GrueMasterOh, joy.  Double my fun.00:05
wgrantinfinity, cjwatson: armhf all done. Just needs a manage-chroot/add-missing-builds when you're ready for builds. And might need some IS pokage to get it onto ports.u.c, I suppose.01:28
cody-somervillelol. If I click 'Ask me later' on the 'Ubuntu 11.10 Upgrade Available' popup, nothing happens.05:50
infinitywgrant: \o/08:03
wgrantinfinity: Have fun with NEW...08:09
wgrantAlthough I guess you might have old scripts for that.08:09
infinitywgrant: Oh ugh.  Did it drop all those arch_all copies into new?08:14
wgrantinfinity: No, but all the armhf binaries will.08:14
wgrantOnce we start building them.08:14
infinityThey... Shouldn't?08:14
infinityI don't recall that happening with armel or lpia.08:15
infinityThough it's been a while.08:15
wgrantOh, indeed, it falls back to other archs.08:16
wgrantForgot that bit.08:16
wgrantI see you have quite the army of arm* builders now.08:17
infinitySort of, though we plan to get rid of all the babbages, so the current list is only temporarily exciting.08:17
wgrantWill be interesting to see how quickly the flock of pandas gets through the archive, anyway.08:19
infinityWe'll need more of them.08:20
infinityAnd we're working on that.08:20
infinityBut it might not be too awful.08:20
infinityI hope. :P08:20
wgrantAt least we're starting early this time :)08:21
infinityIsh.  I seem to be taking vacation at a rather inconvenient time, but I hope to be babysitting builds be the end of next week.08:22
infinitys/be the/by the/08:22
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jdstrandskaet: hi!14:38
jdstrandskaet: I was asked to talk to you about bug #31443214:39
skaethiya jdstrand! :)14:39
ubot4Launchpad bug 314432 in launchpad "It's impossible to see all the bugs that affect a BugTarget if some bugs are targeted to one or more series and the Master task is closed (affects: 4) (dups: 4) (heat: 60)" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31443214:39
skaetjstrand,  classic.14:39
jdstrandskaet: this is a real problem for my team, and I imagine it would be for you. do you think we can up that to Critical as flacoste mentioned in comment #18 this morning?14:39
* skaet looking14:40
jdstrandI also wonder why I am not allowed to escalate it14:40
infinityOnly certain LP people can escalate LP bugs.14:43
skaetjdstrand,  as a way of dealing with the backlog,    they are taking that input from the representative stakeholders that's all.14:43
jdstrandsure, but this is getting on 4 years14:44
jdstrandslipping is one thing, but we are missing stuff (still) because of it14:45
skaetjdstrand,  yup14:45
skaetits on the list now,  there are some other things there too.   archive skew,  and rebuild are there as well.14:46
jdstrandskaet: ok, as my representative stakeholder, this is probably the most important bug the security team has14:47
jdstrandskaet: thanks14:47
skaetjdstrand.  gotcha.   :)14:47
jdstrandskaet: would you mind commenting in the bug in whatever way is appropriate as my representative? :)14:48
skaetyup,  doing it now. ;)14:48
jdstrandskaet: actually, you may want to look at bug #874250. this was discovered today and adversely affects our kernel cadence15:00
ubot4Launchpad bug 874250 in launchpad "Nominations stop working when bugs have large number of projects (affects: 1) (heat: 12)" [Critical,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/87425015:00
jdstrandskaet: what this means is we have to skip these bugs entirely when doing our workflow. so, precise for example currently cannot be tracked15:01
jdstrandskaet: I guess I should revise my comment and say "these are the two most important bugs the security team has" :)15:02
jdstrand(cannot be tracked in those bugs where this LP bug bites)15:03
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skaetjdstrand, which of thw two is hightest priority?15:04
jdstrandskaet: it would have to be kernel workflow at this point15:05
jdstrandskaet: but I worry that it will go to Critical and the other stay at High and the other won't be fixed for another 4 years15:05
jdstranddo I sound jaded?15:05
skaetjdstrand,  understandably.  :/   Anyhow,  I'll reflect the order in my request in.15:06
jdstrandskaet: k, sorry for not remembering the kernel workflow bug15:06
skaetno worries.   :)   This is the problem the launchpad team has in spades,  hence the desire we prioritize amongst each of the stakeholder viewpoints a bit.15:07
jdstrandskaet: well, while the old one affects more teams, the 2nd one is more strategic and there is no workaround15:08
* skaet nods15:08
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* Laney promotes 648611 too16:21
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