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thefinn93what happened05:03
bkerensathefinn93: Ubuntu Ocelot Release Google+ Hangout - [Live] http://j.mp/qzpYDB 05:49
valorieI forgot to take pictures!18:55
valoriesmall but good, though18:55
bkerensavalorie: I noticed you dont idle in the Ubuntu Community Team channel :)20:19
bkerensalots of good convo occurs there between Community Team and all the other teams20:19
valorieoh I used to 20:20
valoriemust have lost the chan somehow20:21
valorieI'll try to remember to add that back in once I get home20:21
valoriewon't have much IRC time this week, probably20:21
valorieat Google20:22
seattlegauchovalorie: I found you on G+ through someone else on my network sharing one of your posts20:54
seattlegaucho... and sorry I couldn' t make it yesterday ... it was the day from heck20:54
valoriethat's the way it goes sometimes20:55
valoriewe had four people and a good time20:55
valorie2 new guys20:56
valorieI forgot to take pictures20:56
seattlegaucho... well ... now you' re on a couple of my circles :)21:03
seattlegauchoI'm wondering if you know this guy21:03
seattlegauchoKristian Köhntop21:04
seattlegauchogive or take a few consonants21:04
valorienot by that name.... is he in IRC?21:19
valoriethis is the same person? http://lissot.net/partition/mapping.html21:20
seattlegauchosame name, but I'm not sure, this is his website: http://kris.koehntopp.de/21:33
valoriewhy do you ask?21:44
valorieI don't recall meeting him in person, mail or IRC21:45
seattlegauchohe was the one who shared you Amarok post on G+21:45
seattlegauchowhich took me completely by surprise21:46
seattlegauchohe's also a MySQL alumni & KDE enthusiast21:46
seattlegauchothis is the article he shared: https://plus.google.com/u/0/113923299734857989889/posts/a1iY1AqfA9y21:48
seattlegaucho... and when I saw your name and pic it hit me: I know that lady geek!21:48
valorieI guess I should circle him21:53
valoriethere are lots of amarok enthusiasts21:54
seattlegauchoalthough I'm still one of them ... I have to agree with some of the negative comments to your articles :(22:02
valorienegative feedback is a good thing22:51
valorieif people care enough to complain -- they do care22:52
valoriebut we do need to fix some stuff22:52
bkerensavalorie: You are at Google now?23:11
valorieheading down Sunday afternoon23:12
valorieand coming home the following Sunday23:13
bkerensavalorie: Who will you be working with down there :) I really still want a Google Open Source shirt :P23:14
valorie3 of the indian students23:16
valorieI'll look for a open source shirt23:16
valoriefor ya23:16
valoriewhat size?23:16
bkerensa2XL would be great (3X if they have one :P )23:19
valorieI will ask around, bkerensa23:19

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