charlie-tcaGood morning14:46
madnickmorning :)14:46
=== ChanServ changed the topic of #xubuntu-devel to: Xubuntu Development | Oneiric Ocelot Beta2 released | #xubuntu for support | Schedule: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/OneiricReleaseSchedule | Wiki: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu | Xubuntu Community meeting 2011-10-23 at 22:00 UTC - Election for Project Lead | Testing Oneiric Ocelot Final images at http://cdimages.ubuntu.com/xubuntu/
charlie-tcaat least the oneiric schedule has finally been updated to remove Release Candidate :)16:42
GridCubeso i installed the latest image on this machine16:46
GridCubebut its failing hard16:46
GridCubei guess it has to do whit this machine in particular though16:47
charlie-tcaGridCube: hardware or vbox?16:49
charlie-tcaand which image?16:49
GridCubehardware charlie-tca 16:49
GridCubelast night one16:50
charlie-tca32bit alternate, 32bit desktop, 64bit alternate, 64bit desktop, all images?16:50
GridCubeoh yes, 32bit alternate manual partition16:50
charlie-tcaThe only one we haven't tried lately, too16:51
charlie-tcaMaybe you ran out of drive space?16:51
GridCubeformated 16:51
charlie-tcaGridCube: question? where do we get the tests to run daily for the new tracker?16:51
charlie-tcaI can try it after the one I am installing now. 16:52
GridCubei think its a hardware thing16:52
GridCubebecause i reinstalled because this same thing was happening whit 11.0416:52
charlie-tcaYeah, that would be my guess too16:53
GridCubecharlie-tca: you mean the schedule ?16:53
GridCubefor the new tracker?16:53
GridCubeyou update it from the admin area16:54
charlie-tcaThe one coming up blank this week16:54
charlie-tcaSo, we add the tests for each day manually?16:54
* charlie-tca smacks head16:54
charlie-tcaI guess I knew that...16:54
charlie-tcaGridCube: my guess would be out-of-date video card on that machine16:55
GridCubeso i will have to reinstall xp here?16:56
charlie-tcaI had one here did that, though, and I had to update the bios for it to work16:56
charlie-tcawhich ain't easy on an old computer without windows16:56
charlie-tcaI will not install windows, I would get rid of the computer first, but then, I got a few extra here, too.16:57
GridCubethats not an option16:58
charlie-tcaYeah, sometimes the only option is Windows16:59
GridCubecharlie-tca: guess what, i installed gdm and the error stop17:55
charlie-tcaso, something in lightdm failing to work17:55
charlie-tcabut you said it did the same thing in 11.04, which uses gdm17:56
GridCubeyes i knoe17:56
GridCubewich is weird17:56
charlie-tcaThat's just weird, yup17:56
=== casa_ is now known as GridCube1
GridCube1this is really weird18:01
charlie-tcaOh, yeah, I forgot. I am not seeing any blueman or bluetooth crashes here18:01
charlie-tcamicahg_, madnick :18:01
charlie-tcano crashes for blueman or bluetooth on my no bluetooth system18:02
GridCube1it crashed for me in this machine on the first boot, since then no more18:03
charlie-tcaseems to be a sporadic bug, maybe it is something in certain hardware causing it, since we don't see it in all hardware18:04
GridCube1charlie-tca, sorry to bother you, but i keep thinking about what you asked me today about the new tracker and i still do not understend your question XD18:10
charlie-tcaI did not see any tests required all week, and wanted to know why18:10
charlie-tcaTest meant for today are:18:11
charlie-tcaOh! noes! no schedule was added for today! 18:11
charlie-tcaall week18:11
GridCube1oh yeah18:11
GridCube1sorry about that, i schudeled the week you said we where gonna test and then stopped18:11
charlie-tcastarting tomorrow, we have the final images18:11
GridCube1:D you can add some 18:11
GridCube1to see how its done18:12
charlie-tcayeah, now that I realized that is what needs to happen18:12
charlie-tcaI will add some for next week18:12
GridCube1i could change the > Oh! noes! no schedule was added for today!  18:13
GridCube1for > do all tests! ask on the irc channels!18:13
GridCube1XD whit ! exclamation ! marks !18:13
charlie-tcaI think it is fine for now18:14
charlie-tcaafter next week, we don't test again until about November 25 or so18:14
charlie-tcaso, maybe the topic here will say that testers are on a break :)18:15
GridCube1bbl 18:17
GridCubeso, for no apparent reason using gdm seems to have fixed all problems18:43
pietHello, I'd like to report a fully succesful installation with the Xubuntu Oneiric daily build of yesterday. No problems whatsoever, during installation.19:32
charlie-tcawell, at least you got it fixed :)19:32
charlie-tcatomorrow, we start testing the final oneiric images19:32
Pjotrpiet = Pjotr now.  :P19:35
Pjotra patch for the lightdm greeter bug (untranslatable three items) has been submitted by a member of the Dutch Ubuntu community (Timo): https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/lightdm/+bug/86861319:36
ubottuUbuntu bug 868613 in lightdm (Ubuntu Oneiric) "lightdm-gtk-greeter in Xubuntu, has three untranslatable items" [Medium,Triaged]19:36
PjotrToo late for 11.10, but in time for 12.0419:37
charlie-tcaThe bug has been marked as not possible in Oneiric, will happen for Precise19:37
charlie-tcabut of course, Dutch is not the only language needs to be translated for it?19:38
PjotrSo it is... But in Precise it'll be allright. :-)19:38
PjotrI'll alert the other translators on the mailing list, when the three items have become translatable19:39
PjotrOne other translation related issue: Firefox in Xubuntu Oneiric (install with daily build of yesterday, fully updated) has no Dutch spell dictionary on board. It should...19:40
charlie-tcaWe can't actually install dictionaries for every language. Can the user install one in Dutch?19:41
PjotrYes, but it should come automatically, with the localization19:42
PjotrI remember a similar issue in an earlier Ubuntu version. Regression? I'll test it in Ubuntu as well.19:43
charlie-tcaI don't know if Xubuntu/Ubuntu or Mozilla is responsible for it, actually19:44
PjotrIt should be part of the localized language packs. Anyway, I'll test it in Ubuntu as well. Possibly not a purely Xubuntu-related bug19:45
PjotrI'll let you know19:46
charlie-tcabbl - got to do a bit of shopping20:17

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