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poolieok good night07:07
nigelbg'nite poolie :)07:07
nigelbdrat, its already pub time for you :P07:08
jammorning all07:20
mgzmorning all07:59
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mgzjelmer_: your recipe-status page wants a new column :)10:00
jelmer_mgz: it should automatically add one once there is a build for precise10:00
* jelmer_ reruns the script10:00
mgzcool. while I'm bugging you jelmer_, are there user instructions for getting started with colocated branches in core anywhere?10:04
jelmer_mgz: not really. do you mean bzr-colo or the colocated branch support that's in the core?10:05
mgzI mean in core, as I think with the devel format support landing it should be somewhat possible to use now?10:07
jelmer_mgz: yep10:08
jelmer_basically, use --development-colo to create a directory and then use the ,branch=name syntax to specify a specific branch10:09
mgzthanks, I will play around.10:10
cjwatsonhmm.  maybe I should just prepare this dpkg upload outside UDD; pretty awkward to work on getting the import fixed while the importer is stopped, I guess10:24
cjwatsonoh, here, lp:debian/dpkg is up to date now10:24
cjwatsonwoo.  massive pile of conflicts, but unblocked.10:27
mgzdo we know what the signal is to restart the importer? james_w said last night we should wait for the branch import which takes ~18 hours10:37
CaMason_Hi guys. How can I 'merge' / squash 2 commits into one?10:44
mgzCaMason_: if they're ones you just did and haven't pushed anywhere, just use uncommit twice then commit10:46
CaMason_thing is, these 2 commits are behind another commit10:47
CaMason_I want to squash 318..319 together, and I'm at 32010:48
LeoNerdYou cna't without "rewriting history"10:48
LeoNerdRewriting history is bad and evil and upsets anyone who's checked out / branched / etc... since the rewrite.10:48
mgzone option, there, again provided you've not pushed anywhere public,10:48
CaMason_nobody has - this is a local branch10:49
LeoNerdBut if you want, you could e.g. checkout -r318; merge -r320; replay the rest.10:49
mgzis uncommit, shelve, uncommit, uncommit, commit, unshelve, commit10:49
mgzor what LeoNerd said is less accident prone10:49
CaMason_mgz, ah yes, that would work!10:49
LeoNerdOh, a shelve stack. Another possible10:49
mgzI do tend to get myself into trouble on occasion when I'm juggling too many shelves and uncommits in one branch10:50
mgzmaking a new branch from the oldest point and cherrypicking revisions across is less destructive10:51
CaMason_I tried a cherrypick with `bzr merge -r 318..319` but it carried across the revisions10:52
mgz`bzr revert --forget-merges` will always let you lose the explicit merge info10:54
CaMason_oops wrong button10:54
CaMason_ok thanks. The shelve-stack worked. I'll remember the other suggestions though10:54
CaMason_also, I was testing these merges in a seperate branch. In git, I'd now do a ff-merge. Would `bzr pull` be about the same?10:57
mgzyou may want --overwrite10:59
mgzbut otherwise yes.10:59
CaMason_good stuff. Thanks10:59
CaMason_btw, would a shared repository make it quicker to create new branches?10:59
spivCaMason_: yes11:01
spiv(a shared repo by itself doesn't avoid the cost of building the working tree every time, but it does save copying the history)11:02
quicksilverI was about to ask you if there was a command to do something like 'bzr ls'11:10
quicksilverit turns out there is11:10
quicksilverit's called 'bzr ls'11:10
james_wmgz, it's on the release team's checklist for opening a new series, so we'll get a ping11:34
james_wmgz, you could ask a l-osa whether the branch-distro is finished yet, and start it if it is11:34
mgzjames_w: great, thanks11:41
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mgzso, apparently the branch-distro script failed, which blocks restarting the importer.13:43
mgzthere's a log on carob with more information, but I'm not sure how to get there from chinstrap to look.13:44
mgzas am not allowed agent forwarding, and trying to follow the instructions on the wiki for the alternative setup just fork-bombs myself with ssh processes13:45
mgzso clearly someone more competent will have to handle this.13:45
mgzthat might mean Monday.13:46
fullermdI doubt it.  Nobody's competent on monday...14:05
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fullermdjelmer_: Is that .THIS file supposed to be there?16:19
jelmer_fullermd: which one?16:19
fullermdadded: bzrlib/tests/per_repository/test_fileid_involved.py.THIS test_file_involved.py16:19
jelmer_fullermd: where is that?16:20
fullermdIs that commit you just put through PQM.16:20
* fullermd khan tipe.16:20
jelmer_fullermd: that's indeed not supposed to be there, thanks.16:21
fullermdPQM mailing again ++.  Makes it so much easier for me to pick people to harass in passing   8-}16:22
cr3hi folks, bzr seems to ignore buildout-templates/bin/lint.in because I have "bin" in my .bzrignore file. aren't bzrignore patterns supposed to be absolute?20:13
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cr3maybe I'm supposed to use ./bin instead of just bin20:14
wgzfor the bin in the root of your project only, yes20:15
cr3wgz: I now see this is actually well documented, my mistake :)20:15
cr3wgz: I guess I'll prepend './' to every pattern that's just in the root, just to be extra explicit20:16
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Noldorin_hi jelmer_21:37
jelmer_hi Noldorin_21:37
Noldorin_how's it going?21:38
jelmer_Noldorin_: alright, how are you?21:43
Noldorin_jelmer_, not too bad. just very busy i'm afraid, with my own job(s) now21:44
Noldorin_jelmer_, so no time to really look into the bzr-git issue, sorry. unless i get really lucky over the next week or so, you will probably beat me to it ;-)21:44
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jelmer_hi wrv22:34
elmodoes anyone know any simple-ish plugins using pre-commit hooks off the top of their heads?22:50
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jelmer_elmo: I think james_w had a plugin that tried to run a testsuite in pre_commit, let me see if I can find it..22:54
elmojelmer_: actually don't worry, I'm being an idiot - a hook, won't do what I want22:54
elmojelmer_: thanks though22:54

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