andrejzcan anyone confirm tranlsation bug for me11:12
andrejzgo to empathy > Edit > Options > Calls11:12
andrejzis evertyhing tranlsated in that window, kelemengabor?11:13
kelemengaborandrejz: looking11:13
icerootandrejz: no11:14
kelemengaborandrejz: there is a checkbox "Use echo cancellation to improve call quality" untranslated11:14
icerootcorrect, that is missing11:14
andrejzyes that's true for me too :)11:14
andrejzjust wanted a confirmation11:14
andrejzi will file a bug about it and post a link here11:15
kelemengaborit was added here: https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=65733511:17
ubot4Gnome bug 657335 in Preferences "Unnecessary and unexplained tickybox for “Echo Cancellation” in Preferences" [Normal,Resolved: fixed]11:17
icerootandrejz: first have a look at launchpad if the missing string is still pending for translation11:17
kelemengaborthere was even a string freeze break request11:17
icerootah ok11:17
kelemengaboriceroot: it is not present in the upstream template11:18
andrejzso it's probably best to report it on gnome bugzilla11:18
kelemengabor$ grep -r "echo cancellation" src/11:19
kelemengaborsrc/empathy-preferences.ui:                        <property name="label">Use _echo cancellation to improve call quality</property>11:19
kelemengabordefinitely upstream :(11:19
* andrejz searching for his bugzilla password11:21
* kelemengabor is cooking a patch11:22
kelemengaborandrejz: any luck? I'm done ;)11:42
andrejzjust rest my password11:42
andrejzwill write it now11:42
artnayandrejz: hi. did you test the ubuntu guide?11:42
andrejzit's translated11:42
artnayandrejz: hmm, that's strange. thanks anyways.11:43
ubot4Gnome bug 661756 in Preferences "String "Use echo cancellation to improve call quality" is untranslated" [Normal,Unconfirmed]11:46
kelemengaborandrejz: thanks, patch attached11:53
andrejzcool, kelemengabor12:07
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