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FuzzoomHi guys, I'm rather new to linux, I've tried a few things on it, but haven't gotten very far. I currently have Ubuntu 11.04 running on VMware player. I was wondering if anyone might have suggestions for  good starting tutorials... that I could find for free online? Videos would probably be best.01:38
FuzzoomIt'd be nice to at least have a good jist of the most common commands in the terminal.01:38
holsteinFuzzoom: welcome01:43
holsteinthere are lots of resources.. wikis video.. and helpful folks here01:43
holsteini say, get yourself a few simple tasks01:43
holsteinnext time you want to make a folder on your desktop, come here, or google 'make a directory in the commandline ubuntu'01:43
holsteinand use the mkdir command (for example)01:44
holsteini made myself a server machine that is command line only01:44
holsteini use ssh to connect to it headless01:44
FuzzoomHeh, nice :]01:44
holsteineverything i do on there *must* be in the terminal01:44
holsteingreat learning experience01:44
FuzzoomHmm, but what sort of things would I put on the server...01:45
holsteinwhatever you want01:46
holsteinagain, i think that would be a good idea if you had something you needed to accomplish01:46
FuzzoomPerhaps what would help most, is some kinda introductory course, that gives me an idea of how to do a variety of functions in linux. And then I can decide what one of those to look further into.01:46
holsteini run a mumble server for a skype kind of connection to folks, and an icecast server that i stream audio to.. a webserver that i put files up for folks on01:46
holsteinFuzzoom: right... but, what im suggesting is... you just take on some easy tasks01:47
holsteinif you sit down and say 'im going to learn the command line', thats quite a task01:47
holsteinbut, you can learn to manipulate some files with the terminal easily01:48
holsteinthe introduction really depends on what you want, and what level you are on01:48
RivieraFuzzoom: Do you have any particular motivation for the wish to work in terminals?01:48
FuzzoomHmm, well I suppose I could make a server that a tutorial instructs me to, learning what things do along the way...01:48
holsteinyeah, that too... you dont have to work in the command line ;)01:48
FuzzoomWell not so much server side at this point...01:49
Fuzzoommore for getting things done quickly when it comes to downloading important files and simple tasks like that.01:49
RivieraSo this is only accidently related to Linux?01:50
FuzzoomOr would you suggest starting with applications meant to make those processes easier?01:50
holsteinFuzzoom: i would try and narrow it down to a task you would like to accomplish01:51
holsteinif you are on windows as well, maybe setting up a samba share, or running something simple in WINE01:51
RivieraAn (IMHO better) alternative to learning "the command line" for "getting things done quickly" is learning a decent scripting language instead.01:52
holsteinRiviera: bash?01:52
FuzzoomAh that sounds like a good idea, Riviera :]01:52
holsteini would like to learn more python... i look at it every now and then01:53
Rivierabash is everything but decent, especially as a scripting language ;)01:53
holsteini found http://www.upriss.org.uk/python/PythonCourse.html01:53
RivieraFuzzoom: yes, I'm pretty convinced it is.01:53
Fuzzoomwhat scripting language would be the best to start with, in your opinion?01:53
Fuzzoomerr ya know, the basics :D01:53
RivieraHm.  I can not really say, Python might not be the worst choice.01:54
FuzzoomI did a little work in DOS... but that was ages ago.01:54
Fuzzoomok :]01:54
RivieraBut also depends on what the task is. For what you are after Python might indeed be good.01:54
holsteini was thinking a lot of ubuntu/linux uses python, right?01:54
holsteini looked at a few, and it seemed less over my head too01:54
Fuzzoomoh... would the idea be that i'd be programming my own download managers and such?01:55
Rivierahm, yes, python is relatively common01:55
RivieraFuzzoom: the idea, hm.01:55
RivieraFuzzoom: Let me annoy you with too many words:01:55
Fuzzoomokay, hehe01:55
RivieraFuzzoom: What you vaguely understand as "linux' command line" is probably more or less a shell and some standard, common tools01:56
FuzzoomThats probably true :P01:56
RivieraFuzzoom: like wget or curl to fetch data from the web, grep to select lines, awk and sed to manipulate them,01:56
RivieraFuzzoom: the shell (often bash) that glues these things together.01:57
RivieraFuzzoom: now, all of these tools can be used for scripting purposes similar as scripting languages,01:57
RivieraFuzzoom: but they are optimized for something else:  For interactive use (in the command line), which has some implications.01:58
RivieraFuzzoom: one of them is that they're cryptic and complicated, people, when working interactively in terminals, don't want to type a lot.01:58
RivieraFuzzoom: often "the command line" looks like your cat slept on the keyboard.01:58
RivieraFuzzoom: that means that things are complicated and take long to learn,01:59
RivieraFuzzoom: because, they also are very special in their domain, they are not generic solutions, but optimized to those that occur commonly,01:59
RivieraFuzzoom: working with files that potentially contain newline characters easily becomes very annoying in shells,01:59
RivieraFuzzoom: working with files that only contain of ascii characters is easy,02:00
RivieraFuzzoom: (in their names, i meant),02:00
Fuzzoombecause of the limitations within those shells?02:00
RivieraFuzzoom: no, because they are optimized for common tasks.02:00
RivieraFuzzoom: working with lines of data is easy, working with more complex data becomes hard,02:00
RivieraFuzzoom: well, I realise, I talk too much.02:01
RivieraFuzzoom: in summary, the things that you can do with the shell are limited compared to a "normal" scripting language,02:01
FuzzoomThat makes sense.02:01
RivieraFuzzoom: which usually makes much more powerful issues far easier,02:01
RivieraFuzzoom: the only drawback is, you have to type a few more to solve the same problem,02:02
RivieraFuzzoom: but you waste less years learning all these things.02:02
FuzzoomBut you also get, exactly what you want, instead of what someone else was thinking, cause your programming it yourself, right?02:02
RivieraFuzzoom: in python, writing a script that parses a website's html and downloads some desired documents from that parsed data is easy,02:02
RivieraFuzzoom: doing the same with a shell, grep, sed, and awk is (in the general case) way more complicated, far less robust and often not reasonably possible.02:03
FuzzoomI have done a nice long tutorial on html, which dabbled a little into java script. I've also done a little action script in Adobe Flash. But I'm aware neither of those are programming languages.02:03
RivieraFuzzoom: hm, but sure they are.02:04
RivieraFuzzoom: Why wouldn't they be?02:04
Rivieraah, before I forget, I wanted to suggest something.02:04
FuzzoomSure :D02:04
RivieraIn case you find yourself thinking that everything I said is bullshit, and you decide for the foolish path of learning "the command line,"02:05
RivieraIMHO one of the things you should learn first should be to read / navigate / find documentation.02:05
RivieraFinding useful information in manpages, finding the right manpages, and even googling for information are acquired and IMHO non-trivial skills.02:06
RivieraI cannot provide useful beginner's tutorials, so I can only say that :)02:06
FuzzoomHmm, I am pretty skilled at googling things... the question is... knowing what to look for though. If you don't know nearly anything... you gotta start somewhere.02:06
FuzzoomAh ok :]02:07
FuzzoomI guess I've gotta remember... linux is far more about programming, rather than being a user friendly gui.02:07
RivieraActionScript and JavaScript are indeed programming languages, and prime examples of scripting languages.02:08
FuzzoomIts more about making your own "user friendly" answers, correct?02:08
RivieraI don't think so, no.02:08
RivieraThat is, btw, the reason why I initially asked what your motivation behind all this is,02:09
Rivierabecause I had that feeling that for you Linux somehow is related to the command line.02:09
RivieraAnd with, hm, having to be an expert for using it.02:09
Rivieraand all that :)02:09
FuzzoomWell, I've made some fairly educated guesses, but I apparently still know hardly anything, to be able to guess. xD02:09
Rivieraah well, all these are anyway only my opinions, probably most the gurus would object 8)02:10
FuzzoomWell I appreciate you taking time to assist me (or at least try to).02:10
RivieraSo, you don't find the GUI that you are using "easy?"02:10
FuzzoomWell I do...02:10
Fuzzoombut... there are some things02:11
RivieraYou used Windows before?02:11
Fuzzoomlike installing a flashplayer plugin for instance02:11
Fuzzoomyeah I'm mainly a windows kid02:11
Fuzzoombut simple tasks like that... can get very confusing when people on google have many different ideas of what to do...02:11
Fuzzoommany of which may work... but knowing what one to do... is... confusing02:12
RivieraI wanted to ask which things you feel hard in your Linux installation that before were natural to you in Windows.02:12
RivieraYes, that's true.02:12
RivieraBut hm, doesn't Ubuntu do about everything for you already when installing the flashplayer plugin?02:13
FuzzoomWell I also read reviews when I go to do things, typically...02:13
Fuzzoomand it seemed that the normal application finder/installer thing wasn't given the best reviews02:13
Rivieraah, okay. hm.02:14
RivieraI don't bother much, maybe that's why I didn't notice :)02:14
RivieraDo you have other examples?02:14
RivieraOf things that feel complicated?02:14
FuzzoomHmm, maybe I should just write down and or ask questions as they pop up.02:14
Fuzzoomand maybe try out that python tutorial02:15
RivieraSure, but I now did not ask to provide solutions, it was mainly for understanding your idea of what Linux is and why it makes you feel that you should bother with internals.02:15
RivieraWhich is nothing bad per se, but should not be desired when one just wants to use a computer :)02:16
FuzzoomOk, well aside from intriguement in a different operating system from windows/mac... my main thought on using linux is...02:16
FuzzoomIts free, and open source? and a lot more customizable... and some day it might be a lot more compatible with games I care most about.02:17
FuzzoomSo some day I might just switch completely over to it.02:17
Rivieratime will tell :)02:18
Fuzzoombut yeah... the many many updates that microsoft keeps asking you to download...02:18
Fuzzoomgets pretty annoying02:18
Fuzzoomand doesn't seem necessary02:18
Rivierayes, that sucks indeed :)02:18
Fuzzoomif people are smart enough to avoid making a few stupid mistakes02:18
FuzzoomOh and also, I here the resource management of linux systems is like way better... (err uses less RAM)02:19
FuzzoomOh yeah, and I do like workspaces :D, I imagine they could be pretty useful02:20
FuzzoomI've always kinda wanted to try out the linux cube :P02:20
RivieraThat feels so, yes, but I cannot really say. I use relatively minimal environments in linux and have sadly no clue about recent windows.02:21
Rivieralinux cube ... that's still around? 8)02:21
Fuzzoomlol I think so02:21
Fuzzoomnow you can do it as a cylinder too02:21
FuzzoomAnyhow, I like getting new perspectives, and access to new resources.02:21
FuzzoomThough with time I learn that some things... like website coding... can be pretty tedious, and just wasn't for me.02:22
RivieraThen don't much bother, just play around :)02:22
FuzzoomAnyhow, as of right now... whenever application installations refer me to the terminal line to do stuff... I am like gah, idk what I'm doing >.<02:23
FuzzoomI guess what'd be helpful for that is like a cheat sheet... like... cd = change direction /.. = search down two folders (made that one up kinda)... something like that02:25
Fuzzoomdirectory, not direction lol02:25
Rivierathere are millions of documents like that out there02:25
Fuzzoomdoh xD02:25
Rivieramaybe one or two are good :)02:25
RivieraI really don't know of a good resource for that :/02:27
Rivieraor well, maybe ask tomorrow again or so :)02:27
Fuzzoomhehe ok, I guess I'll google around a little02:27
Fuzzoomsounds like its hard for you guys to give simple suggestions for stuff like that.02:28
Fuzzoomsince there are so many options out there.02:28
Fuzzoom(and since its probably so ancient and beaten into you, that you probably don't remember what ones you used)02:28
RivieraI mainly used the manpages.02:29
RivieraStuff online usually sucks, it's usually wrong and such.02:29
RivieraI mean, when it's about the command line, shell scripting and so,02:29
Rivieranot things online in general :)02:29
Fuzzoomah ok02:30
Fuzzoomwell man pages seems pretty cool02:30
FuzzoomSeems easy enough to navigate with the find feature.02:31
Fuzzoom(find feature in firefox)02:31
Rivieraah, you read them in your browser?02:31
FuzzoomUh, atm yeah.02:32
Fuzzoomoh  I see... just looked at the wiki02:32
RivieraHm? :)02:33
Fuzzoomyeah ok I have no idea where you'd normally find it xD02:34
Fuzzoomor what to enter anyways02:34
RivieraYou mean, for reading a manpage?02:37
Rivierayou'd, in your shell, in a terminal, use the command "man"02:38
Rivieralike for getting the manpage of the command "man" itself, you'd type "man man"02:38
Rivierafor help with the command "ls", type "man ls"02:38
Rivieraalso try "man intro"02:38
Fuzzoomoh ok... :]02:39
Fuzzoomso if I wanted to say... find out what cd meant via manual pages02:40
Fuzzoomcould i do that?02:40
Rivieraonly if you are lucky02:42
Riviera"cd" is a command built in to your shell02:42
Rivierathere are not always manpages for these commands02:42
Rivieraon some systems there are, on some there are not :)02:43
Fuzzoomah lol02:44
Fuzzoomok the man intro does seem to be pretty helpful :D02:45
Fuzzoomgood to know bout that :]02:45
Fuzzoomonce you are into one of those, do you have to "terminal > reset" to clear out of it?02:46
Rivieratype q02:46
Rivierait's a bit fancy,02:46
Fuzzoomoh coolio02:47
Rivieramanpages are files02:47
Rivierasheesh, I am too drunk 8)02:47
Fuzzoomso this is kinda like the help app thing in windows02:47
RivieraI mean, manpages are written in "mark-up" (remotely similar to html)02:47
Fuzzoomjust kinda xD02:47
Rivierawhen you type "man <some manpage>"02:47
Rivierathen, behind the scenes, this mark-up is rendered for your terminal,02:48
Rivieralike doing all these fancy things, hyphenation, justification, deciding what to print in bold and so,02:48
Riviera(depending for example on the width of your terminal window)02:49
Rivieraeventually displayed in a "pager"02:49
Rivierausually that pager is less02:49
Rivierawhich is the program that you interact with, in that you scroll up and down in that manpage02:49
Rivieraand which is ended with pressing the q key :)02:49
Fuzzoomalright :P02:50
Rivierabecause of this complex insanity, it's also possible to create quite nicely typeset manpages for print02:50
Rivieraand so 8)02:50
Fuzzoomwell I am sure the man pages will be helpful to me :D02:51
Fuzzoomfor the basics I want to / should know about the terminal02:52
Fuzzoomtime go to make a lil document on my desktop to refer to to remember these crucial basic commands ^^02:52
Rivieramaking your own cheat sheet does not sound like the worst idea02:54
Rivieramaybe see the documentation of the "coreutils"02:56
Rivierathat usually is in info format which to learn for you would now be asked too much,02:56
Rivierabut it should be online somewhere for easy browsing02:56
RivieraFuzzoom: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/GNU_Core_Utilities#Programs_included_in_coreutils02:57
FuzzoomWell I'll continue with my cheat sheet, and ask questions as I try to do common tasks. =]03:04
Fuzzoom(when I run into stuff idk)03:05
Rivieraway to go :)03:05
RivieraDid you already write your first Python script? :)03:05
FuzzoomI don't think so. xD03:05
FuzzoomOh... I forgot... I have seen a lil programming in filemaker... and on some graphic calculators for that matter03:06
Fuzzoomjust a tiny bit though03:06
Rivierasheesh, what are you waiting for? :P03:06
RivieraIf you feel the need to learn programming first, then learn programming first :)03:07
FuzzoomIt sounds like a good start... as long as I have "problems" it gives me to work through03:09
Fuzzoom*reading through the python.org tutorial now*03:10
Fuzzoomblah no, this one is too much reading without doing anything lol03:12
FuzzoomHooray, one with a lot of exercises for beginners like me. :D (at least I think it is)03:14
RivieraAlso see #python, they have some strong opinions about many python documents and surely many helpful hints.03:17
Fuzzoomok I'll try to remember that03:17
FuzzoomYou know one cool example of trying a new app/technique that I did, was when I took an intro to flash class... I realized I could pretty easily make an entire calendar. :D03:19
FuzzoomI suppose as you learn the skills, ideally the ideas will fly into your head, on how to use them.03:20
RivieraYes, that's often so.03:24
RivieraTry to keep that, I imagine that can be lost during one's life.03:24
FuzzoomI don't think I will ever think learning new perspectives is a bad idea03:26
Fuzzoomthough I may not be interested in learning certain perspectives. ;]03:26
FuzzoomErr perspects/talents/skills... whatever you wanna call them03:27
Rivieraah no, I don't mean the learning itself03:27
RivieraI mean these ideas that fly when learning ;)03:27
Fuzzoomah I'll try :P03:28
FuzzoomThough I'm not naturally one of the more creative types, I don't think.03:28
RivieraHow would you know :P03:29
FuzzoomFrom experience trying out drawing, painting, photoshop, etc...03:30
Fuzzoomalrightie, I think its time to put chatzilla on my ubuntu firefox =P03:37
Fuzzoomgets a lil confusing doing it in windows and popping into ubuntu xD03:37
Fuzzoombut yeah doing a tutorial like this within ubuntu seems like just what I needed03:38
FuzzoomI learn some programming, have some exercises to make sure I'm doing things right and understanding right... and if I only do it in ubuntu, I have more incentive to use ubuntu. =]03:38
Fuzzoom_Alright, I'm back, inside of my virtual OS. ;D03:48
Rivierawelcome back ;)03:49
Fuzzoom_lol wow, adding unity really makes things confusing xD03:49
Fuzzoom_(merging windows 7 and ubuntu into same gui, cept for window edges)03:49
Rivieraone gets used to that :)03:51
Fuzzoom_yeah suppose so03:51
Rivieralaters :)03:55
Fuzzoom_you off for the night?04:00
Fuzzoom_Thanks again for the help. It took a while to get some answers that worked great for me, but I did get them, and have a better idea of how to utilize this chat now. =]04:06
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Guest96637So I have installed 11.10 and have the machine hooked up to a Panasonic HD TV however for the screen is always stretched off what appears to be all four sides. I have tried different resolutions on the nVidia drivers. I have the latest restricted ones but no joy. This computer previously worked fin with windows05:58
Guest96637The resolution is set to 1920x108005:59
philipballewWhats a good way to make a python script a deb I can install?06:03
SnicksieGuest96637, does the tv has something like 'auto configure'? does it have a setting where you can say 'i want 16:9' or 'i want 4:3' or whatever? :)06:06
Snicksiemaybe you'll need additional settings on the tv :)06:06
Guest96637Yes gone through all that and always stretched06:07
Guest96637I should not say stretched just oversized outside of the visible area06:07
Guest96637Well the tv video card combo worked fine under windows06:08
Snicksieyeah, when I connect my tv to my laptop, it works great...06:08
Snicksiewhat setting do you choose, Guest96637 ? disabled; seperate x-screen; twinview ?06:09
Guest96637Separate X-screen06:09
Snicksiein the nvidia settings, you can set the panning too, i guess06:10
Snicksieis that the settings from your 'standard' monitor or the tv-screen? :)06:10
Snicksieadvanced settings ;)06:10
Guest96637One sec06:11
Guest96637Ok so should I reduce the size under panning?06:11
Snicksiei'd try it :)06:11
Guest96637That seems a bit better06:12
Snicksieokay, nice ;)06:12
Guest96637Herm actually it will not let me apply it06:14
shahanthegeekI have just installed the ubuntu 11.1009:24
shahanthegeekbut cannt install "sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras"09:24
M0hishahanthegeek: you updated the machine?09:31
M0hiIf not, try updating the machine and try09:32
M0hiok bai09:32
geirhashahanthegeek: Try   sudo apt-get update   first09:45
M0higeirha: He told that he updated twice :[09:48
shahanthegeekgeirha: I did it09:49
shahanthegeekagain I have updated using the Main Server as its source . But same issue :(09:49
shahanthegeekAt last the "ubuntu-restricted-extras" is downloading09:51
shahanthegeekthat is installing09:51
shahanthegeekbut the "sudo apt-get update" has not been updated completed :(09:52
geirhaHm. GPG errors09:52
shahanthegeekgeirha: what does it mean?09:53
geirhaIt's unable to verify that the package lists are from a trusted source.09:53
shahanthegeekgeirha: so, what should I do now?09:54
geirhaNot sure. I don't know if the problem is with archive.ubuntu.com or with your install09:54
shahanthegeekhmm... Will it affect my ubuntu-restricted-extras installation as I am installing it right now ?09:55
geirhaCould be some stale files in /var/lib/apt/lists09:56
geirhaNo, if it installs, it installs correctly.09:57
geirhaYou can try:  sudo rm /var/lib/apt/lists/* /var/lib/apt/lists/partial/*09:58
geirhaAnd then   sudo apt-get update   again09:58
shahanthegeekgeirha: ok... I will try this after my ubuntu-restricted-extras installation10:07
shahanthegeekgeirha: tnx for your help :)10:07
geirhaThe rm will give a warning about partial being a directory. That's expected, so just ignore it.10:08
shahanthegeekgeirha: ok10:09
sd_ubuntuHi! I'm new at ubuntu community. Could I start some work with you?12:44
sd_ubuntuI read something about packaging12:44
holsteinsd_ubuntu: i would try and find a project you would like to help13:23
holsteini help with ubuntustudio for example... though not as much as i would like13:26
holsteinthe ubuntu weekly newsletter team is a great place to help out as a non-coder, and get an idea of what is going on in the community13:27
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wiseqnetdoes anyone here has tried oneiric 0celot14:03
bauditsIm new to ubuntu. I tried to checkout some files from CVS. But i get a:  "cvs checkout: failed to obtain history lock in repository ....." error. can anyone help me with this error or tell me where to look or ask?15:11
raubvogelI am using pidgin right now. How do I tell it to stop creating a temporary window with the last reply to me?15:17
w47331i have an issue with my graphics not working correctly. Im new to linux and am confussed as to what to ask...any help to clear this up?15:32
wiseqnetask @ #ubuntu15:36
bioterrorw47331, you should tell us first what kind of gpu you have15:37
bioterrorwe cannot help if you dont tell us what's the issue and what kind of hardware you have15:37
bioterrorjust like with car, you tell your car's model and what are the symptons15:38
w47331srry im looking for the command15:39
bioterrorlspci |less15:39
bioterrorfor example15:39
w47331my video fr it says no support for texture found.DTX texture compression not required.15:41
w47331its driving me nuts....love ubuntu but cant play any games....and i love rfactor!!!15:44
bioterroroh well, i915 is not the fastest chipset for playing 3D games15:45
w47331but is there a fix for this?15:45
bioterrorw47331, trying to google a little15:48
bioterrorI just came back from work and I'm having a horrible headache15:48
w47331sorry to hear that....i just got over the flu...was down for 6 days15:48
bioterrorw47331, does your screen flicker or what?15:49
w47331no it isnt being recongnized ass a 3d card i think...says no support for texture compression. DTXX texture compression required15:52
w47331does ubuntu have anyting like teamviewer or VNC?15:53
ubot2VNC is a protocol for remote desktop. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VNCOverSSH describes how to use it securely.  It works best over fast connections, otherwise look at !FreeNX15:54
ubot2FreeNX is advanced remote desktop technology. For more information and install instructions, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeNX15:54
w47331think oyu would be willing to help remotly?15:54
bioterrorI dont help with remote connections15:56
bioterrorand I'm still looking what's your problem15:56
w47331remote connection isnt my prob....my video isnt allowing me to play games15:57
bioterroris that a windows game15:58
bioterroror a native linux game?15:58
w47331yes i have wine...15:59
bioterrorthat rfactor is a game you play under wine?15:59
w47331im hoping to....16:00
w47331or am i going about it all wrong?16:00
bioterrorwould you like to answer to my question16:00
bioterroryeah, rfactor is a car game for windows16:02
w47331as i admited in my into ...im new to this all...and have only used windows in the past...so i hope i am answering your Q's as they are needed to be16:02
bioterrorproblem must be some where in wine then16:02
w47331when i try to install the game it installs,, then it trys to config the video and says no support for texture compression. DTXX texture compression required16:03
bioterrorsounds like you need a better graphics card then ;)16:05
bioterrorbuy xbox 360 and forza 4 for gaming ;)16:06
w47331im over microsoft....16:06
w47331then seems no help for this issue ?16:06
bioterrorthis appears to be a hardware related case, and I'm not a wine expert to be honest. I've played Fallout 1 and 2 under wine16:07
bioterrorand that's all :-)16:07
w47331right on thank you for your time!!!16:07
bioterrornp, have a nice weekend ;)16:08
bioterroryou can probably play tuxracer! ;)16:08
w47331you too !!!!16:08
w47331im getten new card...any suggetions...my laptop is inpsiron 154516:08
bioterrorlaptops arent good for gamin16:08
w47331baby crying bbif16:09
IAmNotThatGuyI think the issues is similar to http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=1133909516:12
w47331was fresh install from dvd16:17
AnNo3Hi, I recently updated to 11.10 on my netbook and now it doesn't see any microphones. Any help, please?18:29
zimiohey y'all18:39
zimiodoes anybody know how to fix the thing when ubuntu thinks the disk is full but is not18:39
bioterrorhow it is full?18:40
zimiodf -h18:40
zimioit says 96%18:40
zimiobut it isn't / is only 6 gb full18:40
zimiobtw have you been using gnome shell?18:41
bioterrorAll the time18:41
zimiothat shit is sick18:42
zimioi have my /home in a different partition18:43
zimiobigger than the / partition18:43
bioterrordoes it say that you're out of space18:45
bioterroror just warns you're getting out of space?18:45
zimioit warns me18:45
zimioit freezes  some times18:45
zimioi have to rebooy18:45
zimioit won't login, then it does18:46
zimiotake a look18:46
zimiobut then i do this:18:47
zimio$ df -h18:47
zimioFilesystem            Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on18:47
zimio/dev/sda1              37G   34G  1.5G  96% /18:47
zimioudev                  2.0G  4.0K  2.0G   1% /dev18:47
zimiotmpfs                 799M  952K  798M   1% /run18:47
zimionone                  5.0M     0  5.0M   0% /run/lock18:47
zimionone                  2.0G  300K  2.0G   1% /run/shm18:47
zimio/dev/sda6             250G   99G  138G  42% /home18:47
zimiothen i can't install programs for "lack of space"18:47
bioterrorzimio, do 'sudo apt-get clean'18:48
bioterrorand next time, pastebin, please ;)18:48
zimioyea i have done that the clean a couple of times in a row this day18:48
bioterrorhow can your system use 35GB :o18:49
zimioit doesn't if you check the disk analyzer in the pic18:49
zimioit only says that am using 10 gb18:49
zimioplus whatever is in home18:49
bioterrordf hardly lies18:50
zimiohmmm am i in the twilight zone?18:50
bioterroror outerlimits!18:51
bioterror"do not try to adjust the tv" :D18:51
bioterroror how it was18:51
zimioman, i don't remember much about the show18:51
zimioit is mostly fuzzy for me18:52
bioterrorbut back to your problem18:52
zimiowhat can be done?18:52
bioterrorI really cant figure out why it says it uses that much space, and that graphical thingie not18:55
bioterrorWillex, moro18:55
bodhi_zazenzimio: something has to be using the space -)18:55
Willexanybody else have problems installing 11.10 through live USB18:55
bodhi_zazencheck your logs - /var/log18:55
bioterrorWillex, what kind of problem?18:55
bodhi_zazen'lo bioterror18:56
bioterrorhi bodhi18:56
zimioI'll get to the bottom of this18:56
Willexit just tells me there\s some sort of input output error and won\t finish the installation18:56
zimioeven if it cost my afternoon!18:56
Willexyet the live USB works ok in itself18:56
bioterrorWillex, you sure that the hdd okay?18:57
Willexbut supposedly its messed up during the install18:57
bioterrorWillex, sure you can: sudo du -h / |less18:57
bioterrorsory Willex18:57
bioterrorthat was ment to zimio18:57
Willexwell it was fine this evening lol18:57
Willexbefore I decicded to try this18:57
bioterrorWillex, can you check logs?18:58
WillexI should have known this wouldn\t be easy, there\s always something wrong with these installs18:58
Willexdunno what logs18:58
WillexI tried checking disk utility18:59
Willexit seemed ok18:59
bioterrorhmmm /var/log/messages for example18:59
Willexif I can\t get this working then I\ll probably have to revert some earlier version I have stored somewhere19:00
Willexcan using unetbootin cause install issues19:02
Willexubuntu\s default one couldn\t create a working live USB for me19:03
Willexthis one at least boots but it would be nice to get out of this limbo19:03
bioterrorI made a working usb of lubuntu with imagewriter19:04
bioterroras you can now "dd" the image into usb stick19:04
bodhi_zazenzimio: use du and df , lol19:07
zimiodu and df?19:07
zimiouse them how?19:07
bodhi_zazenOpen a terminal19:08
bodhi_zazencd /var19:08
bodhi_zazendu -h19:08
bodhi_zazencd /tmp19:08
bodhi_zazendu -u19:08
bodhi_zazencd /19:08
bodhi_zazendf -h19:08
zimioalright ;-)19:08
Willexerrno 5 input out error19:09
zimiobodhi_zazen, du: invalid option -- 'u'19:10
zimiobodhi_zazen, same results as before19:11
bodhi_zazenYou have to find what is taking up all that space19:11
bodhi_zazenHow big are your logs ?19:11
bodhi_zazencd /var/log19:11
bodhi_zazendu -h19:11
Willexoh hooray i\m not alone lol http://askubuntu.com/questions/65946/errno-5-input-output-error-while-installing-11-1019:11
zimiomy logs are 29M19:12
zimioi don't know what is taking all that space19:12
zimiosome programs say it is nothing19:13
zimioand df says it is something but it doesn't tell me where it is19:13
bodhi_zazenkeep looking19:13
bodhi_zazentry /tmp19:13
bioterror/var/tmp too19:13
zimio/var/tmp is only 456MB19:14
bioterrorhow you have there stuff?-)19:14
bodhi_zazenthat is a ton of stuff, what is it19:15
bioterrorand /var/tmp never gets empty19:15
bioterrorunles you clean it yourself19:15
zimiosome kdecache19:15
zimiothat's whats taking space19:15
zimiobut the disk analyzer tells me that19:15
zimiothat's not new information, it all amounts to 10 gb19:16
zimiowhich isn't that bad19:16
zimiobut that's according that program...19:16
zimioi think df -h is also counting the /home, which is another partition19:17
zimioand it gets bads results because of that19:17
zimiothen gnome programs and apt-get, use df -h and panic because they don't see enough space19:18
bioterrorFilesystem                                              Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on19:18
bioterror/dev/sda4                                               1,8T  1,7T   48G  98% /home19:18
bioterrorit's a completely different partition and it's shown different19:18
bioterror/dev/disk/by-uuid/d75c55de-e6f7-4092-a8e4-5202974fcec5  9,7G  6,8G  2,4G  75% /19:18
bioterroras you can see19:18
zimiois there an option for df recursively look tell me the space of directories?19:19
bioterrorsudo du -h / |less19:19
zimiothanks  dudes, i'll get back to work19:22
zimiosomehow i'll crack this mystery today19:22
bodhi_zazenKeep looking with du and df =_19:23
zimioalright, thanks19:24
Willexhonestly this is now downright ridiculous, some people have solved this errno 5 by taking off ram modules, wtf19:26
Willexhow random of an error can this be19:26
Willextake off your ram19:26
Willexbloody hell19:26
bioterrorinstall 11.04 and do-release-upgrade :D19:26
Willexarent the upgrades a bit screwy19:27
Willexcompared to fresh isntall19:27
WillexI always read that it isnt recommended19:27
bioterrorare we using a GNU/Linux or Windows 98?-)19:27
Willex98 would be a nice retro flashback19:28
bioterrorand do-release-upgrade wont give you io error's ;)19:34
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