amichair_aperson: neither of these links mention upgrading from a desktop cd... what am I missing?00:03
Daskreechamichair_: you can't upgrade from a CD00:03
amichair_Daskreech: is there any way to use one to reduce the required downloads? like copying packages from the cd to the package cache or anything like that?00:05
DaskreechThere are no packages on the CD00:05
Daskreechthere are packages on the DVD00:05
Daskreechbut that of course is not reducing the downloads00:05
amichair_Daskreech: ah, ok. I thought in 700mb there's got to be some packages :-)00:06
DaskreechNope :)00:06
Daskreech2GB of System files00:06
amichair_Daskreech: so it's basically pre-unpacked stuff?00:07
amichair_and only the alternate cd is still packed?00:07
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MausschubserDaskreech:  thanks for your help00:30
Mausschubsergood night room00:30
Daskreechamichair_: sort of00:40
DaskreechIt's the system already installed then compressed to a CD00:41
Daskreech"installing" is just copying it to your computer00:41
jmichaelxhas anyone else in here had issues with google chrome crashing off and on, since many, many months ago?01:29
mr-richso, 11.10 switches back to Openoffice?01:45
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dvivgadfpkubuntulover@KDEDesktop ~ $ xrandr --output "DVI-0" --mode "1920x1080"02:31
dvivgadfpxrandr: Failed to get size of gamma for output default02:31
dvivgadfpwarning: output DVI-0 not found; ignoring02:31
dvivgadfpWhat do i put for --output, or how do I find out what to put there02:31
dvivgadfpThanks in advance~!02:31
kesten_anybody able to help with a screwed up python dpkg on ubuntu 11.04?02:32
kesten_When i try to install packages, i get errors when it comes to updating python dependencies.02:33
Daskreechdvivgadfp: what are you trynig to do?02:43
Daskreechkesten_: what are the errors can you pastebin them?02:43
dvivgadfpDaskreech Just trying to set the resolution. System Settings didn't detect it. I did successfully add the proper resolution to the list in xrandr, but it doesn't show in system settings. Trying to just set the proper resolution for this session02:44
dvivgadfpCan't do anything requiring a restart as I'm out of a hard drive until a replacement arrives, running kubuntu live with toram02:44
Daskreechdvivgadfp: try xrandr -002:45
dvivgadfpDaskreech: thanks~02:45
dvivgadfpDaskreech: xrandr -0 gives me usage info02:46
Daskreechwait is there a -s ?02:46
DaskreechI think it may be -s 0 sorry02:46
dvivgadfpDaskreech: Thanks, I'll give it a shot!02:48
dvivgadfpDaskreech: Okay, that brought me to 1600x1200.02:49
Daskreechare you sure your monitor can go higher? that's normally the highest your monitor that -s 0 detects02:50
dvivgadfpOh, ya. Before my hard drive conked out I was running two monitors, one 1920x1080, the other 1920x120002:50
dvivgadfpworked fine in any OS I tossed at it, too.02:51
DaskreechI'm too zoned out to think too much on this02:55
Daskreech Ask in #phoronix they are pretty detailed about videocards and so on02:56
dvivgadfpDaskreech: No problem, If all else fails I'll just abandon this live session and try some other disk and hope it gets it automatically. I'd just like to avoid it after downloading all the applications I need to the ramdisk and configuring everything, heh02:56
DaskreechOh this is the live disk02:56
dvivgadfpMy mistake, really... shouldn't have done that until AFTER i figure out the res02:57
Daskreechah it may be RAM constrained then?02:57
dvivgadfp8GB ram, not using too much02:57
dvivgadfpThanks for the channel, though didn't know about #phoronix02:57
DaskreechGreat set of guys. VEry dogmatic. Watch out for wars and step to the side when they start shooting02:58
dvivgadfplol, thanks for the heads up, I'll bring a helmet02:58
dvivgadfpWow, I'm using a lot less RAM than I thought, actually: 1.3GB of 7.8GB02:59
DaskreechWelcome to KDE and UNIX shared libraries03:00
DaskreechAnd considering you are running the whole OS in RAM  :)03:00
DaskreechA photoshop filter probably takes that much RAM03:00
dvivgadfpI meanm puppy linux is impressive for doing this on miniscule amounts of ram.. but considering I'm running fancy KDE in fancymode with stuff installed.. that's awesome03:01
dvivgadfpalmost more impressive than puppy, to me03:01
DaskreechRemember teaching Linux to someone and they were saying that they shouldn't use Linux since they built a monster machine03:02
DaskreechNope ifyou want Linux to kill that machine it will :)03:03
dvivgadfpHoly crap.I think I should get some sleep before I do more, though. I almost considered restarting... and I have some models I haven't uploaded to my dropbox yet03:03
Daskreech If you want it to back off and leave all your resources free it will03:03
DaskreechIt's really a nice setup03:03
dvivgadfpDaskreech: I love linux. The only thing that keeps me on a dual boot currently are zbrush, fl studio and unity3d.03:04
dvivgadfpfl I can run in wine, so that's moot.. zbrush with some tinkering, too03:04
dvivgadfpso I hope the unity3d devs port their engine over eventually and I can ditch windows03:04
dvivgadfpDaskreech: Anyway thanks for the pointers~! I'd been through 3 help chats without any luck, so you were a huge help just by giving me an idea and a 'link'03:10
dvivgadfpI'll be afk for the night though, don't feel safe touching more stuff =P03:10
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Daskreech:) OK03:11
kesten_Daskreech: what is postbin?03:12
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.03:12
kesten_brand new to irc.  Where do i find the channel topic?03:13
kesten_Very cool.  Here's the error: http://paste.ubuntu.com/707707/03:14
ubottuPlease read the channel topic whenever you enter, as it contains important information. To view it at any time after joining, simply type /topic03:14
ubottuPlease read the channel topic whenever you enter, as it contains important information. To view it at any time after joining, simply type /topic03:15
kesten_Ah, perhaps i should be looking on the #ubuntu channel then.03:16
Daskreechkesten_: ha no read the factoid. If you want to see the topic you type /topic03:18
Daskreechkesten_: can you try sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install python-gmenu03:19
kesten_thanks, still get03:22
kesten_Errors were encountered while processing:03:22
kesten_ gimp03:22
kesten_ python-gmenu03:22
Daskreechkesten_: try sudo apt-get -f install03:23
kesten_I was following a blender installation tutorial and made a mistake.  I think it messed up dpkg's config of python.03:23
Daskreechkesten_: sorry03:24
Daskreechsudo dpkg -f install03:24
kesten_I'd like to know what sudo update-alternatives --config python should give me.03:24
kesten_kesten@kesten-K42Jr:~/blender-svn/blender$ sudo dpkg -f install03:25
kesten_dpkg-deb: error: failed to read archive `install': No such file or directory03:25
DaskreechAhh. What alternative to python are you configuring?03:25
Daskreechok try sudo dpkg --configure -a03:26
kesten_Will try.  Here is my config. http://paste.ubuntu.com/707714/03:28
kesten_I get:03:30
kesten_Setting up gimp (2.6.11-1ubuntu6.2) ...03:30
kesten_/var/lib/dpkg/info/gimp.postinst: 11: update-python-modules: Permission denied03:30
Daskreechpermission denied?03:32
Daskreechls -l /var/lib/dpkg/info/gimp.postinst03:32
DaskreechYou can paste the line from that here03:32
kesten_-rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 468 2011-09-21 11:07 /var/lib/dpkg/info/gimp.postinst03:33
Daskreechpermission denied eh?03:39
kesten_the complete saga of what may have gone wrong: http://paste.ubuntu.com/707716/03:40
Daskreechkesten__: what's python --version say now04:01
kesten__ha: bash: /usr/bin/python: Is a directory04:05
kesten__It was pointing to /usr/bin/python3.2 previously, but i thought that might be causing version problems so i tried to point it back to python2.7.04:06
kesten__if i run sudo update-alternatives --config python and select the path to python3.2 i get04:08
kesten__kesten@kesten-K42Jr:~/blender-svn/blender$ python --version04:08
kesten__Python 3.204:08
nate_hi does anybody see this I am testing if I am connected04:17
kesten__i see you nate04:17
nate_cool , what type of irc (i.e what topics ...?)04:18
Daskreechnate_: support in the channel for Kubuntu04:19
Daskreechkesten__: so you have a working python but apt-get doesn't know about it?04:20
kesten__Daskreech: I corrected my path to python2.7 .  Then i switched --config to point to 2.7 .  Now voila,04:21
kesten__kesten@kesten-K42Jr:~/blender-svn/blender$ python --version04:21
kesten__Python 2.7.1+04:21
kesten__kesten@kesten-K42Jr:~/blender-svn/blender$ sudo dpkg --configure -a04:21
kesten__Setting up gimp (2.6.11-1ubuntu6.2) ...04:21
kesten__Setting up python-gmenu (2.30.5-0ubuntu3) ...04:21
kesten__Looks like it works now!04:21
FloodBotK2kesten__: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.04:21
FloodBotK1kesten__: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.04:21
nate_Ok , I have just compiled my first linux kernel. It gives me bzlinuz but I am curious if I wanted build an os from scratch what other packages do I need?04:21
Daskreechkesten__: Hooray :)04:21
Daskreechnate_: try bash04:22
nate_I have compiled coreutils that gave my all the common exe like dd , df , du , grep ,...etc04:22
nate_But I am curious how the etc ,opt , proc , usr ,...folders get created ?04:23
Daskreechnate_: by the bootstrap?04:26
nate_Also downloaded grup and installed that04:26
Daskreechfun :)04:27
nate_I am wondering how the other folders are created  /dev , /proc ,...etc I know /media and /mnt can just be created with mkdir from coreutils but what about the other folders and files04:29
nate_Assuming you are under cygwin and compiled a linux kernel, have grub , what packages must you need to create the other folders for a linux distro?04:35
nate_I also have coreutils that create some folders but not all that is why I am wondering where the other folders get created from what packages?04:36
Daskreechnate_: /dev and /proc are virtual folders. they do not really exist04:44
DaskreechTechnically you need coreutils, some shell like bash or busybox and the kernel04:44
mr-richso, 11.10 is switching back to Openoffice?04:45
Daskreechmr-rich: link04:45
mr-richDaskreech: http://www.kubuntu.org/feature-tour04:46
mr-richit sez Openoffice, not Libreoffice ...04:46
DaskreechHa ha nice :)04:47
Daskreechmr-rich: I'll talk to someone about that but I think it's probably a copy paste error04:47
infinitumwhere are you from?04:48
mr-richDaskreech: Do you work for Ubuntu?04:48
nate_thats all you need coreutils , bash , and the kernel + grub to boot it , then where does all the other folders come from on those linux distro's04:49
Daskreechmr-rich: Not quite sure what that would mean but lets say no04:51
Daskreechnate_: They aren't needed for the most part04:51
nate_That is hard to believe since I use /dev for device files , etc , usr, var contains alot of programs but your saying I can put those files where ever I want05:05
nate_So i could create a linux os that has a totally different directory structure ?05:06
semitoneshey, would anyone be able to take a look at this bug I posted? It's about installing kubuntu-desktop: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/kde-workspace/+bug/85437005:08
ubottuUbuntu bug 854370 in kde-workspace (Ubuntu) "installing kubuntu-desktop fails to warn gdm users" [Undecided,New]05:08
SunTsunate_: you could create a linux installation with a different directory layout, but I doubt that it is a good idea05:08
semitonesi want to see if i'm really off base suggesting that, or if it makes sense05:08
nate_For what reason? as long as everything is in the path then I cann't see what could go wrong?05:09
nate_and coreutils has the path command05:10
SunTsunate_: well, you would need to touch lots of things, like installation target paths, MANPATH, lots of stuff relying on things being where POSIX and FHS want them to be05:11
rapidspwhere is kmail settings (data sources) now?05:12
rapidspkubuntu 11.1005:12
SunTsunate_: nate_ doable, but lots of work and only recommended when you really know what you are doing - which I take the liberty to doubt ;)05:13
nate_I see then for now I am interested in how/where the dev , proc , sys folders are created05:16
avihaynate_: As far as I understand, the directories in the root are also divided like that by the way the files are being used. it would make sense to mount them on different media types to complement their access usage/type05:17
avihayor even just file systems05:17
nate_I know they are used I use dev to access alot of devices , but I don't know how this is tied to the compiled kernel I have05:19
Demicolon9Silly novice question: How do I tell KpackageKit to stop bugging me about the available distribution upgrade? (I'm really happy to finally have a stable setup and don't want to change things for a while)05:19
Kalidarnhi, just upgraded and i'm getting an issue with the network not able to be detected and long boot times but when i login the network is actually detected05:19
Kalidarnis there a solution to this?05:19
Kalidarnthen when i login i get another error05:20
SunTsunate_: those directories are created on first install05:20
Kalidarn"Warning: Cannot open ConsoleKit session: Unable to open session: Failed to connect to sucket 'var/run/dbus/system_bus_socket: Connection refused"05:21
SunTsunate_: /dev/ is a convention, you can create device files all over the place, still, if you expect programs to find them you best leave them under /dev05:21
nate_yes, that is if you download a distro I am starting from scratch and have just the kernel , grub , coreutils?05:21
SunTsunate_: look at the linux from scratch website05:22
SunTsuit explains it all and guides you to a working system05:22
nate_really you can create device files that work like /dev/hda1 , /dev/dsp ,...etc05:22
avihayDemicolon9: there are options somewhere, but I recommand you remove kpackagekit, and install a real package manager05:22
SunTsuand I still think that this is the wrong place to discuss that05:23
Demicolon9avihay, Already using synaptic ;)05:23
Demicolon9avihay, Don't know how I didn't think of just uninstalling KpackageKit,lol05:23
nate_I have it has a pdf that tells you about some of the packages that is how I got coreutils05:23
avihayremove it and it will stop trying to break your system05:23
Demicolon9avihay, Thanks xD05:23
avihayI have, and I don't have issues05:24
SunTsunate_: all that counts is that they are special files like block devices and have certain major/minor numbers. Things like devfs create them on the fly, still you can create them with makedev - some e.B. rootkits do that05:24
nate_is their some way to create dev files with just using coreutils that I compiled ?05:26
SunTsuchintan: depends on what they contain05:27
nate_makedev where is that located ?05:28
SunTsuer, withcout chintan: - was meant for nate_05:28
SunTsunate_: maybe you might want to visit some linux from scratch channel, last I checked this was about kubuntu05:28
ssfdre38is there a way to switch from gdm to kdm for boot up cause the update switched it from kdm to gdm05:31
ssfdre38im not even going to say anything about his name05:46
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Demicolon9=O I've finally achieved it! Fully accelerated 720p flash video, on a dual monitor setup, without screen tearing!06:00
* Demicolon9 celebrates *06:00
Demicolon9Turns out my final mistake was the easiest one to fix. The timing of vsync seems to be set to the right display, rather than the left one, so that's why it was tearing on the left.06:03
Demicolon9so I'm just watching there now =P06:03
EruaranDoes anybody know how to fix the digital clock so it actually shows 12hour time instead of 24?06:21
Demicolon9Eruaran, afaik that's a system wide setting. At least the widgets dealing with other things that are metric vs. imperial are controlled by the system-wide options06:22
EruaranThe time format in my local settings are as follows - PH:MM:SS AMPM06:23
EruaranThe digital clock will not show 12 hour time.06:23
Demicolon9Eruaran, In locale-> 'Other' what options are set06:25
EruaranHow is page size, measurement system, and byte size units relavent?06:26
Demicolon9measurement system is what lots of plasma widgets (addmitedly lazyly) check06:27
Eruaranits in metric (as it should be)06:27
EruaranSystem Settings is showing 5:28pm but the widget will not show 12 hour time06:28
Demicolon9Eruaran, try hour as HH06:29
Demicolon9instead of PH06:29
Demicolon9scuse me hH not HH06:29
Eruaranthat changes it to 24 hour time06:30
Eruaranexactly what I don't want06:30
Demicolon9Eruaran,  sorry I got your issue backwards.. with timje set to PH:MM:SS AMPM, my clock shows Night/Day06:31
EruaranSystem Settings shows the time correctly. The digital clock on the panel does not.06:31
Demicolon9have you relogged and/or deleted and reset the widget since since the change06:31
EruaranI have tried everything06:31
Eruaranremoving the widget and replacing, relogged, rebooted06:32
Demicolon9Eruaran, wow. Sorry to not be of much help, then. All I can say is with the same settings, for me, it's working06:32
Demicolon9both as panel clock and as desktop widget06:33
tdignanI can see the mic from my webcam in alsamixer, and I put it at the top priority in "Phonon" in System Preferences, but Cheese is not using it to record audio06:39
tdignanHow can I fix this? It seems Cheese does not have a preference for it.06:39
tdignan:( now its even working in pulseaudio.06:40
tdignanbut not in cheese06:41
nate_what is the difference between GTK+ and Gnome?06:41
nate_is GTK+ just the library that Gnome was built with?06:42
tdignanGTK+ is a library. Gnome is a desktop environment06:42
tdignanyes, and several others06:42
nate_others like?06:42
nate_other then kde06:42
floownHello. I'm trying upgrade to Kubuntu 11.10 but it seems to stop at 60% with the nautilus-dropbox packet. Can I kill the process and release it with a command?06:42
ArnoldIf you want to compare a library, that would be QT instead.06:43
GirlyGirlfloown: Yes you can06:43
floownGirlyGirl: ok, and what's the command, please?06:43
GirlyGirlfloown: Is it at installing stage or download stage?06:44
floownGirlyGirl: ? Hum.... I have install it truth the configuration panel, in graphic mode06:45
GirlyGirlfloown: are you upgrading right now?06:56
floownGirlyGirl: thx, it's ok, I have kill the windows and have continue with a sudo dpkg --configure -a06:57
GirlyGirlfloown: That's fine ... when you finish run "sudo apt-get install -f" to be safe06:57
GirlyGirlfloown: then "sudo apt-get dist-upgrade"06:58
yofeldon't forget to run 'sudo apt-get install -f' and 'sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop' after that (it's ok if both commands do nothing)06:58
Daskreechmr-rich: should be fixed to say LibreOffice soon thanks06:59
tdignanI can see that my webcam mic is in pavucontrol and working, but apps cant read it when I set mic to "pulse"06:59
tdignanany ideas?06:59
Daskreechnate_: It needs to have /etc/ and /root on the same partition as /06:59
Daskreechnate_: /dev is not real it's just there to be nice to the user07:00
GirlyGirlI have a funny conflict with gnome/unity and kde .... when ever I start kde after leaving gnome , kde crashes back to kdm. On the second attempt it works but desktop effects fail and need some manual work to get it working again.07:04
phoenix_firebrdGirlyGirl: try lighdm07:05
phoenix_firebrdGirlyGirl: try lightdm07:05
GirlyGirlphoenix_firebrd: Sorry, I'm not07:05
GirlyGirlNothing to do with KDM, if I use only KDE it works fine07:06
GirlyGirlI am about to remove gnome actuall, I was just wondering if there is a fix07:06
phoenix_firebrdGirlyGirl: what is the compositer you are using?07:07
emomiloloh disturbing thing in kde. when singleklicking besides tabs in chromium, it for some reason makes window small. any hints on why?07:08
GirlyGirlphoenix_firebrd: kwin for kde, mutter for gnome-shell and compiz for unity07:09
phoenix_firebrdGirlyGirl: ok07:10
phoenix_firebrdGirlyGirl: do you see any error messages in the systemlog?07:10
GirlyGirlphoenix_firebrd: let me check07:11
phoenix_firebrdemomilol: can you post a snapshot here?07:11
GirlyGirlphoenix_firebrd: no07:12
phoenix_firebrdone min07:12
emomilolphoenix_firebrd: http://bayimg.com/NAKJPaaDH on the blue field next to the new tab icon. if i click there it happens07:13
emomilolphoenix_firebrd: http://bayimg.com/oAKJaAaDH this happens07:14
phoenix_firebrdGirlyGirl: did you try disabling the desktop effects?07:14
GirlyGirlphoenix_firebrd: Did you read my question ... why would I disable them ?07:15
phoenix_firebrdemomilol: This happens only in chromium right? What is your chromium version07:15
GirlyGirlphoenix_firebrd: That is not a solution as the hardware is capable of running desktop effects on kde07:16
phoenix_firebrdGirlyGirl: driver fault may crash the xserver and it will land you back to kdm, so try without desktop effects07:17
GirlyGirlphoenix_firebrd: It works fine if I never login to Gnome07:17
GirlyGirlphoenix_firebrd: if I use gnome, on the first attempt to login to kde it crashes (and yes it is because desktop effects are on), on second attempt it works07:18
phoenix_firebrdGirlyGirl: did you try disabling the desktop effects07:18
SunTsuGirlyGirl: anything in ~/.xsession-errors or /var/log/Xorg.0.log?07:19
emomilolphoenix_firebrd: thats where it occured.07:20
GirlyGirlSunTsu: no07:20
emomilolphoenix_firebrd: 14.0.835.20207:20
emomilolphoenix_firebrd: same thing in google chrome07:20
phoenix_firebrdemomilol: what happens when you click the small tabs07:20
emomilolphoenix_firebrd: clicking on a tab is no problem. small or big07:21
phoenix_firebrdemomilol: let me check07:21
GirlyGirlphoenix_firebrd:  Only error message is from kwin "Desktop effect have been disabled because they caused kwin to crash, enable openGL detection again" somehow gnome locks up 3d acceleration for itself when you use it07:22
SunTsuGirlyGirl: maybe there's some leftovers from gnome still running that lock OpenGL07:23
phoenix_firebrdGirlyGirl: Do you see anyother compositor process running when in kde07:23
GirlyGirlphoenix_firebrd: kwin is responsible for all desktop composition in kde07:23
GirlyGirlincluding applying composition to plasma07:24
SunTsuGirlyGirl: I'd compare ps before running gnome to ps after logging out again. BTW: does logging back into gnome work?07:24
GirlyGirlSunTsu: Same thing you have to login in gnome twice07:25
phoenix_firebrdGirlyGirl: What is your graphic crad07:25
phoenix_firebrdGirlyGirl: What is your graphic card07:25
GirlyGirlphoenix_firebrd: Intel Arkendale GMA 950 (27ae)07:26
SunTsuGirlyGirl: with the first re-login effectively killing X11? I have seen that occur with nvidia boxes, had that on my laptop some time ago07:27
GirlyGirlSunTsu: Yes07:28
GirlyGirlphoenix_firebrd: SunTsu Anyway, I just removed gnome unity and gnome-shell stuff as I never planned to use it anyway, I was just trying it out07:29
phoenix_firebrdGirlyGirl: good07:29
SunTsuGirlyGirl: OK, if you are inclined to play around some more, maybe you could try a different graphics driver, like vesa or framebuffer07:30
phoenix_firebrdGirlyGirl: for me kdm didnt work when i had unity, gnome and kde together07:30
phoenix_firebrdGirlyGirl: i used lightdm07:30
emomilolphoenix_firebrd: did you find the reason on the tab thing?07:31
phoenix_firebrdemomilol: i am checking07:32
emomilolphoenix_firebrd: cool07:32
phoenix_firebrdemomilol: can you try one thing for me?07:34
phoenix_firebrdemomilol: goto this folder .config/chromium/Default/07:35
phoenix_firebrdemomilol: its in you home directory07:35
phoenix_firebrdemomilol: close all the instances of the chromium browser07:35
nate_I am get confused with some terminalogy what is the difference between x11, gnome , kde , GTK+ , QT, GDK?07:37
emomilolphoenix_firebrd: i am in place07:38
GirlyGirlnate_:  x11 - The process that handles GUI display, gnome, kde two desktop interfaces... gtk, qt development toolkits to make gui apps07:38
phoenix_firebrdemomilol: did you close all the browser instances?07:38
emomilolphoenix_firebrd: yes07:38
phoenix_firebrdemomilol: can you see a fine named Preferences?07:39
SunTsunate_: x11 is tha graphics architecture, gnome and kde are desktop environments running on x11, GTK+/QT development libraries for graphical environments, gdk - another graphics library07:39
emomilolphoenix_firebrd: yes07:39
GirlyGirlnate_: On the windows side ... Interface is Explorer.exe .... Toolkit Winforms or Windows presentation foundation07:39
phoenix_firebrdemomilol: rename it to some name07:39
phoenix_firebrdemomilol: now try the browser and check you get the problem?07:40
GirlyGirlnate_: And x11 is not needed because window's kernel has something similar embedded07:40
emomilolphoenix_firebrd: yes. dont you get it on your side?07:40
phoenix_firebrdemomilol: no07:40
phoenix_firebrdemomilol: problem still exists?07:40
emomilolphoenix_firebrd: yes. when clicking cursor changes to move07:41
phoenix_firebrdemomilol: do you have a backup of your bookmarks?07:42
SunTsunate_: as I said earlier, you might want to start from the beginning. Maybe grab a good boot on the basics07:43
emomilolphoenix_firebrd: you suggestion to get rid of .config/chromium ? :)07:43
phoenix_firebrdemomilol: no just try renaming it and see if it works07:43
phoenix_firebrdemomilol: it is always best to have a backup07:44
nate_so would I be correct in saying all the graphics enviroments like gnome , kde, ...etc are running on x1107:44
SunTsuer "good book" of course07:44
phoenix_firebrdnate_: not for long07:44
emomilolphoenix_firebrd: yes still exists07:44
phoenix_firebrdhe he07:45
SunTsumaybe I should read one about typing07:45
nate_but for now?07:45
emomilolphoenix_firebrd: only happens when window is maximized. hang on. recorded it.07:45
phoenix_firebrdemomilol: can you goto to tools menu in browser07:46
phoenix_firebrdemomilol: then to extensions07:46
nate_also is the graphical libraries like GTK+ , GDK , QT the ones that created gnome , kde ,...etc07:46
SunTsunate_: yes, but gnome/kde are called desktop environments07:46
phoenix_firebrdemomilol: sorry that is not for chromium07:47
SunTsunate_: kde is written in QT mostly while gnome AFAIK is GTK07:47
SunTsu.o0( Gnome ToolKit, non? )07:47
nate_ok , then what is GDK / what is it used for?07:48
phoenix_firebrdemomilol: <backup your bookmarks and purge and reinstall chromium> or <install chrome and see if the problem exists there>07:48
SunTsunate_: there's a fabulous invention, where you can throw those acronyms and get answers, it's called search engine, may I introduce you to the most favorite one? http://google.com07:49
phoenix_firebrdnate_: start reading about linux and in 6 moths you will get a good idea of it, you know there is no fastrack way to learn properly07:50
emomilolphoenix_firebrd: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ug97eoktOwA07:50
SunTsuespecially it's nonsense to get people write stuff that's written more precisely everywhere else07:50
phoenix_firebrdemomilol: did you post that video?07:51
GirlyGirlnate_: Yes gnome and kde need X11 to run07:52
phoenix_firebrdemomilol: omg is that your problem07:52
SunTsuOK, GTK is Gimp ToolKit, not Gnome, still close07:52
phoenix_firebrdemomilol: that will happen for us, that is ment to happen07:53
emomilolbut why! that is so disturbing!07:54
phoenix_firebrdemomilol:  ha ha ha07:54
emomilolthink its not happening in gnome07:55
emomilolon double click sure, but not single click07:56
phoenix_firebrdemomilol: if you want file a wish in chromium bug reporting07:58
floh79Hi, I just installed kubuntu 11.10. But I noticed there is no aptitude.07:58
floh79So what tool replaced aptitude?07:59
phoenix_firebrdfloh79: cli or gui?07:59
GirlyGirlfloh79: sudo apt-get install aptitude07:59
phoenix_firebrdfloh79: try muon07:59
phoenix_firebrdfloh79: aptitude was removed from 11.04 onwards07:59
floh79I want know if there are successor of aptitude.07:59
floh79phoenix_firebrd: Thanx. Do you know why?08:00
phoenix_firebrdfloh79: there is some problem with aptitude08:00
phoenix_firebrdfloh79: many of the developers said it breaks the system08:00
phoenix_firebrdfloh79: also for saving space in the cd image they removed it08:01
floh79phoenix_firebrd: That is why I asked because I don't want break my system.08:01
floh79phoenix_firebrd: So you suggest muon?08:01
phoenix_firebrdfloh79: muon is very good08:01
emomilolnever heard of08:01
floh79Hm... 'man muon' tells me about Qt. Huh?08:01
krisedoes anybody know why i dont have a sound with amarok and youtube, but i have sount with vlc08:01
phoenix_firebrdfloh79: if you feel their is any problem with dependencies try this "sudo apt-get check"08:02
kriseupdated yestarday08:02
emomilolah its graphical!08:02
floh79emomilol: Now you mentioned it. I found it in gui.08:03
floh79Well, thank you phoenix_firebrd.08:05
phoenix_firebrdfloh79: yw08:05
phoenix_firebrdkrise: can you check what is your current phonon backend08:05
phoenix_firebrdnate_: are you new to programming?08:06
krisephoenix_firebrd how can i doo that08:06
phoenix_firebrdkrise: goto to system settings08:06
phoenix_firebrdkrise: goto multimedia08:07
phoenix_firebrdkrise: on the left panel select phonon08:07
phoenix_firebrdkrise: o the right there is a tab called backend , select it08:08
phoenix_firebrdkrise: In the backend list, what is on the top?08:08
krisethe only one08:09
phoenix_firebrdkrise: other than vlc , do you hear sound from something else, like the login sound etc08:09
kriseyes i hear login sound08:10
kriseonly have problems in web08:10
phoenix_firebrdkrise: are you using a laptop?08:10
kriseand amarok08:10
kriselaptop yes, probook 452008:10
phoenix_firebrdkrise: did you increase the pcm level in kmix?08:11
=== chris_ is now known as Guest6869
krisenope it looks ok08:12
phoenix_firebrdkrise: while playing any audio in amarok ,can you check the volume level of it playback streams in kmix08:13
kriseyes but nothing happens08:14
phoenix_firebrdkrise: does think happened in 11.04 or it happens just in 11.1008:14
krisewith the 11.1008:15
krisenever had this problem before08:15
=== g_ is now known as Guest51462
phoenix_firebrdkrise: wait08:17
krisephoenix_firebrd i have to go08:18
krisei try to get help later08:18
phoenix_firebrdkrise: ok bye08:18
krisethank you08:18
phoenix_firebrdkrise: yw08:18
floownOk, I have upgrade to 11.10 but I can't access the Kmail now. The migration tools seems to failed. How can I retrieve my mails now?08:25
floown"KMail a rencontré une erreur fatale et va s'arrêter maintenant.08:26
floownL'erreur est : Échec de la récupération de la collection de la ressource." <---------- this is the error message08:26
well_laid_lawnbut it's in french08:27
ubottuCe canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.08:27
noaXesswhat default xorg version is in 11.10?08:43
noaXess1.7 or 1.8?08:43
Bluscream_Laptopis anyone speaking german in here?08:45
GirlyGirlBluscream_Laptop: Go to the german channel08:47
Bluscream_Laptopwhats his name08:47
GirlyGirlBluscream_Laptop: #kubuntu-de08:48
Bluscream_Laptopthanks :-)08:48
Bluscream_Laptopomg im so stupid08:48
=== donkorleone is now known as mint
noaXessBluscream_Laptop: yes.. but this is the english channel :)08:51
Bluscream_Laptopi writethis in the german chennel08:51
GirlyGirlnoaXess: Just before him someone comes for french! ... I speak French luckily for him so I caught up in the right channel08:52
noaXessGirlyGirl: hehe... yeah.. but.. i think.. here are always more people and here is more knowhow then in other channels ;)..08:53
noaXessso better to learn english..08:53
Bluscream_Laptopthats right08:54
GirlyGirlnoaXess: No problem for me French is a second language so I hang out in that channel too08:54
noaXessGirlyGirl: aha.. cool.. from where are you?08:54
noaXessBluscream_Laptop: yeah.. and some error messages are normally in english ;)08:54
GirlyGirlnoaXess: Uk08:54
Bluscream_Laptopthats what im saying08:54
GirlyGirlCLI is in english08:55
Bluscream_Laptopfrom the united kingdom08:55
Bluscream_Laptopthis summer i was there08:55
Bluscream_Laptopin london08:55
noaXesshey Bluscream_Laptop.. now what's your problem? maybe we can help.. or give hints ;)08:55
noaXessand my other question..oineric, has it xorg 1.7 or 1.8 default?08:56
Bluscream_Laptopi want to change (for testing only) my ubuntuinterface to kubunteinterface08:56
noaXesssudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop08:57
Bluscream_Laptoplets try :-)08:57
noaXessbut.. you never get back only ubuntu-desktop... it's not easy to erase kubuntu-desktop after installation08:58
GirlyGirlBluscream_Laptop: Please stay for more then "testing purposes" :d08:58
noaXessmaybe you install virtualbox and try kubuntu in a virtual machine08:58
GirlyGirlnoaXess: It is very easy08:58
noaXessGirlyGirl: realy? it was difficult in earlier versions.. so if it's easy now.. then Bluscream_Laptop go ahead ;)08:58
GirlyGirlBluscream_Laptop:  noaXess http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/puregnome08:59
GirlyGirlBluscream_Laptop: noaXess  For the revese http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/purekde08:59
GirlyGirl!language | Bluscream_Laptop08:59
ubottuBluscream_Laptop: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.08:59
Bluscream_Laptopthere was needed 342MB Diskspace08:59
noaXessGirlyGirl: great.. # do link save; command successfully!09:00
Bluscream_Laptopas i have09:00
Bluscream_Laptopi have 2 patitions one with win7 and one with ubuntu09:00
noaXessGirlyGirl: you know which xorg version is default in 11.10?09:01
GirlyGirlnoaXess: let me check09:01
GirlyGirlnoaXess: 1.7.609:02
Bluscream_Laptopthere was needed 342MB Diskspace more as i have!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!09:02
noaXessGirlyGirl: how can 1.8 be installed? is there a ppa?09:03
GirlyGirlnoaXess: xorg-edgers ppa09:03
ubottuA Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa09:03
noaXessGirlyGirl: thanks... great09:03
noaXessi have a netbook with a intel gma500 graficcard.. and it is running perfect with 11.04.. but i want upgrade to 11.10 but then i need xorg 1.8 to get it running with the files from gma500-emgd ppa09:04
GirlyGirlnoaXess: xorg-edgers will have the updated intel drivers too09:05
GirlyGirlnoaXess: should work out of the box09:06
noaXessGirlyGirl: https://launchpad.net/~gma500/+archive/emgd-1.809:06
noaXessGirlyGirl: so you mean with your hint, i dont need above ppa? that one from gma500 team?09:06
GirlyGirlnoaXess: Check and see, if it does not work then use it09:07
the_p_hi. i have a little question to kwrite. where can i find a list of the different variables that are allowed in the header for printing? like %y and so on.09:07
noaXessGirlyGirl: fine..09:07
GirlyGirlnoaXess: I would say don't use edgers09:07
GirlyGirlnoaXess: use only the ppa you linked09:07
ntr0pyHow can i install software in Kubuntu? all i get from muon is "This operation cannot continue since proper authorization was not provided"09:08
GirlyGirlntr0py: You type the correct password!09:09
ntr0pyIt does not ask for password!!!09:09
GirlyGirlntr0py: Is this a fresh install?09:09
ntr0pyyes i installed ubuntu 11.10 in virtualbox and installed gnome-shell aswell as kde-desktop09:10
ntr0pyGirlyGirl: maybe there is something missing what should provide the password dialogue?09:11
GirlyGirlntr0py: Did you try rebooting ... if that does not work "kdesu muon" should work09:13
pamHi, am I the only one who has libre office that crash really a lot of times?09:14
pam(expecially calc)09:14
GirlyGirlpam: No mine works fine09:15
anathemahi guys. i have a bug to search where i must go?09:15
GirlyGirlpam: Which version do you have09:15
GirlyGirlanathema: bigs.kde.org if its a kde bug09:15
GirlyGirlanathema: sorry bugs.kde.org09:16
GirlyGirlanathema: If its kubuntu specific launchpad.net09:16
ntr0pyGirlyGirl: There seems to be a missing depencency on polkit-kde-1:" sudo apt-get install polkit-kde-1 ; sudo reboot " solved it...09:16
GirlyGirlntr0py: I see09:16
anathemaGirlyGirl, it's a kmail bug I think. An error notification and kmail fatal error09:16
GirlyGirlanathema: bugs.kde.org09:17
pamGirlyGirl: 3.4.3 under 11.04, but it's not just the last version, also previous09:17
anathemaGirlyGirl, thanks but it appeared after the upgrade so I must search and in the launchpad?09:17
GirlyGirlanathema: no its a kde bug and a completely different version was made and this was included in 11.1009:18
GirlyGirl11.04 - Kmail 1 11.10 Kmail209:18
GirlyGirlLooks similar but its a complete unde the hood remake09:18
bigjoolskmail2 has got about a million bugs09:19
GirlyGirlpam: Try running libreoffice from terminal and see what error causes the crash and then report that as a bug09:19
GirlyGirlbigjools: Give it time it will mature09:20
bigjoolsit will, but unfortunately that doesn't help 11.10 users09:20
anathemaOk I see09:20
anathemaI will search at bugs.kde.org09:20
u19809bigjools : i agreee ... i  cannot send any email09:20
anathemathanks GirlyGirl . Anyone who has error notification about Mail dispatcher agent ?09:21
u19809yes I have09:21
bigjoolsI had to completely blow away my kmail settings (well the upgrade did that for me) and reconfigure it09:22
bigjoolsit works now09:22
u19809I get errors that KIO:Trasnferjob:slotData mimetype() not emitting when sending ...09:22
u19809bigjools : did that preserve you mails ?09:22
bigjoolsyes they are on imap09:22
u19809bigjools : what did you remoe exactly ? Hmm. mine are in mbox09:23
u19809I think09:23
bigjoolsbackup profusely :)09:23
anathemaI have never used Kmail in 11.0409:23
anathemaand I get errors in Kmail and dispatcher agent on login in 11.1009:23
bigjoolsI am going to use something else now, it's not fit for general use09:23
anathemaIt's the only problem that I have in the upgrade09:23
u19809bigjools : can you migrate from kontact to firebird ?09:23
bigjoolsno idea, I guess we will find out09:24
u19809indeed ...09:24
bigjoolsI think they both have good export/import functionality09:24
bigjoolsso should be ok09:24
u19809downloading now ...09:24
u19809bigjools : thunderbird I meant09:27
sagaciany new 11.10 kubuntu users, is kppp installed by default?09:38
GirlyGirlsagaci: it is09:39
anathemaI can't find the bug that I have09:41
anathemai searched in the forums i found a similar problem and the solution isn't working for me09:41
anathemathis is the prob: http://kubuntuforums.net/forums/index.php?topic=3118353.msg274885#msg27488509:42
avihayhow do I make the strigi service start working?09:49
daswandiupdate bermasalah10:09
snikkerhi, i've installed kubuntu 11.10, but when i try to install firefox or any other package, an error message tell me that thepackage can not be authenticated. how can i fix this?10:12
daswandimakasih udah ketemu masalah nya10:12
GirlyGirlsnikker:  1 s10:12
phoenix_firebrdsnikker: from you are trying to install?10:12
snikkerGirlyGirl: ok10:13
GirlyGirlsnikker: sudo apt-get install polkit-kde-110:13
GirlyGirlsnikker: should sort it10:13
snikkerphoenix_firebrd: from repo on internet10:13
phoenix_firebrdsnikker: no are you using muon or using command line10:14
phoenix_firebrdGirlyGirl: were you handling snikker?10:14
snikkerphoenix_firebrd: muon10:14
snikkerGirlyGirl: the package is already installed10:14
GirlyGirlsnikker: Is that the eact error message10:16
snikkerphoenix_firebrd: but same thing if i use apt-get from command line10:16
GirlyGirlsnikker: Please give the exact error from ap-get10:16
GirlyGirlon paste.ubuntu.com10:16
snikkerGirlyGirl: the apt-get say that polkit-kde-1 is already at the latest version10:17
GirlyGirlsnikker: I mean the error could not authenticate10:17
snikkerGirlyGirl: the translation is: WARNING: The following packages cannot be authenticated  .... Install this packages without authenticate [y/n]?10:19
GirlyGirlsnikker: Do you have a ppa enabled?10:20
snikkerGirlyGirl: i've all default settings10:20
snikkerit's a fresh install10:21
phoenix_firebrdGirlyGirl: there was a certificate error for a mirror10:21
GirlyGirlsnikker: Ok then in kmenu type "software sources"10:22
GirlyGirland launch the app10:22
snikkerGirlyGirl: i've got "software center"10:24
GirlyGirlsnikker: then change download from combo box to "main server"10:24
GirlyGirlsnikker: Open muon10:24
snikkerGirlyGirl: i've already set main server in muon10:25
GirlyGirlsnikker: Now do "sudo apt-get update"10:25
phoenix_firebrdsnikker: what happens when you give ues in cli mode of installation?10:25
phoenix_firebrdsnikker: what happens when you give yes in cli mode of installation?10:26
snikkerGirlyGirl: after apt-get update it work! thank you10:26
rolandHi. I tried running kmail2 and it asked me if i want to migrate stuff from kmail, it failed, and now kmail fails to load because of resource error10:26
* GirlyGirl thinks "Ah another person complaining about kmail2"10:27
phoenix_firebrdroland: check if there is any problem with akonadi10:28
GirlyGirlroland: https://wiki.kubuntu.org/OneiricOcelot/Final/Kubuntu/Kmail210:28
phoenix_firebrdGirlyGirl: was that a known issue, they havent spedified it in the release notes10:29
GirlyGirlphoenix_firebrd: They have10:29
GirlyGirlphoenix_firebrd: http://www.kubuntu.org/news/11.10-release Under kontact 4.710:30
rolandit was mentioned "might fail" not "fails all the time"10:30
krionfyi typo https://help.ubuntu.com/community/OneiricUpgrades/Kubuntu < upgrade to 11.04 instead of 11.1010:30
phoenix_firebrdGirlyGirl: sorry my mistake10:30
GirlyGirlkrion: Where??10:31
grey_phoenix_firebrd: how to check whether there's a problem with akonadi?10:32
GirlyGirlkrion: ok found10:32
phoenix_firebrdgrey_: open akonadi configuration10:32
phoenix_firebrdGirlyGirl: can akonadi be used to sync kjots with ubuntuone?10:36
GirlyGirlphoenix_firebrd: No10:37
GirlyGirlNot to my knowledge at least10:37
phoenix_firebrdGirlyGirl: anyother way to sync kjots to a cloud10:37
CruX|in new kubuntu is Xorg or wayland ?10:38
phoenix_firebrdCruX|: xorg10:38
GirlyGirlphoenix_firebrd: Maybe just send to config file to cloud10:38
CruX|phoenix_firebrd: thx10:38
phoenix_firebrdGirlyGirl: thats improper10:38
phoenix_firebrdcafe2: yw10:38
phoenix_firebrdcafe2: sorry wrong nick10:39
phoenix_firebrdgrey_: GirlyGirl will help you with the problem10:42
GirlyGirlphoenix_firebrd: What problem?10:43
phoenix_firebrdGirlyGirl: grey_has problem with calenders after data migration10:43
GirlyGirlgrey_: What is wrong with the calendars after migration10:44
grey_GirlyGirl: I cannot advise calendar to import my std.ics. I cannot even add new entries to calendar (context menu is grayed out.)10:44
=== Riddell changed the topic of #kubuntu to: Official Kubuntu support | Kubuntu 11.10 http://www.kubuntu.org/news/11.10-release, upgrade with https://help.ubuntu.com/community/OneiricUpgrades/Kubuntu | FAQ: https://wiki.kubuntu.org/FAQ | Pastes: http://paste.kde.org | Chat in #kubuntu-offtopic | Guidelines: https://wiki.kubuntu.org/IRC/Guidelines | Read this before upgrading https://wiki.kubuntu.org/OneiricOcelot/Final/Kubuntu/Kmai
GirlyGirlgrey_: open "personal information" in system settings and check the status of things10:45
GirlyGirlgrey_: Is it working?10:46
kanteshi need help...my my wired network is disabled .10:49
larsemilhmm only one of my two monitors shows up in kde4. Using nvidia driver. nvidia-settings finds both but cant find anything on how to activate monitor nr 2.10:53
larsemilalso xrandr does not show it at all either10:53
aditirexhaving a problem with sound on oneiric -  I get no sounds on a xonar dx card , even if it's seen in phonon and alsamixer10:53
aditirexno dmesg , no error , nothing, pavucontrol also sees things ok10:54
larsemildo i really have to create xorg.conf manually?10:55
aditirexbut I get to sound , and works in win , also a usb headset works in kubuntu10:55
aditirexI have upgraded from 11.0410:55
BluesKajhiyas all10:56
aditirexany ideas ?10:58
BluesKajaditirex, I just arrived, what was your question?11:00
aditirexI have no sound on a xonar dx card11:01
aditirexbut it works with a usb headset11:01
aditirexupgraded from 11.0411:01
GirlyGirladitirex: does test playback work in system settings > Multimedia11:01
aditirexthe card works ... since I tried with win7 , and it worked before the upgrade11:02
BluesKajaditirex, do tou have any sound in system settings>multimedia >phonon> devices test ?11:02
GirlyGirladitirex: in terminal ... killall pulseaudio  then pulseaudio11:02
phoenix_firebrdBluesKaj: one more person was facing this same issue, no sound anywhere expect vlc11:03
BluesKajGirlyGirl, lets track the problem down11:03
aditirexI have the device listed in multimedia11:04
aditirexadi@adi-desktop-natty:~$ pulseaudio11:04
aditirexE: [pulseaudio] pid.c: Daemon already running.11:04
aditirexE: [pulseaudio] main.c: pa_pid_file_create() failed.11:04
eeanmso 11.10. any good? :)11:04
GirlyGirladitirex: When you press test does a failure notification pop up?11:04
GirlyGirleeanm: #kubuntu-offtopic11:04
BluesKajdoes the test button at the bottom give any sound if you click on it, aditirex?11:04
GirlyGirladitirex: When you press test does a failure notification pop up?11:05
phoenix_firebrdaditirex: do you get sound in vlc?11:05
aditirexno sound in vlc11:06
aditirexand I've tried with exaile too11:06
sagaciany action/command to delete/reset the kde panel?11:06
BluesKajaditirex, open a terminal , type alsamixer , what sound card is listed at the top left?11:06
phoenix_firebrdsagaci: right click on the desktop, in the menu select panel-> default panel11:07
aditirexCard: Xonar DX                                                                                                                                           F1:  Help               │11:07
aditirex│ Chip: AV20011:07
sagaciphoenix_firebrd, thanks, I'll try that11:07
GirlyGirlphoenix_firebrd: plasma will crash11:07
phoenix_firebrdsagaci: yw11:07
phoenix_firebrdGirlyGirl: what?11:07
GirlyGirlphoenix_firebrd: add default panel has a bug causes plasma to crash11:08
aditirexhttp://www.alsa-project.org/db/?f=e06712a6086c6042cabd75942480b6bde3454e70 , generated by alsa tool , if this helps11:08
phoenix_firebrdGirlyGirl: in 11.10?11:08
GirlyGirlphoenix_firebrd: yes11:08
phoenix_firebrdGirlyGirl: let me try11:08
phoenix_firebrdGirlyGirl: no problem here11:09
GirlyGirlphoenix_firebrd: 4.7.1 or 4.7.2?11:09
BluesKajok make sure all ctrls in alsamixer have 00 in the box , no Ms, and turn them up to at least 90%, aditirex11:09
phoenix_firebrdGirlyGirl: 4.7.111:09
phoenix_firebrdBluesKaj:i missed that11:09
larsemilHow do i get my bottom panel to strech to all monitors!?11:09
sagaciGirlyGirl, didn't for me11:10
aditirex@BluesKaj : same thing11:11
larsemilHow do i get my bottom panel to strech to all monitors!?11:11
salohey, sorry for this newb question, but is there a keyboard shortcut to move a application from one virtual desktop to another, or a way to configure that?11:11
BluesKajaditirex, sudo modprobe snd_virtuoso11:11
phoenix_firebrdlarsemil: did you check the settings "display and monitors"11:11
aditirexno change11:12
BluesKajaditirex, you may have to restart your player11:12
larsemilphoenix_firebrd: yes and found nothing there about panel11:13
phoenix_firebrdaditirex: press b and then tab to get BluesKaj's nick11:13
aditirexBluesKaj:  In Phonon I see only PulseAudio Sound Server now11:15
BluesKajdoes it give any test sound11:16
aditirexBluesKaj: noup11:16
BluesKajaditirex, do this in the terminal , sudo alsa force-reload11:16
aditirexBluesKaj: Unloading ALSA sound driver modules: snd-usb-audio snd-hwdep snd-usbmidi-lib snd-virtuoso snd-oxygen-lib snd-pcm snd-page-alloc snd-mpu401-uart snd-seq-midi snd-rawmidi snd-seq-midi-event snd-seq snd-timer snd-seq-device (failed: modules still loaded: snd-usb-audio snd-hwdep snd-usbmidi-lib snd-virtuoso snd-oxygen-lib snd-pcm snd-page-alloc snd-mpu401-uart snd-rawmidi snd-timer snd-seq-device).11:17
aditirexLoading ALSA sound driver modules: snd-usb-audio snd-hwdep snd-usbmidi-lib snd-virtuoso snd-oxygen-lib snd-pcm snd-page-alloc snd-mpu401-uart snd-seq-midi snd-rawmidi snd-seq-midi-event snd-seq snd-timer snd-seq-device.11:17
FloodBotK1aditirex: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.11:17
FloodBotK2aditirex: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.11:17
BluesKajthen reboot , unfortunately reboot requirements are becoming more coomonplace11:18
GirlyGirlBluesKaj: Won't deletin .pulse help?11:19
salois ther11:19
saloe no way?11:19
BluesKajGirlyGirl, sometimes yes , sometimes no ...it's atoss up11:20
GirlyGirl!enter | salo11:20
ubottusalo: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line. Don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!11:20
phoenix_firebrdGirlyGirl: upon googlling , deleting .pulse fixed the no audio issue11:22
BluesKajphoenix_firebrd, not always , I need PA audio for web audio content to work , depends on the alsa driver and whether it works properly with PA11:23
mki_____i have a problem: distribution update crashed. I rebooted, system is still working. But I fear that system is in an unstable state. What should I do? Is there a way to tell the updater that it should try to continue?11:24
phoenix_firebrdBluesKaj: i meant the .pulse the configuration file11:24
GirlyGirlmki_____: "sudo apt-get install -f"11:25
mki_____GirlyGirl: Thanks I'll try11:25
GirlyGirlmki_____: If anything is left it will complete it11:25
phoenix_firebrdI dont like the new recovery menu11:26
BluesKajaditirex, in the terminal , lsmod | grep snd_virtuoso11:27
rghvdbergjust installed kubuntu on my netbook11:27
rghvdbergi'm impressed11:28
BluesKaj!paste | aditirex11:28
ubottuaditirex: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.11:28
rghvdberggonna install it on my pc also :-)11:28
mki_____ok apt-get install -f did something with flash-installer. I'm surpriced (scared) how fast it went. Is there a way to check if the distribution update is really complete?11:29
rghvdbergi hate unity :p11:29
GirlyGirlrghvdberg: Welcome to KDE11:29
BluesKajrghvdberg, we don't hate in here , we just find alternatives :)11:30
phoenix_firebrdaditirex: is your problem fixed?11:33
rghvdbergchecking the FAQ ...11:35
mki_____as a result of the dist upgrade, kubuntu forgot about my wlan password. Is this normal?11:37
rghvdbergis there a key shortcut to lauch apps ? (like ALT-F2)11:37
BluesKajrghvdberg, yes alt+f2 :)11:38
rghvdbergalt+f2 doesn't work ...11:39
* rghvdberg is gonna brb11:40
* rghvdberg is eating11:40
GirlyGirlrghvdberg: It has to work!11:41
BluesKajrghvdberg, mkae sure your KB isn't locked11:41
phoenix_firebrdGirlyGirl: when having unity, gnome and kde the alt+ f2 didn't work for me11:42
phoenix_firebrdGirlyGirl: i had to run krunner again to get alt+f2 running11:42
BluesKajI use the run command by right clicking on the desktop , it's faster for me11:43
u19809anybody here knows how I can get kmail2 to send SMTP messages ? It seems to be unwilling after upgrade to 11.1011:43
phoenix_firebrdBluesKaj: every time you want to launch a program you goto desktop?11:44
BluesKajphoenix_firebrd, nope just the run box11:44
phoenix_firebrdBluesKaj: hey11:45
phoenix_firebrdu19809: that is a known issue11:45
phoenix_firebrdu19809: https://wiki.kubuntu.org/OneiricOcelot/Final/Kubuntu/Kmail211:46
u19809phoenix_firebrd : that is nice to know :(11:46
BluesKajI have my fav apps in the panel and launch them form there, phoenix_firebrd11:46
phoenix_firebrdBluesKaj: you must be a fan of openbox11:46
BluesKajnot really , I ddnt like open box much11:47
phoenix_firebrdBluesKaj: ok11:47
BluesKaj<---- old windows guy , that's why I have apps in the panel11:48
phoenix_firebrdBluesKaj: me too11:49
phoenix_firebrdBluesKaj: i prefer the favorites in kmenu11:49
phoenix_firebrdBluesKaj: i tried putting some apps on the panel , but my hand always goes to the kmenu11:50
BluesKajwhatever is comfortable and works for you , phoenix_firebrd11:51
phoenix_firebrdBluesKaj: my brain got accustomed to the start menu11:51
BluesKajI used to be an advocate of alsa without pulseaudio , but in some cases like my setup i need it ,. I don't like using it much but's necessary for my new pci soundcard and webaudio content . For some reason flash and other webaudio plugins don't work with the alsa driver for my m-audio soundcard.11:55
rishikantahello.. is this the right place to ask about KDE on ubuntu 11.1011:56
BluesKajrishikanta, yes11:56
rishikantahow can I change the icon for an application in the menu items?11:56
well_laid_lawndon't you edit the .desktop file for the application in /usr/share/applications ?11:58
well_laid_lawnit'll point to the icon11:58
BluesKajrishikanta, right click on the kmenu , choose edit applications11:58
phoenix_firebrdBluesKaj: ya, i also use to play with alsa for a longtime before pulse, i wanted to implement a lowpass filter for my subwoofer, my creative soundblaster doesnt support onboard lowpass filter and mixer, i tried different alsaconfig . finially got working in all programs but, sound only works in one program ata atime12:00
rishikantathe icon mentioned in .desktop file in /usr/share/applications points to the icon as shown in gnome menu, not KDE menu12:02
phoenix_firebrdrishikanta: try what BluesKaj said12:03
BluesKajyeah phoenix_firebrd , well I listen to only one sound source at a time so PA wasn't necessary m and I don't use speaker directly connected to the soundacard , the digital passthru the spdif coax output to a DAC on my audio amp is all i use.12:04
phoenix_firebrdBluesKaj: mine too12:04
phoenix_firebrdBluesKaj: i finally ended up using a lowpass filter in my amp12:05
BluesKajsubwoofer out or preamp out to the sub , if it's a powered one12:06
rishikantayep, BluesKaj's suggestion worked... THANKS12:06
phoenix_firebrdBluesKaj: i couldn't get you12:06
Incarus6where is the update function in muon?12:07
phoenix_firebrdIncarus6: its the "check for update " button12:07
BluesKajon the audio amplifier Ione cab use the subwoofer out or preamp out to the sub , if the sub is a self-powered one12:08
Incarus6phoenix_firebrd, I can't find that button ;)12:08
BluesKajone can use12:09
phoenix_firebrdBluesKaj:  oh12:09
rishikantaI have another question.. can I make the kmenu launch with the Win button, like in Windows or Ubuntu 11?12:09
Incarus6phoenix_firebrd, muon-updater seems to be an own application, But I can't even find muon-updater in kemnu, only moun-installer12:09
rishikantaalt+f2 is fine for launching applications through command, but I'd love to have the Win button work as well12:10
phoenix_firebrdIncarus6: try to run it using the run dialog12:11
phoenix_firebrdrishikanta: you cannot launch kmenu using the start button12:12
Incarus6phoenix_firebrd, I know how I could run the updater, I was accustomed to search for updates in my package-manager12:12
phoenix_firebrdIncarus6: so can you start muon12:13
Incarus6I think I'm going to report that as regression, because it is one imo12:13
phoenix_firebrdIncarus6: no12:14
phoenix_firebrdIncarus6: open muon12:14
Incarus6it is opened12:15
yofelIncarus6: the software center or package manager?12:15
yofelthe SC has no update option12:15
Incarus6yofel, it is muon-installer, the updater is not accessible thorugh kmenu12:16
phoenix_firebrdyofel: what do you mean?12:17
yofelIncarus6: applications -> system -> package manager12:17
yofelphoenix_firebrd: muon has 2 seperate parts12:17
phoenix_firebrdyofel: check for updates and the apply12:17
yofelphoenix_firebrd: the muon you were talking about was not the muon he had open (had used the SC)12:18
Incarus6yofel, that is right, got that. I was used to update through Computer > Package Manager12:18
yofelIncarus6: ok, that it's not too visible would be a regression - agreed12:19
rishikanta@phoenix_firebrd: is there any other keyboard combination to launch kmenu?12:20
Incarus6the naming is misleading and it's the wrong part of muon under 'Computer' in my oppinion, because the old software manager in that menu could also install and remove packages and update packages, yofel12:20
phoenix_firebrdrishikanta: try startbutton+z12:20
rishikantain ubuntu unity, I know we can't set win button to use as shortcuts with other keys - but I can set other combos like ctrl+alt12:20
yofelIncarus6: the naming is clearly different, and the ubuntu software center can't install updates either12:21
CreapI updated my 11.10 install yesterday with the packages from ppa backports, and now all my apps are hidden below the plasma desktop (except the system monitor for some reason). When I kill plasma-desktop, the apps show again, but obviously no panels or anything then12:21
phoenix_firebrdrishikanta: do you know that now in unity the startbutton launches the dash12:22
Incarus6yofel, the old software manager (now called Apper) is able to install updates12:23
phoenix_firebrdCreap: can you paste a snapshot?12:23
BluesKajCreap, can you add the app icon-launchers to our panel from the kmenu ny right clickong on the app and choosing "add to panel " ?12:24
phoenix_firebrdIncarus6: muon is way better12:24
BluesKajyour panel12:24
yofelIncarus6: ok, and had a bunch of other issues, so muon was invented and has a more ubuntu-style layout12:24
rishikanta1got disconnected earlier12:26
Incarus6phoenix-firebrd, I am not saying that muon is bad, I'm allways open for new changes, but in my problem is the kmenu structure. They are using 'muon-installer' under the category 'Computer' instead of 'muon' which got more functions12:26
rishikanta1@phoenix-firebrd: startbutton+z is same as alt+f212:26
yofelIncarus6: the "common" user is supposed to use the software center, not the package manager12:27
rishikanta1startbutton+ any keys actually behaves the same12:27
yofelIncarus6: where else *should* one have put the SC then?12:27
BluesKajsynaptic still works for me as a reference and it also it's look is more configurable .like font size etc , than muon12:27
Creapphoenix_firebrd: snapshot.. it's simply an empty desktop. when I alt-tab, I see the switcher and the app is temporarily visible, but then hides. I'm guessing the desktop is somehow "always on top"12:27
CreapBluesKaj: there is no panel either12:28
CreapI tried switching back from the binary ATI drivers to the default open source ones, brb12:28
BluesKajCreap, right click on the desktop , choose "add panel"12:28
phoenix_firebrdBluesKaj: he killed plasma-desktop, what do you expect to be the result12:29
Incarus6yofel, now I'm damned to search in my overloaded 'System'-category instead of getting updates with only 3 clicks, which makes the manual-update process more complicated12:29
BluesKajphoenix_firebrd, oops , didn't see that :)12:30
phoenix_firebrdBluesKaj: :)12:30
yofelIncarus6: feel free to file a bug against muon for that - I'm not saying you're wrong there12:30
BluesKajI thought he just lost the panel12:30
GirlyGirlI feel that new users will prefer the center12:30
BluesKajdamm ati proprietary drivers...hopeless12:32
phoenix_firebrdBluesKaj: why?12:32
TheLastProjectATI proprietary drivers are heaven to me compared to the crap Kubuntu 11.10 caused and is still causing =/12:32
Incarus6yofel, I just wanted to here other oppinions so I can file that regression properly, thank you. I think the main problem is, that the manual update process got more complicated12:32
TheLastProjectRegression? Which one?12:33
* TheLastProject wants to know if it is one that happens to him as well12:33
GirlyGirlIncarus6: The update notifier normally is used for updates12:33
BluesKajTheLastProject, trouble is there's no consistency with most proprietaries , even the nvidia ones don't work half the time12:34
yofelGirlyGirl: he's talking about manually updating12:34
phoenix_firebrdBluesKaj: i have no problem with nvidia12:34
GirlyGirlyofel: Maybe Muon center just needs an update all button then12:35
BluesKajme neither , phoenix_firebrd , but I stick with the current driver, which works ...mostly12:35
phoenix_firebrdBluesKaj: ya, thats what i do12:35
yofelGirlyGirl: it's oriented on the ubuntu SC, that doesn't have an update button either12:35
GirlyGirlWouldn't harm to improve on that12:35
TheLastProjectBluesKaj: There is no consistency in Kubuntu 11.10 anymore either :P All my GTK apps lost their theme and KDE refuses to apply GTK-related settings12:36
Incarus6GirlyGirl, I'm used to update my system at any time I want, some people even disable the automatic update search12:36
phoenix_firebrdBluesKaj: if you are talking about installing the driver from nvidia's website i am most of the time unsuccessful and get bugs12:36
yofelphoenix_firebrd: uh, you do know that's unsupported?12:37
Incarus6yofel, is that an muon or an kemnu issue?12:37
yofelIncarus6: not too sure, but should be muon12:37
phoenix_firebrdyofel: ya12:37
yofelTheLastProject: erm... don't blame us for the gtk folks inventing a new version that's not compatible with gtk2 themes. Writing a theme isn't *that* easy12:38
BluesKajTheLastProject, I heard a rumour tthat the KDE settings changes and gtk integration is on hold til kde 4.7.3 is released ... I'm having font probs with toolbar and titlbars on apps used as root12:38
phoenix_firebrdkubuntu 11.10 is great, i have no issues till now12:39
GirlyGirlyofel: Its easy but time consuming :d12:39
Incarus6yofel, I'm not sure if it's a kmenu bug or a muon feature-regression, maybe a mix of both12:39
TheLastProjectyofel: I had 0 problems with GTK applications up until I upgraded Kubuntu 11.10. Rhythmbox wasn't updated as far as I know while updating to Kubuntu 11.10 =/12:40
TheLastProjectBluesKaj: Any info on when that will be released? =/12:40
yofelTheLastProject: yes, because 11.10 is the first release that has gnome3 and many apps switched to gtk312:40
TheLastProjectyofel: Ah, so I guess Rhythmbox DID update then without me seeing it. That explains a lot...12:41
BluesKajphoenix_firebrd, yes the nvidia website drivers are proprietary , altho some are used as default in kubuntu by jockey , but nvidia recommends drivers that don't work for some cards12:41
DaraelI appear to have found a packaging error.  qdbus conflicts with itself, and thus won't install.12:41
TheLastProjectWell, guess I'll have to look for a decent Qt-based music player :P12:41
GirlyGirlBluesKaj: The nvidia site driver (yes I know its not supported) gives me the best performance and least problems but needs a reinstall every kernel update12:42
yofelhm, as a matter of fact, upstream oxygen has a gtk3 branch, I'll try it out later12:42
phoenix_firebrdBluesKaj: ya, thats right12:43
BluesKajGirlyGirl, which card ?12:43
TheLastProjectyofel: That sounds great o,o12:43
phoenix_firebrdTheLastProject: amarok12:43
yofelTheLastProject: kde has juk and amarok as music players, smplayer would be more of a media player, than music player12:43
TheLastProjectI dislike Amarok and Juk, unfortunately =/12:43
TheLastProjectAlso, they don't react to the media keys on my mouse =/12:44
phoenix_firebrdTheLastProject: try bangarang12:44
TheLastProjectRhythmbox did used to do that (but not now for some reason)12:44
TheLastProjectphoenix_firebrd: Will try that, thanks for the tip!12:44
Creapafter disabling the proprietary ati driver I can't even login anymore, I get the login screen, enter user/pass, and just get redirected back12:44
yofelTheLastProject: as for 4.7.3, here's the schedule http://techbase.kde.org/Schedules/KDE4/4.7_Release_Schedule12:45
TheLastProjectyofel: Okay, thank you!12:45
phoenix_firebrdCreap: why did you disable the proprietary driver ?12:45
Creapcould it be that I disabled the driver but the open source one didn't get enabled again?12:45
Creapphoenix_firebrd: because that was the otherchange I did before the reboot12:46
Creapadded backports, enabled the prop driver12:46
Creapand then I read that the proprietary drivers on 11.10 were buggy12:46
Creapfor ati12:46
phoenix_firebrdCreap: did you uninstall it?12:47
TheLastProjectphoenix_firebrd: Does Bangarang support media libraries? And can it auto-update a folder it watches? I really need that functionality =/12:47
DaraelFor some reason, qdbus in Oneiric (which a /tonne/ of stuff seems to depend on) a) has itself, without a version qualifier, in its Conflicts: line, b) thus won't install and c) prompts apt to try to resolve this by removing something in the region of ninety packages.  What gives?12:47
phoenix_firebrd TheLastProject it supports library , i dont know about the auto-update, just give it a try12:48
Creapphoenix_firebrd: "Remove" in additional drivers, I'm not really used to the ubuntu way, but I did switch to ubuntu from opensuse to make managing proprietary drivers easier..12:48
TheLastProjectphoenix_firebrd: Okay, thanks!12:48
phoenix_firebrdCreap: try to rename the xorg.conf to somethiing like xorg.cong.bak and try again12:49
Incarus6yofel, did kubuntu decided to use muon instead of the old software manager or was that a kde decision? because it would be senseless to file a kde bug report if kubuntu changed the structure of kmenu and not kde12:51
yofelIncarus6: kubuntu decision - kde has nothing to do with package managers12:52
yofelthe "official" muon bugtracker is bugs.kde.org though - but feel free to file a bug on launchpad for this issue12:52
yofelthe developer looks at both12:52
phoenix_firebrdi am starting to suspect that Incarus6 is the developer of the kpackagekit12:52
yofelhe isn't, I know who is ;)12:53
Incarus6phoenix_firebrd, I don't think so, kpackagekit wasn't better then muon ;)12:53
phoenix_firebrdhe he12:53
Incarus6good idea, a will file out a bug report for muon (regression) because I don't have an account on launchpad :D12:55
GirlyGirlkpackagekit was designed for rpm represitory compatibility as well ... seems to work better with rpm than deb at least when it just came out12:55
phoenix_firebrdIncarus6: when i started with muon, i didnt see the preview button, muon removed the entire desktop12:56
GirlyGirlAdept (the kde3 version) used to be nice too12:57
DaraelFor some reason, qdbus in Oneiric (which is a dependency of libqt4-dbus, which is in turn a dependency of /loads/ of things) a) has itself, without a version qualifier, in its Conflicts: line, b) thus won't install and c) prompts apt to try to resolve this by removing something in the region of ninety packages.  What gives?13:00
Incarus6I can not even find "kpackagekit" as package in muon13:01
phoenix_firebrdIncarus6: apper13:02
yofelit's not registered as an application, but that's not muon's fault13:02
yofel'muon' will find it13:02
phillipHi all13:02
phoenix_firebrdphillip: hi13:03
phillipI just upgraded to 11.1013:03
phillipBut - Now I can not start my PC13:03
phoenix_firebrdphillip: ok13:03
phoenix_firebrdphillip: whats happening13:03
phillipI get starting System V runlevel compatibility [fail]13:03
phillipAny clue where I can start ?13:03
phoenix_firebrdphillip: was the update completed successfully?13:04
phillipI thought so, it told me to restart and all was good.13:04
Incarus6i was also used to find every installable package with my old software manager, yofel and phoenix_firebrd, but I'm going to live with the new software manager.. thank you both for your help ;)13:05
phillipCan I rerun the upgrade from a live boot without having to format ?13:06
phoenix_firebrdphillip: sorry buddy i have no idea of your problem, may be someone here will help you13:06
phillipThanks dude13:06
phillipAnyone ?13:06
yofelIncarus6: the muon package manager will list *every* package, the SC only "applications"13:07
phoenix_firebrdIncarus6: yw13:07
yofelhowever that was defined again13:07
phoenix_firebrdyofel: we have to improve Kubuntu documentation13:08
DaraelFor some reason, qdbus in Oneiric (which is a dependency of libqt4-dbus, which is in turn a dependency of /loads/ of things) a) has itself, without a version qualifier, in its Conflicts: line, b) thus won't install and c) prompts apt to try to resolve this by removing something in the region of ninety packages.  What gives?13:08
yofelphoenix_firebrd: talk to Darkwing - he'll be happy for any help13:08
phoenix_firebrdyofel: who is he13:09
phoenix_firebrdyofel: did you create a google plus account?13:10
yofelphoenix_firebrd: David Wonderly https://launchpad.net/~david.wonderly13:10
yofelphoenix_firebrd: nope13:10
phoenix_firebrdyofel: only your blog, why not buddy?13:10
TheLastProjectStill impossible to disable "Recently Used" in the latest version of Kubuntu? =/13:10
yofelI'm not a fan of "social networks" in general, even my blog is only there because it has a practical purpose13:11
yofelTheLastProject: talk to kde, nothing we're going to change13:11
Incarus6TheLastProject, that is also annoying me. Try to vote up that but on bugs.kde.org ;) https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=18698613:11
ubottuKDE bug 186986 in widget-kickoff "Being able to turn off history/recently used" [Wishlist,New]13:12
yofelDarael: hm, from what I know that's multiarch related, are you using aptitude?13:12
Daraelyofel: I /was/, yes.13:12
TheLastProjectThanks for that link Incarus613:13
yofelDarael: aptitude has no multiarch support yet (bug 831768) - and if you disable multiarch while still having :i386 packages installed I've seen various package managers getting confused13:14
ubottuLaunchpad bug 831768 in aptitude (Ubuntu Oneiric) "aptitude cannot handle conflicts with multiarch enabled" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/83176813:14
Daraelyofel: Ah.  I shall use apt-get instead, then.  At least until the bug is resolved.  Thanks.13:14
Incarus6TheLastProject, you're welcome13:15
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ScottyKupgrade from 11.04 to 11.10 complete, and so far everything is working. Thanks to everybody who worked on this release!!!!!!!!13:22
phoenix_firebrdScottyK: +113:23
Exposurecan I do a cli-based distro upgrade without manually editting apt.sources?13:27
RiddellExposure: do-release-upgrade  should do it, of course it'll edit sources.list itself13:31
ScottyKFor the desktop, I rebooted to just the command prompt and upgraded. For the Netbook, I'm going to let Kpackagekit do the upgrade and see what happens13:33
alerittyHi! I just installed kubuntu 11.10 with a problem: I selected to DO NOT format my (previously existant) home folder but the installer tried to format it anyway! I stopped it and now I'm recovering my partition structure, but please someone else try to reproduce this problem because can be really dangerous!13:34
Exposurekpackagekit didn't work13:34
alerittyand no, I'm not a noob, but now I can't try to test another time because I'm recovering my stuff (300GB partition, it will take a while!)13:35
GirlyGirlaleritty: I can't reproduce this ... you must have made a mistake13:36
Exposuremaybe enable encryption and that caused it to reformat?13:36
Exilantaleritty: home folder on partition for / or extra home partition?13:36
alerittyGirlyGirl: i have not, I assure you... When I saw the installer "creating partition in /dev/sda7" I stopped it13:37
alerittyExilant: of course extra partition13:37
Exilantsounds serious :(13:37
alerittyExilant: I'm not searching for help for my files (I can handle the recovery by myself) but please test this before a lot of people try to install13:37
GirlyGirlaleritty: I have the same setup ... on an extra partition and it did not format it ... it will format it you selected edit and played with settings like filesystem type rather than just a mountpoint13:37
Incarus6aleritty, please be more accurate,  have you used kubuntu 11.10 32bit desktop cd?13:38
Exposurewhy can't I scroll through do-release-upgrade output :(13:38
GirlyGirlExposure: Buy a bigger screen :d13:39
phoenix_firebrdExposure: there is a key to scroll13:39
alerittyIncarus6: yes, new install from kubuntu 10.10 32 bit desktop, I installed over an existing debian installation selecting to format /,/boot but not selecting for formatting /home13:39
GirlyGirlaleritty: 10.10?13:40
Incarus6Exposure, /var/log? ;)13:40
alerittyGirlyGirl: sorry, 11.1013:40
alerittyIncarus6: sorry 11.1013:40
ExposureI get confused when shift-pageup doesn't work :(13:41
Incarus6aleritty, debian have other names for partitions then ubuntu, are you sure that it tried to overwrite your home partition?13:41
Exposureoh apparently it runs inside screen13:42
zero1hi guys13:42
GirlyGirlaleritty: I find that strange as I did the same thing (except the boot partition) and my home was not formatted .... If you are so sure file a bug on launchpad for ubiquity ... include all details and they will test it13:42
zero1where i can find the update manager for kubuntu 11.10? gui13:42
GirlyGirlzero1: ALT + F2 "muon-updater"13:42
alerittyIncarus6: absolutely, my / is 18GB and my home is 280GB so i recognize directly from the dimension13:42
alerittyGirlyGirl: I'm searching for a new test to search about what happened before filling the bug13:43
zero1GirlyGirl, thanks!! is there any icon in application menu? I will get notified automatically in taskbar when new packets /updates are available?13:43
GirlyGirlzero1: Provided auto updates are set yes13:44
zero1Thanks so I must not enable it only wait for updates13:44
GirlyGirlzero1: "muon" is in the app menu though its a different interface to upgrade there13:44
GirlyGirlzero1: Use the start menu search to find it13:45
zero1GirlyGirl, Software Manager. Is that?13:45
GirlyGirlzero1: package manager13:45
GirlyGirlaleritty: I did the same thing on my desktop and it did not format, but I can try again later in vbox13:46
zero1GirlyGirl, ok thanks. is there any setting to set the update check time13:46
Incarus6zero1, are you used to update via kmenu > Computer > Software manager ?13:46
zero1I am upgraded to 11.1013:47
GirlyGirlzero1: in muon updater see the menu Settings > software source13:47
zero1already but I want to check for updates13:47
Incarus6zero1, yeah, I allreade filed a bug report about that ;)13:47
alerittyGirlyGirl: I don't know what happened, is the first time that something similar happens... And is not my first installation...13:47
zero1Incarus6, what's the bug exactly?13:48
Incarus6zero1, https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=28399213:48
ubottuError: Could not parse XML returned by KDE: [Errno 101] Network is unreachable (http://bugs.kde.org/xml.cgi?id=283992)13:49
Incarus6ubottu? :D13:49
GirlyGirlzero1: in muon updater see the menu Settings > software source13:49
zero1also im facing a weid problem. ervery time i login i get an error notification about mail dispatcher. when i tried to launch kmail i get a fatal error about resourcs13:49
zero1Is it a bug? i 've never used kmail or mail dispatcher in 10.0413:50
Exposurekdelibs5-plugins : Breaks: kdevelop (< 4:4.2) but 4:4.0.2-0ubuntu2 is to be installed13:50
Exposurewtf where did that came from :(13:50
GirlyGirl!language | Exposure13:50
ubottuExposure: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.13:50
Incarus6zero1, same here, I think you disabled akonadi13:50
GirlyGirlExposure: What did you do to get that output?13:51
Exposureapt-get dist-upgrade13:52
GirlyGirlExposure: In 11.04?13:52
Exposuresorted it out though13:52
alerittyGirlyGirl: I found some other people in the kubuntu forums with older versions... This seems to randomly happen! this guy seems expert too: http://goo.gl/CFaYP13:52
Exposurebut I wonder what 3rd party repos installed that kdelibs5 package13:53
GirlyGirlaleritty: Do you have ubiquity log files?13:54
GirlyGirlExposure: Maybe Kubuntu KDE updates ppa13:54
Exposurethe 'read this before upgrading' uyrl in the topic doesn't work13:54
zero1GirlyGirl,  if i want to have mozilla firefox  +chrome latest version I must add new repositories from mozilla?13:55
zero1because during the upgrade the installer disables some repos13:55
zero1now i have only the defaults13:55
GirlyGirlzero1: Yes enable it after the upgrade13:56
zero1ok i will replace natty with oneiric?13:56
zero1in repos url13:56
alerittyGirlyGirl: of course not, I left the installer to recovery my files13:57
GirlyGirlaleritty: Did the partition mount without problems afterwords?13:59
GirlyGirlaleritty: Some thing I can think of is when you edited mountpoint ... in that dialog there is an additional format checkbox and a combobox for partition type .... if that partition type differed from the present state it will format the partition14:01
GirlyGirlso lots of ways to do this14:01
GirlyGirl1) Format Checkbox on main partition page 2) additional format checkbox in edit partition dialogue 3) Mismatch in partition filesystem type14:02
EruaranStill cannot get a digital clock on the panel that gives 12 hour AM/PM time...14:02
EruaranHave installed on 3 systems14:02
EruaranAll have the same problem14:02
alerittyGirlyGirl: the partition is not mounting (it interrupted during the format) and now I'm recovering14:03
alerittyGirlyGirl: i'm quite sure that i selected ext4 during the process14:03
EruaranEdit Applications just to change the Firefox icon in the Kickoff Application Laungher... Now Firefox disappears from Internet in the application launcher?????? Its only in favorites now... The same thing has happened to the Muon Software Centre...14:04
EruaranHow do I get them back where they should be?14:04
GirlyGirlaleritty: So file a bug ... the ubiquity team will check if it can be reproduced ... if so it will be fixed14:04
alerittyGirlyGirl: I'm filling it14:05
GirlyGirlEruaran: delete /home/User/.kde/share/config/kickoffrc14:05
GirlyGirlEruaran: That will set default menu entries14:05
BluesKajalter , dunno if this still works , but I used to reinstall the OS without formatting anything and the previous conf files used to be in effect when after the installwas completed . I havent done it in a while tho.14:05
BluesKajoops,  aleritty ^14:06
Incarus6BluesKaj, haha, you said alter :D you're not german, right?14:08
BluesKajIncarus6, nope , that was just a mistake , but my first language was swedish .... a long long time ago14:10
Eruarannow its worse14:10
alerittyBluesKaj: at the moment I don't have an home partition to mount, after the recovery succeded I will try to reinstall14:10
BluesKajaleritty, ok got it14:10
EruaranFIrefox is gone14:10
EruaranMuon Software Centre is gone14:11
Eruarancompletely gone14:11
GirlyGirlEruaran: logout and login14:11
EruaranI only have the muon package manager now and no software centre14:12
alerittyI'm wondering if the installer thinked that my partition was different than ext4 and then formatted it... But there was no check symbol when I hitted "install"14:12
EruaranI have rebooted14:12
EruaranFirst the digital clock doesn't work, now items are disappearing from kickoff...14:12
Incarus6Eruaran, try Edit > Restore to System Menu14:13
Eruaranty Incarus6, that worked14:14
Incarus6Eruaran, problem fixed?14:15
EruaranIncarus6: yes ty (phew)14:15
Incarus6you're welcome14:15
rolandHas anyone noticed a problem with "Safely remove Removable media (SD card) " ?14:17
rolandmost of the time it says that "device is currently busy..."14:17
rolandrunning fuser /media/sdcardname tells me that dolphin  is using that file14:19
CenbeIn the Muon package manager, clicking the "Package" column to sort list of packages doesn't seem to work right. Anybody else seeing this?14:20
rolandAnyone knows if this  "Safely remove Removable media (SD card) " problem is known by kde devs?14:20
Incarus6Cenbe, screenshot please14:22
Incarus6roland, have you tried to quit dolphin?14:23
rolandIncarus6: I closed all open dolphin windows, but a dolphin process was still running14:24
rolandIncarus6: I had to manually kill it...14:25
rolandIncarus6: I've had this same issue since 10.04 at least14:25
Incarus6roland, you're free to file a bug report on bugs.kde.org ;)14:25
=== mdalus is now known as markit
rolandIncarus6: ok, i14:28
roland'll do it at some point14:28
=== vsrao_ is now known as vsrao
=== insegnante is now known as markit
CenbeIncarus6: http://lyonlabs.org/muon-package-manager.png14:52
CenbeThe ordering changes when I click the column header (and the arrow reverses), but it's not clear what's being sorted.14:52
Incarus6Cenbe, interesting, its worth to report14:53
=== shi-tianlong is now known as tianlong
=== tianlong is now known as shi-tianlong
Incarus6Cenbe, I can reproduce that. When using the search it is using another ordering (most matching or similar) and ignores any other14:54
shi-tianlongcan i use KDE with compiz?14:55
=== shi-tianlong is now known as cablop
dacresnibefore the update, I was having a common grub error "Alloc Magic Broken14:59
cablopif i an use compiz in KDE i think i'll move to KDE and ditch unity and gnome15:04
OerHekscablop, yes you can use compiz, same CCSM in Kubuntu15:07
cablopbecause KWIN runs extremely slow in my intel mobile graphic chip15:08
cablopok, KDE Plasma here i go15:10
GirlyGirlshi-tianlong: Yes but kwin is better15:14
ubiMikeHello guys15:14
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sujith_hIs there anyway to upgrade 11.04 version kubuntu to 11.10?15:18
sujith_hi mean command line option15:18
gwallace123sujith_h: You could try "apt-get dist-upgrade"15:23
sujith_hgwallace123: Thanks15:24
gwallace123Since the release of 11.10 yesterday, I have not been notified by Kubuntu to do the upgrade to 11.10.  When I run apt-get dist-upgrade, I don't get anything.  I am running kernel, I think that was the last kernel update since the beta 215:24
gwallace123sujith_h: welcome, hope that helps.  I can't get the upgrade to run on my machine.15:25
opapohow do you join images so they stack up in rows with imageMagick15:26
yofelsujith_h: upgrade so 11.10 from the commandline are done with 'sudo do-release-upgrade'15:29
yofel*upgrades to15:29
dacresniwhat is Alloc Magic?15:30
dacresnihow do I capture traces ?15:31
dacresnithe ones that cause the screen to go black and you have to restart ... are those kernel panics?15:32
sirfilipkubuntu rocks15:32
dacresnium help?15:33
sirfilipjust got it installed and my face hurts from hapiness15:33
yofeldacresni: if you mean crash stacktraces, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Backtrace15:33
yofeldacresni: alloc magic in what context?15:33
orst3nits trash the new package manager muon isnt even able to disable prerlsed doftware updates15:34
dacresnii get them sometimes when grub boots a kernel15:34
phoenix_firebrdsirfilip: enjoy15:34
orst3nit always gets rechecked15:34
gwallace123I tried the the do-release-upgrade and got a response back that no upgrades exist.  Can anyone tell me what kernel version I should be running for 11.10?15:34
yofeldacresni: and black screen instead of login was the graphics driver just shutting the card off instead of doing something useful I think - not a kernel panic15:34
dacresnithats interesting15:34
yofelgwallace123: 3.0.0-1215:34
phoenix_firebrdi see a lot of negative comments on muon15:35
gwallace123yofel: OK, just making sure I have been upgrade.  Thanks15:35
dacresniso my grub background is cyan and so is the screen where the "alloc magic is broken " occurs15:35
dacresnimessage occors15:35
yofelphoenix_firebrd: tell them to file bugs, complains that never reach the dev don't have any use15:35
dacresniso i think is grub15:35
phoenix_firebrdyofel: i wont do that, muon is very good and nothing wrong with it15:36
yofeldacresni: hm, seems to be grub http://www.linuxforums.org/forum/mint-linux/170539-what-does-alloc-magic-broken-mean.html15:36
phoenix_firebrdmuon is very good and felows you have to adapt the new interface15:36
orst3nyofel i dont get why muon gets in final with such bugs.15:36
orst3nis there no testing?15:36
orst3ni like it, but with such a error..15:37
yofelorst3n: sure there is, no grave issues have been found15:37
orst3nubuntu n00bs will like such failures..15:37
dacresniok, here's a more important one. I am going to try to update. and the graphics card as you say, is dying so I try CLI,15:37
yofelorst3n: which pre-released software updates do you mean?15:37
dacresniim only on wireless15:37
dacresnihow do i configure my wireless card via cli ?15:37
yofelorst3n: hm, those shouldn't be on by default15:38
dacresniorst3n:  there was testing. .. i was one of the beta testers ... kind of15:38
orst3ni enabled them, but i cant disable them15:38
dacresnii would submit bugs if i had a porblem with Muon15:38
orst3nworked fine with synaptic15:38
dacresnibut then, thats a long way fo saying "works for me"15:38
yofelorst3n: ok, reproduced o.O15:39
yofelthat's not muon but software-properties-kde though15:39
yofelbug still15:39
orst3nill use kubuntu since gutsy and in like every update there is a new buggy way to manage packages.15:41
orst3nseens a few come and go already15:41
i1920x1080the kmail migrator is failing on me miserably. This is potentially scary stuff. What am I supposed to do? Copy ~/.kde/share/apps/kmail/ to ~/.kde/share/apps/kmail2/ manually?15:41
yofeli1920x1080: please read https://wiki.kubuntu.org/OneiricOcelot/Final/Kubuntu/Kmail215:42
dacresniok, so should I contenu triggering the graphics bug doing a graphical update or triggering it doing a nongraphical update15:42
dacresniperhaps i should phrase that better15:45
bodomHi there. After upgrading to oneric, network manager is erasing my resolv.conf at every boot. Any ideas on how to stop that?15:45
dacresniyou could reproduce your resolv .conf via network manager right?15:47
bodomdacresni: what do you mean with "reproduce"?15:48
i1920x1080yofel, thanks, I am getting much further than yesterday15:48
dacresnirats, im kind of forgetting what resolv.conf does bodom, remind me please15:49
bodomdacresni: it contains DNS/domain config15:49
dacresnioh right,15:49
dacresnithats what i mean you could inter all that information via network manager15:50
dacresniyou are using kde right?15:50
i1920x1080is plasma notifier spamming me with "kmail folders: cannot modify emails in folder" normal? I must have gotten 600 notifications and it's still going?15:50
bodomdacresni: yep, I'm using kde but I don't want network manager to touch my resolv.conf.15:51
dacresniim saying that kde may be generating the resolv.conf using Network Manager15:52
cablophow can i create a launcher for an app in a dock?15:52
cablopi mean panel?15:52
dacresniif you choose not to use it by installing some other network configuration tool,15:52
dacresniis it a pannel widgit ?15:52
cablopmmm i guess15:52
dacresnihow did it get in your pannel?15:53
cablopi just right clicked on desktop and added an empty panel15:53
dacresnino he app (what is this "app ')15:53
dacresniwhat is this app ?15:53
bodomdacresni: network manager correctly says my interface is "unmanaged". I'm not using any other tool15:53
dacresnioh ok,15:53
=== nunatak_ is now known as nunatak
dacresnisigh, it pains me to say this, sometimes ubuntu is easier than CentOS , ...... Sometime not15:54
cablopi want to create a dock using a kde panel15:57
cablopbut the wuick launch thing is not working15:57
cablopif the path to an app has an space then it is unable to create a launcher for it15:58
dacresniwhat path?15:58
dacresniput qoutations around the path,15:58
dacresnior a backslash in front of the space15:58
cablopi cannot15:59
cablopit asked me to browse for the application15:59
dacresniwhat app? !15:59
cablopthen i browsed then clicked15:59
cablopi added an empty panel15:59
cablopthen i added a quick launcher15:59
cablopthen i right clicked on it to add another launcher15:59
cablopthen it ask me to browse for the application, that is eclipse, not installed by any repo or anuthing16:00
bodomwell, I've uninstalled network-manager. Sounds drastic, but should solve my issue :)16:00
cablopthen i just browsed to the eclipse executable and16:00
cablopit fails saying it cannot find it16:00
dacresnibodom:  it should16:00
webohHow do I download updates using the Ubuntu desktop?16:00
cablopi am doing this a very very old fashioned style16:01
cablopadding a folder view and putting .desktop files on them ¬¬16:01
cablopno time to deal with buggy things :(16:01
=== lb_ is now known as Guest30278
dacresniyou browsed to the eclips jar ?16:01
cablopnot a jar, it is a .sh16:01
cablopwell, not exactl;y a .sh, let me check what it is16:02
cablopno, it is a binary16:02
Guest30278just installed kubuntu 11.10 on a netbook, and i am wondering if it's possible to remove or autohide the top panel16:02
cablopGuest30278: my recommendation don't use it in netbook mode16:02
dacresniweboh: which desktop, theres's a program called kPackage kit16:02
cablopthen right click the panel, then more settings then autohide16:03
Guest30278I have no problem doing it with a normal KDE desktop, but with the kubuntu netbook edition i can't find an option16:03
TweevI am trying to add a network printer but my KDE Control module crashes before I can get through the install new printer process.  Is there a way to do it from terminal?16:04
webohjust find the update manager.16:05
Guest30278cablop: thanks i just switched to desktop mode and my option is back :)16:05
i1920x1080damn. kmail2 completely mangled several thousand messages into the wrong folders :/16:06
bodomMhhh... is there a way to restore the previous icon on the upper-right corner of my desktop? Now there is a label too16:06
webohdacresni: It would seem there is an update manager buried in the main icon window in ubuntu 11.0416:07
cablopwhere are the .desktop files?16:07
GirlyGirlcablop: like shortcuts16:08
dacresniactally, cablop, eclipse may have come with a desktop file16:08
dacresniotherwise, plasma doesn't quite use them16:09
cablopnope, because i just unzipped it16:09
cablopwell i need to recreate the links i had on gnome16:09
dacresnihave you actually run eclips from the cli ?16:09
cablopanyway i need to create some custom launchers16:10
cabloplike one for a custom profile of firefox i use for development16:10
cablopso i need to add some custom launchers16:10
dacresniyou're one of those who actually know what your doing, sorry for doubting you16:11
dacresnitry right clikcing on the desktop16:11
dacresniwhat mode is our desktop in?16:11
cablopi had them in my gnome, but i decided to move to KDe now16:11
cablopi need a customizable desktop not a fascist one16:11
cablopi tested unity a few minutes16:12
cablopthen gnome 316:12
cabloplooks cute yes16:12
FloodBotK2cablop: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.16:12
FloodBotK1cablop: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.16:12
cablopbut unusable16:12
cablopthen KDE after a few minutes i feel comfortable16:13
dacresnino i mean, have you tried setting your desktop to folder view mode16:13
dacresnialso, gnome classic is still being mantained16:13
cablopmy desktop is in desktop mode16:13
cablopbut not for long16:13
dacresniif it was in folder view mode, it could represent a folder  (name desktop  perhaps)16:13
cablopto try toistall the gnome 2.x on ubuntu 11.10 would be a real pain i bet16:13
TweevI am trying to add a network printer but my KDE Control module crashes before I can get through the install new printer process.  Is there a way to do it from terminal?16:13
dacresnithen if you had .desktop files in that folder. ...16:13
dacresnino, just start it in classic16:14
dacresnion ubuntu, i thought it was still an option16:14
dacresnioh woops Tweev16:14
cablopdacresni: it is just a gnome 3 with a few things, but no extra panels and i canot reach them :(16:14
cablopdacresni, they removed it16:14
dacresnignome 3 with unity right?16:14
dacresnitweev is there an errror message when it crashes ?16:15
Tweevdacresni, I don't see one but I'm just adding the debugging packages now16:16
dacresniso light dm doesn't have the "gnome classic " login option? cablop16:16
dacresniperhaps that will allow it16:16
cablopit is called gnome classic, but it is far different than gnome 2.x16:16
dacresnihow ?16:16
dacresniTweev:  how are you adding that  priner? from "System settings"?16:17
Tweevdacresni 'printer Configeration - KDE Control Module'16:17
dacresnikde control module ?16:18
dacresniwhat version of kubuntu are you on?16:18
bodomMhhh looks like it's an activity... so... how do I remove plasma activities?16:18
Tweevkubuntu 11.1016:18
dacresniI see16:19
Tweevdacresni: everything had been working great up to this point16:19
dacresnibodom: you can't remove them  they are ABOVE virtual deskotps kind of16:19
dacresnitry activities ( the desktop tab in the upper right)16:19
macodacresni, cablop: i dont think unity uses gnome3...   the options in 11.10 that are preinstalled are unity 2d and unity 3d.  11.04 it was unity 3d or gnome classic, which was gnome 2.  for 11.10, gnome 2 and 3 should both be in the repos but not preinstalled16:20
dacresnior  the 3 colored dots in the pannel next to the kicker menu16:20
cablopmaco it is gnome 316:20
dacresnitechnicaly its gnome 3 because16:20
dacresniits using those programs and gtk316:20
cablopbecause gnome 2.x development had stopped16:20
bodomdacresni: thank you16:20
dacresniyou may be thinking of gnome_shell16:20
cablopyes, the roblem is the shell16:21
maco11.04's unity was gnome 2 based, but then they did do a whole bunch of rewriting stuff as PyGI instead of PyGTK this round so maybe16:21
cjaewhat exactly does write into mean when you are using copy paste with dolphin?16:21
sigandersonthe clock in the system tray disappeared... is it normal?16:22
dacresnisiganderson: do you know how to add widgits to the pannel  ?16:22
sigandersondacresni, yes I readded it but I can't put it nomore in the same place where it was before16:23
sigandersonthe show hidden icons triangle now appears before the time16:23
dacresniyou can move them around when the panel is in edit mode16:24
sigandersonyes, but I can't put it in the middle of the audio volume / network manager / show hidden icons group16:24
dacresniwhen you mouse over the various widgits a tab appears above them, try moving that16:25
dacresnithose are "system notifications " widigit16:25
dacresnithats one widgit16:26
dacresnicjae: im not sure16:26
dacresnicablop: have you tried that linlk ?16:27
dacresniTweev:  I've been using the beta, let me restart into it16:27
dacresnibe right back16:27
Tweevdescresni: Thanks, I'm just filing a bug report16:27
cablopi think i am going to use a kubuntu alternate install cd and reinstall this thing to get rid of that unity and that gnome shell16:29
cablopwhat link dacresni?16:33
PasNoxi'm applying this howto16:37
PasNoxi stopped mysql, make a backup of the my.cnf, and repalced it with the provided cnf file16:37
PasNoxbut when i try to start mysql using 'sudo service mysql start'16:38
PasNoxit freeze many seconds, then die with no mysql running. sometimes it think mysql is running but it's not. any hint  ?16:38
dacresnithis chat client doesn't keep a history does anyone have questions for me?16:57
dacresnii guess not16:57
jmichaelxanyone else get tons of errors installing ssl certs during upgrade to oneiric?17:00
edroidhow do you rename an desktop activity?17:02
=== rook1134 is now known as famuser
BarkingFishOh thank God. I've finally managed to raise someone.17:04
BarkingFishYou wouldn't believe the last 24 hours, I've had so much trouble this end I've been on the point of throwing my computer away.17:05
jmichaelxBarkingFish: i'm somewhat scared to ask, but what have you run into?17:06
BarkingFishI started the upgrade to Oneiric yesterday, and the install wouldn't work from kpackagekit. So I went into konsole and ran it manually, sudo apt-get dist-upgrade.  That went fine until it got round to installing one of the 1890 packages it downloaded.17:06
=== kaspar is now known as caspar
BarkingFishIt got to about the 1500th package, and died. I restarted and lost everything. And I mean everything17:06
BarkingFishI am back to running natty, which I've installed from a USB stick, but again, the system now wants me to upgrade to oneiric. And I'm not doing that :S17:07
BarkingFishI actually spent 45 minutes last night running Mandriva 2005LE... with KDE 3.3.2 onboard.17:08
BarkingFishThat was an experience17:08
jmichaelxBarkingFish: i don't remember how, but there is a simple way to shut those notifications off17:08
kriseand i dought that i had problems17:08
jmichaelxBarkingFish: what was your problem with oneiric?17:08
BarkingFishthe install itself, jmichaelx17:09
BarkingFishkpackagekit failed, dist-upgrade through the konsole died and left me with nothing17:09
BarkingFishI'm not risking going through that scenario again until I can DL an iso of Oneiric and install it through CD17:10
jmichaelxmaybe i should not even ask this, but have you considered trying to just do a live upgrade to oneiric17:10
BarkingFishthat *was* what I did, jmichaelx17:10
krisei lost my right klick and aoidio when useing amarok, VLC works fine17:10
jmichaelxBarkingFish: how did you go about it?17:10
BarkingFishi went from natty through konsole, and ran sudo apt-get dist-upgrade17:11
BarkingFishwhich downloaded around 1800+ packages, and started upgrading me on the fly17:11
BluesKajkpackagekit has always been unreliable , BarkingFish ...whynot just use the terminal ?17:11
BarkingFishlook up :)17:11
BarkingFishi went from natty through konsole, and ran sudo apt-get dist-upgrade17:12
krisemabe he cant read17:12
BluesKajbad internet ?17:12
jmichaelxkrise: you may want to look at your phonon configuration... System Settings>Multimedia>Phonon>Music17:12
krisei did17:12
krisestill dont understand whats wrong17:12
kriseno youtube sound eather17:12
BarkingFishBluesKaj: no, it was fine. The packages all downloaded, it was while it was installing them that the machine hung solid.  I couldn't get to a VT, couldn't move the mouse, BluesKaj- nothing17:13
BarkingFishI had to force shutdown with holding the power switch, rebooted and it didn't do anything, just sat there like a rabbit in headlights17:13
BluesKajBarkingFish, wow ..which mirror ?17:13
=== vsrao_ is now known as vsrao
jmichaelxkrise: are you using pulseaudio?17:13
jmichaelxkrise: are you able to adjust any of the sliders in alsamixer?17:14
BluesKajhmm, BarkingFish isn't that the main server for ubuntu17:14
kriseiyes i am17:14
BarkingFishit's the one I had in my software sources, BluesKaj17:15
Anubishi there17:15
jmichaelxkrise: kmix is just a GUI for adjusting volume, etc... but unaless you have remoeved pulseaudio, that is probably what you are using17:15
Anubisis there a way to get rid of akonadi without disrupting kde ?17:15
jmichaelxkrise: have you made sure that all of the necessary alsamixer sliders are cranked up?17:16
BluesKajright , that's a bloody shame ...I didn't get any updates at all with the USA boston U  server , then I switched to the Waterloo U server here in Ontario and a few upgraded packages came down , seems not all servers are synced up with available updates/packages17:17
BluesKajBarkingFish, ^17:17
BarkingFishi'll make sure it's right though, BluesKaj - the source line reads deb http://gb.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu natty main17:17
BarkingFishI wonder if I switch to the main server, i.e drop the gb from the deb line, whether that would work better, BluesKaj17:18
BluesKajBarkingFish, if the gbarchive is the main brit server it could have been overloaded with requests during your upgrade . I thought you were upgrading to 11.10 ...why the natty deb?17:20
BluesKajok gotta go for a bit ...BBL17:22
BarkingFishsee you in a while17:22
BarkingFishi'll still be here, hopefully, assuming my system now holds out :)17:22
edroidhow do you rename an desktop activity?17:23
BarkingFishjmichaelx: I found out how to turn the updates notification off in kpackagekit17:23
ScottyKJust upgraded my third computer to 11.10, and this release has been the smoothest upgrade I've ever had with Kubuntu. well done!17:24
BarkingFishScottyK: Welcome to "I am so jealous" :P17:24
BarkingFishMy experience of this upgrade has been pure hell from start to finish, and I'm *so* envious of you :)17:24
* jmichaelx also thinks that these upgrades have been quite smoothe17:25
ScottyKBarking - Wow, I'd like to know what I did right this time around! The transition from 10.10 to 11.04 hurt17:25
BarkingFishI started o 11.04 with a cd iso, 11.04 is beautiful. My first upgrade to 11.10 has been like stabbing myself in the eyes with red hot dressmakers pins, which incidentally, I'd rather have done :)17:26
jmichaelxhowever, i REALLY do not like it that the upgrade wiped out wireless settings17:26
BarkingFishi'm gonna drop off for a bit, seems my network is slow and it's fighting IRC for bandwidth with software sources refresh :)17:27
BarkingFishback in a bit17:27
jtri cant hear voice from my speakers after upgrading from natty to oneric17:36
jtrsound is played when i use phonon test utility but vlc, amarok = no sound17:37
jtrany help?17:37
jmichaelxhmmm, just finished upgrading another machine, and i also have no audio17:38
jtrmy friend tried this:17:39
jtrpulseaudio --kill17:39
jmichaelx'pulseaudio unable to connect'17:39
jtralsa reload17:39
jtrit worked for him17:39
jtrtry this17:39
Peace-jmichaelx: konsole : alsamixer -V all17:39
Peace-put every thing to max17:39
merlin1991guys I'm trying to install kubuntu, using the live image, I did md5sum the iso, went fine, burned the cd, did md5sum against the cd content went fine too17:40
merlin1991but now when I boot it up and go to the install / start option i end up with initramfs unable to afind a mdeium contianing a live filesystem17:40
merlin1991woha typos :$17:40
yofelmerlin1991: mac?17:40
Peace-merlin1991: download a new iso , alternate one shoudl be fine17:40
merlin1991pc, and alternate did fail too17:41
Peace-merlin1991: have you burned the cd at incredibile speed?17:41
Peace-jtr: xp..17:41
jmichaelxPeace-: my problems appear to be more serious than that... for one thing, somehow it appears to have set my webcam mic to be my primary audio device??17:42
jtrjmichaelx open 'phonon'17:42
merlin1991Peace-: afaik not, but I did check the disk content agains the md5sum.txt in the root dir of the disk and that check passed fine17:42
Peace-jmichaelx: please make a screenshot of alsamixer -V all17:42
Peace-merlin1991: dunno, i would burn the cd to 2x17:43
merlin1991I assume the cdrom drive should be /dev/cdsomething?17:43
jmichaelxPeace-: it won't even let me open phonon settings lol17:43
yofelmerlin1991: http://askubuntu.com/questions/15425/unable-to-find-a-medium-containing-a-live-file-system-error-when-installing maybe?17:43
jtrwhat error while opening phonon?17:43
yofelmerlin1991: and cd is usually /dev/sr{NUM}17:43
Peace-jmichaelx: http://wstaw.org/m/2011/10/14/plasma-desktopjL1328.jpg17:43
Peace-jmichaelx:  idon't care about phonon17:44
jmichaelxjtr: no error, it just hangs, and app has to be terminated17:44
merlin1991hm no /dev/sr*17:44
jmichaelxPeace-: looking at alsamixer wasthe first thing i did17:44
Peace-i want a screenshot.17:45
merlin1991yofel: that question solves a usb problem, I'm booting form a plain old cd17:45
merlin1991I kinda wonder why I get no dev node for the cd17:45
yofeloh right, sorry :/17:45
jtri think Peace knows better..i am a newbie too..i tried this today and it worked for me , i first killed pulseaudio and reloaded alsa and magic! it worked17:45
jtrwhen i restarted , came back to same issue17:45
jmichaelxjtr: i did try that, but it did not work17:45
merlin1991what could prevent the kernel from finding the cd drive?17:46
jtrjmichaelx - try dpkg-reconfigure -a ( maybe some packages were broken )17:46
ChinaManHello folx17:47
jmichaelxjtr: no packages were broken. apt is working fine17:47
ChinaManI am new to LibreOffice and I can't seem to find how to change the units from Imperial to Metric. How do I do so?17:47
jtrand phonon is not ?17:47
yofeljmichaelx: any errors when you run 'kcmshell4 phonon' in konsole?17:47
yofelmerlin1991: not sure, I know one person that got this when booting a CD, and that was on a mac (similiar to http://b3ns.com/2011/08/ubuntu-11-04-macbook-pro-unable-to-find-a-medium-containing-a-live-file-system/)17:48
jmichaelxyofel: ty, that allowed the phonon settings to appear17:49
yofelhe somehow managed to boot while having a CD AND an live USB drive plugged in17:49
merlin1991I did install debian 3 days ago no problem, I'll try using a usb stick though17:50
ChinaManLet me rephrase: I am using Kubuntu 11.10 and discovering LibreOffice and would like to know how to change the units from Imperial to Metric :)17:50
jtrjmichaelx : problem solved ??17:51
BluesKajjmichaelx, if your phonon hangs that's probly due to the a problem with it's default audiom device...best to do lsmod | grep snd , to see what kernel audio modules are loaded17:52
flying_sheepi have a problem: after the dist-upgrade kded4 refuses to work. starting it from the console reveals rambling about missing dbus connection to "muon-notifier", but i also have stack traces17:54
flying_sheepis this a known problem or should i show you the traces?17:54
jtrBluesKaj : i have the same problem ( sound not playing in application )17:54
jtrhere is my lsmod | grep snd output17:54
jmichaelxjtr: yofel: BluesKaj: ok, what happened is that during the upgrade, phonon appears to have stupidly decided to set my webcam microphone as my system-wide default audio device17:55
jtru changed it in phonon?17:55
jmichaelxjtr: yes17:55
jtrworking ??17:55
Peace-flying_sheep:  have you tried to reinstall kde packages?17:56
yofelgreat, reminds me of how it sets my HDMI output to default every now and then even though nothing's connected there17:56
jmichaelxjtr: at least partially17:56
flying_sheepwhich ones? all of them?!17:56
jtrmine still aint :(17:56
flying_sheepPeace-: all of them?17:56
jmichaelxyofel: same here.... my default device was my webcam mic, dhmi was next on the list, and my actual audio device was listed last17:57
BluesKajjtr, run this , sudo modprobe snd_hda_intel17:57
kriseChinaMan look here  http://guide2office.com/135/changing-units-of-measure-in-openoffice-inches-to-cm/17:57
Peace-flying_sheep:  well if you want be sure i would do that17:57
Peace-flying_sheep: http://nowardev.wordpress.com/2010/11/08/reinstall-kde/17:57
merlin1991can I just dd the iso image to a usb stick like it works with debian=17:58
kriseis there any way i can access my home computer from my laptop when im away17:58
jtrBluesKaj: still not working :(17:58
flying_sheepPeace-: oof, i better get my notebook down here. usb-transfer is way faster if i don't have to take the stairs every time17:58
BluesKajjmichaelx, test the devices listed in phonon , choose on nthat works and apply it to all devices17:58
jtrno sound in vlc17:58
jmichaelxok, one more thing KDE needs to cut out is this deal where a person gets 3 or 4 notifications all at the same time, rapid-fire style. i have all nepomuk garbage disabled, and it is constantly warning me that nepomuk is disabled17:58
jmichaelxBluesKaj: already done17:58
ChinaMankrise thank you very much. I was not successful with Google finding an answer :)17:59
jtrkrise : remote desktop client17:59
jmichaelxmany thanks for the help, yofel, BluesKaj, jtr17:59
=== bulldog98_ is now known as bulldog98
BluesKajjtr , read the post above to jmichaelx , do that as well17:59
jtrjmichaelx : :)18:00
jtrBluesKaj : i have been doing all that18:00
BluesKajclose any players and reopen them after changing settings. jtr18:00
krisethanks jtr18:00
BluesKajjtr, pulseaudio installed ?18:01
jtrya....it shows a "pulseaudio server" for all audio18:01
BluesKajjtr, is it listed in phonon ?18:02
jmichaelxi was unfamiliar with kcmshell... glad to know that is there18:02
kriseitr is your sound working with amarok on youtube or something18:02
jtrit says "PulseAudio Sound Server"18:03
krisemy audio works only with vlc18:03
jtrno with nothing18:03
jtrBluesKaj : help us!18:03
krisei had more luck than18:03
jtrBluesKaj: i previously had alsa device being displayed in phonon utility, that is the last time it worked18:04
krisemabe you farting too loud and you cant hear the sound18:05
BluesKajjtr, does pulseaudio in phonon give any sound when you hit the test button18:05
jtrno doesnt18:05
merlin1991yofel: I've set sata mode option in the bios from ide to ahci, and now it did work18:06
jtrBluesKaj: worked!18:07
jtri did  - alsamixer reload and it opened the alsa screenshot like utiliy in terminal18:07
* merlin1991 hopes that the fsckd windows will still work after that change18:08
jtrin that i selected the HDMI intel sound card18:08
ChinaManI tried to install some new window decorations, example perfection aurorae, but they do not work. They flicker on mouse hover. The only one that works is Oxygen. Do I need to install something else to make the Aurorae window decorations work?18:08
jtrthanks a lot BluesKaj  :) :)18:08
* BluesKaj shrugs ... jtr , you helped yourself as much as I did :)18:09
jtrbut thank for you time :)18:09
=== arteced is now known as _4strO
jtris there a way to permanently correct this problem?18:09
Peace-alsa store18:09
Peace-i guess18:09
jtrthe daemon for pulseaudio always starts up and prevents alsa from running18:10
jtri think!18:10
BluesKajok, gotta go check the postbox for paper mail18:10
jtrnot sure18:10
jtr'postbox for papermail' ?18:10
jmichaelxnow i have ANOTHER massive problem!!! volume control in moc does not work....18:10
BluesKajjtr, alsactl store in the terminal18:10
jmichaelxjtp.... mailbox for snailmail18:11
jtrsnailmail is an app i assume18:11
jmichaelxjtr: moc = 'music on console'... very sweet console-based music player18:11
BluesKajno jtr alsa is always running ... pulseaudio is sound server that runs on top of alsa18:11
BluesKajalsa is your audio card driver18:12
jtrokay  got it!18:12
jmichaelxjtr: and it's not such a massive problem, althoug i spent hours in natty trying to get the volume control in moc working again18:12
merlin1991I've set my system up without swap since it has 8gb of memory, I guess I should be on the safe side with that?18:13
jtrtried sudo alsactl store says -  Home directory /home/jtr is not ours.18:13
jmichaelxmerlin1991: i know that  lot of people with that much RAM are not using swap, but i still think i would18:14
Joshunkwallet isn't working properly with wifi passwords18:14
Joshunis there any way of fixing this?!18:14
BarkingFishJoshun: have you set up network manager to store your wifi passwords in encrypted storage>18:14
Joshunwell i don't want the annoying pop up boxes18:15
Joshunso i set the kwallet password to blank18:15
Joshunbut then it doesn't store it18:15
BarkingFishWhich is why it won't work.18:15
Joshuni've tried setting a password for kwallet too18:15
Joshunand then re-doing the wifi18:15
Joshunbut that doesn't work either18:15
Joshunit worked before in kde 4.618:15
BarkingFishyes, well you will need to set network manager to store in encrypted storage.  I'm running 4.6.2 here and it's fine.18:16
* jmichaelx appears to have lost all of his wifi settings during the upgrade18:16
Joshunit is set to store it in encrypted storage. that is default anyway18:16
Joshununencrypted doesn't work either18:16
BarkingFishOnce you do that, the next time kwallet opens you should get a box that says "network manager has requested to open a wallet, allow once, allow always, deny"18:17
Joshuni clicked 'allow always'18:17
jmichaelxlubuntu is now an official *buntu? i had no idea18:17
BarkingFishif it's not working then I'm not entirely sure. My wifi passwords are stored in kwallet and it's fine.18:17
Joshununless its a kde 4.7 regression18:17
Joshunthe odd thing is i can't find anything about it18:18
jtri have a very stupid question...but please answer this in a jiffy and get over with : can i commit to bugs.kde.org without applying for a developer in identity.kde.org account ???18:18
Torchjtr: yes18:18
Joshunsystem connection works for some reason18:18
jtrand how do i do that?18:18
Joshunit remembers that18:18
ChinaManDo I need to install something else to make the Aurorae window decorations work? They don't work for me.18:19
Torchjtr: yeshttps://bugs.kde.org/createaccount.cgi18:19
Torchjtr: https://bugs.kde.org/createaccount.cgi18:19
jtri have an account there18:19
jtrwith the same email id as the identity.kde account18:20
Torchjtr: and what's the issue?18:20
jtrbut the problem is, how do i get a write-access git clone ??18:20
jtror do i have to locally clone and commit?18:20
jtris the latter even possible?18:20
Torchjtr: wait... you wanted to report bugs, right?18:20
Torchjtr: so what do you need git access for?18:20
jtrso you mean i cannot commit without getting a developer access?18:21
jtri want to solve bugs!18:21
Torchjtr: ah18:21
jtri wanna try the junior jobs :P18:21
Torchjtr: if you want to commit code. you need a developer account18:21
Torchjtr: also, try #kde-devel for those questions18:22
jtreven for the junior jobs?18:22
Torchjtr: you can checkout the code without write access and fix the bugs18:22
Torchjtr: i have no idea how the junior jobs work, never did those18:22
jtrsorry i didnt know where to ask :(18:22
jtrbut thanks anyways18:22
Torchjtr: #kde-devel is the place to ask18:22
jtri'll ask at the other channel18:22
ChinaManCan someone help me with window decorations?18:24
ElectricKetchuphey #kubuntu, I'm running Kubuntu on my desktop and it keeps popping up a message telling me there's a new version of Kubuntu.  How can I tell the program, "I understand there's a new version, and maybe I'll upgrade later, but I'm busy trying to get some work done so don't bother me for a few hours." ?  It seems to be popping up every few minutes even though I close the popup each time.18:26
BluesKajElectricKetchup, go into your software center and disable upgrade notification18:27
ElectricKetchupBlaXpirit, where is software center?18:27
ElectricKetchupcrap sorry wrong autocomplete18:28
ElectricKetchupBluesKaj, where is software center?18:28
BlaXpiritKickoff and type Muon18:28
yofelElectricKetchup: alt+f2, run 'kdesudo software-properties-kde' and at the update tab change "show new distribution releases" to never18:28
* BluesKaj relaxes :)18:30
ElectricKetchupBluesKaj, yofel, Thanks sooo soo much!  That has been bothering me so much the past few days18:30
BluesKajoops no software center in 11.10 ...that's how nuch I use it :)18:31
ChinaManLet me try again :) How can I install Aurorae window decorations? Anyone?18:31
BluesKajChinaMan, window decorations in system settings..check the "get new decor"18:33
BluesKajkmenu > computer.>system settings18:34
ChinaManBluesKaj: Yes, I tried that, but literally the only one that works is Oxygen. No matter which Aurorae based window deco I try, it flickers. As if I am missing something else to make them work.18:34
jamil_1Hi all, my system is refusing to boot beyond the blue kubuntu screen after I upgraded to 11.1018:35
=== klepton is now known as fso3hsbf5
BluesKajChinaMan, KDE seems suspended right now , maybe yofel can enlightenn us  ...I have some issues as well18:36
ChinaManBluesKaj: KDE seems suspended?18:36
* yofel wonders what BluesKaj means as well18:37
jamil_1my pc is utterly unusable18:37
yofeljamil_1: any self installed proprietary graphics drivers on your system?18:37
ChinaManOn one blog I read: to install a window deco you need an engine and a theme. Then another blog says that Aurorae has been a part of KDE since 4.3. But it doesn't work.18:37
jamil_1yofel: I had nvidia driver18:38
yofeljamil_1: installed from the package or upstream nvidia?18:38
jamil_1yofel: sorry I dont remember. I installed a long time ago18:39
yofeljamil_1: well, anyway, can you get to a tty when you press ctrl+alt+f2?18:39
jamil_1yofel: most probably from the package18:39
jamil_1yofel: yup18:39
yofeljamil_1: can you check for errors in /var/log/Xorg.0.log ?18:40
yofelany line with [EE] in it18:40
c2tarunyofel, hi :)18:40
yofelhey c2tarun18:40
c2tarunyofel, how are you?18:41
yofelc2tarun: busy :P18:41
jamil_1yofel: yes there is error: Filed to load module "nvidia"18:41
yofelc2tarun: otherwise fine, it's weekend :)18:41
c2tarunlike always ;)18:41
jamil_1yofel: also: No driver available18:41
c2tarunyofel, can you tell me how to load source code as a project into QtCreator for debugging?18:41
BlaXpiritHow can I copy energy management settings and profiles from one account to another?18:42
yofeljamil_1: about what I feared... if you have a network connection, try to run 'sudo jockey-text'18:42
yofelthat should install the right driver again18:42
BluesKajyofel, cant resize any kate or dolphin pages , toolbar fonts won't integrate on root mode in dolphin or kate or system settings etc etc18:42
yofelc2tarun: nope, I usually don't use qtcreator18:42
jamil_1yofel: my network isn't working either18:43
c2tarunyofel, then how do you fix bugs in source code?18:43
yofeljamil_1: ok, then 'sudo rm /etc/X11/xorg.conf' and reboot18:43
yofelc2tarun: VIM ?18:43
c2tarunyofel, hmm... great :)18:43
c2tarunyofel, any suggestion where should I ask this question?18:43
yofelBluesKaj: that's.... new @_@18:44
hallmanWhy is it that ubuntu, a dist which strives to "Just Work(TM)", brings more problems in each update than any other dist I've tried?18:44
Ddpbfhallman use kubuntu instead18:44
hallmanI am..18:44
hallmanSame shit though18:44
yofelBluesKaj: I think I can reproduce the font issue though...18:45
Ddpbfplease, do not foul worrds18:45
hallmanWell I'm just telling it as it is18:45
BluesKajyofel, . it's been a problem for a few months  for me18:45
hallmanI'm beyond tired of it, but too lazy to go back to a sensible dist18:45
c2tarunDdpbf, sometimes kubuntu creates more prob then ubuntu :(18:45
Ddpbfc2tarun: it is possible18:46
* c2tarun suggests always go for a fresh install :) and no upgrades18:46
ChinaManhallman: what do consider a "sensible dist"?18:46
hallmanArgh for instance18:46
Ddpbflol what it is18:46
ChinaManArgh Linux? lol18:46
c2tarunlol :)18:46
c2tarunreally O_O18:47
jamil_1yofel: you on ?18:47
c2tarunI thought its an exclamatory word18:47
hallman..Arch for those who didn't get the joke18:47
yofeljamil_1: yep18:47
jamil_1yofel: I am still getting the same error in the Xorg log18:47
* c2tarun too out of touch for jokes :(18:47
yofeljamil_1: even without xorg.conf?18:47
* jmichaelx would totally run a distro named Argh Linux18:47
jamil_1yofel: yes18:47
BlaXpiritHow can I copy energy management settings and profiles from one user to another? Better yet, can I make them global?18:48
ChinaManArgh Linux sounds derogatory though, as in Argh! not again! :)18:48
hallmanGentoo is nice too.. Except that it takes ages for updated software to make it into their package system.18:48
Ddpbfhallman: actually i use arch, and it is not more different than any buntu18:48
jmichaelxhallman: i have been groeing more and more in my appreciation for gentoo18:48
=== fille is now known as fille12
hallmanDdpbf: Well I have far far less problems with Arch.18:48
Ddpbfit is same just different package managment18:49
Ddpbfit is discutable, i am yousing both of them for two years18:49
=== fille12 is now known as django
Ddpbfi have same amount of problemms on both sistems18:49
hallmanThe package management is what mainly disturbs me about ubuntu, it just keeps uninstalling vital applications for me!18:49
Ddpbfon same pc18:49
=== django is now known as fille
BlaXpiritOh come on! Where does KDE keep the power management settingss?18:49
jmichaelxusing gentoo is not tremendously more complicated than using ubuntu, just much more time consuming to set up and configure.... after that, rolling release is pretty nice18:50
Ddpbfhallman: how come?18:50
yofeljamil_1: hm, can you still try to run jockey-text and see if you can *remove* a driver in there?18:50
* yofel has to go, sorry18:50
jamil_1no problem mate18:50
Ddpbfjmichaelx: it takes hell lot more time to install anything on gentoo18:50
hallmanDdpbf: I guess the ubuntu team decided that they HAD to push out a new update, but woops, my apps were not supported so bye bye to those! Maybe next update, chap.18:50
=== jonah is now known as Guest78537
=== klepton is now known as fso3hsbf5
Ddpbfhallman: on arch you got unmodficied apps18:51
jmichaelxDdpbf: that it does, especially if you are talking about a new KDE SC.... takes me 7 - 8 hours to emerge18:51
Ddpbfi would tought it is riskier18:51
Guest78537hi can anyone help me fix a massive problem please? I did the dist-upgrade today and now I have an error on boot "Warning: Cannot open ConsoleKit session: Unable to open session: Failed to connect to socket /var/run/dbus/system_bus_socket: Connection Refused. I'm in big trouble, please help!??18:51
Ddpbffor adv users it is not hard to use18:51
Ddpbfarch or gentoo18:51
hallmanDdpbf: I like that.. It means that I sometimes have to dig through the config files, but that's all. It leaves my application installed and mostly working on my system!18:51
BluesKajBlaXpirit, system settings is your friend18:52
FloodBotK2shane2peru: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.18:52
FloodBotK1shane2peru: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.18:52
jmichaelxFloodBotK needs to quit flooding18:52
Ddpbflol floodbots are flooding channel18:52
c2tarunare there any applications in java language in ubuntu or kubuntu?18:52
hallmanI think18:52
BlaXpiritBluesKaj, but I want the monitor not to burn out with brightness when someone else logs in. I need the settings to be the same across user accounts18:52
Ddpbfc2tarun: hell lot of them18:52
ChinaManlol .. where are the comments by shane2peru?18:52
hallmanAnd many many others I would guess18:52
c2tarunDdpbf, how can I get a list of them?18:53
Ddpbfyou ment written in java or java de?18:53
c2tarunDdpbf, java de?18:53
c2tarunDdpbf, what is java de?18:53
BlaXpiritdevelopment environment -_-18:53
c2tarunDdpbf, I want apps written in java18:54
BlaXpiritchill, java isn't good. and owned by evil corporation.18:54
Ddpbfjust type java in muon or synaptic18:54
c2tarunactually I have to give SCJP and I am fed up of reading silly books on java, so better fix some bugs and learn by looking at code18:54
Ddpbfor whatever you use18:54
c2tarunBlaXpirit, I agree java isn't good, but why evil corporation?18:54
BlaXpiritwell, Oracle seemed evil, i dunno.18:55
jmichaelxoracle IS evil... to the core18:55
ChinaManThanks to Oracle, we have LibreOffice :)18:55
jmichaelx(sorry for thr OT)18:55
jmichaelxlol ChinaMan18:55
Guest78537if anyone can please help, i've just got a blank black screen and a mouse in kubuntu after doing the dist-upgrade this morning? please help18:55
jmichaelxChinaMan: ok, you do have a point there18:55
ChinaManSometimes evil is a good thing18:56
Ddpbfit is irony  has one of better server distros18:56
BlaXpiritgood. i thought i'd reinstall on laptop and upgrade on desktop. now i'm sure i won't upgrade.18:56
jmichaelxChinaMan: but that was oracle doing something good, while trying its hardest to do something evil18:56
c2tarunBlaXpirit, good choice :)18:56
jmichaelxDdpbf: a totally scammed server distro, however18:56
ChinaManImagine Sun f'ed up 10 years ago like Oracle, we would have an Office suite miles ahead :)18:56
* c2tarun downloading 11.1018:57
BlaXpiritbut those offices are both the same stupid app18:57
Ddpbffirst it is same app18:57
Ddpbfsecond it is good for money you gave for it18:57
jmichaelxlibreoffice and openoffice.org are not the same anymore18:57
ChinaManBlaXpirit: More commits in ONE year to LibreOffice than TEN years in OpenOffice .. WTF!!18:58
Ddpbfor effort you put in it18:58
c2tarunLibre office is build on code provided by open office and we all know that MS has a monopoly, so we need an app which can format according to MS18:58
BlaXpiritwell, it's always been somehow bloated, buggy etc. libreoffice project won't be able to fix it18:58
ChinaManBlaXpirit: OpenOffice yes. LibreOffice is actually coming along nicely.18:58
BlaXpiritheh, KDE has some crazy office, i wish they finished something sometimes.18:58
jmichaelxi have used openoffice.org for years (and now libreoffice). it isn't perfect by any means, but has served me just fine, all in all18:59
Ddpbfcaligra ex k-office18:59
ChinaManjmichaelx: you have more patience than me :)18:59
jamil_1Hi all, my kubuntu is not booting because it cant find the compatible driver for nvidia card18:59
Ddpbfk office was pretty solid in kd3 days18:59
Ddpbfond second tought all was good in kde 319:01
Guest78537please if anyone can get my system to work again, my dist-upgrade has left it with errors and a dbus problem. please help19:02
BluesKajkde3 was fugly in some ways19:02
BlaXpiritWhere does kde keep the power management settings? I want to copy them to other user account(s)...19:02
ChinaManDdpbf: Not everything .. The UI was butt-ugly.19:02
ChinaManBluesKaj: amen, we speak the truth.19:02
DdpbfChinaMan: i dont know superkaramba was cool19:02
BluesKajBlaXpirit, in power management profiles maybe19:03
jmichaelxsuperkaramba still exists, btw19:03
Ddpbfi know19:03
jmichaelxbut, superkaramba was buggy19:03
BlaXpiritBluesKaj, but can I copy my precious fine-tuned profiles??????????????????????????????????19:03
ChinaManDdpbf: It was the small things that drove me nuts. The UI is what you stare at all the time.19:04
Ddpbfjmichaelx: so are plasmoids19:04
* jmichaelx remembers fighting liquidweather breakages constantly19:04
DdpbfChinaMan: compared with gnome2 it was uber cool19:04
Ddpbfor with windows xp19:04
Ddpbfboth of those had childelike interfaces19:05
ChinaManDdpbf: Actually Gnome and Windows XP are infinately more consistent in their UI than KDE3.19:05
jmichaelxi'll take plasma over superkaramba any day19:05
Ddpbfi wouldnot agree with it19:05
ChinaManDdpbf: I am talking about pixel for pixel.19:05
BlaXpiritok, go install kde3 if it's better in every way.19:05
Ddpbfxp is like some 7 year old drove it19:05
DdpbfBlaXpirit: it is not, i told it was more stable19:05
Ddpbfnot more beautifull or better19:06
Guest78537hi can anyone please help me fix my computer?19:06
ChinaManDdpbf: Better is questionable. Beauty, seriously .. KDE3 was fugly :)19:06
DdpbfChinaMan:  compared with kde4 it is19:07
* jmichaelx is shocked and offended by this dissing of the beloved KDE319:07
Ddpbfcompared to gnome 2 or xp it is was19:07
BlaXpiritreally, help some people, not just talk about useless stuff19:07
DdpbfBlaXpirit: like whom?19:07
BlaXpiritlike Guest78537... and me19:08
jmichaelxlike Guest7853719:08
geir_Hi, where's the best place to find videos showing features in new Kubuntu?19:08
Ddpbfwhat is your problem?19:08
ChinaManI have been away from KDE since KDE4 landed, but tonight I am rocking kubuntu 11.10 and I must say, KDE is beautiful.19:08
Guest78537well after doing the dist-upgrade my system won't boot into the desktop19:08
flying_sheephi guys19:08
DdpbfBlaXpirit:  dont yell it is impolite, and it will not get you any help19:09
BlaXpiritit's just a stupid meme19:09
flying_sheepi reinstalled the kde packages to get it working again after Peace's advice, but it didn't work and peace is away19:09
Guest78537Ddpbf: I'm getting an error on login which says that kubuntu can't open the consolekit session and something about dbus...19:09
ChinaManjmichaelx: Different things matter to different people. The UI drove me bonkers. Maybe, to you, it didn't matter.19:10
Guest78537Ddpbf: i've tried doing a dpkg configure a thingy and it didnt' work19:10
flying_sheepGuest78537: i have a similar or the same problem19:10
Ddpbfand speaking of your grat problem just klick on battery icon, you would be impressed what you could find there19:10
Guest78537flying_sheep: it's horrible isn't it??!19:10
DdpbfGuest78537:  could you paste output form konsole19:10
BlaXpiritDdpbf, are you talking to me about battery icon?19:10
jmichaelxChinaMan: no. to me it did matter, and to me, KDE3 was the most beautiful desktop of it's era19:10
Ddpbfyup you wanted power saving settings?19:11
flying_sheepGuest78537: yes. what crashed for you?19:11
BlaXpiritare you people blind, I want to copy the profiles, not make new ones19:11
jmichaelxBlaXpirit: how can we be blind... we are in an irc chatroom19:12
BlaXpiritmaybe you use Jovie -_-19:12
ChinaManjmichaelx: that is a first for me to hear. Good on you :)19:12
Guest78537Ddpbf: well when i do an alt ctrl f2 i get an error saying i need to do a system restart, but restarting doesn't help. my internet won't work so can't do an apt-get update install or anything. which output would you like first? errors all over the place!19:12
DdpbfBlaXpirit:  ~/.kde/19:12
BlaXpiriti've been there, but still can't find.19:12
Guest78537Ddpbf: i get two errors and bug report submissions on login19:13
BlaXpiritbeen there, but still can't find19:13
jmichaelxChinaMan: maybe you are not aware of how much some folks loved kde3.... but there were a lot, and still are some clinging to it19:13
Guest78537flying_sheep: not sure, ran the dist-upgrade and on reboot i get this consolekit error saying it's failed to open the session19:13
DdpbfKDE's power manager is powerdevil19:14
Guest78537Ddpbf: Failed to connect to socket /var/run/dbus/system_bus_socket: Connection refused. that's the first error that comes up on boot up19:14
flying_sheepGuest78537: for me, kded crashes19:14
BlaXpiritDdpbf, yay, now that's helpful! thanks!19:14
flying_sheepcrashlog: http://paste.kde.org/133813/19:14
ChinaManjmichaelx: I am fully aware, but I have never heard of people talking about KDE3 and beauty in the same breath.19:15
flying_sheepcrashlog 2: http://paste.kde.org/133819/19:15
flying_sheepcould someone help me?19:15
jamil_1Hi all, my pc is not booting because it cant find the compatible driver for nvidia card19:16
BluesKajGuest78537, when booting hold the shift key down after the bios scrn to get to the grub menu , then choose the recovery kernel , then in the dialog choose root prompt with networking , sudo nano /etc/default/grub  , then at the line cotaining quiet splash add nomodeset atfter it , then ctrl+o , enter then ctrl+x and reboot19:16
jmichaelxChinaMan, ChinaMan... it was admittedly weak on beauty before being tweaked, but it could be made to look very nice19:16
jmichaelxyikes, images on my webcam look horrid in oneiric19:17
Guest78537BluesKaj: ok i've booted recovery but there's no option for with networking. just root, remount, fsck and resume19:18
BluesKajGuest78537, try root19:18
Guest78537BluesKaj: ok thanks will try19:19
BluesKajthen you won't need to sudo19:19
ChinaManjmichaelx: I went so far as to attempt to create my own theme, that is how much I wanted KDE to look good, but when I realised that I needed to be a developer to be able to modify the low level stuff, I had to give that idea up. Honestly, I could never get KDE3 to look like anything good.19:19
jmichaelxalso, qtcurve appears to not be in use for at least some gtk apps....19:20
jmichaelxeven though it is set to be used19:20
BluesKajChinaMan, well it beats that cartoon desktop called gnome by a long shot :)19:20
Guest78537BluesKaj: i get "error writing: read only file system" when i try save the nano file...19:20
* jmichaelx says amen to BluesKaj19:20
Ddpbfjmichaelx: use oxygen-gtk19:21
Ddpbfhttp://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/61/snapshot10dh5.png/ kde319:21
jmichaelxDdpbf: done, but also not working19:21
Ddpbfgnome 219:22
Ddpbfsomebody wish to tell that gnome2 is nicer?19:22
ChinaManBluesKaj: lol. I hope Linus tries KDE4.7, because .. daaaamn .. they got it right :)19:22
flying_sheeppeople, do you have any other useful chatroom where maybe someone can help me :(19:22
jmichaelxflying_sheep: what issue are you having?19:22
Guest78537BluesKaj: I think because it can't get to dbus or the permissions are broken I can't do anything...?19:23
BluesKajGuest78537, well, that's beyond my scope if sudo doesn't give you write priveleges , unless you didn't enter a pw when asked for during the install19:23
flying_sheepjmichaelx: kded4 crashes after login. http://paste.kde.org/133819/ http://paste.kde.org/133813/19:23
jmichaelxby the way, whether i choose qtcurve or oxygen-gtk, at least some gtk apps are not using the selected themes19:24
jmichaelxand damn this stupid taskmanager icon bug...19:24
Guest78537BluesKaj: it was just an upgrade - it boots up ok but the dbus error comes up. do i need to chown something, like my home folder maybe?19:24
MeanderingCodeHow many people in here upgraded as opposed to installed clean?  Despite what anyone says about the process improving, I have never, ever had a good experience upgrading19:24
BluesKajgues  I thinkj there's a bugfix for the dbus broken option on launchpad19:24
ChinaManjmichaelx: do you know anything about installing Aurorae window decorations? They are broken for me.19:24
BluesKajGuest78537, ^19:25
MeanderingCodegot my 10.10 to 11.04 system hobbled together enough to start the 11.04 to 11.10 upgrade...but I'll probably end up having to wipe / and start again...anyone have an inspirational story for me?19:25
MeanderingCodeor advice and tricks?19:25
Guest78537BluesKaj: ah got it!!19:26
Guest78537BluesKaj: i chose the option to remount all and then it gave me the root with network option. just done the nano thing and it worked. now what?19:26
* merlin1991 is about to ragequit installing kubuntu19:26
ChinaManMeanderingCode: I have never used the upgrade path, regardless of OS.19:27
genii-aroundMeanderingCode: This box I'm on now has just been constantly upgraded from 8.04 through to 11.10 now19:27
jmichaelxhmm, skype is broken19:27
merlin1991live cd boots now and after hours of dl stuff from the servers even though I didn't select update stuff the installer crashed19:27
flying_sheepjmichaelx: trying to launch kded4 from konsole yields an error about "muon-notifier" not being available19:27
MeanderingCodeChinaMan: regardless of distro, or OS?19:27
MeanderingCodegenii-around: and how much time do you spend fixing things after an upgrade?19:28
ChinaManMeanderingCode: OS. seriously. Same s***, different OS :)19:28
genii-aroundMeanderingCode: Depends on what needs fixing ;)19:28
MeanderingCodeI found that true with Windows, when I used to use it.  I wonder if Mac has it figured out better19:28
jmichaelxflying_sheep: did you do a fresh installation or an upgrade?19:28
MeanderingCodegenii-around: ha!19:29
flying_sheepjmichaelx: upgrade, of course -.-19:29
ChinaManMeanderingCode: Start clean, then you know you are starting from the best starting point.19:29
Guest78537BluesKaj: just looking at this nomodeset option, but i don't think it's my graphics card. i get a black screen but it's cos kde4 crashes and i get an error. the mouse is there and when i press alt f2 i get all my applications and files and dolphin and package manager etc. just nothing is working right19:29
flying_sheepjmichaelx: i should have known better ;)19:29
MeanderingCodeChinaMan: right, like when default low-level stuff gets switched to diff software/management choices, but you're still running your legacy setup19:30
MeanderingCodegotta love these machines :)19:30
jmichaelxflying_sheep: can you try to install kubuntu-destop?: sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop19:30
BluesKajyeah , Guest78537 you're probly right , I forgot about that dbus error .... I had it too about a month ago , sorry but I've forgotten what the fix was19:30
MeanderingCodeChinaMan: but then, what about home dir config files?19:30
MeanderingCodedo you wipe those, too?19:31
* jmichaelx also had that dbus error19:31
flying_sheepjmichaelx: it's installed and i reinstalled it once, too, after it broke19:31
ChinaManMeanderingCode: I hear you. The only thing I keep is my files. I don't worry about the config files.19:32
jmichaelxcan you try to restart your kde session, to see whether or not it made any difference?19:32
Guest78537BluesKaj: i think what ruined my upgrade was a cups driver. ql500cupswrapper which i can't delete. this is stopping apt-get install anything too19:32
jmichaelxflying_sheep: ^19:32
=== harry is now known as apple_cat
flying_sheepjmichaelx: restarted, rebooted, no difference19:33
jmichaelxflying_sheep: ok, have you tried creating a new user, and checking to see whether or not that new user experiences the same problems?19:33
MeanderingCodeChinaMan: then, as opposed to genii-around, how much time do you spend reconfiguring?  ssh-keys, firefox super-intricates, irc clients, shell setups, on, and on, and on19:34
BluesKajGuest78537, yeah I think I dl'd the latest daily build at that point and reinstalled , it's a long and lazy fix if you have a separate /home partition19:35
MeanderingCodethat's probably why i have such problems...too custom-configured for an upgrade to go smoothly :/19:35
MeanderingCodewhich is why i skipped 11.04 in the first place19:35
MeanderingCodenever found the time19:35
MeanderingCodebut now i started down the path, and i'm stuck in the middle :/19:35
flying_sheepjmichaelx: no, but i think i have something that can narrow it down: kded says on console (before crashing): 'DBus: module not found: "/modules/muon-notifier"'19:36
apple_catHi, I just started using 11.10 and it seems my package list has a problem. Almost all the packages have duplicates when viewed in aptitude, which is a huge problem when the wrong package gets installed because it essentially tries to replace every package with the exact same package19:36
* MeanderingCode walks away from the machine to get a break from it19:36
ChinaManMeanderingCode: I guess my needs are simple. I find it easy to reconfigure than fix. I have a more zen approach, simplistic.19:36
apple_catHave reinstalled twice so far, the second time from the live cd desktop, and disabling the install 3rd party software options19:37
jmichaelxthe problem i am experiencing with gtk themes seems to belimited to 'cheese'19:37
merlin1991why does this fsckd installer load 10 billion files from the ubuntu server :/19:37
apple_catIt seems to me that there are two duplicate repositories added, but I don't really know how possible that is, or if it is possible how I could fix it19:37
Guest78537BluesKaj: thanks for trying to help me out. i'll download it fresh and reinstall. shouldn't lose too much! thanks again19:38
jmichaelxflying_sheep: yes, which was what caused me to wonder about installing kubuntu-desktop... right now i am at a loss as to what to suggest. i still think it may be worthwhile to see how things go for a new user19:38
flying_sheepjmichaelx: no, it says: QDBusObjectPath: "/modules/muon-notifier" The kded module name ' "muon-notifier" ' is invalid!19:38
flying_sheepjmichaelx: i'll try it19:39
jmichaelxflying_sheep: also, i need to go to the office where i work. i'll probably be back in here in another 30 minutes or so... maybe someone else can be of more help in the mean time19:40
billytwowillydid you guys do something weird to the nobody user in 11.10? samba config from 11.04 isn't working anymore and it seems to be because it maps guest to user nobody19:40
* eristikophiles wonders what triggered the nick highlight19:42
ikoniabillytwowilly: nobody shouldn't be able to login19:43
billytwowillyyah, that's the behaviour change. It lets me view the shares, but not read inside the shares.19:43
billytwowillyIs there a new user I should map the guest account to?19:43
ikoniawhat do you mean, map the user ?19:44
billytwowillyin the smb.conf file you have to map guest to a user.19:44
ikoniaI see, in samba19:44
BarkingFishguys, I need some help. I'm running an update here, and dpkg has decided to zombify in my process list. It's stopping kpackagekit from finishing up.19:45
billytwowillywell, by default samba maps guest access to the user nobody19:45
BarkingFishi've tried signals 11 and 15 to nail the zombified process, and it's not going away19:45
ikoniabillytwowilly: that sort of makes sense19:46
billytwowillyikonia: I think so to. somewhere between 11.04 and 11.10  (k)ubuntu changed behaviours so no nobody can't login, it might have been earlier. I don't think I've done a complete reinstall for 3-4 releases now.19:47
ikonianobody has never been able to login19:48
ikoniait's a non-valid account, that's it's whole point19:48
SnowhogBarkingFish: What is the PPID for kpackagekit when viewed in top?19:51
SnowhogBarkingFish: I mean the PPID for dpkg19:51
clarnisthello guys19:54
clarnisti have to install kubuntu 11.10 and want to search packages in muon but it only show me search result with installed packages19:55
clarnisthow can I make that search results appears at not installed?19:55
ChinaManclarnist: Have you tried Settings -> Configure Software Sources -> Ticking universe and multiverse?19:59
Snowhogclarnist: The default status view should be all packages, but in your case, just click the By Status tab (left side, bottom) and click on Not Installed19:59
gabbysmoteshi, i've been exerpinecing an intense amount of power consumption on my battery laptop , has anyone else experienced this?20:01
clarnistwhen i click in status not installed it didn;t search20:01
=== seawolf is now known as tremendo
BarkingFishsorry snowhog, was in VT120:09
BarkingFishThe PPID is 1790220:09
BarkingFishShowing its status as Zs20:10
SnowhogBarkingFish: In a console, type: sudo killall -9 17902   (as long as that is the PPID still showing for dpkg)20:11
BarkingFishright, I just need the bit from killall onwards, I enabled my root account, got fed up sudo'ing everything :)20:12
BarkingFishlet's see how I get on20:12
flying_sheepnew user did the trick, now what config do i have to remove to get it working...20:13
BarkingFishright, Snowhog - that's done the job, but kpackagekit has just dropped out too with Signal 1120:13
BarkingFishcan I rescue (in terminal) the packages it had downloaded and not processed?20:14
SnowhogBarkingFish: Kill it as well, same way20:14
BarkingFishno need, it went of its own free will20:14
SnowhogBarkingFish: Any packages that were downloaded are just that - downloaded. They are on your PC.20:14
BarkingFishi sent 9 to dpkg and kpackagekit went out with 11 and a kcrash20:15
clarnist_Snowhog i have to mean that when i type ex. kubuntu in search window it show my only installed apps20:15
BarkingFishdo I need to process them, Snowhog? They hadn't installed fully.20:15
=== basti2 is now known as basti
flying_sheepcan somebody help me? i have these crashes on my std user, new user works: http://paste.kde.org/133813/ http://paste.kde.org/133819/20:19
flying_sheepcan i just try to move all dotfiles to a folder? where are the wifi passwords stored (would like to keep those)20:21
BarkingFishsnowhog, I'm gonna reboot.  I found out how to install all those unprocessed files, I have a kernel upgrade in there so I'll be back in a few moments.20:22
drbobbwhat kde tool can I use for scanning pictures?20:23
=== yofel_ is now known as yofel
ChinaManAnyone know of a widget that shows my upload and download speeds in kb/s?20:24
BluesKajChinaMan, for which app ?20:29
jockoany ideas on how to fix the old headphone jack vs speakers issue?20:30
jocko11.04 on nvidia hdmi interface20:30
ChinaManBluesKaj: I am looking for a widget, so that I can see the upload and download speeds of eth0, like the time widget that has the time and the date underneath it.20:30
drbobbhmm krita looks not too bad, but it doesn't seem to have anything to do with acquiring an image from a scanner20:31
BluesKajChinaMan, don't know of any offhand20:32
drbobbnothing in kde for working with an image scanner? seems so20:33
genii-aroundChinaMan: http://kde-apps.org/content/show.php?content=14050420:34
ubottuScanning software: Simple-Scan (GNOME), Xsane, the GIMP (GNOME), Kooka (KDE). For instructions see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ScanningHowTo and to see supported hardware: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsScanners - See also !OCR20:34
drbobbkooka is not found20:35
genii-aroundYes, the factoid is quite old now20:35
drbobbthere is something called skanlite20:35
genii-around!info simple-scan20:36
ubottusimple-scan (source: simple-scan): Simple Scanning Utility. In component main, is optional. Version 3.2.0-0ubuntu1 (oneiric), package size 113 kB, installed size 556 kB20:36
drbobbI am aware of xsane, I was wondering whether there's a tool that integrates with kde20:36
ChinaMangenii-around: That looks exactly like what I want, thank you. Will check it out!20:37
yofeldrbobb: in gwenview you can go to plugins -> import -> import from scanner20:37
rork!info skanlite20:38
ubottuskanlite (source: skanlite): image scanner for KDE 4 based on the KSane backend. In component main, is extra. Version 0.7-2ubuntu3 (oneiric), package size 1079 kB, installed size 1504 kB20:38
drbobbtoo bad skanlite can't find my scanner20:38
genii-aroundrork: Ah, nice20:40
rorkI have no experience with it however, haven't fired up my scanner for a long time :/20:40
BluesKajsimple scan is supposed to work with allscanners ..what's a few gtk libs if it works for you, drbobb20:41
drbobbxsane pulls in all of gimp, etc.20:41
yofelhm, skanlite uses ksanepart, which is what gwenview uses too20:41
SnowhogChinaMan: Widget Network Monitor20:41
drbobbgwenview doesn't seem to have any item involving scanning in its menus20:42
yofelinterestingly sane doesn't find my scanner if I don't use the HP toolbox to add the printer20:42
ChinaManSnowhog: Can that show numbers instead of the graphs?20:42
yofeldrbobb: here it's under plugins -> import ->20:42
drbobbin my gwenview the plugins menu says no plugins found20:42
drbobbthere is no import20:43
drbobbaaa that's an idea, I should probably install hplip before my scanner will be recognized20:43
* yofel wonders what would be missing for the plugins to show up..20:44
drbobbhehe by the time I'm able to scan a picture I'll probably have installed a few hundred megs of ancillary packages20:44
drbobbkinda annoying isn't it20:45
yofelI have kde-full installed here, so there's probably some plugin package that's needed, but I'm really clueless which one20:46
drbobboops, hplip is already installed20:46
yofeldrbobb: the toolbox is in hplip-gui20:46
edroidhow do you rename an desktop activity?  After an upgrade my original desktop is labeled "unnamed".  I am unable to modify this20:46
drbobbyofel: yeah, figures20:46
yofeledroid: click on the activity name in the screen corner -> activities. There click on the wrench of the activity you want to edit, and there you'll be able to rename it20:47
ChinaManI have installed netspeed-plasma_0.2-1_i386.deb but how I do I run it? It doesn't show in the list on widgets.20:48
afiefis there a way to have kpackagekit stop bugging me about the upgrade?20:48
yofelafief:  alt+f2, run 'kdesudo software-properties-kde' and at the update tab change "show new distribution releases" to never20:49
drbobbaaaaaa there it is, my scanner20:50
afiefyofel: but I don't mind it showing, it's just that I'm getting a notification every few minutes20:50
yofelafief: hm, at least I don't know how to change that20:50
afiefyofel: Thanks, guess I'll just change it back to normal once I upgrade20:51
drbobbskanlite is quite rudimentary, guess I'll stick to xsane20:51
oceantypehello since 11.10 my wifi is not working anymore20:54
Daskreechdrbobb: skanlite is nice though :)20:58
ChinaManHow do I run a plasmoid after installing it?20:59
genii-aroundChinaMan: With the Add Widgets from toolbar21:02
ChinaMangenii-around: It doesn't show there. Hence my question.21:02
ChinaMangenii-around: There was a 11.04 .deb, so I installed that. There was no 11.10 .deb.21:04
genii-aroundChinaMan: Was it the download from http://kde-apps.org/content/show.php?content=140504 ? If so, then go Add Widgets...Get New Widgets...Install Widget From Local File... then navigate to where you downloaded it21:04
cablopI installed gtk2-engines-oxygen and the gtk manager in kade but the gtk apps still look ugly21:05
cablopwhat is the procedure in oneiric to make them look decent?21:05
genii-aroundOh, Natty package21:06
genii-aroundChinaMan: Try navigating it to /usr/lib/kde4/plasma_applet_netspeed.so21:07
ChinaMangenii-around: Installing the package /usr/lib/kde4/plasma_applet_netspeed.so failed.21:09
genii-aroundChinaMan: Yeah Oneiric doesn't seem to like it, I just also tried here21:11
SnowhogChinaMan: Right-click on the Panel, choose Panel Options > Add Widgets, click on the Get New Widgets button and click on Install Widget from Local File and navigate to where the downloaded file is at.21:12
Snowhoggenii-around: Dang. Just noticed that you already suggested that.21:13
genii-aroundSnowhog: That deb file installs the widget to /usr/lib/kde4/plasma_applet_netspeed.so , but manually directing it there to install it results in the "Installing the package failed"21:13
ChinaManI also tried Yet Another Netspeed monitor, but that needs Ruby?21:13
jamil_1hi all, after the upgrade I cant get past the Kubuntu loading screen21:17
jamil_1anyone ?21:17
drbobblooks like the battery meter gadget is broken21:17
drbobbmy laptop's been running on battery for about an hour, and it's still showing 99%21:18
ChinaMandrbobb: Maybe KDE is just that efficient :)21:19
drbobbChinaMan: heh, the estimated time remaining has been shrinking though21:25
edroidyofel: Really? Thanks! :)21:26
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merlin1991anyone have an idea why my installation dl packets with 15kb/s ?21:29
merlin1991the 1st console also gets spammed with tonds of eth0: link up msgs21:30
Sam42I've configured kde to have the panel vertically on the left, however after logging out/rebooting the panel always appears vertically in the middle of the screen after login21:35
Sam42any ideas on why it might not be saving its position properly?21:35
skierpageHey, updated to 11.10, it went pretty smoothly!21:36
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skierpageAfter update, "Apper" (new KPackageKit?) says You have 86 updates !?!21:39
skierpageI think this is what http://www.kubuntu.org/news/11.10-release means when it says "11.10 will have KDE SC version 4.7.1; Due to it's very recent release, the latest version, 4.7.2, will be available in our updates PPA until it is available in the standard repositories."21:40
oxymoronGood work guys, now finally network works, splash image replaces ugly system messages in start and reboot etc, muono is much better than other things, feels more stable, better authorixation system, akonadi, etc21:40
skierpage, but that's a bad explanation (and "it's" is not an abbreviation of "it is" or "it has" ;-) ).21:40
oxymoronit though felt weird, on bootup, grub2 wasnt showed at all? :S Though it flahsed the background color from grub one sec before splash screen? Possible to not do that so I ONLY see splash screen?21:41
skierpageWhere do I file bugs in www.kubuntu.org ?21:41
macoskierpage: do you mean "because the correct term is contraction, not abbreviation"?21:41
macooh  you mean it's not being USED as "it is" or "it has" and is therefore wrong because the possessive "its" is appropriate there21:42
skierpagemaco, sorry I meant there should be no apostrophe in "its very recent release". But the paragraph needs rewording and simplification for Kubuntu users who don't know about PPAs.21:42
macoi have an idea who is likely to have typed that21:43
macogiven that every time he types a blog post, i end up having to send him a list of grammar corrections21:43
drbobbsays 17 min. left, battery charge at 99%21:44
oxymoronone thing I miss, in kickoff menu, now beadcrumbs is added, BUTTTTTTTTT it remoed the back button, which makes breadcrumbs useless sometimes. i want multiple chocices,21:44
skierpagemaco/anyone, I think a better explanation is "11.10 includes KDE SC (Software Compilation) version 4.7.1. But the latest version 4.7.2 is Due to it's very recent release, the latest version, 4.7.2 is available and after installation you will be probably be prompted that many updates are available including the updates to version 4.7.2."21:46
sancochitoI have kde-desktop running under ubuntu 11.04, should I install oneiric ocelot?21:47
skierpagemaco/anyone, I mean "11.10 includes KDE SC (Software Compilation) version 4.7.1. But after installation you will be probably be prompted that many updates are available including the updates to KDE version 4.7.2."21:48
macoRiddell: see skierpage's suggestion ^21:48
skierpageAlso http://www.kubuntu.org/news/11.10-release should mention this new "Apper" thing that's replaced KPackageKit and/or the system tray. Is Apper part of Muon?21:49
jamil_1hi all, after the upgrade I cant get past the Kubuntu loading screen21:51
skierpageCongratulations BTW everyone, seems a pretty clean release and smooth update. Well done!21:53
skierpagejamil_1 , so you see or all of the some of the horizontal row of icons, but you never see a login screen?21:54
jamil_1skierpage: just moving dots21:54
skierpagejamil_1 , I think that's the boot process, not the KDE login or the KDE desktop animation. I'm no expert, but press [Esc] and see if there's some helpful message.21:55
jamil_1* * * * *21:55
jamil_1skierpage: everything is apparently [ ok ]21:56
skierpagejamil_1 Also if you're familiar with Linux command line, press Alt-Ctrl-F1 and you may be able to login at a command prompt and see what's going on.21:56
jamil_1skierpage: yes i am on the command line on another tty21:56
jamil_1skierpage: I had earlier problem with graphics card21:57
jamil_1skierpage: then I manually installed the nvidia-current package21:58
skierpagejamil_1 , well, I dunno, it worked for me!  You can root around in /var/logs and see if there's some helpful error, and if there's no disk activity I guess restart. If you have other TTYs then you're at some runlevel and there's a way to kick Ubuntu into attempting the next one.  Sorry, I gotta go.21:59
* skierpage real life21:59
jamil_1skierpage: no problem21:59
ZooMonkey...hmmm and nothing in the FAQ. OK I have a question about ELO USB-based touchscreen. :) It seems working via "evdev" in Kubuntu 11.10, however, the "range"/config is wrong, and, I cannot get it to solidify. When I add a rule to /usr/share/X11/xorg.confg.d/99-myTouchRule.conf , when I logout and reboot X seems to crash and I get no feedback on my screen. Can anyone help me?22:07
ZooMonkeyI did notice the "inputs setup" program under Settings in the KDE menu, but, I saw no immediate way to remedy the issue, and have seen no help mentioning using that spot, yet.22:11
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jamil_1I was looking at /var/log/syslog and it has lots of statements like this: init: cups main process terminated with status 12722:14
jamil_1any explanation ?22:14
ZooMonkeyOh and I tried addding it to 10-evdev.conf in that same directory, under Identifyer "evdev touchscreen catchall" with Option "Calibration" "# # # #" , but, that seems to do nothing either. It doesn't seem to use those setting when I log back in, I mean.22:14
ZooMonkeyjamil >> There was an update to CUPS on Kubuntu 11.10 today. Did it fix it or cause it?22:15
jamil_1ZooMonkey: I don't know, I upgraded today22:16
ZooMonkeyjamil_1: OK try to goto the Package Updater near the clock and see if bunch of CUPS updates in there.22:17
jamil_1ZooMonkey: wish I could :) Kubuntu is not booting....stuck at the blue Kubuntu screen22:18
phiscibei got 4 machines with 11.04...and 11.10 just is looming there.... andybody done an upgradey et?22:18
OerHeksmany people upgraded sucessfully phiscibe22:19
phiscibeim gonna im just unlucky in these things, cause i tinker so much22:19
phiscibeim tyring to read what to avoid now22:20
OerHeksit can take a long time, depending your dsl speed & system performance, but it went fine overhere22:20
* merlin1991 is going insane watching dl of 20kb/s for every single update22:21
skierpagejamil_1 , cups is the printing system, its failures shouldn't stop your machine from working.  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1052421 suggests `sudo update-rc.d -f cups remove` might disable its startup.22:21
skierpagemerlin1991, hah, I was getting 280 kb/s , now it's dropped to 90-110.22:22
phiscibei have  4 printers ugg22:22
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merlin1991skierpage: I think it's the driver for the realtek onboard chip in the kernel22:22
jamil_1skierpage: lets see22:22
merlin1991I had really bad problems on windows too untill I updated to a version from like 2 weeks ago22:22
merlin1991the torrent for the kubuntu disk came with 2mb/s22:23
skierpagephiscibe, CUPS is giving me no problems so far. I once ran its web-based configurer and I think that's why the upgrade warned me about changes to cupsd.conf.22:23
phiscibeheck im still trying to get bugs out of 11.04 and printer....quirks more than bugs22:24
skierpageFolks, I updated https://wiki.kubuntu.org/OneiricOcelot/Final/Kubuntu/Feedback as requested by http://www.kubuntu.org/news/11.10-release .  Cheers!22:24
phiscibei bet the update servers are swamped atm22:32
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BelialAny known issues with booting on a Kubuntu 11.04->11.10 upgrade. I seen one with VMware workstation where it hosed the rc.6 scripts, I did have that installed (now removed), still cant get to a functional system without hitting up recovery mode. Unsure where to pull logs for a hint, as im granted a black screen after grubs done. no HDD activity, no flashing capslock to show a panic22:35
Belialanyone got any pointers?22:35
phiscibei just read something about vmware and the upgrade22:37
jamil_1if I do startx in the console, Nvidia logo screens appears and then I get a black screen with a cursor22:38
merlin19913000 B/s YOU'VE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME22:38
phiscibeshutdown issuses22:38
Belialphiscibe: I'd be happy to ahve shutdown issues ;)22:39
phiscibeyeah heh22:39
mki___________how do I migrate mails from kmail to thunderbird?22:41
phiscibehey Belial, were you using Xorg PPA's prior?22:41
Belialphiscibe: I was... It had a workaround for an intel gfx bug i was hitting with cxoffice22:42
phiscibemaybe this has a clue for you:  https://launchpad.net/~xorg-edgers/+archive/ppa22:42
Belialthanks phiscibe, appriciate it. My google foo must be off today!22:43
ZooMonkeyI need help with a Touchscreen. :( Mainly, getting it to "save" the calibration (KDE doesnt seem to care of my Xorg rules :)22:43
phiscibei didnt google it  i was already looking at gottchas and it was staring at me, dont know it it is germain.22:43
paianashello does someone know bout smplayer bug that occured with latest upgrade?22:44
phiscibezoo are you using xorg ppas also?  hehe they talk about multitouch not being built in22:44
paianasThe subcc option must be an integer: -vid22:45
paianasthis is what i get and smplayer doesn't open, while mplayer and rest players work fine22:45
paianasany sugg?22:45
phiscibeim reading that before the install you shoudl "sudo ppa-purge whatever-packages"22:46
ZooMonkeyphiscribe: Nope its an ELO touchscreen. Like you'd use for a POS. It's edges are farther from the edges than in Ubuntu 11.04. But that rls didnt shutdown clean, and db freeked, and that wont work. So I'm trying new Kubuntu, but, I cant get the Touchscreen to function near any edges using evdev.22:50
ZooMonkeyand to top it, it is like Kubuntu doesnt see my changes to the evdev config, even.22:57
merlin1991installation is through, reboot23:00
merlin1991grub rescue, no such device dcedd2a....23:00
merlin1991anyone who knows grub rescue around?23:02
phiscibedunno zoomonkey23:03
phiscibeget a super grub 2 disk and boot with it23:03
merlin1991okay other idea, can you paste me the grub.cfg line to boot kubuntu, I think I can get it up then23:04
ZooMonkeyI Got it I Got it!23:06
ZooMonkeyI rebooted this time. And I put it in same area23:06
ZooMonkeyIt seems the logout wasnt enough but it Should have been! Would have been in many other distros.23:07
ZooMonkeyBut at least its going now :) Sweet u guys.23:07
phiscibethere, wasnt that painful...hope i get off as easy23:08
ZooMonkeyMe too! I wish you luck as I just had! It's working better than it was, now.23:12
westycant send or recieve kmail after upgrade23:15
westyunkown error unable to append23:16
MeanderingCodeso i'm having compositing issues after 10.10->11.04 that i didn't have before and compiz segfaults on launch23:20
MeanderingCodecurrently using distribution upgrade gui tool to download all 11.10 packages, then proceeding there23:20
MeanderingCodeso i'm locked out of package stuff, can't mess about23:21
MeanderingCodebut: does intel use open driver, or restricted? and what could be the problem (glxinfo and glxgears both give happy output)23:21
DdpbfMeanderingCode: there is no propitary drivers for intel devices23:24
avihayintels uses intel's driver, it's open-sourced23:24
Ddpbfbut you are sure you have intel gpu?23:24
Ddpbfsudo lshw -c video23:25
jasynhi guys. Any chance of some tech help here23:25
Ddpbfjus shoot somebdy will answer23:26
jasynyesterday i did dist-upgrade from 11.04 to 11.10 it failed. I then went to kubuntu and downloaded, made live cd and wiped hard drive - fresh install23:26
MeanderingCodeI thought it was open...and yes, Intel integrated on a thinkpad23:27
jasynso today i'm on 11.10 on my eeepc 1000he23:27
Ddpbfjasyn: and...?23:27
jasynbut i keep getting a kernel crash black screen, and my moue is messed up i can't double tap on scroll bars and scroll either23:27
jasynor move windows etc23:28
jasyni think maybe thats part of the kernel crash. was it a bad install?23:28
jasyndoes it reformat hard drive when installing? Or do i need to like use gpart first to wipe my hd clean ? i thought hiting "use entire drive" on install would be format/install but i'm not sure23:29
Ddpbfjasyn i would think it is problem with gpu23:29
jasynno tkernel crash.. the black screen said kernel panic23:29
Ddpbfnot kernel crash23:29
jasynok how can i fix it?23:29
Ddpbfkernel panic?23:30
jasynyeah! thas it :p23:30
Ddpbfit is like bsod in win23:30
jasynyeah. must b where i got crash from. i switche dform windws to linux in feb so still new but ove it23:31
jasynso gpu might be making my mouse issues and the panic? How do i fix this? :)23:32
ZooMonkeyDoes anyone know how much of the repository is full already for apps??? Do they take a bit of time to show up sometimes (its a large app)???23:35
ZooMonkeyI tried adding partner repositories and the app I want is not showing up. But it was in 11.04 Mint and also Ubuntu.23:36
phiscibewesty https://wiki.kubuntu.org/OneiricOcelot/Final/Kubuntu/Kmail223:37
ZooMonkeyI think I'll try adding the Natty partner repo manually.23:38
MeanderingCodeboy, i'll never skip and upgrade again :/ 24 hrs in, 65% through downloading second release's pkgs23:39
phiscibeyou picked a bad time to upgrade as everyone is hitting the servers now that 11.10 is out23:39
MeanderingCodei know...i've been on 10.10 for a year now, shoulda waited another couple weeks23:40
phiscibejaysn i can't remeber, but it could be that when you upgraded it get you home directories and therefore your configuratin, which might not work in the new upgrade23:41
phiscibeit kept them i meant23:41
MeanderingCode'course now i'm locked in23:41
phiscibeim fartin around in this room and readin all the bug reports and spilled milk, i have 4 machines to upgrade, i dont want the hair pulling....23:43
jasynok how to wipe the old home and install fresh?23:43
ZooMonkeyjasyn: just bakcup all your files and your fav configs (conky, etc) ; and then use dban; and then use the Live CD for the Linux you want to install.23:44
jasynok zoomonkey thanks. what is dban?23:45
ZooMonkeyjasyn: Or you can skip using dban and use the newer Linux disks. They format fine.23:45
jasyntheres no format option on the new kubuntu live cd?23:45
ZooMonkeyjasyn: its a hard drive data killer. it'll erase all the data on the drive in an intricate way.23:45
ZooMonkeyjasyn: there likely is. If you run into a distro tho that wont format, then, that's how to get around it.23:46
jasynok thank you i will try it23:46
jasynthanks for help23:46
phisciberun the partion manager and format the driver yoursef from teh live cd thenn install23:59

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