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RAOFBah!  What has suddenly caused Do to no longer be able to register <super>+space as a keybinding?  UNITYYYYYYY!03:32
smspillazRAOF: register or use ?03:33
RAOFRegister, it seems.03:33
smspillazalso, screaming on #ubuntu-desktop doesn't make your bug get fixed any faster ;-)03:33
RAOFNo, but it *does* make me feel better :)03:33
smspillazRAOF: someone is using super-space then, so its not a unity thing as unity doesn't register keybindings with gnome03:34
RAOFHah.  Of course, the other option is that Do's broken :/03:39
smspillazdid Do ever work ?03:39
smspillazalso, synapse ?03:39
desrtsmspillaz: i've found screaming on #ubuntu-desktop to be an effective way of getting bugs fixed :)03:39
smspillazdesrt: sadly, it seems to be the case03:39
smspillazdesrt: just /nick ${some_important_person} STACKING!!!!1111one!!1one!1!(shift+1) and my adrenaline levels go through the roof03:40
* RAOF screams STACKIIIIIING! at the moon.03:41
smspillazyou know what03:41
RAOFsmspillaz: You're familiar with the abomination that is cmake - how do I get it to #define a variable at build time?03:42
smspillazI'm going to go an entire day at UDS where all I say is either "STACKING" "REPARENTING" "CRASHING"03:42
smspillazRAOF: 1) it is not an abomination 2) configure_file (config.h.in config.h) 3) in that config.h.in #cmakedefine SOME_THING ${CMAKE_VAR}03:43
RAOFYou'll probably need a larger vocabulary than three words.  Might I suggest that you add CORRUPTION, DUAL-HEAD, and GL_MAX_TEXTURE_SIZE? :)03:43
smspillazno, those are your three words03:43
smspillazRAOF: http://www.cmake.org/cmake/help/cmake-2-8-docs.html03:44
smspillazalso, I am trying to use QtQuick03:44
smspillazit is really hard to use for some reason03:44
smspillazI wrote the same thing in GObject/GTK+ in less than an hour03:45
RAOF Hm, I think that maybe -D is the invocation I'm after.03:45
smspillazohh right03:45
smspillazRAOF: add_definition03:45
smspillazadd_definitions (-DFOO -DBAR)03:45
smspillazit does it at a source level for the current CMAKE_CURRENT_SOURCE_DIR though, so make sure that you don't have files in the same source dir with different #define requirements03:46
smspillazdesrt: oh, I was going to ask, is there a release of glib out with the key maximum size bumped ?03:47
smspillazerr key name maximum size ?03:47
desrtsmspillaz: yes.  should be the one in oneiric03:47
smspillazI can remove the truncation in the gsettings backend03:47
desrtpatch was included in 2.29.1203:48
desrtso 2.30.0 should definitely have it03:48
smspillazthis next two weeks is like "distro week", the only purpose is to do stuff for didrocks :)03:48
smspillazeg, upstreaming distro patches etc03:48
smspillazsince apparantly I finished my SRU lists really early03:48
smspillazdesrt: awesome :)03:48
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pittiGood morning05:18
TheMusoMorning pitti.05:19
NafaiHi pitti, TheMuso!  Great job on Oneiric!05:26
TheMusoNafai: Thanks, already starting to plan for Precise.05:27
pittihey Nafai, thanks05:36
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pittiyeah, got my first two uploads in :)05:36
didrocksgood morning05:37
pittibonjour didrocks05:37
didrocksguten morgen pitti, how are you?05:37
pittipretty well, thanks! how about you?05:37
pittifeeling precise today05:37
didrockspitti: heh, I'm fine thanks! No more oneiric stories? ;-)05:39
pittithere's still SRUs :)05:39
didrocksof course :-) speaking of which, once I can get dx adding test case to all their bugs, probably a nux and unity SRUs for today!05:40
didrocksI finally have the crach fix and reverted the UI change05:40
pittididrocks: FWIW, if some of the fixes are hard to reproduce, a regression test suffices05:50
pittididrocks: i. e. "ensure that maximizing firefox window still works as expected" or something like that05:51
pittididrocks: with yesterday's compiz I noticed a weird regression wrt. resizing05:51
pittibut haven't investigated it more closely yet05:51
didrockspitti: yeah, that's the advice I gave them already. I'm just chasing them to at least having them filling the easy to reproduce one05:51
didrockspitti: indeed, there is one with some maximized app05:51
didrockssam fixed it05:51
pittiI got stuck with an orange resize frame on the left of the screen that used to be my firefox window, with no way to recover05:51
didrocksnot sure it worth reset the counter though05:52
didrocksnot that one05:52
didrocksno way to recover? if you take another window and try to snap at the same place?05:52
pittiah, I didn't try that05:52
pittiI tried to click on the firefox icon in the launcher, press alt+f10 etc.05:53
* pitti plays around with this and sees whether he can reproduce05:53
didrocksI think you should try to resnap, that's what fixed it for me 3 months ago when we had glitches there05:53
pittibut there was a compiz proposed upload yesterday, perhaps that changed things05:54
didrocksnot for that one I guess05:54
pittisome casual tests work fine05:54
pittiso perhaps just bad luck and it's not a regression05:54
didrocksyeah, that's more than possible05:54
didrocksit's been a long time I didn't get glitches with snap though05:55
didrockspitti: sorry, restarting unity crashed my gnome-terminal and so weechat05:56
pittiI seldomly use it05:57
pittiI just needed to unmaximize yesterday because of firefox' bug of not scrolling down on text marking when maximized05:57
didrockspitti: would be interesting to know if you can get that reliably (and if it's only with firefox or not)06:00
didrocksas some apps have weird behavior, like reasking to set their weight/height after a resize06:01
pittiright, I tried, but I was unable to reproduce it now06:01
didrocks(that's what prevented before the terminal to get well snapped on the right/left)06:01
didrocksdoesn't seem scary though :)06:01
smspillazdidrocks: we can now drop all the settings distro patches \o/ :)06:08
smspillazdidrocks: I've got compizconfig so that it reads /usr/share/compizconfig/defaults/profile.defaults when looking for default values06:08
didrockssmspillaz: great! we'll see that at the pre-UDS :)06:08
smspillaznext item is the settings transitions. I'm going to see if I can make that into a generic module, so you just specify the key names that have changed and what they are supposed to map to06:09
smspillazpitti: you can reproduce it by going into expo mode, dragging a window to a workspace and then double clicking that workspace06:10
smspillazpitti: I've fixed it upstream, but yeah, we'll have it in the next SRU06:11
pittismspillaz: hm, that seems to work fine here06:11
smspillazit was something along those lines06:12
smspillazdidrocks: (we'll have something like this: http://paste.ubuntu.com/707758/_06:13
smspillazcompiz in precise is going to be awesome06:13
smspillazprecisely zero distro patches in the goal for me06:14
didrocksgreat :)06:17
didrockssmspillaz: is https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/fglrx-installer/+bug/763005 in the latest compiz tarball?06:48
ubot2Launchpad bug 763005 in compiz "Compiz's "Sync to Vblank" makes display stutter/slow with some drivers (like fglrx)" [Undecided,In progress]06:48
didrockssmspillaz: well, the patch isn't06:48
didrocksam I right?06:48
smspillazdidrocks: no, it isn't06:57
BigWhalehmm... right-click on unity icons is behaving a little weird. one click to open the menu and one more to close it... clicking on a different icon should open the menu of that icon06:58
didrockssmspillaz: and bug #864963 ?07:00
ubot2Launchpad bug 864963 in unity "Titlebars for semi-maximized windows appear off the workspace" [Low,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/86496307:00
smspillazdoesn't look like it, no (just checked all the patches)07:03
smspillazdo you want new patches again or do you want to wait till sru1 ?07:03
didrockssmspillaz: will be SRU1, trying to close all your bugs and ensure the right components are subscribed07:03
didrockssmspillaz: can you take care of that for next time?07:03
didrockssmspillaz: they were still a lot of downstream unity task07:03
smspillazI can move all the stuff that we didn't ship to SRU107:03
smspillazright .. my understanding was that we were meant to leave the unity tasks there ?07:04
smspillazor do we need to mark the downstream task invalid and leave the upstream task there ?07:04
didrockssmspillaz: not the downstream one07:04
didrockssmspillaz: the dowstream is there because it was opened07:04
didrockssmspillaz: so rather than adding a compiz downstream task07:04
didrockstake the unity one07:04
didrocksand rename it07:04
didrocksmy think script knows what to do :)07:04
didrockssmspillaz: ok, I have a reproduceable bug where a window can disappear, let me restart to check07:05
smspillazdidrocks: I wonder if its possible to make "team" milestones, hijacking the unity milestones for compiz bugs doesn't seem right07:05
smspillazdidrocks: ugh, just can't win with these bugs07:05
didrockssmspillaz: no, other we wouldn't have those unity milestones07:05
didrocksbut yeah, that's what we need, team milestones…07:06
smspillazright, but they are milestones for the unity proejct not the unity team07:06
didrockssmspillaz: yeah, we need to create another meta-project IMHO07:06
didrocksbut dx people have to be rigorous then07:06
didrocksand remove/invalid all invalid tasks then07:06
didrocks(like a compiz bug opened against unity -> should be set to invalid)07:07
didrockssmspillaz: can definitively reproduce, can you test that:07:09
didrocks1. open two terminal, one on ws 1, one on ws 207:09
didrocks2. minimize one07:09
didrocks3. click on the launcher -> no terminal visible07:09
* didrocks downgrades to unity 4.2207:10
smspillazuhh, not right now. I'm on upstream compiz and cant run unity07:10
didrockssmspillaz: same with it07:11
didrocksso not due to latest unity07:11
didrocksmaybe compiz?07:11
smspillazit's probably been there for a while. let me give it a try on my netbook07:11
didrockssmspillaz: yes please :)07:11
didrockssmspillaz: try with the archive version firsrt07:11
didrockssmspillaz: and then, the -proposed version07:11
smspillazdidrocks: things like this are very likely a unity thing as that's where the minimization hack happens (why oh WHY did design make me do that)07:12
didrocksthis one means: if you have more than one window opened and one of them is maximized, you can't see it anymore07:12
didrocks(in scale)07:12
didrocksworse, if it has focus, you can't bring it back07:13
smspillazminimized or maximized ?07:13
smspillazI give up with this minimization hack07:13
smspillazI really want to go back to having no previews for minimized windows07:13
smspillazdidrocks: oh, eh07:14
smspillazdidrocks: that's been around for ages07:15
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didrockssmspillaz: really? and nobody targeted it as something to fix?07:15
didrocksit seems a major issue IMHO07:15
* didrocks finds that there is too much things dx passes under cover, until distro finds the bugs…07:15
smspillazdidrocks: guess nobody has noticed it07:15
didrockshow do you know it's been around for ages then?07:16
smspillazbut I know that's probably been a problem for a while, considering how it works07:16
didrockssmspillaz: any workaround? it's pretty serious, and it was working on natty (even if it was a different behavior)07:16
smspillazI can try fixing it today07:16
didrockssmspillaz: great! I will delay the unity upload on that I guess07:17
didrocksworrying that we let that pass finale :/07:17
smspillazdidrocks: well, you didn't see it till just now ;-)07:17
didrockssmspillaz: because I never minimize windows07:17
didrockssmspillaz: users usually do07:17
* smspillaz never saw any bugs about that either07:17
didrockssmspillaz: are you looking unity bugs?07:18
didrockssmspillaz: isn't it linked to https://bugs.launchpad.net/unity/+bug/868185 ?07:19
ubot2Launchpad bug 868185 in unity "cannot unminimize windows" [Critical,Fix committed]07:19
smspillazdidrocks: no, that was something different07:19
smspillazI broke something for a day and then fixed it :)07:19
smspillazanyways, try to understand that the minimized window hack is tricky :)07:19
didrockssmspillaz: bug #68276907:20
ubot2Launchpad bug 682769 in unity "the launcher doesn't focus minimized dialogs on empty workspaces" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/68276907:20
didrocksas it's linked07:20
smspillazbecause its not really supposed to work :p07:20
smspillazdidrocks: nope, different bug07:20
smspillazdidrocks: and that's fixed :)07:20
smspillazdidrocks: by fixing that it caused a bunch of other bugs, again, this stuff is obscenely difficult to get right ;-)07:21
didrocksbug #863114 ?07:22
ubot2Launchpad bug 863114 in unity "Cannot raise window from panel after minimize" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/86311407:22
didrockssmspillaz: ^07:22
didrockssmspillaz: this is the case if you don't have any other app on the same workspace07:22
didrocksso yeah, we got some warning about minimization issue in unity bugs, despite you looking at them07:23
smspillazthat bug is still really unclear, but whatever, I'll fix it07:23
smspillazkeep in mind that I can't see and fix everything ;-)07:23
didrockssmspillaz: this is the bug, I'm rephrasing it07:24
smspillaz"After minimize a window, i can't re-raise it by clicking on its icon on the panel. I have to use super+w or click on another icon before...07:24
smspillazFor example, if I minimize firefox, first i have to click on nautilus icon and next i'm able to raise the firefox window by clicking on its icon."07:24
didrockssmspillaz: yeah, but don't claim nobody reported it when people are reporting it :)07:24
smspillazdoesn't say anything about switching workspaces07:24
smspillazanyways, I'm going to stop arguing about this and just fix it07:24
didrockssmspillaz: I'm adding the two test cases now07:24
didrockssmspillaz: see bug #863114, is it more clear now?07:27
ubot2didrocks: Error: Could not parse data returned by Launchpad: The read operation timed out (https://launchpad.net/bugs/863114)07:28
smspillazI'll file a separate bug for the other thing07:29
didrockssmspillaz: the other?07:32
didrockssmspillaz: I put both test cases07:32
didrocksas they are linked07:32
didrockshum, nobody in dx subscribed the SRU team on any of the 20 bugs… :/07:36
* didrocks headdesk07:36
didrocksmore than 2 hours of just fixing bug tasks and papework… and counting…07:36
rickspencer3hi pitti didrocks ... Oneiric is out, what's the word on the street?07:38
pittirickspencer3: heise.de had a nice review yesterday07:38
rickspencer3it's been working great on both of my computers, fwiw07:39
didrocksrickspencer3: hey, people seems to like the new version. A lot of positive comments on the french forum contrary to 6 months ago :)07:39
pittibehaving here :)07:39
kamstrupworking well here - except on my eee1001 where the installer hangs07:39
kamstrup(on keyboard selection)07:39
rickspencer3Oneiric comes with the didrocks and pitti seal of approval07:40
smspillazdidrocks: dx should use my autobug-script :)07:40
didrockspitti: FYI, I finished the French CD and it's going to be pressed on 10 000 CDs right now07:40
smspillazdidrocks: lp-im-working-on bugno07:40
pittididrocks: wohoo!07:40
didrockssmspillaz: it doesn't check that the right downstream components are subscribed though07:40
didrockssmspillaz: can you fix that? 45 minutes to fix everything just for compiz there :/07:40
smspillazand it subscribes sru, assigns the right person, subscribes the right downstream desk07:40
smspillaz(only wrote it yesterday though)07:40
pittiRAOF, bryceh: it's sooo true! http://xkcd.com/963/07:40
smspillazdidrocks: um, sure07:41
* didrocks is bored of doing dx paperwork because they don't care, not real interesting engineer work07:41
smspillazdidrocks: I think the solution to that is to find a way so that nobody has to do the paperwork ;-)07:41
didrockspitti: just a small issue, the CD check is failing07:41
smspillazeg, get some clever launchpad scripts in the hands of DX07:41
pittididrocks: got a bug report about that yesterday, yes07:41
pittididrocks: bug 87340107:41
ubot2Launchpad bug 873401 in ubuntu-defaults-builder "Check disc for defects failed with a iso images built using ubuntu-defaults-image" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/87340107:41
smspillazdidrocks: also, I can't reproduce your first "bug"07:42
didrockssmspillaz: well, when someone subscribe the wrong component and don't attach any branch to it (and it happens on compiz as well), how the script will know what to target?07:42
didrockssmspillaz: are you on an empty workspace?07:42
didrockswith oneiric up to date with compiz proposed ?07:42
smspillazI just switched to trunk unity now07:42
didrockssmspillaz: I'm on 4.007:42
smspillazok, I'll try 4.007:42
didrockssmspillaz: and it happens with older version07:42
smspillazdidrocks: I can reproduce the second one though, and have fixed it locally07:42
didrockspitti: can you try reproducing bug #863114, please?07:43
ubot2Launchpad bug 863114 in unity "Cannot raise window from panel after minimize" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/86311407:43
smspillazdidrocks: out of curiousity, does the terminal window stay" active after its minimized ?07:43
smspillazor does the focus go to the desktop07:43
didrockssmspillaz: no, the desktop is focused07:43
smspillazand you can't unminimize the terminal07:43
didrocksclicking on the launcher icon do nothing07:44
smspillazok, let me give 4.0 a try then07:44
didrockssmspillaz: your script doesn't seem to work well btw: bug #86893007:45
ubot2Launchpad bug 868930 in unity "Automaximization happens on unminimize" [High,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/86893007:45
didrocksno team subscribed07:45
pittididrocks: I suppose I need to do that with not having any previous terminals open?07:45
smspillazdidrocks: probably didn't run it on that bug ;-)07:45
didrockspitti: no, you can even if you have other terminals opened there07:45
didrockssmspillaz: if you have to specify on every bugs, there is something wrong :)07:46
pittididrocks: ah, can reproduce -- nothing at all happens if I click on the button07:46
smspillazI suppose I can make it run on milestones07:46
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didrockssmspillaz: ^^07:46
smspillazno need to ping me :)07:46
didrockssmspillaz: you are quite unlucky to be ever *never* able to reproduce bugs :)07:47
smspillazI'm using trunk unity07:47
smspillazgive me the 20 minutes it takes to rebuild 4.0 please :)07:47
didrockssmspillaz: why did you set the downstream task on bug #865051 "Fix Released" ?07:56
ubot2Launchpad bug 865051 in unity "unity launcher loses track of deja-dup windows" [Medium,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/86505107:56
smspillazdidrocks: was running through my bug lists and thought that was was released. it wasn't, sorry about that08:03
didrockssmspillaz: ok, fixing then08:03
didrockssmspillaz: so, to sum up, SRU bug list cleaned, just waiting for you to reproduce the 1. case08:04
smspillazawesome, currently rebuilding unity (going to take a bit)08:04
smspillazdidrocks: so in future, I guess the point is that we should open the downstream task, but don't touch its status ? (except marking it in progress) ?08:05
smspillazthat's what I do now08:05
didrockssmspillaz: yeah, and ensure we only have the right downstream tasks attached08:05
didrockssmspillaz: I think I'll raise that at the mini sprint and we should merge your tool and unify08:05
smspillazkind of, my tool is supposed to be run whenever you work on a bug08:06
didrockssmspillaz: I guess we can automate that if you link your branch with a bug when merging08:06
smspillazright, although you don't want to subscribe the SRU team for everything :)08:07
smspillazat the moment, I'm doing stuff like08:07
smspillazbzr make-bug -m 0.9.6 -s ubuntu-sru -d compiz -a unity 4.26.008:07
smspillazwhich opens a bug, subscribes the right person, affects the right packages, updates the status, milestones it etc08:08
didrockssmspillaz: have you been able to reproduce it?08:33
glatzormorning mvo08:37
smspillazdidrocks: nope, still rebuilding :(08:40
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hyperairsmspillaz: does unity blacklist some .desktop files or something?08:44
hyperairsmspillaz: virtualbox isn't showing up in the dash.08:44
hyperairsmspillaz: interestingly, neither is pointing devices08:46
hyperairas in gpointing-device-settinsg.08:48
smspillazhyperair: I don't write bamf, so you are best asking DBO that08:49
hyperairah okay08:49
mvohey glatzor, good morning!08:52
glatzormvo, I am currently working on separating the AptWorker into three threads (download, worker, committer)08:53
glatzormvo, this will allow to preform the download of queued transactions during install time of another one08:54
mvoglatzor: !!!08:54
mvoglatzor: that sounds awsome08:54
mvoglatzor: anything I can look at already?08:54
mvoglatzor: it will be task based, right? so ideally instead of "commitpackage" u-m would give you a split up list of tasks?08:55
glatzormvo, I am currently pushing the work to the threading branch: lp:~aptdaemon-developers/aptdaemon/threading08:55
glatzormvo, the client API won't change08:56
glatzormvo, the worker thread use queues to put the currently processed transaction to each other08:56
glatzorsee the doc string for aptdaemon.worker.AptWorker08:57
glatzormvo, the test suite seems to be broken.08:57
mvoglatzor: right, so in order to utilize this best, e.g. update-manager would submit a bunch of self contained transactions instead of one huge CommitPackages ?08:58
glatzormvo, this could be a very good use case08:59
glatzormvo, I missed your point previously.09:00
mvoglatzor: thanks, and no worries :) just making sure I understand this correctly09:00
glatzormvo, another problem is ListUpdate. The acquire instance is not accessible. So I would have to reimplment it in python09:01
mvoglatzor: oh, hm, so python-apt needs tweaking to make this availalbe?09:01
glatzormvo, actually libapt :/09:03
glatzormvo, But ListUpdate is a quite small and simple function.09:04
glatzormvo, it would be nice to have the RunScripts method availabe in python-apt. But even this one could be reimplemented purely09:04
glatzorin python09:05
chrisccoulsongood morning everyone09:06
pittihey chrisccoulson09:07
chrisccoulsonhi pitti, how are you?09:07
didrockshey chrisccoulson09:07
chrisccoulsonhi didrocks09:07
pittichrisccoulson: pretty well, thanks! how about yourself?09:07
chrisccoulsonpitti - yeah, good thanks09:08
mvoglatzor: well, I think we should expose this in libapt/python-apt to make the amount of duplicated code smaller09:09
rodrigo_hi chrisccoulson09:10
chrisccoulsonhi njpatel. is there any reason why unity doesn't pass a launch context to g_app_info_launch when launching applications?09:11
chrisccoulsonhi rodrigo_09:11
njpatelchrisccoulson, because it wreaks havoc with raising of the app window as we're in the window manager09:12
mvoglatzor: could you file a (small) bug with the requirements?09:12
glatzormvo, I will do so09:13
mvothanks glatzor (and no rush :)09:13
chrisccoulsonnjpatel, i've been trying to figure out one thing which bugs me constantly (focus stealing prevention never works properly when launching applications), and that is probably why :/09:13
chrisccoulsonnothing adds a DESKTOP_STARTUP_ID to the launched applications environment09:13
chrisccoulsonand that embeds the timestamp of the event which triggered the launch, which the launched application uses to initialize _NET_WM_TIME09:13
chrisccoulsonso, in the case where i click on the icon for libreoffice and then go and do some other work whilst it's starting, libreoffice shouldn't steal focus when it opens09:14
chrisccoulsonbut it does everytime in unity09:14
chrisccoulsonand i thought it was a compiz bug09:14
njpatelchrisccoulson, riiight, if DBO is feeling better today, you guys can figure it out as it was his decision to drop it due to do the issue we were having09:24
czajkowskinjpatel: were you at the release party last night09:26
njpatelczajkowski, I was planning to be, then got into a discussion at millbank and it got too late and needed to get home :(09:33
njpatelso, yeah, fail09:33
njpatelor, njpatel fail09:33
njpatelczajkowski, how was it?09:33
czajkowskiaye I only heard you should have been there when talking to rickspencer309:33
czajkowskinjpatel: great turn out09:33
czajkowskilots of people turned up good fun09:34
rickspencer3hi czajkowski11:01
czajkowskirickspencer3: morning :) nice talking to you last night.11:03
czajkowskirickspencer3: on a quick note would you mind if I drop a quick pm to you11:03
rickspencer3czajkowski, ditto, last night was fun11:05
rodrigo_chrisccoulson, just answered to https://bugs.launchpad.net/desktopcouch/+bug/87263911:38
ubot2Launchpad bug 872639 in thunderbird-eds-extension ""Cannot open book: Could not create DesktopcouchSession object"" [High,Confirmed]11:38
chrisccoulsonrodrigo_, thanks11:39
* rodrigo_ lunch12:15
pittihave to run out for some errands, bbl12:19
didrocksok, I just renamed the french unstable forum to "Precise", it really started :)12:21
didrockschrisccoulson: I like the conversation view in thunderbird12:21
chrisccoulsondidrocks, yeah, i've forgotten what it's like without that ;)12:22
didrockschrisccoulson: but for bug reports, it's not quite well, it shows the launchpad bot as the sender of every emails :/12:22
chrisccoulsonyeah, i noticed that too. i'll ping protz about that12:23
didrocksthanks :)12:29
didrocksapart from that, I love it12:30
didrocksI don't have to expand the discussion view anymore12:30
glatzor_mvo, it seems that old gobject crashes quite a lot if using threading with python2.712:50
glatzor_mvo, the threading code is stable on my squeeze system :/12:50
glatzor_mvo, so I uncommitted the merge of the first threading changes to trunk12:50
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mvoglatzor_: ok, the old gobject? did you try with gi.repository already?13:04
glatzor_mvo, no. the dbus server side is not ready yet13:07
* mvo nods13:08
glatzor_mvo, oh, it is the flNotDir function that causes crashes apt-pkg/contrib/fileutl.cc13:23
mvoglatzor_: that is suprising, that is a really small function13:25
mvoglatzor_: and looks safe at least from first glance13:25
glatzor_mvo, Program received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.13:27
glatzor_[Switching to Thread 0x7ffff12bc700 (LWP 8778)]13:27
glatzor_0x00007ffff2e07029 in std::string::rfind(char, unsigned long) const ()13:27
glatzor_   from /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libstdc++.so.613:27
glatzor_(gdb) bt13:27
glatzor_#0  0x00007ffff2e07029 in std::string::rfind(char, unsigned long) const ()13:27
glatzor_   from /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libstdc++.so.613:27
glatzor_#1  0x00007ffff30b5b80 in flNotDir(std::string) ()13:27
glatzor_   from /usr/lib/libapt-pkg.so.4.1013:27
glatzor_#2  0x00007ffff30fdaa2 in pkgAcqArchive::Done(std::string, unsigned long, std::string, pkgAcquire::MethodConfig*) () from /usr/lib/libapt-pkg.so.4.1013:27
glatzor_#3  0x00007ffff30e7739 in pkgAcquire::Worker::RunMessages() ()13:27
glatzor_   from /usr/lib/libapt-pkg.so.4.1013:27
glatzor_#4  0x00007ffff30e90a7 in pkgAcquire::Worker::InFdReady() ()13:27
glatzor_   from /usr/lib/libapt-pkg.so.4.1013:27
glatzor_mvo, another one: Program received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.13:27
glatzor_[Switching to Thread 0x7ffff12bc700 (LWP 8778)]13:27
glatzor_0x00007ffff2e07029 in std::string::rfind(char, unsigned long) const ()13:27
glatzor_   from /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libstdc++.so.613:27
glatzor_(gdb) bt13:27
glatzor_#0  0x00007ffff2e07029 in std::string::rfind(char, unsigned long) const ()13:27
glatzor_   from /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libstdc++.so.613:27
glatzor_#1  0x00007ffff30b5b80 in flNotDir(std::string) ()13:27
glatzor_   from /usr/lib/libapt-pkg.so.4.1013:27
glatzor_#2  0x00007ffff30fdaa2 in pkgAcqArchive::Done(std::string, unsigned long, std::string, pkgAcquire::MethodConfig*) () from /usr/lib/libapt-pkg.so.4.1013:27
glatzor_#3  0x00007ffff30e7739 in pkgAcquire::Worker::RunMessages() ()13:27
glatzor_   from /usr/lib/libapt-pkg.so.4.1013:27
glatzor_#4  0x00007ffff30e90a7 in pkgAcquire::Worker::InFdReady() ()13:27
glatzor_   from /usr/lib/libapt-pkg.so.4.1013:27
glatzor_#0  0x00007ffff6aa1bb5 in ?? () from /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libc.so.613:28
glatzor_#1  0x00007ffff2e08682 in std::string::_Rep::_M_clone(std::allocator<char> const&, unsigned long) () from /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libstdc++.so.613:28
glatzor_#2  0x00007ffff2e08d9c in std::basic_string<char, std::char_traits<char>, std::allocator<char> >::basic_string(std::string const&) ()13:28
glatzor_   from /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libstdc++.so.613:28
glatzor_#3  0x00007ffff30fda8d in pkgAcqArchive::Done(std::string, unsigned long, std::string, pkgAcquire::MethodConfig*) () from /usr/lib/libapt-pkg.so.4.1013:28
glatzor_#4  0x00007ffff30e7739 in pkgAcquire::Worker::RunMessages() ()13:28
glatzor_   from /usr/lib/libapt-pkg.so.4.1013:28
glatzor_#5  0x00007ffff30e90a7 in pkgAcquire::Worker::InFdReady() ()13:28
glatzor_   from /usr/lib/libapt-pkg.so.4.1013:28
glatzor_#6  0x00007ffff30e086b in pkgAcquire::RunFds(fd_set*, fd_set*) ()13:28
glatzor_   from /usr/lib/libapt-pkg.so.4.1013:28
glatzor_#7  0x00007ffff30e2500 in pkgAcquire::Run(int) ()13:28
glatzor_   from /usr/lib/libapt-pkg.so.4.1013:28
mvoglatzor_: hm, confusing13:43
mvoglatzor_: in #1, what happens if you try to print the string inside gdb?13:43
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desrtgood morning, all14:36
pittihey desrt, how are you?14:37
chrisccoulsonhi desrt14:38
* ogra_ sees the desrt and goes for some water 14:38
ogra_or is it pronounced dessert ?14:38
didrockshey desrt14:38
desrtpretty good14:42
desrtpreparing to do the unthinkable -- install glib 2.31.0 release candidate onto my stable system :)14:43
desrtogra_: most people don't try to pronounce it :)14:43
ogra_will i see you in orlando ?14:43
ogra_awesome :)14:43
desrtmaybe i'll beg you for a pandaboard some more :)14:43
* desrt still didn't get off his ass to order one14:43
ogra_i didnt plan to bring a panda14:44
ogra_i have my arm netbook, no need for carrying fragile dev boards14:44
ogra_(and oneiric has official images for the netbook now :) )14:45
chrisccoulsonhmmmm, i'd like to buy an arm netbook14:47
chrisccoulsonbut i ended up spending money on a new laptop instead, after i broke my old one14:48
=== JanC_ is now known as JanC
ogra_chrisccoulson, well, the ac100 is cheap but you cant buy tehm new anymore14:49
ogra_i bought my last new one for 170€14:49
ogra_and 8h battery life on a 3 cell that weights nothing are pretty awesome :)14:50
chrisccoulsonyeah, i'd quite like that14:51
dobeytoo bad they're all freakin' huge still14:51
ogra_dobey, ??14:51
dobeyexcept for the netwalker thing, but it's a bit too small14:51
ogra_my ac100 is slimmer and lighter than the smalles macbook air14:51
dobeyogra_: 10"+ screens14:51
ogra_yeah indeed14:51
dobey7" would be perfect14:51
ogra_to small for day to day work imho14:52
czajkowskiogra_: I got a funky new tablet! advent vega very flipping fast!14:52
dobeyogra_: depends on how fat your fingers are We suppose :)14:52
ogra_with android i suppose ... everything is fast with android14:52
dobeyexcept for the phones14:53
ogra_dobey, well, i prefer a full sized kbd14:53
ogra_which the ac100 has14:53
dobeyogra_: don't get a fujitsu u820 then :)14:53
ogra_does it have an arm cpu ?14:53
dobeyogra_: and with 7" it could have a butterfly keyboard, which would give you a full size keyboard in small package14:54
dobeyogra_: nah, atom; but awesome battery life, and awesome screen dpi14:54
dobeybut it is 5.6"14:54
ogra_then i'm not at risk14:54
ogra_atom is crap14:54
Laney14/10 15:53:07 <dobey> except for the phones14:55
dobeynah, atom means not having to spend all my time trying to make all the hardware work :)14:55
dobeywhat's really crap, is GMA500 :(14:55
dobeyand the fact that oneiric broke my laptop14:56
ogra_well, you will never squeeze 7-8h out of a 3 cell battery with it ...14:56
ogra_you can be lucky if you get 2h14:56
dobeyogra_: mm, think this one is 4 cell, and it gets 7-8 hours14:56
ogra_if intel is capable to build devices with less than 800 grams that last over 7h we can talk again :)14:56
ogra_and that dont burn my lap when using tehm for 18h in a row :)14:57
ogra_(i.e. a typical canonical employee workday)14:57
dobeyogra_: this laptop is about the same size as Our hand. :)14:58
ogra_oh, and does it have any moving parts ?14:58
dobey260 dpi 5.6" screen is not something you use by having it sit on yoru lap14:58
* ogra_ is so spoiled by arm :) 14:58
dobeyit does have a very small fan, yes14:59
dobeyand the hard disk isn't solid state14:59
dobeybut eh14:59
dobey1.8" SSD are not cheap14:59
ogra_so you cant buy it for less than 200€ either i guess14:59
dobey2.5" SSD are dime/dozen15:00
ogra_or 500$ (or whats the equivalent atm ?)15:00
dobeybut 1.8" is hard to come by15:00
dobeycheapest 1.8" SSD We've seen so far was about 750$15:00
ogra_i measn the device15:00
ogra_not an SSD for it15:00
ogra_whats the price atm15:00
dobeyoh, this laptop was $1000, but that was new 2 years ago15:00
dobeywell, 2.5 years now15:01
dobeyand 260dpi screens not cheap :)15:01
ogra_i guess i'll just wait for the arm based chromebooks15:01
ogra_and see that we get them supported15:01
dobeythis dell duo thing was cheaper15:01
dobeybut it's big, heavy, crappy dpi, and horrible battery life15:02
dobeyreally, will probably have to make Our own laptop15:02
dobeynext time We decide it's time for a new one15:03
chrisccoulsonpitti - oh, i didn't realize how much that libgnomeui pulls in (re, bug 867424)15:06
ubot2Launchpad bug 867424 in thunderbird "Oneric: On boot up Firefox always displays the “Well, This Is Embarrassing” screen." [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/86742415:06
chrisccoulsoneg, bonobo :(15:06
pittichrisccoulson: yes, that's why I said it's really just a bad workaround for SRU, not for precise :/15:06
pittichrisccoulson: for precise it's certainly better to talk to dbus directly?15:07
chrisccoulsonpitti - that's never going to fly upstream, as the gnome-session dbus interface is gnome-specific15:07
chrisccoulsonit doesn't work in any other DE15:07
chrisccoulsonit needs to use the xsmp interface really, but the problem is a lack of a good replacement for GnomeClient15:07
pittichrisccoulson: but libgnome certainly is as well?15:08
pittii. e. gnome specific15:08
chrisccoulsonpitti - right, but it uses xsmp, which isn't gnome-specific15:08
chrisccoulsonso it will talk to session managers in other DE's just fine15:08
vuntzchrisccoulson: are you aware of eggsmclient?15:10
chrisccoulsonvuntz, yeah. are people still embedding that everywhere?15:10
chrisccoulsonwhich isn't ideal either ;)15:11
tkamppeterAnyone can look at bug 874268? Seems that there are cases where one cannot access system-config-printer, or where it is too dificult to find it.15:11
ubot2Launchpad bug 874268 in system-config-printer "hidden in GNOME 3; prevents users from finding it" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/87426815:11
chrisccoulsonbut probably better than directly using the dbus interface, and better than GnomeClient15:11
dobeychrisccoulson: dude, copy+paste code is the future!15:11
chrisccoulsoni was actually thinking of going the metacity route and just using libsm directly ;)15:11
chrisccoulsoni'm hardcore....15:11
dobeychrisccoulson: the sm in libsm doesn't stand for sado-masochism15:12
chrisccoulsonit doesn't?15:12
chrisccoulsonoh, i'm not interested now!15:12
dobeychrisccoulson: feel free to dominate it.15:13
tkamppeterpitti, WDYT about bug 874268? Do we need to change anything?15:15
ubot2Launchpad bug 874268 in system-config-printer "hidden in GNOME 3; prevents users from finding it" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/87426815:15
pittitkamppeter: we need to ensure that it doesn't appear in control-center when running under gnome-shell15:17
pittiI'm not sure how independent that is, rodrigo_?15:17
pittitkamppeter: right, it's just one desktop file15:17
tkamppeterpitti, where will s-c-p be accessible for gnome-shell (I assume this is the GNOME Classic desktop) users?15:18
pittitkamppeter: command line at least, I figure; but gnome 3 upstream uses the control-center print applet, not s-c-p15:19
pittithat was their design decision15:19
tkamppeterpitti, and what do we serve to our GNOME classic users? s-c-p hidden and gnome-shell print manager instead?15:21
pittitkamppeter: that was the idea, yes15:21
pittitkamppeter: but we didn't want to use that for oneiric, as it wasn't on feature parity yet15:21
pitti(as you know)15:21
pittiso this preserves s-c-p under unity, and provides the vanilla gnome 3 upstream experience for shell users15:22
pitti(or classic)15:22
tkamppeterpitti, as my idea was to make printing as easy as possible to all users and I was assuming that all our decisions from the Blueprint were applied to all GNOME3 users, not only to Unity.15:22
pittiseems there was some misunderstanding then?15:23
tkamppeterpitti, would it be simple, feasable via SRU, to let s-c-p also appear for GNOME shell users?15:23
pittitkamppeter: I'm not 100% sure how much it takes (rodrigo would know more), but it's not simple15:24
tkamppeterrodrigo_, ping15:24
pittiif we drop GNOME from NotShowIn, we need a way of not showing s-c-p in the control-center under unity15:24
pittierm, sorry, under GNOME15:24
pittiand then I don't know how s-c-p interferes with gnome upstream's print system15:25
tkamppeterpitti, what is the problem if s-c-p shows in the g-c-c of GNOME?15:25
pittitkamppeter: then there will be two "print" applets, and users don't know which one is right15:25
pittibut anyway, I wouldn't change it15:26
tkamppeterpitti, is Unity not GNOME only with the menus replaced by the Launcher?15:26
pittiGNOME deliberately said that they don't want s-c-p, but their own simplified applet15:26
pittitkamppeter: I mean "gnome shell" or "gnome classic" in this context15:26
tkamppeterpitti, in addirion we would need to patch out the original print icon in g-c-c of GNOME.15:26
pittitkamppeter: but yes, the shell is upstream's counterpart to unity; the libraries etc. are the same15:26
pittitkamppeter: that would dramatically change things, though; that's not what we do in SRUs15:27
tkamppeterpitti, is g-c-c the same in both Unity and shell?15:27
pittitkamppeter: the package, yes; it's behaviour is slightly different depending on which desktop it's running under (determined by OnlyShowIn etc. in desktop files)15:27
tkamppeterpitti, could one not reach with a small change that it shows s-c-p instead of the original tool for both environments then?15:28
pittitkamppeter: technically yes15:28
pittiwell, I guess -- I don't know how shell integrates with printing15:29
pittii. e. printing status, etc.15:29
rodrigo_tkamppeter, pong15:29
pittitkamppeter: the shell doesn't provide a systray either AFAIK, so s-c-p probably w ouldn't work there correctly15:29
tkamppeterpitti, I would even count as a regression if a gnome-shell user clicks on "Printing" and gets a much inferior tool than in Natty.15:29
pittitkamppeter: *shrug*, gnome design decision..15:29
tkamppeterpitti, the printer setup tool would work without problems, it does not need the systray.15:30
pittitkamppeter: that part, yes; but I don't know how it affects status notifications15:30
pittiactually, seems we have a bug there15:31
pittirodrigo_: ^ shouldn't there be "GNOME" as well/15:31
pittirodrigo_: seems we start s-c-p under gnome shell, but never see it because it only has a systray icon15:31
tkamppeterrodrigo_, it is about bug 874268. It seems Users of the GNOME shell (classic) have no access to system-config-printer and only get the new GNOME printer tool which is much inferior than s-c-p. This can be seen as a regression.15:31
ubot2Launchpad bug 874268 in system-config-printer "hidden in GNOME 3; prevents users from finding it" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/87426815:31
tkamppeterrodrigo_, see my discussion with pitti.15:32
rodrigo_tkamppeter, yes, it's known15:32
rodrigo_tkamppeter, we decided to have the printer panel in gnome.shell, although yes, still not as complete as s-c-p15:33
NafaiHey, is there a place where what is required in the gnome-session .session files?15:33
pittiNafai: parse error, I'm afraid15:34
tkamppeterrodrigo_, so I should tell the users to switch to Unity and mark any bug report "wontfix", introduction of full-featured print support to GNOME classic is Precise-only?15:34
NafaiWhat are the required lines in /usr/share/gnome-session/session/* files?15:34
Nafai(that more clear?  sorry, I haven't slept well lately)15:34
pittiNafai: from the existing files I'd say Name, RequiredComponents, DesktopName15:35
NafaiI'm trying to document how to integrate xmonad with Gnome or Unity 2D in 11.10 and want to be correct15:35
rodrigo_tkamppeter, or tell them to run system-config-printer if the panel doesn't do what they want15:35
pittiNafai: haven't looked for docs, though15:35
rodrigo_tkamppeter, no need to switch desktop for running s-c-p15:35
Nafaipitti: ok, just curious, cause I did get something working, but was wondering if there was a source with exactly what was required :)15:35
tkamppeterrodrigo_, is it not a simple and small change to make g-c-c open s-c-p when clicking on "Printing" always, independent whether the user uses gnome-shell or Unity?15:35
chrisccoulsonvuntz, does eggsmclient just depend on libsm?15:35
rodrigo_tkamppeter, it is, yes15:37
pittitkamppeter, rodrigo_: as I already said, it'd technically be a small change, but would change the UI tremendously, and we actually do want to provide the upstream experience under shell15:37
rodrigo_yes, that's why we did it this way15:37
rodrigo_gnome-shell = upstream experience15:37
pittiin fact, it would have been easier to always use s-c-p15:37
tkamppeterrodrigo_, OK, so could we consider system-config-printer as an independent desktop app under gnome-shell then and let it appear in the menus only and not in g-c-c? This way the user can at leat use it without the command line.15:39
pittiI think this should be possible by providing a second .desktop file with OnlyShowIn=GNOME and dropping the X-GNOME-Settings-Panel= key, right?15:40
pittirodrigo_: ^15:40
rodrigo_pitti, in s-c-p you mean?15:40
pittirodrigo_: yes15:41
pittirodrigo_: so that under shell it doesn't show up in the control-center, but in the app search15:41
tkamppeterpitti, rodrigo_, should I implement this in s-c-p, and then replace the last queued up s-c-p package in -proposed by a new one which contains the original bug fix (driver for HP LJ 12xx/13xx) and the additional .desktop file?15:44
pittitkamppeter: fine for me; please just make sure that the changelog contains the bug refs for the currently uploaded one as well15:45
pittitkamppeter: if you want you can re-use the same version number15:45
tkamppeterpitti, OK, then reject the one which is on the top of the stack (waiting for the other to make its 7 days) and I will upload a new one before the queue clears for it.15:46
pittitkamppeter: done15:47
tkamppeterrodrigo_, do I need to do something special in the second .desktop file so that s-c-p lands in the correct menu? I use Unity on all boxes currently.15:47
pittitkamppeter: replace NotShowIn with "OnlyShowIn=GNOME;", and drop X-GNOME-Settings-Panel15:48
pittithat should do it15:48
vuntzchrisccoulson: I don't remember, but I'd say yes15:48
chrisccoulsonvuntz, ok, i opened mozilla bug 694570. lets see what upstream think :)15:49
ubot2Mozilla bug 694570 in Startup and Profile System "Stop using libgnome and libgnomeui on Linux" [Normal,New: ] http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=69457015:49
rodrigo_tkamppeter, yes, what pitti said15:53
tkamppeterpitti, rodrigo_ are you sure that system-config-printer is then also correctly recognized by the users in the GNOME3 menus? Especially that there are not two undistinguishable "printing" entries, one pointing to s-c-p and the other to the new GNOME tool?15:54
pittitkamppeter: I'm not sure whether the shell app search exposes control-center modules; that needs to be tested in shell15:55
pittiand classic mode (gnome-panel), too15:55
tkamppeterrodrigo_, can you make a quick test copying s-c-p's desktop file and making your proposed changes in it and after that look in GNOME shell whether the intended behavior occurs? Thanks.15:58
tkamppeterpitti, is s-c-p not unregistered as g-c-c module by using a .desktop file without X-GNOME-Settings-Panel?15:59
tkamppeterpitti, rodrigo_, I have prepared bug 874268 for the SRU.15:59
ubot2Launchpad bug 874268 in system-config-printer "system-config-printer not reachable in menus of GNOME shell" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/87426815:59
pittitkamppeter: ah, right16:01
rodrigo_the shell exposes g-c-c panels in the menus, yes16:03
pittithen we lose16:04
rodrigo_but since we use the OnlyShowIn, only one should show in each16:04
pittiwe'd have two printer tools in the menus again then16:04
pittirodrigo_: no16:04
pittirodrigo_: with tkamppeter's propsal, we'd see the upstream capplet plus the duplicated s-c-p desktop file16:04
rodrigo_oh right16:04
tkamppeterpitti, rodrigo_ so please tell me a way how to make either the menus only showing s-c-p or the menu showing both but in a way that they can be easily distinguished and the user will know what he gets.16:07
rodrigo_tkamppeter, not sure how to do that really, unless you change the description to s-c-p to 'advanced printer settings'16:08
rodrigo_or something like that16:08
pittiin the copied file?16:08
pittihow about "system-config-printer"?16:08
tkamppeterrodrigo_, problem is only that this description is translated into something like 40 or 50 languages, so all non-English users will continue to have two times "Printing" in their language.16:09
rodrigo_right, too late to get translations16:09
rodrigo_so, there's no other way to distinguish them in the menu16:10
rodrigo_except that the shell shows the panel from g-c-c as 'settings'16:10
rodrigo_and I guess it would show s-c-p as apps16:10
rodrigo_that's the only difference, and too subtle to tell users anything16:10
tkamppeterrodrigo_, pitti, or should we then suippress the original tool in the menus of GNOME shell and so have the original tool only in g-c-c and s-c-p only in the menus?16:12
rodrigo_tkamppeter, not sure how to achieve that using only .desktop files, we'd have to patch gnome-shell16:13
tkamppeterrodrigo_, or can we find in existing translations "Advanced Settings" somewhere and then make the new English menu entry for s-c-p "Printing (Advanced Settings)" and compose the translations by adding " (<translation of "Advanced Settings">)" to each translation in the .desktop file?16:14
rodrigo_that won't work for lots of languages16:14
rodrigo_well, maybe it would, but not sure16:15
pittinice weekend everyone!16:15
tkamppeterrodrigo_, are there languages which do not use parantheses?16:15
pittitime for dinner and cinema16:15
didrockshave a good week-end pitti16:15
rodrigo_bye pitti16:15
tkamppeterpitti, have a nice weekend!16:15
rodrigo_tkamppeter, I don't know all languages, but I'd say yes16:15
tkamppeterrodrigo_, could you construct and test the new .desktop file for me and if you have it working attach it to the bug?16:16
rodrigo_tkamppeter, but that won't solve the problem, we'd get 2 entries in the menu16:17
tkamppeterrodrigo_, we would get "Printing" and "Printing (Advanced Settings)" then.16:17
rodrigo_but then there's the translations problem16:18
tkamppeterrodrigo_, did you not say "I don't know all languages, but I'd say yes"?16:19
rodrigo_tkamppeter, I said "yes, I'm pretty sure there are languages which don't use parentheses"16:19
tkamppeterrodrigo_, OK, so we need to find a completely different solution.16:20
=== eeejay_is_afk is now known as eeejay
rodrigo_tkamppeter, as for the .desktop file, just do what pitti said, replace NotShowIn with OnlyShowIn=GNOME; and remove the X-GNOME-Settings-Panel= key16:20
rodrigo_tkamppeter, yes16:20
tkamppeterrodrigo_, and the rest of the fix, to avoid the duplicate entry, will happen in gnome-shell or somewhere else?16:21
rodrigo_yes, it depends16:21
rodrigo_but we need to find a good solution 1st16:21
rodrigo_I'll think about it a bit more16:22
rodrigo_but now need to go out for a bit, so bbl16:22
tkamppeterrodrigo_, so tell me when you have a solution, post in the bug for example.16:22
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jjardonHi, if there is a problem with the upgrade process to oneiric, what is the  package/team to file bugs?16:51
kenvandinejjardon, i guess that depends on the package that failed16:56
jjardonkenvandine: indicator-datetime: https://bugs.launchpad.net/indicator-datetime/+bug/835297 seems that /etc/timezone get removed in the update process16:57
ubot2Launchpad bug 835297 in indicator-datetime "Time not being shown, substituted by the word "Time""" [Medium,Confirmed]16:57
kenvandinejjardon, maybe tzdata17:00
kenvandinejjardon, yeah, the tzdata package has a postinst that messes with that file17:02
kenvandineprobably the most likely candidate17:03
jjardonkenvandine: ok, thanks. I'll add tzdata to the report then17:03
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unit3Anyone seen an issue with the annoying "upgrade to 11.10" popup not disappearing after clicking "ask me later"?17:26
unit3I can't figure out what package that's a part of to report a bug.17:30
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htorque_smspillaz: hi! opera showing its tooltips and menus on the primary screen in a multi-monitor setup is a compiz bug i guess?18:12
htorque_with opera not on the primary screen of course18:13
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broderhmm...are the launcher and the panel supposed to get stacked on top of the screensaver?18:22
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OwaisLDoes anyone know a proper workaround for nautilus3 search-as-type behavior? I don't even understand how to use it.18:24
dobeyworkaround for what exactly?18:29
dobeyit works the same as it did in nautilus 2.x no?18:29
dobeyOwaisL: ^^18:30
OwaisLdobey, nope! not for me at least. Sometimes it works fine but most of the time it just fails to select any item and keystrokes get queued up + the input widget looks like it has focus but actually does not and when you hit backspace, nautilus goes one level up instead of deleting char in the input box.18:36
OwaisLprobably, I should make a screencast18:37
dobeyfile a bug18:37
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Berethey guys20:39
Beretmy apologies but no one seems to know the answer to this so I'm gonna try here20:39
BeretCan someone tell me what to remove from my home directory to completely nuke all unity/gnome/desktop settings? An upgrade to Oneiric has left me with a non-functional desktop that even unity --reset doesn't fix.20:39
Beretit's getting stuck somewhere I see nothing in the logs20:40
hyperairBeret: .config/dconf, i reckon.20:48
Berethyperair, nope20:54
BeretI get a blank screen with a top bar (nautilus)20:54
Beretno indicators, no unity panel, no kb shortcuts, etc20:54
hyperairwhat happens if you log into another session?20:54
hyperaire.g. a guest session20:54
Beretunity 2d worked fine20:54
BeretI'll try a guest session20:54
hyperairthen it sounds like a driver issue.20:54
Beretthat seems odd20:57
Beretwhy would I have a driver issue in 11.10 when 11.04 worked fine20:57
Beretshouldn't that show up in X.org.log?20:57
dobeyBeret: are you sure you're up to date? there was a lightdm bug fix that should fix that20:58
Beretlet me try to update20:58
dobeyyou can switch to a vt to update (network should work there)20:59
Beretdobey, I'm up to date20:59
Beret[   36.110896] type=1400 audit(1318625821.259:33): apparmor="DENIED" operation="open" parent=2282 profile="/usr/lib/lightdm/lightdm-guest-session-wrapper" name="/proc/ati/major" pid=2372 comm="compiz" requested_mask="r" denied_mask="r" fsuid=120 ouid=021:00
Bereta ton of those in dmesg21:00
Beret(guest session isn't working as you can tell)21:01
dobeyBeret: check your ~/.xsession-errors21:01
dobeyBeret: and given the hour, you'll probably have better luck on monday :)21:01
dobeywith that21:07
* dobey is off :)21:07
Beretlooks like I fixed it21:08
mdeslaurBeret: could you please file a bug with that apparmor denial in it?21:09
mdeslaurBeret: thanks21:10
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Beretis there a bug already about the alt-tab popup going behind applications?21:26
Beretn/m, I'll search21:27

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