TandyUKanyone had X crash out ocmpletely when doing an upgrade from 11.04 to 11.10?01:16
TandyUKthe best i can get is the login screen but no actual desktop01:16
somethingintereshi all, just installed MythTV on the standard Ubuntu install I am running the NVidia graphics drivers. I am trying to get TV working properly on Myth. I had to modprobe.d to get my card recognised and it all works fine except for one channel that has pink fuzzy lines all over it. I don't think it is poor signal as, before I formated the channel was fine. My card is a Compro DVB-T300.  Any help would be greatly appricated.02:32
qwebirc76466Just upgraded to Mythbuntu 11.10 but can't get lightdm to start properly....I keep getting unity-greeter segfaults in dmesg....any ideas....if I switch to gdm it starts fine17:24
tgm4883superm1, ^^17:26
tgm4883I didn't think we were using lightdm, but I didn't look at that closely17:26
superm1qwebirc76466, did you upgrade using update-manager?17:32
superm1qwebirc76466, i don't think the unity-greeter should have installed, it *should* have loaded the mythbuntu greeter.17:33
qwebirc76466no....command line17:33
superm1qwebirc76466, how on command line?17:33
superm1do-release-upgrade, or apt-get dist-upgrade17:33
qwebirc76466sudo do-release-upgrade17:33
superm1ok then there is an upgrade bug17:33
superm1can you file a bug with "ubuntu-bug update-manager"17:33
superm1that the unity greeter got installed and shouldn't have17:34
qwebirc76466I'm not sure it's an upgrade bug because my system crashed in the middle of it.....17:34
superm1how so?17:34
qwebirc76466I had to apt-get install everything to get it up to 11.1017:34
superm1what exactly crashed?17:35
superm1is there a bug at play software wise, or was it some sort of hardware fault?17:35
qwebirc76466system completely hung17:35
qwebirc76466I was thinking it was hardware since I'd seen it happen before but it doesn't happen often.....I haven't had it hang since the upgrade and it's been running all the time17:36
superm1ok well then i'd lean on not upgrade bug17:36
superm1so go ahead and remove the unity-greeter17:36
superm1just make sure you have mythbuntu-lightdm-theme installed17:36
superm1and it should fix your problem17:36
qwebirc76466I did purge all the lightdm packages as well as the unity-greeter but when I installed mythbuntu-desktop again the unity-greeter got installed too17:37
qwebirc76466I'll try that17:37
qwebirc76466now I get a init: lightdm main process terminated with status 117:39
qwebirc76466where as before lightdm was running....I just had nothing on the screen17:39
superm1check /var/log/lightdm17:39
qwebirc76466Failed to load session file /usr/share/xgreeters/unity-greeter.desktop: No such file or directory:17:40
qwebirc76466my lightdm.conf file still has greeter-session=unity-greeter in it17:41
qwebirc76466changing that line to greeter-session=lightdm-gtk-greeter fixed it for me....not sure how the unity greeter got in there or why the config file didnt' change when I removed it17:45
superm1it must have been the order you installed/removed things17:45
superm1because the postinst /postrm of the scripts might not interact the way you expected together17:45
qwebirc76466ya...that makes sense...since I had to do it by hand17:46
qwebirc76466one more thing....now that I have lightdm up and running the automatic login configuration button in mythcontrol center is still greyed out...how do I enable that17:46
superm1unfortunately there isn't a standalone GUI tool to change automatic login anymore in ubuntu17:48
superm1none was written for lightdm17:49
superm1it's a short coming that we'll need to work out for precise17:49
superm1to do it by hand add these keys to the [SeatDefaults] section of /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf17:49
superm1of course switching out your username17:49
qwebirc76466ah....so will a normal upgrade from 11.04 to 11.10 have those setting set if they were set in 11.04?...(not an upgrade that crashed :) )17:50
qwebirc76466autologin now works....thanks....would I need to do that with all mythbuntu upgrades that go from gdm to lightdm?17:53
AnkhwatcherHey, how do you connect to a linux box if you only know it's name18:29
likwid--if there is no dns for it (ie it doesnt resolve to its name) you'll need to find the ip address of it18:58
likwid--either by getting on it and running 'ifconfig' or some other means like logging into your router and finding out what dhcp addresses have been givin out18:59
Ankhwatcherfound it19:03
AnkhwatcherI ran a ping bomb to a txt file19:04
AnkhwatcherShould I run the oneric update on mythbuntu or not?19:07
tgm4883Ankhwatcher, is something broke?19:08
Ankhwatchernot that I expect the oneric update to fix it19:09
tgm4883what is broke?19:09
AnkhwatcherI can't get my component output to work with my tv19:09
Ankhwatcherand my screen got disabled during install19:09
Ankhwatcher(hence needing to find the ip address to ssh and vnc to the box)19:10
tgm4883I usually recommend fresh installs19:10
Ankhwatcherthis install is about 3 hours old19:11
tgm4883you have a 3 hour old install and you didn't already install oneiric?19:12
Ankhwatchernah I couldn't get 11.10 when i was getting my iso so I had to make a 11.04 iso instead19:12
AnkhwatcherI can download and install mythbuntu again if you think it'll help19:27
Ankhwatcherfourth times the charm and all that...19:27
tgm4883Ankhwatcher, I don't know if it will help or not, as I don't know what is causing the breakage19:27
tgm4883I don't know enough about your hardware19:27
AnkhwatcherI'm trying to use a HP TX1000 as a Mythbuntu mythtv frontend19:31
Zinn[kellyandsopho.com] : LinuxOnHpPaviliontx1000z19:31
tgm4883Ankhwatcher, looks like it needs some tweaking to work with linux (at least with fedora)19:34
AnkhwatcherWell that's quite an old document. It really isn't too bad now.19:35
tgm4883so when you boot it, you get no video?19:35
Ankhwatchernothing comes up on the screen or on the tv19:36
AnkhwatcherI can boot it from a usb stick and the screen will work but I can't get anything but a quick flash of colour on the tv19:36
tgm4883and you are connecting via component?19:37
tgm4883and you've installed the nvidia propritary driver?19:37
Ankhwatcherduring setup19:37
tgm4883sounds like it might be outputting something that the tv can't handle19:38
Ankhwatcheroh hey19:38
AnkhwatcherI just got something onto the tv19:38
AnkhwatcherI opened firefox (through vnc) and a corner of the window showed up in black and white on the tv19:39
tgm4883it's in black and white?19:40
tgm4883are you in the US?19:40
Ankhwatcherbut my laptop is from the us19:41
Ankhwatcherand my tv is from ireland (ie uk standards)19:41
tgm4883so since you see a corner of it, can you drag it around and see more?19:41
Ankhwatchermoving the window causes the tv to disconnect and reconnect19:42
AnkhwatcherI think it might be something to do with refresh rates19:42
Ankhwatcherclicking on the applications menu does the same thing19:42
tgm4883well being it is in black and white, sounds like it's outputing in NTSC and the TV is PAL19:43
tgm4883which would be an issue with refresh likely too19:43
Ankhwatchersounds likely19:43
tgm4883try switching that and see if it makes a difference19:43
Ankhwatcherhow do I switch that?19:44
tgm4883good questions, IDK, I haven't had to deal with that in a long time. It's either going to be in the nvidia control panel or possibly xorg.conf19:44
tgm4883I'm at work, so I can't do a ton of research for you19:44
Ankhwatcherno problem19:44
Ankhwatcherthanks for your help19:44
Ankhwatcherah hah!22:27
AnkhwatcherI chose HD1080p when I should have chosen HD1080i22:28
Ankhwatchernow I have fixed that and my screen is tiny and blue22:28

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