semitonesso are there official lubuntu torrents now?00:29
Unit193semitones: Sure are00:33
Unit193Check the download link in the topic00:33
silverlightningit is really nice00:46
silverlightningthe new 11.10 I mean00:46
dw-i got a Ubuntu 11.10 upgrade message on Lubuntu oh noes00:49
dw-Do not upgrade00:50
dw-does this mean Lubuntu wont send me updates00:50
dw-my little aspireone wouldnt do well with Ubuntu, sadly :)00:51
Unit193It's fine, don't worry about it00:51
dw-cool beans00:51
Unit193...I suppose you could take that wrong. The update should give you Lubuntu 11.1000:52
KM0201Unit193: i don't know if you guys can do anything about that, but there's been confusion over that a couple of times in the channel today01:10
KM0201i don't know if xubuntu and kubuntu do the same thing.. they may well.01:11
Unit193I think X does01:15
wxlhow to get verbose boot?01:24
wxljust splash? not quiet splash?01:51
wxldebug nosplash?01:51
KM0201i was thinking you could edit /etc/default/grub01:51
wxlchicken chicken?01:52
Unit193Boot options: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions01:52
wxlyeah right it's the settings01:52
wxlthx Unit19301:52
KM0201i think i figured it out, lemme test it in vbox01:53
Unit193This too if you didn't see it http://www.kernel.org/doc/Documentation/kernel-parameters.txt01:53
wxlseems like debug01:55
wxlnot sure about the splash/nosplash01:55
KM0201i think i got it, hang on01:56
* wxl taps fingers01:56
KM0201it's still booting, lol  sorry01:56
KM0201maybe i screwed something up, who knwos...lol01:57
KM0201weird, now the machine won't boot.01:57
wxlwell we know what it's not01:58
wxlwhat did you use?01:58
KM0201"quiet splash"... thats whats on my desktop, and it works fine.01:58
wxlwell that's not verbose and what i had01:58
KM0201hold lemme fix this real quick01:59
KM0201well this sucks.02:00
wxlsorry :(02:00
KM0201oh its ok.02:00
wxlhave a snapshot?02:00
KM0201no, i booted recovery, and went to edit grub, and it says its a read only file system.02:01
KM0201never had that happen before02:02
KM0201i guess i can chroot it from a live cd02:03
wxlheh fun02:04
KM0201well, that's what i'm gonna have to do, looks like02:05
KM0201man, this is taking a while (had to update my source list..lol)02:09
KM0201yeah, no kidding02:12
KM0201consider ubuntu's servers are slow as molasses right now.02:12
KM0201i'll get it fixed before midnight..lol02:12
wxli promise never to ask questions :D02:13
KM0201naa, its ok.02:13
wxli know02:13
KM0201lol jackass02:13
wxli'm trying out ibm java02:13
KM0201strange you can't edit grub from rescue mode02:13
KM0201that seems almost silly02:13
KM0201let me call Mark and talk to him about that02:17
KM0201oh come on, i'm about to figure it out.02:17
KM0201thats ok, i'll tell you when you get back02:17
hectorHello, anyone can help me to update lubuntu 11.04 to 11.10?02:40
OctatronSystem - Administration - Update Manager, should show up as a button near the top02:43
OctatronIf it doesn't goto the settings button on update manager, flick over to the updates tab and click the bottom drop down box and select "normal releases" close and ok all that stuff and repeat the above process02:45
hectori did that but it say's that it's going to update to ubuntu 11.10 it seems a little rare to me, this is the reason why im asking02:47
hectorthanks a lot for your answer, i will do it :D02:47
OctatronRare? isn't that what you were looking to do? It is a longer process then just receiving normal updates so have the internet on and about 2 hours free02:48
Octatronno worries ;)02:49
hectoryeah, because it says ubuntu no lubuntu, but may be its because lubuntu is based on ubuntu02:49
hectorthanks again :D02:49
OctatronAhh yes, I think it should work.. Even if it is Ubuntu you can always install lubuntu-desktop afterwards02:52
Rezwanuris it possible to update 11.04 to 11.10  through update manager?03:18
RezwanurOctatron, should I "tick" Pre-realeased update?03:27
Rezwanurthere are four options on update menue03:27
OctatronRezwanur: ignore those, go right to the bottom where it has "release upgrade" drop down the box and select "Normal Release" then close and ok out of all of that. when you go back to update manager it should show up03:31
RezwanurOctatron, I got it. thank you so much :)03:34
Wessshi all, does anybody know what happened to lubuntu.net ?? since 11.10 release i just forwarded to ubuntu domain. What happened to all those helpful videos and screencasts?06:04
wxli think that's officialness :D06:08
Wessspitty. their were such a good videos for a newbee like me06:09
Unit193No, that's called DDoS :P06:09
wxloh, must be the CIA again :/06:10
Unit193Release day = DDoS on anything Ubuntu06:10
wxlit's not that it fails, it redirects06:10
Unit193A redirect was put on it, yes06:11
wxlhttp://lubuntu.net/X goes to http://wiki.ubuntu.com/LubuntuX06:11
wxlso http://lubuntu.net/news which used to have the videos Wesss is referring to now goes to http://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntunews06:12
Wesssyes and all of those screencasts are gone06:12
Wessswxl : in the new page i get a message that the page does not exist yet06:13
wxlrright it doesn't06:13
wxland won't06:13
wxlWesss: here's the creator's youtube channel http://www.youtube.com/user/llelectronics06:16
Wesssthanks- looks like all the videos are there06:17
Wesssand even more06:17
wxlhard to dig through but yes06:17
Wessshope these screencast comes back to lubuntu. it was a great help for newbees. actuallt it was the main reason i chose lubuntu was these easy to access and understand support06:18
Wesssthanks for the link wxl06:21
Rezwanurthat's useful. thanks wxl06:24
wxlWesss: you should post a suggestion to the mailingg list06:31
Wesssunfortunatly i do not member of the mailing list- where can i apply?06:38
Wesssshould be on ubuntu site (lubuntu section) ?06:39
wxllook at the bottom here https://launchpad.net/~lubuntu-desktop06:39
wxlbecome a team member and you'll have the option of joining06:39
Wesssfound it. tnx06:40
wxlno lubuntu forum yet huh?06:50
Unit193It has a tag/section of the main06:51
wxlmakes sense, i guess xubuntu don't have one06:51
fitushello everyone06:58
fitushey I just upgradeded and i lost the sound06:59
fitusthis is the error i get06:59
fitusYour audio capture settings are invalid. Please correct them with the "Sound Preferences" under the System Preferences menu.06:59
wxlhm that's new and fun06:59
fitusI don't seem to find that option under system preferences07:00
wxlgive me the results of aplay -l07:00
fitusList of PLAYBACK Hardware Devices ****07:00
fituscard 0: SI7012 [SiS SI7012], device 0: Intel ICH [SiS SI7012]07:00
fitus  Subdevices: 1/107:00
fitus  Subdevice #0: subdevice #007:00
wxlok that's good07:00
fitusis it?07:01
wxlwell it's not bad :D07:01
fitusnever had any problem until now07:01
fitusthe upgrade went smooth, no errors until i restarted and didn't saw the volume icon on the deskbar07:02
fitusam all ears :)07:02
wxlwell yeah that's the problem07:03
wxlstreaming this fab station over here would love to have you hear it while you wait but uhh yeah07:03
fitushahaha I bet he would07:04
wxlyou are trying to play, yes?07:06
fituswell i have no sound at all07:07
fitusis anyone here that could help me to get my sound back?07:11
wxldo pulseaudio --check07:11
fitusget this07:12
fitusE: [pulseaudio] core-util.c: Home directory /home/jesus not ours.07:12
wxloh ho07:12
wxlyour ~ encypted?07:13
fitusnot that i know07:13
wxltry ls -al on ~07:13
fitustoday it asked me if i wanted to upgrade to the new version, i said yes07:13
wxlwell without the on07:13
wxli'm speaking commandlineglish07:13
fituseverything is own by me07:14
=== lighta is now known as Guest46533
wxlwhat are perms/ownership on ~/.dmrc?07:19
fituslet me see07:20
fitusI don't have that07:22
fitusdon't have dmrc07:22
wxlyou didn't forget the . did you?07:22
wxlfitus: i think i'm at a loss. not to pull a microsoft response on you but i would suggest a reboot and see what happens07:30
=== Guest46533 is now known as lighta
cjsOn a standard Ubuntu 11.10 install, I added the lubuntu-desktop package, set the default display manager to lxdm, and rebooted. Now I get a nice blue background with wavy lines, but no login window. Thoughts?07:53
cjsWow, lubuntu isn't exactly parsimonious with disk space.08:16
cjsHow much space does a standard install use? Am I just bloated up to 5GB due to having installed the lubuntu-desktop package on top of a regular Ubuntu install?08:21
head_victimcjs: you are not going to get as much of the resource benefit of using Lubuntu if you've already installed ubuntu first, especially with regards to hard drive space.08:25
cjsOk, no big deal anyway.08:25
cjsSo my big question: I want to get rid of the file manager and replace the window manager with fvwm. With GNOME, I add another file in /usr/share/gnome-session/sessions with my preferred config. With lxsession-edit, I notice the advanced options includes a "Window Manager" setting. I guess I could just change that, but is there a way to have different startups with different configurations, like GNOME?08:27
cjsWell, just changing the wm to fvwm works....08:36
=== zmijunkie_ is now known as zmijunkie
wxlcjs make a copy of /etc/xdg/Lubuntu (obviously underr a different name) in /etc/xdg and edit as you wish08:43
wxlyour entries will show up at the login scrreen08:43
wxlalong with some other bizarre things that don't actually appear to be there from what i can tell (e.g. kde/openbox-- eww!)08:44
cjsSo, /etc/xdg is, in general, for what?08:58
wxldifferent window managers08:58
cjsBTW, I'm using gde at the moment; lxde doesn't come up with a window.08:58
wxldefault is a "lubuntu," a "lubuntu-netbook" and an "lxde"08:58
cjsOk, xo /etc/xdg is used only for the lxde session manager?08:59
wxlwell xdg is free desktop so no08:59
cjsAnd it's clearly not just window managers, since I see lxsession and pcmanfm subdirs there, too.08:59
wxluhhh poo09:00
wxlin lx-session is where i was referring to09:00
wxlif you use a different session manager it should asumedly have another directory in there09:00
=== lesshaste is now known as Guest98160
cjsI want to use lxsession, But I want to use fvwm as my window manager, and not have a file manager.09:01
=== Guest98160 is now known as leshaste
wxli thought you said you wanted more than one wm?09:01
cjsUp to now I've been doing this under the gnome session manager.09:01
leshasteis it possible to upgrade from ubuntu lts to lubuntu?09:01
cjswxl: You mean, "Ewww, gnome?" If so, yeah. Thus my presence here. :-)09:02
wxlright right cjs :D09:02
cjs(It bends me over and does terrible things to me with every new Ubuntu release.)09:02
=== zmijunkie_ is now known as zmijunkie
cjsBut anyway, I did things somewhat differently when using gnome, and perhaps this is the source of my confusion.09:03
wxlunity is shit09:03
wxlthere i said it09:03
M0hicjs: It always will be great to change often and learn =]. It will become easy for people who likes to learn and use, rather than for people who like to use and learn09:04
cjsThere i would add a /usr/share/xsessions/fvwm-gnome-session.desktop file with "gnome-session --session=fvwm-gnome", which would add an "Fvwm GNOME" entry to the gdm session selection dropdown.09:04
cjsM0hi: I have learned far more than I ever wanted to know about this. :-)09:04
cjsNow, I notice that I also have, since I installed the lubuntu-desktop package, new entries there for Lubuntu, Lubuntu-Netbook, LCDE, etc. So I assume that part kinda stays the same, right?09:05
wxlyou could mess with those09:06
cjs(Presumably the [non-working for me] lxdm display manager would also use these data.)09:06
wxlor add to them09:06
wxlso yr prob is lxdm don't work?09:06
cjswxl: That's one problem, though not my primary one at the moment.09:07
cjsAh, so the /usr/bin/startlubuntu* files are shell scripts with things like "exec /usr/bin/lxsession -s Lubuntu -e LXDE" and "exec /usr/bin/lxsession -s Lubuntu-Netbook -e LXDE" in them.09:08
cjsI am guessing that those correspond to the /etc/xdg/lxsession/Lbuntu etc. directories.09:09
cjsIt seems odd that they would use different but nearly identical startup scripts for Lubuntu and Lubuntu-Netbook, rather than just pass a parameter to one common script.09:09
cjsThat would also save me from making yet another copy that will not change with Ubuntu upgrades.09:10
cjsHm. Unless I get clever with sed.09:10
wxli hear ya09:10
* M0hi is marking those ideas09:10
wxlhowever i'm about ready to pass out09:10
wxlnighty night09:11
cjsSo, wxl, you were saying I should make a copy of /etc/xdg/lxsession/Lubuntu under a different name? How were you proposing I use the copy?09:11
wxlok last thing09:11
M0hinight wxl09:11
wxlcjs: yes, edit it to point at your window manager of choice09:11
cjswxl: 'night. Thanks for your help!09:11
wxllove you bye :D09:11
cjsyes, but how do I then use it instead of the standard one?09:11
cjsI presume with another shell script, the way I described, but would love to hear of a better way.09:12
cjsM0hi: Are you a dev on this, BTW?09:12
cjsAh, this will work....09:12
M0hicjs: I prefer keeping a copy in the same location with a suffix added (like _prev) to all the files, so that it always will be easy to bring back ;)09:12
M0hicjs: I just finished the learning. Gonna contribute for the Next release (hopefully if my office gives time :| )09:13
cjsM0hi: Well, with my gnome setup I never modified any of the original files. I just added a new one. So the "Fvwm GNOME" selection was an addition to the various other GNOME sessions, rather than a replacement.09:13
cjsI wonder what happens if I use lxpanel under Gnome?09:14
M0hiLemme go throught he logs to understand about the issue you have09:14
M0hiWe do not have a structure of different startups. Also, if Ubuntu is installed in first place, the benifits will not be much as Jered was mentioning09:16
M0hierr!! typo in name09:17
cjsOh! It works!09:18
cjsThe only real issue is that I don't get the button for logout/suspend/hibernate, etc. Which is a big problem since due to a bug I can't do that from the command line.09:19
M0hiWe have a note about that issue. I'm not sure who is working on it now09:20
M0hiHave you ever tried writng an X session script?09:21
cjsReally? For using lxpanel under Gnome?09:21
cjsYes, I used to use those all the time, back in the '90s before I eventually switched to using a session manager.09:21
cjs(That I still use fvwm should be a clue as to how old I am. :-))09:22
cjs(And that's my fourth WM, too.)09:22
cjsHm. Is there any way to get the clock to deal with a vertical panel that's not wide enough for horizontal text? Perhaps by turning it sideways?09:22
cjsThis stuff is pretty nice, BTW. You seem to have all the stuff that Gnome occasionally puts in and then takes out again with the next release.09:24
cjsI guess I can put in two digital clocks, one above the other, and have one displaying hours and one minutes. :-)09:25
cjsHm. Maybe it's just a bit too wonky. And I am fed up with Gnome anyway....09:30
cjsYa, argh., the "no command line suspend" (broken pmi command) is still in Ubuntu 11.10. You'd think with a whole release cycle they could fix that.09:32
M0hihe he. Sorry was helping in another channel09:32
M0hiWhere he was timed out :/09:32
cjsSo, any thoughts on why lxdm might be failing to come up with a login window?09:35
cjsI'd really like to try it.09:36
=== zmijunkie_ is now known as zmijunkie
M0hicjs: startup Scripts might be the issue. they might be starting the other dependancies09:39
* M0hi is not in his machine. So, can't test anything and tell :[09:40
cjsDo you have any specific ideas on how to debug this?09:40
M0hilook at the startup scripts running and compare with the dependancy of lxde. Hope something will be missing there09:45
cjsHow do I look at the startup scripts running?09:55
cjs(I'm not quite getting what you mean, here.)09:55
cjsI gotta run. I might be back in a few hours.09:59
M0hiah! check /var/log/syslog09:59
M0hisorry for the delay in response09:59
grifo74hello i update my lubuntu to 11.10 and system crash, anyone have the same problem?10:21
grifo74i think now i need to istall all system again10:21
M0higrifo74: you upgraded from 11.04 ?10:22
grifo74after two hous in update the system crash and off10:23
M0hiAfter w hours of completion of the upgrade, did your machine crash while running normally?10:25
M0his/w hours/2 hours*10:25
grifo74yes i update then restart the system and stay in comad line.10:26
grifo74it´s time to install all again10:26
M0hiSo, now you are getting just the blank screen and no boot menu ?10:27
grifo74:-) i dont go desist10:27
grifo74i just like to now if anyone have the same problem10:27
M0hiTill now, I didn't see any reports like that grifo7410:28
grifo74ok i go make a new clean system and then i remaster10:30
leshasteis it possible to upgrade from ubuntu lts to lubuntu?10:47
JohnDoe_71Rusleshaste: think beter wait 12.04 lts. or try clear install + backup home10:48
M0hileshaste: You cannot Jump from one version to another if you have other releases in the middle. So, Clean install is what I will suggest10:52
leshasteit more moving from normal ubuntu to lubuntu that I was asking about10:52
leshasteJohnDoe_71Rus, ^^11:26
leshastemy question is whether you can upgrade from normal ubuntu to lubuntu11:26
JohnDoe_71Rusleshaste: some like this https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Lubuntu/Documentation/MinimalInstall11:29
JohnDoe_71Rusremove all to minimal11:29
leshastesorry I don't understasnd. that page just tells you how to do a minimal install doesn't it?11:30
leshastehttp://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/purelxde looks more promising11:32
leshastebut that page only has removal instructions11:33
leshastewhere do you install LXDE desktop ?11:33
KM0201i'm pretty sure you can just sudo apt-get install lubuntu-desktop11:34
KM0201then remove ubuntu-desktop11:35
JohnDoe_71Rustry remove ubuntu-standard ubuntu-desktop. save ubuntu-minimal. then sudo apt-get install --no-install-recommends lubuntu-desktop ?11:35
KM0201probably be easier to clean install though11:35
KM0201i don't really see the big deal of using no-install-recommends... i never do, but.. thats personal opinion11:35
leshasteok.. does that also install a browser?11:36
KM0201yes, chromium11:36
leshasteah ok11:36
leshasteI'll wait until I am on oneiric first :)#11:37
leshasteand then try it11:37
leshastehow do you "save ubuntu-minimal"?11:37
JohnDoe_71Rusleshaste: don t remove it11:38
leshasteah :)11:38
leshasteI assume firefox still works in lxde?11:39
leshasteI like the add-ons11:39
JohnDoe_71Rusyou can install your favorite programs11:41
Dogwar1984how can i restore my panel to defult14:20
cjsDogwar1984: Possibly remove .config/lxpanel (or whatever it is--look around in there), log out, and log in again?14:24
Dogwar1984dame i forgot thet thx14:25
Dogwar1984problem my usb end harddrivers dont mount after update to 11 1014:37
Dogwar1984Cant mount any device help14:49
cjsWell, explaining what you're doing, what the expected result is, and what the actual result is would help.14:52
Dogwar1984i am just try plug in mu usb hdd end it dont mount it14:55
Dogwar1984happend after i upde from 11.04 to 11. 10 lubuntu14:55
cjsAh, the auto-mount thing. I can't help with that, sorry; I don't use it.14:59
Dogwar1984thx any way15:00
silverlightningis there old style bookman for libre office?15:08
=== silverlightning is now known as silverarrow
butterbrotHi, this morning, I did a dist upgrade, but now, there is no power management applet any more. Also, there is no chance to add it with the "desktop session settings". Where can I find it?15:28
butterbrotNow I use Lubuntu 11.1015:29
silverarrowa tricky one15:31
bioterrorbutterbrot, xfce4-power-management-applet or what wras it15:31
bioterrorwas it15:32
bioterrortab complete it15:32
butterbrotbioterror: no, it is the gnome-power-manager and the gnome-power-statistics. both is installed and I reinstalled gnome-power-manager ,... I can also launch gnome-power-statistics, but there is no possibility to integrate it in the panel,.... but now, I will try to install the xfce4-power-management-applet15:40
bioterrorlubuntu moved to xfce4-power-manager on 11.1015:41
bioterrorI remember so ;)15:42
butterbrotbioterror:ohh, okay, it is already not installed on my notebook,...I will instal it, but thanks for helping :-)15:43
bioterrorPower manager : xfce4-power-manager15:44
silverarroware there extra fonts for libre office?15:44
silverarrowthere are xfce4 components in lubuntu?15:46
silverarrowI thought that was kubuntu15:46
butterbrotbioterror: thank's a lot, it works with xfce4-power-manager ;-)15:55
butterbrotyou rescued my afternoon :-)15:56
bioterrornp ;)15:57
ubot5If you need to run graphical applications as root, use « gksudo », as it will set up the environment more appropriately. Never just use "sudo"! (See http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/graphicalsudo to know why)16:14
samlhey,  I have ubuntu 11.10, how can I convert it to lubuntu?16:44
dtchene.g., install lubuntu-desktop16:48
andantinohow is 11.10?16:50
wxlok what did i miss?17:25
Idroy_Could you guys use someone who makes artwork? I'm pretty active in the Ubuntu-NL community, I made almost all their launchpad team logos and the official Ubuntu-NL logo...17:59
Idroy_What do I need to do to get involved? :)18:00
bodhi_zazenIdroy_: post it to gnome look ?18:02
bodhi_zazensee also https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork18:02
Idroy_Well, on your wiki-page it says you need contributions in the artwork area (https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu/GettingInvolved), so that's why I asked about it.18:03
bodhi_zazenNot my wiki page =)18:04
bodhi_zazenI am a transient here18:04
bodhi_zazenI just cause trouble18:04
wxlhave fun18:05
Idroy_bodhi_zazen, that wiki page is from the "real" Ubuntu, not from Lubuntu (I know Lubuntu is a derivative of Ubuntu)18:14
IAmNotThatGuyIdroy_, you want to get involved with Lubuntu team?18:16
Idroy_Yep :)18:16
IAmNotThatGuyFrom now, for Lubuntu team also, work will be done by the artwork team18:16
Idroy_The artwork team of Ubuntu?18:17
bioterroryou missed your chance ;)18:18
bioterroryou can probably join that team?18:19
Idroy_Hmmm, that18:19
Idroy_'s not a bad idea*18:19
Idroy_Thank you18:19
Idroy_I'll contact the owner of that team. :)18:21
samlis there a way to convert ubuntu to lubuntu?19:19
bioterrorsudo apt-get install lubuntu-desktop --no-install-recommends19:20
bioterror!purelxdm | saml19:20
bioterror!purelxde | saml19:20
ubot5saml: If you want to remove all !KDE, !GNOME and !XFCE packages and have a default !Lubuntu system follow the instructions here « http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/purelxde »19:20
samlgnome unity really slows down19:21
wxlohhhhh nice19:21
Unit193Needs to be updated for Oneiric...19:21
wxlunity is stupid19:21
bioterrorUnit193, update it!19:21
Unit193bioterror: Can't, it's his site :P19:21
samli'm using 11.10, will that work bioterror ?19:21
samlor can i just install lubuntu-desktop?19:21
samljust incase something doesn't work.. and i have a fall back option19:22
Unit193saml: For the most part, it will work fine19:22
samlor if i can just drop to text console instead of gdm.. then i can just start openbox19:22
samlusing startx19:22
wxlwho is psychocats? not necessarily a lubunter right?19:22
samland update-grub.. and make sure text is passed to kernel option19:24
samlstill gdm comes up19:24
bioterroroh you guys have too much energy19:24
bioterrorjust drop into console19:24
bioterrortty1 for example19:24
bioterrorand sudo service gdm stop19:24
bioterrorsudo apt-get purge gnome\*19:24
bioterrorit will remove lots of packages :D19:25
Unit193bioterror: dpkg-reconfigure lxdm19:25
bioterrorand then sudo apt-get install lubuntu-desktop --no-install-recommends19:25
LubunterHi all!!!19:25
LubunterWho here?19:25
Unit19311.10 uses recommends19:25
bioterrorLubunter, about 54 plus you19:25
Unit193ChanServ doesn't count though...19:26
Lubuntermabe its all bots?19:26
wxlwarning: you've been chowned19:26
wxlcould be19:26
wxlmaybe you, too19:26
Lubunteri have quastion19:27
wxlbots don't usually have those19:27
wxlyou're a strange bot19:27
LubunterWhy does not work the website Lubuntu.net?19:28
wxlbecause lubuntu ain't separate from canonical no more19:28
wxllubuntu.net now redirects to the ubuntu wiki that relates to lubuntu19:28
wxlwhere you should find all future info residing at19:28
wxlif you're looking for the videos, you can still find them on youtube19:29
silverlightningsocial ladder climbing19:29
Unit193Because the release would bring too much load to that server, it wouldn't have been able to handle it19:29
Lubunter it is forever?19:31
Lubunteror temporarily?19:31
LubunterWhere can I find pictures hawto, articles, news and comments, which were lubuntu.net?19:33
LubunterWhere there is a copy of the site?19:33
Lubunterwxl, u moder?19:35
Unit193Sounds to me like it will be back "... and by the way the server is not down, there are just tons of hits. I think the lubuntu.net site should be moved to a cloud service so we can cope with the demand every time a new version gets released."19:43
samlhey, how can I swap caps lock and right ctrl  >19:45
samldo I use xmodmap?19:45
lifelessraptorI need some help getting xserver to work properly.20:41
samlhow can I start networking  from recovery shell?21:14
samli did apt-get remove  bunch of ubuntu packages...   and i can't boot anymore21:14
samli followed from the web page somewhere..21:15
silverarrowapt-get lxde?21:15
samlmy network isn't up21:15
samli'm on recovery kernel21:15
samlifconfig displays nothing21:15
samli booted to recovery kernel..21:15
samli tried   start networking21:15
samlifup eth021:15
silverarrowit is possible, but I am afraid I am no good with terminal21:15
saml... i don't know how ubuntu works21:15
wxlwell if you killed a bunch of fundamental networking packages you have a problem regardless of whether or not you know the commands21:20
wxli'd do ifconfig eth0 up21:21
wxlmight check /etc/network/interfaces21:22
wxlyou should have an /etc/hosts21:23
wxlcheck for /etc/resolv.conf21:24
wxlhttp://www.yolinux.com/TUTORIALS/LinuxTutorialNetworking.html may help21:25
wxlany luck saml21:28
samlwxl: ifconfig eth0 up brought it up21:29
samltrying to figure out how to get ip  .. dhcpclient?21:29
bioterrordhclient eth021:32
wxlbetter now saml ?21:45
laumonierhi what is the name of the original wifi manager? it looks like network-manager but i dont find the packet21:45
andantinohow is the new lubuntu?21:46
wxlhowever the new ubtuntu sucks :D21:46
KM0201it's not to bad (tried it in vbox)... i still hate unity, my opinion of that hasn't changed21:47
bioterrorlaumonier, nm-applet21:47
wxlKM0201: i think that's my major problem.. and one i find nearly impossible to reconcile21:47
andantinoi prefer gnome shell to unity21:47
KM0201wxl: yeah... i miss gnome.21:47
KM0201andantino: gnome shell was crazy buggy for me.. so i opted not to go that route.21:48
laumonierty if i install wicd  instead will it be in applet in my bottom bar?21:48
andantinothe first time i tried gnome shell21:48
andantinowell i installed fedora 15, and then i got rid of it right away21:48
andantinoi hated it21:48
bioterrorlaumonier, yes it will if you start wicd-gtk or what was it21:48
wxlsupposedly, laumonier but not sure21:48
wxlthere you go21:48
KM0201andantino: why, did you not like gnome 321:48
laumonierok ill try21:48
andantinobut i like it now21:49
bioterrorlaumonier, add that to your startup in lxde21:49
KM0201andantino: if you like RH releases, you outta check out fedora's LXDE release, very slick.21:49
andantinommmm well its certainly unconventional21:49
andantinoim using fedora kde now21:49
andantinoi like it alot21:49
KM0201ugh kde...21:49
KM0201if i had to use KDE< i'd just use Windows... thank heavens for choice.21:49
andantinoit seems to run pretty well21:50
wxli second that notion21:50
wxla friend is just in love with kde and has been forever21:50
* wxl barfs21:50
KM0201i don't get the appeal of it... i always hear, "it's like windows".. i honestly don't see how people get there, unless you compare a K menu to "Start".. in that case, LXDE is like windows21:50
andantinobut yeah, gnome3 was just to unconventional for me at first21:50
andantinoyou have to give it time21:50
KM0201and frankly, if it was "like windows" that would be a big negative IMO...21:51
bioterrorKM0201, lxde is like windows, you have that "start menu" in the left down corner of your screen21:51
bioterrorand systray in right corner21:51
KM0201bioterror: lol21:51
andantinofedora kde seems to run pretty well21:51
KM0201bioterror: i refuse to make that comparison21:51
andantinobut it needed a lot of tweaking21:51
bioterrorI dont21:51
laumonierwhen i try apt-get remove nm-applet it doesnt work any clue??thx21:51
KM0201be back in a few.21:52
bioterrorlaumonier, why you want to get rid of gnome-network-manager?21:52
laumonierwicd is better21:52
wxli might go get wicd21:52
bioterrorhonestly I dont see much difference21:53
bioterrorwith laptop I see nm-applet better, as I can use mobile phone as my internet source21:53
bioterrormakes it easier, with desktop computers neither one is needed ;)21:54
laumonierive got savage deconection with network manager besides with wicd there is more option to set wifi21:54
wxlwell i might give it a shot because i've had trouble automatically connecting to my hidden ssid21:54
wxlsupposedly installing wicd should remove network manager21:54
wxltry removing network-manager21:55
wxllook through synaptic if you have to21:55
laumonieryeah i will21:56
wxlalso apt-cache search "network manager"21:56
wxlhm i got wicd-gtk but how do i get the applet to work?22:13
wxlhm maybe a reboot is in order22:16
wxlyep had to reboot22:35
samlyay, i'm on lxde!22:40
samlhow can I execute some stuff during startup?  like swapping ctrl and caps lock... and xrandr22:40
bioterrorI would not make it global22:54
wxlassuming there are multiple users...22:54
bioterroreven if there arent22:54
wxlwhy for?22:54
bioterroryou can do it without being root22:55
wxlthere's a certain logic to that22:55
bioterrorand if that file somehow gets updated, it will be reverted then22:55
wxlTHAT'S a darn good point22:55
bioterrorunlike something you do from your home22:55
wxlwhere's local?22:56
bioterroranother way is to edit ~/.config/openbox/autostart.sh and add to the bottom of that file "command &"22:58
KM0201anybody using lightdm w/ login screen w/ lubuntu?23:01
KM0201i wanna try it, but it caused me so many problems when i tried it w/ 11.04.. i'm ambivalent.23:01
KM0201it'd be nice if my dad didn't gripe about typing a username anymore.23:02
wxloooooh wow html23:02
wxli'd be happy to give that a shot23:02
KM0201give what a shot?23:02
KM0201oh, i just installed it in vbox, was just wondering if i should anticipate probs.23:03
wxlwell that's what i was planning on so i'll leave it to you :D23:03
bioterrorI would like to know how much lines of code ubuntu team has added to lightdm23:03
bioterrorand if it's as light as it was ½ year ago ;)23:03
KM0201bioterror: you already know the answer tot hat23:03
Unit193bioterror: No kidding, they broke it a little for the rest of us too23:04
KM0201well, it's installed, and now i'm rebooting, so... we shall see23:05
bioterrorrebooting? :)23:05
KM0201i installed the virtualbox graphics driver to23:05
KM0201wow, something went terribly wrong23:06
KM0201well, hold on, i think it's starting now.23:06
KM0201it was flashing blue/black/blue/black/blue/black for quite some time, now, in like font size 85, i see "starting".. and it seems stopped there23:07
wxli've had that problem in virtualbox before23:07
wxllast time i tried a virtual terminal23:07
KM0201first for me23:08
KM0201and i use vbox a lot23:08
KM0201well, let me rephrase, i've had it flash weird stuff on boot up a bit23:08
KM0201but not like that23:08
KM0201i hate grub being hidden by default23:09
KM0201what is it to show grub again... right shift?23:09
KM0201whats the keyboard shortcut to unhide grub?.. i thought ti was right shift, but.. i don't think thats it23:10
KM0201left shift23:11
KM0201how come when you boot recovery mode, it doesn't let you edit grub anymore"?23:12
KM0201thats kinda stupid... it says its a read only filesystem23:12
* wxl shrugs23:12
wxlcome to think of it why would i want to change my dm? lxdm seems good enough23:13
KM0201no no, i just want to change the login screen23:13
KM0201lxdm is fine23:13
wxlsame difference23:14
wxllxdm starts lxde & openbox23:14
KM0201dude, that is one of my pet-peeves123:14
wxli mean if it's all look and feel you can theme lxdm23:15
wxlof course i haven't played with how much23:15
KM0201well, its just the login screen... lubuntu doesn't have one that allows you to "click" a username...23:16
KM0201and i'm sick of istening to my dad gripe about typing his username23:16
KM0201ok, got it to boot.23:16
wxlthat makes sense23:19
wxlhe wants a mac :)23:19
KM0201no, not really23:19
KM0201when his computer had Gnome, i usually just set the login screen to the one that you could "click".. a username23:19
KM0201his PC is bordering on ancient, so it won't handle unity, thus lxde... but.. the login screen is frustrating23:19
KM0201and it's shared w/ mys ister, and of course, she wants privacy23:19
wxlthus autologin don't work23:21
wxli see your dilemma23:21
wxlhave you tried any others besides lightdm?23:21
KM0201i don't know of any others23:21
wxljust kidding23:22
KM0201that'd e hilarious.23:22
KM0201i'd never hear the end of that one23:22
wxlwith slim you can set a default user that is automatically selected and it just sits on the password field23:24
wxlso that would even save a click23:24
wxlit's in the repos23:24
KM0201slim, never heard of it23:25
wxlmight just apt-cache search "display manager"23:25
KM0201hmm, i'm gonna try slim...23:26
KM0201it says it's "fully configurable".. so we'll see.. :)23:26
wxltee hee23:26
wxlmanual is well detailed23:26
wxlfrom my cursory glance at it23:26
wxlnot overly confusing23:27
KM0201i'll take a gander at it.23:27
KM0201thanks for the suggestion, i'd never heard of slim23:27
wxlwell i never bothered to really look before23:28
wxli can't take much credit. i just ran through the list on wikipedia :D23:28
KM0201jeez, repos ar estill slow23:29
KM0201lots of upgrading going on23:29
KM0201ok, rebooting, lets see if this one bricks23:31
KM0201well, it worked, now to try and configure it23:33
KM0201well, maye not23:33
KM0201it just froze up23:34
wxlwhere did it freeze?23:34
KM0201right after login23:34
wxlmy guess is you probably need to configure ahead of time23:34
wxlbefore the reboot23:34
wxlbut what do i know, i just search wikipedia :D23:35
KM0201well, it configures upon installing23:35
KM0201i just wanted to see how much it could be configured23:35
KM0201well, i'll do some looking at it.23:36
wxlk gotta go23:37
wxllet me know how it goes23:37

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