ShawnRcan someone please tell the servers to cut off everyone but IPs from FL so I can update in less than 8 hrs?02:14
mhall119ShawnR: did you point to a local mirror before you started updating?02:31
mhall119many of the big universities mirror the repos02:32
ShawnRmhall119: nope, just did the package updater and let it go... didn't evne think about pointing it to a local repo02:47
ShawnRwhere would i set such?02:48
ShawnRthat being said, only 22 minutes left now... (after going since about 4 or 5pm, not thinking I'm going to change it for this release)02:48
mhall119ShawnR: if you open "Software Sources", in the "Download from" dropdown select "Other..." and it'll give you a list of choices, plus a button to auto-select a good one for you03:30
KlutZeverybody must be worn out in Orlando and asleep...05:21
govatentnot me.05:25
govatentalthough i am not central florida 05:25
KlutZI think they are having there LoCo party this weekend in Orlando, Fl... 05:35
govatentdoes anyone use aim with empathy? 15:49
mhall119not anymore15:51
mhall119govatent: I used to, but started getting spammers messaging me, so I've turned off that account15:51
govatentI can't seem to make my aim account work in empathy right now. 15:52
govatentwanted to see if someone could test it as well.15:52
govatenti am on my clean 11.10 install now15:52
govatentits the only account giving me an issue in empathy 15:52
govatenttrying to also see if there is any info online but nothing so far 15:53
mhall119govatent: just tried my AIM account, connected fine15:57
govatentthanks. ill have to figure this out 15:58
govatenti think there are logs for connection attempts i can check15:58
maxolasersquadgovatent: I use AIM with empathy on 11.1015:58
mhall119govatent: are you sure you have an AIM account? ;)15:58
govatenti know my un/pw are right cause i tried using the online chat service at aim.com 15:59
maxolasersquadIf you look in System Monitor there are processes named telepathy-*15:59
maxolasersquadtelepathy-butterfly is msn.15:59
maxolasersquadI'm not sure which is AIM.15:59
maxolasersquadSometime's I cannot connect to MSN, so I kill telepathy-butterfly and then it reloads and works.16:00
govatentright now i have both my aim and icq set to disabled cause when i turn either on empathy just starts going on about needing a password and not logging in 16:00
govatentill try that now16:00
govatenti think aim and icq use the same process16:00
govatenti wanna find the logs 16:02
govatentfound it. within the file menu for empathy under help there is an option debug that shows all the info 16:08
maxolasersquadgovatent: It's probably telepathy-haze16:10
govatentyea your right on that one 16:10
maxolasersquad"telepathy-haze exposes libpurple's many protocol implementations to the Telepathy framework."16:11
govatentwell this is great. I disabled all my accounts. fire up the debugger for connections. clear the logs to see whats going on with aim. i fire aim up and it works by itself. 16:11
itnet7maxolasersquad: telepathy-haze is for groupwise messenger18:40
itnet7Oh, does it also handle AIM?18:40
itnet7I thought it was telepathy-gabble18:42
itnet7Oh, I guess after reading you can actually also use haze for AIM, with seemingly better results (except if you happen to be named govatent) ;-P18:43
maxolasersquaditnet7: My googleing suggested that gabble is for Jabber.18:45
zoopsteraye...wonder why telepathy-haze process was taking up 100% of a cpu earlier....hmmm....novell is coming back to haunt me?18:52
itnet7maxolasersquad: yeah, this is the article I was looking at when I was trying to get some traction with a telepathy-haze bug I had reported. http://senko.net/connecting-to-aimicq-with-telepathy-gabble/19:12
itnet7unfortunately, my bug is still broken 2 or so years later19:13
itnet7it's still broken... :-(19:16
itnet7just re-tried it19:16
maxolasersquadAhh yes, I remember that.  Forgot the AOL had switched to Jabber.19:25

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