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Sarvattricotz: do me a favor and remind me about bringing extra US power adapters closer UDS time :)06:08
* Sarvatt has one in the bag now but might forget why its there when packing the day before the trip06:09
ricotzSarvatt, hey, will do :)06:12
Sarvattthanks, never know what i'm capable of forgetting at the last minute :)06:14
ricotzeverything is possible :P, but most important are passport and creditcard ;)06:17
SarvattRAOF: do you need usb power adapters for your laptops?06:33
RAOFUSB power adapters?  You can't push enough power over USB to charge any of my laptops!06:34
Sarvatt /06:34
RAOFNah, thanks.  I've got me a full complement of adaptors & such :)06:35
Sarvattsorry, 2:30 am, doing some light packing :)06:35
RAOFIt's pretty early to be packing, though!06:38
SarvattRAOF: apitrace packaged?! awesome!07:18
RAOFSarvatt: Mostly :)07:19
RAOFI wonder how hard it'd be to add GL_EXT_tfp support to apitrace?07:21
brycehSarvatt, going to uds early?07:24
Sarvattnah just some late drinking and early worrying about forgetting crap :) my little AP was screwed last trip, getting it set up to work in the hotel07:27
brycehSarvatt, aha07:33
brycehSarvatt, yeah I've started maintaining a checklist07:33
RAOFYou guys have a checklist?  I just throw 5 minutes worth of clothes in the suitcase and grab my laptop ;)07:41
titohey guys, i just installed fresh install of 11.10 + nvidia-current (285.05.09-0ubuntu1~oneiric~xup1)10:23
titoand nvidia-current-dev.10:23
titolibGL.so are installed into /usr/lib/nvidia-current/, GL.h in /usr/include/nvidia-current/GL/10:25
titono libGL.so and GL.h are accessible from "standard" path10:25
titomy question is: did i miss something ? what the approach to check thoses path too in a software ? pkg-config ? something else ?10:26
tseliottito: you'll have to include them manually10:37
titobut what's the approach to know which one to use ? the standard one (if exist) ? nvidia-current ? and i don't know about the ati one10:38
titois it safe to -I/usr/include/nvidia-current for every users ?10:38
jcristauwhat's wrong with /usr/include/GL/GL.h?10:39
titofresh install + nvidia-current = no /usr/include/GL/GL.h10:40
tito= no /usr/lib/libGL.so too10:40
jcristauinstall libgl1-mesa-dev then10:40
titobut i got them with nvidia-current, in another directory, not in standard directory10:41
titook, it's working.10:45
titowith libgl1-mesa-dev, but it's using mesa gl.h instead of the nvidia one10:46
jcristauand that's a problem because?10:46
titolinking is working too because it found mesa libGL.so, and at runtime, cause of ldconf.so.conf, it use nvidia libGL.so10:46
titoit look wrong no ?10:46
titoinstalling mesa gl to be able to compile and link10:47
titoand it will be not used at all at runtime10:47
tjaaltonheaders rarely are11:03
tseliottito: oh, I thought that, for some reason, you wanted to compile things with Nvidia's libraries11:17
titofor runtime i wasn't talking about headers...11:20
titoif i remember well, if we install with nvidia binaries, it will do symlink11:20
titonot with the ubuntu package11:20
tseliottito: we have our own symlinks with our alternatives system. If you install the driver from Nvidia's website you'll end up breaking your system12:54
titotseliot: i didn't install driver from nvidia website on that fresh install12:55
tseliottito: you should use whatever mesa provides unless you're interested in using Nvidia's libraries to build your apps12:58
tseliottito: if you install and enable the Nvidia driver, you're expected to use Nvidia's GL libraries (which is what we do)12:58
titobut their is no risk to compile using mesa header and run with nvidia lib ?12:59
tjaaltonthe question is if nvidia-current-dev should install to the standard path, and conflict with libgl1-mesa-dev13:00
tjaaltonno to what? :)13:01
jcristauthere's a spec for the ABI of libGL.so.1 on linux, it should be the same for all vendors.13:02
tjaaltonok then13:02
jcristauno to "is there a risk to build against one libGL and run against a different one?"13:03
tjaaltonanyway, don't see a reason not to put CL/* and cuda/* under /usr/include13:03
tjaaltonright, everything is built against the mesa libs anyway, and things seem to work rather well :)13:04
titothat's my point. mesa have .h+.so shipped together, that's ok. But if i install alternative (as nvidia-current) gl install, it should be used by default13:04
jcristautito: for building stuff?  no it should not.13:04
tito(i mean nvidia-current never ask me to install libgl1-dev)13:04
tito(libgl1-mesa-dev sorry)13:04
titoif you said it's standard way to do, i'm ok :)13:05
tseliottito: we have a -dev package for nvidia and one for mesa13:06
titoyes yes i know  that13:06
tseliotwhich we don't install by default, for obvious reasons13:07
Milos_SDHi... does Unity in Oneiric work with xorg-edgers packages? Is the bug with utouch fixed?13:07
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igormorgadohi.. x is recognizing my apple wireless keyboard as a corepointer. Any tips?15:59
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