GrueMasterbrandini: Yes. Multiple trees.  http://kernel.ubuntu.com00:00
brandiniphew, why couldn't I find that00:01
brandiniGrueMaster: I'm still looking for the assembly code you guys wrote to initialized the panda :)00:07
GrueMasterI believe TI keeps it in the mach-omap2 stuff under arch/arm.  Not sure.00:09
GrueMasterOr plat-omap.00:09
brandinithey release source for that?00:10
GrueMasterIf you clone the ubuntu/ubuntu-oneiric.git tree, there should be a branch in it for ti-omap4 (iirc).00:13
brandinithank you :)00:13
GrueMasterIt is a separate branch though, not the main trunk.00:14
GrueMasterLooks like ubuntu-3.0.0-1205.10 (according to git web).00:16
twblilstevie: ping03:39
twblilstevie: nag re send me known-good u-boot.bin03:39
twblilstevie: poke poke08:21
CodeWarwhats a good hardware to test ubuntu-arm on ? preferrably a SMP one08:21
CodeWarTegra part of the supported list?08:22
twbCodeWar: efikamx should be good, they seem to actually be contributing to debian08:22
twbtegra is more like "if the moon is waxing and you're standing on one leg, it works OK...ish"08:23
infinityWe don't have installers for efika systems right now (and they're not SMP).08:24
infinityIf you want SMP, a Toshiba AC100 netbook  or a TI PandaBoard are your best bets.08:24
twbinfinity: oh, sorry08:24
twbAC100s are about the same as TF101s, aren't they?  i.e. sucky?08:24
infinityMine works great.08:24
infinityOutperforms the Panda by no small margin, if it had a US keyboard layout, I'd actually use it as my primary netbook.08:25
infinityBut the Uk keyboard makes me want to kick puppies. :P08:25
twbstupid enter key?08:25
infinityStupid everything.  Keyboard layouts are a religious thing. :)08:26
CodeWarAC101 dual core A9 .. decent enough let me look it up08:26
twbWell you can remap it if it's just the caps08:26
infinityCodeWar: It's a Tegra2.08:26
infinitytwb: Yeah, remapping it fails a bit because you end up with a teeny-tiny \| key, due to the enter key eating most of its neighbours.08:27
twbyeah OK08:27
infinityOm now now.08:27
infinitynom nom too.08:27
twbThat's one of my biggest hates on keyboards, that big enter key08:27
CodeWarAsus Transformer 2 .. is that expected to work :-)08:27
twbI mean half the time I type ^M anyway08:28
CodeWarwould be best08:28
infinityCodeWar: There have been some people fiddling with the TF2.  It has no official support, but I know you can make it work with enough effort.08:28
twbCodeWar: I have a TF101 (Eee Pad Transformer 32G); currently it only works with crappy old 2.6.3608:28
infinityCodeWar: Panda or AC100 work out of the box, which is appealing if you just want to get to hacking.08:28
twbWhen lilstevie comes back from the pub or his girlfriend's or whatever and helps me, I might make some more progress :P08:28
CodeWarthanks guys .. still trying to wrap my head around these various models ..08:29
diwicinfinity, I was a little surprised when I read the release notes, AC100 and IMX.53 (I think?) was listed, but not the Pandaboard.08:29
infinity(And most devices that ship with Android can just be abused to boot Ubuntu with an Android kernel, but the user experience there will vary, depending)08:30
twbThat's cheating08:30
twbit doesn't count08:30
infinitydiwic: AC100 and i.MX53 were listed as new, omap3 and omap4 were already supported.08:30
diwicinfinity, ok, that explains it, thanks08:30
sorenYou know what would be awesome? If someone sold a complete get-started-on-hacking-Ubuntu-on-ARM kits at UDS. Pandaboard, power supply, SD card with Ubuntu pre-installed, USB-serial dongle, whatever else one might need.08:31
twbsheevaplug used to ship with ubuntu pre-installed08:31
infinitysoren: To be fair, that's more or less what you get if you order a Freescale i.MX53.  They ship with an SD with Ubuntu.  Though, I need to find someone at Freescale to talk to about refreshing their image to use a saner kernel.08:32
twbBut IMO the goal should be a pure blend08:32
infinityIt would be nice if TI did the same thing with the Panda package, though.08:32
infinityNot that it's rocket science to download an image and make it go, but the user experince is fairly shiny when it "just works" without having to read.08:32
soreninfinity: Looking at the i.MX53 now. Glancing at the specs, it looks somewhat less beefy.08:34
infinitysoren: Well, it's a single-core A8, which is less cool than a Panda or AC100, but for people doing a lot of building, the on-baord SATA more than makes up for it.08:34
soreninfinity: Oh, shiny. I didn't notice that.08:35
infinitysoren: Building most things on A8/A9 systems is almost entirely I/O bound, not CPU.08:35
twbinfinity: what, you don't use iSCSI pointing at the SAN for everything ? ;-)08:35
soreninfinity: Ok. Well, let me rephrase then..08:35
sorenYou know what would be awesome? If someone sold a complete get-started-on-hacking-Ubuntu-on-ARM kits at UDS. Freescale i.MX53, power supply, SD card with Ubuntu pre-installed, USB-serial dongle, whatever else one might need.08:35
infinitytwb: It doesn't matter how cool my networking tech is, you can't get past the part where Pandas have a 100bit ethernet adapter hanging off a USB 2.0 bus. :P08:36
soren100bit? Holy crap.08:36
infinityTyping is hard.08:36
sorenOh. Those.08:36
infinityIt feels like 100bit.08:36
twbthat's the uart :P08:36
infinity(To be clear, I have no issues with the Panda's architecture, it's a dev board meant to be a giant cell phone, and it works great for what it's meant to do... It's just a lousy desktop or build server due to USB being your limiting factor for any storage)08:37
sorenAt least for me, having to buy unknown hardware and bits and pieces just to even get started has put me off for a looong time. Now I've actually bought a pandaboard, but still haven't gotten it to work.08:38
infinitysoren: Flash oneiric image to SD, insert, boot.08:38
sorenDone that.08:38
infinitysoren: It's pretty straightforward these days.08:38
sorenDoesn't work. It just lights up very briefly, then turns off.08:38
sorenNo clue why.08:38
infinityThat sounds unpleasant.08:38
infinityThe turning off bit.08:38
infinityThey don't do that.08:38
sorenI RMA'ed the board (not just for this reason), but the new one does the same.08:39
infinityOh, actually, it might do that if it fails to find anything interesting on the SD, I don't recall.08:39
sorenWhat the heck. I'll give it another go.08:39
infinityWiggle the card, rewrite it moar bettar, use a different one?08:39
sorenWhere' the current "Idiot's guide to Ubuntu on Pandaboard"?08:40
sorenI've tried two different card.08:40
sorenSame micro-SD-regular-SD converter, though.08:40
infinityOh, I've had serious issues with micro->regular->Panda, though I'd always assumed it was just my own cards and adapters being shit.08:41
infinity(Which it probably is)08:41
sorenMaybe I should see if I could find a regular SD card somewhere.08:41
soren...or just try a different adapter.08:41
infinityBut yeah.  SD/MMC is about the worst choice for installatoin media ever, but we have no options.08:41
sorenHAdn't thought of that.08:41
twbinfinity: ferrite core08:42
infinityIf I recall, the Panda will just appear to "do notihng" if you light it up and it sees nothing of interest in the SD slot.08:42
soreninfinity: Well, if no SD card is in, it stays on.08:42
sorenWhen my SD card is in, it shuts off.08:42
infinityWell, nothing of interest, after looking.08:42
infinityIt's a bit fiddly in those first few miliseconds. :P08:42
infinityAfter that, it's great!08:42
sorenI guess it could be the power supply.08:44
sorenIt says it goes up to 2.5A.08:45
twbOr dirty power that is pissing it off because it's a switching-mode PSU and thus sensitive to problems in the wave08:47
twbWe went through three soekris net5501 PSUs here before we gave up08:47
soreninfinity: The for the PAndaboard I want to use the OMAP4 image, right?08:49
infinitysoren: Yup.08:50
* soren downloads08:51
sorenOops, accidentally grabbed the natty image. Will that work ok?08:54
infinityIt will, but why start out-of-date?08:54
infinityEspecially if you're using SD.  Upgrading is SLOW. :P08:54
sorenI just want to see that damn thing work.08:56
sorenAlso, the oneiric image seems to be more than 3 times bigger. Writing out the natty image takes long enough.08:56
sorenHoly crap! It stayed on!09:03
* soren headdesks09:04
sorenIt's been that adapter all along, then!09:04
sorenAnd the one I'm using now is identical. *sigh*09:06
ogra_lool, poke09:12
ogra_infinity, do you happen to know where the new flash-kernel lives in debian atm ? did it migrate to unstable or is it still in experimental ?09:17
ogra_(i would like to file a sync request ahead of time so we have it immediately after opening)09:18
infinityogra_: Not sure.  I'd assume either experimental, in some VCS somewhere, or on lool's hard drive.09:18
ogra_i suspect we will run into a pile of issues09:18
ogra_so the sooner we get it the better09:18
infinityogra_: I'm not positive that lool thinks it's ready for prime-time, but I haven't talked to him about it for a couple of months.09:18
ogra_i know its ready for the arches we support but might handle things different than we do for these09:19
infinityogra_: Given that this is an LTS coming up, I'm not sure I'm inclined to switch.09:19
ogra_i know its not ready for "old" arches09:19
infinityogra_: Dealing with the bugs we know seems saner.09:19
ogra_which we dont care about09:19
ogra_and i know its used by default in armhf in debian09:19
ogra_but thats not in any official repo09:20
infinityBut is it?  They don't have installation media.09:20
ogra_infinity, well, you had a spec to actually use its database for HW stuff iirc09:20
ogra_and i would like to get rid of the crap ahead of the LTS09:20
ogra_else we need to carry the hackish version for 5 years09:21
sorenWhat does "hf" stand for, btw?09:21
ogra_right, i dont think we can sync from there09:21
diwichard float09:21
ogra_soren, hard float09:21
diwicogra_, does the official oneiric image for AC100 have working sound?09:22
infinityogra_: Eh.  I don't mind carrying it for 5 years.  Once it's set up, it works.  It's not like it's a maintenance burden.09:22
ogra_diwic, btw, doi you remember who waas chiming in when we talked about 5.1 recievers ? i owe him a beer :)09:22
infinitydiwic: It does if you use headphones.09:22
ogra_diwic, only with a kernel update thats not in an SRU yet and with some alsamixer adjustments09:22
ogra_and it breaks after resume from suspend09:23
ogra_but all these issues should be fixable and will make it into SRUs09:23
infinityogra_: The problem with that spec is that it assumes some debian-cd violence and other things.  Which I'm happy to do, but I feel like it would be a waste of timein a cycle where we should be focussing on stabilising existing software, not introducing new stuff.09:23
diwicogra_, sorry, don't remember the 5.1 receiver stuff?09:23
ogra_infinity, well, for me thats not so much introducing new stuff but getting rid of the horrid hacks09:24
infinityogra_: I really do want to implement that spec and get the new hw DB idea working right, but this just feels like the wrong time.  I dunno.  We'll argue about it in Orlando. ;)09:24
ogra_diwic, yeah, its started with me asking you about spectrum analyzer software09:24
ogra_he chimed in and recommended me to rather get a denon ...09:24
ogra_after 3 weeks of bitter ear pain with the new yamaha i returned it on monday ... now i have a denon, no more earpain, waaaay better sound :)09:25
* soren pats his Denon receiver in his desk09:25
ogra_and i got it reaaaaly cheap because they felt pity for giving me something that produces ear pain :)09:26
ogra_(like a 500€ discount *g*)09:26
ogra_soren, for the SACD player i bought i got a 1000€ discout because the box was missing ....500 isnt that much ;)09:27
sorenIf you can get a €1000 it must have been rather pricey to begin with.09:28
lilstevieogra_: is there anything major different between the AC100 image and the omap builds?09:28
sorenI think mine cost €1000 total.09:28
soren11 years ago.09:28
ogra_lilstevie, look at ac100-tarball-installer source, that has all the specialities ... beyond that indeed it has its own kernel and bootloader setup09:29
lilstevieok :)09:29
ogra_soren, yeah, my old system costed me 600, including cup sized speakers etc ... i thought its time for an upgrade and invested 500009:30
lilstevieogra_: was mainly wondering for basing my transformer stuff from one of them09:30
ogra_lilstevie, feel free, but you might need some adjustments09:30
lilsteviewell I do have a different bootloader setup09:31
ogra_right, and a different kernel09:31
loologra_, infinity: New f-k is in experimental and in git09:54
loolthere are more changes to be done, but I guess it's already better than what we have09:54
ogra_lool, do you think its suitable for an LTS ?09:54
ogra_yeah, thats what i think too09:54
loolit doesn't support SD card right now09:54
ogra_and i dont want to sit on what we have for 5 years09:55
ogra_argh, seriously ?09:55
loolwell, it doesn't have any OMAP mechanism; you could point it at /boot though09:55
loolI don't think much OMAP support made it to Debian09:55
ogra_does it have omap4 ?09:56
ogra_shouldnt be to hard to derive from there09:56
loolthat included lack of OMAP409:56
ogra_bah, k09:56
brandinimorning all10:29
brandiniis com0 at 0x49020000 on the panda?10:31
FunkyPenguinaloha, does ubuntu build from a single source or do you have a separate one for arm vs x86?10:38
FunkyPenguinwondering if i look for a package in packages.ubuntu.com does that cover arm?10:38
ogra_most of the time, yes10:46
ogra_all packages use the same source, packages.u.c wont tell you if the binary exists though10:46
ogra_http://qa.ubuntuwire.org/ftbfs/ has a list of all failed builds10:47
FunkyPenguinogra_: great, thanks10:48
ogra_you can also look on launchpad.net/ubuntu/10:49
sorenWhat's the rationale behind that /var/lib/preinstalled-pool thing in Oneiric?11:38
sorenWhat's worse is that the very first package I installed from there has a checksum mismatch :(11:41
ogra_that shouldnt happen, infinity ^^^11:44
sorenThe python-setuptools package I have in there is all NULLs.11:44
ogra_its what we ship as pool on the x86 server isos and should support installs without network11:44
* soren checks the image11:44
ogra_right, compare your md511:45
sorenImage checksum matches.11:46
infinityYeah, but does it match once you've written it to SD?11:46
sorenThat's what I'm about to find out.11:47
sorenWEll... Sort of.11:47
infinityI can write an image out in a sec and have a look.11:47
infinityWhere "in a sec" is "sometime this afternoon".11:47
sorenI'll mount the image on my laptop and see if the problem exists there, too. Otherwise, it probably got screwed up when I wrote it to the SD.11:47
sorenNope, it's fine if I mount it on my laptop.11:49
sorenNo idea where it got scrwed up, then.11:49
ogra_hmm, porobably a kernel issue then... mmc driver or filesystem driver issue11:49
sorenMost of the files in there seem fine.11:50
ogra_on your laptop...11:51
sorenJust 9 of them have this problem.11:51
sorenNo no, on the SD card.11:51
ogra_if inserted in your laptop or in the panda ?11:51
ogra_bad SD ?11:52
ogra_i.e. some borked blocks that shouldnt have been written to ?11:52
sorenNo idea. It's brandh new. Just unwrapped it a couple of hours ago.11:52
sorendmesg is silent.11:53
soren(on this subject, I mean)11:53
sorenPlenty of other stuff in dmesg.11:53
infinityI could rant about SD/MMC quality again, but I seem to do that often enough.12:03
infinityWhile I think it's cool that we provide an SD grow-root installation method (and, indeeed, that's the simplest way for people to test their hardware and get started), I still think the goal should be to encourage people to get their system on reliable external storage ASAP.12:04
infinityAnd just use the SD for uBoot.12:05
ogra_or support boards with nand booting only :P12:06
ogra_we just need to convince vendors to put more money in :)12:06
infinityogra_: I don't mind treating the SD slot as a hardwires flash/firmware area.  At the end of the day, the behaviour is the same.12:07
infinityogra_: And that's what we do when we netboot, for instance.12:07
infinityIt's also how my i.MX53 and Panda both run when they're at home.12:07
ogra_infinity, right, thats also what we did on babbage ... though there we had the prob that we had to install to the livefs media while running from it12:08
xranbywow... i got opengl-es to work on my pandaboard using oneiric  and using the default package sources..  i simply installed every omap4 package and then it turned ON12:21
xranbyi was expecting to get the packages from the ti ppa.. but they where already in main12:22
infinity*raise brow*12:22
xranbyinfinity: want a screenshot?12:22
infinityThere's no way that's hardware accelerated if it involves nothing from TI.12:22
xranbyinfinity: http://openjdk.gudinna.com/lwjgl-es/pandaboard-LWJGL.png12:26
xranbyrunning at 130fps12:26
infinityxranby: 130fps sounds like software rendering to me.12:28
xranbyinfinity: libEGL comes from the SGX omap 4 package12:29
xranbyinfinity: this are usning java -> opengl-es bindings12:29
ogra_infinity, es2gears in SW rendering on the ac100 gets me 20-30 frames12:30
ogra_i think its about 180 if accelerated12:31
infinityxranby: I can't find this package you're referring to.12:34
xranbyinfinity: let me try generate a list of installed packages12:34
infinityxranby: dpkg -S /path/to/file12:34
xranbyare the some way to list the packages that got installed  today?12:34
twbWould that be the "benchmark" that has a --i-acknowledge-this-is-not-a-benchmark option?12:34
xranbyinfinity: http://paste.ubuntu.com/707964/    perhaps i got them from the ppa after all12:39
ogra_twb, i think that was dropped again at some piunt :)12:40
infinityxranby: "apt-cache policy packagename" will tell you where it comes from.12:40
infinityxranby: But yes, those aren't in the archive.12:40
ogra_well, we definitely dont ahve ubuntu-omap4-extra in any official archive12:41
ogra_and you have the sw-center added ppa .list12:41
xranbyinfinity: ok i can now confirm that they did come from the ppa12:42
xranbythanks ti12:42
ogra_send flowers to ndec and his team :)12:42
xranbyndec: cheers!12:42
ogra_(or probably better bottles of old wine)12:42
twbogra_: well that's bloody stupid12:43
xranbyndec: i have lwjgl java bindings working on the pandabord using your latest oneiric drivers..12:43
ndecyes, gfx libs have been in PPA for a while now. video decoders are coming soon...12:52
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xranbyndec: ok meanwhile i have filed a bug against the LWJGL upstream to add support for all your drivers extensions http://lwjgl.org/forum/index.php/topic,4237.0.html13:02
xranbyndec: when i install teh libEGL and friens  all .so ends with .so.1   are this intentional?13:04
xranbythe opengl-es userspace applications are looking for the  libEGL.so symlinks  and fails to find the library13:05
* ndec thought we had fixed that.13:06
ndecxranby: yes, this is true the .so is only in the -dev package (e.g. libegl1-sgx-omap4-dev)13:13
ndecto me it's more a bug in the applications, ... but we've seen that in the past, and since we cannot change all applications, we need to update our package.13:14
ndecfor now, you just need to install the -dev13:14
xranbyok thank you for checking13:14
infinityThere's a longstanding history of bainry GL apps looking for .so instead of the actual library. :/13:14
infinityBut we don't ship .so in any library package, for sanity reasons.13:15
xranbyhmm i wonder why.. the brainy GL apps simply try to link againt EGL13:16
xranby'to get into this state13:16
xranby-lEGL are passed tot he linker13:17
xranbyand it makes the linker pick to use the .so13:17
infinityxranby: Err, wait.13:17
infinityxranby: You need the -dev (and the .so) to link...13:18
infinityBut it should then link to .so.113:18
xranbyusually you can have EGL mesa installed to build it13:18
xranbyso the app links against the mesa EGL -dev package13:19
xranbylibegl1-mesa-dev - free implementation of the EGL API -- development files13:19
infinityI'm still not sure what your bug is here...13:20
infinityYou need dev packages installed to compile.13:20
infinityBut not to run.13:20
infinityIf "ldd mybinary" shows that you've linked to an unversioned .so, that's certainly a bug (ie: if you need it at runtime).13:21
ndecwe used to have wrong SONAME in our libs, but this is fixed. objdump -p /usr/lib/libEGL.so | grep SONAME will tell you libEGL.so.1 (and it used to be the .so). the soname is what the app will link against.13:23
ndecperhaps the mesa-dev package has wrong soname?13:23
infinityndec: Almost certainly not. :P13:23
infinity(If it did, nothing on my system would work)13:24
ndecxranby: is your app dynamically linked against the .so, or do you have a dlopen to the .so . i think firefox does (did?) that13:24
xranbylet me check13:25
xranbyldd at points to /usr/lib/libEGL.so   i guess that makes it dynamically link13:32
* xranby are rebooting his board... for some reason the usb mouse/keyboard refused to enumerate13:33
brandinimorning dudes13:39
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_ThomasDoes anyone here work with the ubuntu release for the Linaro Origen-board?15:43
_Thomas(I'm wondering if anyone knows the status of getting HW opengl on that board)15:43
ogra__Thomas, as i said in the other channel, ubuntu-arm doesnt support the origen board15:44
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stephen__pandaboard: linaro image vs ti-omap ppa19:07
stephen__which is better?19:07
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brandiniso when I have the load address in uboot, is that looking for KERNEL_BASE_PHYS=0x80300000?22:59

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