YoBoYhi, I have an idea and I need a docbook/mallard guru. The idea is simple, build the system documentation in my language but for each translated part,  to be able to read the original and link each one to the translation in launchpad to let people do a proposition if they find it's wrong or if the translation is missing. Someone can tell me if it's possible with xslt/make/actual process ?14:13
shaunmYoBoY: possible, not trivial14:30
YoBoYsure, the idea is simple, making it reality is a different story, and I really don't know where I have to start ^^"14:31
YoBoYperhaps working directly with the .xml or .pages, or with the html...14:32
YoBoYits why I need a guru :D14:32
shaunmwell, that's me, I guess14:33
YoBoYcool :)14:33
shaunm1) figure out what the heck the html is going to look like. are you going to try to pack all paragraphs into tables to view them side-by-side?14:33
shaunmjust repeat each paragraph and have them stacked?14:34
YoBoYI think a tab style should be better, with the original language not displayed by default14:34
shaunma tab for each paragraph?14:35
YoBoYyes, or something like that14:36
YoBoYor just 2 flags on on side of the translated paragraph to switch14:37
shaunmso you'll need to customize the xslt that builds the html14:39
shaunmand you'll need it to be able to get to the english page14:40
shaunmyou can probably get away with just customizing the templates for <p>, <screen>, and <code> in mal2html.block.mode14:40
YoBoYand for the part "link to the launchpad translation" ?14:41
shaunm(the only way you're going to be 100% accurate on what constitutes a message in the po file is to hook into the translation system, xml2po or itstool. but with mallard, matching those three will be almost always right)14:42
shaunmwell, I'm not the expert on the launchpad part14:42
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YoBoYit's easy it's numbered like in the .po, but this information is lost after the translation processing14:43
YoBoYso, I need perhaps to add it on the .xml or .pages generated14:44
YoBoYI'll search the best way, thanks for your expertise :)14:47
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jrgiffordThis looks pretty serious - https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubuntu-docs/+bug/87465322:06
ubot2Launchpad bug 874653 in ubuntu-docs "ISO hash for 11.10 missing in Ubuntu Help wiki" [Undecided,Confirmed]22:06

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