InHisName1Kids in bed, finally!   Howz the release party goin' ?01:11
InHisName12344 of 2367   with 2 hr 35 min left !!    for a measly 43 files left.01:13
InHisName1Hello DavidLevin01:14
knightzeroAm I the only one failing to see a screensaver function within 11.10?01:22
InHisName1I'm not seeing 11.10 at all,       [yet]01:37
* waltman is (finally) home from the happy hour01:43
InHisName1The happy hour is finished ?   Is it the UNhappy hour now ?02:19
pleia2that was fun :)02:20
waltmanIt was. I hadn't seen my buddy Phil in ages.02:23
waltmanBut I was overdressed with that rain coat. It was a long humid walk in the rain back up the hill from my train station.02:25
waltmanSo my Russian labmate, the one who has trouble with determiners, wrote back to thank me.02:27
waltman"I just looked over your comments, and so far they all looked straight-forward to address."02:27
waltmanHe also has issues with hyphenation.02:27
waltmanCoincidentally, I had several comments in the doc that "straightforward" is spelled without hyphens.02:28
JonathanDMorning again.11:13
rmg51JonathanD: you must have said that before I signed in11:26
rmg51I got home to late to bother booting up last night11:27
rmg51now I'm off to work11:27
yoda_vanwow....too much redbull11:36
=== yoda_van is now known as jedijf
jedijfbut worth it!11:36
InHisName1I got error from dpkg  about grub-pc   and it didnot install it.   How to find the logs before I reboot and review it ?12:02
waltmanJonathanD: 3:13 isn't morning, it's night.12:12
JonathanDit's morning.12:13
JonathanDI go to sleep at night.12:14
JonathanDI wake up in the morning.12:14
waltmanI see.12:14
rmg51morning isn't till at least 5am12:19
rmg51you have to be close to sun rise12:20
InHisName1where's all the grubbers at ?12:26
jedijfpleia2: congrats on CC14:11
pleia2thanks :)14:11
pleia2I had a 5 day break14:11
pleia2(not really, we've been working on wrapping things up)14:11
InHisName1before I reboot the new 11.10, I need to fix grub to work right.  Install errors from dpkg.14:21
MutantTurkeyubuntu upgrades always break stuff. safer to wait a few weeks till they fix that up14:21
jedijfupgrade worked flawlessly at party14:22
jedijfon an eeeeeee pc14:22
jedijfin 2 1/2 hours on bar wireless14:22
InHisName1well my grub failed at 10.04 and 10.10 upgrades too.   Once I rebooted and that was LONG mess to fix up then.    THIS time I want to fix first before rebooting.14:23
jthanI never had any issues upgrading.14:24
jedijfInHisName1: that link holds /all/ the answers14:24
InHisName1Looking at it....14:24
jedijfInHisName1: so you haven't tried it yet?14:25
InHisName1grub failed once last year because I tried rebooting first.   BAD choice.14:25
InHisName1Now this error time want to fix grub first.14:26
MutantTurkeywhats the error14:26
InHisName1Where to find logs of 11.10 upgrade and I might find full text of error that flew by detail window.14:27
jedijfi would look in /var/log/apt/14:43
knightzeroOh joy.....unity was happy on my laptop until I ran Compiz config.15:31
waltmanCC == Community Czarina?15:56
pleia2ubuntu community council (it's the thing I was on before, I ran for re-election)16:03
InHisName1Hmm seems most useful part I can find from grub2 site is boot-repair  which is done in advance of needing it.16:09
knightzeroHmmm...unity 2d works, but standard with compiz is a no-go.  Too much of a headache to troubleshoot now, especially since gnome3 runs without a hitch.16:09
InHisName1Lotta reading about upgrade grub to grub2.   That was done last spring  for either 10.10 or 11.04 fixing.16:39
InHisName1Hmmm /var/log/apt/history.log   has ONE gargantuan string but no sign of an error from dpkg when installing grub during 11.10 upgrade.16:40
InHisName1from dkpkg.log    --->status half-configured grub-pc 199-12ubuntu516:49
InHisName1what is 'half-configured' mean ?  that phrase is not in: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 or in https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Boot-Repair16:50
InHisName1someone suggested this:16:53
InHisName1dpkg-reconfigure --force grub-pc16:53
InHisName1aptitude upgrade16:53
InHisName1did that, now is there a way to 'test grub' before booting up ?17:04
GeekyAdamanyone here have any experience working with wordpress from the command-line?17:19
GeekyAdam(but thanks for all the help) ;]17:32
GeekyAdamso you philly meetup peeps, how's 11.10? any crazy changes you liked/disliked?17:32
InHisName1ummm its attempt to auto repair an error with grub that did not work ?17:38
JonathanDI'm trying to get the touchscreen working on an x200 lenovo tablet, ubuntu 11.1017:46
JonathanDI see it in dmesg as "wacom serial touchscreen"17:48
InHisName1Yea!!!  My HP touchPad arrived   [WebOS]17:50
JonathanDGoogle be failing me.17:50
InHisName1did pleia2 fly off for CA already?17:51
jedijfJonathanD: iirc there was something about wacom in release notes18:27
InHisName1do I dare reboot and risk that grub is still not fixed yet ?    I don't know how to test that it is ok.18:41
JonathanDjedijf: I shall check.18:57
InHisName1kids home from school,  intermittent checking now.19:30
pleia2from last night :)20:20
jedijfocelot needs a meeting20:25
pleia2nice one20:26
jedijffit right in20:26
jedijfthat cd is soooo hot; the design team should steal that20:27
pleia2he said it's up on spreadubuntu, I found one similar20:27
pleia2so maybe he doesn't have his 11.10 version up yet?20:28
jedijfahh, i thought it was an original20:28
pleia2I am quite sure he's the one who uploaded it there20:28
pleia2some light stalking of noelitonoelito seems to be our guy20:28
jedijfyeah reverse launchpad rsvp hacking20:29
jedijfgood, new crowd20:29
pleia2yeah :)20:30
* pleia2 frowns at loco directory not loading20:31
JonathanDjedijf: haven't found anything in release notes.20:34
JonathanDusing: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/OneiricOcelot/ReleaseNotes20:34
jedijfJonathanD: yeah, brain fail, too many lists....20:39
jedijfJonathanD: dmesg give any hints?20:40
JonathanDjust the "hey this exists"20:42
JonathanDinput: Wacom Serial Touchscreen as /device..."20:44
Joe_CoTpleia2, so you're an admin on DarkMyst, do you play anything on there?21:07
pleia2Joe_CoT: nope, I joined ages ago when there when an internet radio station my ex-husband DJed on had a channel there21:46
Joe_CoTso now you just admin for the hell of it?21:46
pleia2the owner of the network figured out I was vaguely internet famous and asked me to help out21:47
pleia2so yeah, I do support stuff and update the website, and sometimes bring the network back together after splits (that's harder now that I only have an oline on one server though)21:48
InHisName1pleia2: is there a way to check out grub2 to validate that it is good before rebooting ? (and testing the HARD way, oops}21:54
pleia2InHisName1: grub2 files are automatically generated, so you shouldn't have a problem21:55
InHisName1During the upgrade I got a dpkg errror involving grub2.   I had errors similar to that in 10.04 and 10.10 and 11.04 also.   Rebooting was disaster, in 1104  I put in grub2.   Maybe some old pieces of old grub are giving it fits.22:00
InHisName1I've done several things so far to fix it.22:00
InHisName1A couple of command lines to re-run some fixing / install or whatever.22:01
InHisName1Then I ran something called boot-repair  which ran some of the prior stuff again.22:02
pleia2well if you need command line options it's hard to test that without the reboot, since you won't always know what you need with different kernels22:02
InHisName1I just am not sure if grub2 is viable enough to boot successfully on first go or not.22:02
pleia2I haven't had a problem with it yet22:03
InHisName1I used to review the menu.lst and catch stuff there but its no longer used.22:03
InHisName1I'm just a bit timid on daring myself to reboot / test grub, yet.22:05
InHisName1hi _nomad22:14
_nomadgood to meet some of you at national mechanics yesterday22:15
jedijf_nomad: indeed22:17
jedijfeven better that you followed up here22:19
_nomadonly sad that its a friday night on irc22:23
jedijfwe'll pretend it's monday22:24
jedijfrmg51: have any alts?22:28
InHisName1hi Sadin & _nomad22:36
Sadinhey InHisName22:37
rmg51jedijf: I have both 32 & 64 alt iso's22:47
rmg51burned one of each22:47
InHisName1my HP TouchPad wont start without wireless access.   9 Neighbors have it but all have passwords.22:59
mikedep333InHisName1, sad, but not surprising23:56

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