pooliehi all00:09
pooliecan someone help me understand why https://code.launchpad.net/~mbp/launchpad/612171-diff-generation-spam/+merge/79244  is out of date?00:10
pooliebecause i pulled from trunk a bit earlier than lp did?00:10
poolies/did/scanned it00:10
poolieno, nm00:10
pooliebecause i set the wrong target00:10
mwhudsonerr how many packages can you copy using +copy-packages at once without it timing out?02:31
wgrantmwhudson: Somewhat between 0 and infinity.02:31
wgrantProbably on the lower end.02:31
wgrantOccasionally 0, for stuff like linux.02:31
mwhudsonwgrant: yeah, i'm definitely failing at substantially less than infinity02:31
wgrantI've done 10 packages for small stuff.02:32
wgrantIt's better than it used to be, but I'm the only one who has tried to optimise it and I'm on a feature squad now :(02:32
wgrantIt's my main priority once I get back onto maintenance, though.02:32
mwhudsonwhat's the measure of 'size' here?02:32
wgrantnumber of sources + number of binaries, mainly.02:32
mwhudsonah ok02:32
wgrant+ number of matching sources in the target archive02:32
wgrantIf any of them exist already in the target archive, it gets very expensive.02:33
mwhudsoni'm copying from lucid to oneiric in a ppa02:33
mwhudsonso yeah, they all exist in the target archive02:33
wgrantYeah, that invokes extra consistency checks.02:33
mwhudsonwhy do i get things like02:37
mwhudsonpython-versiontools-mercurial 1.8-0ubuntu0~lava1 in oneiric amd6402:37
mwhudsonpython-versiontools-mercurial 1.8-0ubuntu0~lava1 in oneiric armel02:37
mwhudsonpython-versiontools-mercurial 1.8-0ubuntu0~lava1 in oneiric i38602:37
mwhudsonpython-versiontools-mercurial 1.8-0ubuntu0~lava1 in oneiric powerpc02:37
mwhudsonwhen i copy an arch: all package?02:37
wgrantIt's architecture-independent.02:37
wgrantSo it's published on all architectures.02:37
mwhudsonoh right, publications02:37
wgrantIt lists the copied publications.02:37
mwhudsonmakes sense02:37
wgrantNot releases.02:37
wgrantA little confusing!02:37
mwhudsonthis is fairly boring02:38
mwhudsonwgrant: btw, the number between 0 and infinity appears to be "2"03:09
wgrantmwhudson: Heh.03:10
StevenKmwhudson: For the particular archives you picked -- it can vary wildly03:15
mwhudsoni managed to copy the 25 or so packages i cared about eventually03:15
Darxus6 hours estimated till build, boo :P04:31
DarxusBetter than the initial estimate of 10 hours.04:32
wgrantDarxus: Most of the builders are gone for a few days due to oneiric.04:32
wgrantI've shuffled some builders around to try to even things out a bit.04:33
Darxuswgrant: I figured it was something like that, thanks.  Really no urgency, my stuff can wait.04:33
DarxusI think you meant precise, not oneric.04:34
StevenKNo, we mean oneiric04:34
wgrantprecise isn't doing much yet.04:34
StevenKThe builders have been borrowed to add "bulk" to releases and cdimage .ubuntu.com04:34
wgrantoneiric is using lots of bandwidth and servers :)04:34
DarxusOhhh, okay, thanks.  I thought you were rebuilding everything for precise.  It's cool that you have the ability to re-allocate build machines for image serving.04:35
StevenKNot yet04:35
StevenKPrecise is still having the toolchain uploaded04:35
wgrantDarxus: https://launchpad.net/builders04:35
wgrantNote that the official distribution builders are separate, and presently idle.04:35
DarxusNeat, thanks.04:36
DarxusHeh, PPA builders have 554 jobs queued.04:37
wgrantI shuffled some amd64 builds onto i386 earlier to try to even the queues out.04:37
DarxusWhy so many more jobs for i386 than amd64?  Many packages not building 64 bit yet?04:37
wgrantDarxus: architecture-independent packages build on i386.04:37
DarxusYou should automate that re-assignment :)04:38
wgrantIndeed. The main thing stopping me from doing that is, somewhat ironically, the build time estimation.04:38
DarxusWhat, working on improving the algorithm?04:39
DarxusThe launchpad build system is great, I really appreciate it.  SpamAssassin upstream is a major pain to work with.  So I have my automated daily builds set up, and once a month I'm copying the daily builds to a -test PPA, and when a month of testing goes well, copying the builds from -test to -monthly.  Today is my first time copying from -test to -monthly.  So hopefully I'll find out if anybody else is interested.04:42
DarxusSpamAssassin's Project Management Comittee claims we don't have the man power to do monthly releases, and I can show it takes no man power.04:43
poolieDarxus: you know there's a command-line copier in hydrazine or lptools?04:48
pooliei forget which04:48
Darxuspoolie: I tried figuring out how to automate it via the API, got frustrated, and really, the web interface is fine for my purposes.  I only want it to happen when I've verified the month of testing went well anyway.  Thanks.04:53
DarxusHadn't heard of hydrazine though, I'll look into it.04:54
poolieDarxus: launchpad.net/hydrazine, and its' called 'lp-promote-ppa'04:56
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czajkowskimrevll ping07:59
czajkowskimrevell: ping even08:22
mrevellHey czajkowski08:22
davidcalleI have an issue with loggerhead, all the text is highlighted in red in non code files, making them hard to read, what can I do to avoid that?09:07
lifelessit will be pygments (mis)detecting the language09:07
davidcallelifeless, I get it, but it doesn't do it in README files, for example. Is this documented somewhere?09:09
hrwany news on https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad/+question/173422 maybe?09:10
hrw'bzr: out of memory' stuff09:10
lifelessdavidcalle: can you point me at a misdetected file ?09:11
davidcallelifeless ^09:12
lifelessI'm not sure whats up ;)09:13
lifelessI think we use the automagic api09:13
lifelesswhich suggests your content is being detected as a file type that its not (and then highlighted as bad syntax or something)09:14
davidcalleI will try to change the "something : something" syntax.09:15
davidcallelifeless, fixed with a new syntax. Thanks :)09:24
lifelessdavidcalle: np09:29
lamontjelmer_: about?12:18
jelmer_hi lamont12:19
lamontpython-debian 0.1.21 - I assume that's not in ubuntu only because there hasn't been an opportunity to upload it?12:19
jelmer_lamont: yeah, I'm going to get it merged for precise12:22
lamontjelmer_: and I assume I need python-debian available before bzr  builds, and that available before bzr-builder builds?12:36
jelmer_lamont: bzr doesn't need the newer python-debian, bzr-builder needs the newer bzr and python-debian12:36
lamontyour python-debian lucid backport needs to be format 1.0, for future reference. (fixed)12:38
sorenI'm getting these again: http://paste.ubuntu.com/707965/12:39
jelmer_lamont: I thought lucid supported 3.0?12:40
lamontjelmer_: it's an archive issue, not a builder issue12:40
jelmer_lamont: Ah, ok - thanks12:41
sorenThe upload gets accepted, though.12:41
jelmer_soren: I get them occasionally too, haven't yet figured out what causes them. Using sftp seems to work around it though.12:45
lamontjelmer_: let me guess... all of your lucid backports have that issue, don't they?12:46
lamonthave I mentioned just how much I totally hate 3.0?12:46
sorenjelmer_: Lovely.12:46
lamontW: bzr source: quilt-series-but-no-build-dep12:47
lamontI wonder if that's going to kill this build...12:47
sorenjelmer_: I think last time I mentioned it, lifeless seemed to have an idea what was going on.12:47
jelmer_lamont: Sorry, yes - they all use 3.0. Are you ok changing them back to 1.0 or should I have a look?12:49
lamontjelmer_: I'm just smashing source/format to 1.0 and uploading... if that fails, then I'll be back to pester  you... feel free to start down that path before I bug you if you're bored12:49
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jelmer_lamont: I'll have a look then, I suspect the quilt patches will need some changes12:58
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czajkowskigmb: it's called drinking and talking to canonical and pimping you out13:44
gmbczajkowski: I'm certain it's inappropriate for me to buy you a t-shirt that says "gmb's pimp" on it, but I can't help but think it would be accurate.13:46
* gmb remembers this channel is logged, and that this is the wrong channel for this conversation :)13:46
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lamontjelmer_: interestingly, it compiled just fine15:01
lamontbzr that is15:01
jelmer_lamont: was this with quilt present?15:02
lamontjelmer_: logistically speaking, I'll work on having all the bits built by "sometime monday", for testing and initial rollout starting "sometime tue/wed"15:02
lamontOTOH, when I unpacked the 3.0 source, quilt applied the patches15:02
sagaciwhat's the downtime like for staging.lp.net... are we talking a few minutes or is it a longer-term thing15:03
jelmer_lamont: ah, that would explain it15:03
jelmer_lamont: thanks for the update; I'll be around next week except for Friday if you need me to look into anything15:04
lamontcool, even15:04
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