* hyperair grumbles at smspillaz. there's no way to disable alt-grave!02:01
hyperairsmspillaz: http://paste.debian.net/136355/03:53
smspillazhyperair: wouldn't it be better to make KeyboardUtil::findKeyAboveTab return nothing ?03:55
hyperairsmspillaz: why so?03:56
smspillazbecause you might want to bind another key to 'next window' and that patch focibly disables the next window callback03:56
smspillazor .. better yet, have an option like "next window override" which allows you to specify your own key03:57
hyperairno, it only forcibly disables alt+grave03:57
hyperairthe alt+left/right still work03:57
hyperairin fact, successive alt+graves don't work.03:57
smspillazright, but what if the user wants to *not* use alt-keyabovetab but alt-somethingelse03:57
hyperairthe only thing alt+grave does for me is bring up the switcher, and stay there03:57
hyperairsmspillaz: right, so we should have a customizable keybinding03:58
hyperairinstead of alt+keyabovetab03:58
hyperairbut defaulting to alt+keyabovetab?03:58
hyperairhow do we do that?03:58
smspillazyou add an option for "Next Window", and if the keybinding is not "None" you use that instead of detecting the key above tab03:59
hyperairand what if it is None?03:59
hyperairwhat if i want to disable the keybinding?04:00
hyperairand seriously, why does unity get so many hardcoded crap keybindings?04:00
hyperairin natty the super key was working erratically04:00
hyperairall my *other* super-keybindings stopped functioning04:01
smspillazhyperair: the super key should be working again, unfortunately passive key grabs with X are a bit of a nightmare04:13
smspillaz(and distro wouldn't let me push my fix into natty :()04:13
hyperairheh oh well04:13
smspillazhyperair: I have a patch which allows you to change "detected" key to "something else" but unfortunately not to "nothing"04:15
smspillazthe compiz keybindings system doesn't really provide a way to do "detect a key", though maybe this should be moved int ocore04:15
hyperairwhat do you mean "detect a key"?04:15
smspillazas in, in the metadata to have a tag that says "key above, left of, right of, below X"04:17
smspillazdidrocks: morning :)06:07
didrockshey smspillaz06:07
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mardySaviq: hi, I'm a bit confused by https://code.launchpad.net/~saviq/unity-2d/bugfix/+merge/7928708:40
ubot5Ubuntu bug 79287 in Ubuntu "Bug in bug #1, ubuntu does contain nonfree software" [Undecided,Invalid]08:40
mardySaviq: should I review it? Did you do the rebase yourself to help rento?08:41
Saviqmardy: yes, I did rebase08:41
Saviqwell, I had to uncommit and commit again, 'cause his `bzr merge` messed things up08:42
Saviqmardy: buy anyway I'd wait for him before reviewing again08:42
Saviq'cause I'm not sure if he still wants to work on my race issue or not08:42
Saviq(possible race issue)08:43
Saviqhe's on brazillian time, so won't be here until 12pm UTC or so08:45
BactaHi I unstalled Ubuntu 11.10 and I can't start in Gnome09:06
BactaHow can I delete Unity and have Gnome instead?09:06
greybackBacta: install "gnome-shell" to get gnome309:28
BactaWill this mean I can start Ubuntu without Unity?09:40
greybackBacta: yes, at the log in screen, click the settings cog, and you can select a different desktop09:45
greybackBacta: Any particular reason why you dislike Unity?09:47
BactaCan't move it from the left09:53
BactaMy menu items are no longer docked to the top of my app09:53
BactaThey're minor gripes but Ubuntu is meant to be about choice09:53
greybackBacta: Fair enough. Though I had to admit, I got used to the new workflow and quite like it.09:57
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TLEHallo everyone. I was wondering about a lens that would allow people to start up chats in empathy, is something like available from somewhere or being worked on? I found the development blogs af Seif Lofty from a year back but was unable to conclude how far the work is.12:56
TLEsorry, _Lotfy_, and I see that he is actually here12:58
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bregmahay guys, my unity-2d panel spontaneously disappeared and won't come back, can anyone give me a clue what to look for to get back to a working desktop?13:40
om26ergord, Hi! there is a regression in the 4.24 release see the screenshot http://imagebin.org/index.php?mode=image&id=17896314:10
om26erthey were supposed to be 4 icons in a row now they are three for desktop dash mode14:10
andyrockJohnLea, te gusta? http://people.ubuntu.com/~andyrock/Selection_005.png14:21
andyrockit's a WIP...14:21
andyrocknot a mockup14:21
njpatelandyrock, I'll pay you a lot of money if you make it pick colours from the theme ,or at least the ubuntu brand colours (for the monitors) :)14:25
=== zyga-afk is now known as zyga
andyrocknjpatel, should we pick colours from the theme just for the panel or for the wallpaper too?14:28
njpatelandyrock, I meant the wallpaper area, like instead of pale orange/yellow, it could be something from the theme, so at least it matches14:29
JohnLeaandyrock; cool!  I take it you have seen https://launchpadlibrarian.net/82534397/system_settings_10_08_11_03.png14:32
JohnLea(attached to bug  https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-control-center/+bug/742544 )14:32
ubot5Ubuntu bug 742544 in gnome-control-center (Ubuntu) "Launcher is shown on the wrong screen in some multi-monitor setups" [High,Confirmed]14:32
andyrocknjpatel, i think that the colours are used to distinguish the various monitors14:34
njpatelandyrock, right, but they could be chosen from a pallete that at least looks nice, right? anywya, I don't mean to derail the work, sorry :)14:35
andyrocknjpatel, indeed... current colors are weird :)14:37
andyrockJohnLea, thanks for the link... I could no longer find it14:37
andyrockJohnLea, in the mockup there is no clock in the scaled panel14:38
andyrockshould I remove it?14:38
JohnLeaandyrock; yes, thx14:39
andyrockJohnLea, yw ;) It will be ready in a week... I've to study :/14:40
andyrocknjpatel, I will try to use the wallpaper to draw the background14:41
andyrocknjpatel, can I use libunity to know if unity is running?14:41
njpatelandyrock, yep, I believe so14:41
andyrocknjpatel, thx14:42
JohnLeaandyrock; if you could make the background dynamically use the current wallpaper that would be awesome!14:43
andyrockJohnLea, should not be so difficult... :) We should change launcher and panel color according to wallpaper main color14:45
andyrocki mean if the wallpaper main colour is white we can use black as launcher bg color14:47
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andyrockom26er, do you have a multi-head setup? :)15:16
andyrocki'm not at home and i will not able to use my multi head setup until Christmas15:17
andyrockom26er, so i need a tester ;)15:17
om26erandyrock, wish i had, thats y i dont triage multi-monitor15:17
om26ermaybe one day I will be provided with one :p15:18
andyrockom26er, you broke my heart :)15:18
andyrockhtorque, and you?15:18
om26erandyrock, funny someone broke mine today :(15:19
andyrockom26er, oh i'm sorry15:20
om26erandyrock, np ;-)15:21
htorque_andyrock: i can hook up my notebook to my pc monitor if you need someone to test something :-)15:29
andyrockhtorque_, great... :) i will ping you (not today)15:31
htorque_yw :-)15:31
axisyshow do I switch between multiple chrome windwos in unity /15:59
and471Trevinho, hi16:04
seifhi TLE17:26
seifsorry was napping17:26
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neo84Hi , I have insalled ubuntu 11.10 and o configure uniy installed compiz, I am not sure what I did, Now luancher is not comming and also I am not able to edit panes18:41
cwilluneo84, panes?18:41
neo84I mean, where we get start button and all18:42
cwilludoes the panel show up?18:42
cwillu(under unity, the scope of editing is currently quite limited)18:42
neo84yes, but it just have file, bookmark go and places18:42
cwilluah, okay18:42
cwilluthat's nautilus18:42
neo84I don't get systetm18:42
neo84from where I can run programs18:42
neo84any idea how to fix18:44
cwilluI don't know if there's an official/better answer, but if you delete ~/.config/compiz-1 and/or ~/.gconf/apps/compiz-1 and restart, the relevant things should get reconfigured and will work18:45
cwillu(note that the first login after that might take a bit longer)18:45
neo84got it18:45
neo84let me test18:45
cwilluthere's a whole whack of bugs in that area, some of which have been fixed, some of which... haven't :p18:45
cwilluspeaking of which18:45
* cwillu pokes smspillaz with a stick18:45
cwillusmspillaz, if I say that I'm getting synchronous window moves even with -proposed, are you likely to run away screaming?18:47
neo84in gconf/apps path i can see comizeonfig instead of copize-118:47
cwillunot that one18:47
neo84should I delete that as wel18:47
neo84got it restarting box18:48
cwillutechnically, logging out and back in would suffice, or really, even just running "DISPLAY=:0 compiz --replace" from a vterm would have sufficed18:48
cwillubut you didn't see that, because you restarted the box I guess :p18:48
cwillubug #87451418:50
ubot5Launchpad bug 874514 in compiz (Ubuntu) "Nothing on screen updates other than cursor when moving window" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/87451418:50
neo84Hi cwillu: that didn't worked18:53
cwilluneo84, you're on the computer right now?18:54
cwillu(i.e., chatting from it?)18:54
htorque_cwillu: hm, after a while my windows start to lag behind the cursor when moving - you think that's connected? (also running -proposed compiz) i first thought that's connected to a similar snap plugin bug, but it happens with that disabled too. :(18:54
cwilluhtorque_, sec18:55
neo84but I logged in gnome session18:55
cwilluoh, not the ubuntu session?18:55
cwilluno idea then, sorry18:55
neo84no in ubuntu session, I can't do anything. Alt t2 is not working18:55
cwillualt t2?18:55
neo84and there's no way to kick terminal or any appliation18:56
cwilluoh, f218:56
cwilluneo84, do you know how to log into a vterm?18:56
cwilluctrl-alt-f7 will get you back to your current session18:56
cwilluctrl-alt-f1 will take you to a text-only screen18:56
cwilluwhere you can log in with your usual username and such18:56
cwilluwhat I want you to do (write this down, you won't be able to refer to the screen) is:18:57
neo84sure pleas go ahead18:57
cwillu(1) log into a vterm (2: will kill the graphical session) sudo stop lightdm (3) rm -rf ~/.gconf/apps/compiz-1 ~/.config/compiz-1 ~/.local/share/compiz-1 (4: will take you to the graphical login screen) sudo start lightdm (5) log into the ubuntu session18:59
neo84vterm is etxt only one , correct18:59
cwillu(well, technically not really, but anyway :p)19:00
htorquecwillu: wouldn't "DISPLAY=:0 unity --reset" be simpler? :-)19:01
cwilluhtorque, perhaps, although that's failed half a dozen times for me in the last week :p19:02
htorqueanother thing to check: are users really running unity or are they running unity 2d instead (there were already a couple of invalid bug reports on launchpad). easiest way to check: only unity's panel has a shadow.19:04
htorquelike "compiz settings don't work"19:04
cwilluhtorque, difficult when neither unity nor unity-2d is actually running :p19:05
htorquetrue that19:06
cwilluneo84, note, be careful with rm;  a typo can easily delete your entire home directory :p19:09
cwilluoh, god damnit19:09
htorquewe'll see if we'll see him again :D19:09
cwilluah well, it's not likely that he'd stick a random space between ~ and / ;p19:09
neo84cwillu: now when I am loading ubuntu session, it says unable to load ubuntu logou :(19:13
cwilluplease give precise messages, with as few typos as possible :p19:14
htorquei guess that's the dialog when loading a missing session (unity → "ubuntu")19:15
neo84it says , unable to load Ubuntu and log out button comes19:15
neo84how to fix it19:17
cwilluneo84, I'm pretty sure you did something more than what I said :p19:17
cwillueither from the gnome session, or when logged in from the terminal :/19:17
htorquefrom a command line (ctrl-alt-f1, log in), can you do "apt-cache policy gnome-session"19:17
htorquedoes it say anything other that "none" behind "Installed:"?19:17
neo84how to login via gnome session ?19:18
htorqueno, from the vterm like you did before (using ctrl-alt-f1)19:19
htorquethen type: apt-cache policy gnome-session19:20
htorquedoes that say "Installed: 3.2.0-0ubuntu3"?19:21
htorquehm :-/19:22
cwilluheh:  bug #861710 and bug #86216219:22
ubot5Launchpad bug 861710 in linux (Ubuntu) "[regression] smspillaz fails to sleep at proper hours, despite solar status" [Critical,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/86171019:22
ubot5Launchpad bug 862162 in unity (Ubuntu) "DBO does not go to sleep when I ask him to" [Critical,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/86216219:22
DBOI should totally mark my bug as fix released19:23
DBOI have been sleeping like a pimp19:23
htorquewell deserved ;)19:23
cwilluDBO, I'll take advantage of your unwise revealing of your monitoring of this channel, to ask if you know anything about lazy positioning?19:25
DBOI dont even know what that is19:25
DBOunless you mean in compiz19:25
DBOthen yes19:25
DBOI know all about lazy positioning19:26
DBOits lazy19:26
DBOand positions19:26
cwilluDBO, more than you want to?19:26
DBObut only when it feels like it19:26
cwilluah yes, then you're qualified :)19:26
bregmamuch like yourself?19:26
DBObregma, not half as lazy as myself19:26
bregmathat's a bug then19:26
cwilluDBO, I got the sense from the patches that landed in -proposed that this should've been mostly fixed there19:27
DBOever sleep in a chair because getting up for bed was just harder?19:27
cwilluDBO, yes.19:27
DBOcwillu, whats broken exacry?19:27
cwilluI only get synchronous moves, except in a few short-lived cases19:28
DBOcwillu, amd hardware?19:29
DBOintel needs to stop naming their hardware after elementary schools19:29
cwilluand if you say anything about sync to vrefresh, I might strangle you :p19:29
cwilluDBO, it's i915 hardware19:30
DBOcwillu, my guess is god hates you right now19:30
DBOand he is a wrathful god19:30
cwilluDBO, fine, but intel is fine right now :p19:30
cwilluDBO, if the unityshell compiz plugin isn't running, compiz has no problems :)19:31
DBOahhhh hmmm19:31
DBOthats interesting isn't it19:31
cwilluDBO, somewhat19:31
DBOso its slow dragging windows around?19:31
cwilluspecifically, it doesn't update if the mouse moves more than ~20 pixels per second or so19:31
cwillu(where "it" means "everything but the mouse cursor")19:32
cwilluso if I move windows really really slowly, they move somewhat ok19:32
DBOyou going to be at UDS?19:32
cwillumore interesting:  if a window opens up in the middle of the screen (or not touching an edge), it moves fluidly19:33
cwilluuntil it touches an edge, or I alt-tab to it, or so forth19:33
cwilluDBO, I keep telling myself that I love my job too much to take one that pays enough to allow me to do such things as "go to conferences" :p19:33
DBOmail me your laptop19:34
DBOthen I can finally reproduce the problem and fix it :P19:34
cwilluwant ssh? :p19:34
cwillu(noteworthy, before -proposed, compiz in a shell gave a swath of that "you should probably report this" bug;  now it only gives a couple when the session first starts19:35
cwilluif I had to guess, I'd say that m->mLocked is never being released, although I'm not sure that that's even done the same way in the patches19:36
DBOcwillu, I have an intel machine being upgraded now19:39
DBOin an effort to reproduce this issue19:39
SpliefAfter I am upgrade to 11.10 I get this error message "Booting system without full network configuration"19:40
Splief1] move all /var/run -> /run and /var/lock -> /run/lock 2] delete /var/run and /var/lock 3] link /run -> /var/run and /run/lock -> /var/lock 4] delete /run/dbus/* 5] restart19:41
DBOSplief, you probably want to ask in #ubuntu19:41
cwilluDBO, probably worth noting a few things that _didn't_ work:  various pokings at intel x driver options, every permutation of relevant workarounds settings, disabling sync to vrefresh in no less than 4 distinct places, tweaking/disabling mouse-polling settings (long shot :p)19:42
SpliefI am wrong here?19:42
cwilluDBO, also of note, simply defeating the lock test in the move plugin changed the behaviour, but didn't fix it (obviously :p)19:43
htorqueSplief:  yes. either type  '/join #ubuntu' to get into a room with 1700 users or you can also ask your question at askubuntu.com19:44
cwilluDBO, hmm, that's interesting:  just did compiz --replace in a terminal;  at that point, the terminal window was fluidly movable, but simply shifting focus to another window and back restored the clumpy behaviour19:46
cwilluno errors compiz stdout at all19:46
cwillu(actually, there's "/usr/bin/compiz (expo) - Warn: failed to bind image to texture" during the initial loading, that's it)19:47
DBOcwillu, without a local ability to reproduce the issue19:47
DBOI cant possibly fix it19:47
cwilluI will continue to stream useless information at you anyway :p19:47
cwilluotherwise you might get the impression that it's not bugging me anymore :p19:47
cwillualso, given some guidance on how it's supposed to work in the first place, I might be able to fix it myself19:48
cwillualthough I still haven't figured out how to go from a bzr checkout to a dpkg-buildpackage'able tree19:48
TLEseif: hey, I've been afk20:13
TLEAs I mentioned earlier, I was wondering about what the status is of the people lens work you did a while back20:17
axisysis there a tutorial for newbies ?20:18
axisysnot quite comformatble with it .. may be some tutorial will help20:19
senseaxisys: Maybe <http://developer.ubuntu.com/resources/> can help you getting started?20:20
axisyssense: i remember there was a cheat sheet for unity.. can't find it20:21
senseNeither can I, unfortunately.20:21
axisysi think someone provided it in answers.ubuntu.com or somewhere like tere20:21
axisysback then I decided to swithc to classic.. but this time I like to stick to it for a little longer..20:22
axisysi mean during natty20:22
senseaxisys: Ah, you don't mean development but usage?20:23
axisyssense: right20:23
senseIn that case all I can advise is looking further at AskUbuntu.20:23
axisyssense: what is quickly ? next gen unity ?20:23
=== yofel_ is now known as yofel
senseaxisys: Quickly is a (command line) tool for quickly creating a new Ubuntu application and developing it.20:24
axisyssense: :-)20:24
axisysi am in the wrong place then..20:24
axisyslet me check askubuntu20:24
senseaxisys: The general support IRC channel is #ubuntu if you have further questions. :)20:25
axisysi wodner if unity made it little slower?20:25
axisysi find natty was faster in response time20:25
axisysi have 8G mem in my laptopr20:25
axisysis it possible unity needs *lot* more resource?20:26
cwilluso long as you have enough memory, more memory has little effect on response time20:26
cwillube more specific on "response time" though20:26
axisysi click on a tab on chrome and I see "new tab" declaration and then the tab gets created .. odd20:27
axisysit is possible that rsync within folders slowing it down20:28
axisysi just started with oneric today.. so I dont have enough data to conclude to my observation20:29
senseI'm not sure. But couldn't it be an issue with Chrome itself?20:29
axisyssense: possible.. i shouldnt jump into any conclusion20:29
axisyslet me start virtualbox.. i thought while virtualbox was running it became slow20:30
senseThat could explain things. :) But of course you may be right. Oneiric uses more GPU, so it could be that your hardware doesn't cope as well with it as others.20:32
axisyswhat is the searchbox called ?20:32
senseDash, I belive :)20:33
axisyswhen I type vir.. in Dash .. virtualbox icon and some other paper related to virtualbox shows up.. at that time is there a way to pick virtualbox app without using the mouse?20:34
axisysfound it.. down arrow picked it20:34
senseaxisys: The first entry should be selected by default and can be actived with enter.20:36
axisysoh ok.. nice to know20:36
axisysagain.. need a cheat sheet :-)20:36
axisysi guess someone in askubuntu will have the link20:37
Trevinhotedg: did you look at this: https://bugs.launchpad.net/unity/+bug/849732/comments/22 ?20:59
ubot5Ubuntu bug 849732 in unity-2d "Control/Alt key bindings are broken in GTK 3 programs using gtkbuilder" [Critical,Triaged]20:59
axisyshow do I start another chrome when chrome is running? clicking the launch icon of chrome in dash menu just takes me to the running chrome window21:00
axisysin classic i can click the icon and a new chrome window starts21:00
tedgTrevinho, I read your comments, but I haven't looked into it further.  Sounds like you did a good set of investigation.21:00
axisysi tried ctrl+click and no go21:00
tedgTrevinho, I'm guessing it must have a check somewhere for visibility or mapping :-/21:01
Trevinhomh... I don't know tedg21:01
tedgaxisys, I'm not sure what the preferred way is, but I use Super+Shift+Number for the launchers for new windows most of the time.21:01
Trevinhobut I was wondering...21:01
Trevinhoin the standard menus, when you press an accelerator... Who activates the menu item^21:02
TrevinhoI mean, you activate the old gtk one or the dbusmenuitem?21:02
axisystedg: all the numbers are taken21:02
axisystedg: 0-9 are all assigned to other applications.. chrome gets no number21:03
tedgTrevinho, The window gets it and handles it.  So no dbusmenu involvement.  I'm guessing the hiding of the menu bar broke it.21:03
tedgaxisys, Move it?  :-)21:03
axisystedg: heh21:03
htorqueaxisys: tried middle clicking the launcher?21:03
axisyshtorque: let me try that21:04
Trevinhotedg: yes, in fact it's what I saw... The window inherit these settings... So the dbusmenu uses them only to show the right accel on the menu, isn't it?21:04
tedgTrevinho, Correct21:04
axisyshtorque: that did it.. thanks21:04
tedgTrevinho, I can't answer any more questions until your ETSA is approved though ;-)21:05
htorqueaxisys: you're welcome21:05
Trevinhotedg: the site says it's approved... but I think that at the airport will get controlled further way...21:05
TrevinhoIn my passport picture I really looks like a terrorist... :D21:06
Trevinhoby the way also if you're not sure that I'm a trusted man, who won't ever destroy your country, do you think that the fix to do is in the gtk scope, isn't it=?21:07
htorqueTrevinho: just a tip - don't make any jokes when talking to the immigration officers :D21:10
axisyswould be nice if this is in the topic.. would help tons of newbies like me.. nice cheat sheet21:10
tedgTrevinho, I believe in code reviews :-)21:11
Trevinhohtorque: ok... Sorry... It seems I'm risking too much here...21:11
htorqueaxisys: #ayatana actually isn't a support channel. the right channel would be #ubuntu, but with 1700+ users i can understand why people visit all other channels. :P21:11
tedgaxisys, http://www.quicklycode.com/wallpapers/unity-cheat-sheet-wallpaper21:12
axisyshtorque: i got not much help there about unity..21:12
Trevinhotedg: yes, but I can't really understand what's going there... I mean, a gtkmenubar manually added when hidden should act exactly like a gtkbuilder generated gtkmenubar21:12
tedgAh, it's linked there.21:12
axisyshtorque: i guess with 11.10 just released this chnl will be busy atleast for next 6 months with people like me :-)21:13
Trevinhobut here it seems that the gtkmenubar done by gtkbuilder when hidden doesn't allow to activate its child...21:13
Trevinhowhile the normal one allows that...21:13
tedgTrevinho, Yeah, I had to do a bit of a hack with the mnemonics.  Basically breaking on each function I thought should be activated.  Guessing it'll be the same process.21:13
axisystedg: yeah.. that image does not exist anymore to download21:14
tedgaxisys, http://i.stack.imgur.com/pf1y5.png21:14
axisystedg: nice.. I will make it a wallpaper for few months.. thanks!21:14
axisyshmm.. super+D does not work21:16
=== m_conley is now known as m_conley_away
Trevinhotedg: I'm there...21:21
TrevinhoI found a way to make it working...21:22
Trevinhohowever tedg how would you see to ignore if menuitem is hidden when asking to activate that by accel when the the ubuntu menubar is used?21:25
TrevinhoI'm worried it could cause issues...21:25
axisysanyone knows how to change the login screen? I dont want to show the valid users.. I rather type the username21:25
Trevinhomaybe we should track the previously hidden entries...21:26
axisysI rather want to type the username21:26
Trevinhotedg: sorry I was wrong.. .It doesn't depend on visiblity21:33
Trevinhobut on the parent visibiltiy check21:33
TrevinhoAnd this is not done generally for menus...21:33
tedgTrevinho, So, you can look at the check that I put into the mnemonic code.  Basically I check to see if there is a menuproxy, if it's being used, and if so then I override things.  It should be safe in that case.21:39
tedgaxisys, I think you need to edit /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf -- though I'm not sure about which greeter you'd want for that.21:40
Trevinhotedg: here the issue is that there are some menu items parents that are really hidden...21:41
TrevinhoAnd the gtk_widget_real_can_activate_accel function check for visility21:41
tedgTrevinho, Sure, but the menubar shouldn't be, no?21:41
Trevinhoso what about ignoring the visibility?21:41
TrevinhoYes, but that doesn't check for the menubar21:42
Trevinhoin fact, adding some debug code, and running a standard app21:42
tedgTrevinho, Hmm, but the confusing part is why does it then work for normal menubars?21:42
TrevinhoI don't get any output21:42
tedgTrevinho, Like non-builder ones.21:42
Trevinhowhile there's for gtkbuild...21:42
Trevinhotedg: because the normal menubars doesn't use the complex structure that the gtkbuilder seems to use21:42
TrevinhoI've not checked how the tree is made, but there are at least three levels behind the standard menubar.... I mean menubar -> file menuitem -> unknown menuitem -> menuitem i want to activate21:44
Trevinhotedg: strange...21:51
TrevinhoLooking at the windgets tree it seems that there's a GtkMenuBar, then a GtkMenu and the another GtkMenuBar21:51
tedgTrevinho, Uhm, wow...21:52
Trevinhoor... not, sorry maybe I'm wrong21:52
Trevinhojust menubar + menu....21:52

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