dtchenhmm, I should donate my HP laptop. Unfettered hardware (no proprietary drivers needed!), 8 GB RAM, 750 GB SATA HD, dual-core Pentium Tsomething or another (64-bit but no VT-x).15:01
dtchentakers? E-mail me off-list.15:02
macodtchen: donate to what?15:02
dtchenI'm doing my usual "shed extra hardware" run.15:02
dtchen(don't like to keep more than one computer at a time)15:03
macomy computers break enough i find spares handy15:54
dtchenyou want?16:12
dtchenI can leave it with Merge @ ToI.16:12
macoi dont have a laptop that can both be used as a laptop and do compiles in decent times16:13
dtchenI recently bought a new laptop to fix drivers, and it came with that 750 GB HD. I just swapped in my five-year-old 320 GB.16:13
macomy dual core doesnt know how to use batteries anymore, and my netbook doesnt suspend and cant compile, and so my 5 year old laptop is the only one that can  kind of do all of the above...16:14
dtchenyou could just blow away the Windows 7 Home Premium install that's on it :-)16:15
macowhy the crap is a computer you own running windows?16:53
dtchenit isn't!16:53
dtchenthe HD has a Windows 7 install on it (I bought the laptop from Best Buy)16:53
dtchenit gives me the giggles that I've been doing the Ubuntu Friendly thing for over a decade :-)16:54

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