xannenhey anyone around?02:56
gorillaxannen: that's not a question that is easy to answer... what's up?03:33
xannenhey gorilla, i have ubuntu 11.10 question.  i did a dist upgrade, and now my network won't work on my desktop.  i'm on laptop now.03:35
xanneni did a google and found: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1847900&page=1 and that didn't work either.03:35
head_victimHappy New Ubuntu everyone05:54
carybjust finished the updrade to my work PC Jared06:08
head_victimNice work06:08
head_victimI'm debating if I update this 10.04 through each step to 11.10 or just wait for 12.0406:09
carybi always have the current on my work pc & dev on the my personal lappy06:09
head_victimI used to be more adventurous but organising Ubuntu stuff has meant less time to actually PLAY with Ubuntu these days06:10
head_victimWill be good to catch up tomorrow afternoon though06:10
head_victimsagaci: I can't remember, was I meant to put the bug stuff on the ML or not?06:12
carybjust broke my virtualbox with 4.1 upgrade :(06:12
head_victimI remember you said something btu can't find the scrollback06:12
sagacihead_victim, I said just remove it if you want, not sure if it's setup to push email to the ml currently ...06:13
head_victimcaryb: I lost my main VM mcahine to that update as well. I got the irates and wiped all the hd images so I'll start over. They were all dev stuff anyway, nothing I actually used06:13
head_victimsagaci: it's sitting in the moderation queue06:13
sagaciit's there much stuff or is it just in one thread06:13
head_victimIt's just one email saying the team had been assigned the bug.06:14
head_victimIf anyone else comments though it will also try to emailt he list06:14
carybhad to disable the usb to get it to work06:14
head_victimMine couldn't access the vdi or something random like that. Said it was already associated with another VM06:15
sagaciwell it's up to you, I personally think it's important enough to assign/mail the list but if it'll create lots of traffic down the line, well i'm all for muting it06:15
head_victimWe'll take it on a case by case basis then if you like06:15
xannenHi is anyone around.  I need help with 11.10 networking.  Updating stuffed it up.06:29
carybcatV or wireless?06:30
carybWas about to answer but am on Kubuntu not Ubuntu :(06:31
carybat the console does ifconfig give you any ip address?06:31
xannenin my network manager sys tray, it recognise the wired network, but it's greyed out, and i can't click to connect to it.06:32
carybdoes lspci recognise your network card? 06:34
xannenyes caryb06:35
xannenit showed up the ethernet controller.06:36
carybi had one of my machines use the wrong network card & had to blacklist the wrong one to force it to use the correct device but thats at home but I did find the answer on Goooooooooogle06:37
xannenI had a google too: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1847900&page=1 is the closest answer, but it still didn't fixed my problem.  furthermore, the thread was on beta1, and i'm using final release, i thought fundamental networking would have definitely be resolved.06:39
carybmine was with a intel nic but a friend had the problem with broadcomm06:41
xanneni'm with intel chip too.06:43
xannencaryb, it is such a down side on linux, that it is dependent on internet for update/install.  yet after such action, the internet goes down...  and it spirals into hell.  :D06:44
carybI have a usb -> ethernet adaptor for getting me out of the smellies :)06:51
carybgreat for Windowz servers who cant see the net due to driver issues06:52
head_victimxannen: you can install packages and drivers via USB/CD via Synaptic06:53
xannenhead_victim, i did a stupid thing.  i removed synaptic....  and now i don't have synaptic.  :(06:54
head_victimHah well that does make it more difficult, not impossible just more manual06:54
head_victimDesktop, laptop or netbook?06:55
sagacixannen, just go sudo apt-get install synaptic06:56
xannenat first glance, i thought the networking was a minor thing, and just need reconfig...  so i ignored it and started customising other stuff...  and got rid synaptic ...  and now i regret it so much.  :(06:56
head_victimsagaci: networking is broken06:56
sagaciah ok06:56
sagacigood luck06:56
xannenyep sagaci, my network is dead.  "how could this happen to me?"06:56
head_victimxannen: if you haven't done too much to it and don't have much data to save, might be worth reinstalling.06:56
xannenyeah, might do that.  but hoping i don't have to.   initially, i did the dist upgrade through update manager, and it seemed to be well.  after reboot, network die!.06:58
carybI really miss tsclient :(06:58
head_victimxannen: or try to find someone with a mobile broadband USB modem06:59
xannencaryb, that's relating to remote desktop?06:59
xannenubuntu: keyboard = human  :D07:00
head_victimxannen: http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=11266147&postcount=6 check that 07:01
xannenhead_victim, thanks, i'll try that soon.  i'll see if i can do a recovery.07:02
xannenand also, sometimes unity failed to load up, but unity 2d worked all right.07:03
xannenso did anyone celebrate over carbon tax on wednesday?  LOL07:13
head_victimCan I just say, VirtualBox 4.1 is a big step forward. Multi display, CPU % allocation and a few other bits and bobs now just work07:15
xannencan it let you play share graphics card to play game?07:16
head_victimI wouldn't ever attempt a 3d game via virtualbox, but it lets me simulate multiple monitors07:17
xanneni wouldn't either.  but vm should allow sharing of graphics for efficient resource usage. :D07:18
head_victimIt does...07:21
head_victimYou select how much video card memory you allocate to each VM07:21
xannenso far max is 256?07:22
head_victimI think it depends on how much memory your video card actually has07:22
xannenhead_victim, that's odd.  i use virtualbox version 4.x and it only let me use 256M.  :S  and my gpu has more than that.07:23
head_victimIt might just be a maximum of half what your gpu has07:23
xannennope, i have high end gpu, geforce gtx580...  and it has 1500+ M.07:24
head_victimNo idea, I've never set it above 64 or so07:28
head_victimNot sure what you'd be running in a VM that needed that much (my point being if you NEED more than 256MB of video card ram you're probably much better off running it on bare metal)07:29
xanneni like to run vm in vm.  :D07:30
head_victimDo you NEED to or do you WANT to07:30
xanneni want to.  :D07:31
head_victimSee my previous point about needing that much GPU ram then 07:31
xannenout of all the things that has to go wrong, it has to be networking!!  damn 11.10  :(07:42
xannenat least the keyboard and mouse still works. :D07:42
airtonixcrazy people out in force today07:46
xannenare you in canberra?  lol07:47
xannenodd...  i can't open terminal with:  RIGHT alt + RIGHT ctrl + t; but LEFT alt + LEFT ctrl + t works.07:48
xannennevermind, it was keyboard layout issued.  it's fixed. :D07:51
xannenfuck this...  format and re-install :D07:59
xannenbooted into 11.10 live CD, and still no internet.  in 10.x it auto connects without a problem.08:07
xannen<britney spears> I'm going craz-eeee!08:08
head_victimsagaci: have you been using VB 4.1? I've noticed heaps of configuration updates in it08:33
xannenhead_victim, i think i have to reformat and install 11.10.  :(08:34
xannenwhy is 11.10 so evil towards me.  :(08:34
head_victimxannen: if the live cd isn't working either I don't know that would help08:35
xannenso new image download?08:35
head_victimDo you have another computer you can transfer drivers from?08:35
head_victimMaybe try that08:35
xannenokay then ^_^08:36
head_victimFirst you have to work out what driver is the issue though08:36
sagacihead_victim: yeah, I only just tried VB recently, a few nice updates08:37
head_victimYeah I'm loving dual screens, means I can test out how it will look before I install.08:37
head_victimI never had the ability to set the load on the CPU either08:37
sagacididn't get that far into the configuration, I usually just use it via testdrive to see if dailies are working08:38
xannenlol poor VB as guinea pig.08:39
head_victimxannen: that's exactly what I use it for most personally08:39
head_victimI have used it to help troubleshoot other user's issues on installations I don't have08:40
sagacii'll reinstall the 11.10 lubuntu on my netbook tonight08:40
xanneni'm back to windows if 11.10 doesn't work.  :P08:40
head_victimxannen: it does work, otherwise millions of people would be cursing.08:41
head_victimWhat are the results when you type in "lspci | grep Ethernet" into a terminal?08:42
xannenhead_victim, i got 2 ethernet results, and i do have 2 ethernet ports.08:43
xanneni'm guessing i have a bad download.08:43
head_victimI assume you've tried swapping the cable over between the ports?08:43
head_victimOk maybe they're conflicting08:44
xannenhead_victim, help, if that is true, how do i solve?  o.O08:46
head_victimNo idea08:47
head_victimI'd be googling08:47
head_victimIf you want help you'll need to paste the results of the command I asked you to run earlier08:49
Fudgehead_victim  u on oneiric?08:55
head_victimFudge: only with VB atm 08:55
Fudgethats ok, can u test something for me 08:55
head_victimDebating on if I have the time to step through 10.04 to 11.10 or just wait to 12.0408:55
head_victimOh I just broke it, need to reinstall, give me 508:55
Fudgeit'll only take a sec08:55
Fudgenp ill be here08:56
Fudgei tried vb but couldnt figure it out, id hoped that i could run it from a console08:56
head_victimI buggered up the hdd size because I'd used dynamic sizing and didn't realise the space it asked for was the maximum not the minimum08:57
head_victimSo just creating a 100gb now08:57
Fudgewow thats huge08:58
head_victimMeans I won't run out08:58
Fudgeid like a nice little interactive script that just asks me everything08:58
head_victimWell it is pretty easy to set up08:59
head_victimI just played with the settings until I knew what did what08:59
head_victimIt's all virtual machines, you can't break anything ;)08:59
Fudgecan you actually run it from a console, the vm. Not need X09:00
head_victimNo idea :)09:00
Fudgethis machien here prob wouldnt even run a vm loL p4 3gig09:00
head_victimI'm pretty useless unless I've done it before09:00
Fudgevbox gui isnt orca accessible last time i  tired09:00
Fudgesame here loL09:00
head_victimEvening bejames, you coming tomorrow afternoon?09:01
bejameshey head_victim, probably not, wife is working and I have the kids09:02
head_victimbejames: ah fair enough, one day we'll get a perfect time for everyone :/09:03
bejamesI might drag them along for a short visit09:03
bejamesyeah shift work sucks09:03
head_victimI'm actually on a 9-5 as of 2 weeks ago09:03
head_victimI'm "filling in" for my boss but apparently looking pretty full time09:03
Fudgeu up and running again head_victim 09:03
bejamesfingers crossed09:03
head_victimFudge: the hdd creation is taking ages :/09:04
head_victimI'll let you know when I have default installed. I won't bugger around with it until I've run your command :)09:04
Fudgeall id like u to do is open gedit and use kb shortcut to save09:04
head_victimbejames: yeah will be sticking my hand out for more cash as well09:04
Fudgecontrol + s, it also is supposed to launch speech i.e orca09:04
Fudgenot sure if it work sanywhere or just on nautilus e.g desktop09:05
head_victimBut yeah, it's so hard getting times/places everyone can do09:05
Fudgethats true09:05
head_victimFudge: I'll figure it out :) Should it do something on screen or only through the speakers?09:05
Fudgeu should see the orca prefs appear as well09:06
head_victimOk just checking09:09
head_victimThe hdd creation is at 88%09:09
head_victimThe install should go alright, 2x 2.4ghz cpus and 4gb ram09:09
head_victimOnly takes a few minutes09:09
xannenHow do I do checksum against iso?09:15
lubotu2To verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows09:16
xannenty head_victim ^_^09:17
head_victimNo worries09:20
head_victimFudge: installing now 09:20
xannenokay...  reburning 11.10 iso image.  :D09:24
Fudgemiens burnt sitting in drive for a reboot09:25
Fudgebut im up to the last ep of startrek enterprise season209:25
head_victimFudge: installing VBox extensions, then a reboot and I'm ready09:35
Fudgemay be a false alarm but if u can test anyway09:39
head_victimFudge: no worries mate09:39
head_victimOpens the save as dialoguer09:41
head_victimOpens the save as dialogue09:41
head_victimI opened the universal access and the screen reader is switched off, might explain it09:43
head_victimFudge: ^09:43
head_victimWhen I enable it and press control + s in gedit it still asks to save09:44
Fudgethank you very much mate09:46
FudgeloL head_victim 09:46
Fudgetks again09:47
head_victimFudge: let me know if you want anything else checked09:47
Fudgeill isntall it later on tonight or tomorrow, but thanks09:47
head_victimFudge: glad to help09:48
xannenhead_victim, my network still isn't fixed.  :(  i checksum my download from last night, and the new image i just download now.  they are both the same, and correct according to checksum code on webpage.  sigh...  so i have no idea what is going on.  :S10:09
head_victimxannen: can you post the outcome of the command I said ages ago? "lspci | grep Ethernet"10:10
xannen)):19.0 Ethernet controller: Intel Corporation 82579V Gigabit Network Connection (rev 5)10:11
xannen08:02.0 Ethernet controller: Realtek Semiconductor Co., Ltd. RTL-8110SC/8169SC Gigabit Ethernet (rev 10)10:12
xannenThose are the only two results, and correct results.10:13
head_victimAnd there's nothing odd in your network manager applet?10:14
Fudgeu cant get it connected?10:16
xannenhead_victim, not that i'm aware of.10:17
Fudgeguess ifconfig only shows loopback does it?10:17
xannenFudge, no, my network manager only recognise the ethernet controller, but fails to connect.  i only have 1 port/controller with an ethernet cable plugged in, and it recognises that.  but fails to connect to the router.10:18
Fudgeboth ends have clips? tried another cable?10:18
xannenyes with clips.  i doubt it was the cable.  all my network is fine until i upgraded to 11.10.  but sure, i'll try different cable for the doubt.10:20
head_victimxannen: can you pastebin the results of running "ifconfig" for us?10:20
lubotu2For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.10:20
Fudgeive had same stuff and you always  say it was fine before, but sometimes it has been10:20
Fudgedpkg -l | grep pastebinit 10:20
Fudge/exec -o ifconfig | pastebinit10:20
xannenumm...  my affect comp doesn't have the network/internet, so pasting the result will be hard.  LOL10:22
Fudgexannen  do u ahve an iphone or android phone, u can get online by usb tethering if u need to10:23
Fudgeperhaps check additional drivers10:23
xannenFudge, i can't install additional driver because i have no internet/network.  >.<10:24
xanneni do have an android phone, but no 3G data.  LOL10:24
xannenoh god...  why does it have to be the network!! ><10:25
Fudgeive been told lshw -c network may help in situations like this, i just had to google a bit to try and find the command10:26
xannenthe silly thing is, 10.10, 11.04 all worked out of the box for me, even the live cd auto connect to networking/internet.  not sure why 11.10 having a network dummy spit.  :S10:27
Fudgesee how that goes and if ifconfig gets populated, or i guess by what ur saying your ethernet is in ifconfig, right?10:27
Fudgesorry its -C10:27
head_victimxannen: did you modify the network settings for your previous install at all (set up any parameters different to default)?10:28
head_victimThe upgrade may have changed them10:28
xannenno...  i didn't.  also, i had reformat and did fresh install now.  and still not working.10:29
xanneni'm so glad i have this back up laptop.  lol10:29
head_victimCan you pop off the secondary nic and retry the installation?10:29
Fudgedid lshw -C network help at all?10:30
Fudgeand do u get any offer with dhclient eth0 if thats the interface10:30
xannenFudge, after i did: lshw -c network; it output something similar to lspci | grep Ethernet   but the output was better format for display.10:31
head_victimWell the ifconfig will tell you if it's set up the eth0 or just the lo10:32
xanneni just tried: sudo ifdown eth0  ; output: ifdown: interface eth0 not configured, and likewise for eth1.10:32
Fudgewhats the logical name10:32
Fudgeand can u summarise some of the configuration listed in the cmd10:33
xannenyep yep.  i think i used the command properly.  but the point is, it output says it is not configured, let alone be disabled (ifdown)10:33
Fudge       logical name: eth410:33
Fudge       configuration: autonegotiation=on broadcast=yes driver=e100 driverversion=3.5.24-k2-NAPI duplex=full firmware=N/A ip= latency=32 link=yes max$10:34
Fudgeetc loL10:34
xannenokay, if i run ifconfig, what are signs of bad or no config?10:35
xannenonce i run that command, i get the respect output info about the controller, and of course for lo10:35
Fudgedoes it say the link state is up?10:35
head_victimWell I gotta leave you to it for a while, probably bbl10:36
xannenty head_victim <310:36
Fudgenp head_victim 10:36
head_victimI'd say it's a conflict and I'd attempt to remove the second nic and try again to remove one source of psosible issues10:36
xannenhow do i remove/disable the second link?10:36
head_victimI'd remove the actualy network card from the machine10:37
xanneni tried ifdown, but i got message to say that ethX is not configured.10:37
head_victimBut if you're not used to playing inside computers that might be more difficult10:37
xanneni have the network controller built into the mobo.  :D10:37
xanneni'll get the ahmmer out :D10:37
xannenhammer*  lol10:37
head_victimIf you have 2 ports and they're different models one has to be an add in card though10:38
Fudgecant u just dhclient both of them and try pinging your gateway after that10:38
xannenfudge, can you guide me through it?  i have no idea where to start.  :(10:38
Fudgeare you root or user10:39
xannenhead_victim, no no, newer mobo can have 2 built in network controller.  like the plug in port is right next each other, along with sound socket, usb, etc...10:40
xannenyes i am, i can do sudo!  waada!  :D10:40
Fudgewhich eth devices do u have? eth0 and eth1 right?10:40
Fudgesudo dhcleint eth0 10:40
Fudgesudo dhcleint eth0110:40
Fudgeoops 10:41
Fudgesudo dhcleint eth110:41
Fudgewatch for things like offer from your router ip of new ip for you10:41
xannenokay, i did: sudo dhclient eth0 which is not connected to router.   lol.  i'm just doing it in order you suggested.10:42
xannenand right now, it appears to "hang" and waiting for response.10:42
Fudgeit will give up so thats cool10:42
Fudgesee what the 2nd one does, if u wanna give up on it hit control C but it wont hurt to wait10:43
xannenyep, i ctrl + c; waiting on eth1 response now.10:44
xannenand eth1 is connected to router.10:45
Fudgeping the router ip10:45
Fudgeping -a ip10:45
Fudgefor a pretty annoying beep if u walk away testing cables10:45
xannenlol damn, what's first 1 digit of LAN ip number, 185.192 ?10:45
Fudge192 usually10:46
Fudgelook up to your dhclient output, it will be there10:46
Fudgeoffer from . . . .10:46
Fudgeif u get a reply, ping google.com10:46
Fudgeif u dont get a google ping reply cat /etc/resolv.conf and see if your routers ip is there, i.e nameserver ip10:46
xannenno dhclient output yet.   ping -a : connect: Network is unreachable10:47
Fudgesorry i thought this meant it did connect10:48
Fudgeand eth1 is connected to router.10:48
Fudgethats a strange ip lol10:48
xannencat /etc/resolv.conf -> # Generated by NetworkManager       No other results besides that.10:48
Fudgeis your network manager set static or for dhcp10:48
Fudgesorry jsut shooting through ideas here10:49
Fudgedo you get errors or returned prompt when you do sudo ifconfig eth1 up10:49
xannenit's set to dhcp10:49
Fudgeu dont have wirless at all do you?10:49
Fudgewireless even10:50
Fudgeim bout to install it myself actually10:50
* Fudge pokes xannen 10:51
xannenfudge, sorry about dc.  but i'm back.11:17
xannenhmm...  my networking is fixed?  vaccum the router?  o.O11:21
Fudgedone well11:23
Fudgethis machine wouldnt really boot oneiric11:24
xannenlol well i reset and vaccuum it :D11:24
Fudgegrub cam up then another screen but thats it11:24
Fudgerestart would have done it i reckon11:24
Fudgeseems after i ran lshw -C network mine worked11:24
xannenalso...  for gpu driver: version-current vs post-release?11:24
Fudgebut i thought it jsut lists the stuff, nothing else11:24
Fudgeno ide11:24
Fudgehead_victim  will be pleased11:29
xannenyes, next time for router/network issues, take out the vaccuum cleaner.  and reset it too.  hehe11:30
head_victimxannen: good to hear it's fixed but yeah, if the network cards are different chipsets they shouldn't both be on the motherboard, that would be weird in my experience.11:34
xannenhead_victim, see: http://www.asus.com/Motherboards/Intel_Socket_1155/P8P67_EVO/  that's the mobo i have.  it has 2 built-in lan.  not sure how they are configured, but it's 2 onboard lan.11:40
jargonfactory\o/ all11:41
head_victimxannen: wow, that is odd. They are actually different controllers on the same board.11:43
xanneni know.  lol11:44
xannenso after spending hours figuring networking issues, reformat, chat on irc, and 2 mins vaccuum and router reset fixes the problem.  now i have spend more hours, reinstalling.  :(11:45
head_victimAh well, learnt a good lesson. It's usually the most basic of things11:46
xannenthat's what i thought too.11:47
xannenbut strangely, my other comp at the time ethernet connection and worked, and my laptop on wireless worked.  so i didn't think it was the router.11:47
head_victimCould have been a jammed port11:48
xannenon 11.10, what's the recommended xchat:  [plain] xchat irc, or xchat-gnome irc11:49
head_victimI use xchat (without the gnome bit) I think11:52
xannenokay cool11:52
xanneni'll try that then.  i am using gnome xchat now.11:53
head_victimThe beauty of linux is there are 100 different things you can try if you want and find the one you like the best :)11:54
xanneni want the best handed on silver platter.  :D  brb relog on xchat.11:55
xannenhello xchat (without gnome)  lol11:56
Fudgetelnets the best and ships default on all operatin gsystems11:57
head_victimHa, go back to 197511:57
jargonfactoryRIP dmr11:58
head_victimjargonfactory: indeed11:59
xannenoh god... i need to dl hon again.  :(12:00
jargonfactoryhead_victim: i felt really bad mate. did C back in high-school and it was so bad to learn of his death. I even have his K&R with me :(12:01
jargonfactorywell half of K&R even12:01
xannenwho die?  K or R ?12:01
xannenyes it is sad.  though, C was awesome at the time, now it's cumbersome after heavy reliance on virtual machine.  lol12:04
jargonfactoryC is used big time dude12:05
jargonfactory(Even today)12:05
xanneni know...  but pointers and memory mgt is annoying, and on top of that there's the usual code bug, etc...  :D12:05
xannenit's nice that memory mgt is out of the way. :D12:06
head_victimI have no comment as I have no idea about programming. Sad to loose one of the figure heads though12:09
xannenbrb relogging into standard unity :D12:09
jargonfactorywonder what Linux would have been called if there was no UNIX. would it even exist? ofcourse no but it's kind of interesting to think about *what* kind of computing environment it'd have been.12:09
jargonfactoryhead_victim: don't worry abt it PEBKACS are everywhere12:10
head_victimFreax was the preferred name I believe12:10
xannenhello sagaci <312:15
xannenon 11.10, how do you set the dashboard on primary monitor for dual monitor?12:28
head_victimAs long as you set whichever monitor you want to be primary the dash goes there12:32
head_victimThat's in system settings then "displays"12:33
head_victimI just sorted out my virtual box "dual screens"12:34
xannenhead_victim, i had a look at system -> display, and it can't detect my monitors, it only says unknown.12:37
head_victimOk make sure you have your video drivers installed properly (usually need proprietary for nvidia and/or ati)12:38
head_victimThe best way to check that is in the system settings "additional drivers"12:38
xanneni have, but i installed: post-release current version, instead of just current version, does that make a difference?12:39
head_victimShouldn't, have you restarted x since installing them?12:40
xannenyes i restarted my comp after driver update.12:41
xannenok, i'll try the standard current version. restarting comp now. :D12:44
xannensoft center is giving me the sh*t13:02
xannenyay have synaptic now <313:03
jargonfactoryxannen: man, you're so hyper and I used to think I was hyper :)13:14
xannenhehe jargonfactory 13:14
jargonfactorywhere do you get all these energy from? guaranas?13:15
xannensexual frustration?  :P13:18
xanneni can't wait till 12.04... i feel 11.10 release can be better :D13:55
xannennight all ^_^14:16
airtonixlol 14:48
head_victimIf anyone is interested - Ubuntu Community Council Election results - http://www.cs.cornell.edu/w8/~andru/cgi-perl/civs/results.pl?id=E_234037fcede80bac14:52
sagacinot surprised about dholbach14:54
head_victimThe top 4 were pretty safe, the others were close14:58
sagacioh well hopefully it's a good cc for the next couple of years15:02
head_victimFingers crossed.15:03
head_victimFirst time I've been able to vote :)15:04
sagaciyeah I think that's how they do the debian votes, like for DPL, etc15:04
sagacithat weird voting system15:04
head_victimYeah, one of the real benefits of being a member.15:04
head_victimYou should look into that yourself if you're interested15:04
sagaciyeah I'm thinking next year sometime15:06
head_victimCool, I just know they're trying to promote it again as a lot of people don't seem to know enough about it15:08
sagacithey were vaguely talking about it on the ubuntu-uk podcast and I agree that a hell of a lot of people in the ubuntu community are quite happy doing what they're doing without having to worry about any membership/leadership15:09
sagacieach to their own... I'd like to go for it but I don't want to apply and not feel like i'm ready (ie. I don't think I should yet)15:10
head_victimWell I think the best way to check is to actually write up your wiki page like you're going for it. You'll be surprised I think.15:10
sagaciyeah, I've been collating a few of the things I've done but I'd like to hold at least one more release party/event 15:11
head_victimNo worries :) Just sing out when you start chasing testimonials 15:11
sagaciit was just so weird having the release party when all the participant (bar me) had really nothing to do with the -au loco15:12
head_victimWell now they know about it though15:12
sagaciin hindsight, I should have taken some -au team cards15:12
head_victimThat's half the reason for it all15:12
sagaciyeah, we did talk about it15:12
head_victimCool, well I have to head to bed15:13
head_victimOur release party is tomorrow afternoon, weather permitting. The radar is looking like a stormy day is ahead of us.15:13
sagacicatchya later, I should go to sleep now too, rain on the roof is the best night-time lullaby15:14
sagacirighteo then, hope it goes well15:14
ikthead_victim: you here?15:44
sagacidoubt it15:44
iktoh well check this15:44
sagaciikt, ?15:50
sagaciah nice, now just post it to the group :)16:03
sagacierrr, list16:03
sagaciwhat does 8pm mean16:04
sagaciest, edst, cst, wst?16:04
iktgood point16:26
ikti'll make it est16:26

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