
auronandace!ccsm | dee-dee12:00
ubottudee-dee: To enable advanced customization of desktop effects in Ubuntu: install 'compizconfig-settings-manager' or 'simple-ccsm'. If you install the latter, a new option will appear in your appearance properties - See also !compiz - Help in #compiz12:00
mtnman80llutz: not quite sure.  I know it's IDE, but ...  where would I look to find out?12:00
llutzmtnman80: open the computer, have a look btw you should download/burn/boot the complete ubcd and run that specific tool from it then.12:00
wkSorry for that12:01
dee-deethanks. I'll try that. :)12:01
wkI'm having problems with my sound, whenever I increase the bass output in any equalizer the sound becomes very distorted.12:01
soreaurdz: Ok I just found out there is pacat12:01
soreaurdz: From the pulseaudio channel: <mkbosmans> soreau, paplay (is the same as pacat), so you can either do paplay soundfile or cat soundfile | pacat12:02
rdzsoreau, thanks a lot12:03
soreaurdz: He is on right now if you have more questions about it :)12:03
xgt001please help me to achieve fan-noise free video playback in ubuntu ... i tried mplayer with xv output... i stil get lots of fan noise and heat when i play even a simple avi file!12:03
nelson8874i need educational programs for a 8 years old kid. specially about the digestive system12:04
rdzxgt001, what makes you assume that your avi file is simple? try -vo vdpau12:05
rdzxgt001, and depending on what codec your avi file has, you can shift some decoding workload to your GPU wit hsome codec specific switch12:06
xgt001rdz, i thought the fan noise was due to gpu getting loaded?12:06
dee-deeThanks guys. Its fun!12:06
rdzxgt001, -vo vdpau -vc ffh264vdpau  for h264 encoded files12:07
mtnman80llutz: all right ... that pretty sums it up then.  I have the tools I need to open it up and figure it out then.  I have that website bookmarked.  If that software doesn't work so as to somehow get a resolution ... the recovery disks do not work first ... then I will just called this one "cooked" ...12:07
xgt001rdz, and i tried checking out my gpu load during video playback using aticonfig --odgc it shows 40-50 percent load12:07
rdzxgt001, more likely it is the cpu fan.. but i don't know realy.. you need to test12:07
rdzxgt001, oops.. i think the vdpau stuff is only available for nvidia cards..12:07
xgt001rdz, exactly...amd supports xv using avivo... but even then its pretty noisy12:08
nelson8874i need educational programs for a 8 years old kid. specially about the digestive system12:09
wkI'm having problems with my sound, whenever I increase the bass output in any equalizer the sound becomes very distorted.12:09
bootsectorHi everyone! Anyone here tried to install 11.04 amd64 on a ZOTAC GF-9300 based system?12:10
bootsectorI'm getting a Kernel Panic :(12:10
mtnman80thanks to all of you that attempted to help me tonight ... and especially for your patience :)12:11
wkI'm having problems with my sound, whenever I increase the bass output in any equalizer the sound becomes very distorted. anyone got any advice..?12:11
sutherland<sutherland> how do i find out if i have  PRISM card?12:13
sutherlandhow do i find out if i have  PRISM card?12:13
Chelseawk, lower your gain (input volume)12:15
xgt001bootsector, did u try reinstalling?12:16
xgt001did u get the same panic again?12:16
fballI just started libvirt, and it seems like that qemu/libvirtd need to be started as root. I just read about AppAmor. I did nothing but I saw it is 'activated' in the background (I did nothing at all).12:16
fball Do I have to make some thoughts about the way it's running on my ubuntu server (regards to security)?12:17
bootsectorxgt001, yes, I've tried. I'm uploading a picture, if that helps...12:17
bootsectorgive me a min12:17
=== Toby is now known as Guest7682
bootsectorxgt001, here's a screenshot of the error: http://i82.photobucket.com/albums/j267/bootsector/IMG_20111008_091330.jpg12:19
Amnesiahi question, is anyone over here known with imsniff?12:29
DustyMonk!ask| Amnesia12:30
ubottuAmnesia: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)12:30
AmnesiaI didnt ask to ask..12:30
theadminAmnesia: http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/natty/man8/imsniff.8.html12:30
bootsectorOk, it looks like I've found the reason of my problem: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/162671/comments/6812:30
ubottuUbuntu bug 162671 in linux (Ubuntu) "VT6656 wireless chipset is unsupported" [Wishlist,Fix released]12:30
Amnesiatheadmin: I got an more in depth question..12:30
bootsectorIt seems to be affecting 11.04 as well :(12:30
theadminAmnesia: Well then, you should just ask it12:30
Amnesiawell when I sniff, I can only sniff incoming messages that go to my host12:31
Amnesiabut not stuff thats sent to others12:31
Amnesiaso say I'm arp poisoning B, and B gets messages sent I don't receive them12:31
AmnesiaI do get the messages sent my B12:31
mtnman80_llutz: ok.  it's definitely not the hard drive.  I just took the battery out and restarted a few times.  It booted to the login screen each time ... but didn't always successfully login into Ubuntu.  When I put the problematic USB drive back in, then it logged in.  When it did not successfully login, I got input/output errors (I/O) related to "/dev/sda1", which is where that problematic USB drive has been mounted every time ...  So I12:35
D_Russdoes anyone know if there is a setting to allow window opacity to be on by default. when you have multiple windows open and you mouse over a lower window the active window becomes translucent..12:35
mtnman80_llutz: I'm just going to make sure my important is stuff is backed up, though ...12:36
mtnman80_llutz: I restarted after putting the battery in after a few seconds, of course ...12:36
mtnman80_llutz: something is imply way screwed up with how the system is reading that USB port.  that is what it is ...12:37
andantinoanyone know a fix for a shaky touchpad pointer?12:38
xgt001what is xvba-va-driver package? how does it help?12:38
auronandacemtnman80_: did you run the ubcd?12:38
sutherlandhow do i find out if i have  PRISM card or what ever kind of card?12:38
xgt001andantino, try this... sudo apt-get install gpointing-device-settings12:38
xgt001andantino, and try to configure ur touchpad from there12:38
th0randantino: you might check synclient12:38
eypalanybody here working for Canonical?12:39
theadmineypal: They don't reveal their identities, don't try your luck and contact em via canonical.com12:40
mtnman80_auronandace: I haven't yet.  I have to open up the computer to get a gander at what the brand of the HD is to know which software to choose.  Then I have to put it on the appropriate media to run it.  I wouldn't even be able to get all the way logged into the system ... if the HD is that bad.  The input output errors were referenced for the USB drive/port ... not the hard drive ...12:40
Abhijiteypal, why you want that?12:40
auronandacemtnman80_: you should run it to be sure12:41
mtnman80_auronandace: but I will still run the software ... just make sure the HD is still good in all of its sectors.  doesn't hurt ...12:41
soreau! anybody | eypal12:41
ubottueypal: A high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.12:41
mtnman80_auronandace: but I really don't think that is where the problem lies ... because I've had similar problems with this startup thing and this particular USB drive ... before.  It involved manually edited fstab via command line on the black screen before reaching login ... last time.  And it worked.  So I might have to do that again ...12:42
bootsectorAlright, I disconnected the VT6656 wifi adapter and now the KP is gone. Man, I really thought this issue had been fixed by know... :(12:43
auronandacemtnman80_: i thought you were trying to boot the harddrive, what does this have to do with the usb?12:43
eypalmy matter regarding Canonical is a kind of business thing at their website. I guess nobody except people from Canonical could help me with this one.12:44
theadmineypal: Which is why you should use the contact thingy at their website.12:44
theadmineypal: http://www.canonical.com/about-canonical/contact12:44
mtnman80_auronandace: the USB drive is the instigator of the problem with booting.  for some reason, the system seems to be stuck (hanging) on reading that USB port ... even though it still boots off the hard drive ...12:45
mtnman80_auronandace: it seems like it wants to still read it as an external device or something ...12:45
auronandacemtnman80_: why do you have the usb stick plugged in during boot if you are trying to boot from the harddrive?12:45
eypalYes.. well.. I actually have tried contacting them.. I expected that I will have to wait for some weeks they replying back but it seems to be so that months are passing by and no reply..12:46
mtnman80_auronandace: I plugged it back during boot up this time when I restarted ... because I knew that if I replaced it where it originally was ... the system would recognize it's presenece again ... and not give me input output errors while still booting from the hard drive.  I know it sounds weird ... but it's true ...12:47
auronandacemtnman80_: you haven't answered my question.. why is it plugged in at all during boot?12:47
barry_I hate being a noob!!!  But I am moving to linux.  Kubuntu 11.04 is awesome.  I cannot get flash to run in Firefox...any thoughts??12:48
Abhijiteypal, i think there is #canonical channel12:48
Abhijiteypal, that seems dead12:48
theadminbarry_: Install the FlashAid plugin12:48
no||shutdownah man12:48
no||shutdownhi all12:48
theadminbarry_: addon*12:48
theadminbarry_: Extension... Whatever Firefox calls them12:48
Abhijiteypal, no idea. try to contact them using their website contact page12:49
soreau! flash | barry_12:49
ubottubarry_: To install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash - See also  !Restricted and !Gnash12:49
barry_I think I already tried that, but I am checking now..12:49
no||shutdownthose settings12:49
soreaubarry_: If you haven't already, install flashplugin-nonfree and restart firefox12:50
no||shutdowncan someone give me a hand with Kwin?12:50
no||shutdownits buggy here and I'd like to properly configure and save it settings without errors12:50
arch_adamhi all im trying to install ubuntu on a dell poweredge 2650 server , im having problems, as soon as i click install it restarts the server12:50
soreauno||shutdown: just use compiz :P12:51
GirlyGirlno||shutdown: Yes but may #kubuntu might be better12:51
GirlyGirlsoreau: Bad idea12:51
no||shutdownTbH, i don't care about it12:51
soreauGirlyGirl: Excuse me?12:51
no||shutdowni'd just like my dual monitor set up to keep its resolution settings12:51
no||shutdownand not fail or change its settings after reboot12:51
soreauarch_adam: Maybe try #ubuntu-server? or are you trying to install the desktop edition on a server?12:52
GirlyGirlsoreau: Using compiz on kde is not a good idea12:52
no||shutdownsoreau - will look up compiz12:52
mtnman80_auronandace: maybe it has nothing to do with it ... but all I know is that I am successfully logged in again ... with no input output errors being given any point of the process.  Actually, now that I think of it ... these I/O errors were referring to /dev/sda1 ... which is the hard drive ... and referring to certain sectors of them.  Another time ... it tells me it can't read superblocks or something ...12:52
arch_adamsoreau, server12:52
soreauGirlyGirl: Please, do explain why exactly.12:52
no||shutdownGirlyGirl - kubuntu then?12:52
eypalsupport for things related to selling Ubuntu based computers seem to be hard to get :).12:52
no||shutdowndon't confuse me further :S12:52
soreauno||shutdown: kde support will tell you compiz is not supported on kde but the fact of the matter is, it works fine in kde12:53
mtnman80_auronandace: but for now I am logged in.  So I'm not going to touch anything or do anything drastic ... backup my stuff ... and hope that I can still solve the problem ...12:53
auronandacemtnman80_: if you want help you will need to follow instructions and answer the questions that are asked of you; if you don't it makes it significantly harder to help you12:53
GirlyGirlsoreau: It does not integrate well on KDE4 and hinders some integration .. that is just how it is12:53
no||shutdownsoreau - i'd prefer not to make changes to my installation, simply get to the bottom of the congfig issues i have with Kwin12:53
soreauGirlyGirl: Elaborate on what integration you're referring to, specifically12:54
no||shutdownsimple commands like RandR will do the job12:54
mtnman80_auronandace: to answer your question directly, I thought having the USB plugged in would prevent any errors or warning messages from holding up the startup process ....12:54
GirlyGirlsoreau: We are not doing a kwin vs compiz12:54
no||shutdowni just need to know how to save those config settings so i don't have to redo this shizz everytime i log12:54
auronandacemtnman80_: why would you think that?12:54
GirlyGirlno||shutdown: Users in #kubuntu are more experienced with kde than in here12:55
soreauGirlyGirl: You are the one that initially said running compiz on kde is a <quote>Bad Idea[TM]</quote>.12:55
soreauGirlyGirl: I want to know why you think that exactly12:55
auronandacemtnman80_: it would just be recognised as another device to be mounted12:55
GirlyGirlsoreau: So if someone comes here saying unity crashed I should tell them use kde?12:55
no||shutdownGirlyGirl - i'll ask around there :)12:55
auronandacemtnman80_: it doesn't affect the boot process12:55
soreauGirlyGirl: No, I want to know why you think running compiz on kde is a bad idea exactly12:56
mtnman80_auronandace: because it seemed to have triggered the problem in the first place, as the last time I had problems with startup -- it was directly related to the use of it.  I do believe what you are saying though ...12:56
theadminsoreau: Because Compiz is intended to be used with GNOME12:56
theadminsoreau: Well, yes, it runs just fine on KDE, indeed12:56
soreautheadmin: Oh quite to the contrary, compiz does not even need a DE to run12:56
jawadcan someone help me ? i got weird problem12:56
theadminsoreau: I know about Compiz Standalone, yeah, weird thing12:56
soreautheadmin: Compiz only requires an X session with graphics drivers supporting TFP12:56
GirlyGirlsoreau: If you update kde there is a chance you will have problems with new kde version + old compiz ... besides only kwin can correctly handle desktop effects on plasma properly12:56
soreautheadmin: It can run on lxde, kde, xfce, gnome or standalone12:57
mtnman80_auronandace: but when I removed the battery, waited a few seconds, and then put it back in and started up (more than once) ... it went all the way to login and allowed me to successfully login.  No warning messages at all ...12:57
jawadi uninstall ubunto and then install it , then all my files and permetion for files changed , how can i get it back , even that i want to run some files and put the tick as excutable file , it instantly unchik it12:57
soreauCompiz cares not what DE is running12:57
jawadi uninstall wine " instead of ubuntu"12:57
soreauor, if none is running at all12:57
auronandacemtnman80_: and what does that have to do with the usb stick being plugged in at boot?12:57
theadminsoreau: Tried Compiz with XFCE, ended up yucky12:58
hramrachwhere do I report mirror issues?12:58
soreautheadmin: That's because you did it wrong.12:58
soreau'Yucky' certainly sounds like pebcak indeed12:58
GirlyGirlsoreau: Things like you press the launch and find the start menu off screen happens as kwin interoperates with plasma ... sure it compiz will do the wm job of placing a window fram but plasma malfunctions12:58
mongytheadmin: you need emerald when using compiz on xfce, if you want a nice window manager12:58
mtnman80_auronandace: I dunno.,  It could be an electrical issue of some sort ... affecting both the hard drive and the USB port.  Maybe it's just shorting out or something.  I had a similar issue with the battery when I first acquired the thing in used condition ...12:58
theadminmongy: Oh.12:59
auronandacemtnman80_: sounds like you have some sort of hardware issue...12:59
soreauGirlyGirl: Why would you run old compiz and new kde? compiz is constantly being updated to keep up with kde protocol12:59
GirlyGirlsoreau: not on the same day so no13:00
mtnman80_auronandace: I think I would still narrow it down to that ... if even if the hard drive checks out fine (which it still might).  And it seems like conditions are presenting themselves in a manner that could be interpreted as another problem ...  So better backup my stuff and be ready to have to ditch the thing ...13:00
BluesKajHiyas all13:00
auronandacemtnman80_: that would be the safest thing to do; what system is it? laptop/desktop?13:01
mtnman80_auronandace: it's an older business model (T43) IBM Thinkpad laptop ...13:01
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wifi_problemhow to get wifi to work on N150 atom netbook (Samung)?13:02
auronandacemtnman80_: it must have taken quite a beating, thinkpads are all I use and they have always been rock solid (all second-hand too)13:02
wifi_problemrfkill says phy0 wireless is hard blocked, how to unblock it?13:02
wkI'm having problems with my sound, whenever I increase the bass output in any equalizer the sound becomes very distorted. anyone got any advice..?13:03
mongywk: tried pulseaudio-equalizer, a global eq ?13:03
hramrachwk: tried different speakers? :p13:04
mtnman80_auronandace: well ... and I did buy this one used, so ... for a pretty good price, actually.  I don't know how "used" it had been.  I bought it mainly because they run Linux really well ...13:04
soreauwifi_problem: What chip is it listed by 'lspci'?13:04
wkmongy: ill try13:04
wifi_problemsoreau:   05:00.0 Network controller: Atheros Communications Inc. AR9285 Wireless Network Adapter (PCI-Express) (rev 01)13:04
soreauwifi_problem: Does 'iwconfig' show a wlan0 interface?13:05
wifi_problemsoreau: wlan0     IEEE 802.11bgn  ESSID:off/any13:05
wkmongy: repo ?13:05
soreauwifi_problem: Does the laptop have a switch to enable/disable wifi?13:06
wifi_problemsoreau: it has it on key fn+f9. in winblows it works,  in ubuntu it seems do not do anything at all. it does not switch rfkill list output, and noting in dmesg..13:06
mongywk: https://launchpad.net/~nilarimogard/+archive/webupd813:07
soreauwifi_problem: Have you checked your bios settings?13:07
wifi_problemsoreau: nope. But in windows the key works.  You think ther is some default-on/off option in bios13:07
=== Jinx is now known as Guest27018
soreauwifi_problem: Yes, check that first. One user reported that actually turning it off in the bios allowed it to work13:08
Abhijitcan i install unity in lucid?13:08
Abhijitor gnome3 ?? anyone of them?13:08
wifi_problemsoreau: so the wifi can not be turned on from software alone? from ubuntu?13:08
theadminAbhijit: No and no.13:08
soreauwifi_problem: If it's a bios/hardware issue, then no. Ubuntu can't do anything with it13:08
Abhijittheadmin, :-( and :'-(13:08
humehi... I have a problem with my wifi. in Gnome it connects nicely, but changing to KDE makes it not connect. Same network. Any ideas on what to check?13:09
soreauAbhijit: Why would you want to?13:09
shuaibI am trying to start mysqld on ubuntu using sudo mysqld start, but it complaints about not having a mysql user. Any ideas?13:09
Abhijitsoreau, i want gnome3.13:09
wifi_problem soreau damn13:09
soreauhume: #kubuntu or #kde13:09
theadminhume: Networkmanager doesn't work in KDE, that's why?13:09
wifi_problemk I should try in bios then..13:09
theadminhume: Well, not the regular nm-applet, anyway13:09
soreauAbhijit: But why on lucid? Can't you just use a newer version of ubuntu?13:09
Abhijitsoreau, nope. lucid is stable!!!13:10
wifi_problemsoreau:   rmkill saying that it is hard-blocked means it is hardware setting?   can I try anything more to toggle it from software?13:10
soreauAbhijit: Precisely. That is the same reason why you do not want to use gnome3 or unity.13:10
arch_adamdoes anyonre know how to set ubuntu up on a dell poweredge server13:10
soreauwifi_problem: Check your bios settings first, then we can go from there13:10
Abhijitsoreau, but both of them are stable!13:10
soreauAbhijit: Many would beg to differ.13:10
Abhijitsoreau, :-D13:11
soreauAbhijit: However if you want to use either, you need to also use a newer version of ubuntu13:11
hramrachAbhijit: use oneiric then. It is as stable as gnome3 :p13:11
auronandaceAbhijit: wait till 12.04, that will be lts13:11
humetheadmin, but it still uses the same drivers, right?13:12
soreauhramrach: heh13:12
Abhijitsoreau, yeah i want to use them test them etc13:12
soreauAbhijit: Then get a newer version of ubuntu and get testing13:12
Abhijithramrach, :-D yeah i want to use the latest softwares. i tired unity once its so cool13:13
Abhijitsoreau, ok13:13
theadminhume: Yeah, but it's not gonna work in KDE. Try wicd, or KNetworkManager.13:13
Abhijitauronandace, no patience!13:13
mohanr2222hey guys...13:13
mohanr2222how can i get gnome style notifications in ubuntu?13:13
mohanr2222i mean.. what is the package's name (the specific one)13:13
folivoragnome.style ?13:13
aarossighello everyone, does anyone know of a utility that pops up an onscreen keyboard automatically when focus is placed on a textbox?13:14
soreauhume: I have the habit of disabling all built-in network management applications and using scripts to configure the network on boot up13:14
hramrachAbhijit: with some effort you can install two different versions of Ubuntu on the same machine13:14
Abhijithramrach, yep. doing that only13:14
aarossigflorence does this, but it presents a small icon to open the keyboard. I would really like something that slides up from the bottom similar to on android smartphones13:14
mohanr2222folivora: we get a notification in gnome 3.. right? at the bottom...13:14
soreauhramrach: Actually, it's not hard at all..13:14
mohanr2222i wan that in ubuntu..13:14
jawadppl is 5670 is old for unity 3d ?13:14
hramrachsoreau: hard is realtive .. it does not happen automagically on inserting a CD13:15
SuhelSorry was testing the Irc client13:15
soreauhramrach: That is true..13:15
soreauSuhel: It doesn't work13:16
soreauSuhel: Take it back to wherever you downloaded it from for a full refund13:16
SuhelI didn't purchase it..  why has your nick turned green13:16
soreauwhat color is it now?13:17
SuhelIt's white now13:17
soreauSuhel: what about now?13:17
theadminSuhel: That's because your name was mentioned in the message.13:17
SuhelOh sorry13:17
soreau! who | Suhel13:17
ubottuSuhel: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)13:17
soreauSuhel: Most irc clients highlight a message if their nick is used13:18
SuhelI'm using my mobiledevice and this is my first time I'm using Irc13:18
soreauI can't hear you13:18
Suhel!tab soreau like this?13:18
ubottuSuhel: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)13:18
soreauSuhel: Sort of.. try it like this13:19
soreau! tab | Suhel13:19
ubottuSuhel: You can use your <tab> key for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.13:19
Suhel!soreau I'm using my mobile there is no tab key13:20
ubottuSuhel: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)13:20
soreauSuhel: Well just type it like I'm typing yours13:20
soreauSuhel: the exclamation mark at the beginning is to invoke the bot to state a factoid13:20
Suhelubottu: testing :-(13:20
soreauSuhel: That is, ubottu is a bot.. as it's nick suggests13:21
soreau! ubottu13:21
ubottuHi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi | Usage info: http://ubottu.com/devel/wiki/Plugins | Bot channels and general info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Bots13:21
SuhelSoreau: like this way?13:21
soreauSuhel: yes, that's great13:21
SuhelSoreau: thanks for the help, are we the only one's here? I was thinking of getting some help on ocelot13:23
mohanr2222i can't get notifications from bottom, like in gnome-3, on a non-gnome-3 OS? (ubuntu)?13:23
soreauSuhel: No, there are 1498 other nicks here..13:23
soreauSuhel: 149913:23
soreauSuhel: You mean oneiric?13:23
SuhelSoreau: why am not seeing anyone else messages then?13:23
theadminSuhel: Maybe you're not looking13:24
soreauSuhel: Simple. It's because no one else is talking right now :)13:24
mohanr2222i just talked?13:24
mohanr2222or messaged.. :o13:24
soreauNo one. Else.13:24
SuhelSoreau: yes, oneiric hope I spelled it right13:24
soreau! 11.10 | Suhel13:25
ubottuSuhel: Ubuntu 11.10 (Oneiric Ocelot) will be the fifteenth release of Ubuntu.  Codename announcement here: http://www.markshuttleworth.com/?p=646 Discussion and support in #ubuntu+113:25
soreauSuhel: Use #ubuntu+1 for help until it's officially released13:25
SuhelSoreau: oh so nice of you thanks for all the help. I've to go now I'm entering a no network zone :-)  thanks again13:26
soreauSuhel: No problem13:26
SuhelSoreau: whats the command to quit???  Lol13:26
theadminSuhel: /quit13:26
soreauSuhel: /part13:26
theadminsoreau: That's to leave the channel13:27
soreautheadmin: You win ;)13:27
sgs2_usranyone here using HP EliteBook 8540w please share your experience13:31
dellI'm using dell..13:33
soreausgs2_usr: You mean running ubuntu on it?13:33
sgs2_usrhi dell, do you use docking station on your dell?13:33
dellnow,i'm using ubuntu13:34
sgs2_usrsoreau, yes13:34
soreausgs2_usr: The most important thing comes down to how well the hardware is supported in Linux. This is largely up to the hardware vendors13:35
aGamingDaddyPersistent usb ubuntu installation will not start anymore. Help appreciated.13:35
BlueWolfCould someone assist me, I formatted my Ipod 5th Generation 16GB by right clicking it on the desktop and clicking format - I did it twice. And now for some strange reason it will not mount in Ubuntu or show up in Windows 7. When it is plugged in Ubuntu and Windows it restarts itself every 10 seconds or so. How do I get it to mount so I can reformat it? I have re set it by  holding Center + Play/Pause buttons and it still does nothing. I am not worried a13:35
BlueWolfbout any stuff on it, I just want it working. Please help?13:35
delli  have to using google to translate engllish..13:35
DustyMonkBlueWolf: if it's on both linux and win, it's an ipod issue13:36
soreaudell: What is your native language?13:36
sgs2_usrsoreau, i believe HP is well-known product and linux should fully support the hardware13:36
sgs2_usrdell: you from china?13:36
soreau! cn | dell13:37
ubottudell: 如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw13:37
VINTERAAanyone else here has problem installing/running ubuntu on a HP computer?13:37
BlueWolfDustyMonk: Yes but that issue was started because of me. The Ipod works well. How do I get it to mount?13:37
soreausgs2_usr: Then it should work fine ;)13:37
llutzsgs2_usr: HP is just a name, they grab all the cheap stuff from some other vendors, put it together, glue a "High Price HP" sticker on it. don't expect something to work, check every single part13:37
=== stu11 is now known as stu23
sgs2_usrsoreau, haha, well, not entirely13:38
=== stu23 is now known as stu11
sgs2_usrllutz, you were right...that's why i am facing some problem13:38
sgs2_usrllutz, I am currently facing the problem with the docking station where it can't switch back to notebook display when undock13:38
sgs2_usrllutz, any idea how to fix this? im running 11.0413:39
VINTERAAhey does anyone here have a functioning dual booot ubuntu/win7 ?13:39
soreausgs2_usr: So you want to scrutinize the system specs. Try ##hardware for hardware specific support13:39
sgs2_usrsoreau, okay, many thanks!13:39
soreau! anyone | VINTERAA13:40
ubottuVINTERAA: A high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.13:40
VINTERAAmy question is in the first question13:40
BlueWolfDustyMonk: Any Suggestions. I formatted it in Linux so surly it can be fixed in Linux?13:40
soreauVINTERAA: It works fine13:41
VINTERAAwhen I search online for my problem everyone seems to have the same problem13:41
auronandace!details | VINTERAA13:41
ubottuVINTERAA: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."13:41
pookyI'm unable to start thunderbird. When I try to start it just hangs, any suggestion?13:41
VINTERAAok I wasnt sure anyone would help me but here it is:13:41
VINTERAAhp pavilion 6 64 bit preinstalled win 713:41
VINTERAAfirst I was using wubi to install ubuntu it actually installs it13:42
VINTERAAbut I want to use 32 bit ubuntu since it seems more stable13:42
VINTERAAwhen im inside ubuntu it doesnt really install.. just flashes the screen a bit13:42
BlueWolfCould someone assist me, I formatted my Ipod 5th Generation 16GB by right clicking it on the desktop and clicking format - I did it twice. And now for some strange reason it will not mount in Ubuntu or show up in Windows 7. When it is plugged in Ubuntu and Windows it restarts itself every 10 seconds or so. How do I get it to mount so I can reformat it? I have re set it by  holding Center + Play/Pause buttons and it still does nothing. I am not worried a13:43
BlueWolfbout any stuff on it, I just want it working. Please help?13:43
soreauVINTERAA: Try a ubuntu live session13:43
aGamingDaddyBoot problem on persistent usb ubuntu 11.04. WinXP damage it during a start up.13:43
GirlyGirlaGamingDaddy: Makes no sense please elaborate13:44
BlueProtomanI've got a bit of a problem...last night I got a new laptop.  It came with Windows 7, so I used UNetBootin and my dad's flash drive to install Ubuntu.  But it ran too late into the night, so I let it copy to the flash drive as I sleep.13:45
VINTERAAway to get disconnected13:45
BlueProtomanBut now, Windows 7 is mysteriously gone.  Trying UNetBootin again copies Ubuntu directly to the flash drive successfully...but I can't install it onto my laptop!13:45
aGamingDaddyOk, It's a company computer and did some updates and then stopped. During next startup I got something about initramfs. I think something is missing.13:46
madjoeI've lost my clock at the top panel :( in new oneiric.. a recent upgrade has removed it13:46
BlueProtomanIt gives me the "select an option" menu for Ubuntu, but when I pick "Try it" or "Check disk", it just cuts to a blank screen.13:46
varnieI have a fresh ubuntu 10.10 installed. if I'll update it (using update manager) it will crash. Or am I right that 11.04 is unstable now?13:46
auronandace!11.10 | madjoe13:46
ubottumadjoe: Ubuntu 11.10 (Oneiric Ocelot) will be the fifteenth release of Ubuntu.  Codename announcement here: http://www.markshuttleworth.com/?p=646 Discussion and support in #ubuntu+113:46
sparse_Hello, I try to install ubuntu 11.04 with live cd, but I am getting into gdm login screen where I do not know the login/password13:46
sparse_Could anyone help?13:47
varnieIt will be impossible to login, because that scren will be frozen.13:47
VINTERAAok I guess no1 could help me13:47
BlueProtomanAny advice?  This laptop is brand new!13:47
VINTERAAwhy would you have me write all that nonsense if you dont even reply?13:47
auronandace!patience | VINTERAA13:48
ubottuVINTERAA: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/13:48
VINTERAAwrite something atleast13:48
VINTERAAor tell me to stop lol13:48
GirlyGirlVINTERAA: Please post your question in a detailed single line that way its easy to understand13:48
sgs2_usrokay, i was being told to seek help on my problem here instead of ##hardware.13:48
sgs2_usrSO I am going to ask help here regarding my docking station problem on my HP EliteBook 8540w13:49
=== vibhav_ is now known as vibhav
sgs2_usrwhat I am facing now is that I can't get back my display on my laptop when I undock, any idea?13:49
BlueProtomanI've got a bit of a problem...last night I got a new laptop.  It came with Windows 7, so I used UNetBootin and my dad's flash drive to install Ubuntu.  But it ran too late into the night, so I let it copy to the flash drive as I sleep.  But now, Windows 7 is mysteriously gone.  Trying UNetBootin again copies Ubuntu directly to the flash drive successfully...but I can't install it onto my laptop!  It gives me the "select an option" menu13:49
comitthi all. i want to rename the 40_custom file from /etc/grub.d in order to change the order of the boot. however, the file is read only, what do i need to do to rename it from 40_custom to 06_custom? thanks13:50
aGamingDaddyGirlyGirl: During startup I get "EXT-fs error (device ...) ext4_lookup inode #1700722((comm modeprobe) deleted referenced 760213:50
auronandacesgs2_usr: are you undocking while ubuntu is running?13:50
llutzcomitt: sudo mv /etc/grub.d/40_custom  /etc/grub.d/06_custom13:50
sgs2_usrauronandace, yes13:50
comittthanks llutz13:50
GirlyGirlaGamingDaddy: boot recover mode and do a filesystem check13:50
sgs2_usrauronandace, i read from some where on the internet, it's to do with ACPI problem?13:51
auronandacesgs2_usr: i don't think a dock is meant to be hot-pluggable13:51
hagusIs there a good tutorial on connecting a wubi ubuntu installation to a microsoft home network?13:51
touchpadI have 11.04 on a persistant usb key. (created with usb-creator from the install/live CD iso) How do I make it boot / shutdown faster? Can I select once and for all the langage setting and "try ubuntu without installing" at boot and get rid of those screens to get a direct boot?13:51
sgs2_usrauronandace, you are wrong, when i dual boot to windows 7, it works perfectly fine13:51
sgs2_usrauronandace, so how do you explain that???13:51
m_bissonauronandace: that shouldn't affect anything. Its the same as plugging in a VGA cable13:51
sgs2_usrauronandace, are you going to say that i should stick with windows 7? :D13:51
auronandacem_bisson: i see, as you can see i don't use docks13:52
aGamingDaddyGirlyGirl: I did a check disk (and there were errors)  but it stops13:52
GirlyGirlaGamingDaddy: How old is the hard drive?13:52
BlueProtomanShould I retry with the official installer?13:52
auronandacesgs2_usr: i don't know, use what you feel comfortable with13:52
GirlyGirlaGamingDaddy: Also if you use the recovery mode method the check is less unlikely to stop13:53
aGamingDaddyGirlyGirl: The harddrive is a usb-stick, the other WinDrive is new13:53
sgs2_usrauronandace, im comfortable with Ubuntu, that's why i continue using it, but i need this problem to  be fixed, that's why i join this channel13:53
Yoshimii was wondering if anyone knows where i can get the original macintosh os or an emulator to run on ubuntu13:53
sgs2_usrauronandace, so I am hoping anyone here can help...13:53
auronandacesgs2_usr: i'm a thinkpad user and have no experience with hp or any docking systems13:54
sgs2_usrauronandace, okay, thanks13:55
=== DustyMon1 is now known as DustyMonk_
aGamingDaddyGirlyGirl: It want to run  a check during startup but it stops13:56
GirlyGirlaGamingDaddy: Boot a livecd and check the partition then13:56
varnieis it safe to apply updates to freshly new version 10.10 installed?13:57
aGamingDaddyGirlyGirl: I've tried that using gparted. It stops for some reason13:57
sgs2_usranyone can help me on this ?13:57
chroothi, i got a question ?13:57
auronandacevarnie: why wouldn't it be?13:57
varnieI am afraid to apply them ;) because if I'll update to 11.04 my login screen will be frozen13:58
varniemaybe this is a bug13:58
chroothow can i find the source code of getpass(3) in ubuntu ?13:58
auronandacevarnie: there is a difference between updates and an upgrade13:58
varnieyes I know13:58
auronandacevarnie: an upgrade would get you to 11.04, but normall updates would just be 10.1013:59
aGamingDaddyGirlyGirl: I'm starting up a live CD though it's 10.0413:59
GirlyGirlaGamingDaddy: ok13:59
BoreeasCan anyone help me with this: https://gist.github.com/1272311?14:00
kartman_#join Ubuntu-ru14:01
aGamingDaddyGirlyGirl I'm in. What shall I do?14:02
chrootkartman, #join ubuntu-ru , ?14:02
GirlyGirlaGamingDaddy:  open terminal14:02
BlueProtomanI've got a bit of a problem...last night I got a new laptop.  It came with Windows 7, so I used UNetBootin and my dad's flash drive to install Ubuntu.  But it ran too late into the night, so I let it copy to the flash drive as I sleep.  But now, Windows 7 is mysteriously gone.  Trying UNetBootin again copies Ubuntu directly to the flash drive successfully...but I can't install it onto my laptop!  It gives me the "select an option" menu14:02
aGamingDaddyGirlyGirl: done14:02
kartman_Всем привет14:02
chrootkartman, what do you want to say?14:02
auronandacechroot: i think he meant: /join #ubuntu-ru14:02
chrootok , let me try14:03
sgs2_usranyone here can help me with the problem of my HP EliteBook 8540w docking station?14:03
os_is unity available for other linux distributions?14:03
xanguaos_: the source code is on launchpad14:03
GirlyGirlaGamingDaddy: type sudo fsck  /dev/sdaX         ... replace sdaX with needed14:03
BlueWolfCould someone assist me, I formatted my Ipod 5th Generation 16GB by right clicking it on the desktop and clicking format - I did it twice. And now for some strange reason it will not mount in Ubuntu or show up in Windows 7. When it is plugged in Ubuntu and Windows it restarts itself every 10 seconds or so. How do I get it to mount so I can reformat it? I have re set it by  holding Center + Play/Pause buttons and it still does nothing. I am not worried a14:04
BlueWolfbout any stuff on it, I just want it working. Please help?14:04
chrootubuntu-ru is ubuntu-rusian14:04
BlueProtomanCan someone invite me to #ubuntu-help?14:04
BoreeasOh, it appears that my problem was the version of java I was using14:04
chrooti googleQ14:04
oCeanchroot: /join #ubuntu-ru is the command to join the russion channel, something kartman was probably trying to do. It was not an answer directed to you14:05
xanguaBlueWolf: bad idea formatting it from ubuntu14:05
BlueWolfxangua: Tell me about it. I have learnt that. But it will not mount in windows so how do I get it to mount?14:06
rypervencheBlueProtoman: Did you choose to install it alongside Windows?14:07
BlueProtomanrypervenche: I didn't even get to the Ubuntu OS.  Just the simple boot screen.14:07
aGamingDaddyGirlyGirl: "System with errors, check forced. Resize inod not valid.   Recreate <Y>14:07
GirlyGirlaGamingDaddy: y14:08
rypervencheBlueProtoman: So you haven't even install Ubuntu on it yet?14:08
BlueProtomanI've recovered the Windows installation, but I still wanna install Ubuntu.  My real issue is that it won't!14:08
sgs2_usrokay, i have another issue with bluetooth, how can I turn off the bluetooth but still keep the bluetooth appleet to show up on the panel ?14:08
BlueProtomanNo, I'm trying!14:09
aGamingDaddyGirlyGirl :"pass1 check... Error reading block (long number) Ignore errors? <y>14:09
GirlyGirlaGamingDaddy: y14:09
aGamingDaddyGirlyGirl: Force rewrite <y>14:10
GirlyGirlaGamingDaddy: y14:10
BlueWolfxangua: Tell me about it. I have learnt that. But it will not mount in windows so how do I get it to mount?14:10
xanguaBlueWolf: don't use an iphone  so no idea, take it to the apple service¿14:11
xanguajust that there it was this guy the other day that did the same and had troubles with it14:11
aGamingDaddyGirlyGirl: Error writing to that block Ignore?14:11
GirlyGirlaGamingDaddy: y14:12
varnieI am doing 'install updates' but figured out there was 'unpacking the kernel' in the log. why?14:12
sgs2_usranyone here uses kernel 3.0 on their Ubuntu 11.04?14:12
GirlyGirlaGamingDaddy: I have a feeling you physical hard drive is getting bad ... time to backup and buy a new one14:12
BlueWolfxangua: It's not an Iphone, it's a 5 Generation. The other guy might have been me, I have been trying to find a solution for a while.14:13
aGamingDaddygirlyGirl : ok; I'llkeep on saying yes until the end...14:13
GirlyGirlaGamingDaddy: Most probably yes14:13
xgt001sgs2_usr, did use a month back... i had compiled frm source though14:14
aGamingDaddyGirlyGirl Memory allocation failed. e2fsck  aborted14:14
GirlyGirlaGamingDaddy: What drive manufacturer is this and how old is it14:15
aGamingDaddyIt's an usb pendrive Kingston 32 GB14:15
sgs2_usrxgt001, any good?14:16
aGamingDaddyGirlyGirl: It's an usb pendrive kingstone 32 Gb, About one year old14:16
GirlyGirlaGamingDaddy: You have installed an operating system on a pendrive????14:17
sgs2_usrso nobody can help on the bluetooth thingy?14:17
FaceOldhello people14:18
GirlyGirlaGamingDaddy: http://ask-leo.com/can_a_usb_thumbdrive_wear_out.html read this14:18
aGamingDaddyGirlyGirl: Yes. It's my employers laptop and I dont like the software the make me use...14:18
xgt001sgs2_usr, noticably snappier, bit improved hardware support, but worst on laptops14:19
GirlyGirlaGamingDaddy: Pendrives have a limited read/write times so they are used for storing data ... running an operating system that is constantly accessing the disk is the fastest way to kill it ... you should use an external hard drive14:19
sgs2_usrxgt001, ah, okay...then I should avoid from putting in this kernel as for now.14:20
Mike-Wazoskihello there!14:20
aGamingDaddyGirlyGirl: It's my second disk failure so I guess you're right... Any particular usb-drive well suited for an install like this?14:20
xgt001nicjasno, Mike-Wazoski hello! ask away!14:20
nicjasnoi have a strange problem14:21
GirlyGirlaGamingDaddy: Hard drives any one will do14:21
Mike-Wazoskixgt001: alright thank you very much!14:21
GirlyGirlaGamingDaddy: but not a flash pendrive14:21
nicjasnoi have this p4 computer, and installed 11.04 on it14:21
GirlyGirl!enter | nicjasno14:21
ubottunicjasno: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line. Don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!14:21
sgs2_usranyone here experience problem with some gtk problem?14:21
nicjasnoafter i rebooted the computer doesn't want to go past the post screen and doesn't even go into bios14:21
aGamingDaddyGirlyGirl: I've got the message. Though I loke the physical size...14:22
nicjasnoi repeated this with 3 hard drives, always the same result14:22
GirlyGirlnicjasno: Most likely this has not an Ubuntu issue but a hardware problem14:22
Mike-Wazoskiso guys, yesterday I installed the version of ubuntu 10.04 and I also recompiled manually the python version 2.7 but now I have a problem running the system>administration>printing but I solved... now my question is how can I set the ubuntu default python 2.6.5 as default instead of python 2.7 which I currently use?14:23
aGamingDaddyGirlyGirl :Thanks for your help and your advices. Cheers14:23
nicjasnohm... why does it work then with a hard drive that has no ubuntu on ot?14:23
Mike-Wazoskiwho I*14:23
MasaI have a problem installing canon printer drivers on ubuntu 10.04; it gives this kind of error: E: Unable to lock the administration directory (/var/lib/dpkg/), are you root?14:23
Mike-WazoskiMasa: was you sentence referred to me?14:24
xgt001Masa, try ur installation as root ...14:24
zagabarhmm I want to do echo "blablabajs" into a sound device in /dev/ so that I can hear it. But I can't find the correct one. I can't see any dsp or such. What is it usually calle?14:24
xgt001Masa, by prefixing sudo before ur commands14:24
oCeanMasa: if you need to install anything, use 'sudo' to get sufficient privileges, for example   sudo apt-get install packagename14:25
zagabarhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/704456/ here are my /dev devices.14:25
Mike-Wazoskixgt001: so have you got any kinds of solutions for my problem?14:25
sgs2_usrlately my Ubuntu 11.04 keep crashing when I fire up Efax-gtk application, why is that?14:25
xgt001Mike-Wazoski, i guess u just remove the newer python14:26
Mike-Wazoskixgt001: well how can I remove the python 2.7 who I actually installed yesterday manually?14:26
xgt001Mike-Wazoski, how about dpkg-reconfigure python...14:26
xgt001Mike-Wazoski, did u install python 2.7 manually14:27
Mike-WazoskiI compiled it manually, yesterday14:27
Mike-Wazoskinow I see that the printing doesn't work because of an error of python 2.714:28
Mike-Wazoskibut I solved launching the process with python2.614:28
Mike-Wazoskibut if I type the command python in the shell it launches the python 2.7 instead of 2.614:29
Mike-Wazoski(is a little bit complicated to explain >.<)14:29
xgt001Mike-Wazoski, oh :( i dono the exact solution... try this ok. sudo dpkg-reconfigure python2.614:29
MokilokI'm having an issue with KDE on Ubuntu 11.04. When accessing a windows share it is copying the entire video file locally instead of opening it and streaming. Is there a way to change this so that it can stream from a windows share?14:29
Mike-Wazoskixgt001: what exactly does that command?14:30
Mike-Wazoskixgt001: I just wanna put the 2.6 as default on my ubuntu 10.0414:30
xgt001Mike-Wazoski, it resets the package defaults so incase python 2.7 overwrote 2.6 it MAY reset back to 2.614:31
Mike-Wazoskixgt001: well, let's try, what's the worst thing can happen?14:31
=== anna is now known as Guest78848
delinquentmeso I had a micro-derp while installing a software outside the package manager ... in which i installed the contents of the  folder .. just into the general /usr/bin file14:35
delinquentmefigure it out14:35
Mike-Wazoskixgt001: nothing... trying to reconfigure the packet 2.6 of python, the default version is still the 2.714:35
bhushHello guys why cant  I see login screen while booting with ubuntu...??? I can see is just a blank screen14:35
ikthi, does anyone know the package that handles all the settings?14:36
dee-deehi. Is there a way to stop Ubuntu 11.04 from asking me my password when I want to get my screen back? It's a fresh install.14:36
bashhistorydid anyone answer on .bash_history?14:36
bashhistoryit only flushes to file on session end14:36
bashhistorywhich is pointless, and in the last ten years has caused me problems... seventy times. So why hasn't anyone else had the same problem and decided to fix it already?14:36
=== morko_ is now known as morko
bashhistoryI am guessing there is a shutdown hook on a sesssion14:37
delinquentmebhush,  sounds like graphics driver issue14:37
iktbashhistory: have you reported a bug?14:37
bashhistoryor is it more hardcoded?14:37
bashhistoryikt: no14:37
Mike-Wazoskioh god don't know how to solve and the worst thing is that I've also a terrible headache..14:37
bhushyes but how to solve it....!!!14:37
bashhistoryikt: why?14:37
bashhistoryikt: you know how to set up bash to flush bash_history before the session ends?14:37
iktbecause nobody will do anything until you report a bug14:38
hramrachbashhistory: there might be an option for that14:38
mtnman80Hello.  Can someone possibly recover data off an ext4 thumb drive ... and put it onto a Windows PC?  My hard drive is crashing on my Linux box.  When I put the thumb drive into the Windows PC, it asks if I want to format, right?  Well then that means I loose all my data ... right?14:38
bashhistoryikt: I knew it, you are just a pedantic type, who doesn't know the answer, and tries to excuse himself from that fact14:38
bashhistorywhich I knew immediately14:38
hramrachor a command to save it which you can run from $PS14:38
iktdee-dee: go into settings >14:38
bashhistoryhramrach: I am looking on google, but it is ambiguous input14:38
bashhistoryikt: admit it14:39
xgt001Mike-Wazoski, really sorry :( did u generate python 2.7 packages and then install ? so that u could have removed them easily?14:39
bashhistoryyou irc type pedant14:39
iktdee-dee: settings > screen > lock? > off14:39
hramrachif it interprets commands, maybe it does not14:39
bashhistoryhramrach: I'll look at a command, might find it14:39
Mike-Wazoskixgt001: unfortunatley not! anyway nevermind and thanks for your help!14:39
bashhistoryyey I found it14:39
iktbashhistory: not paying attention, when you say 10 years and headache I assume bug14:40
mtnman80mtnman80: is there someway to recover the data still?  My Linux box barely runs smooth enough for very long ... to accomplish any drawn out process ...14:40
xgt001anytime! i am sorry i couldnt fix your issue Mike-Wazoski14:40
hramrachbashhistory: note that your harddrive will suffer14:40
mtnman80can anyone help?14:40
bashhistoryikt: stop being pedantic then. You know what the rule of irc is? The first person who replies is just the bored one who would never admit to not knowing the answer, but will just say you need to do something to get help.14:40
iktdo you know what pedantic means?14:40
bashhistoryikt: rhetorical questions - another symptom of your ilk14:41
iktbashhistory: nope, try again14:41
escottmtnman80, make another thumb drive use that to mount the first thumb drive14:41
bashhistoryikt: try again what?14:41
Mike-Wazoskixgt001: could you please tell me at least how can I remove the python 2.7 if I compiled it manually yesterday?14:41
bashhistoryikt: trying to get someone to do something - another flag14:41
airtonixbashhistory: stay on topic14:42
bashhistoryikt: I called you a pedant, and you ask me if I know what it means, another flag, you are 4/414:42
bashhistoryairtonix: ok, cheers14:42
mtnman80escott:  ok.  I have another format that Windows successfully reads.  So how do I do this in Windows.  Again, my Linux box is barely working well enough to do anything ....14:42
mtnman80escott: I mean ... I have another thumb drive that Windows reads ...14:43
DustyMonk_mtnman80: no support for win here14:43
escottmtnman80, windows can't read ext4 i think there are some windows ext2/ext3 drivers and you could see if they support ext4 but out of the box there is no way to open ext4 in windows14:43
xgt001Mike-Wazoski, you said u had compiled it manually right?14:44
mtnman80escott: ok.  where would I find these ext2/ext3 drivers ???14:44
iktdoes anyone know the package of the gnome system settings?14:44
Mike-Wazoskixgt001: yup14:44
delinquentmebhush, so yeah the drivers14:45
delinquentmebhush, if you just installed it .. maybe reinstall?14:45
delinquentmeor did it just break?14:45
xgt001Mike-Wazoski, i donno much about how to remove something after u installed it manually by a non dpkg way.. due to the change in config files python 2.7 might have made14:46
bhushNO I hadent installed14:46
delinquentmebhush, you should reinstall it then14:46
BlueWolfCould someone assist me, I formatted my Ipod 5th Generation 16GB by right clicking it on the desktop and clicking format - I did it twice. And now for some strange reason it will not mount in Ubuntu or show up in Windows 7. When it is plugged in Ubuntu and Windows it restarts itself every 10 seconds or so. How do I get it to mount so I can reformat it? I have re set it by holding Center + Play/Pause buttons and it still does nothing. I am not worried ab14:47
BlueWolfout any stuff on it, I just want it working. ( Bus 001 Device 005: ID 05ac:1265 Apple, Inc. iPod Nano 5.Gen ) It's being found in the terminal but how do I get it to mount?14:47
Mike-Wazoskixgt001: okay thanks for your help I gotta go now I'll try later! thanks for your time man!14:47
hramrachBlueWolf: I suggest using iTunes for that14:48
airtonixBlueWolf: do it again with palimpset and make sure you select FAT32 filesystem  or just FAT (if fat32 isn't there(14:48
delinquentmebhush, you should talk in this channel .. specifically because others are here who might be able to help14:48
BlueWolfhramrach: It will not mount in BOTH Windows 7 or Ubuntu?14:49
airtonixBlueWolf: open palimpset and see if it shows up there.14:49
DustyMonk_BlueWolf: maybe this link is useful http://el-tunes.com/14:49
GirlyGirlBlueWolf: I believe in windows ipods never mount without itunes?14:49
escottmtnman80, i have no idea. it would almost certainly be one of the top 5 google results if you search for ext2 drivers windows14:50
BlueWolfairtonix: Ok, how would I do it through the terminal? I did format it as FAT32 filesystem.14:50
sgs2_usrhow can I keep the bluetooth-applet while turning off bluetooth by default when boot up?14:50
airtonixBlueWolf: press alt+f2, type palimpset, press enter14:50
bhushhey all can you pls tell me what problems might have ubuntu with ATI graphics card14:50
BlueWolfairtonix: Is palimpset a program? Must I install it? There is nothing14:51
airtonixBlueWolf: it's standard disk manager for ubuntu14:51
hramrachBlueWolf: iTunes comes with some iPod updater which might restore the iPod14:51
BlueWolfairtonix: Nothing came up14:52
BlueWolfhramrach: Itunes is not finding the Ipod, nether is any other computer or OS.14:52
airtonixBlueWolf: how do you know that ?14:53
christinacan someone tell me what the file is called where ubuntu saves the distribution version14:53
airtonixBlueWolf: have you used : fdisk -l or lsusb  ?14:53
hramrachairtonix: because it is broken14:53
airtonixhramrach: how do you know that ?14:53
BlueWolfairtonix: Because there is not list and this error is coming up:  Could not open location 'file:///home/byron/palimpset'   - palimpset': No such file or directory14:54
delinquentmecan someone confirm that their installation of ubuntu doesnt have a /usr/bin/sys file?14:54
airtonixBlueWolf: anyway, palimpset is installed by default on my ubuntu natty14:54
airtonixBlueWolf: which doesn't exactly mean your compter can't see your ipod14:54
delinquentmeor better yet .. are there listings of what should be inside a clean install of ubuntu within the /usr/bin file?14:54
oCeandelinquentme: I have not. The /usr/bin/sys file is provided by the openafs-client package14:55
hramrachBlueWolf | ... it restarts itself every 10 second ...14:56
delinquentmeoCean, openafs-client?14:56
delinquentmeoCean, bc i had something else which installed it14:56
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delinquentmemight i ask how you know that?14:56
delinquentmebeing as you didint install it?14:56
oCeandelinquentme: install the apt-file package. Then you can search like  apt-file search /usr/bin/sys14:56
BlueWolfhramrach: Yes, only when it is plugged in to the computer.14:56
hramrachairtonix: when htere is not enough time to configure the device it can't be accessed14:57
hramrachBlueWolf: do you have iTunes on Windows?14:57
hramrachand did you try the updater?14:58
BlueWolfairtonix: Ok, but it comes up in my terminal when I typed:  lsusb - Bus 001 Device 005: ID 05ac:1265 Apple, Inc. iPod Nano 5.Gen. So what now?14:58
airtonixBlueWolf: you need to reliably format it14:58
airtonixBlueWolf: obviously your previous attempt was not reliable14:58
oCeanBlueWolf: type dmesg (kernel logging) and then see if it comes up (in dmesg output) as a storage device14:59
sgs2_usrBlueWolf, what are you trying to achieve here? get ipod to work on ubuntu?14:59
BlueWolfhramrach: I do have Itunes - But I don't use Internet on Windows. It's only for my games and Ipod14:59
airtonixBlueWolf:  you should also be careful about simply using itunes on windows, since last time I heard it prevents access to your music without itunes14:59
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hramrachBlueWolf: the updater is installed with iTunes. It should not need internet15:00
sgs2_usrhramrach, can we run itunes for ubuntu?15:00
BlueWolfsgs2_usr: I have tryed with Wine, but it freezes and very slow15:00
hramrachsgs2_usr airtonix no, iTunes don't run on Ubuntu. And last time I heard you can access new iPods with iTunes only15:01
BlueWolfairtonix: What do I do now to get it to show??15:01
sgs2_usrBlueWolf, okay. can't you use Banshee for your ipod? :D15:01
babbleiTunes doesn't prevent access to anything; if you used older versions of Windows Media Player on Windows, WMP would 'helpfully' drm your unprotected tracks into WMA for you.15:01
imprintI have visitor survey everytime I go on firefox, how do I get rid of it, it wont close tab?15:01
hramrachthere may be a way to switch to using non-Itunes but it's not as straightforward as formatting the iPod15:01
babbleiTunes will convert unprotected WMA into unprotected AAC on Windows, but it doesn't lock you out of using those AAC tracks in a different player (VLC, or something else)15:01
sgs2_usri remember seeing somewhere in Banshee there is a plugin that can talk to iphone or ipod...15:02
airtonixBlueWolf: hramrach: there are at least 6 versions of the 5th gen ipod. and not all can have rockbox installed on it... but if you can then that is a good option since then you can buy your music from amazon drm free15:02
=== jemadux_ is now known as jemadux
sgs2_usrairtonix, do you mean that rockbox is jailbreak?15:03
babblesgs2_usr: Banshee will see my 3rd Gen Touch, but syncing media to it is hit or miss.15:03
airtonixsgs2_usr: no it's a completely different OS for the ipos15:03
sgs2_usrbabble, are you saying it work most of the time and not all the time in banshee?15:03
sgs2_usrairtonix, okay15:03
hramrachairtonix: it's a Nano, it can't run anything15:04
babblesgs2_usr: I'm saying that I've sucessfully gotten MP3 media ONTO my touch about twice using Banshee.15:04
oCeanBlueWolf: have you search dmesg output?15:04
airtonixhramrach: i believe i saw the words "5th gen"15:04
babblemost of the time, Banshee thinks my iPod doesn't want to play MP3 audio or MPEG4 video (converted in Handbrake, etc.)15:04
BlueWolfoCean: Yes15:04
sgs2_usrbabble, are you able to extract mp3s from your ipod to banshee?15:04
hramrachairtonix: 5thgen Nano15:04
babblesgs2_usr: not lately, no.15:04
sgs2_usrbabble, okay...15:04
BlueWolfoCean: Well what is the pastbin site15:05
babblefwiw, I use iTunes in a VM running WinXP15:05
sgs2_usrbabble, btw, which version of banshee? 2.2?15:05
action09hi alli try to install 10.04 alternate from usb key and i've got at the begginning steps the message indficating that installer can't detect any cdrom (i'm installing from usb.) if i try to re-try , same.. any clue please15:05
babblelet me check15:05
oCeanBlueWolf: there are many. Try paste.ubuntu.com15:05
babblesgs2_usr: I currently have Banshee 2.2.0 installed.15:05
babblelet me check the iOS version on my iPod.15:06
sgs2_usrbabble, right....okay.15:06
sgs2_usrbabble, i don't use any APPLE products...so im safe on my Ubuntu :D15:07
babblesgs2_usr: I'm using iOS 4.3.5 on my iPod.15:07
hramrachBlueWolf: a nano this new can be probably used with iTunes only15:07
babblesgs2_usr: oh, I root for Android to succeed, but I'd really like a credible iPod Touch android device.15:07
action09i think i'll try http://demtrex.wordpress.com/2011/04/04/work-around-the-cd-rom-detection-issue-when-installing-ubuntu-server/15:07
babbleI don't want another phone contract :)15:07
BlueWolfoCean: Ok, I don't know what it all means - http://paste.ubuntu.com/704475/15:07
sgs2_usrbabble, i only use SAMSUNG GALAXY S2 as my mp3 player and it talks to my Ubuntu flawlessly :D15:07
babblesgs2_usr: how's the battery life on the S2?15:08
hramrachBlueWolf: or you will have to find some howto with detailed steps how to format it. It needs some data on the drive which you can't remove15:08
sgs2_usrbabble, very good...right now im on 2.3.4 XXKG615:08
BlueWolfOk, so what is the out come, how do I fix it????15:08
babblesgs2_usr: The Galaxy line is neat enough, but I really really don't want another phone. hehe15:09
sgs2_usrbabble, with wifi, bluetooth, games , it lasted me one whole day of heavy usage before needing to recharge15:09
kennydudeHi, what is the likelyhood of this patch being merged? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/glibc/+bug/14443115:09
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babbleI keep hoping MotoGoog is going to do a phone-free Nexus or something15:09
ubottuUbuntu bug 144431 in GLibC "gethostbyname() cant resolve names starting/ending with "-"" [Medium,Confirmed]15:09
sgs2_usrbabble, yes, if you already have one, no point15:09
babblesgs2_usr: hmm. I can go a few DAYS using my iPod as a media player15:09
oCeanBlueWolf: it does recognize the ipod15:10
babblesgs2_usr: no, no, you misunderstand me. I like BOTH platforms (iOS *and* Android)15:10
sgs2_usrbabble, well iPod is only act media player, smartphone needs more juice15:10
hramrachBlueWolf: you need to ask some Apple fans, it's Apple hardware and very specific and dincompatible with anything non-Apple15:10
babbleI'd happily use both, if I could get my hands on a credible iPod Touch alternative using Android.15:10
sgs2_usrbabble, ah, okay.... :D15:10
oCeanBlueWolf: but I'm not sure if it is in a state that is useful. What happens if you try to mount    sudo mount /dev/sdd1 /mnt15:10
babble(yes, I'm aware of Archos handhelds. No, they're not what I want)15:10
sgs2_usranyone uses HP notebook here?15:11
hramrachbabble: and what is it you want? an iPad lookalike? Apple would sue them15:11
oCeanLet's move back to the support topic, the general discussion about apple, ipods and such can continue in #ubuntu-offtopic15:11
Mokiloksgs2_usr, I'm using a HP Dv615:11
sgs2_usroCean, sorry 'bout that...15:11
iktkennydude: depends on how hard you push it15:11
iktbut very unlikely for 11.1015:12
babblehramrach: no, not a lookalike. a phoneless android handheld with ~30gb of storage and an upgrade path to honeycomb, preferably15:12
iktkennydude: if you push hard might be able to get into backports15:12
sgs2_usrMokilok, okay, great! Can I know how long your battery can last?15:12
babblesgs2_usr: I'm in a Pavilion G6 (HP)15:12
BlueWolfoCean:   mount: special device /dev/sdd1 does not exist15:12
sgs2_usrbabble, okay, how's your battery life?15:12
kennydudeikt: Hm, it's a really small change and will fix urls like http://lol-.tumblr.com15:12
hramrachbabble: did you look at the Asus Terminator or what is that thing with removable keyboard?15:12
BlueWolfoCean: Ok im in Offtopic15:12
MokilokIt's meant to be 5 hours of use time, 6 cell battery. I haven't tested it yet.15:12
babblesgs2_usr: bearing in mind that I use my iPod *primarily* as an iPod (I'm not on wifi terribly much with it) I charge it about twice a week15:13
oCeanhramrach: babble, please move the discussion to #ubuntu-offtopic15:13
hramrachbabble: it comes with honeycomb afaik15:13
sgs2_usrbabble, when i dual boot into win7, my HP EliteBook can last for 4 hours, but when i boot into Ubuntu 11.04, i can only get 3 hours max15:13
codemagicianhow do I mount an apple timecapsule on my network from ubuntu 11.04?15:13
oCeanBlueWolf: I have no clue what you did to your ipod, or if that 5th gen is even supported. It does not seem to be an ubuntu issue anyway15:13
iktkennydude: it's a small patch apart of a fairly critical package though15:13
kennydudecodemagician: http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2010/11/connecting-to-your-apple-time-capsule-in-ubuntu/15:14
hramrachoCean: when nVidia finally releases their tegra2 drivers you could run Ubuntu on it too ;-)15:14
kennydudeikt: Right, so how could I raise attention to it?15:14
BlueWolfoCean: All I did was right click the mount on the desktop and click format. So you don't have any other suggestions?15:15
iktkennydude: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Bugs/HowToFix <- you've already done the first three steps15:15
oCeanBlueWolf: nope, no more clues15:15
mtnman80does anyone know how to disable the "extent" feature bit on an ext4 thumb drive in Windows ... so that Windows can read the thumb drive via a special program called "Ext2Fsd".  Or does this disabling have to be done in Linux?15:16
BlueWolfoCean: GREAT!!! Then how will I get it to work? |-)15:16
BlueWolfoCean: How do I get it to mount in windows 7 so I can format it there?15:16
codemagiciankennydude, i saw that article and it doesn't work15:16
kennydudeikt: Well, I was just looking to see if someone else had fixed it, but the bug is quite old now as other distros seem to ignore this.15:16
codemagiciankennydude, there is no command line tool called mount_afp15:16
hramrachbabble: it's called Transformer, actually15:16
oCeanBlueWolf: you cannot see it in Windows either, so ask in ##apple what you should do. It's not an ubuntu topic.15:17
mtnman80here is the link to help you understand what I mean: http://www.soluvas.com/read-browse-explore-open-ext2-ext3-ext4-partition-filesystem-from-windows-7/15:17
connDoes anyone use VNC Viewer?  I am trying to connect from my Win7x64-bit machine to my Ubuntu.  Looks Like I am able to connect but the screen is black.. Any thoughts?15:17
babblehramrach: I don't know what you're trying to say; I didn't ask.15:17
hramrachBlueWolf: that's a Windows 7 question, not Ubuntu question :p15:17
kennydudecodemagician: Try http://forums.macrumors.com/showthread.php?t=63612515:18
BlueWolfhramrach: Ya ya!15:18
kennydudecodemagician: I'm just googling ;)15:18
codemagiciankennydude, i tried that too "mount error(22): Invalid argument"15:18
codemagiciankennydude, bummer hey15:18
mtnman80can anyone help me to get Windows 7 to read an ext4 thumb drive ... via special program that requires you to disable the "extent" feature bit of the ext4 first?15:19
hramrachbabble: it's a handheld device using android15:19
auronandacemtnman80: reading any ext filesystem from windows is a bad idea15:19
BlueWolfoCean: ##apple is not opening in empathy?15:19
connanyone familiar with VNC Viewer?15:19
kennydudecodemagician: yeah, a bit of a pain. Try going onto the network tab of the File Manager and see if you can find it15:20
BlueProtomanI'm trying to install Ubuntu onto my new laptop via a flash drive and UNetBootin, but when I pick any of the three options in the boot menu, it just cuts to a blank screen!  Any tips?15:20
mtnman80auronandace: hello again.  this sucks.  I don't really have choice.  I need to recover the data.  It turns out my Linux won't even run effeciently enough to much of any process (uploading files to an online file storage bank, etc.)15:20
hramrachBlueProtoman: how long does the blank screen stay?15:20
kennydudeconn: Try pressing keys or something. Could be a screensaver? (I don't know much about VNC)15:21
oCeanBlueWolf: you probably have to register first15:21
Arturmtnman80: check this http://goo.gl/TVVXe15:21
oCean!register | BlueWolf15:21
ubottuBlueWolf: Information about registering your nickname: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode15:21
mtnman80auronandace: I had hope there for a little bit.  But now I can definitely see that the hard drive is going to crap ...15:21
BlueProtomanhramrach: Until I shut off the screen.15:21
BlueProtoman*shut off the laptop15:21
BlueWolfoCean: Can I PM you :D?15:22
hramrachBlueProtoman: did you try some safe boot option?15:22
babblehramrach: as I've already been told to move the discussion, it seems tempting fate to keep talking about it15:22
oCeanBlueWolf: sure15:22
auronandacemtnman80: what do you mean by linux won't run efficiently enough?15:22
mtnman80auronandace: After you login, it freezes at some point and start shows squares and such for the text in the windows.  The hard drive is obviously shot ...15:23
auronandacemtnman80: have you tried a livecd (that wouldn't use the harddrive it stays in ram)15:23
BlueProtomanhramrach: Yes.  Still nothing.15:24
julius_why does this:  fakeroot make-kpkg --arch=i686  --cross-compile --initrd --append-to-version=-oss kernel-image kernel-headers              not start buiilding a i686 kernel on a amd64 host?15:24
hramrachBlueProtoman: do you have caps lock led on your keyboard? Does pressing chasnge it? How long does disk keep working after it shuts down the screen? did you try an external screen?15:25
mtnman80auronandace: that's actually a good thought.  Didn't think of that.  I can't access anything in the home directory (i.e. on the hard drive), though ... right?  That means I couldn't get to any of my pictures ...15:25
BlueProtomanNo Caps Lock, pressing keys does nothing, I don't know how I can tell, and no I have not but I don't see how that would be the issue.15:25
hramrachBlueProtoman: then numlock15:26
mtnman80auronandace: unless there is a way to do that.  And I would have to run the live CD for 9.10 ... as that is the latest one on a CD that actually works ...15:26
auronandacemtnman80: you can mount the harddrive from a livecd15:26
BlueProtomanWell, I mean I have the keys, but they're not active.15:26
connDoes anyone use VNC viewer to connect to Ubunut?15:26
mtnman80auronandace: OK.  Is it a pretty simple command?15:27
hramrachBlueProtoman: there might be a disk led on the usb drive15:27
auronandacemtnman80: yes15:27
BlueProtomanThere is.  It flashes for a bit, then just glows flatly.15:27
hramrachBlueProtoman: then ubuntu is probably incompatible with your hardware. You can try different version15:27
mtnman80auronandace: I guess it would simply be "sudo mount /dev/sda1", right?15:27
Arturconn: describe your problem15:27
conn#windows 715:27
auronandacemtnman80: almost.. sudo mount /dev/sda1 /mnt/whatevermountpoint/15:28
codemagiciancan anyone help me convert "mount -t smbfs // /media/timecapsule/ -o password=<myp>" into an fstab entry please?15:28
connjoin windows 715:28
auronandacemtnman80: but it might appear under media (check there first)15:28
hramrachBlueProtoman: it flashes after the screen goes blank?15:28
BlueProtomanJust once.15:29
mtnman80auronandace: man, you have been the greatest help out of anyone here throughout this whole ordeal ... but not like others haven't tried ...  how do I know how to specify the mount point?15:29
BlueProtomanAnd by "blank" I mean "black"; the screen itself is still on.15:29
auronandacemtnman80: first boot the livecd then talk to me15:29
kennydudecodemagician: I'd try: "// /media/timecapsule smbfs password=<myp> 0 0"15:30
kennydudecodemagician: Just don't kill me if that doesn't work15:30
hramrachBlueProtoman: then graphics driver probably crashes the machine. Should not happen in the "safe" mode but whatever15:30
BlueProtomanhramrach: What should I do, then?15:31
mtnman80auronandace: ok, I'll boot up the live CD.  Then we can format the USB drive (the new storage location for the pictures I want to save off the hard drive) off the live CD too ...15:31
codemagiciankennydude, my fstab seems to have UUID=.... hex code.... /storage/diskname ext4    defaults,errors=remount-ro  0   215:31
auronandacemtnman80: ok15:31
hramrachBlueProtoman: still it might be some other driver that happens to load at the time but since Ubuntu helpfully turns off the screen you never know15:31
kennydudecodemagician: Add it on a new line at the end15:31
hramrachBlueProtoman: try other version/distro15:31
codemagiciankennydude, im not sure what those UUIDs are15:31
codemagiciankennydude, do I need one15:31
hramrachBlueProtoman: or make it not blank the screen and take a picture of the messages15:32
kennydudecodemagician: Those lines  are telling ubuntu where to mount everything currently, just add another line at the end15:32
kennydudecodemagician: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fstab15:32
mtnman80you know how to reformat a thumb drive ... from ext4 to a format that windows will be able to read?15:32
rypervenchehramrach: What do you mean make it "not blank the screen" ?15:32
cyclist_2Hello, there! I am looking for suggestions regarding USB WiFi adapters that work out of the box with Lucid Linx; I have a laptop but the internal wireless card [Atheros 5001] is useless [with this OS, maybe...?]15:33
mtnman80auronandace: you know how to reformat a thumb drive ... from ext4 to a format that windows will be able to read?15:33
kennydudemtnman80: Using Disk Utility format it as FAT15:33
auronandacemtnman80: yes15:33
mtnman80kennydude: good call.  That is simple enough.15:34
hramrachrypervenche: Ubuntu blanks the screen because be defualt he boot loader passes some stuff like: quit splash vt.handoff=715:34
auronandacemtnman80: if none of the files you need to save are bigger than 4gb then we'll use fat3215:34
hramrachbut the safe mode should not do that so I guess there is another issue15:34
mtnman80auronandace: on the splash screen for the live CD, which option do I choose ... "Try Ubuntu without any change to your computer" ???15:35
auronandacemtnman80: yes15:35
mtnman80auronandace: wait a second ... we can do a "check disc for defects" off of here ... should I try that first?15:35
auronandacemtnman80: that will take a while, don't bother15:36
auronandacemtnman80: you know the disk works so it should be ok15:36
mtnman80auronandace: will that possibly fix the problem with my hard drive, though?  No ... I thought my hard disk is shot ...15:36
codemagiciankennydude, how do I tell mount to run the /etc/fstab without rebooting?15:37
auronandacemtnman80: no, it means check the cd for detects (not the harddrive)15:37
alazare619so im having an issue with a dark gtk theme (any) and certain sites with ff the text field will be all while and unless i highlight i cant see what im typing stylish addon for ff doesnt seem to be working either15:37
kennydudecodemagician: http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/showthread.php?p=421667915:37
mtnman80auronandace: oh ... duh.  Can we scan the hard disk from the live CD, perhaps?15:37
mtnman80auronandace: or once again ... do you need special software for this?15:38
codemagiciankennydude, thanks dude15:38
kennydudealazare619: Best advice: File a bug15:38
mtnman80auronandace: scan it once it's mounted, I mean?15:38
kennydudecodemagician: No problem15:38
auronandacemtnman80: that was suggested earlier to you but you decided not to (and i don't know why)15:38
mtnman80auronandace: I don't think you can scan a mounted drive, though can you ... I think that was the question.  It gave a warning saying that you might cause serious damage to your system.  Let's just proceed to backup my data ... and then maybe we can try that ...15:39
auronandacemtnman80: ok, lets back up the data first15:40
mtnman80auronandace: so I select "boot from first hard disk" or "Try Ubuntu without any change to your computer" on the spalsh screen?15:40
auronandacemtnman80: try....15:41
mtnman80auronandace: OK, I hit "Try ..."15:41
mtnman80auronandace: thanks so much.  you are a lifesaver.  I know I've been on here a lot today ...15:42
auronandacemtnman80: thank me if it works :)15:42
mtnman80auronandace: thank you so much for even trying!15:42
ravenffmpeg stops with cycling the cpu to 100% [mpeg @ 0x9863380] Invalid timestamps stream=0, pts=5939, dts=4294962435, size=612415:44
mtnman80auronandace: OK. I'm in.  Let's mount the hard drive, I guess!15:44
auronandacemtnman80: first open the filemanager and find media15:45
=== mf|pc is now known as MichaelFindlay
ertyuihow to set the date by command line ?15:45
auronandacemtnman80: see if you recognise anything in there15:45
mtnman80auronandace: where do I access the file manager now?15:46
iszakHow do I increase wubi's swap space?15:46
iszakor rather swap file.15:46
auronandacemtnman80: from the applications menu15:46
auronandaceiszak: consider using ubuntu in a vm instead (wubi is awful)15:47
mtnman80auronandace: under "Accessories"15:47
mtnman80auronandace: ???15:47
iszakauronandace, why is wubi awful?15:47
mtnman80auronandace: remember, I'm in 9.10, so ...15:47
auronandacemtnman80: you are likely using gnome, i tend to use xfce, just look under the menus15:47
iszakauronandace, hmm?15:48
auronandaceiszak: i consider it a hack (it isn't the way linux should be run)15:48
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mtnman80auronandace: I'm not finding it for some reason.   We can run the command you gave me before in Terminal too, right?15:49
iszakauronandace, runs fine here... not sure why you hate it15:49
auronandacemtnman80: if you know how to open a terminal do that15:49
auronandacemtnman80: then run: gksudo nautilus15:50
W3ird_N3rdhiya, I've bought a ZTE Blade Android phone. When I plug it in, USB storage does not work. On Windows, it does? :-/15:50
=== Guest96946 is now known as Smithe
ertyuihow to set the date by command line ?15:50
starjewelim new here :)15:50
auronandaceiszak: i don't see the point in it (especially when you can use a vm)15:50
mtnman80auronandace: ok.  I've got "root - File Browser" up and running now ...15:50
iszakauronandace, VM's are slow and have the overhead of the host OS.15:51
auronandacemtnman80: good, be careful what you do in this15:51
mtnman80auronandace: ok ....15:51
iszakSure wubi is going to be slow because it's on another FS instead of just Ext4 but atleast you're not running the host as well15:51
auronandacemtnman80: is there shortcuts on the left to anything?15:51
auronandaceiszak: then why not install it normally?15:52
mtnman80auronandace: we've got "root", "Desktop", "File System", "Network", and "Trash" as options ...15:52
auronandaceiszak: in its own partition?15:52
iszakfreedom to uninstall it easily.15:52
auronandacemtnman80: enter file system, and go to the /media folder15:52
auronandaceiszak: what? you can't manage your own partitions on a harddrive?15:53
mtnman80auronandace: ok.  I'm there, but there isn't anything in there ...15:53
purplefoolmy computer crashed yesterday. after extensive hardware work, i have come to the conclusion that it has something to do with the boot process. can anyone help me diagnose this?15:53
iszakI can, but it's grub that annoys me.15:53
ravenffmpeg stops with cycling the cpu to 100% [mpeg @ 0x9863380] Invalid timestamps stream=0, pts=5939, dts=4294962435, size=612415:53
auronandacemtnman80: ok, that means it isn't mounted15:53
auronandacemtnman80: open a terminal and type: mount15:54
alex-Who makes moonlight?15:54
mtnman80auronandace: ok, so we need to mount it in terminal.  good thiing to check, though ...15:54
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sajimonalex-: mono guys15:54
auronandacemtnman80: then show the output in a pastebin15:54
auronandace!paste | mtnman8015:54
ubottumtnman80: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.15:54
tucemiux_how do you add a PPA's key signature into ubuntu so you can use the PPA?15:54
oCean!addppa | tucemiux_15:54
ubottutucemiux_: Since Ubuntu 9.10, a !ppa can be added using a single command «  sudo add-apt-repository ppa:user/ppa-name » See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories/Ubuntu#Adding%20PPAs for more details15:54
mtnman80auronandace: exit Nuatilus first?15:54
auronandaceiszak: i've had no trouble with grub15:55
iszaktucemiux_, apt-add-repository15:55
auronandacemtnman80: if you want yes15:55
iszakwhoops bot already said so :P15:55
sid_Hi. how does one go about installing flash player on Firefox 7 in lucid?15:55
iszaksid_, add the partners repository (I believe it's in that) and install it via the package manager.15:56
DustyMonk_sid_: apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree does the trick15:56
oCeantucemiux_: what that link says, is that using add-apt-repository you can do this all in one command (add ppa & key)15:56
ravenffmpeg stops with cycling the cpu to 100% [mpeg @ 0x9863380] Invalid timestamps stream=0, pts=5939, dts=4294962435, size=612415:56
auronandacesid_: i didn't think firefox 7 was supported in 10.0415:56
iszakraven, we heard you the first time.15:56
mtnman80auronandace: I just opened up a new Terminal window.  I can't get online with my Linux box either.  the auto etho is broken somehow.  so can I just describe to you all the option that do not say "none"?15:57
tucemiux_oCean, so just  add-apt-repository ppa ppa_key?15:57
sid_iszak, i've not the slightest idea but it does seem to be working. i just upgraded from 3.06. quite a leap eh15:57
andantinoi have flash installed but when i try to watch youtube videos it says i need the flash plugin15:57
oCeantucemiux_: nope, the add-apt-repository works like so:  (example to add gwibber ppa)  sudo add-apt-repository ppa:user/ppa-name15:57
auronandacemtnman80: how many /dev/sd... do you have there?15:57
GameBoyHi.. any one know xchat room for web related questions?15:57
sid_auronandace, should i not be using it?15:58
sid_DustyMonk_, ok thanks let me give that a try15:58
auronandace!info firefox lucid | sid_15:58
ubottusid_: firefox (source: firefox): safe and easy web browser from Mozilla. In component main, is optional. Version 3.6.23+build1+nobinonly-0ubuntu0.10.04.1 (lucid), package size 11152 kB, installed size 30060 kB15:58
sid_andantino, i'm getting the same problem. i have it installed but it still says you need to upgrade15:58
oCeantucemiux_: to just add a key for a ppa you already added to your sources, save the key as blahblah.asc, then run   sudo apt-key add blahblah.asc15:58
tucemiux_oCean, im going to read the link but I wished someone would just show me how to add the key signature already and case closed !15:58
andantinostrange huh sid15:58
GameBoyHi.. any one know xchat room for web related questions?15:58
andantinoworks fine on my other laptop15:58
sid_andantino, i reinstalled lucid. it was working fine before that.15:59
mtnman80auronandace: no "/dev/sd ... " showing.  there is /dev/sr0 on /cdrom type iso9660 (rw)...and then "/dev/loop0 on /rofs type squashfs (rw)15:59
tucemiux_oCean, save the key signature where?15:59
ironhalikHello, how can I find out, which kernel module corresponds to a device in lsusb?15:59
=== copec is now known as maccam94
oCeantucemiux_: anywhere you like, say /tmp15:59
butcherbirdandantino: if you go to about:plugins  in Firefox addressbar it shows flash?15:59
mtnman80auronandace: that's all the /dev .... 's" we got ...15:59
tucemiux_oCean,  ok, ill try it, thanks !!!!!!!!!!!!15:59
ironhalikor otherwise, how can I disable particular, internal USB device from loading15:59
sid_auronandace, i installed it using but it's still refusing to let me use it15:59
GameBoyguys please help.. need something urgent...  any one know xchat room for web related questions?15:59
auronandacemtnman80: ok, try: sudo fdisk -l15:59
purplefoolmy hard drive is recognized by ubunut but i cannot get it to mount.  any help would be appreciated!15:59
mtnman80auronandace: no result.  It just moves to a new command prompt ...16:00
andantinoi dont see adobe flash just flash16:01
andantinoi wonder if it has something to do with the new firefox16:01
mtnman80auronandace: I know the name of the hard drive (/dev/sda1) ... if that matters ...16:01
auronandacemtnman80: ah, good16:01
tucemiux_oCean, no valid OPenPGP data found o.O16:01
GameBoy@andantino.. is it working in chrominum?16:02
mtnman80auronandace: but it's not showing in any of these screens, of course ...16:02
andantinoill have to dl chromium16:02
andantinoi just installed ubuntu16:02
auronandacemtnman80: next we make a mountpoint: sudo mkdir /mnt/whateveryouwanttocallit16:02
andantinobrand new laptop here gameboy16:02
oCeantucemiux_: in that case the key is probably not downloaded / saved properly. What ppa are we talking about?16:02
GameBoyandantino: oh i see.. could you see that in the ubuntu software central? try removing and adding again.. i remember facing this issue once16:03
andantinowill do gameboy16:03
sid_GameBoy, i've tried the same several times. doesn't seem to work.16:03
andantinoit installs automatically now16:03
sid_what's the best browser for ubuntu? or rather the most hassle free?16:03
andantinoso perhaps i have to reinstall with the new release to firefox16:03
MichaelFindlayFirefox comes built in :)16:04
auronandacesid_: chromium works well for me16:04
MichaelFindlaybut I use chrome16:04
GameBoysid_: i used to use firefox.. but now chromium16:04
GameBoysid_: coz in windows also i use chrome so...16:04
mtnman80auronandace: I entered in sudo mkdir mnt/dev/sda1 ... and it spits back tellin gme that it cannot creat the directory ... 'mnt/dev/sda1': No such file or directory ...16:04
andantinochromium is speedy16:04
GameBoysid_: love chrome16:04
tucemiux_oCean, deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/synce/ubuntu your_ubuntu_version main16:04
cgrozamtnman80: you forgot the root "/"16:04
auronandacemtnman80: thats because /mnt/dev/ doesn't exist: 1 directory at a time16:04
lordjjandantino, chrome/chromium are definetely fastest16:05
andantinosafari is nice on windows16:05
mtnman80cgroza: ??? it goes where in that phrase, then?16:05
auronandacemtnman80: also what cgroza said: you need the / at the beginning16:05
andantinoi think its a bit faster than chrome16:05
escottmtnman80, mkdir -p will create parent directories as needed16:05
lordjjandantino, the built-in firefox 3.6 is low on resource use, but chrome/chromium are much faster16:05
cgrozamtnman80: shouldn't it be "/mnt/......" ?16:05
auronandacemtnman80: sudo mkdir /mnt/blahblah16:06
GameBoylordjj: will chromium do an auto update everytime?16:06
cgrozamtnman80: without the "/" at the begginig it will create a mnt relative to your current directory.16:06
GameBoyandantino: dont browse much of the html5 sites hence no Safari :)16:07
mtnman80auronandace: ok.  entered in "sudo mkdir /mnt/dev".  It must have worked, because it just went to the next command prompt?16:07
lordjjGameBoy, no, almost nothing autoupdates, but if you add the ppa, u it can automatically detect when updates are available n u can easily install through synaptic package manager16:07
oCeantucemiux_: so the easiest way would be:   sudo add-apt-repository ppa:synce/ppa16:07
auronandacemtnman80,: good, now do: cd /mnt/dev/16:07
GameBoylordjj: thanks.. a manual intervention everytime.. haah16:07
andantinoim still having shaky mouse pointer probs here :(16:08
auronandacemtnman80: then do: sudo mount /dev/sda1 /mnt/dev16:08
GameBoylordjj: could you please throw some light on ppa16:08
lordjjGameBoy, you get to choose, instead of it choosing for you ;)16:08
tucemiux_oCean, thanks!  If I read the link you gave me earlier it will show me how im supposed to find the name of the ppa to use for other ppa's??? "synce/ppa"??16:08
lordjjGameBoy, well, a ppa, or a Repository is a source for downloadable software packages16:09
oCeantucemiux_: actually, if you read here https://launchpad.net/~synce/+archive/ppa you can follow the instructions16:09
GameBoylordjj: software centre?? rite?16:09
alex-Is moonlight as evil as silverlight when it goes to privacy?16:09
oCeantucemiux_: you can browse/search ppa's at https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas16:09
oCeantucemiux_: ^including how to install16:09
tucemiux_oCean,  I just needed help adding the PPA16:09
tucemiux_oCean, thanks for the link!16:10
GameBoyalex: i know i am not giving you the right answer.. i believe the end of mooonlight/silverlight has begun! So no worries :)16:10
lordjjGameBoy, the software centre only shows you software that can be downloaded from the ppa's that are already in your source list. You can see ur ppa's by going: System> Administration >Software Sources16:10
mtnman80auronandace: got it.  when I enter in "sudo mount /dev/sda1" after entering "cd /mnt/dev .... it tells me "mount: can't find /dev/sda1 in /etc/fstab or /etc/mtab"16:10
alex-GameBoy: what do you mean?16:10
tucemiux_I dont have "Software Sources" on my distro, im using ubuntu studio o.O16:10
auronandacemtnman80: and you are sure that is your linux install on the harddisk?16:10
alex-tucemiux_: you have16:10
alex-tucemiux_: update manager > settings > software sources16:11
lordjjGameBoy, try this: gedit /etc/apt/sources.list16:11
lordjjGameBoy, open a terminal and type that in16:11
mtnman80auronandace: I thought you said it would work using a live CD.  I said previous that I only have one for 9.10 that works ...16:11
Sidewinder1Snot really a problem but I was wondering, why, occasionally when I mount external esata/usb hard drives (through Places-->Mount 1TB Filesystem) two instances of Nautilus opens with the associated directory structures. It only happens about 30% of the time and seems to be totally random. (10.04 i386 desktop)16:11
alainghi I installed coldfusion and the default admin pages were placed in /var/www. I have moved out the folder and stuck it into /opt/ in my apache2 config I included this config file http://pastebin.com/Gw33ABy7 but when it go to the admin pages i get 403 errors16:11
lordjjGameBoy, make that: sudo /etc/apt/sources.list16:11
GameBoyalex: i mean silverlight/moonlight will be replaced by html5 soon.. microsoft itself is using html5 instead of silverlight..16:11
sid_auronandace, GameBoy i somehow liked firefox more for how it displayed content but had to start using chrome because it was so much faster16:11
mtnman80auronandace: so I need the live CD for 11.04?16:11
tucemiux_alex-,  ahhh there it is!  They hid it very well, thanks !16:12
auronandacemtnman80: it should have worked if the partition exists16:12
alex-GameBoy: i know, but i need it for watching a movie forschool16:12
alex-for school *16:12
sid_any reason why i should upgrade to 11.10 next week?16:12
lordjjGameBoy, blah, I meant: sudo gedit /etc/apt/sources.list    :P16:12
auronandacemtnman80: launch gparted16:12
mtnman80auronandace: so there has to be a partition on the hard drive for 9.10 and one for 11.04?16:12
GameBoylordjj: :-)16:12
andantinohmmmm flash not working with chromium either16:13
auronandacemtnman80: no, just your 11.04  (you are running 9.10 from livecd)16:13
Sidewinder1lordjj, WADR, it should be "gksudo gedit." :D16:13
mtnman80auronandace: I am pretty darn sure Natty is on the hard drive, so ...16:13
lordjjSidewinder1, difference?16:13
GameBoylordjj: i sources.list is empty16:13
auronandacemtnman80: can you launch gparted16:14
lordjjGameBoy, that can't be right, it must have opened a new document coz it ddnt find it16:14
mtnman80auronandace: how would I run this from terminal if it is inherently exists with 9.10?16:14
Sidewinder1lordjj, Again, with respect, have a look here: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/graphicalsudo16:14
auronandacemtnman80: gksudo gparted16:14
=== Lemon`BRB is now known as SideSW1PE
GameBoylordjj: my bad... typed the name wrongly!16:15
sid_GameBoy, chromium won't run flash either16:15
GameBoylordjj: what next.. opened sources.list16:15
Sidewinder1lordjj, As an aside, if one wants to really mess up the program use sudo with FF...16:15
mtnman80auronandace: I have it up ... and it already tells me that there are no devices detected.  How do we get it to detect the hard drive?16:15
donavan01anyone know if I can use a standard PCI wifi card on a powermac G5 if I were to run ubuntu as the OS?16:16
lordjjGameBoy, well in here you can see where all your software downloads come from16:16
lordjjGameBoy, if you want to add another source you can it it here16:16
auronandacemtnman80: that is a big problem, you definitely have some sort of hardware issue if you are sure the harddrive is in and it isn't being detected16:16
lordjjGameBoy, if you want I can give you the chrome and chromium ppas to add in there16:17
GameBoylordjj: yes please...16:17
mtnman80auronandace: even from a live CD of 9.10 ... even though 11.04 is on the hard disk?16:17
Sidewinder1lordjj, I'm not sure why anyone would ever want to open FF with root privileges; just sounds like a bad idea, to me.16:17
auronandacemtnman80: yes, it should detect it16:17
lordjjSidewinder1, I never said that. And yeah it does sound bad.16:18
GameBoysid_: could you try a reinstall... i still have  faced that issue.. but dont remember what i did next.. i think i did a reinstall16:18
lordjjGameBoy, one sec...16:18
GameBoylordjj: sure...16:18
delinquentmeumm how is it that you launch a program from a terminal ... but allow the terminal to be killed w/o shitting down the program?16:18
mtnman80auronandace: ok.  I still really appreciate your efforts here.  What would you suggest next?16:18
DJones!screen | delinquentme16:18
ubottudelinquentme: screen is a window manager for terminal sessions, also useful over SSH. The 'byobu' package provides very useful additional utilities. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Screen16:18
auronandacemtnman80: you said it was a t43? maybe the harddrive is dying or the motherboard has something wrong with it16:18
delinquentmeDJones, I thought it was a tag added to the command within the command line though16:19
mtnman80auronandace: it's gotta be one of the two.  I might just have to take it on somewhere I have them look at it ... and at least get my data off of there ...16:19
oololaooi try to move launcher on the down side of screen which is on the left side. I tryied to change it in compizconfig and nothing change.What can be wrong?16:19
DJonesdelinquentme: I thinm there is, I'm just used to using screen16:19
auronandacemtnman80: the next thing i would try is putting the harddrive in another thinkpad, see if it detects it16:19
mtnman80auronandace: or maybe they have a way of accessing an ext4 drive in Windows ..16:20
mtnman80auronandace: I don't really have another Thinkpad available.  Just the one ...16:20
ubuntu__A chuj wie.16:20
oololaoono co ty16:20
delinquentmeDJones, apprently a "Launcher" works just as well .. thanks !16:20
auronandacemtnman80: i wouldn't use windows to access the ext partition16:20
ubuntu__wciepujecie na Windows?16:21
andantinohmmm got flash working16:21
GameBoyDo we have ubunAmp??LOL just like winamp.... just curious.. always loved winamp. Missing it on windows.16:21
GameBoyandantino: how??16:21
auronandacemtnman80: do you have an external harddrive caddy (you could put the harddrive in that)16:21
os1rishow to I tell if my install is 64bit or 32bit16:21
blackstarI have issues using vpnc gnome plugin can anyone help me ?16:22
andantinowhay worked for me was downloading the apt version of flash from the adobe upgrade page16:22
lordjjGameBoy, for Chromium, open a terminal and type: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:chromium-daily16:22
GameBoyandantino: i tried that but didnt work.. then i installed from ubuntu software center i believe. anyway... happy right... :)16:22
andantinonow i still wonder if i can make my mouse pointer less shaky. its not actually that bad, very minimal movement, but if i can make it better i will16:23
mtnman80auronandace: so if it is not a good idea to access an ext thumb drive in windows, I have no Internet capabilities on my Linux box to upload anything to online storage, and I don't have an external hard drive ... I guess I could dry getting back into 11.04 the regular way again ... and putting all my pictures onto the 16GB thumb drive ... all the system files on the other thumb drive ... or burn at least everything besides the pictures16:23
andantinoi tried using gpointing settings but that made it worse16:23
GameBoylordjj: done... what next?? i couldnt find an entry in sources.list16:24
lordjjGameBoy, try opening synaptic package manager and looking for chromium16:24
andantinoive noticed that certain touchpads which have the shaky problem on ubuntu work fine with fedora16:24
mtnman80auronandace: if I were to purchase another thumb drive, it needs to be a FAT32 drive for it to be read in both Windows and Ubuntu?16:24
os1risCan anyone assit me on how to tell if i am running a x64 bit or x32 bit ubuntu install.  Uname -a give me something i am not sure about..16:24
edbianos1ris: What's it say?16:25
auronandacemtnman80: i hope you find a way to get the data you need off it; at least this experience has taught you the value of backing up your data (you likely won't make that mistake again)16:25
mtnman80auronandace: no doubt :)16:25
auronandacemtnman80: yeah, fat3216:25
intokIn Gnome fallback mode how do I get a script for "root-nautilus-here" like I could in Gnome2 using this script pack? http://www.ubuntu-unleashed.com/2007/09/125-nautilus-scripts-to-simplify.html16:25
os1risit says :  Linux ubuntu 2.6.38-11-generic #50-Ubuntu SMP Mon Sep 12 21:18:14 UTC 2011 i686 i686 i386 GNU/Linux  ... It has i686 and 386 so i dont get what oen to go off of16:26
edbianos1ris: well it is weird that it says i686 twice and i386 once but all of that is 32 bit16:27
edbianos1ris: Do you have a multiple processor motherboard or something?16:27
os1risyea right.. So what do I go off of16:27
mtnman80auronandace: well ... I guess there's not much we can do ... given the situation.  I think we've exhausted all option.  Thanks for you help again, though really.  Valiant effort :)16:27
os1risits a laptop but it appears to have too16:27
auronandacemtnman80: your welcome16:28
os1riscpuinfo from proc shows 216:28
GameBoylordjj: you there?16:28
os1risso could be dual core or ht chop16:28
lordjjGameBoy, yeah whatsup16:28
os1riserr chip... Just want to run some software on here but want to know what to run...16:28
GameBoylordjj: how do i get this update for chromimun -> http://news.cnet.com/8301-30685_3-20117619-264/chrome-extension-enables-remote-computer-control/16:28
os1risSo what do you think they are both 32bit or u think i am running x64bit os?16:28
edbianos1ris: cat /proc/cpuinfo16:28
edbianos1ris: I think it's all 32 bit16:29
os1risCan i PM you with it .. so idont spam?16:29
edbianos1ris: sure16:29
edbianos1ris: or use this: paste.ubuntu.com16:29
lordjjGameBoy, it looks like just a plugin so install chrome then click on the link in the article to install the plugin16:29
* edbian wishes everyone was as cautious about spam as os1ris is16:29
* auronandace agrees16:30
lordjjGameBoy, are you able to install Chromium now?16:30
intokIn Gnome fallback mode how do I get a script for "root-nautilus-here" like I could in Gnome2 using this script pack? http://www.ubuntu-unleashed.com/2007/09/125-nautilus-scripts-to-simplify.html16:31
DustyMonk_GameBoy: i didn't follow, what's the prob? i use chromium16:31
GameBoylordjj: yes.. thanks.... it worked like a charm...16:31
GameBoyDustyMonk_: lordjj was helping me to set up chrome autoupdates..16:32
frebHi! I have about 400 folders with about 300 files in each folder. I want to copy all the .jpgs in those folders and subfolders (I know there are about 1100 of them) to a new location. Any ideas as to how that can be accomplished?16:32
lordjjGameBoy, alright then so just visit this link inside chromium: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/gbchcmhmhahfdphkhkmpfmihenigjmpp to add the plugin you wanted. A plugin I'd recommend for chromium/chrome is Adblock16:33
GameBoylordjj: thanks lord...16:33
alainghi I installed coldfusion and the default admin pages were placed in /var/www. I have moved out the folder and stuck it into /opt/ in my apache2 config I included this config file http://pastebin.com/Gw33ABy7 but when it go to the admin pages i get 403 errors16:35
alaingwhat am i doing wrong?16:35
FloodBot1alaing: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.16:35
DexterFwould like to run a gl app in the live system on nvidia-glx -  that possible?16:36
DexterFi installed nvidia-glx (185 on a 8800gtx) , restarted X, get an error msg16:36
GameBoylordjj: any opensource programs to convert Sony HD videos to h.264 (iPad compatible)16:37
DexterFXlib:  extension "GLX" missing on display ":0.0".16:37
tensorpuddingGameBoy, maybe try arista?16:37
GirlyGirlDexterF: How did you install it16:38
DexterFGirlyGirl, well, i ran aptitude to install nvidia-glx16:39
lordjjGameBoy, try looking here https://help.ubuntu.com/community/iPodVideo16:39
fdgealaing: for 'DirectoryIndex /index.cfm' I think you just want 'DirectoryIndex index.cfm'16:41
alaingfdge i'll give that a try16:41
fdgewhen you put the "/" in front it means the root folder16:41
ubuntu__what are some of the causes why a hard drive would not be recognized in ubuntu...or better, was recognized but suddenly stopped being recognized16:41
intokIn Gnome fallback mode on Ubuntu 11.04 how do I get a script for "root-nautilus-here" like I could in Gnome2 using this script pack? http://www.ubuntu-unleashed.com/2007/09/125-nautilus-scripts-to-simplify.html Using this old script pack I still get the password prompt but nothing happens after that16:42
fdgei.e. http://example.com/index.cfm not /mycftools/index.cfm16:42
Sidewinder1It's not really a problem but I was wondering, why, occasionally when I mount external esata/usb hard drives (through Places-->Mount 1TB Filesystem) two instances of Nautilus opens with the associated directory structures. It only happens about 30% of the time and seems to be totally random. (10.04 i386 desktop)16:42
Sidewinder1ubuntu__, Hardware (disk) failure or bad connection?16:44
lordjjfreb, I have a way for you16:44
freblordjj: thanks, I got this however: find /media/Elements/recovered/ -type f -name '*.[Jj][Pp][Gg]' -exec cp {} /home/ubuntu/Desktop/jpg/ \;16:44
frebwhereas the first path i the toplevel folder and the second path is where to move the jpgs :)16:45
mothycan anyone talk in the #mysql channel?16:45
lordjjfreb, exactly16:45
ubuntu__Sidewinder1, but it seems to fluctuate between recognition and no recognition...been restarting and getting different readings.16:45
freblordjj: :-)16:45
alaingfdge:  thanks looks a bit more promising. I'm now getting Could not find the ColdFusion component or interface CFIDE.adminapi.security.16:45
mothyi need help setting up mysql and php16:45
OerHeksmothy maybe you need to register ?16:46
Sidewinder1ubuntu__, Internal or external? Filing system NTFS/ext3/ext4?16:46
mothyOerHeks: i registered, otherwise i couldn't talk in here16:46
ubuntu__Sidewinder1, internal sata using ext416:46
alaingfdge: which maybe because i moved the admin folder. any experience with coldfusion?16:46
fdgenot one bit16:47
alaingis there a coldfusion channel?16:47
gedOHello, I need help with skype. Skype starts up whene I log in. I'm using Kubuntu, maiby someone help me?16:47
alaingthanks for your help fdge16:47
Sidewinder1ubuntu__, And, have you tried accessing it through System-->Administration--<Disk Utility?16:47
ubuntu__Sidewinder1, am using boot disk atm, but will try that now16:48
ubuntu__Sidewinder1, so, in disk utility my hard drive is listed...but i cannot access it.16:49
Sidewinder1ubuntu__, Have you 'mounted' it within Disk Utility?16:50
ubuntu__Sidewinder1, when doing a benchmark i get an input/output error16:50
xannenis beta2 the last stage before "release", for ubuntu development etc?16:50
Sidewinder1ubuntu__, That's not good. :-(16:50
GirlyGirlxannen: No RC is16:50
ubuntu__Sidewinder1, lol! that was exactly my thought!16:50
xannenGirlyGirl,  thanks.16:51
alainghow do i search for a file from command line?16:51
Sidewinder1ubuntu__, How old is the drive? And how have you been using, in the past?16:51
DustyMonkalaing: with find or locate16:51
lordjjalaing, find <directory> -name \*\<filename>\*                 can work16:52
iwaka_Hello everyone! Just installed Ubuntu and I have a question regarding drive partitioning (I couldn't find an answer in the manuals either). Is partitioning really necessary? I deleted Windows and have only Ubuntu on an unpartitioned drive, is it necessary for me to partition the drive? Is it too late?16:52
ubuntu__Sidewinder1, dive is about a year old and been using it for work (papers and charts) and for some games16:52
alaingwhile I'm trying to find neo-runtime.xml16:52
alaingI'm not sure what directory its located in. i need to find it and edit it16:53
DustyMonkiwaka_: yes, linux installation is based on partitioning16:53
ubuntu__Sidewinder1, using a self-test now to see what the prob is16:53
iwaka_DustyMonk, so what would partitioning give me in comparison with an unpartitioned install? And can I partition the drive now, after I installed Ubuntu?16:54
lordjjalaing, then use "/" as directory if its in the ubuntu filesystem, or the path of another partition/hardisk16:54
DustyMonkiwaka_: during install, you will be asked to partition16:54
lordjjalaing, you can just drag a folder into the terminal to have its path there16:54
ubuntu__Sidewinder1, says "disk has a few bad sectors"...must be in boot area.  how would i correct that?16:54
Sidewinder1ubuntu__, With random I/O errors it sounds like impending failure; time to back-up and then replace or hope for the best. Earlier I was checking out new int. HDs at Newegg, they are relatively inexpensive. I just wish I had some extra "scratch", lyin' around; never hurts to have an extrs drive around.16:55
alainglordjj: i'm using ubuntu so i'll use /. i'm using putty to connect to my machine16:55
iwaka_DustyMonk: I didn't partition the drive during the installation, should I reinstall the whole system from scratch, or can I repartition after having completed the installation?16:56
DustyMonkiwaka_: you cannot install without partitioning16:56
iwaka_eerrr... I just did, apparently. Unless i'm missing something...16:56
DustyMonkiwaka_: perhaps you did not see it happen16:57
alaingbusy running find / -name neo-runtime.xml16:57
alainglordjj: ^16:57
Sidewinder1ubuntu__, "A few bad sectors" is usually not some thing to be overly concerned about, that being said, with random I/O errors, I'd still back-up and start looking for a new drive16:57
DustyMonkiwaka_: type mount|pastebinit and paste it here16:57
lordjjalaing, go for it :P.  You  can use /16:57
ubuntu__Sidewinder1, nuts! just when i was getting a handle on finances!  is there a way to "block" the bad sectors?16:58
alainglordjj: whats the difference between find and locate?16:58
intokIn Gnome fallback mode on Ubuntu 11.04 how do I get a script for "root-nautilus-here" like I could in Gnome2 using this script pack? http://www.ubuntu-unleashed.com/2007/09/125-nautilus-scripts-to-simplify.html Using this old script pack I still get the password prompt but nothing happens after that16:59
lordjjalaing, http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/linux-general-1/wat-is-main-difference-between-find-and-locate-command-422796/16:59
alainglordjj: thank you for your help much appreciated16:59
Guest32791hi all16:59
Guest32791anyone here?16:59
lordjjGuest32791, there are about 1533 people here17:00
SideSW1PEabout xD17:00
SideSW1PE- 3 bots = 153017:00
Sidewinder1ubuntu__, The filesystem usually takes care of that automatically and segregates those 'bad sectors'. Personally my current drive has had the same bad sectors for many months; as long as they don't start increasing, I guess it's OK, but one can never be absolutely certain.17:00
SideSW1PEenough that you dont need to ask :D17:00
iwaka_DustyMonk: http://paste.ubuntu.com/704527/17:01
ubuntu__Sidewinder1, guess my real question is why can i not boot the drive now?17:01
afiefis there some ISO I can download that contains multiple DEs? I want my friend to be able  to switch between Gnome, Unity and KDE before commiting to one17:01
Guest32791hi all may i ask a question? i have a problem17:02
lordjjafief, you can manually download kubuntu-desktop, and xubuntu-desktop in ubuntu all u'll be able to use whichever u want17:02
afieflordjj: I meant from a life CD17:03
afiefor live dvd17:03
Sidewinder1ubuntu__, Besides, chk out the cost of new internals, they are not that expensive; in terms of why it's not booting, I can't really answer that, sorry. :-(17:03
lordjjGuest32791, just go for it :)17:03
DustyMonkiwaka_: i see no /home, no root and no swap, so it is not installed17:03
ubuntu__Sidewinder1, ok, thx for your help...got me into some other ideas.17:03
DustyMonkiwaka_: did you use wubi?17:04
Sidewinder1ubuntu__, My pleasure, I just wish I could've helped more. :D17:04
iwaka_DustyMonk: I created a USB drive and installed Ubuntu, replacing the system completely17:04
Guest32791thanks lordjj, i connect to the internet using a wireless lan, i have this problem that for certain websites i get directed instead of the website I want to see to the wireless lan splash page, this happens with both firefox and chrome, it wasn't always the case, i used to be able to access those sites, but one by one it happened over time, any idea?17:05
Guest32791i tried clearing cache of both firefox and chrome, but it hasn't solved the problem17:05
iwaka_DustyMonk: I used wubi before, but not during this install.17:05
lordjjafief, just download xubuntu/kubuntu/ubuntu iso's and make 'em cds, easiest way, unless u don't wanna download too much. U could also use live usb drive with kubuntu/xubuntu-desktop installed on it17:05
Sidewinder1ubuntu__, You might also ask in #hardware, or is it ##hardware ? I forget.17:06
DustyMonkiwaka_: looks very strange to me17:06
lordjjGuest32791, is your router or ISP blocking them?17:06
iwaka_DustyMonk: The installation did not prompt me to partition the drive, perhaps that is the source of this... problem17:07
Guest32791no i don't think it's blocking them, i used to be able to access them, it doesn't say they're blocked, it just shows up the splash page of the wireless lan17:08
DustyMonkiwaka_: i dont know what this is: fuse.gvfs-fuse-daemon17:08
lordjjGuest32791, well usually the splash page would have a "retry" link. If not, what exactly does it say?17:08
iwaka_DustyMonk: I only installed the system yesterday, there can't be any trash here...17:08
edbianCan I modifying an existing (broken) ln -s ?? Do I have to delete it and create a new, correct one?17:09
Guest32791lordjj, see, how this started is that sometimes i lost connection, so instead of getting to the site, the splash page would show up, now though it shows up every time i try to get to those sites even though the connection isn't lost17:09
theadminedbian: Yeah17:09
DustyMonkiwaka_: kindly repeat your initial question, maybe someone else can help17:09
edbiantheadmin: yeah I have to delete it?17:10
theadminedbian: yep.17:10
lordjjGuest32791, i'm not i understand what you mean, can you screenshot the page and upload it, for example here: www.uloadr.com17:10
theadminedbian: Actually, not just delete, "unlink" it17:10
Guest32791so previously when i'd lost connection i'd be able to click connect on the splash page and then get through to the sites i'd wanted, but now there's no connect 'cos all there's on the splash page is disconnect as it's already connected17:11
edbiantheadmin: What does that mean?17:11
vltHello. When logging in to Ubuntu 11.04 the first time I get a message that my hardware doesn't support Unity and Ubuntu will fallback to Gnome. Any idea why?17:11
iwaka_I installed Ubuntu but did not partition the drive. Should I partition it, and if so, how should I do it? I'm NOT using dual-boot, just Ubuntu.17:11
iwaka_DustyMonk: thank you very much for your help :)17:11
edbianiwaka_: It is impossible to install ubuntu without at least creating an ext4 partition so unless you already had one you 're-partitioned'17:11
theadminedbian: Use the unlink command to remove it17:11
iwaka_edbian: what would 're-partitioning' mean in that case?17:12
edbianthat deletes it17:12
ubuntu__iwaka_, use gparted...but to do that you need to use the boot disk so the drive is unmounted17:12
theadminedbian: Yeah, except "unlink" is safer, cause rm might, under some circumstances, remove the link target, not only the link17:12
edbianiwaka_: If you install ubuntu and you don't have a ext4 partition you must create one.  This usually means shrinking other partitions.  That would be 'repartitioning'17:13
edbiantheadmin: ahh, thanks17:13
lordjjGuest32791, well appart from clearing all cache and cockies from "the beginning of time" I dnt know :/17:13
edbianhaha, cockies17:14
w30vlt, what video card do you have?17:14
iwaka_edbian: I somehow managed to install ubuntu while at the same time completely avoiding anything that involves partitioning. Unless the installer partitioned the drive for me automatically, I believe I'm still sitting with and unpartitioned drive. But then again, I'm clearly missing something.17:15
lordjjedbian, haha, laughed at it myself17:15
edbianiwaka_: Did you install using wubi?   Did you start the install while running windows?17:15
edbianiwaka_: In that case the drive is not partitioned17:15
iwaka_edbian: I installed from a USB drive, replacing Windows completely.17:16
Guest32791lordjj is there a cross-browser thing in ubuntu, like a cache or a url router of some sort, that i need to clear?17:16
edbianiwaka_: Then you re-partitioned  (especially if windows is gone, that means you must have deleted those partitions!)17:17
OerHeksiwaka_, open terminal, typ: sudo fdisk -l    ( and you should see your partitions )17:17
dfgsgfdFresh installation of Ubuntu 11.10 (RC). Installed proprietary driver for the graphics card. Rebooted. Worked. Yet it still says "No proprietary drivers installed". Any idea why?17:17
w30vlt, what video card do you have?17:17
OerHeksdfgsgfd, als in #ubuntu+1 for support 11.1017:18
mtnman80can anyone help me quickly format a thumb drive from ext4 to FAT32 with using Terminal commands?  Or I guess I can do it in Disk Utility ...17:18
vltw30: I don't know. It's an older Asus notebook.17:18
iwaka_/dev/sda1   *           1       38653   310473728   83  Linux17:18
iwaka_/dev/sda2           38653       38914     2095105    5  延伸的17:18
iwaka_/dev/sda5           38653       38914     2095104   82  Linux 交換區/ Solaris17:18
lordjjGuest32791, at least I don't know about it :P17:18
vltw30: Maybe Intel GXXX?17:18
OerHeksiwaka_, looks all right to me17:18
scwizardthis page says "Tomcat 6.0.24 contains a critical bug. Please use 6.0.32 instead."17:18
edbianiwaka_: don't do that, use this: paste.ubuntu.com17:19
scwizardso I'm wondering why is topcat 6.0.24 the latest version in whatever repository I'm using?17:19
iwaka_OerHeks: So it is partitioned after all?17:19
nicolasQuelqun peut m'indiquer les canal en français17:19
OerHeksyes, automatic with the best config for your pc17:19
iwaka_edbian: I'm sorry, will do that.17:19
edbianiwaka_: I don't speak Chinese so it's hard to tell17:19
iwaka_edbian: the Chinese in the 2nd row says 'extended'17:20
Guest32791well thanks lorjj :-)17:20
iwaka_edbian: I believe the one before Solaris is 'swap'17:20
edbianiwaka_: There are no windows partitions on that drive.  You must have 're-partitioned' them away :)17:21
w30vlt, either your video chip,card won't support the 3d requirements of Unity or you need a propriatary driver for a Nvidia or a ATI card17:21
iwaka_edbian: well, in that case, i believe Ubuntu did the work for me :)17:21
iwaka_thanks for your help everyone!17:21
OerHeksiwaka_,  have fun  !17:22
edbianiwaka_: It's possible.  It does give some simple high level partitioning choices such as 'replace windows' and 'install alongside windows'17:22
iwaka_edbian: I chose 'replace' :)17:22
syslqBtw, how can force unity login after I have installed nvidia drivers? Under normal session on laptop I still get gnome 2.x?17:22
w30vlt, in a terminal type lspci | grep VGA and see what that says17:22
edbianiwaka_: then it repartitioned (cause you told it to)17:22
scwizardso is there a repository that will give me the latest version of tomcat 6?17:22
scwizardor will I need to compile it from source?17:22
edbianI think we just wasted some time determining that you clicked that :)17:22
Sidewinder1!fr > nicolas17:23
ubottunicolas, please see my private message17:23
vltw30: Thank you. I'll try as soon as I use that machine again.17:24
frediccohi im new to freenode how do i get into #cyanogenmod17:25
vltfredicco: Type "/join #cyan..."17:25
frediccoyeah dont work17:25
scwizardasdf yeah it's not there: http://packages.ubuntu.com/lucid-updates/java/17:25
OerHeksscwizard, tomcat6 is in the repo;s >> https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/tomcat617:26
frediccoCannot join channel (+r) - you need to be identified with services17:26
frediccowhat it is saying17:26
mtnman80what commands do I run in terminal to convert a ext4 thumb drive to FAT32 format?17:26
Cpudan80fredicco: you need to register your nick, /msg nickserv help register17:26
vltfredicco: That you need to be identified with services (freenode).17:26
theadminmtnman80: You can't convert them, you can only reformat17:27
dfgsgfdHow to get into Ubuntu Classic or that 3D cube thing?17:27
mtnman80theadmin: OK.  then can help me quickly reformat it.  Then I will have all my data saved and accessbile in Windows.  The Linux box is otherwise "toast", as we know :)17:27
lordjjdfgsgfd, 3D cube thing is a Compiz effect, install compiz17:27
frediccoyeah im a noob cpudan80 cant figure out how to register17:28
mtnman80theadmin:  would be able to help me do that?17:28
Cpudan80fredicco: if you type that command you'll get a message from Nickserv with instructions17:28
dfgsgfdWhat about Classic?17:28
mtnman80theadmin: is the terminal command as follows (?): mkfs -T vfat /dev/sdb1 ???17:29
lordjjdfgsgfd, not sure what that is. If you mean the "Classis" look in Ubuntu 11+, u pick that on login screen17:29
theadminmtnman80: the t isn't supposed to be capital17:29
w30vlt, to install propriatary drivers you need to enable propriatary drivers in repository check box and then in system admin additional drivers try one that they list17:29
frediccoi did that dont really understand17:29
mtnman80theadmin: ok.  but that is the right command to reformat it to FAT32?17:30
theadminmtnman80: Yes, you also need sudo17:30
mtnman80theadmin: gotcha.  here we go.  it should work ...17:30
scwizardOerHeks: ok, so how do I tell my Lucid Lynx to grab the shiny Oneiric Ocelot tomcat 6.0.32 ?17:30
crash1hdCan anyone tell me why both of my ubuntu installs 11.04 lock up when inserting CD or DVD?17:31
OerHeksscwizard, not.17:31
crash1hd2 machines same issue17:31
theadmincrash1hd: Probably some big udev/automount problem17:31
scwizardOerHeks: so if I want tomcat 6.0.3x on LL then I compile from source?17:31
mtnman80theadmin: ok.  I have to unmount it first, or ... ???17:31
crash1hdtheadmin, any idea how to fix?17:32
theadminmtnman80: Naturally.17:32
theadmincrash1hd: Just report a bug, cross your fingers and hope for it17:32
OerHeksscwizard, yes, else you wait 4 days to recieve Oneiric 11.1017:32
mtnman80theadmin: sudo umount /dev/sbd1, then?17:32
theadminmtnman80: Yep.17:32
scwizardOneiric isn't LTS :(17:32
Zzzzzzzhi room17:33
Zzzzzzzany one konw channel for Wowza discussion?17:33
scwizardalrighty, thanks17:33
mtnman80theadmin: golden.  I think it worked.  This is turning out better than I thought!  All right !!!17:34
crash1hdtheadmin, hmm there is nothing I can try like reinstalling or adding somethinng to fstab? cause I mean I was able to install ubuntu via cd17:34
theadmincrash1hd: No idea, really, if we could get some logs on wtf is happening when you insert a CD, dmesg perhaps...17:34
Zzzzzzzany one konw about wowza ?17:36
Parsindwhat about it?17:36
mtnman80THANKS SO MUCH GUYS !!!  It's been a long morning.  My Linux box is officially dead, but my data has been saved (all of it I believe).  Good deal!17:36
brainwave92Official Arch support channel?17:37
theadminbrainwave92: #archlinux, lol17:37
crash1hdtheadmin, hmm it seems that pastie.org does not like text larger then 64k17:37
theadmincrash1hd: Try pzt.me, I always use that one... And we don't need all of it, just the parts which happen after you insert the cd17:38
Parsindwill there be an ubuntu for smartphone?17:39
crash1hdtheadmin, ok http://paste.ubuntu.com/70454117:39
dorananybody know anything about ardour ? the ardour channel sucks17:39
brainwave92thanks theadmin :)17:40
crash1hdtheadmin, sorry that it is the whole thing but I have no idea where to look17:40
Parsindwill there be an ubuntu for smartphone/tablets?17:40
purplefooldoes anyone know how to access a disk with an input/output error?  i need to access it to transfer the data to a new one17:41
puffI have a thinkpad t520, running ubuntu 10.4 LTS.  I've only been using the wireless, so far, but now I need to get the ethernet working so I can configure a new router.17:41
theadminbrainwave92: Arch rocks, but seriously read the wiki before ever heading to IRC, it has answers to *everything*17:41
escottpurplefool, use dd and pass it the ignore io errors flag17:41
purplefoolescott, what is dd?17:42
puffI'm not sure what the problem is;  I plug the cat5 cable into my laptop and the other end into the router, I have green lights on both ends, but I don't see a conneciton. "sudo ifconfig -a" only shows me wlan0, which I *think* is the wireless.17:43
escottpurplefool, its a low level disk copy tool. you will need to make an image of the fs to another working piece of hardware and then try to fsck/mount that image17:43
theadmincrash1hd: It looks normal, unless I missed something (it's huge)17:43
=== mang0 is now known as mang0|OUT
crash1hdtheadmin, it is huge and no it looks normal to me too17:43
crash1hdwhat I do find interesting though is that the cdrom is there in computer but I am not able to unmount or eject the tray from it17:44
purplefoolescott, do i need to download this tool or does it come with the install disk.  i am using the boot disk to get at least to here.17:44
brainwave92theadmin, right now my arch isnt booting up, after an install onto an external hard disk17:44
escottpurplefool, its on virtually any linux system out there17:44
theadminbrainwave92: Duh. Do you have the "usb" and "usbinput" hooks in your /etc/mkinitcpio.conf?17:45
puffpurplefool: dd makes a bit-for-bit image of the drive, so if you have say 50GB, it's going to create a 50GB file, even if only 30GB s in use.17:45
crash1hdtheadmin, also shouldnt there be something in the fstab?17:45
theadmincrash1hd: No, CD-ROMS aren't static17:45
theadminbrainwave92: "usb" should come right after udev17:46
purplefoolescott, the problem is that, even though disk utility sees the drive, ubuntu cannot access it in any way.  would dd still be able to copy it?17:46
escottpurplefool, should be something like "dd noerror if=/dev/sda1 of=/media/workingdrive/folder/bad_drive.img17:46
brainwave92theadmin, may i pm you?17:46
theadminbrainwave92: Sure thing.17:47
escottpurplefool, if disk utility can see it then dd should be able to copy it17:47
jiltdilHi webcam using cheese show greenish pic. HOw to fix this17:47
escottpurplefool, im assuming you have checked the smart status of the disk and identified it was failing17:47
jiltdilany one have idea?17:48
purplefoolescott, actually, it is not really "failing" but i cannot boot from it anymore and the only information i get is an input/output error17:49
fritschjiltdil: click on effects17:49
fritschjiltdil: an select left top corner17:49
fritschjiltdil: no effects17:49
jiltdilfritsch, ok17:49
fritschjiltdil: okay again? i think you had the "hulk effect" enabled :-)17:50
escottpurplefool, if the hardware *is* failing the smart status should say so. if the smart status is not it possible its just corrupted and you need to fsck it17:50
purplefoolescott, ok, how do i fsck it?17:51
jiltdilfritsch, thanks17:51
jiltdilfritsch, hm not working yet17:51
escottpurplefool, sudo fsck /dev/sdX#17:51
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barcefHow can I tell gnome to use all the CPUs available? When I compress stuff, CPU 1 & 2 are tied up with the compression, gnome gets slow. Why can't gnome use cpu 3 & 4?17:51
jiltdilfritsch,  other effects woork but when clicking to no effect it is not working17:51
MrSassyPants[185357.202055] software-center[15144]: segfault at 0 ip 00007f5a63808e44 sp 00007fff6f76c890 error 4 in libc-2.11.1.so[7f5a6377d000+17a000]17:52
MrSassyPantsI get a ton of segfaults like that in various processes in X17:52
fritschjiltdil: open totem17:52
escottbarcef, it will use all the cpus. slowness may be caused by disk io, or it might not be a true 4 core system and you could be having hyperthreading issues17:52
jiltdilfritsch, ok17:52
MrSassyPantsits ubuntu server 64 10.04 lts17:52
jiltdilfritsch,  now17:52
fritschjiltdil: Edit - Preferences17:52
fritschFrozenball: Display17:53
fritschFrozenball: click: reset to defaults17:53
purplefoolescott, this is what i get: e2fsck 1.41.14 (22-Dec-2010)17:53
purplefoolfsck.ext2: Attempt to read block from filesystem resulted in short read while trying to open /dev/sda17:53
purplefoolCould this be a zero-length partition?17:53
fritschjiltdil: click reset to defaults17:53
barcefescott, ok.. thanks.. let me check that out17:53
fritschjiltdil: try cheese again17:53
jiltdilfritsch,  done17:53
purplefooloops...that didn't work well17:53
jiltdilfritsch, thanks it worked but why this problem arises17:54
jiltdilfritsch, as i have not mess with totem17:54
escottpurplefool, make sure you are trying to fsck the correct partition number17:54
sburjan`where cna I see the syslog file ?17:54
fritschjiltdil: i don`t know - do you have an nvidia card?17:54
fritschjiltdil: and did some stuff in nvidia-settings?17:54
escottsburjan`, /var/log17:54
jiltdilfritsch, ya i have nvidia but i didn't do any config there17:54
georgeHey guys. I have a question. I intend to replace my hdd and I want to know if this will somehow screw the bios.17:54
purplefoolescott, disk utility doesn't have a partition set up for this disk, though i know it has partitions17:55
Frozenballfritsch, :C17:55
fritschFrozenball: sorry, blind typo ...17:55
fritschjiltdil: okay, so you have a workaround for now :-)17:56
jiltdilfritsch, hm thanks17:56
escottpurplefool, well thats the problem. if you remember the partition structure you can try to restore it, or you can use testdisk which can sometimes identify old partitions. its best to work off a disk image if you are going to screw around with restoring partition tables17:56
richard_hi - i'm having a bit of trouble with apache & user permissions... could anyone help me please?  trying to give apache access to /home/username/sitename rather than /var/www...  i've updated the document root but it all 403's now...17:56
DalekBot anyone interested in a ython irc client17:56
dee-deegeorge: I have done that countless times and with no problems.17:56
georgedee-dee: really? oh, that's nice!17:57
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DalekBot awesomesauce17:58
purplefoolescott, testdisk doesn't work with ext4...grrrr!17:59
atari_314Hey, anyone knows where can I find more doc. about: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Core ?18:01
escottpurplefool, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=137638318:02
Zzzzzzzwhat is wowza admin panel ?18:02
omghelpguys I accidentally disabled unity and I can't do anything except open a file browser18:02
GirlyGirlomghelp: How did you disable unity?18:06
GirlyGirlomghelp: Try running unity --reset18:06
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Yeloasshello all18:09
ravenffmpeg stops with cycling the cpu to 100% [mpeg @ 0x9863380] Invalid timestamps stream=0, pts=5939, dts=4294962435, size=612418:09
omghelpgirlygirl how do I open terminl througn a file browser18:10
GirlyGirlomghelp: Press CTRL + ALT + F118:10
Lithos84omghelp: Install nautilus-open-terminal18:11
omghelpgirlygirl k ran unity --reset18:12
urlin2uGirlyGirl, a TTY ?18:12
GirlyGirlomghelp: now go back with CTRL + ALT + F718:12
mongyraven: try compiling a newer ffmpeg18:12
luis_I downloaded a game and it won't let me uninstall or remove it. any suggestions?18:13
zoldarHello, I'm looking for an application targeted and small children - a sort of a lock screen which allows some sort of interaction, like freehand drawing with mouse/pointing device and input from keyboard - is there anything like that available?18:14
escottomghelp, if you ctrl-alt-f1 you might need to "export DISPLAY=:0" before running unity --reset18:14
urlin2u!details | luis_18:14
ubottuluis_: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."18:14
GirlyGirlescott: No, he is not launching unity from there just setting config18:15
GirlyGirlzoldar: Maybe an image editor program18:15
zoldarGirlyGirl: the point is, it has to have ability to lock access to the rest of the desktop environment18:16
ravengpodder 2.14 how to disable left-click-menu?18:17
omghelpgirlygirl how do I exit the cntl alt f1 terminal18:17
lamahhi all18:17
lamahi have The following packages have unmet dependencies:18:17
lamahfor libreoffice only18:17
GirlyGirlomghelp: CTRL + ALT + F718:17
lamahi can't install libreoffice?18:17
lamahaptitude not helps18:17
Lithos84lamah: What is your Ubuntu version?18:18
GirlyGirllamah: post the exact output on pastebin.ubuntu.com18:18
omghelpgirlygirl kudos for solving my issue18:18
lamahLithos84: no i am with debian:)18:19
GirlyGirlomghelp: You're welcome18:19
lamahGirlyGirl: debian18:19
GirlyGirllamah: Go to #debian then18:19
GirlyGirllamah: This is an ubuntu channel18:19
lamah#debian is dead18:19
lamahubuntu are debian based18:19
GirlyGirllamah: its not However this channel is for Ubuntu support only18:19
lamahi don't think so but i understand18:20
purplefoolescott, been reading the webpage you sent...very interesting. can use testdisk, but don't know if the partition table type is "intel" or "efi gpt"18:21
familywhat is it?18:21
escottpurplefool, if the disk is >3TB it is gpt, if it is a mac it is gpt, if it is an efi system its probably gpt, otherwise it is likely dos partition type (intel) unless you changed it18:22
underHi. I cant run rosetta. ./boincmgr: error while loading shared libraries: libwx_gtk2u_richtext-2.8.so.0: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory18:22
purplefoolescott, just did a plain old install with ubuntu using ext4...18:23
purplefoolescott, using 64bit and less then 3tb18:23
omghelpgirlygirl is there a way I can enable rotate cube in compiz without disabling unity?18:24
escottpurplefool, then it is most likely dos partition type, although since you evidently deleted your partition table it shouldn't matter that much18:24
n8wdoes any of u have been experiencing cpu freq lock(800Mhz in my case) in 11.04?18:24
purplefoolescott, actually, i didn't delete it, it just stopped working, but will try with intel18:25
ravengpodder 2.14 how to disable left-click-menu?18:25
n8wi understand it has smth to do with the "on demand" policy, but i dont get why it locks it on the lowest freq18:25
w30zoldar, maybe create a new user, remove the panels, put up one or two kids application icons and no logout buttons,etc. and you could just switch user to that user if you had to leave your desk.18:26
purplefoolescott, lol! have a read error with no other explanation...18:26
puffHm, I'm on 10.4 LTS, kernel puff@redbitter2:~$ dmesg, folks tell me some of my18:28
puff7>[290988.290362] CPU1 attaching sched-domain:18:28
puff[290988.290364]  domain 0: span 0-1 level SIBLING18:28
puff[290988.290366]   groups: 1 (cpu_power = 589) 0 (cpu_power = 589)18:28
puff[290988.290369]   domain 1: span 0-6 level MC18:28
puff[290988.290371]    groups: 0-1 (cpu_power = 1178) 2-3 (cpu_power = 1178) 4-5 (cpu_power = 1178) 618:28
FloodBot1puff: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.18:28
coffeecup01wheres the bzr channel18:30
escottpurplefool, i would make a disk image with dd prior to using testdisk18:31
escottpurplefool, otherwise you may only have one chance to restore the partition table18:31
purplefoolescott, hmmm...a little late now. testdisk is trying its magic.  will either jump for joy or drawn in sorrow in about an hour.18:32
coffeecup01Im trying to build and bundle a vm and load it to my UEC cloud, I installed BZR and found branch for VM Builder and Automated EC2 builds but not really sure how to get them to work correctly18:35
sheroroxhi I have a problem with my software center when I click install, or remove the button blinks and doesnt do anything. natty 11.0418:35
puffI'm on ubuntu 10.4 LTS, kernel 2.6.32-34-generic.  I've been trying to troubleshoot an ethernet problem, folks are telling me that 34-generic is bit old and that upgrading to 35-generic or newer might help.  Is it feasible to do this without doing a major upgrade?18:36
KleikI just have updated my ubuntu18:37
Kleikand my wifi disconnect itself always18:37
blackstarcan openldap send email for failed logins ?18:37
GirlyGirlKleik: Please explain more18:38
puffIs there a better channel to ask this sort of question?18:39
GirlyGirlpuff: Yes it is possible and this is the correct channel18:40
puffKleik: Give us your hardware details, also the details of your router.18:40
KleikI update my ubuntu to 11.0418:40
GirlyGirl!enter | Kleik18:40
ubottuKleik: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line. Don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!18:40
puffKleik: You don't happen to be running dd-wrt, do you? I had some problems with that.18:40
MsEvilEyesserver irc.bondage.com18:40
Kleikpuff: I don't know18:40
escottpuff, the version number after the minor should not be a significant change18:41
GirlyGirlpuff: The router?18:41
puffGirlyGirl: Yah.18:41
puffGirlyGirl: ubuntu and dd-wrt don't play well together.18:41
GirlyGirlpuff: I used it in the past .. no more on my new router and it worked18:41
Herbert-40bin ich drin :-)18:43
qmanjr5Hey uh, could someone help me add a podcast to Banshee? I18:44
qmanjr5can't find a direct URL to it.18:44
puffGirlyGirl: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/60706418:44
ubottuUbuntu bug 607064 in linux (Ubuntu) "ipw2200 constantly disconnects, /var/log/syslog says ipw200: Firmware error detected. Restarting." [Undecided,Confirmed]18:44
sheroroxhi I have a problem with my software center when I click install, or remove the button blinks and doesnt do anything. natty 11.0418:45
puffKleik: You would only be running dd-wrt if you or someone you know went to great lengths to install it on your router.  Dd-wrt is an aftermarket, open source router OS.18:45
knightragehey guys. trying to encode an audio stream into mp3 from a video. i'm getting this error: Encoder (codec id 86017) not found for output stream #0.0 .. i have installed the libmp3lame-dev package. using natty. thoughts? also tried using acodecs libmp3lame, liblamemp3 and get an 'unknown encoder'18:46
KleikMy card is intel 510018:47
Kleikwifi card18:47
knightragenm, got it. needed a different package18:47
xharxsuddenly my xubuntu is running without sound. where can I determine the reason18:48
puffI'm running ubuntu 10.4 LTS.  My wired network jack does not seem to work.  'sudo ifconfig -a' only shows lo and wlan0, nothing else.18:48
sheroroxhi I have a problem with my software center when I click install, or remove the button blinks and doesnt do anything. natty 11.0418:50
escottpuff, if its not appearing at all check the output of lspci and try to identify the chipset18:50
GirlyGirlpuff: Post output for lspci18:50
lokhi all! is there a way to disable the default x-term?18:50
subr00thi there!18:51
escottlok, why? you could uninstall xterm18:51
puffGirlyGirl: dmesg: http://paste.linuxassist.net/21578718:51
subr00tafter installing the nvidia driver, i cant log on with unity or eaven ubuntu classic, just with (no effect)!! any idea?18:52
puffGirlyGirl: It wans't showing in lspci, then  some googling suggested it needed module e1000e so I did 'sudo modprobe e1000e' and now lspci shows: 00:19.0 Ethernet controller: Intel Corporation Device 1502 (rev 04)18:52
puffGirlyGirl: Full lspci:  http://paste.linuxassist.net/21578818:53
brainwave92how to view size of a /dev/sd* device?18:54
sheroroxhello, there seems to be a problem with my software center application. For example, if I click install on an application I want, there is no response. the same goes for 'remove'18:54
escottbrainwave92, parted, gparted, /proc/partitions, df18:55
brainwave92sherorox, why dont you run it from a terminal and see what messages appear when you click on install and remove?18:55
GirlyGirlsherorox: does apt-get work?18:55
brainwave92escott, thanks18:55
puffGirlyGirl: Oh, it's a thinkpad t520, btw.18:55
brainwave92escott, no its an install which is not loading and i'm stuck on a ramfs shell, having no access to gparted or parted18:55
brainwave92df and /proc/partitions i still need to check18:56
sheroroxbrainwave92: sorry I am not very familiar with the command line. how do I run it from there?18:56
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emersonhello, sameone speak Portuguese ?18:57
escott!br | emerson18:57
ubottuemerson: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br" sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigado.18:57
sheroroxgirlygirl: I have a .jar application that I want to open/run/install but I read somewhere that I need java18:57
puffGirlyGirl: Should wired still be eth0 on ubuntu 10.4?18:58
GirlyGirlsherorox: I asked if apt-get works?18:58
emersontks for all, bye !18:59
brainwave92_sherorox, my net got disconnected18:59
sheroroxgirlygirl: how do I check18:59
sheroroxbrainwave92: how do I run it from the terminal19:00
brainwave92_sherorox, first try what GirlyGirl told you19:00
sid_is it a good idea to install gnome 3 on 10.04?19:00
GirlyGirlsherorox: open terminal19:00
brainwave92_try sudo apt-get install <program>19:00
sheroroxgirlygirl: ok19:00
icerootsid_: no19:00
sid_iceroot, you say that because?19:01
icerootsid_: it will break your system, its not supported, its pulling gtk3, it will make gnome2 not usable anymore19:01
GirlyGirlsherorox: Does it work?19:02
GirlyGirlsherorox: sudo apt-get install sun-java6-jre sun-java6-plugin19:02
aarHi, does anyone know any affordable, linux-compatible usb flash drives with hardware encryption?19:02
sid_iceroot, oh i see. anyway, what version are you running?19:02
icerootsid_: 11.10 with lxde19:02
sheroroxgirlygirl: yes, so is it a GUI problem with software center then?19:02
rypervencheaar: Use any kind of flash drive. You can encrypt it with LUKS.19:03
sid_iceroot, great. i was wondering if it was worth upgrading to 11.1019:03
icerootaar: make your own encryption software ased19:03
aarrypervenche, I want hardware encryprion so I can use it in a broad range of OS without installing software19:03
icerootsid_: not now, its unstable, for 11.10 see #ubuntu+119:03
GirlyGirlsherorox: I presume19:03
aariceroot,  I want hardware encryption so I can use it in a broad range of OS without installing software19:03
sheroroxgirlygirl: is there a way to fix that?19:03
brainwave92_sherorox, you can try seeing what exactly IS the problem19:03
brainwave92_open terminal19:04
GirlyGirlsherorox: use an alernative like synaptic, file a bug report for soft center19:04
icerootaar: ? the os needs software to encrypt it, doesnt matter if hardware based or software-based19:04
tomoshowdy all19:04
sid_iceroot, of course after the stable version is released but what's your take on it? 10.04 is good enough for my use but just because i haven't seen the newer ones i was thinking of upgrading. is it too much of a hassle or do able?19:04
aariceroot, check out ironkey, or integral 360.19:04
icerootsid_: #ubuntu+119:04
aariceroot, my problem is ironkey costs more than a new liver and integral is OS-specific.19:05
sid_iceroot, thanks :)19:05
icerootsid_: and remeber this important sentence "never touch a running system"19:05
sander_How do I upgrade from one distro to another?19:05
brainwave92_sherorox, before filing a bug report, see what the problem is!19:05
sid_iceroot, haha i couldn't agree more19:05
icerootaar: as we said, use software-based encryption19:05
iceroot!upgrade | sander_19:06
ubottusander_: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade19:06
brainwave92_sherorox, type in software-center19:06
linxehis there an svgalib based RDP client ?19:06
aariceroot, as i said, i don't want to install new software every time i take my freaking pen drive to my cousin's house and plug it into his BSD, my friend's mac, or aunt tilley's windows.19:07
sheroroxbrainwave92: ok I got some operation not supported and g object failed and ugly things19:07
sheroroxbrainwave92: but software center did open19:07
ravenhow to display foldersize?19:07
GirlyGirlsherorox: Exactly what error msg19:08
icerootaar: then buy a hardware-based solution. whats your question?19:09
aariceroot, Hi, does anyone know any affordable, linux-compatible usb flash drives with hardware encryption?19:09
rypervencheaar: You are looking for a solution that does not exist. Your options have already been stated.19:09
sheroroxgirlygirl: shero@ubuntu:~$ software-center /usr/share/software-center/softwarecenter/app.py:1191: Warning: g_object_set_qdata: assertion `G_IS_OBJECT (object)' failed   self.window_main.show_all() 2011-10-08 15:06:35,148 - softwarecenter.fixme - WARNING - logs to the root logger: '('/usr/lib/pymodules/python2.7/zeitgeist/client.py', 367, 'reconnect_monitors')' 2011-10-08 15:06:35,147 - zeitgeist.client - INFO - Reconnected to Zeitge19:09
icerootaar: i told you hardware-encryption based need also software on the os site19:10
aarrypervenche, ironkey do one that is linux compatible. my problem is that it's too expensive. i thought perhaps someone knew of a cheaper valid alternative. of course it exists.19:10
sheroroxgirlygirl: and when I pressed install on one of the apps in software center I got another error, want me to send it?19:10
GirlyGirlsherorox: yes19:10
icerootaar: you need software on windows, mac, bsd, linux, unix and so on19:10
aariceroot, no point in starting an argument. read up on ironkey's on the fly hardwar eencryption. thanks.19:10
sheroroxgirlygirl: 2011-10-08 15:10:32,568 - softwarecenter.backend - WARNING - _on_trans_error: org.freedesktop.PolicyKit.Error.Failed: ('system-bus-name', {'name':  ':1.97'}): org.debian.apt.install-or-remove-packages19:10
THE_GFR|WORKhow do I get GDM to show me the login screen via VNC?19:10
DrakharInstalling Ubuntu to a laptop I'm planning on using to develop Android app/ROMs/kernels on, what would be the best way to parition the hard drive?  Primary as ext4 with another logical drive as fat32?19:12
THE_GFR|WORKhow do I get GDM to show me the login screen via VNC?19:12
GirlyGirlsherorox: its a bug ... enter that output in the report19:12
icerootaar: the webpage says that it is working with 2.6.x19:12
icerootaar: so the software-part you need (and i am talking about) is build into 2.6 kernel19:12
sheroroxgirlygirl: that sucks, it was actually working before I restarted19:13
aariceroot, great, sure, you were right, thanks19:13
icerootaar: so as i said, you need software on os site (which is already build into the kernel)19:13
GirlyGirlsherorox: maybe an update broke it try closing it then  ALT + F2 "gksu software-center"19:14
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ricko77Helle in here. I have problems using the terminal window because i don't understand the program itselves.19:14
icerootricko77: you dont unterstand the terminal or the bash?19:15
Generale_Russogod day to all of you19:15
ricko77iceroot: That must be the terminal19:15
sheroroxgirlygirl: doing it with gksu works19:16
sheroroxgirlygirl: am I going to have to do that every time?19:16
Generale_Russoi have a small "problem" with Xubuntu, last release, just tweaking the computer for my mother, but i found that i can't really make the Xfce4-Panel save the shortcuts i put in them19:16
icerootricko77: whats your exact question about "gnome-terminal"?19:16
GirlyGirlsherorox: temporary workarround I guess19:16
sheroroxgirlygirl: what does gksu do19:17
GirlyGirlsherorox: kind of like run as admin in windows19:17
GirlyGirlsherorox: Try deleting the temporary files of software center of your user maybe that will help19:18
sheroroxgirlygirl: how?19:18
th0rGenerale_Russo: those are saved in ~/.config/xfce4/panel  Make sure the ownership of those directories and files are correct19:18
GirlyGirlsherorox: Ask someone else on how to find the files ... I don't use soft-center as I am a KDE user19:18
ricko77I should install a HP printer witch is a printer, scanner and a copymachine. I have an install CD but only for Windows, so now after downloading the program i should install the program.19:18
Generale_Russoack, i guess it can be done only by terminal, isn't it?19:19
sheroroxgirlygirl: o thanks though.19:19
GirlyGirlsherorox: You're welcome19:19
ricko77But i'm not much for using the Terminal if i don't understand how the program itselves works or what it does.19:21
=== Nathan is now known as Guest46664
sheroroxgirlygirl: sorry 1 more thing. do youo know how to change a .deb to a .ipk?19:22
Generale_Russoyep, that's my problem19:22
Lithos84ricko77: If the program is a Debian package, you can install it without using the terminal.19:22
=== Guest46664 is now known as Vorsaykal
Generale_Russoi'm total crap on such thing, but this laptop isn't for me, is for my mother and i need to keep it just simple19:23
DrakharI'm Installing Ubuntu to a laptop I'm planning on using to develop Android app/ROMs/kernels on, what would be the best way to parition the hard drive?  Primary as ext4 with another logical drive as fat32?19:23
Generale_Russoand i encountered only this problem for this19:23
ricko77Lithos84: I don't know if it is. Where can i find out that19:23
GirlyGirlsherorox: if the ipk file is for a different cpu architecture it will not work19:23
Lithos84ricko77: The file extension is .deb19:24
VorsaykalCould anyone help me get my Dual Boot working? I installed Natty then Windows 7 and it only lets me boot into Windows 7 right now.19:24
GirlyGirlsherorox: Example ipk for an ARM based Meego on an Intel computer19:24
GirlyGirlsherorox: http://wiki.openmoko.org/wiki/Automatic_emulation_in_Ubuntu19:24
ricko77Lithos84: Here's the programs name i have downloaded: hplip-3.11.10.run19:26
deostrollhi. I kind of want to undo commands I've typed. They are mentioned here http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=7606173&postcount=519:26
deostrollThe first one...19:26
VorsaykalI tried following instructions on a thread to get Grub bootloader so I could use Natty and Win7 but when I typed the first thing they said "sudo grub" it gave me an error "sudo: grub: command not found"19:26
Lithos84ricko77: hplip is available on Ubuntu repositories. There's no need to downloading from somewhere else. In a terminal, type "sudo apt-get install hplip".19:27
SuhelI was wondering which is the best distro to use on a 528Ram computer?19:27
=== Taftse2 is now known as Taftse
icerootSuhel: if asking ubuntu-based. lubuntu is the answer19:28
Suheliceroot: thanks, can I run most of the Ubuntu programs on Lubuntu?19:29
icerootSuhel: you can run every program there, its just a different desktop, rest is the same19:30
deostrollhi. I want to undo this command. http://paste.ubuntu.com/704579/19:30
ricko77Lithos84: I think i need some form for course in Linux. I am totaly lost every time i need to install something. I think it's overwelming how difficult those simple tasks can be19:30
Generale_Russooh cool19:30
Generale_Russoit worked19:30
Generale_Russonever expected it!19:30
Suheliceroot: thanks mate, one last question. does Lubuntu also have the latest kernel?  :)19:30
Suhelricko77: at first it looks complex, but the more you use Linux the more fun all those messy stuff becomes19:31
Generale_Russothanks to Thor19:31
icerootSuhel: its using the same kernel as ubuntu, kubuntu and xubuntu. as i said its all the same, just a different desktop19:31
Suheliceroot: then I wont be able to load it on my laptop, unfortunately am struggling with the power bug. the workaround didnt work for me  :(19:32
Lithos84ricko77: To learn, take a look at ubuntuguide.org19:32
icerootSuhel: what bug exactly?19:32
ricko77Suhel: That depends on how much patience you have and i am not patience.19:32
icerootSuhel: on launchpad19:33
Suheliceroot: just a second, I will just look my mails and tell you19:33
Suhelricko77: but the Ubuntu software center installs almost any app without any problems19:34
ricko77Lithos84: I will look at that later19:34
Generale_Russoi was wondering: but on a modern computer, ubuntu would work the best with compatibility?19:34
icerootGenerale_Russo: depending on the hardware19:35
Suheliceroot: bug# 76013119:35
Generale_Russowell on a thing i'm sure, intel isn't digested really well on ubuntu eheh19:35
ricko77Okay i will try and see if Ubuntu Software Center & the guide can help me any further. So thanks for all of your help so far.19:36
Suhelricko77: if you use SOftware center you wont need any guide19:36
Suhelricko77: just search the software and click install, it will download and install the software within minutes19:37
icerootSuhel: should be fixed in some days. fix is already uploaded and build into the dev-kernel19:37
ricko77Suhel: I will loook that through first then19:38
Suheliceroot: but I read about it that they are not going to fix this bug as it would cause some hang up issues19:38
Suhelricko77: Yup, am sure it will change your perspective :)19:38
icerootSuhel: dont know, didnt follow the complete bug report19:38
Generale_Russowell thank you very much and see you another day!19:38
courtneyim trying to send internet to my xbox 360 from my laptop that is connected to it via ethernet cord but the xbox doesnt pick up the internet? any one have an idea of what i should do19:38
iceroot!ics | courtney19:39
ubottucourtney: If you want to share the internet connection of your Ubuntu machine with other machines in the network see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Internet/ConnectionSharing19:39
Suheliceroot: I'm thinking of switching over to Meerkat. is it good (stable) enough?19:39
icerootSuhel: what version was it?19:40
mateoburmy ubuntu one doesnt seem to be working in windows, is there a channel for ubuntu one?19:40
BouerBouerhey guys, trying to get my iPod synched through banshee and gtkpod but got a problem19:41
BouerBouerit's coming up as a digital camera on the system19:41
BouerBouerthen not showing up at all on gtkpod or in banshee19:41
BouerBouerwhat's going wrong?19:41
Dutch_yo duidz19:41
yeats!one | mateobur19:41
ubottumateobur: Ubuntu One is a service where you can back up, store, sync and share your data with other Ubuntu One users - For more see https://one.ubuntu.com/ support and help available at #ubuntuone19:41
Us3r_UnfriendlyBouerBouer: what's wrong?19:41
mateoburthanks yeats19:41
hansg01chown -R $user:$user $home is the command correct?19:41
BouerBoueriPod not coming up in gtkpod or banshee, want to sync it19:42
BouerBouerand on the system it comes up as iPod, but as a digital camera19:42
Us3r_UnfriendlyBouerBouer: what kind of ipod model?19:42
iceroothansg01: seems correct19:42
hansg01iceroot: thanx19:43
BouerBouergeneration 419:43
BouerBouerlatest one19:43
Suhel_got dc19:43
Us3r_UnfriendlyBouerBouer: like ipod touch?19:43
yeats!ipod | BouerBouer19:43
ubottuBouerBouer: For information on how to sync and add tracks to your iPod, see the guide at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IPodHowto - For the iPhone and the iPod Touch, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PortableDevices/iPhone - See !RockBox for information on liberating your iPod19:43
BouerBoueryeah ipod touch19:44
Us3r_UnfriendlyBouerBouer: http://www.libimobiledevice.org/19:47
Us3r_UnfriendlyBouerBouer: install the newest package19:47
_e1_hi ppl19:48
_e1_can someone help me with error I get after running latest flashplayerdebugger ?19:48
_e1_program runs, but still report this SSL error I've never seen before19:49
_e1_ERROR: flashplayerdebugger: Symbol `SSL_ImplementedCiphers' has different size in shared object, consider re-linking19:50
_e1_help anyone ?19:50
BouerBouerokay thanks then when I do that it'll work?19:50
deostrollhi can any one help me with this: I need to poing /usr/bin/python to python2.619:50
deostrollsorry *point19:51
Us3r_UnfriendlyBouerBouer: if running newer firmware on your idevice, this lib package should enable communication between your ubuntu machine and your idevice.  just reboot your system after you install the package and then try your ipod again19:51
BouerBouerokay, how would I install it?19:51
FreeWilly_someone stole my nic19:52
FreeWilly_on a samba network share on my linux box, how do i set it to allow windows clients when opening the share to be able to add and delete, not just read?19:53
hansg01i used the command chown -R $USER:$USER $home but got an error missing operand after hans:hans19:53
BouerBouerUs3r_Unfriendly: how to install it19:54
Us3r_UnfriendlyBouerBouer: add this ppa to your system:  "sudo add-apt-repository ppa:pmcenery/ppa"  and then "sudo apt-get update" and then "sudo apt-get install libimobiledevice" (the newest package)19:55
=== Mud is now known as Guest97483
Us3r_UnfriendlyBouerBouer: my iphone 3g with firmware 4.2.1 works in ubuntu with this package19:56
BouerBouerokay thanks for the help :)19:57
BouerBouercouldn't find the package19:57
Us3r_UnfriendlyBouerBouer: did you do sudo apt-get update?19:57
BouerBouerdoing it again19:57
BouerBouerstill could't find package19:58
linelevelHi. I'm having a problem where my wireless internet occasionally stops working (it drops the connection and can't reconnect, though it still shows the network in the list of SSIDs). Restarting the computer fixes this problem. Is there anything I can try, short of restarting the computer, that might fix this problem when it arises?19:59
Us3r_Unfriendlysudo apt-cache search libimobile19:59
linelevelUs3r_Unfriendly: Is that to me?20:00
BouerBouerus3r just did that20:00
BouerBouerthere's several packages but one is called libimobiledevice020:00
BouerBoueris that the right one?20:00
Us3r_Unfriendlylinelevel: no it's for BouerBouer, but in your case...what method of installing the module/driver for your card did you do?20:01
BouerBouerthere's a bunch with extentions like -dbg, -dev etc20:01
Us3r_UnfriendlyBouerBouer: install it20:01
BouerBouerokay thanks20:01
linelevelUs3r_Unfriendly: I'm pretty sure it worked out of the box. I don't think I installed any hardware driver for my wireless card.20:01
Us3r_Unfriendlylinelevel: what card/model do you have?20:02
deostrollhi can any one help me with this: I need to point /usr/bin/python to python2.620:02
Us3r_Unfriendlydeostroll: ln -s ?20:02
Parsindanyone using ubuntu mint?20:02
oCean!mint | Parsind20:03
ubottuParsind: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org20:03
bazhangParsind, mint support for that20:03
Us3r_Unfriendlylinelevel: what card/model do you have?20:03
FreeWilly_in my smb.conf file ive setup my share... with the property values writable = yes and readonly = no20:04
linelevelUs3r_Unfriendly: I just ran `lshw -html` and it shows my wireless card as "RTL8191SEvB Wireless LAN Controller".20:04
FreeWilly_however when accessing the shared drive from windows, pasting files within the share is denied20:04
FreeWilly_any ideas?20:04
GirlyGirllinelevel: Did this issue come recently?20:08
BouerBouerhey us3r just did all of that stuff20:08
BouerBouerno difference20:08
BouerBoueripod still comes up as a digital camera20:08
BouerBouerand still doesn't show up in banshee or gtkpod20:08
THE_GFR|WORKany ideas how to get GDM to show up via VNC so you can login not after?20:08
linelevelGirlyGirl: It's been happening for a long time, actually. Since around when I upgraded from to 10.04 (when it was new), though I'm not confident enough in the timing to claim a causal link.20:09
glassresistoranyone had any luck with the microsoft touch mouse?20:09
THE_GFR|WORKanyhow know what I need to do to make GDM show up via VNC so I can login to the gui?20:10
linelevelGirlyGirl: I'm not hopeful about preventing the problem altogether. What I'm hoping is that someone can give me some command-line-fu that will fix the problem on the fly when it arises, so that I don't need to restart my whole computer and lose all my work.20:10
GirlyGirllinelevel: Maybe /etc/init.d/networking restart20:11
=== th0r1 is now known as th0r
GirlyGirllinelevel: or sudo ifdown -a followed by sudo ifup -a20:12
linelevelGirlyGirl: I'll give the first one a shot. As for the latter, doesn't that only work when the interface is managed by /etc/network/interfaces? I'm using NetworkManager to connect.20:13
GirlyGirllinelevel: Should still work20:13
GirlyGirllinelevel: not sure though20:14
linelevelGirlyGirl: Okay, thanks. The other suggestion I just got is: sudo /etc/dbus-1/event.d/25NetworkManager restart20:14
linelevelGirlyGirl: Not sure if that still applies; It's from an Ubuntu mailing list from 2007.20:14
anthonyllinelevel hahah i c20:14
anthonylu r n00b20:15
bazhanganthonyl, stop that20:15
bl33dHiz, where can i choose / see what type of connection is my 3G USB stick modem using?20:15
linelevelanthonyl: yeah, I am :)20:16
BouerBouerguys need help, trying to sync ipod on banshee, but it's coming up as a camera and not showing up at all in banshee, what's wrong?20:16
GirlyGirllinelevel: Not sure either seems weird though20:16
CrockeoAnyone have anything to talk about?20:16
BularthipWell I'd need help20:16
bazhang!ot | Crockeo20:16
ubottuCrockeo: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!20:16
CrockeoAh, sorry.20:17
CrockeoBularthip, what's your question?20:17
CrockeoI'm relatively new but I could give it a shot.20:17
BularthipWell I actually can't easilly tell it20:17
CrockeoThat's... a problem.20:17
BularthipI can't do anything, I actually cant' see anything20:17
FreeWilly_anyone ever post a question on the samba channel?20:17
bl33dNo such folder. :S20:18
KrazyKrivdacan anyone help me with turning on/off wifi for my laptop.  Need to know how to in terminal/20:18
bl33dSo where can i see what type of connection is my 3G USB stick modem using?20:18
CrockeoBularthip, have you restarted?20:18
th0rbl33d: the commands for configuring it are iwconfig and ifconfig20:18
CrockeoFirst thing with any problem in to restart.20:18
BularthipWhen I boot up my PC, I will login normally into Ubuntu, but I can't see that application panel on the left, I can't open terminal, I can't exit, resize or move this IRC window20:18
BularthipYeah, I have20:18
CrockeoMaybe the GUI managers busted?20:19
BularthipI'm pretty new on ubuntu but actually I didn't do anything to cause it20:19
oCeanCrockeo: well, no. Huge amounts of problems don't require a restart to fix20:19
th0rBularthip: if you log out, and at the login screen Sessions menu choose 'ubuntu classic' then try to log back in20:20
BularthipPreviously today I installed this umm... CCSM, I was just curious but never actually even opened it20:20
BularthipWell I dunno how to logout as ctrl+alt+del doesn't show logout option20:20
BularthipSomehow I'm excited of this, maybe I'll learn something new but still got shaky hands and panic :<20:21
bl33dth0r, okay, but that just gives me bunch of data, that does not (not to me) say anything about what is the current connection type in use (2g, 3g (one of them), or what :S20:21
oCeanDutch_: wrong channel20:22
th0rbl33d: sorry....that was for KrazyKrivda, too much traffic in too small a window <smile>20:22
Dutch_oCean: What channel then?20:22
parcoany droid x users please pm me?20:22
subr00tI am using Ubuntu 11.04 with nVidia GeForce 7300 SE/7200 GS card.With the latest nVidia driver can not able to start unity20:22
subr00tany idea?20:22
oCeanDutch_: no idea, but it has nothing to do with this channel's topic20:22
KrazyKrivdath0r: power management: off20:23
th0rBularthip: can you use Alt-Ctl-F2 to switch to a tty?20:23
oCeanDutch_: stop it20:23
BularthipYeah, I can, also tried it earlier but dunno how to get out of it :p20:23
FreeWilly_anyone, samba share, help plz20:24
BularthipAnd as I earlier today installed ccsm, I removed it from tty but didn't help20:24
th0rKrazyKrivda: you can use those two commands to configure the wifi from the terminal20:24
bl33dth0r, Oh okay. No problem, but i would stil llike to know where can i see / select the connection type. :S20:24
KrazyKrivdath0r: i'm trying to figure out command simply to turn the wlan0 on, i see iwconfig interface power ... bnut seems to not work as I think20:24
ravengpodder 2.14 how to disable left-click-menu?20:25
th0rBularthip: switch to another tty, then use 'sudo shutdown -r now' to force a reboot. That should put you at the login screen where you can switch to gnome (ubuntu classic). That will at least get you a working environment20:25
HaematomaHow do I transform a ISO file to a bootable partition on a USB thumb drive?20:25
subr00tplease i need help, I am using Ubuntu 11.04 with nVidia GeForce 7300 SE/7200 GS card.With the latest nVidia driver can not able to start unity20:25
Bularthipth0r, will do. We'll see if I can get back here :p20:25
HaematomaThis would be done w/in Ubuntu20:25
th0rKrazyKrivda: I don't think the wifi card power is controlled by software. It is usually a switch on the laptop somewhere20:26
mdgeorgeI know it's not standard, but I'm trying to use gnome-shell...20:26
bazhangHaematoma, unetbootin20:27
mdgeorgewhen I use fullscreen applications (i.e. games), the "applications" bar still appears20:27
th0rbl33d: sorry....never used any of the cell based units.20:27
mdgeorgedoes anyone know of a workaround?20:27
KrazyKrivdath0r: on my laptop I have the touch sensitive buttons that are blue (on) or orange (off) lights.. the light seems unresponsive though :-\20:27
auronandacemdgeorge: gnome3 isn't supported on 11.04, can't you wait for 11.10 to be released?20:28
bazhangmdgeorge, what version of ubuntu20:28
Bularthipth0r, nothing :o It rebooted, but nothing new happened20:28
Haematomabazhang, thanks I'll check it out!20:28
th0rBularthip: did it take you to a login screen, or do you have it set up to login automatically20:28
bazhangmdgeorge, wait 4 days get it in 11.1020:28
mdgeorgeah, ok20:29
mdgeorgeI've been using it for quite some time, I didn't realize the next release was switching20:29
bazhangmdgeorge, the PPA for 11.04 is very unstable requiring a reinstall20:29
=== mimico_away is now known as mimico
mdgeorgebazhang: hmm...I haven't had any problems.  Am I likely to when I upgrade?20:30
heizmannHi everyboby. I've a little question concerning to an auto-mount of a file.img... Well, I'm using a luks format for this file, and I've got a file.key to decrypt this. So, manually, this sequence works (in root): losetup /dev/loop0 /path/to/my/cryptfile.img ; cryptsetup luksOpen /dev/loop0 hello --key-file=/path/to/my/file.key ; mount /dev/mapper/hello /my/mountpoint ;20:30
BularthipOh yea... lol. At loginscreen, where is it where I can switch to boot to gnome?20:30
th0rBularthip: there should be a Sessions menu20:30
heizmannHow to automatize this when I launch my laptop?20:30
BularthipWell I'll go check again, just a second20:30
auronandacemdgeorge: you will need to reinstall, since installing gnome3 in 11.04 breaks things20:31
optimus_hello world20:31
Wurstmenschhallo optimus20:31
optimus_hey im completely new to irc20:32
auronandace!es | srkdos20:32
Lithos84!es | srkdos20:32
ubottusrkdos: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.20:32
srkdosalguien habla español?20:32
subr00tI am using Ubuntu 11.04 with nVidia GeForce 7300 SE/7200 GS card.With the latest nVidia driver can not able to start unity20:32
subr00ti've got the solution ;) back to 10.1020:33
BularthipYyup, got into Ubuntu Classic20:33
alex-Shall I buy a GTX470 or a 6850? 470 can better handle ubuntu i heard.20:33
th0rBularthip: then you just have a problem with unity. Was it working originally, before you installed ccsm?20:34
Bularthipth0r Yes, zero problems before I had installed ccsm and first reboot after20:35
Wurstmenschalex-: i'd recommend renting a server. it handles ubuntu best20:35
BularthipI never even got to open ccsm, just randomly decided to reboot PC hours later20:35
=== pothos_ is now known as pothos
heizmannNobody has an idea to solve my problem? :)20:36
th0rBularthip: it is just a config issue I suspect. Unfortunately I don't use unity, running debian now. But someone here should be able to help. When you describe the problem, tell them unity was running fine until you installed ccsm, and that you made no changes using ccsm, and the problem showed up after the install when you rebooted.20:36
helpdesk@heizmann repeat...20:36
guntbertWurstmensch: please stop giving random "advice"20:36
helpdeskwas not on the channel20:36
heizmannhelpdesk ok...20:37
th0rBularthip: and let them know gnome is running OK now...just a problem with unity20:37
heizmann"Hi everyboby. I've a little question concerning to an auto-mount of a file.img... Well, I'm using a luks format for this file, and I've got a file.key to decrypt this. So, manually, this sequence works (in root): losetup /dev/loop0 /path/to/my/cryptfile.img ; cryptsetup luksOpen /dev/loop0 hello --key-file=/path/to/my/file.key ; mount /dev/mapper/hello /my/mountpoint ;"20:37
heizmann"How to automatize this when I launch my laptop?"20:37
helpdeskyou can set it when you log in20:37
helpdesktry your .profile20:38
helpdeskput it at the end20:38
helpdeskthis is untested advise though...20:38
BularthipOkay then. Well I think I'll manage to use classic for a while, atleast I'm glad I finally can do something on my PC :p20:38
parcohi channel, any android users out there have a sec to quickly review my app, named Jarvis20:38
helpdesk@parco... apk?20:39
guntbert!ot | parco20:39
KrazyKrivdaparco: what is the apk?20:39
ubottuparco: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!20:39
bazhangparco, dont advertise20:39
helpdesk@bazhang. does this not count as debugging?20:39
bazhanghelpdesk, no20:39
parcoandroid runs on linux, i think so20:40
ravenhow to mount/save unfinalized dvds?20:40
bazhangparco, you've been asked not to previously. stop.20:40
KrazyKrivdaparco try #andriod-dev20:40
heizmannhelpdesk: .profile is launch after the authentification when a session is opened... It cannot work...20:40
helpdeskyour trying to get this to run before the LUKS filesystem is mounted?20:41
helpdeskor in the boot p20:41
parcoKrazyKrivda, will do20:41
heizmannhelpdesk: I wish my luks file mounts juste after the authentification (but, automatically)20:42
guntberthelpdesk: you dont need the @, just mentioning the nick of a person suffices20:42
helpdesk@heizmann i now understand the gravity of your request... wait one...