thafreakMorning Ohio14:10
thafreakpaultag: re: gtk and html5...it's called broadway....15:34
paultagthafreak: ah, that's the webserver with websockets15:34
thafreaksome sort of way to run gtk apps via html5 canvas15:34
paultagthat's not GTK15:34
paultagthat's a rendering backend15:34
paultagfor GDK15:34
thafreaklibreoffice running on it15:34
paultagit writes GTK apps to an HTML5 canvas + websockets rather then x1115:34
paultagthafreak: yeah, I got it running when they announced it15:34
paultagit's OK15:35
paultagvery laggy, not really robust15:35
paultagbut it's gdk not gtk15:35
thafreakmore laggy than a java applet running a vnc viewer?15:35
paultagthafreak: it's not bad when it's localhost15:36
paultagbut not great15:36
paultaghttp://blogs.gnome.org/alexl/2011/03/15/gtk-html-backend-update/ <- that guy wrote it15:37
paultagit's cute15:38
jrgiffordHeya jandrusk. :)19:18
Unit193Howdy jandrusk , jrgifford19:19
Unit193You ever figure out that countdown? ;)19:20
jrgiffordUnit193: yeah, it was for 11.1019:21
jrgiffordIt was a 11.10 countdown with a ARG mixed in.19:21
jrgifford(alternate reality game)19:21
jrgiffordwhat was really funny was how they revealed that after the first two days, everything we ran into was pure improve.19:22
* canthus13 bounces around.19:28
dzhohttps://plus.google.com/116424023320279967100/posts/bh8UqrsNFBf?utm_source=twitterfeed&utm_medium=statusnet#116424023320279967100/posts/bh8UqrsNFBf <- neato19:30
Unit193canthus13: Not being pushy, but ping me when/if you are able to start openbox (Channel is only telling me of day changes ;) )21:35

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