coraxxhas anybody been able to get Oneiric to work on on Asus UX50 ... or at least with the nVidia G105m graphics adapter ?00:04
bjsnidercoraxx, interesting hardware00:13
bjsnideris it hybrid graphics?00:13
coraxxbjsnider: yes...how did you know ...did you look up the Asus UX50 ?00:14
bjsnidergpu switching isn't supported00:14
bjsniderso you need to pick one or the other00:14
bjsniderthere might be a switch in the bios for that00:15
coraxxbjsnider: meaning ? ...I pick nVidia of course....not the embedded Intel-card00:15
coraxxbjsnider: I thought so too...but there was no such option in the bios00:16
bjsniderif it's not working i'd say the intel chip is being used00:16
bjsniderso you should remove the nvidia driver and xorg.conf and just try it where xorg/kernel can pick the right driver00:17
coraxxbjsnider: I have now "blacklisted" the i915 (intel driver), so I'm sure it no longer interferes00:17
bjsniderblacklisting the driver doesn't mean the nvidia chip will be used00:17
bjsniderit means the intel chip is being used but you've stopped xorg from using the driver it needs00:17
bjsniderthe only way to get the nvidia chip working is in the bios00:18
bjsniderand not all of them have the switch00:18
coraxxbjsnider: It pick the right one ...and I can even get the nvidia software to create an xorg.conf file for me ...however the nvidia driver in itself will not work ...(but it loads which is weird)00:18
coraxxbjsnider: yeah...that was what I was affraid of.00:19
bjsniderif you say so00:19
intangirheheh so is this a pangolin channel now?00:19
intangirdo i have to upgrade already?!00:19
bjsniderlinux is probably years away from supporting hybrid graphics00:20
coraxxbjsnider: thanx for your time ... It always good to bounce ideas with others :-) tc00:20
intangirhybrid graphics? what does that mean?00:20
intangirinternal combustion engine graphics cards?00:20
bjsniderdynamically switching from one gpu to another00:20
intangiroh damn my idea sounds more awesome00:20
bjsniderswitching from a gpu on cpu to a descrete chip when extra graphics horsepower is required00:21
intangiryou mean for both system and graphics, like regular system processor using gpu for stuff too?00:22
intangirlike tons of math operations automatically using ALU or whatever they are called00:23
intangiranyway im doing a diskcheck00:23
intangirits taking forever.....00:23
intangirim on a 2nd computer00:23
intangircause mine is only at 39% after 10 minutes00:23
intangirthis one is running mint linux ;)00:24
intangirwell im gonna let my son use it, bbl00:25
Johnny_GigglesWhere can I discuss release 12.10?01:26
Johnny_Giggles(just kidding)01:26
FernandoMiguelJohnny_Giggles: here. any future release is here!02:06
Johnny_GigglesOkay then.02:07
Johnny_GigglesSeriously though, 12.04 is going to be a big release02:07
FernandoMigueland there I go: ubuntu+1 : upgrading to precise02:13
FernandoMiguelCurrent status: 35 updates [+35], 55341 new [+53290].02:13
FernandoMiguelchain is done02:14
FernandoMiguelapt-listchanges works again!!!02:16
crash1hdIs there a way to loginto ubuntu classic still?02:26
Azelphurcrash1hd: there's a classic style'd gnome 3, but that's it02:30
Johnny_Gigglesoh is 11.10 using gnome 3?02:31
Johnny_Gigglesor 2?02:31
Azelphurgnome 302:31
Johnny_Gigglesok good02:31
Johnny_GigglesI'm happier with GNOME 302:31
crash1hdIs Gnome 3 unity?02:32
AzelphurI should be more correct with what I'm saying, Ubuntu 11.10 is GTK302:32
AzelphurGnome 3 is an optional extra :P02:32
crash1hdI am very new to all this02:33
crash1hdwhat I am trying to figure out is, well is there a way to get the 10.10 desktop02:33
crash1hdwith 11.04 you could just log in with ubuntu classic02:33
crash1hdDont get me wrong I am liking some of the new features02:34
Azelphurcrash1hd: it's kinda a bad idea to aim for that too, gnome is working on gnome 3 now, gnome 2 is unsupported02:34
crash1hdbut it seems harder to find anything02:34
Azelphur*shrug* it usually is harder to find things when your using something new02:34
crash1hdlol and being fairly new to ubuntu to begin with that doesnt help02:34
crash1hdso I was hoping to have a way of backup so if I really get frustrated I could log out and back in02:35
Azelphurcrash1hd: you know there's a search box, top left right?02:35
crash1hdmind you I mostly only use my ubuntu for deluge and ssh vnc02:35
Azelphuryou can just find anything you used to use xD02:35
crash1hdyes but if you dont know what its called02:35
crash1hdthats sometimes half the battle02:35
crash1hdit took me a while to get used to 11.0402:35
Azelphurindeed, true02:36
crash1hdseems that 11.10 they have streamlined a lot of it :) which is good02:36
crash1hdit did fix all of my issues thought :)02:36
Azelphuryea, the new unity does look quite nice although I didn't spend too long looking at it02:36
crash1hdBut I do have an issue with using 11.10 on my new system from the LiveUSB (If I am not using a lcd monitor it doesnt load?)02:37
crash1hdany idea why02:37
crash1hdI have a newer mobo asus F1A75-V pro which has a built in APU02:37
crash1hdSo basically when I use my old crt monitor connecting via vga it gets to the point where its going to go to the desktop and then the monitor shuts off like its out of sync?02:38
crash1hdbut if I use my lcd monitor it is fine02:38
crash1hdafter installing ubuntu 11.10 and installing the AMD drivers I am able to use the CRT monitor just fine02:38
AzelphurIt's possible Ubuntu's detecting the wrong resolution for it or something02:39
AzelphurYea, perhaps a bug in the open driver02:39
crash1hdOK is there a way of changing the resolution on bootup?02:39
crash1hdSo that I can customize my thumbdrive for future useage02:39
crash1hdI mean I can always leave a sticky note on my machine reminding myself that if I want to boot from LiveCD that I need the other monitor02:40
crash1hdbut since I use LiveCD alot to fix things02:40
Azelphurdo you have persistent storage on your USB drive?02:40
crash1hdits kinda annoying02:40
crash1hdI think so02:40
crash1hdis there a way I can check?02:40
Azelphurthen you can just install the AMD drivers on it02:40
Azelphurand fix it the same way you did on your PC02:40
Azelphurif you have persistent storage, it'll keep your changes after you reboot02:41
crash1hdoh so boot once using the lcd install the amd driver and I am good02:41
Azelphuryep :)02:41
crash1hdCool :)02:41
crash1hdIs there a way to do it with the CD version? or would I have to make an image of my usb and then burn it to CD?02:42
Azelphuryou'd have to roll your own LiveCD, there again who uses CDs any more? XD02:43
AzelphurI took the DVD drive out of my PC like 6 months ago02:43
Azelphurwaste of power xD02:43
aj11u10For the first time in a long time my headphones work :) Thanks to all the hard work everyone put in!02:43
crash1hdlol I just purchased a dvd rom drive so that I can rip dvd's borrowed from the library lol02:44
crash1hdof kids shows that seem to be hard to find on tpb and isohunt02:44
crash1hdwell its funny 10.10 was very stable then I upgraded to 11.04 and my dvd rom drive would lock up the system and when I hit reboot it would hang02:45
crash1hdupgraded to 11.10 and the reboot works (have not tried the dvd rom drive yet) I did find a solution for that in 11.04 though02:45
crash1hdI moved it from one sata port to another02:45
crash1hdas the system I have has 6+1 and logic would have had the +1 be the cdrom so I did02:46
crash1hduntil I found it was locking up the system02:46
crash1hdchanged it so that the main boot drive was the +1 and its fine now02:46
crash1hdall of them being ahci02:46
crash1hdI am going to do a shutdown and switch the drives back and boot up to see if the lock up still happens lol :) just curious now02:48
crash1hdbut I do love the idea about creating a custom thumbdrive :)02:48
Azelphurcrash1hd: btw there are other GUI options if you really don't get along with Unity, XUbuntu, LUbuntu and Kubuntu are all fun :)02:50
AzelphurI run XUbuntu on my PC, and Ubuntu on my laptops02:50
crash1hdOK going to have to google them to see what they look like :) Kubuntu is kde is it not?02:51
crash1hdwhy are there so many flavors or is that like a question of asking why are there so many flavors of ice cream?02:53
crash1hdwhat is XUbuntu and Lubuntu?02:53
Azelphurpretty much02:53
crash1hdk :)02:53
Azelphurone size fits all does not work, and it never will :)02:53
AzelphurXubuntu is XFCE, and Lubuntu is LXDE02:53
crash1hdOk Why do you like XUbuntu then?02:53
AzelphurMy PC is quad screen, unity tends to fall over and die on it02:54
crash1hd:) what would you suggest for a kids machine?02:55
Azelphurcrash1hd: Ubuntu probably, it looks pretty and it's quite simple with big icons which make it easy to click02:55
Azelphurhow old a kid?02:55
crash1hdI am going to install some type of virtual machine and then another version of ubuntu on top of it02:56
crash1hdso that I can have more control02:56
Azelphuryea, Ubuntu sounds fun for that :)02:57
crash1hdI was thinking of using Qimo ontop02:57
Azelphuror maybe Edebuntu02:57
Azelphuror rather, Edubuntu o.O02:57
Azelphuryea I think edubuntu would be my favorite for a kid, it has lots of stuff bundled in and is geared for the task :P02:58
crash1hdwhat would you suggest for virtual machine software?02:58
crash1hdok I come from windows so I was originally thinking vmware02:59
AzelphurI've never got along with vmware, I like virtualbox :)02:59
Azelphurit's very simple and just goes.02:59
sandraEvening my fellow Ubuntu inmates :-)03:01
sandraI trust all of you are doing well .03:01
crash1hdCool I like that :)03:01
sandraoh oh this isn't the support channel for Oneiric is it ?03:01
Azelphursandra: not as of a few hours ago :P03:02
sandraAzelphur, So I see , that will teach yours truly to run around in here w/out my reading glasses lol03:03
crash1hdNow the real challange will be moving my user profile from 10.10 to 11.10 lol as I did a new install on a different drive gonna see how it takes it later :)03:05
crash1hdafter I get the thumb drive thing working :)03:06
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intangirhow do i update to release from the 11.10 beta03:09
crash1hdAzelphur, have you plaid with EFI at all?03:10
crash1hdintangir, it should be waiting for you in the update manager03:10
ubottuIf you install a development version of Ubuntu Precise and keep up with package updates, then you will be upgraded to the official release of 12.04 when it comes out. To make sure, type « sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade » in a terminal.03:10
crash1hdAzelphur, ok thanks :) just trying to figure it out :)03:10
crash1hdAzelphur, It seems to need a fat16 partition at the beginning of the drive to boot03:11
crash1hdAnd it puts things into your bios :(03:12
crash1hdLuckly I had 2 machines exactly Identical so I was able to reset my bios from the other machine as I had not made a backup03:14
crash1hdAzelphur, thanks for all the help :)03:15
crash1hdUnfortunatly it looks like it still locks up on optical drive media insertting when the optical drive is plugged into the +103:17
crash1hdrealizing now that I have not actually tested it the other way on 11.10 will now be testing it :)03:18
crash1hdAhh it works :) I see it no longer puts an icon on the desktop though03:22
mhall119crash1hd: Qimo is great for 5 year olds03:31
chintanhiii there]03:31
chintanneed little information03:32
chintananyone there for little talk ?03:32
intangiris there a way to still get a window bar? i really miss the window/task bar thing?03:58
crash1hdmhall119, thanks :)04:05
emwas there a new release?04:20
intangiri updated yesterday05:14
intangirnow that ubuntu is released i look for new updates, there are none, does that mean im already running the release? even though i got it the day before?05:14
physicaljazzhi intangir, you can run update-manager -d05:22
physicaljazzif no new version shows up, you should be on newest release05:23
mekwalldo I have to do anything to update from beta to stable or will that be done automagically when I run dist-upgrade?06:39
GTRsdkmekwall: it should be done automagically06:39
mekwallGTRsdk: great, thanks :)06:58
mekwallHow's the Nouveau driver working these days? Using the proprietary driver (current-updates) but its performing really bad in Unity.06:59
yofelnvidia-current(-updates) works well for me in KDE, nouveau works fine at least for the desktop env. but opengl performance is too slow for me07:05
mekwallyofel: it's my workstation so don't really use any opengl apps07:06
mekwallHmm, repeating of key when held down stops working for me. I have to open keyboard settings and re-tick that setting for it to start working again. Any solution to this?07:13
mekwallor perhaps what could be the cause to it?07:13
xannen11.10 Networking issue: no network after upgrade.  and no network on live cd boot either.  network/internet was all fine before update.   and other network comp have no issues with connection or internet.  please help.08:15
artzrahow see if i m login in or not login ??08:41
bazhangartzra, with what08:42
bazhangartzra, in 11.10 ?08:42
artzrai have install 11.10 and there is a wacom install  !!08:43
bazhangartzra, #ubuntu for 11.10 support not here08:44
bazhangartzra, this is not the correct channel for 11.10  -----> #ubuntu08:45
artzrahere for what ??08:45
hifiare pangolin repos up yet?08:45
hifioh, no, toolchain is not scheduled yet08:45
artzraso that the channel for what ??08:45
bazhangartzra, support for ubuntu  11.10 and the other supported versions in #ubuntu08:46
artzraim not 11.1008:46
bazhangartzra, /join #ubuntu for 11.10 support08:46
bazhangartzra, what version then08:47
artzraall version !!08:47
artzraim testing all version08:47
artzraalpha beta,08:47
bazhangartzra, this is not the correct channel.  #ubuntu for support .08:47
hifiyou are late for alpha/beta testing08:47
bazhangthat's an extreme understatement08:48
artzrai try to mix08:48
Ian_Corneall versions of ubuntu currently available are covered by #ubuntu08:48
hifibazhang: me?08:48
bazhanghifi, yep :)08:48
hifihow can you alpha test pangolin if the toolchain is not uploaded yet? :p08:49
bazhangartzra, 12.04 is not released. there is nothing here.  #ubuntu08:49
artzraso what the theme here ??08:49
artzravery nice and cool gating to is channel "" bravo""08:55
hifiyou accidentally what?08:56
artzraits a nice start, !!08:58
Ian_Corneyes, !!08:58
artzraso can i  have some information about 12.0408:58
bazhangartzra, read the topic08:58
bazhanghttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/PrecisePangolin/ReleaseSchedule     <---------------- artzra08:59
dupondje2 weeks left :p08:59
dupondjeand we can start playing again08:59
artzrai have read "Welcome"09:00
bazhangartzra, read the LINK I just gave you09:00
artzraits open, and what09:01
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farciarz84hi, is this changell still for ubuntu 11.10 or 12.04?09:48
s1should be for 12.04 now, see the Topic.10:05
iceroot12.04 will be with wayland? or is this unclear until now?10:17
Ian_Corneit was initially aimed at 12.04 but I think it's been moved to 12.10 at least10:18
th_it for sure won't be in 12.0410:22
icerootsounds good for an lts release not to make such a big change10:25
icerootIan_Corne: fyi: 3.1rc9 seems to fix the kernel-panic-problem. working fine here for 2 days10:25
Ian_Corneaha nice10:31
Ian_CorneI guess the fix will be backported to 3.010:31
BluesKajhiyas all10:56
Ian_Cornealready gone :(11:01
icerootIan_Corne: first of all we have to find the fix11:11
icerootIan_Corne: but i will test until sunday with 3.1rc911:11
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asdkkjlkjais oneiric still here?14:47
=== JanC_ is now known as JanC
rorkasdkkjlkja: no, this is now for precise pangolin, you can talk about oneiric in the main channels14:49
famgodis there a way I can stop using pulseaudio and use alsa?17:48
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emwhat do we know about the latest release.18:49
pangolinwhat do you mean?18:49
GTRsdkem: Oneiric or Precise?18:49
Tixosguys, i know topics changed18:55
Tixosbut can i get some help as ubuntus getting mass flooded by noobs18:55
pangolinTixos: no. #ubuntu is the support channel this channel is for 12.04 and you have been banned in #ubuntu.18:56
FernandoMiguelI was talking with charlie on Google plus, and I remembered I don't have any #ubuntu+1 circle.18:56
FernandoMiguelwho in here is on Plus? send me a message and ill circle you :D18:56
Tixospangolin: the reason was pathetic18:56
pangolinno it wasn't18:56
FernandoMiguelat least we now have a proper name for a release that I can speak18:56
pangolinyou can join #ubuntu-ops to discuss it18:56
Tixosyes it was18:58
pangolinyou can join #ubuntu-ops to discuss it18:58
Tixosflog ubuntu ....18:58
Tixosyou can read my mind now18:58
Tixosgive up18:58
Tixosenjoy your evening18:58
pangolinyes, I am a mind reader.18:58
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Tixosto everyone telling me gnome3 is fine with all drivers etc, thats BS21:09
ubottuati.cchtml.com bug 99 in OpenGL Driver "Graphical corruption with gnome-shell" [Major,New]21:09
Tixoswell done bot,21:09
Tixosshould have made that clear before21:09
Tixosbtw in all your versions there is still the bug with 'error no video mode activated' with fully encrypted filesystems21:10
intangirmy menu isnt poping out, what do they call it? dash menu?21:30
intangirit wont come out21:30
intangireven if i click it, or hold start button21:30
Tixoswelcome to unity21:40
famgodtixos, 11.9 catalyst fixes the graphical corruption on the top bar in gnome322:03
Tixosuntil AMD sort other issues wth their drivers22:05
Tixosi have other apps that are more important that gnome to me22:05
ubottuUbuntu 11.10 uses GNOME 3 with the !unity shell by default.  To use GNOME Shell instead, install the "gnome-shell" package and investigate "gnome-tweak-tool".  For GNOME Fallback mode, which is similar to GNOME 2, install "gnome-panel". Both packages will place entries in the Sessions drowpdown. Using Natty? See !classic22:13
Tixossudo apt-get install tint222:16
Tixosfix for unity22:16
olmariwell... I know this isn't totally exact place to ask7inquiry about the issue, but I don't know any better place either...22:35
olmariit seems that 11.10 uses something like "ip addr add" when one specifies ethX:1 interface in /etc/network/interfaces22:35
olmariokay by itself but the problem is that one doesn't see it on ifcofig22:35
olmariI'd like the alias IP to be shown there... no matter does it show on like before "as another interface" or as additional IP on the ethX22:36
olmarias in if nowhere else, in next ubuntu then :)22:39
magn3tsGoto your ubuntu desktop in Unity.23:03
magn3tsHit CTRL+T.23:03
magn3tsWatch the fail.23:03
famgodthat screws up gnome3 / gnome-shell / gnome-panel23:06
famgodas well23:06
magn3tsOf course it does.23:10
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magn3tsI would pour gasoline on my computer and ignite it if I thought it would rid the world of nautilus.23:11
urlin2umagn3ts, try it maybe it will. :D23:18
necreonautilus keeps segfaulting on me23:59
necreoI even did a clean install thinking that would fix it23:59
necreoit doesnt, keeps segfaulting at random23:59
bazhangnecreo, in what version of ubuntu23:59
necreo11.10, ah yes, probably ask in #ubuntu now?23:59
Stanley00necreo: Oneiric is supported on #ubuntu now,23:59

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