tonyyarussoGTRsdk: Good question - I'm reasonably certain that one was recorded unless Jeremy specifically requested it not be, but I don't know where those files are posted.01:05
GTRsdktonyyarusso: okay. Do you know who would probably know where the files are?01:07
tonyyarussoYup - Brian Dolan-Goecke.01:09
TakyojiWoah, out with Evolution and in with Thunderbird I guess; didn't hear of this until now.01:12
tonyyarussoI heard just a few days ago.01:13
tonyyarussoI'll probably use Evo anyway01:13
* GTRsdk knew at least a month ago :)01:13
GTRsdktonyyarusso: do you know his IRC nick?01:14
tonyyarussoGTRsdk: I don't think he's ever been on IRC.  I'll PM his e-mail address.01:15
tonyyarussoAt least he *claimed* he was going to record them - it's possible he never got it working.01:17
GTRsdkI think there were recordings01:20
GTRsdkI watched that one via the Internet01:21
GTRsdktonyyarusso: has lubotu1 been updated?01:21
GTRsdk!info wine1.301:21
lubotu1wine1.3 (source: wine1.3): Microsoft Windows Compatibility Layer (Binary Emulator and Library). In component universe, is optional. Version 1.3.15-0ubuntu5 (natty), package size 11649 kB, installed size 98012 kB01:21
GTRsdkit looks like it isn't01:21
lubotu1This bot is owned by tsimpson and kindly hosted by Rackspace - http://rackspace.com/ - Questions about ubottu should be asked in #ubuntu-bots-team or #ubuntu-bots-devel01:22
tonyyarussoGTRsdk: No idea - I don't actually have anything to do with that bot.01:22
tonyyarussoSo yeah, go harass Terence :P01:23
GTRsdkI think he is offline for some time01:23
GTRsdktonyyarusso: is there going to be an IRC meeting soon?01:24
tonyyarussoThere just was one on the 8th01:29
GTRsdkthere was?01:29
* GTRsdk missed it01:29
GTRsdktonyyarusso: it would be nice if you would send me an email about it before the meeting01:31
tonyyarussoGTRsdk: You can also just subscribe to http://fridge.ubuntu.com/calendars/fridge/01:32
tonyyarussolooks like the next one is November 12th01:33
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