cyberangerbeyond that, sorta your choice, found simple stock ones work, don't fight fitting them & while they may break quicker, still talking some good years for a cheap heatsink00:00
chris4585hrm so just look for one supported by amd athlon?00:01
chris4585I see there are different sizes, should that matter?00:02
cyberangerbattery made it past 2 hours, 10% and dropping00:02
cyberangerchris4585: yep00:02
cyberangerchris4585: give me 20 minutes or so, I'll get you your socket type from your cpu info00:03
cyberangerchris4585: ^^ don't want the battery going full blown critical00:04
chris4585thanks cyberanger I appreciate it, I just don't want to buy something and have it not the right type00:05
chris4585I believe I'm gonna replace the heatsink with one from newegg00:05
chris4585I was looking it up, looks like socket A is what I need00:25
* Unit193 wonders if anyone is really bored and wants to test Gtalk :D00:37
cyberangerUnit193: considering it's working now, why test00:58
cyberangerchris4585: sorry, did I say 20 minutes, I meant 54 minutes :-/00:59
cyberangererrands, never plan a deadline around them00:59
Unit193cyberanger: More of Pidgin + GTalk + my setup (worked with Skype though)01:00
cyberangerpidgin, blah01:00
* cyberanger is no longer bored01:00
Unit193It works...01:01
cyberangerUnit193: sorta kidding, finch is decent, but bitlbee is more my thing01:01
cyberangerchris4585: you here01:01
Unit193cyberanger: Voice over biblbee?01:01
chris4585cyberanger, yeah01:02
cyberangerchris4585: can you run lshw & upload output?01:11
cyberangerUnit193: I'm into VoIPoAC01:11
cyberangerVoice over Internet Protocall over Avian Carrier01:12
chris4585cyberanger, yeah hold on01:20
chris4585I can try01:20
cyberangerchris4585: there is a plan b if that's an issue01:21
chris4585no go right now01:24
cyberangergo for plan a, or go for plan b01:25
chris4585can't get to command prompt01:26
chris4585but if it helps this is the exact model and same info http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E1688310736301:26
cyberangerchris4585: lemme load that & that should be enough01:27
* cyberanger clicks01:28
cyberangerchris4585: socket AM2 (forgot how old that socket is)01:30
cyberangerso a heatsink that fits a socket AM2 that isn't fighting it's way into your case01:30
cyberangerideally it has a small fan built-in01:31
cyberanger(well, any fan that isn't overkill, you'll get the idea looking around)01:31
chris4585sorry cyberanger I keep getting distract and with no notifications lol01:37
chris4585hrm alright I thought so01:37
chris4585I believe cyberanger thats the same as socket A?01:38
chris4585ah nvm I think I found some AM2 type heatsinks on newegg01:40
chris4585I believe I found a nice solution http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E1683520001401:48
cyberangerlooks like a newegg part01:54
chris4585yeah it looks like it would work with what I need02:06
cyberangerdon't see anything to suggest otherwise02:08
chris4585also the pci nob thingamadoodle looks rather nice02:08
chris4585well that didn't cost me too much, just $2002:22
wrstcyberanger: any tools out there that let you know how much power a machine is drawing02:35
cyberangerwrst: http://www.thinkgeek.com/gadgets/travelpower/7657/ http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E1688271500102:44
wrstahh cyberanger thank you i need to get one of those02:44
wrstcyberanger:  curious which machine is more effecient02:45
* wrst gets silly and upgrades his server to 11.1002:49
* cyberanger has some crazy ideas on making tor even more bulletproof, I really need to pick a task and do it, my todo list is already bigger than my wallet03:03
wrstha ha cyberanger you need to find people willing to pay you!03:03
cyberangeryeah, or something03:05
cyberangerpassive radar, my own phone network (complete with celluar towers) my own isp, censorship avoidance, compact radio transmitters for FM radio, (compared to your usual TV brodcast setup) a compact TV transmitter03:11
wrstcyberanger: sounds like an evil plot to rule the world03:11
cyberangerand that's the tip (but nowhere near short) list03:11
* Unit193 wonders what the phone and ISP service will cost ;)03:11
cyberangerwrst: is it evil if it's aim is to oust a certain dictator <cough>Bashar al-Assad</cough> from a certian country <cough>syria</cough>03:12
cyberangerand able to be adapted for elsewhere <really long cough>iran comes to mind</really long cough>03:13
cyberangerand that's actually the funny thing, it's mostly just a mere technical intrest (the remainder is a bit of a dare)03:15
wrstUnit193: i was wondering the same thing03:16
cyberangerUnit193: depends on if it ever happens, and the costs to get it to happen03:19
cyberangerbut I bet it'd be lower than most03:19
cyberangerdue to the nature of how I'd aim to set it up, both technically and otherwise03:20
wrstcyberanger: i downloaded 5GB on wed, woudl there be a penalty for that?03:22
cyberangermesh networking & utility cooperative, little infrastructure costs, and due to the type of business, be hard to make a profit that hurt consumers as long as it stays a cooperative business, vs a for-profit corporation03:22
cyberangerwrst: did you pay for 5GB on wed. if yes, then why would there be, if no, your not a customer, no overage fee, but a penalty, yep03:23
cyberangerthat'd be my model, no caps, effort to maintain a quality of speed03:24
* Unit193 likes always on with no caps :D03:24
wrstoh as far as I know its unlimited... but I'm trying to figure out what caused me to go over 5GB i did have pandora running all night would that do it?03:24
cyberangeragain, upstream ISP is one cost I can't control, that's the pain03:24
cyberangeroh, you mean not a hypothetical for this....right03:24
wrstcyberanger: yeah i mean i really dl'd 5GB on wed :)03:25
wrstjust checking my router logs03:25
cyberangerpenalty with pandora?03:25
cyberangeror your ISP?03:25
cyberangerand it does seem high for audio, but if it were literally all night & tack on the iso's you downloaded for ubuntu, maybe03:26
cyberangerany video too03:26
cyberangeryoutube, hulu, cbs?03:26
cyberangergaming, PS3, Xbox 360, Wii, online of course03:26
wrstcyberanger: http://welseystout.no-ip.org/usage.png03:28
cyberangerwrst: umm, check your link man03:28
wrstcyberanger: http://wesleystout.no-ip.org/usage.png03:29
wrstcyberanger: i can't spell my own name!03:29
cyberangerwell, I know spell check binaries shouldn't be 5GB worth (bad joke I know, but I couldn't resist)03:30
chris4585hey wrst03:30
wrsthey chris458503:31
wrstcyberanger: maybe my wife was netflixing a lot?03:31
cyberangeryeah, with bind9 & squid I've got more detailed logs on requests for what from where, could guess better03:36
cyberangerpandora played a role, if you told me 24 hours, maybe I'd believe 1-2GB tops03:36
wrstyeah it was 24 hours, Unit193 created a monster :)03:37
wrstand I'm assuming dd-wrt is correct in its computin'03:38
cyberangergranted, that alone could be it, all I can do is guess, but if I'm guessing (partially based on my own data from hulu, cbs, crackle, pandora & well, my usage in general, 24 hours, 5 GB of data, pandora alone couldn't be more than 50% of that, running nonstop for 24 hours, unrealistic still)03:38
cyberangernow, a few hours of netflix, plus most of the day with pandora (a much more likely scenario I would think) could do that easily03:40
cyberangeror a few hours of netflix & no pandora could do it03:40
cyberangera penality is unlikely for 5GB in one day, now a monthly total maybe a different story03:41
Unit193Too bad cyberanger doesn't use Tomato, I could just grab the css file off him that he would have made :P03:41
cyberangerUnit193: me, css files, why?03:41
wrstcyberanger: i don't think my isp knows how to figure that out :)03:42
cyberangerand shame you don't use bind9, dhcp3 & squid, or I could just ask to see your /var/log03:42
cyberangerwrst: figure out your the guy that used 5GB of their data, poor poor isp03:42
Unit193cyberanger: Supports custom theme03:43
cyberangerUnit193: yeah, but there's even more power in my case03:44
wrstyeah cyberanger i need to do that I guess :)03:44
cyberangerwrst: do what, go overboard in building your own router?03:48
wrstha ha :)03:49
cyberangerwrst: in fairness, it actually isn't a bad idea to do some of that in some way03:50
cyberangeryou have ddwrt & a server with a static ip03:50
cyberangermost traffic that you'd want to follow for this is on port 80, dns shows the others03:51
cyberangerno reason setting up squid on that server with a fairly simple howto couldn't be done03:51
cyberangerthen use squidview for reviewing requests03:52
wrsti just went over 2GB today :) but downloaded an ubuntu dvd by mistake instead of cd03:52
cyberangerthat'd do it03:53
wrstand I really don't know why i care :)03:57
chris4585was reading a forum and came across this..04:40
chris4585Disclaimer: don't eat your CPU and or Heat sink and don't lick the thermal compound. Don't try to insert an Oreo cookie into your socket 939 or any other electronic device. Do not refer to a double-stuffed Oreo as a 'Dual-Core Oreo'04:40
vychunesup people06:46
cyberangervychune: wazzup12:01
vychunecricket broadband decided to stop messing up12:01
* cyberanger hands vychune a 2 by 6 to knock on12:03
vychunebrb. Fire fox update12:03
wrstcyberanger: you in one of those never sleep modes? :)12:11
cyberangerwrst: not far from it12:11
cyberangerthe end result should be worth it, but atm I f'd rather kill myself with a spoon12:13
wrstoh man you need sleep, my server is about to finish the upgrade i had to leave it be last night ubuntu's servers were slow... imagine that!12:13
* cyberanger admits that sounded better in my head12:13
wrstha ha12:13
wrstwell no sleep does that to you ;)12:13
cyberangerwrst: what about the Argonne National Labortory, RIT, GATECH, MIT or others12:14
wrsti just used the default mirror i should have changed12:15
wrstgatech usually has good speed, but didn't think about it until i started :)12:15
cyberangerso, ctrl-c12:22
cyberangerunless it's past the downloading stage12:22
vychunei was wondering why yall werent saying anything lol12:22
cyberangerapt is smart about completing downloads12:22
cyberangervychune: where's the at 2 by 6 I wanted you to knock12:23
vychuneFirst: the at?12:23
* vychune knocks on wood12:23
cyberangerand now wrst departs, hrm12:24
cyberangerthat's odd for him, guess his server upgrade is done12:24
vychuneyou on G+ yet?12:24
vychunecyberanger: you on G+ yet?12:26
cyberangernot using it12:26
vychuneoh okj12:28
vychuneoh ok12:28
vychunewrst whats good12:28
wrsti don't know yet vychune, hoping my server upgrades ok :)12:29
wrsthow are you doing vychune ?12:29
vychunewas good but mom woke up12:29
cyberangerthere's enough social networking analysis & network theroy as is12:29
cyberangervychune: ^12:30
xpistosmorning all12:49
=== wrst_ is now known as wrst
wrstmorning xpistos12:53
xpistosSo how are we doing today?13:00
vychunexpistos: ok13:07
xpistosJuzzy: FYI, I don't know if I told you this or not, but after your help, I had someone contact me about a new job and long story short, I start on the 24th. Thank you!13:10
vychunexpistos: great news dude13:34
vychunefirefox crash :/13:39
vychunejust found out someone used my account on Youtube to spam people13:44
cyberangeroh that's fun :/13:45
wrstwow vychune :\ stinks13:45
vychuneif there wasnt copyright issues i wouldnt have know13:47
cyberangerthat's awesome, in an orwellian sort of way ^^14:04
cyberangervychune: you like?14:19
vychuneit's cool in a crazy sort of way14:20
cyberangerwell, it's a crazy world (nice satire anyway)14:21
* vychune googles satire14:28
* cyberanger spell checks it in case, checks out14:29
cyberangervychune: think paradoy14:29
vychuneshould have spell checked that lo14:30
cyberangerwell, it was right14:30
cyberangervychune: know of Stephen Colbert, The Colbert Report14:30
vychunewatched it once14:30
vychunei like the daily show better14:31
cyberangerboth are about the same I'd bet, a satire of most news media in the US, journalists who are opinioniated & self-rightous (not neutral like a journalist should be)14:32
cyberangerthat's a pirme example of a satire14:33
cyberangera paradoy is a little different (and that photo is a bit of both, there is room for overlap)14:33
cyberangerI think british & french humour it's more distinct from the other, america, we have our own ideas of humour (however, I've broadened my horizions somewhat)14:35
cyberangerthere was a satire made in 1979, set in (at that moment) the future, 1998, called Americathon, was a bit ironic in that some of the humour became real, for example of some http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Americathon#Satirical_predictions14:39
cyberangerto me, watching that this month, made it even funnier in some ways14:40
cyberanger(actually, last month, but it stood out, could have been yesterday)14:40
cyberangerThe President Is A Yutz14:41
cosmicpizzahey vychune15:11
vychunehey man sorry i dozed off lol15:17
vychunebinarymutant: whats happening?15:18
cyberangervychune: um, his connection reset, been quiet here all morning15:21
cyberangerfrom him that is15:21
vychunei got ya15:22
wrstwb electricus_16:29
binarymutantback :D16:32
wrstbinarymutant: how are you doing?16:36
binarymutantgood and you wrst?16:38
wrstdoing well binarymutant16:39
wrstwhat are you up to?16:39
binarymutantjust got back home from a long night16:40
binarymutantcatching up with the 2 days I missed16:40
binarymutantwell 1 day16:41
wrstwb binarymutant :)16:41
binarymutantty :D16:42
=== electricus_ is now known as electricus
binarymutant had to go back to firefox and vimperator, luakit segfaults waay to much for actual use21:29
binarymutantmight try http://surf.suckless.org out for full time use though, I never had a problem with it while playing with it21:31
Unit193wrst: I can kind of see why you like quassel, but there is no way I'm switching :P23:02
Unit193Link previews is kind of cool23:02
wrstUnit193: its pretty nice and its always on etc etc23:03
wrstso i likey23:03
Unit193Still like my irssi much better, but I knew this wasn't bad23:04
Unit193Xchat is only better because it has highlight ignore, this and irssi doesn't23:04
wrstno its not bad at all but as good of a pure client as irssi23:05
Unit193wrst: Anyway, I'm on it now (for now) while doing updates in the OS I never use :P23:05
wrstha ha on winders?23:07
binarymutanthighlight ignore?23:07
Unit193wrst: Kubuntu23:20
Unit193binarymutant: Yep, disable a bot from highlighting you23:21
wrstohh Unit193 why you in kubuntu? :)23:21
Unit193Because I'm updating it and upgrading to Oneiric on it23:22
wrstahh nice Unit19323:22
Unit193I don't actually use it23:23
Unit193Eh, irssi is a bit easier...23:23
Unit193wrst: irssi-proxy = :D23:25
wrstUnit193: irssi-proxy?23:25
Unit193Quassel is running through irssi (when I send a message there, it shows up as sent from here)23:26
wrstahh cool Unit193 very cool23:26
Unit193And I just switched back (Will be back in quassel in a sec)23:26
Unit193Getting backlog is harder :/23:37
Unit193This is the best I can see http://wouter.coekaerts.be/irssi/proxy_backlog  (Mind you, I don't even know why I'm looking this up as I like irssi as the client, not bouncer :P )23:39

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