jeffrashso, I've been thinking of holding some classes on the ubuntu desktop as a faster, virus free alternative to Windows15:26
jeffrashwhat do you guys think about that?15:26
akgranerjeffrash, where at?15:36
jeffrashConcord NC15:37
akgranerThat would be be cool ..15:37
akgranerholstein, guess what?15:37
jeffrashThere's a place here called Right-Click.15:38
akgranerWhat do you need?  I'm working a 6 week class for 8th graders - it's their computer class - using Natty and Dell netbooks15:38
jeffrashThey're an Internet cafe and have a training space15:38
akgranerIs there anything you need from the team15:39
akgraneralso do you know about Open Week?15:39
akgranerok since holstein isn't guessing I'll just tell you all - I'm on the Community Council now :-)  I am so excited15:40
holsteinakgraner: cool15:40
holsteini just need to wipe windows here and all would be good ;)15:40
akgranerjeffrash, we can add it to the monthly reports just let us know when you kick it off15:40
jeffrashakgraner, very cool.  What does that mean?15:41
akgranerbut I think it's a great idea...15:41
akgranerjeffrash, honestly I am not sure what that means going forward other than helping with the overall governance of the Ubuntu Community for 2 years15:42
jeffrashdo you guys feel ubuntu is getting more or less compatible with your hardware?17:44
akgranerhave you seen the hardware cert page and the Ubuntu Friendly Program (in beta now) - if not I can get you the links17:59
akgranerinternalkernel, did you see  - I'm on the CC now :-)17:59
internalkernelakgraner: congrats! I just saw that when I checked out G+ for the first time in weeks...18:02
internalkernelyou are one of 3 ladies on the CC, right?18:02
akgraneryeppers :-)18:02
akgraner4 years ago no women, 2 years ago only 1 now we have 318:02
akgranerI think that says a lot for our community! :-)18:03
internalkernelnice... Pete's got his work cut out for him... lol... I like strong ladies too  :)18:03
akgranerhehe...you are funny18:03
akgranerinternalkernel, holstein I can't make it tomorrow - Becca has a Band competition in Chesnee, SC18:04
internalkernelI try...18:04
internalkernelI saw some chatter about Sat - release party?18:04
internalkernelI have to drive to Chapel Hill tomorrow, and I leave for SF next week...18:04
akgranerand since I am one of the Band Booster Board Members  - I gotta go...18:04
akgranertry saying that 2 times fast18:06
internalkernelwasn't so bad18:06
akgranerinternalkernel, is your schedule picking up?18:06
internalkernelactually, it's starting to slow down... I just got home from San Antonio last night... after SF Ill be around for a bit18:07
akgranerahh ok18:07
akgranerso slow til Feb?18:07
internalkernelpretty much, but  my consulting has been picking up...18:08
internalkernelbut that's easy for me to schedule since I can do it from home18:09
akgraneroh cool18:10
akgranerthat's exciting for you  - happy to hear it18:10
internalkernelthanks... I've been working on building that for a while now...18:11
akgraneryeah  - I just updated my resume - and sending it out18:12
internalkernelwell, you've got your name on a several large ticket items... aside from the CC, there's the Book and the mag you write for...18:13
internalkernelthat's gotta be worth something on a resume18:13
akgranertotally  - I hope18:14
akgranerwe'll start working on the 7th edition of the book after the 12.04 beta 118:14
akgranerbefore that  - too many things change18:14
internalkernelnice... that book is a big help to beginners...18:16
internalkernelI haven't tried oneiric again... not since the last #failure18:16
internalkernelIm actually running Mint at the moment since they kept Gnome2 and a working version of Compiz...18:17
internalkernelIll try it again in a month or two... I want the dust to settle... but for the record, this is the _first_ time I have been unable to use the beta...18:18
akgranerinternalkernel, lubuntu is cool too18:19
internalkernellol... that was my first fallback...18:20
internalkernelThe installer died due  to some 2 year old bug...18:20
internalkernelit was awesome...18:20
internalkernelI had to install Xubuntu, then Lubuntu on top of it... but, the bottom line, they were all broken...18:20
internalkernelIt was fine... if you didn't change anything... used the defaults18:21
akgranerahh ok18:21
internalkernelbut when I install CCSM to configure compiz... it would break compiz completely...18:21
akgraneryeah you mentioned that18:21
internalkerneldo you know what happens when you log in and compiz is broken?18:21
internalkernelnothing... absolutely... nothing... it's awesome.18:21
internalkernelI like so much of the new design, and it felt like they cleaned up the interface quite a bit...18:22
internalkerneleven though Nautilus is now as ugly as SquirrelMail18:22
internalkernelbut, I need _my_ tweaks... it's my methodology that makes my system productive...18:23
internalkernelfor me of course...18:23
akgranerI know when I installed the beta I had to fix my desktop18:23
internalkernelI expect that from a beta...18:23
akgranerI had to run  sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop^18:24
akgranerthat fixed a lot of crap for me18:24
internalkernelI was prepared for some brokenness... some gnashing of teeth... but three days later - when I boot my system up and nothing works again... I'm done.18:24
internalkernelyeah... you know me, not only am I hard to please, I'm also very particular...18:24
akgranerI am learning how to set up my own server at UDS - jcastro is going to show me18:24
internalkernelcan I get in on that class? :D18:25
akgranerI tried out Ubuntu in the Cloud - their wordpress instance on Amazon18:25
internalkernelI saw that post too...18:25
akgranerand jcastro was like dude I can show you how to do that with bare metal18:25
internalkernelyou might want to check out ownCloud18:25
internalkernelownCloud is really effin cool and the project has a lot of activity going on right now18:25
akgranerI need to learn more...so I understand what the heck I am doing18:26
internalkernelits like... Ubuntu One but you can install it on your own server18:26
internalkernelhaha... learn to love the terminal!18:26
internalkernelHey I gotta run... I need to kill the power in the house for a bit... :/18:27

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