h00kThank me later: http://goo.gl/lJesI15:17
CheeseheadHmmm. I can't hear it. Perhaps I have my system muted.15:21
CheeseheadAh, indeed I do.15:21
CheeseheadOkay I watched it. Honestly, it was better muted.17:50
CheeseheadJust not my kind of music, I suppose17:54
h00kI'd hope not.17:54
h00kThe brains behind that song....bah.17:54
CheeseheadI'm not going to thank you for it, you know.17:54
CheeseheadRich partying teenagers have such difficult lives...17:55
h00kCheesehead: Did you see any of the story behind that video?18:06
Cheeseheadh00k: Nope. Never heard of it before, nor anyone in it.18:11
CheeseheadExperimenting with rdiff-backup as a backup solution today.18:13

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