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arajedimike, not sure how many people will show up for the UF meeting :)15:01
aravictorp, schwuk, brendand, akgraner?15:02
schwukara: ?15:02
* schwuk only just joined15:03
akgranero/ I'm here15:03
araschwuk, I was just counting :)15:03
jedimikeo/ here too15:03
araOK, let's get started15:03
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araToday we don't have a fixed agenda, just a Q&A + general discussion15:03
araso, if you want to participate, just raise your hand15:04
victorphas everyone submitted their systems yet? ..15:04
* ara has submitted hers15:04
* brendand has15:05
* victorp got 4+ stars15:05
* brendand needs blank cd's and a firewire device ;)15:05
arajedimike, I have seen that my system still shows vga external monitor result15:06
jedimikeara: what's the url for your system?15:06
victorpbrendand, is blanks CDs not a skipeable core test?15:06
victorpjedimike, ^^15:06
jedimikevictorp, brendand, yes it is skippable15:07
victorpbrendand, oh you mean for 5 stars15:07
brendandvictorp - exactly15:07
victorpara - so small community then ;)15:07
jedimikeara: can you raise that as a bug, it shouldn't be in there now15:08
arajedimike, mmm, didn't I raise a bug about that before?15:08
arajedimike, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-friendly/+bug/86897215:09
ubottuUbuntu bug 868972 in Ubuntu Friendly "Categories with all the tests skipped, shouldn't appear in the list of components" [Medium,Fix released]15:09
arayou lied!15:09
arabrendand, go ahead15:09
jedimikeara: yes and we got it fixed, but this is a different bug. The problem is that the powersaving test is in 'monitor' which is 'vga external video' in UF15:10
brendandi just wanted to ask how many people are seeing the annoying problem with checkbox hiding when running tests?15:10
arajedimike, OK, I'll raise a bug15:10
* ara sees the annoying bug15:10
victorpbrendand, is it a checkbox issue or unity?15:12
brendandvictorp - i don't think it is a checkbox issue15:14
brendandvictorp - same thing doesn't happen in unity 2-d for example15:14
victorpso do we know if it affects other tools/dialogs?15:14
victorpbrendand, ah15:14
aravictorp, but it might be a corner case that appeared because the gtk architecture of checkbox is weird15:15
arathe main window is a gtkdialog, and the progress dialog is actually a gtkwindow15:15
victorpyes yes15:16
brendandi was about to say. yes15:17
brendandi haven't found an existing bug yet15:17
brendandwe could change the ui to avoid the necessity to repeatedly hide the dialog (e.g. by building the progress bar into the main dialog)15:18
brendandbut no quick fix it seems15:18
araakgraner, did you have the opportunity to give submit your system lately?15:19
araseems like akgraner is not around15:22
araOK, any other comments?15:23
aragoing once15:23
aragoing twice15:24
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araOK, thanks all! and tell your friends to submit their systems! :)15:25
akgranerI'm sorry I lost wifi and had to run cable right quick...:-(15:25
araakgraner, no worries, actually I was asking you if you had had the opportunity to submit your system lately15:26
akgranerara upgrading now and will be doing that once I get the install completed15:27
araakgraner, awesome, let us know how that went15:27
akgranerwill do15:27
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* micahg looks for people waiting for the DMB meeting...18:59
micahgbdrung, cody-somerville, persia, stgraber meeting?19:02
micahghi geser, here for the meeting?19:04
geseram I wrong?19:04
Laneyoh so right19:04
micahgwell, at least we have quorom now19:04
Laneydo youw ant to chair? :-)19:04
Laneyat least we have no applicants19:05
micahgright (which isn't a good thing per se)19:05
cody-somervilleI think it is the first time thats happened in the history of the DMB :P19:06
cody-somervilleHowever, today is a stat holiday in the US and Canada which might provide a partial explanation.19:06
* micahg will be on next meeting's agenda hopefully19:07
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Laneyyou slackers :P19:07
* micahg hugs laney19:07
Laney#topic Review of previous action items19:08
=== meetingology changed the topic of #ubuntu-meeting to: Review of previous action items
micahgLaney: I chaired last week :P19:08
Laney#subtopic Laney to start thread on ubuntu-devel about renaming UCD19:08
Laneydone, did everyone see it?19:08
micahgyes, I still need to respond19:08
Laneyi think we should let it run until the next meeting and then look before than19:09
Laneycan someone volunteer to prepare a summary?19:09
Laneyand/or proposals19:09
Laneyerm, ok, never mind19:11
Laney#subtopic jono to ask Daniel to update https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopers to be easier to read19:11
Laneyhe did this, the url is at http://pad.ubuntu-uk.org/JzyYyxw0Qb19:11
Laneyplease edit it at your leisure, at some point i imagine daniel will commit it to the wiki19:12
Laney#subtopic cody-somerville to write some documentation on how to endorse someone19:12
Laneynot done?19:12
cody-somervilleI've started this but haven't had much time to work on it since.19:12
Laneyok, hopefully next time19:13
* bdrung arrives.19:13
cody-somervilleI'm wondering, is most folks on the DMB going to be at UDS?19:13
micahgwell, I'll be there and I assume stgraber will be as well19:14
cody-somervilleI think it would be a good idea to schedule a private meeting for the DMB.19:14
* geser is not at UDS19:14
* bdrung will not at UDS19:15
Laneyhaven't seen persia in an age, don't know if he is still around19:15
geserhe is probably busy with other stuff and will reappear in a couple of weeks (like last time)19:16
cody-somervillegeser, bdrung: Would you be able to participate remotely in such a meeting?19:16
bdrungcody-somerville: depends on the time19:16
Laneywould have to be late I guess19:17
geserdepends on the time (and if I need to get any special tools setup to participate)19:17
Laneyfor .euers19:17
bdrunghow late?19:17
bdrunglate is good in most cases19:17
micahgwell, we'll be at UTC-419:18
Laneyright, well let's work it on on list19:18
Laneywill we have a scheduled meeting then?19:18
Laneycody-somerville: can you mail marianna and such to get a room?19:18
cody-somervilleLaney, Aye.19:19
LaneyI think they usually have conference call facilities, but no idea how it works19:19
Laneycarrying on19:19
cody-somervilleI'll see what I can come up with.19:19
Laney#subtopic stgraber to publish packageset generation script so the rest of the DMB can help maintain it19:19
Laneynot here, does anyone know if this happened?19:20
cody-somervilleI think it may have19:21
cody-somervillecan't say for sure though19:21
geserthe page with the results was mailed, but not the script itself IIRC19:21
Laneya branch under ~developer-membership-board on LP would be good19:21
Laneyi'll poke him to publish it19:21
Laney#action Laney to poke stgraber about publishing package set script19:22
meetingologyACTION: Laney to poke stgraber about publishing package set script19:22
Laney#subtopic James Page19:22
Laneyapproved for core-dev19:22
Laneymicahg: where do we stand with motu?19:22
micahgthat was taken care of19:22
Laneyapplication falls?19:22
micahgLaney: well, yeah, I didn't send out the second vote for MOTU since it seemed pointeless19:22
Laneyok, as long as there is nothing left to do19:23
Laneyi want to get this position statement out though19:23
Laneycan you take care of it, if everybody is ok with the proposed text?19:23
cody-somervilleLaney, Position statement on what again?19:23
micahgbefore the next meeting?  yeah, I can do that19:23
* bdrung is ok with it.19:23
Laneyhow we handle people applying for redundant permissions19:23
Laney'social' applications19:23
cody-somervilleIs there any pressing reason to release a statement ASAP? I haven't read it yet.19:25
Laneynot ASAP, but I want it to happen19:25
Laneyplease do comment19:25
cody-somervilleWithout reading it, I'm inclined to say it is probably something that I'd like for us to discuss at our meeting at UDS.19:26
Laneyok, well...19:26
Laney#action cody-somerville to follow up on position statement19:26
meetingologyACTION: cody-somerville to follow up on position statement19:26
Laney#topic Administrative Matters19:26
=== meetingology changed the topic of #ubuntu-meeting to: Administrative Matters
Laneydo we have anything left to discuss about the survey?19:26
* cody-somerville doesn't at this point.19:27
Laneylet's leave that19:28
Laneyonto the meat19:28
Laney#subtopic Continue discussion about our package set management workflows19:29
LaneyI had a proposal that I typed out somewhere, but I can't remember where19:29
Laney - As a matter of policy, each package set has a single uploader, which is a team. The DMB can either handle applications to the team or delegate to an appopriate council if one is set up.19:30
Laney - Applications for new package sets must come with some clear criteria that the DMB can apply when adding subsequent packages in future19:31
Laney  - Package additions are done by requesting on devel-permissions. Any DMB member will check against the criteria and add if it matches (or feed back if not).19:32
Laneypossibly some kind of objection raising period?19:32
bdrungsounds good so far19:32
Laneyso the only real change is that we require these criteria when approving new sets19:33
LaneyI really dislike making people come to meetings for these kind of additions which in most cases should be a formality19:33
* bdrung agrees.19:34
* micahg also agrees19:35
geserI agree too but unless we have a policy how to manage package sets, I prefered to have it done in the meeting just to be sure (as the original list of packages was also vote on in a meeting)19:35
Laneywhat kind of policy?19:36
Laneyyou mean, unless we agree on something like this?19:36
geserany policy, till now there is no policy at all19:36
Laneyso I suppose a policy should be added to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopers/TeamDelegation ?19:38
Laneyor is there some other page?19:38
ScottKSince you're delegated from the TB, it might not be bad to have them approve the policy.19:39
ScottKThen there's no question about are you doing it right.19:39
geserIIRC there is no documentation of package sets at all (besides many people knowing that they exist)19:39
Laneythat is true, I will copy them in19:39
* Laney thinks TeamDelegation is what we have19:39
Laneyso if I do that, and the TB thinks the idea is ok, can someone else volunteer to mail people running existing package sets and ask them to come up with criteria?19:41
Laney#action Laney to write down proposal for streamlining packageset changes and mail DMB and TB19:41
meetingologyACTION: Laney to write down proposal for streamlining packageset changes and mail DMB and TB19:41
micahgLaney: I can talk to the packageset owners'19:44
micahgjust might not happen before UDS19:44
Laneyno massive rush19:45
Laneyjust ping them all "hey, you can make it easy to get new packages if you tell us how to evaluate them"19:45
Laney#action micahg to ping packageset owners to write down criteria for package membership19:46
meetingologyACTION: micahg to ping packageset owners to write down criteria for package membership19:46
Laney#topic AOB19:46
=== meetingology changed the topic of #ubuntu-meeting to: AOB
micahgnext chair?19:47
Laneyah yes19:48
Laney#topic next chair19:48
=== meetingology changed the topic of #ubuntu-meeting to: next chair
Laneywe should become more systematic19:48
Laneyalphabetical rotation or so19:48
micahgwell, I did last week ,so stgraber? (also not here :))19:49
Laneywell volunteered!19:49
ajmitchpoor stgraber19:50
* Laney cackles 19:50
Laney#topic aob again19:50
=== meetingology changed the topic of #ubuntu-meeting to: aob again
Laneygone, thanks all19:51
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meetingologyMeeting ended Mon Oct 10 19:51:21 2011 UTC.19:51
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micahgthanks Laney19:53
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micahgLaney: now that I think about it, we could've gone reverse alphabetical order19:53
Laneyah well19:53
Laneymicahg: looking forward to seeing you on the other side of the fence again next time!19:57
* Laney turns up the heat19:57
micahgLaney: hehe, I guess I'll be doing some jumping next meeting, I better warm up :)19:58
* bdrung want to have the 'reverse alphabetical order' card19:58
* micahg wonders if it was wise to volunteer the chair for the next meeting when he's an applicant...19:58
broderomg canonical biases :-P19:59
gesermicahg: you can interview then yourself :)19:59
* ajmitch regrets not volunteering for a DMB nomination now :)19:59
micahggeser: no, I volunteered someone else19:59
geserajmitch: your next chance is around Jan/Feb 2012 when 5/7 of the DMB expire20:01
ajmitchno doubt most will stand for reelection20:03
micahggeser: the term was only 1 yr?20:03
gesermicahg: I'm not sure anymore if it's 1 or 2 years20:04
micahgthe next election should be for bdrung's seat next year sometime20:04
gesermicahg: cody-somerville, persia, Laney, stgraber and me expire on 2012-02-13 (a good chance to ajmitch to get a seat)20:05
geserbdrung has time till Nov 201220:05
Laneylaunchpad thinks we are 1, which is fine by me20:06
ajmitchwhy is Laney the only special one with a short term on LP?20:07
geseronly micahg got elected for 2 years :) (not sure about bdrung)20:07
* micahg also has 2 yrs, thinks there was an error seeding the elected from Feb20:07
* bdrung got elected for 2 years20:07
geserajmitch: the others got re-elected Feb 201120:08
* micahg will write the TB about the error unless asked not to20:08
ajmitchas long as the team stays with enough members, it shouldn't  matter too much20:08
gesermicahg: I don't mind but I hoped to have my term end in Feb 2012. 4 years of MC/DMB are enough for now.20:13
geserajmitch: I can nominate you for my seat when my term ends :)20:13
ajmitchgee thanks :)20:13
micahggeser: in that case, do you want to send the e-mail to the TB and request your term to be left alone?20:13
gesermicahg: I will mail the TB and ask about the term for the DMB and let the other ones get updated20:14
micahggeser: thanks20:14
geserajmitch: we need more timezones in the DMB to make finding a meeting time more challenging :)20:15
micahgwe already have 3 disparate time zones, we need more?20:16
ajmitchI'm an expert in that area - noone can  meeting time to accomodate UTC+13, US & europe20:18
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