dakerwoo https://github.com/liftoff/GateOne/tree/master/gateone13:21
YoBoYssh client working on a web browser in python ? cool :)13:28
dakerHTML5 ツ13:31
cjohnstontrying to get the new release with the name change tested and pushed out today.. anyone able to help with testing?13:32
nigelbmhall119: Is there a better way to retheme admin than use monkeypatching?13:35
mhall119nigelb: I don't know, I've never tried13:37
mhall119I was making a general statement about monkeypatching13:37
nigelbmhall119: ah, true.13:38
nigelbI spent 3 hours mucking up13:38
nigelbso, that should be a statement about monkeypatching ;)13:38
dakernigelb, override the admin templates13:38
nigelbdaker: yeah, but the overriding bit needs some monkey patching somewhere13:38
dakercopy the admin templates to your_project/templates/admin/13:39
nigelbdaker: oh wait13:39
nigelbI'm not changing the entire template13:39
nigelbI'm only changing the base template13:39
dakeryep you can do it13:39
nigelbwell, I did it :)13:39

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