khooverhey willwh, what ports would I have to forward to make the server work?00:23
willwhkhoover: just 8005:36
willwhkhoover: your ISP might block 80 inbound05:36
willwhsome of them do05:36
BluesKajhiyas all10:56
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* genii-around makes more coffee13:59
* BluesKaj hiccupd from too much coffee14:02
genii-aroundBluesKaj: :)14:02
BluesKajhey genii-around, how did the release party go ?14:03
dscasselgenii-around: Yeah, I'm curious too. :)14:06
genii-aroundBluesKaj: A bit quieter than last year... 12-15 people came and went, there were 6 that stayed with me until around midnight14:07
genii-aroundI was running late that night with no one to cover/welcome early arrivals. The restaurant owner said 4-5 people came 7:30-ish and left again14:08
BluesKajwell, nice group then ,... wifey and i were thinking about driving down there yesterday . but i have a small gig to do tonite so it wouls have been too rushed14:08
genii-aroundBluesKaj: There's always 12.04 ;)14:09
BluesKajyup , maybe then daughter will have her own apartment , so we can save a bit on hotel costs :)14:12
genii-arounddscassel: FSOSS table doesn't look too likely. Sammy and I both are working our regular jobs the Thurs/Fri. And then Sat is your presentation anyhow.14:12
dscasselgenii-around: I'm probably going to be there Friday.14:14
dscasselWhen I was talking to Sammy at the global jam, he said they wanted money for tables.  So that's out.14:14
dscasselIf I get the CDs in time, though, I'll bring them.14:14
genii-aroundFor "community table" it's $70 which isn't too horrible, and it includes 2 door passes ( which are $40 each regularly )14:15
genii-aroundThe corporate tables are a few hundred $14:15
genii-arounddscassel: I find it amusing one of the sponsors is Sleemans, I keep thinking "free as in beer"14:28
dscasselThat's not too bad.15:04
dscasselWell, next year.  Now that we know that, we can order a conference pack and start canvassing for volunteers earlier.15:04
dscasselBrasero is making the job of burning CDs more difficult than it needs to be.15:05
dscasselThink I'll install k3b...15:05
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AmgineHey folk, about this Ubuntu 11.10 'Oneiric Ocelot' upgrade... I'm running Kubuntu, have heard grumbles about Unity, and do not see anywhere in the release notes whether this is going to screw with kde. I like what I have, don't want to change. And I've just heard another kubuntu user report the install has broken their boot.18:35
AmgineWhat's the deal? should I upgrade or sit pat for now?18:35
bregmaAmgine, Unity is Ubuntu, Kubuntu still uses KDE18:45
Amgine<cools> Thanks bregma.18:45
willwhAmgine: I'm in the same boat - but I am an xfce user ;]18:53
willwhUnity = NO TY.18:53
Amgineheh. Well, I've just clicked upgrade. If I explode in a shower of random bits, don't follow my example.18:54
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khooverif i d/c and fail to reconnect, remember me.23:25
khooveron second thought, fuck the update atm23:27

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