sandra_G'evening my fellow Xubuntu inmates :-)03:18
sandra_I hope everyone is doing well tonight03:18
sandra_I'm  new to Linux and Xubuntu and I would like to know if there is a way to incorporate the sound applet found in Ubuntu Oneiric into Xubuntu ?03:20
sandra_The reason I would like to do this is because I feel Ubuntu Oneiric speaker icon sound applet has a better fit and feel then the current sound speaker icon option found in Xubuntu currently03:22
sandra_mostly because Xubuntu does not do well my USB headsets.03:23
sandra_What I'm doing currently is using pulseaudio volume control when using my USB headset.03:25
sandra_Any help w/my request would be greatly appreciated :-)03:25
Shirakawasunasandra_: What do you  mean by sound applet? The indicator applet used by ubuntu (or maybe a modified version) is included by default in Xubuntu.03:48
chanelleall of my window borders are missing! what do i do?03:48
Shirakawasunachanelle: xfwm4 --replace &03:48
chanellewoah thank you @03:49
chanellethat was quick03:49
Shirakawasunasandra_: sorry, I think I misunderstood your question. If you want the oneiric icon, my recommendation is to wait a week for oneiric to come out :). Alternatively you can install the oneiric package for the sound indicator applet, but I'm new to ubuntu myself and don't know which one it is.03:50
Shirakawasunachanelle: np!03:50
sandra_Shirakawasuna: I'm so sorry I am now reading your responce04:09
Shirakawasunasandra_: lol, don't worry about it04:09
ShirakawasunaIRC is all about 30 minute pauses between responses04:10
sandra_Shirakawasuna,  I'm new to linux and Ubuntu and it's variants too lol04:10
sandra_Shirakawasuna, But under Ubuntu Oneiric it's sound icon which gives one access to one's music player and sound settings seems to me a bit more intuitive and easy to use for a novice such as myself.04:11
Shirakawasunasandra_: this is what mine looks like: https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/_1QSDkzYY2vc/TbqXu8oL_FI/AAAAAAAAENI/47xG3YPsLHA/xubuntu_11.04_musicmenu.png04:12
sandra_Shirakawasuna, And what I was hoping to do was to hopefully incorporate the sound applet from ubuntu oneiric into Xubuntu so it's not such a challenge to use one's USB headset.04:12
Shirakawasunasandra_: if you want something like in that screenshot, it's the default for xubuntu. Do you want something different?04:13
sandra_Shirakawasuna, Yes mine is identical to yours but Ubuntu oneiric is slightly different and choosing one's USB headset under Ubuntu Oneiric is much easier then on the current version of Xubuntu Oneiric.04:15
sandra_Shirakawasuna, right now I have to use a work around that involves using Pulseaudio volume control in order to get my USB headset to work.04:16
Shirakawasunasandra_: Because it's the oneiric package, it might not work, but this is the package you want: http://packages.ubuntu.com/oneiric/indicator-sound04:17
sandra_Shirakawasuna, Under Ubuntu Oneiric I just simply click on the speaker icon and then slect Sound Preferences and simply select my USB headset and it works..04:17
Shirakawasunawell you can click the speaker icon, then 'sound preferences' in xubuntu. I don't know if that menu will appear if you update the indicator04:18
Shirakawasunayou might want to update the pulseaudio mixer instead04:19
Shirakawasunais it the mixer that has the options you want, rather than the indicator pull-down menu (the speaker icon)04:19
sandra_Shirakawasuna, How would I go about updating my pulseaudio mixer ?04:20
sandra_lol now you know why I would love to incorporate Ubuntu's sound applet if it could be done under Xfce which of course Xubuntu uses.04:21
sandra_Shirakawasuna, and thank you for your help I truly appreciate it.04:21
Shirakawasunalooks like it's 'xfce4-mixer'.04:22
ShirakawasunaIt probably won't be the same as what the main ubuntu mixer does.04:22
sandra_I truly enjoy using Xubuntu it's quick and very responsive but I need to be able to use  my USB headset by simpy plugging it in as one does under windows or ubuntu.04:23
Shirakawasunawell, it's probably using something similar to alsamixer04:24
Shirakawasunaif you open a terminal and type 'alsamixer', it might show up04:25
Shirakawasuna'm' will unmute once the right setting is selected04:25
Shirakawasuna(it toggles mute, so it can also mute things)04:25
ShirakawasunaI would also play around with the xfce mixer, maybe it's just a little different and takes some jiggeirng04:28
sandra_yes the default mixer currently used in Xubuntu Oneiric is not very functional or user friendly option at this point.04:29
sandra_No matter what I did I could not get my USB headset to work using Xubuntu mixer that's why I had to download pulseaudio volume control manager w/it my USB headset works but it's a work around at this point.04:31
Shirakawasunaideally you should be able to launch the mixer, select the appropriate device, go to 'select controls' and see your headset04:31
sandra_Shirakawasuna, yest I saw my headset in the mixer but no matter what I did sound would not default to my headset.04:32
ShirakawasunaI've never done anything with that, sandra_, so I probably won't be much help :/04:33
ShirakawasunaIf I had a headset to test out I'd try it, but I don't04:33
sandra_good intentions count too :-)04:34
sandra_Shirakawasuna, it was very nice meeting you . thank you for your help.04:42
Shirakawasunasandra_: You're welcome. Sorry I couldn't really help much.04:42
sandra_it's appreciated Shirakawasuna04:44
ssargenntoHello all... anybody having problems with thunar file manager opening slow on the first time and producing two windows about 15 seconds apart?06:58
* cousin_luigi has been trying to use compiz on 11.10 but it crashes very often. Any chance this is just a passing glitch?07:03
raevolhow is oeneric xubuntu looking at the moment? safe to move to it? will be doing a fresh install07:08
well_laid_lawnit's released next week afaik07:08
ubottuUbuntu 11.10 (Oneiric Ocelot) will be the fifteenth release of Ubuntu.  Codename announcement here: http://www.markshuttleworth.com/?p=646 Discussion and support in #ubuntu+107:09
raevolyea, that's why i'm asking how it looks now, usually this late in the game it's pretty stable07:09
well_laid_lawnthe folks in the #ubuntu+1 channel should know - I have no idea07:09
raevoli guess midnight on a saturday is not the best time to bug people ;)07:10
well_laid_lawnheh ;)07:10
Unit193About ~6 days now07:11
raevolman i really wish i had asked when oeneric is being released :D i'd have 2 excellent answers07:12
cousin_luigiraevol: xfce desktop is not particularly stable on 11.1007:12
raevolthanks cousin_luigi07:12
cousin_luigiraevol: but I'm also using compiz on it07:13
raevolouch :(07:13
raevolwhat video driver?07:13
cousin_luiginvidia binary07:13
raevolgonna ppa-purge xorg-edgers and get fglrx07:16
raevolbecause i am bored07:16
Unit193Err, scrictly speaking, 5 days07:17
seemawni watched a youtube-video of a tiling wm for xfce09:27
seemawnxfwm-tiling or sth, but this video reffered to the arch aur. Is there also a deb-package of this wm?09:27
Sysinot anything officially packaged, but you can use tiling WMs with xfce09:29
Sysidunno if there's ppa or build somewhere09:29
seemawnyes i know, but it is nasty to setup.09:29
Unit193All I know is AwesomeWM09:30
Sysirm -rf ~/.cache/sessions && $WM --replace and save session on logout09:30
seemawni meant this09:31
Sysithat's officially coming in 4.1009:32
seemawnin 4.10 what?09:33
seemawnand this is not in 11.10, is it?09:33
Sysinot since it isn't released yet09:34
SysiI can't find any packages for xfwm4-tiling.. you could ask at #xfce if you don't want to build packages yourself09:35
Unit193./ubottu says it's not in oneiric either09:37
seemawnok thx :)09:38
seemawnsry, i must complain.10:04
seemawnor before I do that, I should rather ask for a reason10:04
seemawnwhy is a menu editor not aviable anymore?10:04
seemawnin xfce10:04
Sysialacarte works with 4.810:05
Sysimenu editor was gone already in 4.6, I don't really know why, 4.8 brought menu editing back10:05
seemawnbecause the wiki entry is possibly wrong10:05
seemawnthis file is missing10:07
seemawnthere is not an xfce4-dir in my .cache.10:07
seemawnbut this environment variable is set10:07
seemawnbut where?10:07
SysiI guess you're looking page for 4.6, in 4.8 you edit .desktop files10:09
Sysithough you can edit some file too.. I can't remember what10:09
Sysidefault ones are in /etc/xdg/menus/ you should copy them to your home before editing10:12
Sysi.desktop files in /usr/share/applications place them in ~/.local/share/applications add NoDisplay=true if you want10:13
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seemawnSysi: thank you! alacarte worked for me.10:24
seemawnsth different10:25
seemawnubuntu one costs 2,99 per month for 20 gigs10:25
seemawndoes anyone know the euro-price?10:26
seemawnanyway compared to db, this is a good price10:26
mossaibyAny xubuntu developers here?10:40
mossaibyNeed some help with xubuntu 11.10 beta 210:41
TheSheepwhy do you need help from developers?10:41
TheSheepusers should be enough10:41
mossaibyI do not think so ;)10:42
TheSheeptry anyways10:42
ubottuUbuntu bug 863873 in linux (Ubuntu) "xubuntu 11.10 beta2 kernel boot problem" [Undecided,Confirmed]10:42
TheSheepwell, there are already people commenting on that bug10:43
mossaibyme, and an automated script... no real help10:44
knomeit's not the xubuntu developers who can help you with that, but the canonical/ubuntu kernel team10:44
mossaibyI have no problem with ubuntu 11.10 kernel...10:45
TheSheepmossaiby: bugging people on irc will not make it better though, I guess10:45
mossaibyso this should be an xubuntu thing10:45
knomexubuntu does not have a different kernel.10:46
TheSheepmossaiby: do you think you could snap a photo of the screen with a cellphone, for example?10:46
mossaibyit restarts very quickly, but I will do my best10:46
Sysiisn't beta2 image quite old, grab daily10:46
mossaibyalso will try daily10:47
mossaibyI am on the same computer... need some time to do that!10:47
Sysibtw I'd use usb-sticks, burning can cause problems10:47
mossaibyI use grub to boot off the ISO image. It worked so far for other things10:48
Sysithat sounds good too10:48
mossaibyhmmm looking at the history, I have tried with a daily build after the beta2 too10:51
mossaibybut I am again updating to the latest10:51
mossaibyA simple question! Does daily only have "alternate" image??? I can't seem to find the .zsync file anymore10:53
Sysidaily-live is live10:54
mossaibylots of thanks10:55
mossaibyupdating (a very slow connection here...)10:55
sutherlandhow do i find out if i have  PRISM card?12:12
sutherlandhow do i find out if i have  PRISM card?12:40
TheSheepsutherland: lshw12:44
seemawnwhen I open my homedir in tunar, it reports, that it cannot be displayed because it be not able to examine .gvfs, socket not connected.12:49
seemawnok, I see. It seems to be a bug.12:50
genupulasi had lost network applet in my xubuntu , i need help to restore it14:57
genupulasin the top panel at right side we will have that which will show our connections14:58
genupulasplease help me14:58
GridCubeso im on my sister machine16:48
GridCubeand for somereason when i launch applications xorg dies, bad16:48
GridCubei cant even alt-f2 to anything16:49
GridCubeor go to a tty16:49
GridCubei now rebooted an i'm using irssi16:49
GridCubebut im afraid of launching anything again16:49
m6lockswhat does it say when it dies16:49
GridCubeit just goes black16:50
m6locksumm, you can't get to a shell after that?16:50
m6lockstry ctrl-alt-f216:52
m6locksfor a different tty16:52
GridCubeim using several ttys now16:53
GridCubei haven launched xubuntu yet16:53
m6locksthen you can check /var/log/Xorg.0.log to see what happens with it16:54
m6lockswell go for it16:54
m6locksthere seem to be no errors yet, did it crash?16:57
m6locksi mean pasting it after the crash16:57
GridCubeit went completely black i couldnt keep using it16:57
m6locksdo it again, press ctrl-alt-f2 to get to different tty, pastebin the error using lynx/links/pastebinit16:58
GridCubewill try16:59
GridCubebut it will most probably dont allow me to crtl-alt-f2 like last time16:59
m6locksyou said you tried alt-f217:00
m6locksbut whatever, try again :)17:00
GridCubeit happened again17:16
GridCubei was using the system until i launched firefox17:17
GridCubethen it DIED17:17
m6locksdid you get to another shell/tty?17:18
GridCubewell this time it showed me tty1 and a mouse cursor17:18
GridCubebut i couldnt use it17:19
GridCubeand couldnt change17:19
GridCubeand the keyboard light didnt turn on/off17:19
m6lockshmm you got to change to another tty?17:19
GridCubeit was absolutelly and defenitevily DEAD17:20
m6locksdid you try all of them17:20
m6locksseems like its a hardware issue17:20
GridCubeyeah im kinda figuring that too17:20
m6locksthe processor gets overloaded and the whole system dies17:20
m6locksor somwething17:20
Sysior just driver hangs17:26
Sysiwhat graphics?17:26
Sysidoes livecd work17:26
GridCubei do not have a live cd17:35
GridCubewell gonna reboot and see what happens after creating a xorg.conf17:35
GridCubethat didnt work17:41
GridCubei can't remember how to configure xorg from a tty17:42
GridCubebut i guess i can't do that anymore17:42
genupulasi had lost network applet in my xubuntu , i need help to restore it17:50
genupulasin the top panel at right side we will have that which will show our connections17:50
GridCubeoh... this is nice17:54
m6locksgenupulas: right click panel -> add new items18:03
genupulasm6locks:  thanx finally you pick this18:04
genupulasm6locks:  no man i had tried all those things18:04
m6locksits not showing up?18:05
genupulasm6locks:  i have network monitor but not that applet which is have the ability to maintain network connections18:05
genupulasno that applet not showing up18:05
m6locksits liek one line on google http://www.ubuntugeek.com/possible-solutions-to-fix-the-missing-network-manager-icon-in-ubuntu-9-10.html18:06
genupulasm6locks:  i will check this out  by restarting my pc18:07
genupulasm6locks:  Thank you18:07
rajum6locks,  hi man , i got solved the issue18:20
rajum6locks,  now i am with xubuntu 11.1018:20
rajuactually old trick worked here18:21
m6locksraju: nice, what'd you do?18:21
rajupanel preference-_items-indicator applet18:21
rajum6locks,  thank you man18:21
m6locksyou're welcom18:22
YodaRULZCan someone please help me with a problem?18:24
ubottuAvoid following your questions with a trail of "Please, help me", "Can nobody help me?", "I really need this!", and so on. This just contributes to making the channel unreadable. If you are not answered, ask again later; but see also !repeat and !attitude18:25
charlie-tcaoh, nope18:25
charlie-tcaYodaRULZ: please ask your question, all on one line if possible, and if someone knows the answer, they will tell you.18:26
charlie-tcaNo one here seems to answer questions that are not asked, and all problems have details.18:26
rootbeerWhenever I run a program, the top of the window containing the close, minimize, and restore buttons is missing. Also, the program wont show up in the taskbar.18:32
rootbeerDoes anyone know how to resolve this?18:32
charlie-tcaPress Alt+F2, xfwm418:33
YodaRULZAfter several minutes, I cannot enter anything into text input boxes other than in my browser. I have tried restarting and it didn't help.18:37
Shirakawasunahave you tried closing the browser and making sure the process is truly dead? (ps aux | grep firefox)18:39
YodaRULZThats not the problem18:41
YodaRULZI cant enter anywhere BUT in my browser18:41
YodaRULZThats how I'm on this irc channel.18:41
YodaRULZAnd mvm18:52
GridCube!info gnomebaker18:55
ubottugnomebaker (source: gnomebaker): application for CD/DVD creation in the GNOME desktop. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.6.4-1ubuntu1 (natty), package size 990 kB, installed size 2980 kB18:55
GridCube!info gnomebaker oneiric18:55
ubottuPackage gnomebaker does not exist in oneiric18:55
GridCubeso xfburn doesnt have drag'n'drop whit thunar, gnomebaker did18:56
GridCubewhat a proper replacement for xfburn then?18:56
charlie-tcaproper replacement? I use xfburn19:33
sandra_Hello my fellow Xubuntu inmates :-)20:03
sandra_I hope everyone is doing well today.20:04
zenroxi am fine20:04
sandra_zenrox, Glad to hear it20:05
sandra_I was hoping someone here who has a talent for tinkering and mix & matching could give me a hand.20:06
zenroxmix and matching what20:07
sandra_What I would like to do is incorporate Ubuntu Oneiric speaker icon applet into Xubuntu so I can readily use my USB headset in Xubuntu w/out resorting to the work around I'm currently using in order to use my USB headset.20:08
sandra_I know this can be done because I went to distrowatch.com and downloaded PC/OS which is based on Xubuntu and has same sound preference interface that Ubuntu uses and of course my USB headset worked w/out a hitch.20:09
charlie-tcaThen just install what they use for the mixer?20:10
sandra_zenrox, I'd like to do the same in Xubuntu Oneiric if I could .20:10
sandra_I figure if the creator of PC/OS could do it why not Xubuntu ?20:11
charlie-tcabecause Xubuntu doesn't want to pull in the gnome dependencies it uses?20:12
zenroxwhat about xfce-xfapplet-plugin it will allow you to run gnome applets in the xfce4 tackbar20:13
sandra_charlie-tca,  why not pull it in ? as it stands something as basic and needed as USB headset support is a must have.20:13
charlie-tcaAs a user, why can't you just install their "mixer" to replace xfce4-mixer?20:13
sandra_charlie-tca, I'm new to linux on the whole if someone told me a few months ago that I would be mix and matching OS components I would of laughed in total unbelief lol20:14
charlie-tcaXubuntu strives to remain as lightweight as it can, any added gnome dependencies must be carefully considered.20:14
sandra_I know my dearly departed husband who was a programer wouldn't of believed it lol20:14
charlie-tcaBut not so new as to not have found that Ubuntu and PC/OS use the same things?20:15
sandra_charlie-tca, I work as a project manager so I'm use to researching  things I'm not familiar with lol20:16
sandra_in order to gain a better understanding of any solution on the whole so to speak.20:16
sandra_charlie-tca, btw PC/OS ran extremely fast on my HP-HDX-18-Laptop20:17
charlie-tcaI do not know the name of the app they are using, but it would seem easy to install if known. Just open a terminal, type 'sudo apt-get install ???' without the quotes20:18
sandra_charlie-tca, So I don't believe using Ubuntu's sound preference menu would slow things down20:18
charlie-tcaThe question is how much it would slow down for most users of Xubuntu. That's why we let individuals install the things they want. We give you what we consider the best fit for the distribution.20:19
sandra_it just strikes me as odd that I can't use my USB headset as my default sound unit under the current Xubuntu Oneiric system.20:19
sandra_I had to install Pulseaudio Volume Control in order to use my USB headset as a work around.20:21
sandra_charlie-tca, is there a way I can find out what sound mixer program Ubuntu Oneiric or PC/OS is using ?20:22
charlie-tcaAsk in #ubuntu+1, where the Ubuntu Oceiric users are?20:22
charlie-tcaI don't use Ubuntu, and don't have it installed here to try and find it20:23
sandra_I ran PC/OS off a live USB key w/out loading it on my hard drive in order find out what I did so far.20:25
sandra_charlie-tca, that IRC addy that you were kind enough to provide me with is it on the freenode server too ?20:25
sandra__charlie-tca, perhaps you know of way using the  current Xfce mixer to work and allow one's USB headset to be the default sound source ?20:35
sandra__perhaps anyone who isn't greyed out on the user list have a answer ? thanks.20:36
well_laid_lawnthere should be a conf file for the mixer in ~/.config20:36
sandra__well_laid_lawn, I am new to linux  and Xubuntu and I'm eager to learn . How would I find this file ?20:40
sandra__My original thought was to perhaps pull in Ubuntu Oneiric sound preferences  program and use it since it works far better then what Xubuntu is currently using when it comes to using one's USB headset.20:41
well_laid_lawnit'll be in .config/xfce420:42
sandra__well_laid_lawn, I saw this was possible based on a Xfce distro called PC/OS which I saw on www.distrowatch.com20:42
well_laid_lawnit's an xml file20:43
sandra__well_laid_lawn, is that file under for example etc or usr  or share folder ?20:44
sandra__it's too bad that the sound preferences option under Xubuntu can't simply handle a simple USB headset option the mixer see's it but can't default sound to it.20:45
well_laid_lawnthe ~ in ~/.config means your home dir20:45
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andres-kainubuntuone in xubuntu... is it ok?21:12
charlie-tcaYou can try, you probably will need some help from #ubuntuone if you don't want to install nautilus and a bunch of gnome21:13
charlie-tcazenrox: you have it working?21:13
zenroxi was working21:14
zenroxtill oneiric fliped out21:15
zenroxbut it works in natty21:15
zenroxyes i still had to install all the gnome shit21:15
charlie-tcaOh, okay21:15
zenroxbut it works21:15
charlie-tcaalmost better to install Ubuntu and use ubuntuone, it works.21:16
zenroxnicer to just install bits and peices21:16
charlie-tcaDropbox works well with Xubuntu, though. I did the cli dropbox install, and it is still working21:16
zenroxi have dropbox too21:16
zenroxthat was easy21:16
charlie-tcaI got ubuntuone to work in maverick, without the gnome stuff, but it failed in natty for me21:17
zenroxsomething was different might have to modify what you did21:18
GridCubeoh well things work now21:20
GridCubeI had to replace lightdm whit gdm21:20
charlie-tcazenrox: fought with it for about 4 months, then stopped paying my money and went to dropbox21:21
charlie-tcaThe response from ubuntuone folks was "it should work"...21:22
zenroxcause thay expect you to install all the gnome shit21:22
charlie-tcawhich, of course, I figured out before they said it21:22
charlie-tcait's okay, dropbox hasn't refused any payments either.21:23
charlie-tcaI just prefer giving money where things work for me :)21:23
zenroxya agreed21:24
dieterd_Hi, what's wrong with initrd.img created by update from xubuntu 10.04.2 to 10.04.3. Since then I have grub error 18. Any ideas for repair?  Grub repair and reinstall can't solve this.22:08
=== NintyNineZulu is now known as XubuntuKris
charlie-tcadieterd_: do you have grub installed to a partition or mbr?22:19
charlie-tcawell, alrighty then.22:24
charlie-tcaHeh, they did wait until I responded, at least22:32
zenroxgot to give them that much credit22:43
csenger41hey everyone :)23:07

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