* Riddell snoozes too00:03
Riddelloh wow, at least we don't have a topic "Religious and political views in packages" poor old opensuse-factory list00:06
* Darkwing sighs00:10
ulyssesSmooth upgrade, except removing my wallpaper and changing back to the defaukt00:20
ulyssesI don't use KDE PIM, so I can't tell anything about that, but Kubuntu Oneiric is awesome, as always, good work, thank you00:30
ulyssesand good night00:30
claydohI miss all the action it seems :/ I need a different non-time-consuming job01:06
Darkwingclaydoh: At least you *have* a job.01:09
claydohwant one? i am hiring burger flippers :)01:11
DarkwingIn san diego?01:12
claydoh7.50 an hour :)01:14
claydohmay not be worth it01:15
claydohmay not be worth it01:15
claydohok laggy01:15
DarkwingYeah.... I'm getting more in my unemployment at the moment... :P:P01:16
claydohmy wife sure didn't, but that was 6 or so years back01:17
macoDarkwing: do you know c and/or perl and have an interest in moving to maryland?01:19
rbelemapachelogger, ping01:24
apacheloggerrbelem: drunk pong02:32
apacheloggershadeslayer: kubuntu-mobile or something02:32
apacheloggermailing list is depressing02:34
* apachelogger actually mentioned his concerns for reliablity of pim 4.7 plenty of times before we switched :S02:36
apacheloggereven did so at UDS :(02:36
apacheloggerno one ever listens to me02:37
* apachelogger also doesn't really stand up for his opinions :(02:37
apacheloggershadeslayer: btw, we got the regular amd64 with efi installed successfully02:50
apacheloggerbut using rEFIt as boot manager02:51
apacheloggerworks very wel02:51
apacheloggerFollowing the release of Ubuntu 11.10, Canonical has just announced that its KDE based Ubuntu OS, Kubuntu, has also reached version 11.10.03:00
apacheloggergood job canonical \o/03:00
markeycongrats on the release, guys :)03:09
markeyvery cool03:09
markeywill upgrade soon03:09
Daskreechapachelogger: ping04:47
Daskreechhttp://www.kubuntu.org/feature-tour says openoffice.org 04:47
DaskreechSomething that we should know?04:47
DarkwingDaskreech: Thanks for the deads up.06:23
kubotuDarkwing meant: "Daskreech: Thanks for the heads up."06:24
Daskreechkubotu: Darkwing wishing me a deads up wasn't very reasuuring06:58
yofelDaskreech: I would say that nobody has updated that feature-tour in quite a while, that should be libreoffice (for post-lucid)07:01
Daskreechgood morning yofel07:01
yofelhm, or post-maverick, not sure anymore07:02
yofelgood morning :)07:02
DarkwingHey yofel 07:14
DarkwingYES! My brother rocks.07:15
Darkwingthe complete antholigy of Deadmau5.07:15
yofelhey, and by again - bbl07:16
* Riddell puts Markus on moderation in kubuntu-devel09:31
ulyssesAnyone seen this message about Nepomuk disabled? http://people.ubuntu.com/~ulysses/nepomukdisabled.png09:35
ulyssesmeh, cat walked throug the keyboard09:37
Riddellonly when I manually kill nepomuk09:44
ulyssesI upgraded today to Oneiric, it appears on every login09:44
afiestassorry for the rant yesterday, won't happen again10:09
afiestasI'm going to develop a plugin for KMail that, if it detects harsh words + the time is around 2AM prevents me to send anything anywhere10:10
Riddellafiestas: :)10:18
Riddellgosh, first comment on slashdot Ubuntu release thread is "I moved to Kubuntu (Score 4: Insightful) about 3 releases ago, and I've never looked back."10:18
jussiafiestas: I have one patch for you to develop as pennance10:24
jussiafiestas: you can make a choice when setting up email to choose "gmail style account" for those that use google accounts on their own domain name (like me with jussi01.com). 10:26
GirlyGirlhttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/OneiricUpgrades/Kubuntu  typo "Upgrade to 11.04 with an alternate CD:" should be 11.1010:40
GirlyGirlLots of kmail2 complaints in #kubuntu btw apparently they don't read the release notes and try migration10:42
Riddellhmm, I can believe that10:44
jussithe migration failed here :/10:52
afiestasbtw, the only thing we can do about this at this stage, is to help upstream the most we can11:05
afiestasKMail has a new mantainer now, it didn't a few weeks ago11:05
jussiafiestas: +++11:17
jussiafiestas: thats what I pretty much said in my mail there (which seemed to get lost amongst the noise)11:17
rbelemapachelogger, ping12:03
rbelemafiestas, \o/12:03
apacheloggerrbelem: yes?12:03
rbelemapachelogger, a talked to rsalveti yesterday12:04
rbelemapachelogger, he said the he cant give us an arm ppa, but he can upload ours packages to his arm ppa and send back the binaries12:05
rbelemapachelogger, and he said that kubuntu-mobile images can be host by linaro12:06
rbelemapachelogger, he asked me to generate the images using live-build12:07
apacheloggerrbelem: that actually seems like a good enough solution12:09
apacheloggerwith we can copy the entire package from his ppa to ours12:10
apacheloggerincluding the binaries12:10
apacheloggerso management effort is rather low12:10
rbelemapachelogger, he said that he cant give us a ppa because the farm is small and some builds may damage the hardware12:12
apacheloggeryeah, the usual reason12:13
apacheloggerbut I think building elsewhere and then copying to our PPA is good enough12:13
apacheloggerplus we have our own farm for random testbuilds anyway12:14
apacheloggerwhich reminds me .... NCommander: any progress on getting those machines upgrade?12:14
* rbelem hopes linaro guys manage to get arm cross toolchain ready to use soon12:16
apacheloggerdebfx: I believe your change to kds broke plasma netbook now12:51
apacheloggeror the sal containment at large12:52
apacheloggerbecause it has a 'tab' for contacts12:52
apacheloggerwhich is in fact using the runner12:52
apacheloggerfortunately enough turning off the runner will not cause visual indiciation in the feature12:52
apacheloggerso it will just appear to not be working12:52
apacheloggerFWIW though ... last I tried it did not work to begin with12:53
debfxapachelogger: we don't even install those krunner plugins by default so how can disabling them cause problems?13:04
apacheloggerwe don't?13:05
apacheloggerah, it is an entire pile of bugs then13:05
* apachelogger trusts debfx to take care of this and prepares for some hacker party13:06
debfxno, they are in plasma-runners-addons13:07
debfxapachelogger: I have never used the netbook interface so no idea what's going on there13:15
afiestasrbelem: is docummented anywhere what configuration is needed in order to have samba share working properly?14:04
rbelemafiestas, not yet14:05
rbelemafiestas, did you manage to get is sharing properly?14:06
afiestasrbelem: nope14:38
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=== jjesse_ is now known as jjesse
yofeluh... can someone with the -proposed archive enabled try to disable it in software-properties-kde?15:40
yofeldoesn't work for me in oneiric15:40
yofelmore like, when I uncheck a checkbox on the 'Updates' tab, as soon as I move the mouse away it gets checked again O.O15:43
debfxyofel: same here for all checkboxes under "Kubuntu updates"15:45
yofelbug 81979315:48
ubottuLaunchpad bug 819793 in software-properties (Ubuntu) "Can't uncheck proposed or usupported boxes in Kubuntu updates sorftware sources" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/81979315:48
GirlyGirlyofel: same here15:49
yofelbug 826539 is for the gtk one, but only for backports15:49
ubottuLaunchpad bug 826539 in software-properties (Ubuntu) "can't uncheck unsupported updates in regular ubuntu" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/82653915:49
yofelbug 79149115:50
ubottuLaunchpad bug 791491 in software-properties (Ubuntu) "Cannot uncheck "Unsupported updates" checkbox in KPackageKit" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/79149115:50
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Quintasanyofel, debfx: Can you try adding a new entry using kmenuedit?16:12
yofelQuintasan: where?16:13
Quintasanyofel: in Kickoff obviously16:13
* Quintasan tried adding World of Goo to Games today16:13
Quintasanbut when I clicked on Save it started processing and then disappeard16:13
QuintasanThe progress bar when saving16:14
yofelQuintasan: worked for me (adding a custom entry for s-p-k under lost and found)16:16
* yofel is trying to understand software-properties code16:17
apacheloggerjockey is weirdly defunct16:53
apacheloggerthere is also some rubbish about appindicator3 and whatnot16:53
yofelnow this was utterly confusing and suprisingly easy to fix...16:56
Quintasanprecise is already open17:01
debfxthere are still a lot of 4.7.2 packages that need uploading to oneiric-proposed17:05
debfx(remember to reference bug #872506 in the changelog)17:08
ubottuLaunchpad bug 872506 in kde4libs (Ubuntu Oneiric) "SRU tracking bug for KDE 4.7.2" [Undecided,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/87250617:08
CIA-130[software-properties] Philip Muškovac * 724 * softwareproperties/kde/SoftwarePropertiesKDE.py Fix KDE UI not being able to disable update repositories17:14
yofelnow I need to get a hold of mvo...17:18
* Quintasan updates the wiki17:26
* Quintasan grabs libkdeedu17:29
Quintasanlibkdeedu uploaded17:31
* Quintasan grabs libkexiv217:56
CIA-130[libkdeedu] Michal Zajac * 15 * debian/changelog New upstream release (LP: #872506)17:58
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debfxmeh, archive.u.c is painfully slow18:01
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CIA-130[libkexiv2] Michal Zajac * 23 * debian/changelog New upstream release (LP: #872506)18:04
QuintasanI wonder where is Scott18:05
debfxQuintasan: he is taking a break from ubuntu development, see ubuntu-devel list18:07
QuintasanI see18:09
yofeldebfx: how did you decide if it's worth to backport? unpack both packages and run diff -ruN ?18:28
yofel*worth to SRU18:28
debfxyofel: I grabbed the diffs from the ninjas ppa18:28
yofelgood idea18:29
* yofel grabs rocs18:41
CIA-130[lp:~kubuntu-packagers/kubuntu-packaging/rocs] Philip Muškovac * 15 * debian/changelog New upstream release (LP: #872506)18:54
c2taruncan anyone please tell me how to load a project in QtCreator? (I have the source code of the project)18:59
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CIA-130[software-properties] Philip Muškovac * 725 * softwareproperties/kde/SoftwarePropertiesKDE.py throw the now unused loop out20:28
valorielate saying it, but awesome effort, team21:31
valorieand great product21:31
valorieI can't wait to upgrade this laptop, but my netbook is doing great on 11.1021:31
valorieupgrading two days before flying to Cali with it doesn't seem smart though21:32
Riddellvalorie: you're not late saying it, you have another 5 months and 29 days to keep saying it21:36
valorieit felt good to contribute a bit more to this release21:37
valoriehope to increase that in Precise21:37
valorieit will be good to have you back at the helm, Riddell21:37
Riddellaww, thanks :)21:45
Riddellare you coming to UDS valorie?21:45
valorienope -- heading to Google this week21:46
Riddelloh?  mentors summit?21:46
valoriethere simply isn't enough time between the two events21:46
valorieDoc Camp and then Mentor's Summit21:46
Riddellwhat's Doc Camp?21:46
valorieI expect to be wrung out by the end of the week21:46
valorieshadeslayer and two other guys are coming from India21:47
valorieand we're going to write a book about how to get involved in developing KDE21:47
valoriefortunately they know the facts21:47
Riddella book?  like a full novel?21:47
valorieI'll be there to edit, etc.21:48
BarkingFishWell at least I got back...  Is it possible to upgrade from 04 to 10 without using an over the net install?  I had hell with mine yesterday.21:48
BarkingFishI only got back on the net about 2 or 3 hours ago21:48
RiddellBarkingFish: you can try using the alternate CD21:48
valoriethis will be published on teh ....fossdocs? website21:48
BarkingFishRiddell, yesterday bought me within 10 minutes of calling the samaritans.  I was practically on the edge of doing something unpleasant.21:48
valorie#kde-doc-camp is where we are hanging out if you are interested in adding to the work21:49
Riddell(best not to joke about that sort of thing BarkingFish, it can be hard to tell if it's a joke on IRC)21:49
BarkingFishI upgraded and got to within 20 files of finishing, and my system hung like saddam. I couldn't move, no VT access, zip.  I forced a poweroff & reboot, and was left with an empty PC and 220GB of lost data21:50
valorieoh, question on the alternate CD21:50
BarkingFishRiddell, I am utterly serious.  I am not by any means joking.21:50
valoriethe only one I find listed is the alternate-Mac one21:50
valorielost data!?21:50
macoum thats some very graphic imagery21:51
BarkingFishThis machine is my access to my only one true thing I enjoy, and I was so furious at everything going feet up last night, I almost did a number on myself21:51
valorieI had an upgrade like that a long time ago21:51
valorieit left me feeling damn bad21:51
RiddellBarkingFish: it won't have lost your /home folder21:52
BarkingFishRiddell, it lost everything.  21:52
BarkingFishI mean the whole lot. Docs, downloads, pictures, music, my lp setup, bzr, the whole enchilada from top to bottom, all 220.65GB21:52
BarkingFishall the sources for the stuff I worked on too21:53
RiddellBarkingFish: on an upgrade?  there's nothing that would corrupt a disk or format a disk there unless the disk had a hardware fault21:53
BarkingFishThe disk is fine.  It's barely 3 months old and has only had kubuntu on it.21:54
BarkingFishIn all seriousness, that was just about the most disappointing experience I've had with a system upgrade in almost 11 years of linux.21:55
RiddellBarkingFish: so did you boot a live image and mount the filesystem?21:56
* valorie sends {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{hugs}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}} to BarkingFish21:56
BarkingFishRiddell, yes.21:57
BarkingFishI have 11.04 on a Pendrive21:57
RiddellBarkingFish: hmm, btrfs?21:58
BarkingFishawhositwhatnow? 21:58
* BarkingFish looks bemused21:58
macoBarkingFish: what filesystem is the disk?21:58
BarkingFishthe Pendrive or the one I lost?21:58
macoi think he means the kaboom one21:59
BarkingFishwith a very small 2.2GB as swap21:59
Riddellso it was a different system as the one in bug 873411 ?22:00
ubottuLaunchpad bug 873411 in update-manager (Ubuntu) "Unable to upgrade to 11.10 using kpackagekit" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/87341122:00
BarkingFishit was the same one22:01
Riddellwell that bug was due to btrfs22:02
BarkingFishi don't know what btrfs is, could you expand please?22:03
BarkingFishThat was filed before the death of my kit last night22:03
Riddellit's a filesystem22:06
Riddellit's not our default so it's probably not well tested22:06
BarkingFishwell if you look at the fstab I posted, you'll see my primary disk was ext422:06
BarkingFishand the only other disk in my machine was ntfs22:07
BarkingFishsda1 was ext4, as was sda6, and sda5 was swap - sdb1, my workhorse disk, was ntfs22:08
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Riddellok it's something to do with the programme apt-btrfs-snapshot22:13
Riddellbut it's getting beyond my ken22:14
RiddellBarkingFish: data loss is very nasty though as you'll be aware so you should report the problem on that bug (or another one if you think it's unrelated)22:14
Riddellon update-manager22:14
QuintasanBarkingFish: I'm pretty much sure you'd be able to recover much data from the partition if you umount it and not write to it and try extundelete22:16
QuintasanBarkingFish: http://extundelete.sourceforge.net/22:16
QuintasanBarkingFish: I think we have a package for that in repo as well22:17
Quintasan!info extundelete22:17
ubottuextundelete (source: extundelete): utility to recover deleted files from ext3/ext4 partition. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.2.0-1 (oneiric), package size 52 kB, installed size 168 kB22:17
debfxapachelogger: do you have an idea how we could switch to xz compression of binary packages since lp requires a pre-depends on dpkg (>= ...)?23:03
debfxwe'd have to somehow convince dpkg-gencontrol to add that automatically23:04

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