ojwbi don't know if it's my eyesight, my editor colour scheme, or the screen on this laptop or what, but I no longer find pale text on black more readable00:17
ojwbnot sure I can cope with the mental flip of having my editor the other way though00:17
chiltsit's funny, my terminals are white text on black, my editor is black text on white00:24
chiltsdunno why I did that00:24
mwhudsonchilts: i'm the same00:30
chiltsI don't think I ever got around to changing the emacs colour scheme ... I did everything else but the colours :)00:32
chiltsyay, it's almost HOMETIME! :D02:44
ajmitchITYM beer o'clock?02:44
* chilts isn't at Catalyst anymore02:45
chiltsbut I'm sure the others in here can confirm it's still happening02:45
ajmitchit's a universal thing, not just catalyst :)02:45
chiltshmm, I guess beer o'clock isn't a Catalyst exclusive ... is it all around New Zealand?02:45
ajmitchnot just new zealand02:46
chiltsin the UK, we didn't have a beer o'clock, it was just "piss off down the pub" kinda thing :)02:46
Atamiraor happy hour02:47
Atamiraeven if it wasnt happy hour02:48
mwhudsonfirst oneiric fun: offlineimap deleted all mail it had delivered since september 102:49
chiltsthat's pretty bad02:50

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