akgranerok so it's been a really busy week for news - I add the sneak peek  header again so I can put just titles and links in there  - b/c there is so much content this week12:17
akgranerIf you get a chance jump in and start summarizing otherwise Sunday and Monday will be long days - I'll summarize the Release announcement - somewhere I have a template for that so it won't be so long :-)12:18
pleia2thanks akgraner, I'll see what I can get to tonight (no plans thus far, finally! but conferences tend to have things pop up...)13:16
akgranerpleia2, no worries was just giving a heads up :-)13:43
pleia2oh and congrats, CC buddy :)13:43
pleia2(dholbach will get an announcement out in a bit)13:45
akgranerpleia2, oh thanks! :-) I just saw the link Congrats to you as well...13:53
pleia2thanks :)14:02
akgranerpleia2, who knew elky's poster would be a prediction14:03
pleia2I didn't even remember, how funny!14:03
akgraner3 women on the CC now :-) that is pretty freakin' amazing I would say14:03
pleia2yeah, people won't get to call me a a token anymore!14:04

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