superflythat is very shiny05:00
Kilosmorning superfly and others05:09
superflymorning Kilos!05:09
KilosMaaz, coffee on05:13
* Maaz puts the kettle on05:13
MaazCoffee's ready for Kilos!05:17
KilosMaaz, ty05:17
MaazEnjoy Kilos05:17
magespawnmorning all05:38
Kilosmorning magespawn 05:38
magespawni am running a electricity free internet cafe today.05:44
Kilosbattery power only?05:44
magespawnnot even the eishkom is going to be of from 04:00 till 18:00. do not have a ups big enough to last that long.05:49
Kiloscan you jump the ups to yous car battery05:49
Kilosthey have an internal 12v battery05:50
Kilosin the ups that is05:51
Kilosmagespawn, ^^05:53
magespawni have got two deep cycle batteries here but they are not linked to a converter05:55
Kiloswhat is a deep cycle battery05:56
Kilosused for what?05:56
Kilosanyway as i figure things out a UPS is a box with a battery charger in and a battery and a circuit board that makes the inverter/converter for your screens power05:58
Kilosso imo you can open the box and jump the internal battery to your cars battery and keep going for much longer05:59
nuvolarimorning oom Kilos 06:02
nuvolariand superfly  and magespawn 06:02
Kilosmorning nuvolari 06:02
superflyhi nuvolari06:02
Kilosmagespawn, ^^06:03
magespawnmorning nuvolari06:04
Kilosyou winning nuvolari 06:05
magespawna deep cycle battery is the kind that requires very little charging and can withstand high usage. looks the same as a car battery.06:06
Kilosok magespawn then if they are charged then you can jump one at a time to the battery in your ups06:07
Kiloseven both but in parralel not series06:07
Kilosyou basically just want to enlarge the battery size in the ups06:08
nuvolarigreat, the upgrade disc is buggy06:09
magespawni am going to have to work something with the plugs need to power a desktop or two and the router and printer if i can06:09
Kilosone ups wont be able to carry all that load06:10
Kilosunless its a heavy duty one06:10
Kilosone desktop and router shouldnt be a prob and most likely the printer too. 06:12
magespawnif i can get both deep cycle batteries on then it should not be a problem.06:17
Kilosthe prob will be if you running it all on one ups. the inverter circuitry might not take the load of 2 workning desktops with accessories06:19
Kilosthe batteries just decide how long you will have power for not how much output is available06:19
magespawnhave two spare ups with a fritzed batteries, then i can use my new one for the router and the modified ones for the pc. 06:23
Kilosoh didnt know you had more ups's06:23
magespawnhave quite a few broken ones. need to go see an electrician friend.06:26
Kilosoh fritzed=broken06:28
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Kiloshi sdehaan 06:37
Kiloshi sakhi 06:43
sakhihey Kilos how are you doing?06:44
sakhimorning #ubuntu-za06:44
Kilosok ty and you06:44
sakhigood thanks06:45
superflyheya sakhi06:55
* Owkkuri carries on trying to unbreak pc07:14
Kilosgood luck Owkkuri 07:14
OwkkuriI'm dreading the reboot.07:19
Kiloswhat is it doing Owkkuri ?07:23
Owkkurithe upgrade died halfway :P07:27
Kilossudo dpkg --configure -a07:27
Owkkuriit's going now07:28
Kilossudo apt-get -f install07:28
Kilosgood luck07:29
nuvolarimeh. alternate disk is disappointing/upsetting07:37
Kilosaw thats not nice nuvolari 07:37
nuvolarican't use it to update :'(07:37
nuvolarija-nee oom07:37
nuvolaridink ek moet maar plain debian doen :P07:37
Kiloswasnt it a bad download07:38
Kiloslol ja-nee07:38
Kiloswat meen jy?07:40
Kilosbebian op sy ys07:41
Kiloslo  morgs 07:41
* morgs had to break out some kernel source to build an updated e1000e driver for lucid...07:43
nuvolariKilos: just switching to ubunut's grandpa07:44
nuvolariack. my spelling07:44
KilosOwkkuri, whats happening?07:49
Kilosmagespawn, wb08:04
magespawnty Kilos08:06
magespawndid not even notice i was gone, lol.08:06
superflyhi zeref-c08:46
sakhiwb zeref-c 08:52
Kilosi have a weirD gogga in here guys. i have to use D or wherever i wantr to use the small D minimises09:17
Kiloseven my terminal Doesnt accept it09:18
Kilosso cant suDo09:18
Kilosi trieD another keyboarD09:19
Kilossorry all, was my error, set keyboard to sun microsystem early and after rebboting it started the d means minimise09:29
Kilosonly after rebooting though09:29
KilosMaaz, coffee on09:35
* Maaz puts the kettle on09:35
KilosMaaz, large mug09:36
MaazHa you thirsty hey Kilos09:36
MaazCoffee's ready for Kilos!09:39
KilosMaaz, thanks man09:39
MaazKilos It gives me great pleasure to serve a bunch of geeks :-)09:39
Kiloshi there drubin hows things09:54
drubinKilos: Good and you, just really busy09:55
Kilosgood ty, have a good day09:55
nuvolario/ apie10:38
kbmonkeylo nuvolari!10:40
Kiloshi kbmonkey 10:41
Owkkuriheya Kilos, hallo from 11.10 :D10:43
kbmonkeyhi Kilos 10:43
kbmonkeyhall Owkkuri from 11.10!10:43
Kiloslol did you win Owkkuri 10:43
Owkkuribarely :P10:43
Owkkurijust battling with skype :/ it keeps disappearing10:44
Kilosthe end result is what counts10:44
Owkkuriah ha! http://ubuntugenius.wordpress.com/2011/06/25/ubuntu-11-04-fix-show-all-iconsindicators-in-unity-panels-notification-area/ is pretty handy in getting your skype icon to show in 11.1010:52
kbmonkeyhow are you Kilos ?11:27
Kilosgood ty kbmonkey  and you??11:27
kbmonkeywell thanks11:27
superflyheya kbmonkey11:52
kbmonkeyo/ superfly 11:52
superflykbmonkey: I got all the ISOs, you want?11:52
kbmonkeyISO's for 11.10?11:53
kbmonkeyi don't have a pc atm superfly ;) il let you know when I do, sure thanks! :D11:54
superflykbmonkey: I downloaded them all last night11:54
kbmonkeytime is over, I'm out - catch you all again soon o/12:20
Symmetriahahahahahahha bmw is talking about replacing my whole car after they screwed it up while servicing it, with a brand new car12:37
sakhiSymmetria: will they give you the new shaped 335i?13:08
Symmetriasakhi heh, depends if they fix it or not13:10
Symmetriaapparently now they have the car hooked up to the internet with some guy at the bmw factory trying to fix it from germany13:10
sakhithey really screwed up if they cannot get someone from SA to work on it.13:11
sakhikbye for now13:14
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zerefpew pew16:06
Kilosevening all17:36
KilosOwkkuri,  did you win??17:36
Kilosnuvolari, het jy gewen vandag?17:48
Kilosrus nou genoeg die naweek hoor17:49
superflyhi hi Kilos17:52
Kiloshope you ready for the hard work tomorrow superfly 17:52
superflyKilos: nee oom, but hopefully a good night's rest will help :-)17:53
Kilosoi then go sleep a bit earlier hey17:54
Kilosi'll be thinking of you. have a good day 17:55
Kilosi go crash now for you17:55
Kilosnight all sleep tight17:55

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