spikebikePici: cool, thanks00:00
magik_can somebody helps with madwifi installation ?00:00
spikebikeI don't mind the unity bar on the left, but the bar at the top is ugly/insane00:00
spikebikeI feel like I'm playing landmines trying to avoid windows so I can get to the menu for each different app00:00
bailiesPici do you know how I can install sun java if I already have oneiric partners in my source list and its still not showing up?00:00
magik_anybody ?! :S ?!00:01
spikebikedon't to mention who needs a 3600 pixel wide menu bar that has something but 3-4 drop downs00:01
j4r00tncan't you just use synaptic to search for madwifi driver?00:01
simplebluej4r00tn, not funny00:02
j4r00tnthat's what I did when I added it... or maybe because I'm using backtrack00:02
agronholmso, the synaptic package manager was removed in 11.10 with no equivalent replacement00:02
j4r00tnahh that's why00:03
agronholmhow do I install individual packages graphically?00:03
graingertagronholm: ubuntu software center00:03
simpleblueanyone tried kubuntu?00:03
magik_j4r00tn: no .. couse i have to replace ath9k with it ..00:03
agronholmgraingert: I have it open00:03
mongohrm, network-manager still blows away /etc/resolv.conf even when managed=false00:03
agronholmgraingert: but I can't figure it out00:03
graingertagronholm: flail your search term00:03
graingertinto the box00:03
Mochaving audio sync issue with vlc though00:04
graingertclick install on all the buttons you see00:04
Riddellsimpleblue: sure00:04
agronholmgraingert: I wanted to install ttf-mscorefonts-installer00:04
agronholmit did not come up in search00:04
ian_macwas synaptic removed by defaultt?  or removed completely?00:04
agronholmby default00:04
coraxxhas anybody been able to get Oneiric to work on on Asus UX50 ... or at least with the nVidia G105m graphics adapter ?00:04
Ironagronholm, install the restricted-extras from the software center00:04
simplebluei'm trying to decide if i want to try kubuntu given the issues i have in unity or just move to another distro :/00:05
cuppsyAnyone having Broadcom wifi issues with 11.10? I couldn't connect to wifi (normally use STA) when booting the live CD. Wanted to ask before I install it tonight.00:05
agronholmIron: search comes up with nothing for restricted-extras00:05
spikebikewhat is the giant menu bar at the top of menu called?00:05
spikebikewhat is the giant menu bar at the top of the screen called?00:05
teolicyHi. I saw 11.10 is distributed as a hybrid ISO/USB image. Can I simply dd the image onto a USB stick I have lying about?00:05
cuppsy@spikebike The global menu00:05
zmbmartinsimpleblue: what issues do you have in unity?00:05
Ironagronholm, try Ubuntu Restricted Extras00:06
spikebikecuppsy: thanks00:06
benjamin_hello all :)00:06
benjamin_does anyone know if you just have linux if you can run WoW00:06
coraxxbenjamin_: hello benjamin_00:06
jrib!appdb | benjamin_00:06
ubottubenjamin_: The Wine Application DB is a database of applications and help for !Windows programs that run under !WINE: http://appdb.winehq.org - Join #winehq for application help00:06
simplebluezmbmartin, the mouse will disappear at random times. that is, you can still select things. and sometimes the screen will freeze and i'll have to reboot. also, the killer, qt creator version is not set correctly00:07
spikebikecool echo "export UBUNTU_MENUPROXY=0" > /etc/X11/Xsession.d/81ubuntumenuproxy sounds promising00:07
agronholmIron: that did the trick, thx00:07
magik_so , can anybody helps ?00:07
jrib!Helpme | magik_00:07
WinCamXPbenjamin_: I've seen a YouTube video of it working, but it probably requires a lot of configuration and might not work on all machines...00:07
ubottumagik_: Avoid following your questions with a trail of "Please, help me", "Can nobody help me?", "I really need this!", and so on. This just contributes to making the channel unreadable. If you are not answered, ask again later; but see also !repeat and !attitude00:07
benjamin_i read that guide and i got error 13200:07
IronGuys, I am having an error when trying to activate the "post-release updates" FGLRX driver, it says the installation failed ...00:07
agronholmgraingert: also, where do I put that apt:// ... url? tried the search box, didn't do a thing00:07
zmbmartinsimpleblue: wow that is lame. I haven't seen those problems at all.00:07
new2netMy ocelot upgrade failed miserably. Can't startx at all. The package manager froze so I restarted in the middle of the upgrade. Upon loading the OS it ate crap so I dropped down to a root shell and ran dpkg --configure -a (to hopefully finish the install). That worked, so I killed gdm and restarted the xserver. Since I didn't want to be root I just restarted. Now i'm completely stuck using 11.04 off a USB. Please advise >.<00:07
Ironagronholm, no problem00:07
graingertagronholm: firefox00:07
simpleblueyeah zmbmartin, * sigh *00:07
magik_thanks -.-00:08
jribnew2net: you should continue the upgrade with apt-get update && apt-get dist-upgrade00:08
agronholmgraingert: I mean, don't I get a list of all installed packages from software-center?00:08
simplebluei may have to just switch for now, but i really like ubuntu because of it packages00:08
zmbmartinsimpleblue: sorry, what graphics card do you have? ubuntu version?00:08
cuppsyAnyone with Broadcom have wifi issues with the live CD? Can't connect (loops connecting repeatedly) and that's got me hesitant to install.00:08
coraxxbenjamin_: http://appdb.winehq.org/objectManager.php?sClass=version&iId=2335200:08
Ironanyone had the same output? => Sorry, installation of this driver failed. Please have a look at the log file for details: /var/log/jockey.log00:08
simplebluenvidia, i installed the recommended driver00:08
zmbmartinsimpleblue: 11.10?00:09
simpleblueyes, 64 bit00:09
zmbmartinsimpleblue: fresh install or upgrade?00:09
new2netjrib: The splash screen shows up, then it drops down to ~tty except it is "checking battery life" and gets hung up on this (I'm using a desktop).00:10
simplebluefresh install00:10
bailieshow I can install sun java if I already have oneiric partners in my source list and its still not showing up?00:10
new2netjrib: I have grub which lets me boot into recovery mode, which is basically useless and allows for read-only access.00:11
simpleblueit just might be this microsoft wireless mouse, but in other distros its been fine00:11
thornI have a glitch that keeps repeating itself. See http://imm.io/ahBs for an example. This never happened before with previous releases of ubuntu, only with 11.04. it seems to have to do with text rendering and window drawing... how can I reset this when it happens without restarting? How can I fix it altogether? can someone give me an idea of how to google this problem?00:11
Ironbailies, go for the Restricted Extras and it will install all you need00:11
coraxxbenjamin_: I'm sure I can help, but if you include your "setup" in your question, someone might be able to.00:11
coraxxbenjamin_: * I'm not sure00:11
benjamin_I installed the Cataclysm00:11
Irongoing for reboot00:12
moljac024aunity2d uses compiz?00:12
coraxxbenjamin_: ok... but which ubuntu version ?...which graphics-card ? ...which Wine version ?00:12
itaylor57bailies, you need to enter sudo apt-get upgrade after you add the partners to your source list. then it should show up00:12
grim4593whelp. The upgrade process broke parts of openssl and proftpd/dovecot would not load.00:12
zmbmartinsimpleblue: is it random or do you notice it when you do specific things?00:12
Douggleanyone else noticing that the repos for oneiric are a bit slow atm does that have to do with it being new?00:13
benjamin_oh sorry. Ubuntu Natty. Wine 1.300:13
haddock_hmm. so Postler is included in the softwarecenter, but even in the Oneiric there is a problem with webkit.00:13
grim4593yeah it is slow from being new00:13
Tru3fateyes its slow here too00:13
simplebluei'm trying to make it do this again... its happened about half a dozen times already though00:13
kcjI hate unity.00:13
Tru3fateit jump buts its possibly because alot of user are upgrading00:13
Douggleok ty i wasnt sure00:13
kcjNow I have to change my password.00:14
Douggleis there a way to revert the unity iface?00:14
Douggleto go back to a regular gnome?00:14
Tru3fateTheres always a way00:14
itaylor57!notunity | Douggle00:14
ubottuDouggle: Ubuntu 11.10 uses GNOME 3 with the !unity shell by default.  To use GNOME Shell instead, install the "gnome-shell" package and investigate "gnome-tweak-tool".  For GNOME Fallback mode, which is similar to GNOME 2, install "gnome-panel". Both packages will place entries in the Sessions drowpdown. Using Natty? See !classic00:14
Dougglety :)00:15
qmanjr5How do I get the right-click option to open as administrator?00:15
* spikebike ponders the correlation between decreasing ubuntu popularity and unity00:16
david_trying to get phpmyadmin going and get this message "Cannot load mysqli extension. Please check your PHP configuration" . Where do I configure for mysqli? I've cheked and php works, apache2 works and mysql is ok. thanks for any help ...been hours searching myself on internet00:16
Douggleas soon as i finish installing wine i m a do that.00:16
qmanjr5david_, go to the #phpmyadmin channel.00:16
somsipdavid_: sudo apt-get php5-mysqli should do it automatically00:17
zmbmartinsimpleblue: Not sure if this will help --> http://www.giannistsakiris.com/index.php/2007/12/20/ubuntu-mouse-pointer-is-randomly-disappearing/00:17
simplebluethanks zmbmartin, i'm checking it out now00:18
ChogyDandavid_: have you tried: `sudo apt-get install lamp-server^`?00:18
kcjErr. E: firmware-b43-installer: subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 200:19
bodomdavid_: Do as they suggested, then restart apache00:19
simplebluethe article is about 4 years old :s00:19
torrorSysinfo does not recognize my display adapter but nvidia config software does. and i am not able to activate unity 3d :(00:19
somsipbodom: apache2 restarts after php5.ini is updated as part of install. He may need to restart browser though00:19
simplebluei guess i would need to install the compiz setting manager to see if this was the case00:19
compdocanyone else upgrade or install 11.10 and have their PS/2 keyboard stop working?00:20
zmbmartinsimpleblue: yeah but someone just last year in the comments said it helped00:20
earthnativehttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuHashes  <-- is this going to be updated? Is there somewhere else that ISO hashes exist that I can check my downloads against?00:20
simpleblueokay, i'll try00:20
qmanjr5w30, I ended up just reformatting my entire computer. :P There wasn't that much stuff I wanted to backup.00:20
qmanjr5How do I get the right-click option to open as administrator?00:20
Pici!hashes | earthnative00:20
ubottuearthnative: See http://mirror.anl.gov/pub/ubuntu-iso/CDs/11.10/MD5SUMS for the md5sums of the latest Ubuntu release00:20
earthnativepici: groovy! that didn't come up in my googling00:21
thornIs now a good time to download the 11.10 iso?00:21
kcjI can't get b43-fwcutter installed (see above). Help please.00:21
ChogyDanHow can I tell what percentage my battery is charged to?00:21
Piciearthnative: I have a bug filed for the latter page, but everyone seems to have a post-release hangover or something ;)00:21
simplebluei'm installing the compiz setting manager right now00:21
earthnativelol. fair enough :)00:21
mongothorn: just use the torrents, it will download quickly00:21
ChogyDanqmanjr5: why do you want that?00:21
thornI know it will, but my concern is getting the up to date version. Or will the updates take care of that?00:22
g33kloverwhat app neeeeerdz00:22
ChogyDanthorn: of course00:22
bailiesitaylor57 its still not working :(( were you able to do it?00:22
thornok, while you guys are helping me, what should I do about video glitches that pop up when I run out of memory but then don't go away?00:22
earthnativeit would be neat if every ubuntu ISO md5 ended (or started?) with the version number :)00:22
qmanjr5ChogyDan, 'cause it's easier than going through terminal.00:23
mongohrm, I am guessing any ticket you open running gnome fallback will be closed as invalid right?00:23
qmanjr5and it was sudo apt-get install nautilus-gksu00:23
earthnative(yes, trivially possible)00:23
=== szal_ is now known as szal
kcjWhat do I have to install to get Gnome 2.x back?00:23
somsip!notunity | kcj00:23
ubottukcj: Ubuntu 11.10 uses GNOME 3 with the !unity shell by default.  To use GNOME Shell instead, install the "gnome-shell" package and investigate "gnome-tweak-tool".  For GNOME Fallback mode, which is similar to GNOME 2, install "gnome-panel". Both packages will place entries in the Sessions drowpdown. Using Natty? See !classic00:23
Picikcj: A prior release of Ubuntu.  Gnome 2 is no longer supported by GNOME.00:23
mongokcj: gnome-session-fallback00:23
thornto see an example of my video glitches, check out this link: http://imm.io/ahBs00:24
=== chris___0076 is now known as chris_0076
compdocthats a glitch alright00:24
moljac024aso is lightdm supposed to not allow loging into anything other than "Ubuntu" or is it a bug?00:24
compdocthorn, you use onboard video, or a video card?00:25
rhizmoehah, i was jsut going to ask what lightdm was00:25
grim4593(thorn): looks kind of neat actually.00:25
rhizmoeugh, they use "forward" for a next button?00:25
mongomoljac024a: are you trying to log into another host?00:25
rahulJust upgraded to 11.10. Is there no kernel upgrade in new 11.10?00:25
moljac024awhatever i pick i get logged into ubuntu ala unity 3d all bells-and-whistles slowness00:26
moljac024amongo: im trying to logon into unity2d00:26
moljac024afrom the livecd00:26
moljac024aliveusb actually00:26
porphyrohey i have an asus 900 eee pc does anyone know where can i find updated drivers, acpi etc for ubuntu?   i'd like to be able to use the on/off switch and homekey00:26
cbrowneyeah, you can't get classic any more, unity 2D is just a non-accelerated version of Unity00:26
moljac024ais it hardwired for the ubuntu live user to only log into unity3d?00:26
rahulJust upgraded to 11.10. Is there no kernel upgrade in new 11.10?00:26
graingertporphyro: jupiter00:26
earthnativepici: http://www.finnie.org/software/vanityhash/   <-- for md5 hash fun :)00:26
cbrowneit's the same looks/feel just for older hardware00:27
graingertrahul: it goes to 300:27
porphyrograinger: the planet jupiter?  :(00:27
rahulgraingert: didnt get you!00:27
graingertrahul: okay00:27
rahulgraingert: 3 means?00:27
graingertporphyro: http://www.webupd8.org/2010/07/jupiter-ubuntu-ppa-hardware-and-power.html00:27
graingertrahul: xbox kinect support, and some other small stuff00:28
porphyrograinger: oh!  thx! :D00:28
rahulI can't see the ubuntu classic in logon screen. is it no more?00:28
simplebluezmbmartin, i disabled the 'hide mouse pointer option. hopefully thats all it needed.. thanks00:28
graingertrahul: GDM?00:28
cbrownerahul, it is indeed no more. it was removed from 11.1000:28
zmbmartinsimpleblue: let me know how it goes.00:28
simplebluewill do00:28
rahulgraingert: yes.00:29
moljac024aanyone? whatever i pick lightdm just logs me into unity3d00:29
cbrownemoljac024a, it doesn't, it's logging you into unity3D or unity2D, you're just confusing unity2D with gnome classic (2.x)00:29
moljac024acbrowne: no im not00:29
kevoniaanybody upgrade to 11.10 yet00:29
thorncompdoc: I'm pretty sure it's onboard?00:29
moljac024awhen  i enter echo $DESKTOP_SESSION into a terminal it spits out "Ubuntu"00:29
rahulcbrowne: Sad sad. :( It made me feel like a coder. the 3d and 2d is just gives u more user friendly look.00:29
cbrowneunity3D and unity2D are basically the same thing, they look and feel the same.  they're only different in terms of hardware requirements and some flashiness00:30
new2netkevonia: yeah, make sure you backup first00:30
moljac024ait should be "Ubuntu 2d" because thats what i chose damn it00:30
moljac024aand im pretty sure i know the difference between compiz and metacity00:30
new2netmoljac024a, yeah... i choose gdm, surpise kdm00:30
compdocthorn, could be a memory problem then. WHen did this start happening?00:30
moljac024afor example, if my windows are transparent and they are animated i'm in compiz00:30
cbrownemoljac024a, it's called Unity 2D not Ubuntu 2D, and it does not use metacity00:30
=== anthony is now known as Guest8287
thornit happens on every computer in this office, though I admit they're pretty similar00:31
kevoniaok any  bugs os far00:31
moljac024acbrowne: then what does it use?00:31
moljac024awhen i tried unity2d in 11.04 it used metacity00:31
rahulWhat is the difference between 2d and the regular00:31
moljac024aand it's called "Ubuntu 2d" at the login prompt00:31
nitrogenYo.  Anyone had issues with the Windows bootloader taking priority over GRUB on dual-boot setups?00:32
porphyrocouldn'tlocate it via apt00:32
compdocthorn, what OS do they run?00:33
SIFTUmoljac024a: In Ubuntu 11.10, Unity 2D uses Metacity's XRender based compositor to achieve transparency effects00:33
rahulIs there any torrentz to ubuntu 11.10?00:33
Pici!torrents | rahul00:33
ubotturahul: Oneiric can be torrented from http://torrent.ubuntu.com/simple/oneiric/desktop/ubuntu-11.04-desktop-i386.iso.torrent or http://torrent.ubuntu.com/simple/oneiric/server/ubuntu-11.04-server-amd64.iso.torrent depending on your needs.  Other flavors can be found at http://torrent.ubuntu.com/00:33
moljac024aSIFTU: is there a way to disable the compositor?00:33
cbrownethose links are wrong, ubottu00:33
thomas644yeah they're outdated00:34
moljac024aif the purpose is to enable it on older hardawre why do compositing damn it00:34
SIFTUmoljac024a: no idea, i dont run ubuntu00:34
Picicbrowne: oops. I didn't test them when I added them.  I'll fix00:34
cbrownebecause it does compositing in software, moljac024a, instead of on hardware00:34
rahulHow to download a torrent file from http://torrent.ubuntu.com/00:34
moljac024acbrowne: oh00:34
moljac024athats nice t hear00:34
rahulI couldnt see any torrent file in http://torrent.ubuntu.com/00:34
MJBrunehi, I installed gparted and I wanted to format a drive into hfs+ for my mac but it doesn't allow it even though I have the libs installed.00:34
MJBruneany ideas why this isn't working00:34
moljac024aits slow as unity 3d but itdoes it in software!00:34
moljac024aanyway i cant even get to unity 2d00:35
jdahmI just upgraded to 11.04->11.10.  nautilus keeps trying to start and then crashes when I try to open desktop icons.  Is there a way to keep this from starting up altogther?00:35
moljac024ait just logs me into unity 3d00:35
cbrownemoljac024a, are you -sure-? they are both composited, as we just established, so how are you telling the difference?00:35
=== sysadamin|away is now known as sysadamin
moljac024acbrowne: log in to unity 2d00:35
=== almostroot is now known as almostroot_
moljac024aand paste the output from "echo $DESKTO_SESSON"00:36
=== almostroot_ is now known as almostroot
ChogyDanwhat is unity2d?  How can I use it?  will it use less power?00:36
soreauI'm getting 404 from http://torrent.ubuntu.com/simple/oneiric/desktop/ubuntu-11.04-desktop-i386.iso.torrent00:36
soreau! torrents00:36
ubottuOneiric can be torrented from http://torrent.ubuntu.com/simple/oneiric/desktop/ubuntu-11.04-desktop-i386.iso.torrent or http://torrent.ubuntu.com/simple/oneiric/server/ubuntu-11.04-server-amd64.iso.torrent depending on your needs.  Other flavors can be found at http://torrent.ubuntu.com/00:36
cbrownesoreau, I said the torrents were wrong, Pici said he'd fix the links, be patient00:37
OerHekssoreau, try http://torrent.ubuntu.com:6969/00:37
ChogyDansoreau: the version number is wrong, it needs updating00:37
ubottuOneiric can be torrented from http://torrent.ubuntu.com/simple/oneiric/desktop/ubuntu-11.10-desktop-i386.iso.torrent or http://torrent.ubuntu.com/simple/oneiric/server/ubuntu-11.10-server-amd64.iso.torrent depending on your needs.  Other flavors can be found at http://torrent.ubuntu.com/00:37
scampbellI wish they wouldn't pop up the upgrade box with the Upgrade Now button already highlighted.  I already know two people who got hosed by mouse/keyboard on systems that didn't have monitors turned on.00:37
moljac024acbrowne: echo $DESKTOP_SESSION00:37
Tru3fatehow can i link my gmail calendar with ubuntu calendar00:37
rahulubuntu-11.10-alternate-amd64.iso.torrent and ubuntu-11.10-desktop-amd64.iso.torrent00:37
rahulwhat is the difference00:38
rahulubuntu-11.10-alternate-amd64.iso.torrent and ubuntu-11.10-desktop-amd64.iso.torrent what is the difference?00:38
thomas644scampbell: what about the confirmation dialog?00:38
grim4593desktop is the live cd install00:38
compdocscampbell, hosed in what way?00:38
Picirahul: One is the alternate installer, the other is the regular live CD and installer.00:38
moljac024arahul:  alternate is text based install00:38
zjoHas ubuntu fixed switchable graphics issue? I want to dual boot ubuntu on my laptop but it drains my battery when it uses my laptops ATI card as opposed to the onbard card.00:38
grim4593alternate lets you install the server version and uses ncurses00:38
cbrownemoljac024a, I'm not on 11.10, I'm an LTS server guy and my desktop can afford to wait a few days before being upgraded00:38
CrzyMikyhi guys: running ubuntu 10.04. at some point before V9.x my virtual console switching worked.. now it doesnt. I have an Nvidia card. help. thanks.00:38
NierosI just rolled up to 11.10... and it broke :|00:38
rahulPici: moljac024a Didn't get you people. what are pros and cons of both?00:39
scampbellThey got upgraded without supporting secondary repos.  It shouldn't be just press return a couple times or push the mouse button a couples times for such a major thing. It should require you actually select that box, not preselected.00:39
cbrowneanyway, if you're that bothered why don't you write your own session?00:39
Picirahul: Both install the same version.00:39
Pici!alternate | rahul00:39
ubotturahul: The Alternate CD is a classic text-mode install CD. It supports a wider range of hardware than the !LiveCD, and can also be used as an upgrade CD. http://www.ubuntu.com/download/ubuntu/alternative-download#alternate - See also !minimal00:39
grim4593Mine wwent ok except for openssl broke and took my ftp and mail daemons with it.00:39
NierosI boot up, and I get a nice flashing screen00:39
compdocanyone else upgrade or install 11.10 and have their PS/2 keyboard stop working?00:39
rahulPici: What is !alternate | rahul ?00:40
Picirahul: look at the info from ubottu above.00:40
Nierosis there any clean way to just undo this roll up...00:40
grim4593restore the backup you made from just before the upgrade00:40
ChogyDanhow do I know if I am using unity2d?00:40
moljac024acbrowne: tail -n 20 /var/log/lightdm/lightdm.log | grep "Starting session" | cut -d ' ' -f500:41
moljac024awhen i run that command it says: "Ubuntu"00:41
moljac024ait should say "Ubuntu 2d"00:41
cbrownemoljac024a, obviously you know your way around the command-line, so stop whinging and fix it your damn self00:41
moljac024abut how do i fix it00:41
zjoHas ubuntu fixed switchable graphics issue? I want to dual boot ubuntu on my laptop but it drains my battery when it uses my laptops ATI card as opposed to the onbard card.00:41
cbrownecreate a new session file that contains the correct startup commands00:41
moljac024ahow do i login into another session when the damn display manager is bugged00:42
moljac024aoh im sorry00:42
graingertzjo: vga_switcheroo00:42
moljac024aill just go write one that works00:42
cbrowneyeah, you do that00:42
moljac024asee you in a couple of months00:42
salvadorflhi people00:42
cbrowneit's gonna take you months to write a 1KB file?00:42
cbrownewow you're a slow typer00:42
rikutakei downloaded the adobeair installer, and im trying to install it. this command however does not work, what is it meant to do?  is there a typo? sudo ./AdobeAIRInstaller.bin00:42
moljac024aim on the liveusb00:42
salvadorfli kneed help i want to install gyachi in ubuntu oneiric but i cant00:42
moljac024aim not installing it until i try it out00:42
salvadorflcan some one help me?00:43
moljac024alooks like i wont be installing it when its bugged from day one00:43
cbrowneand that means you can't write session files?00:43
moljac024aseriously has anyone done any testing with this?00:43
Hdale85Hi guys, I'm trying to install an Nvidia GT520 with HDMI audio, I installed the latest nvidia driver from their website but I don't seem to have any sound devices still00:43
cbrownemoljac024a, what makes you think anybody would care if you didn't use ubuntu?00:43
moljac024aits not enough to display options, they have to work too00:43
kcjMy wi-fi isn't working now with 11.1000:43
Picicbrowne: If you're not going to be helpful here, then we'd appreciate not saying anything.  General chat is in #ubuntu-offtopic00:43
moljac024ai dont think anybody cares00:43
Picimoljac024a: What is the problem exactly?00:43
moljac024alast time i used ubuntu was 7.0400:44
simplebluei wish qt-creator installed more dependancies00:44
moljac024athat isnt changing i see00:44
jakempWhat's the easy way to add/change what directory the Dash in Unity?00:45
salvadorflhelp me with gyachi00:45
jakempall I've seen so far seems rediculously complicated00:45
Picijakemp: change what directory the dash?00:45
ta2dgeekanyone have any good fixes for the flash issues (tearing for one)?00:46
jakempPici, looks at for executables00:46
NierosHrm, anyone point me in the right direction with what to investigate: I rolled up to 11.10 and I can see a grey (i assume 2d desktop) that keeps flashing.00:46
Picijakemp: It should be the same as your $PATH00:46
Nierosmakes me think Unity is broken00:46
Nierosor possbily the video drivers..00:46
Picijakemp: Do I need to explain further?00:46
jakemphmm, you're right Pici. I hadn't rebooted. But now I have the issue of wanting to be able of calling a script from the dash00:47
RoDiMuS-XIs there a way to tell if your still running Ubuntu Beta release00:49
PiciRoDiMuS-X: run sudo apt-get update ; sudo apt-get dist-upgrade, if you don't get any updates, you're running the final product.00:50
new2netis there a hotkey for dropping down to a tty?  i thought it was CTRL+SHIFT+F1 or something like that00:50
grim4593or F2, F3, etc00:50
ChaorainI was trying to reformat my 11.04 and install 11.10 , I need the reformat. My screen just flashes red, green, blue and white. I still hear the log on sound effect00:51
RoDiMuS-Xthanks Pici00:51
thorncompdoc: we're running 11.04 on everything, they're all older, with memory ranging from 500 MB to 1 GB.00:51
rahulThey ubuntu alternate gives more support to h/w. What kinda support? Please.00:52
compdocthorn, how can you use any of them?00:52
Chaorainany clue how to get around the color flashes00:52
new2netgrim4593, thank you00:52
rahulThey say ubuntu alternate gives more support to h/w. What kinda support? Please.00:52
dw-quakelive used to run now it crashes on startup, anyone familiar?00:52
xanguarahul: is ubutnu, the same kernel, support is the same00:53
Picirahul: Please ease up on the repeating.  It doesn't have a graphical environment at install time, so you don't need to worry about problematic graphics drivers at that time.  It also allows for install on lvm and raid00:53
rahulPici:  The difference is just while installation?00:54
leighcan someone help me set up the sound on my laptop? it stopped working after an update00:54
Picirahul: yes.00:54
dw-leigh: did it work before the update without a proprietary (download) driver?00:54
dw-leigh: best bet is to check the startup logs... dmesg at prompt?00:55
dw-leigh: as root00:55
leighok and what am i looking for?00:55
ChaorainIs there anyway to start the live boot in a different graphics mode?00:55
dw-leigh: audio stuff00:55
jadugareveryone please stop your updates or installs of Ubuntu 11.10.  Thank you.00:55
OerHeksleigh, after the upgrade to 11.10 ?00:55
CSyncopei'm using the gnome switcher to use xmonad as my window manager, and .xsession is not running, i've already chmod +x00:56
dw-leigh: actually i dont know what im doing theres nothing good in my dmesg00:56
OerHeksleigh removal of ~/.pulse & reboot did the trick to get my sound back00:56
gribouilleX fails to start under oneiric00:57
C-S-Bcompress=lzo as an option for my btrfs home partition is not working, what am I doing wrong?00:57
new2netI was using gedit and restarted my machine with an unsaved document open. Any chance this document exists in the file system somewhere?00:57
Chaorainjadugar: is there a problem with 11.10?00:57
magik_somebody knows how to start my network becouse i restarted it ?00:57
leighhow do i do the removal of .pulse00:57
jadugarChaorain: no, 11.10 is fine.  I just want my install/updates to go faster.00:57
gribouilleX fails to start under oneiric00:58
dw-leigh: open terminal rm ~/.pulse00:58
leighok one sec00:58
crash1hdok so currently running ubuntu 11.10 and I logged into custom user choice on login there is no way to logout that I can see?00:58
Chaorainah, I can't get into the live boot for my disc00:58
mongojadugar: this is why you update the day before the release :) the mirrors were all fast yesterday00:58
OerHeksleigh, rm ~/.pulse and sometimes sound works without rebooot00:59
leighits says it cant remove it00:59
CSyncopecrash1hd: if you just need to log out open a terminal and type gnome-session-save --logout or --logoff, i can't remember00:59
jadugarmongo: yeah, I'll do that for 12.04.  I learned my lesson.00:59
gribouilleX fails to start under oneiric00:59
edlangHi --I've just installed ubuntu server 11.10 via a network install. There doesn't seem to be a tasksel item for the openstack / cloud computing packages. Am I missing something?00:59
crash1hdCSyncope, thats just it there doesnt seem to be anyway to open terminal or I would just do sudo reboot01:00
new2netHow can I tell if I'm using Natty or Ocelot (from a terminal)?01:00
jadugarnew2net: cat /etc/lsb-release01:01
new2netjadugar, Thank you01:01
crash1hdnevermind I just hardrebooted01:01
leighOerHeks: rm isnt working01:02
CSyncopewow why do people join and leave this channel so much?01:02
CSyncopemore than they actually talk01:02
naveenHi, I am not able to Ubuntu 11.10 beta from Main Server01:02
CSyncopecrash1hd: have you tried just pressing the power button on your computer and seeing if it displays the shutdown options01:02
tester5366Just a FYI, the guest session enabled by default is one of the most retarded things ever done by ubuntu01:02
CSyncopecrash1hd: modern computers don't have a mechanical power button, so just pressing it once wont shut it off01:02
crash1hdIt might have but I have already rebooted it01:03
ChogyDan[q] how do I see what percentage my battery is charged?01:04
simpleblueokay, i got qt-creator to work. apparently they don't include all the dependancies when you install it01:04
pitlimitI'm trying to install openafs-client... what do I type for "AFS cell this workstation belongs to"01:04
CSyncopei can't get xsession to run in a custom session01:04
naveenCan someon give me the content of source.list of Ubuntu 11.1001:05
MocOk, Gnome 3 getting on my nerve now !01:06
Mocbut seem like it a crappy ubuntu integration01:06
jadugarnaveen: you might have to wait a while.  The servers are very busy now01:06
naveenah ok01:06
Moclet hope 10.10 download is fast !01:06
mongoMoc: install gnome-session-fallback01:07
naveenjadugar: I think I have changed my source.list , can you share your source.list. I will wait after that01:07
Mocmongo: I did... I guess I should try this one again01:07
simplebluedoes the compizconfig settings manager actually change the settings of unity01:07
Mocgnome 3 is fine except for a few things that is really annoying... it still better than unity01:08
simplebluei tried changing the size of the icons and there is no change01:08
mongoI am going to have to write single sign on for AD and xfce I guess, unity is painful to use if you are not a mouse user01:08
mongoalt-tab not being LIFO is painful01:10
CSyncopewhat is all this join/part spam?01:11
jadugarCSyncope: have your IRC client filter it out01:11
V-illehow can I get compiz negative effect to work on 11.10?01:11
deebee_CSyncope: filter it out if it annoys you01:11
mongoI can't be the only person who uses alt tab to switch between multiple windows on teh same app01:11
jamescarr_why do I get a permission denied when doing this?01:12
jamescarr_sudo echo deb http://downloads-distro.mongodb.org/repo/ubuntu-upstart >> /etc/apt/sources.list01:12
=== kushal is now known as Guest65843
soreau! tee | jamescarr_01:12
Ttechdoes not seem to be a valid factoid01:12
soreaujamescarr_: You want to use tee instead..01:13
jamescarr_echo "echo deb http://downloads-distro.mongodb.org/repo/ubuntu-upstart >> /etc/apt/sources.list" | sudo sh01:13
soreaujamescarr_: anyway, what are you trying to do exactly?01:14
jamescarr_I'm not trying01:14
jamescarr_it's done01:14
Mocmongo: urm... LOT better01:14
SadlyMistakenWhen I burn CD or DVDs to my friends... they always tell me "You didn't burn anything here", but I can read my CDs... ¿Why people with windows can't read my Cds?01:14
=== gold is now known as Guest75013
mongojamescarr_: yes, sudo privlages don't cross input/output redirection01:14
TrueFXhi guy01:15
openamdoes anyone know what version of PostgreSQL ubuntu 11.10 has?01:15
TrueFXi got a problem01:15
mongoMoc: a pitty it will be gone soon, I don't care about the menu but dumping simple things like how alt-tab works is a PITA01:15
deebee_openam: apt-cache show postgresql01:16
V-illemost every other compiz thing works, but negative doesn't work with any shortcut I tried01:16
Mocmongo: I agree... the alt-tab is really annoying ! I binded the alt-/ for window switching... But it still not good01:16
MeanEYEI have nVidia driver installed and working but instead of compiz unity2d is starting by default. Any solution to that?01:16
xtjacobIs it possible to upgrade linux mint 11 to ubuntu 11.10 by adding ubuntu repositories?01:16
SadlyMistakenTrueFX: just ask01:16
Moctrying to get banshee music icon integration back01:16
cgrozaHello. I am using gnome-terminal in Unity. Is there a way to disable menubar shortcuts because it interferes with my emacs key sequences?01:17
xanguaxtjacob: bad idea mix epositories and mint is not supported here01:17
openamdeebee_:  i'm on 11.04 and want PostgreSQL 9+ for a current project.  If 11.10 has it by default I'll upgrade now, otherwise I'll just build from source.01:17
xtjacobAlright, I was just curious since it was based off ubuntu01:17
jamescarr_mongo, you should install mongodb01:17
deebee_openam: ok, then yes, it does. 9.1.01:18
TrueFXim running ubuntu on vmare worstation windows 7 x64 as host ubuntu as guest. I have just tried to make icons visible on desktop using gconf-editor apps/nautilus/desktop and appropriate clicks suddenly a few hundred " Starting File Manager" icon is opend in tray. I have log out and log in. Same thing keeps on happinng. Mouse cursor is busy. I can't do anything. I cant even launch a terminal to kill pss. what to do ?01:18
simpleblueif compiz settings manager screwed up my ubuntu, i'll be very sad01:18
MeanEYEI have nVidia driver installed and working but instead of compiz unity2d is starting by default. Any solution to that?01:18
Hdale85if I wanted to upgrade to kernel 2.6.38-11.50 do I just install the kernel image?01:18
openamdeebee_:  thanks01:18
Hdale85it's not marking anymore packages then that01:18
rchavikhi... is gnome classic gone from 11.10 ?01:18
deebee_openam: but a quick google would have done the trick - http://packages.ubuntu.com/pt/oneiric/postgresql01:19
CentigonalHello there!01:20
xangua!nounity | rchavik01:20
ubotturchavik: Ubuntu 11.10 uses GNOME 3 with the !unity shell by default.  To use GNOME Shell instead, install the "gnome-shell" package and investigate "gnome-tweak-tool".  For GNOME Fallback mode, which is similar to GNOME 2, install "gnome-panel". Both packages will place entries in the Sessions drowpdown. Using Natty? See !classic01:20
thornhi there, so I'm working for a non-profit, and I have some older computers with 500 MB to 1000MB of RAM, and I keep getting video glitches when I get close to running out of memory. I don't think we have any actual video cards. If someone would please help me, that would be great. If you want a pic of an example of the glitching, which doesn't go away, I can give a link to a pic.01:20
Mocmongo: wee, even got pidgin to show in the tray bar !01:20
CentigonalI want to run Ubuntu in a VM on a 64 bit host OS. Should I use the 32bit or the 64bit version?01:20
V-illeok, negative magically started working01:20
* rchavik tips his hats to xangua01:20
openamdeebee_:  I did one and found this http://distrowatch.com/table.php?distribution=ubuntu which made me think it might have it, but it didn't state 11.10  I guess I should have read a few more links.  Thanks.01:21
ubottulubuntu is a project to create a derivative of Ubuntu using the LXDE desktop environment. See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu . /join #lubuntu for lubuntu support.01:21
MocCentigonal: I always go 64bit now01:21
xanguathorn: low resources¿ try lubuntu01:21
TrueFXCentigonal, np chose whatever u like01:21
danielboston26whats the command to umount my hard drive?01:21
CentigonalMoc: So no serious compatibility issues?01:21
SetiAmonfetching file 1040 of 1700 hah,it isn't even showing download rate anymore01:21
CentigonalI remember back in the Hardy days, 64 bit had lots of issues with flash :P01:21
soreaudanielboston26: Why are you trying to unmount your hard drive?01:21
Hdale85nevermind I got it01:22
MocCentigonal: I never did... but all the stuff I use are 64bit compatible01:22
danielboston26so i can run fsck01:22
MocCentigonal: if you have some crappy driver that is 32bit only... maybe 32bit is better.. but if your host is 64bit... run 64bit01:22
SetiAmonwhy doesn't a x64 distro just use x32 files by default like in windows?just curious01:22
danielboston26soreau just upgraded to 11.10 its telling me theres something wrong with the drive so i want to run fsck01:23
TrueFXCentigonal, u may have some compatibility issues in 64 bit operating systems be warned but i still use 64 bit windows 7 64 bit ubuntu and bareMetal operating system which is entirely written in x64 assembly.01:23
soreaudanielboston26: Do it from a live cd01:23
deebee_SetiAmon: you can't run 32 bit drivers on x64 windows, it's only user mode 32 bits apps that work01:23
soreau! fsck01:23
ubottufsck is the FileSystem ChecKer, which runs automatically when you boot if you didn't shutdown cleanly. Type "man fsck" for information on running it manually. The command "sudo touch /forcefsck && sudo shutdown -r now" will force a reboot and a filesystem check; "sudo touch /fastboot" will skip a filesystem check at next reboot01:23
SetiAmonthats what i mean x32 apps i haven't yet ran on linux.but i figure i'm going to have to as i want to get some emulators to work01:24
Gunz4MiPPleI have no sound after the upgrade01:24
brianlIf I was using the beta 2 of 11.10, do i need to do anymore to upgrade to the official supported version other then update/upgrade?01:24
xanguaSetiAmon: if you need to, you can install the 32bit library stuff to run 32bit apps on 64bit ubuntu01:24
SetiAmonsound always breaks after kernel upgrades for me.you using OSS?01:24
xanguabrianl: if you have al updates, yes01:25
xanguawelcome to 11.1001:25
=== AndrewMC is now known as SpockVulcan
D_Russ11.10 is it still #ubuntu+1 to discuss01:25
brianlxangua, okay, thanks ;/01:25
deebee_D_Russ: No, this channel is now where it's at :)01:25
simpleblueokay, i've effectively messed up unity and now can only use unity 2d01:25
danielboston26thanks soreau01:25
brianlxangua, it still savs developmental branch under my login though..01:25
simpleblueis there any way to reset the compiz settings01:26
bailieshow I can install sun java if I already have oneiric partners in my source list and its still not showing up?01:26
xanguasimpleblue: tried¿: unity --reset01:26
simpleblueno, but i will, thanks01:26
D_Russso is anyone reporting any major issues with 11.10 ?01:26
xanguabailies: you can install openjdk7, sun/oracle java is no longer in ubuntu repositories i believe01:27
xanguabailies: i also saw a post on omg!ubuntu! blog to add a third party repository and install oracle/sun java01:27
soreau! java | bailies01:27
ubottubailies: To install a Java runtime on Ubuntu on 10.04 LTS and newer, see http://goo.gl/zwOip -  For the Sun Java products and browser plugin, search for the sun-java6- packages in the !partner repository on Lucid (which must be enabled), or !multiverse repository on older releases.01:27
=== SpockVulcan is now known as AndrewMC
jtomasrli cant upgrade from 11.04 to 11.10 i get conection errorss01:28
simpleblueunity --reset didn't work01:29
nierosSo i get my gui if I manually start gdm.01:29
nierosbut it's 2d.01:29
david_Does anyone know best C++ ide for linux for learning programming?01:29
nierosthis is borked01:29
simplebluedavid i find qt-creator to be the best01:29
zmbmartinsimpleblue: did you get things working.01:30
deebee_david_: Eclipse for C++ developers is an option01:30
padhudavid_: Code::blocks01:30
david_simpleblue what are your thoughts on codeblocks?01:30
CentigonalIf I may make a suggestion, I found it easier to learn programming starting with a higher level language and working down :)01:30
Mocmongo: you have vlc video sync issue É01:30
simpleblueactually codeblocks may be better. i like qt-creator better but i may be a tiny bit confusing to start with01:30
rhizmoeok, my display isn't being detected on upgrade. 1024 here.01:31
deebee_jtomasrl: the servers are very busy at the moment. try changing your mirror01:31
ChogyDanAnyone know how to tell if I have been bit by the linux power consumption bug?  Lucid livecd refuses to boot, so I can't really test, but i _think_ it is using more power01:31
simplebluezmbmartin, not yet. i've screwed things up bigtime with the compiz settings manager01:31
ScramblerUnity Blows!01:31
david_Ill stick with codeblocks for now and just mess around with QT on the side.01:31
rhizmoehmm, is my 1024 display resolution because the monitor isn't being detected, or is it a card thign?01:32
=== htpc is now known as Hdale85
rhizmoeno icons for gedit or terminal, either01:32
jtomasrldeebee_: how do i change my mirrors01:32
david_Scrambler why do you think unity blows?(BTW I launch classic)01:32
simplebluethe one thing that makes qt-creator rock is all the example programs. it has probably over 100 and the all seems to work!01:32
david_just want to here your thoughts\01:33
ChogyDan!ot | david_01:33
ubottudavid_: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!01:33
ScramblerI use Ubuntu for work, and Unity is too hard to get your apps arrange fast, and I don't need all the fancy gui effects.01:33
deebee_jtomasrl: in Update Manager, click "Settings..." at the bottom. It's in there.01:33
simplebluedavid_ what books are you reading to learn C++?01:33
xangua!nounity | Scrambler01:33
xanguaor use xfce / kde01:33
ubottuScrambler: Ubuntu 11.10 uses GNOME 3 with the !unity shell by default.  To use GNOME Shell instead, install the "gnome-shell" package and investigate "gnome-tweak-tool".  For GNOME Fallback mode, which is similar to GNOME 2, install "gnome-panel". Both packages will place entries in the Sessions drowpdown. Using Natty? See !classic01:33
jtomasrldeebee_: ;)01:33
longcatislooooooUmm... I just upgraded my grandma's laptop running LUbuntu to 11.10, and now the unity interface is the default. How do I correct this?01:34
Centigonalthat's one sweet bot :)01:34
determinologyDoes anyone know how to get the 1 click to desktop on 11.10 using gnome shell classic?01:34
ScramblerI tried to install 11.10 today on 2 machines and one wouldn't boot at all, and the laptop kept locking up.  Put Gnome 3 on the laptop, but you can't move the launcher items around, and the date is right smack in the middle of the launcher bar01:34
ScramblerI run 11.04 on all my machines without issue, and use ubuntu classic, no effects.01:35
rhizmoedo i need to reinstall nouveau for 11.10 by hand?01:35
longcatislooooooScrambler Hit the right control button01:35
ChogyDanScrambler: can you take it to offtopic?01:35
torrorinstalled synaptic in 11.10 but it just crash if i select filters or try to apply changes01:36
torror11.10 64 bit01:36
chintanneed help in partition01:36
david_Simpleblue I use C++ Programming Program Design and Data Structures by D.S. Malik, but I really use online resources mainly.01:37
=== Matt_Haines is now known as sdsds
xanguadeterminology: you mean nautilus to show icons and contro the desktop¿¿ saw a post about it this morning on omg!ubuntu! blog01:37
simplebluei haven't heard of them, but i'm just getting into C++ myself01:37
MeanEYEWhy is my system always startin Unity2D instead of 3D version when I have nVidia drivers installed?01:37
chintansomeone here to help in partition ?01:38
deebee_simpleblue: would recommend Bruce Eckel's C++ books. They're available online for free too01:38
deebee_simpleblue: but we're getting a bit off topic :)01:38
Mocthat fixed my problem on 11.10 too : http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=1119156401:38
somsip!notunity | longcatisloooooo01:38
ubottulongcatisloooooo: Ubuntu 11.10 uses GNOME 3 with the !unity shell by default.  To use GNOME Shell instead, install the "gnome-shell" package and investigate "gnome-tweak-tool".  For GNOME Fallback mode, which is similar to GNOME 2, install "gnome-panel". Both packages will place entries in the Sessions drowpdown. Using Natty? See !classic01:38
simplebluedeebee, i'll check them out. currently i'm reading C++ primer plus01:38
simpleblueokays, sorry01:39
david_HOW is that book?01:39
determinologyXan remember when you could click a button and it would goto the desktop from anywhere01:40
MeanEYEWhy is my system always startin Unity2D instead of 3D version when I have nVidia drivers installed?01:40
deebee_simpleblue: I'm not the boss, I'm just pre-empting the warning from a mod :) These are the books - http://www.mindview.net/Books/TICPP/ThinkingInCPP2e.html01:40
new2netI am trying to get a fresh install of 10.04 but am warned that the partition manager is having trouble and advised to check my /var/log/syslog for more info -->  Oct 14 01:16:29 ubuntu ubiquity[23785]: OSError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: '/var/lib/partman/devices'01:42
IszakAnyone know how to install sun java on Ubuntu 11.10?01:43
Iszakit's no longer in the partner repo, ppa? or do I have to download from the site?01:43
xanguaIszak: is not, you can install openjdk7 but if you want oracle/sun java just saw a post on omg!ubuntu! blog01:44
Iszakxangua, is open JDK a complete implementation of sun java?01:45
xanguaIszak: is the free part01:45
Iszakcan't find anything om OMG Ubuntu!01:46
xanguafree, open source¿ don't remember exactly; let's say floss01:46
almoxarifeIszak: the headless is missing I think01:46
FlynsarmyHow do you enable the nouveau 3d drivers in 11.10?01:46
IszakThink I'll stick with Sun Java for now.01:46
MeanEYECan anyone tell me where I can find blacklist unity is using?01:46
Iszakxangua, ah you must have meant webupd801:47
keith_linux123thanks to all the devs on this realease01:47
almoxarifeFlynsarmy: why not the nvidia-current ?01:47
rdkhas anyone had luck getting 11.10 to work with dual monitors and ati restricted drivers?  I keep making the selection in the catalyst control panel, and it keeps reverting back to cloned.01:47
xanguaIszak: 10 things to do after install 11.10, it's there on omgubuntu01:47
keith_linux123i haven't felt this happy since i first used ubuntu 5 years agao01:47
xanguawell i follow both but saw it first on omg ;) Iszak01:47
Flynsarmyalmoxarife: I remembered using them in 11.04 and was quite happy with them. they're apparently installed by default in 11.10 however they don't appear in the 'restricted drivers' list and they're not enabled by default01:48
rhizmoeapt-get update is complaining that it's already running?01:48
Flynsarmyalmoxarife: they make switching in and out of dual screen mode alot easier01:48
Iszakxangua, link?01:48
new2netSorry if I wasn't clear.  Should I just proceed with the install or is that a serious error?01:48
rhizmoeis that the "aptd" b.s.?01:48
kzmanis it possible start ubuntu oineric with no unity ?01:48
xanguaIszak: ooh sorry, you were right, it's on webupd8 ;)01:48
almoxarifeFlynsarmy: there is a ppa from nvidia you need to load01:48
CrunchyChewiethere is a major, major bug still present with intel WiFi01:48
Iszakxangua, similar site :P01:48
xangua!nounity | kzman01:48
ubottukzman: Ubuntu 11.10 uses GNOME 3 with the !unity shell by default.  To use GNOME Shell instead, install the "gnome-shell" package and investigate "gnome-tweak-tool".  For GNOME Fallback mode, which is similar to GNOME 2, install "gnome-panel". Both packages will place entries in the Sessions drowpdown. Using Natty? See !classic01:48
CrunchyChewieand this may be more of a kernel issue01:49
CrunchyChewieI dont know01:49
hyperairhi. is there a way i can disable alt+`?01:49
kzmanxangua, thank you01:49
hyperairin unity i mean01:49
Flynsarmyalmoxarife: aha! i didn't have nouveau-firmware installed01:49
CrunchyChewieon newer kernels, the iwl6000 intel wifi will actively crash AP's it connects to01:50
Douggleit is so nice to NOT use unity lol01:50
ian_macI would think that if a client can crash an AP there is an issue with the AP, no?01:51
=== disse|off is now known as disse
Flynsarmyalmoxarife: I installed nouveau-firmware however it's still not in my restricted drivers list. how can I enable it?01:51
CrunchyChewieian_mac: nope, dig in Google a little bit and it is a known issue01:51
CrunchyChewieI have tested it on 3 different router models01:52
ian_macwouldn't that be a DoS vulnerability then?01:52
rdkseems like dual monitors doesn't work with ati drivers01:52
CrunchyChewieian_mac: oh yea01:52
CrunchyChewieI could drive through campus and destroy any free hotspots01:52
chintananyone help me ?01:53
chintani already told 2 times to help01:53
chintanbut noone intrested01:53
xanguachintan: and still you say nothing about your problem01:53
almoxarifeFlynsarmy: google 'nvidia-current' for the ppa01:53
chintani need help in partition01:54
rhizmoeuse "auto"01:54
Flynsarmyalmoxarife: nvidia-current are hte proprietry ones. they're in the restricted drivers list and i can turn them on. im after nouveau ones though01:54
rhizmoededicated /01:54
chintanmeans ?01:54
deebee_chintan: in IRC, you just explain the details of your problem, and someone will reply if they know the answer01:54
soreaurdk: Should work. What card is it?01:54
thornLubuntu isn't a substitute for Ubuntu for me, though people seem to recommend it for my low memory computers. Can someone tell me what's going on when my computers run out of memory and the video glitches? I can link to a screenshot if you like.01:54
rhizmoeyou should partition everything to a single / and a swap. two partitions.01:54
rhizmoeslices really01:55
chintanwhy only 2 partition01:55
rdksoreau it's a 5830, xfx01:55
chintanthere r many partition option01:55
mfilipeis there any way to show memory in top program like MB?01:55
chintanlike /user etc01:55
almoxarifeFlynsarmy: good luck then, I didn't go that route, I used the nvidia provided01:55
rhizmoedon't ask why, you don't know the language well enough.01:55
soreaurdk: What have you tried that isn't working?01:56
rhizmoechintan: those are subdirectories01:56
rdksoreau, when I try it under display, I get the "the selected configured for displays could not be applied" and it goes on to say that the max resolution is 1920x1920 (I'm trying to run 2 23")01:56
rdksoreau, and when I try to do it in catalyst, it keeps reverting back to cloned01:56
deebee_chintan: if you're a beginner, just go with the defaults and you'll be fine. I'm guessing you don't have any special needs.01:57
FlynsarmyI'm currently on gnome-classic in 11.10...and they seem to have removed the run menu. any ideas how I can get it back?01:57
spikebikeFlynsarmy: heh, they evilly want to force you to use unity01:57
soreaurdk: Have you tried the open radeon driver?01:57
rhizmoewhere is reboot?01:57
lyndon` 01:57
Flynsarmyspikebike: I attempted to. I used alt+f2, typed 'gnome-terminal' and a nautilus window opened. second time i typed gnome-terminal, the terminal opened. repeat this process for several other runs01:58
rhizmoedo i have to go to terminal in order to reboot?01:58
SubaruFreHosted a bunch of software on my webserver if anyones interested, business package hosting so unlimited bandwidth/250tb of space, lol...regardless, just hit the downloads section at http://www.subarufreaks.com you don't have to actually care about the subarus, its just my domain name lol01:58
almoxariferhizmoe: right click the same icon, see reboot?01:58
rhizmoesame icon as...01:58
Flynsarmyspikebike: it seems that the run menu will open what you last opened regardless of what you type, THEN it will load what you want it to load the second time around. this is if you press enter rather than using your mouse to click on stuff01:58
xanguaSubaruFre: no spam please01:58
=== longcatisloooooo is now known as Rallias
rdksoreau, no, i am using the restricted one, if I turn off the restricted, do I just install the open one from synaptic/software center?01:58
rhizmoealmoxarife: same icon as...?01:59
almoxariferhizmoe: the one that looks like an off/on button01:59
spikebikeI've yet to try one of the !nounity alternatives01:59
rhizmoenot seeing it. it doesn't exist in my install.01:59
=== Owner is now known as count0nz
RalliasOk. I've upgraded my grandma's laptop using LUbuntu, and now its having a hard time chugging along after the upgrade to 11.10. How do I get the auto login thing to stop with lightdm?01:59
almoxariferhizmoe: top right, last icon, what is it?01:59
HoNgOuRuhi, I upgraded from 11.04 to 11.10 and now I can't login with the account I upgraded with, but can login with other less priviledged ones, could the ecrypt of the home directory be the problem?01:59
deebee_rhizmoe: in 11.10, you select 'Shutdown...', and it's an option on the dialog that comes up02:00
rhizmoealmoxarife: user applet with my username.02:00
soreaurdk: In theory, you should only have to remove the catalyst drivers with jockey and the open driver will work02:00
HoNgOuRuplease review my question02:00
HoNgOuRuhi, I upgraded from 11.04 to 11.10 and now I can't login with the account I upgraded with, but can login with other less priviledged ones, could the ecrypt of the home directory be the problem?02:00
almoxariferhizmoe: to the right of your name, what icon do you see?02:00
rdksoreau, I am removing them, let's see how this goes...02:00
rhizmoealmoxarife: i know what you're talking about. it's not there.02:00
Flynsarmywe need a #ubuntu-rants channel to bitch about how horribly canonical has screwed up ubuntu since 10.1002:00
soreaurdk: Unless you installed from AMD without using jockey02:00
Vjhi i'm trying to triple boot my macbook pro with lion win7 and the latest ubuntu is this possible?02:01
deebee_rhizmoe: the icon that looks like a cog is missing?02:01
VjIve heard of problems with refit02:01
Vjand lion02:01
count0nzanyone else haveing issues upgradein python3 on x86 from Beta to Final ?02:01
rhizmoeyes, the icon that looks like a cog, as well as the icon that looks like a switch are both missing.02:01
count0nzupgradeing even02:01
rdksoreau, I installed using the additional drivers under system settings02:01
Centigonaluh hey, how do I turn on compiz from the unity interface?02:01
HoNgOuRuthis channel is all about problems and nothing about solutions02:01
soreaurdk: yea, that's jockey02:01
almoxarifethis is why I stay with 11.04 for a while :)02:01
hunterhey yall02:02
=== hunter is now known as Guest35144
HoNgOuRuyeah almoxarife, don't upgrade for your sake02:02
rdksoreau, ok, my problem was before I installed the restricted drivers, my mouse cursor was like, non existent, it was video card fuzz02:02
spikebikeCentigonal: my attempts to get compiz working have failed, seems like the tweaks for unity broke most of the basic compiz functionality02:02
rdkI'll brb, we'll see how this goes02:02
rhizmoetoo many people playing chit-chat to get solutions out02:02
ubottuUbuntu 11.10 uses GNOME 3 with the !unity shell by default.  To use GNOME Shell instead, install the "gnome-shell" package and investigate "gnome-tweak-tool".  For GNOME Fallback mode, which is similar to GNOME 2, install "gnome-panel". Both packages will place entries in the Sessions drowpdown. Using Natty? See !classic02:02
HoNgOuRuspikebike, buy an expensive graphics card, and get on with it02:02
almoxariferhizmoe: are you in the unity desktop?02:03
ubottuThe default interface in Ubuntu 11.04 is !Unity. To switch back to regular !GNOME: log out, click your username, click the Session box at the bottom of the screen, and select "Ubuntu Classic".For 11.10, see !notunuty02:03
deebee_rhizmoe: see http://askubuntu.com/questions/63084/power-cog-is-gone-from-the-panel for some ideas02:03
deebee_rhizmoe: looks like it may be a bug02:03
keith_linux123is there any way to install gnome302:03
HoNgOuRucan anybody help me?02:03
spikebikeHoNgOuRu: heh, nah.  It's fine for 3d, google earth, light gaming, etc.  Just not whatever the monstrosity that is unity 3d02:04
spikebikeoh and is quite happy with compiz + cube02:04
Vjis anyone triple booting with a mac/02:04
count0nzPreparing to replace python3 3.2.2-0ubuntu1 (using .../python3_3.2.2-0ubuntu2_all.deb) ...  File "/usr/bin/py3clean", line 32, in <module>02:04
almoxariferhizmoe: tried the               killall unity-panel-service02:04
mongokeith_linux123: install gnome-shell and gnome-panel IIRC02:04
HoNgOuRuI'll pay for help02:04
HoNgOuRujust kidding02:04
HoNgOuRuI'wont pay for anything but sx02:05
keith_linux123mongo, that easy ?02:05
mattalexxHas anyone successfully installed the equinox-theme package into 11.10 yet?02:05
dandamanshit shit shit, i need help, my machine wont book, i get to the menu where i can choose to boot normally, in recovery, previous linux versions, or memtest. If i choose normally, I get stuck at a blinking underscore. If i choose recovery book, i get stuck at [    0.010174] ACPI: Core revision 2011011202:05
mongokeith_linux123: I think so02:05
dandamani'm on ubuntu 11.0402:05
=== Phreak is now known as Guest2719
dandamanplease for the love of god help me, this is my work computer02:05
mattalexxShould I just use Natty sources and be done with it?02:05
dandamani cant afford to lose some of the stuff i have on here that i didnt back up today02:05
soreau! language | dandaman02:06
ubottudandaman: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.02:06
mongodandaman: boot to a live CD and get your files off02:06
rdksoreau, well, now my mouse cursor is all crazy/nonexistent again02:06
Vjcan anyone help me with triple booting?02:06
determinologyI cant get the wobbly windowa on 11.1002:06
dandamanmongo: am i screwed?02:06
jamescarr_determinology, good!02:07
BoomaiI have a new laptop, trying a fresh 11.10 install. Screen goes completely blank after the "keyboard = man in a circle" and never comes back. Pressing shift and removing "quiet splash" from the boot line and setting nomodeset. I see that "starting load fallback graphics devices [fail]. Then I get a prompt. Can anyone help?02:07
El_Presidentehi, i try to install ubuntu 11.10 server on my q67 mainboard. installation worked flawlessly but i am unable to boot from uefi. if i go manually to the boot menu via f10 i can boot the "ubuntu" entry but if i dont do it i get constantly get booted to windows. i used efibootmgr to see what is the standard boot and it is ubuntu... any ideas?02:07
soreaurdk: Do both screens work though?02:07
mongodandaman: no, but you should get the files you need off first02:07
ellisWhat are you triple booting?02:07
=== GNUdog|work|away is now known as GNUdog|office
rdksoreau, about to try that, the mouse cursor does seem more important though, haha02:07
Vjmacbook pro with lion and win 7 already installed02:07
Vjvia bootcamp02:07
elliswhat's the issue?02:07
soreaurdk: You can ask in #radeon to see if it's a known issue but you might try a newer kernel and userspace for latest driver code02:08
ellisto be honest you could do perfectly well running ubuntu inside of a virtual machine in Mac or even Windows02:08
Vjjust would like to know the correct procedure I've heard that there are issues with refit and lion02:08
rdksoreau, yes, now both displays are working02:08
rdkbut i dont' have a usable cursor02:08
Vjit would be much slower wouldn't it?02:08
soreaurdk: Try asking in #radeon02:08
ellisUbuntu is not a particularly resource hungry OS. A Macbook Pro has a lot of resources.02:09
deebee_Vj: I'm running it in a VM right now on MacOS on a MacBook Pro02:09
rhizmoewell, removing nvidia-current and a hard reboot seems to have fixed my graphics resolution. still no cog/switch, though.02:09
ellisUnless you're doing lots of high power computing then I doubt you'd see the difference02:09
Vjits a 13 inch 2.4 ghz dual core with 4 gb ram02:09
dandamanmongo: what's my course of action going to look like after i get my files off?02:09
rdksoreau, thanks, I'll give it a shot02:09
ellisthat's about as much power as my desktop has ahaha02:09
rhizmoei'm missing a bunch of icons, too, like terminal and drive icons are all generic window02:10
deebee_Vj: Should be fine if you're doing run of the mill stuff02:10
Vjhaha well is it possible to triple boot?02:10
ellisCurrently I'm running an old Inspiron with about as much computing power as a shoe box, it runs fine. Definitely try vm route, at least just to try out hardware compatability02:10
=== sdsds is now known as ALL_CAPS_GUY
Vjor not worth the hassle?02:10
rhizmoeooh, i like how you can 'show desktop' from alt-tab02:10
jamescarr_does 11.10 remove the annoying "feature" of taking my menu options away in gvim, which forces me to use ubuntu classic?02:10
rhizmoegreat idea02:10
ellisvj: depends if you think you need the third OS02:11
dvivgadfpmint@mint ~ $ xrandr --output "DVI-0" --mode "1920x1080"02:11
dvivgadfpxrandr: Failed to get size of gamma for output default02:11
dvivgadfpwarning: output DVI-0 not found; ignoring02:11
dvivgadfpWhat doI put for DVI-002:11
=== ALL_CAPS_GUY is now known as sdsds
ellisI triple boot Windows 7, Mac OSX and Ubuntu, I find the more OSes I have, the more hassle it is keeping them all updated/backed up etc etc02:11
dvivgadfpor how do I find what to put there?02:11
mongodandaman: boot in recovery mode and try to see if that fixes the issue02:11
deebee_Vj: in my opinion, not worth the hassle unless you have a specific reason to have it running natively. With a VM, you can snapshot it, roll back, etc. Plus, you can still use MacOS.02:11
rhizmoeellis: no kidding?02:11
dandamanmongo: i am trying to boot in recovery mode right now, its stuck at ACPI: Core revision 2011011202:12
elliskidding about what?02:12
spikebikeamusingly unity seems to be simulatenously becoming much less compatible with old hardware (because of graphics requirements) and new hardware (because unity works so poorly with large and/or multiple monitors)02:12
Vjellis: do you recommend 32 bit or 64?02:12
mongodandaman: go into our bios and disable the power management02:12
ellisIt's way too late for my sense of humour to be working ahah02:12
rhizmoe#ubuntu-offtopic :P02:12
ellisI always use 64-bit, obviously assuming that your computer is built for it02:12
ellisCan't honestly say I've noticed a difference though, especially since I don't push the >4GB RAM barrier02:13
Vjellis: also i plan to use it with eclipse and some dev work, do you still think a vm would be the best way to go02:13
rhizmoehm, alt-tab a little laggy02:13
=== sdsds is now known as PaPi_JoNes_TheTh
deebee_Vj: I use Eclipse for C++ work on my VM without a problem02:13
dandamanmongo: it got past that, thanks, lets see what happens now02:14
mongorhizmoe: and broken :)02:14
ryaxnbhow do i tell if im using unity or unity-2d02:14
mongodandaman: it may boot with it disabled02:14
Vjdeebee_: what kind of specs are on your computer?02:14
ellisI use eclipse on Mac OSX, runs great. Not sure what you want Ubuntu for in general but as has already been said, VMs have many benefits02:14
Vjill try the vm route but the geek in me wants to try the triple booting haha02:15
dougglehave a quick question anyone know where i get a copy of ie60 winetricks pulls a 404 error02:15
deebee_Vj: It's a 2009 MacBook Pro 15", so pretty good. However, I used to run a Ubuntu VM on my old MacBook Pro that was probably a 2005/6 model02:15
spikebikehrmpf, anyone know how to turn off click to focus in 11.10?02:15
dandamanmongo: had it start normally and it worked, thanks broseph02:15
dvivgadfpam I asking difficult, stupid or obscure questions? This is the third help chat, ... and I'm only on IRC because I can't seem to find the info in either the man pages or on google02:15
ellisVj: the geek in you will figure out how to do the triple boot eventually ;)02:16
deebee_Vj: If it's just for fun and a technical challenge, then go for it :)02:16
dvivgadfpSeems like it's a 'too obvious to mention online' issue.. unfortunately i don't get it : (02:16
Vjhave you guys done it on your macs successfully?02:16
almoxarifedvivgadfp: on mint?02:16
rhizmoefunny, thunderbird doesn't even show you what the new version is anymore02:16
ellisVj: Not on a mac, I use a x86 PC with OSX running on it. If you think getting Ubuntu working will be a challenge, try forcing a PC into a Mac ahah02:17
deebee_Vj: Havent run Linux natively on a Mac for a long time. I did do it with refit years ago, but I'm sure it's all changed and I can't remember a thing :)02:17
rhizmoesidebar thingy is a bit hit-and-miss02:17
=== boby is now known as lomboknux
Vjellis: hahaha yeah mackintosh's sound like quite the challenge02:17
spikebikewow, now a simple mouse tweak requires gconf-editor hacking.  Impressive how user unfriendly unity is getting02:17
rhizmoedvivgadfp: what's the q02:17
dvivgadfpxrandr, so mint, ubuntu, kubuntu shouldn't matter02:18
dougglei have a hackint0sh downstairs02:18
ellisspikbike: agreed, it's not a good sign02:18
almoxarifedvivgadfp: on mint?02:18
=== PaPi_JoNes_TheTh is now known as Alex_Jones
dvivgadfpI'm trying to change the res and don't know what to put for --output02:18
Vjdeebee_: I've read that there are a lot of problems with refit and lion though02:18
spikebikeI challenge anyone to figure out how to turn off click_to_focus without googling02:18
Vjthat was my main question coming in here02:18
edlangAnyone know why dnsmasq is in universe, not main?02:19
dvivgadfpalmoxarife: yes on mint. though my res doesn't show in system settings, so I added it manually, which worked.. but it still doesn't show in settings02:19
almoxarifewtf is it all the apple chat/?????????????????????????02:19
keith_linux123if i have 2 linux distros installed can they share a swap space02:19
rhizmoeno idea dude02:19
almoxarifedvivgadfp: try #mint02:19
dvivgadfpbeen there, done that02:19
deebee_Vj: I wouldn't know, having not looked into it for a long time. You'll be lucky to find someone in here wanting to do the same as you, at the same time as you :)02:19
dvivgadfpxrandr is the same no matter ubuntu, mint, or gentoo02:20
spikebikeman unity is still pretty raw, just running gconf-editor fills my screen with "(gconf-editor:5530): GLib-GObject-WARNING **: g_object_get_valist: property `type' of object class `GConfEditorWindow' is not readable"02:20
Vjthanks for all your guys input i'll definitely try the vm first02:20
ellisVj: good luck02:20
deebee_Vj: Have you got VM software installed already? Why not give it a go and see how it performs?02:20
dvivgadfpit's like mozilla directing me to microsoft for an issue with firefox.. firefox is firefox, no matter the platform(lame example)02:20
deebee_Vj: Hope it goes well :)02:20
almoxarifedvivgadfp: lame is bitching about mint in ubuntu chat02:21
ellisBeing that this is the first time I've upgraded a Linux distro to the very latest version, are Ubuntu releases always this buggy/unstable at release?02:21
rhizmoewhoa, freaky slo-mo window resizing!02:21
Mocellis: 10.10 is pretty good02:22
helpMeHey guys, i can't seem to get my live usb's to work02:22
rhizmoeellis: there is a 3.0 kernel and a new gui. lotta moving parts.02:22
helpMeIm on ubuntu 11.0402:22
ellisMaybe it's just my setup, but I'm just going from problem to problem to problem. Everything that took so long to configure in 11.04 has broken ahah02:22
helpMeThey all get stuck at "Syslinux...etc"02:22
dvivgadfpalmoxarife: .... I should have edited the console output to say ubuntu, since it's inconsequential02:22
dougglei m on 11.10 via wubi.02:22
dvivgadfphere, let me fix it.02:22
dvivgadfpI am now on my laptop with ubuntu02:23
ellisrhizmoe: Yeah I guess, it's easy to come accross as being ungrateful, given that it's free software an all02:23
dvivgadfpthe output is:02:23
rhizmoegonna have to set up a google alert for oneiric for a month or so02:23
dvivgadfpfriendlyuser@ubuntuisawesome ~ $ xrandr --output "DVI-0" --mode "1920x1080"02:23
dvivgadfpxrandr: Failed to get size of gamma for output default02:23
dvivgadfpwarning: output DVI-0 not found; ignoring02:23
th0rdvivgadfp: doesn't change the fact that it is mint02:24
dvivgadfphow do I find out what to put for --output?02:24
dvivgadfpit IS ubuntu now02:24
Mocunity and gnome 3 experience is ruining ubuntu for lot of us02:24
dvivgadfpI'm on my laptop now02:24
helpMeAnyone ? Plz im desparate :(02:24
dvivgadfpdo I need to take a picture and upload to imgur?02:24
almoxarifedvivgadfp: you got a nvidia card?02:24
abhijainwhat is the best way to switch from 10.10 to 11.1002:24
StepNjumpHas there anyone here tried photorec to salvage data on an ext4 file system?02:24
almoxarifeabhijain: don't02:25
Mocabhijain: you could stick to 10.10 if your happy..02:25
xanguaabhijain: upgrade to 11.04-11.1002:25
Mocabhijain: I regret my upgrade I jsut did02:25
rdkMoc, me too.02:25
abhijainMoc: why so02:25
ellisMoc: feeling the same way02:25
StepNjumpanyone familiar with photorec02:25
spikebikemoc: same here02:26
Mocabhijain: the unity experience is the big problem... and gnome 3 is basicly the same02:26
copproHey guys. Does oneiric have any tray applets for power or volume management?02:26
almoxarifeat this rate 11.10 may need a channel for itself just to reduce the scrolling02:26
MocI'm on the gnome-session-fallback rightnow...02:26
Mocfeel a bit like 10.10, BUT not as refined..02:26
abhijainMoc: so whats bad to adopt new things02:26
spikebikecoppro: no try they give you a giant top bar, but you can't put anythnig it it02:26
copprospikebike: no, I have trayer going, I just want an applet02:26
Mocabhijain: new thing isn't a problem, the problem is when it actually get in the way of productivity02:26
dvivgadfpalmoxarife: Amd/Ati video02:26
almoxarifecoppro: it does and volume should be visible by default02:27
ellisI think 11.10 needs a channel for itself just to divert all the traffic from the disillusioned buggers like myself :)02:27
copproalmoxarife: I'm not using Unity02:27
copproI'm using XMonad02:27
rhizmoeMoc: frankly i like unity so far02:27
almoxarifecoppro: which?02:27
spikebikerhizmoe: how big is your screen?02:27
copprognome-{volume,power}-applet are no longer in the repos02:27
abhijainMoc: I have installed vmware and used fedora15 simultaneously with gnome3 and its awesum02:27
rhizmoesingle 23"02:27
rdkI can't even get dual monitor and a working mouse cursor all a the same time on a pretty standard ati card.02:27
MocI just switched away from gnome 3... The alt-tab is one of the big reason02:27
ellisrdk: what's your card?02:28
rhizmoei'm sure alt-tab will be dealt with sooner than later02:28
rdkellis, xfx 583002:28
ellisrdK: because I had a nightmare with the AMD Catalyst at first02:28
spikebikerdk: yeah I think the unity devels all have single monitor setups02:28
abhijainMoc: oh, first day and controversey starts.02:28
Mocbut all the current application integration into the top bar arn't working... But this might just be an ubuntu issue...02:28
rhizmoegrowing pains02:28
crash1hdIs there a way to log into ubuntu classic still with 11.10?02:28
Mocabhijain: I tried to switch to 11.04, and I had the same problem02:28
MocI reverted back to 10.1002:28
ellisrdk: have you tried installing the updated additional drivers?02:29
Alex_Jonesdid my ubuntu just wished me to upgrade to cronical02:29
Alex_Jonesor something02:29
Alex_Joneswtf is that02:29
MocI would have reverted back again if it wernt for gnome-session-fallback02:29
Mocit not perfect, but it usable02:29
rdkrdk, not the post-install upgrade ones, i could try those02:29
abhijainMoc: wait till december alpha1 is releasing02:29
almoxarifeif the point is to do something productive while the bugs are worked out I would suggest "unity classic"02:29
rypervencheAh, another fun upgrade. Let us watch with glee.02:29
rhizmoei recommend waiting02:29
rdkellis, not the post-install upgrade ones, i could try those02:29
ozzloyi added myself to a group that has write permissions to a directory, but i get permssion denied when i try to write to that directory.  how do i trouble shoot this?  my googling is bringing all sorts of unhelpful pages that happen to have lots of those words on them02:30
ellisrdk: when I tried to install those, it kept failing. I had to install through Terminal before I could get the Catalyst working02:30
zaapielʞɔƞɟ əɥʇ ʇɐɥʍ02:30
rdkellis, i tried fglrx, the non post-release updates -- it took forever, but it finally installed02:31
FlynsarmyAnyone know how to get the 10.04 run menu back in gnome classic or gnome shell?02:31
rdkellis, are you using dual screens?02:31
ellisrdk: yes02:31
abhijainzaapiel: :D02:31
MocI really wish unity were something great...  Might be good for tablet though02:31
ellisrdk: system settings couldn't handle doing anything other than mirroring them02:31
rdkellis, and did you use the post-install upgrade drivers? what ddi you install through terminal? drivers from ati website?02:31
edlangWhat's the best mailing list to ask ubuntu / openstack questions?02:31
Mocyou don't run too much app at the same time on a tablet, and the left access tab is useful02:31
zaapielthats been the topic since that POS was announced02:31
almoxarifeFlynsarmy: you mean unity classic?02:32
rhizmoeozzloy: log out and log back in, maybe02:32
zaapieljust switch to gnome 3 ubuntu02:32
zaapielquit being lame02:32
zaapielyou aren't going to win this war02:32
jedixwhat packages do I need to re-activate hardware acceleration on sandy bridge?02:32
jedixin 11.1002:32
Flynsarmyalmoxarife: nope i got rid of unity - kept crashing. i mean gnome classic or gnome shell02:32
abhijainzaapiel: how you using opposit font for words :D02:32
spikebikejedix: using sandy bridge for gpu?02:32
zaapielabhijain, good question, i copy pastaed from another channel02:32
zaapielill ask him, hold02:32
jedixspikebike: yeah02:32
MocGnome shell wasn't too bad.. except for a new things they forces us on... Change behavior of alt-tab and no way to get it back02:33
ellisrdk: "fglrx-updates", if I remember correctly02:33
spikebikejedix: I thought that didn't work, phoronix had an article on it02:33
rdkellis, ty, I'll give it a try02:33
Moccan't right click on the volume to mute the sound02:33
ellisrdk: good luck02:33
RobotBothi everyone02:33
jedixspikebike: so it reverted to a non-functional state02:33
abhijainzaapiel: we linux users are weird people. We hate bindows and copying words from other channels. LOL02:33
MocI had benchee playing, and I couldn't see anywhere the application running02:33
MocI had to start it back to pause playback02:33
rdkellis, thx, I will need it02:33
RobotBotso I just updated and I'm liking everything. Unity is so much more usable now02:33
spikebikejedix: ya, seems like unity doesn't work with older nvidia, older ATI, oew new intel02:34
Mocbunch of stuff like that to make it un acceptable for daily usage02:34
unkmarI've been searching google but keeping hitting my dual-head against a wall.02:34
unkmarthat expects the nvidia driver, not nv and I have been unable to get the nvidia driver to work at all.02:34
spikebikeoh yeah and poor or not working on dual head02:34
abhijaindont underestimate be satisfy we have to wait for 12.4 :D02:34
jedixspikebike: I'm in kubuntu02:34
Mocdual head seem to work just fine in Gnome 3 and gnome 3 session fallback02:34
RobotBoti canceled the message that asked to import Evolution mail to thunderbird. how can I get this message to come up again?02:34
unkmardual head help with nv drivers02:34
ellisrdk: Can confirm that from a fresh install, I got Catalyst and dual screens working with 'sudo apt-get install fglrx' followed by 'fglrx-updates'02:35
MocI didn't even started unity on my 11.10 install02:35
almoxarifeRobotBot: you installed thunderbird?02:35
jedixspikebike: phoronix says it's good02:35
VustomI just installed GNOME in Ubuntu 11.10, and I'm new to this and wondering how I can change the theme?02:35
rdkellis, cool, thanks, I'm about to try that if the additional divers will ever finish :)02:35
VustomI've put the theme in .themes folder02:35
VustomWhere to now?02:35
drsscame upon an issue in alternate CD install via preseed/preconfiguration of i386 and amd64 10.10 maverick; as installer is trying to set up base system packages it aborts 'select and install software' stage consistently... specifically,02:36
MocVustom: when you login, you have a button next to your name02:36
xanguaVustom: appearence settings02:36
zaapielhe didnt answer me abhijain02:36
RobotBotyeah. I upgraded just a  few mintues ago, almoxarife02:36
ellisrdk: 141mB worth of waiting... this is gonna be a long night for me02:36
MocVustom: the gear02:36
Vustomxangua: I'm in Appearence Settings, but in the drop down box it's not there?02:36
almoxarifeRobotBot: the easy way is to delete the thunderbird folder in your home folder, you get a redo02:36
drssProcessing triggers for python-support ...    Errors were encountered while processing:    openoffice.org-style-human, openoffice.org-common, python-uno02:36
rdkellis, I think the servers are busy and slow02:37
drssWARNING **: Configuring 'pkgsel' failed with error code 102:37
VustomHome > .themes > Nord > gnome-shell is the location of the theme02:37
RobotBotalmoxarife: ok I'll try that. thank you very much02:37
MocI had to reinstall ubuntu and dont check the install update for the install to work02:37
MocI did skip but it ended up to freeze right before the end02:37
=== Alex_Jones is now known as Thesdsds
ellisrdk: yeah no doubt, it's struggling with ~75k/s. I'm gonna leave it to it and try and get some sleep. I've got lectures in 4 hours...02:38
danopiawhen did 11.10 come out02:38
ellisdanopia: 13th Oct 201102:38
danopiano wonder http is so slow02:38
danopiaat least the torrent is going 5MiB/s02:38
danopiai'll set it seed for a while02:39
Mocmy iso dl was pretty quick02:39
Mocit the update server that are slow02:39
danopiamy iso download was going to take an hour02:40
danopiaon a gigabit internet connection02:40
rdkellis, when i uncheck cloned and apply, it doesn't stick... it reverts back to cloned... did you have that problemm?02:40
rhizmoehah, so the missing cog issue is just that the icon isn't showing. you can actually open any of the other menus (time, user, etc) and slide the mouse cursor to the edge of the screen and the menu will expose02:41
tanathwhy can't i upgrade to 11.10 without removing evince, pidgin, gnome, and synaptic?02:41
* danopia makes a usb boot disk so he can install to an SD card02:41
ellisrdk: yes, but I *think* it went away after applying the updates02:41
RobotBotalmoxarife: should i restart and then open Evolution. the message isn't popping just yet after deleting it and opening Evo.02:41
rdktry the torrents if are having slow iso download, danopia02:41
jedixthis makes no sense02:41
gentoofa1Is this the right channel in which to ask about installing a torrent seed server to seed the latest ubuntu images?02:41
danopiardk, the torrent went by at 5 MiB/s02:41
rhizmoegentoofa1: transmission02:41
ellisrdk: before i did, clicking 'apply' would just make the window dissapear and nothing actually change02:42
almoxarifeRobotBot: a log out/in should help02:42
gentoofa1rhizmoe: Is that the best one? I want something efficient.02:42
rdkellis, hmm, I have applied the update, but I'm still seeing what you are describing, nothing is changing.02:42
tanathrhizmoe, deluge02:42
danopiagei use deluge02:42
RobotBotok brb. i'll try it.02:42
danopiagentoofa1, i use deluge02:42
rhizmoegentoofa1: it's not a complicated piece of software, efficiency isn't much of an issue.02:42
rdkellis, I am picking multi display desktop02:42
zaapieli use transmission02:42
rhizmoeit's really just a matter of taste02:43
ellisrdk: is that the bottom option from the list of 4/5? I can't remember the wording exactly but I know theirs two almost identical sounding settings that do very different things02:43
tanathwhy does upgrading to 11.10 what to remove evince, pidgin, gnome, and synaptic?02:43
danopiagentoofa1, i'm having a hard time getting peers to leech from me, it seems like hte torrent is very well-seeded02:43
Mocis there a way to put back the file/edit/... menu to the window ?02:43
gentoofa1rhizmoe: I have a 100Mbps symmetric internet connection with only 256MB of RAM.02:43
rdkellis, yes, it's the bottom02:43
ryaxnbno one answered my question02:43
ryaxnbhow do i tell if im running unity 2d or unity 3d02:43
sebsebseb!gnome2 | tanath02:44
ubottutanath: The GNOME Foundation has ceased support for GNOME 2, and as such it is not in Ubuntu 11.10 (Oneiric Ocelot). See !notunity for an alternative desktop experience.02:44
danopiagentoofa1, i'm on a gigabit university connection and i'm seeding at 35 KiB/s02:44
sebsebsebtanath: that's why02:44
sebsebsebtanath: and Software Centre is used now to replace Synaptic by default, but still in repos02:44
tanathsebsebseb, i know that. but gnome 3 is in repos, no?02:44
gentoofa1danopia: This might be a gigabit connection. I am not sure. It is a VM.02:44
rhizmoegentoofa1: sounds like a personal problem02:44
xannenUbuntu 11.10: My networking is not working.  I had google: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1847900    best results so far.  And it has not worked.02:44
danopiagentoofa1, linux server?02:44
tanathsebsebseb, i know that as well. but i have it installed, so why is it removing it?02:44
ryaxnb gnome 3 is included in ubuntu 11.1002:44
new2netCan someone lend me perhaps 3 minutes of their time to help me install 11.04 on a hard drive (and get rid of grub), while keeping the files on a separate hard drive.02:44
sebsebsebtanath: well Gnome 3.2 is in Ubuntu 11.10, but with Unity by default, rather than Gnome Shell02:44
gentoofa1danopia: Ubuntu Server 10.0402:44
Julius_how do i register a domain?>02:44
ellisrdk: hmm.. not too sure. The way it worked for me the first time was to go into normal System Settings >> Display, untick mirror and select low resolutions for both screens so that it'd accept. Then with the new low-res desktop, open catalyst and change, then restart02:44
tanathsebsebseb, defaults are irrelevant. i'm upgrading02:44
ryaxnbhowever, gnome shell is not included by default but can be added02:45
rhizmoeJulius_: www.joker.com02:45
ellisrdk: if that doesn't work, I'm out of ideas ahah02:45
=== gentoofa1 is now known as gentoofan
ryaxnbno, when you upgrade, it removes gnome-panel and adds unity and removes gnome-shell02:45
=== aCat is now known as jMyles
sebsebsebnew2net: get rid of Grub???02:45
danopiagentoofa1, does it have a GUI set up? if not, don't try transmission, it's gui. deluge has a server and webui but it's not that easy to set up the first time around02:45
rdkellis, ah, I didn't try the low res thing, I'll try that,02:45
ryaxnb(well, more accurately, it doesn't bother to install Gnome-shell)02:45
dayduhI'm thinking about rubbity jibbits02:45
powersurgesooo did you guys know that you can open a tab on your desktop and it's pretty hard to close?02:45
sebsebsebnew2net: you put 11.04 on and you get a new Grub useualy02:45
dayduhI'm thinking about rubbity chicka licka laisley02:45
Julius_how do i register a channel?02:45
sebsebsebnew2net: if you had one from before02:45
ryaxnbso if you upgrade, you get a new like experience - Unity only.02:45
sebsebsebJulius_: ask in #freenode02:45
dayduhGot a question, where are the XML parsers in cpan02:45
tanathryaxnb, don't have gnome-shell yet, but why would it remove it?02:45
ryaxnbyou can still add gnome-panel or gnome-shell.02:45
new2netsebsebseb, When I boot up it says "Grub Recovery > "   and help  /help --help man nothing works02:45
ellisrdk: it may not have made a difference, that's just the only thing i can think that may affect it. Some clash between Ubuntu screen settings and AMDs02:46
sebsebsebnew2net: ok and when do you get that?02:46
ryaxnbtanath, like i said, it doesn't, but it doesn't add it, and it does remove all PPAs, so since it was only on ubuntu 11.04 via PPA...02:46
tanathryaxnb, shouldn't have to reinstall stuff taht's already installed02:46
sebsebsebnew2net: did you upgrade to 11.10 and it went wrong and so Grub issue?02:46
ryaxnbit removes gnome-panel because it's a legacy component02:46
new2netsebsebseb, after booting (sorry I'm not sure what you mean)02:46
mekwallpangolin: any reason why you kicked me out of the release party channel?02:46
ryaxnbso the distro upgrade uninstalls it...02:46
sebsebsebmekwall: party's over!02:46
new2netsebsebseb, yes... now I just want to start over with 11.0402:46
mekwallboo :D02:46
sebsebsebmekwall: untill next time02:46
tanathryaxnb, are we talking about gnome-shell? i don't have it installed02:46
ryaxnbno, gnome-panel02:47
ryaxnbit's installed by default in 11.0402:47
sebsebsebnew2net: ok so where is your data? on a external hard disk?02:47
ryaxnbremoved by default in 11.10 even when upgrading02:47
mekwallsebsebseb: well, new releases all the time so why not party all the time? ;)02:47
new2netsebsebseb, on another server.02:47
sebsebseb!nounity | ryaxnb02:47
ubotturyaxnb: Ubuntu 11.10 uses GNOME 3 with the !unity shell by default.  To use GNOME Shell instead, install the "gnome-shell" package and investigate "gnome-tweak-tool".  For GNOME Fallback mode, which is similar to GNOME 2, install "gnome-panel". Both packages will place entries in the Sessions drowpdown. Using Natty? See !classic02:47
ryaxnband still haven't got an answer- am i using unity-2d or unity-3d02:47
tanathryaxnb, it's a problem.02:47
rhizmoemy trashcan has no icon/graphic. could it just be that some graphics didn't make it into the distribution? this is kinda weird.02:47
sebsebsebnew2net: any data in the Ubuntu install itself?02:47
RobotBotharrumph... didn't work i'm going to try something else02:47
ryaxnbsebsebseb, i'm helping tanath, aim it at him :/02:47
ryaxnbi know this stuff already02:47
sebsebseb!nounity | tanath02:47
ubottutanath: Ubuntu 11.10 uses GNOME 3 with the !unity shell by default.  To use GNOME Shell instead, install the "gnome-shell" package and investigate "gnome-tweak-tool".  For GNOME Fallback mode, which is similar to GNOME 2, install "gnome-panel". Both packages will place entries in the Sessions drowpdown. Using Natty? See !classic02:47
ryaxnbi customized my ubuntu with all the desktop enviornments to play with02:47
new2netsebsebseb, When I view my 1st hard disk (which I selected to install on) it looks like a clean 11.04 install02:47
kamilnadeemyesterday I upgraded 11.04 using the command "update-manager -d" via Alt+F2(as the update manager was not showing the new release even when I had the release update checked to normal in the update manager settings). So please tell me am I at 11.10 final or 11.10 beta 2.02:48
pangolinmekwall: I kicked the entire channel it is closed until next release.02:48
ryaxnbalso note u can use Xfce for a GNOME 2 like feel02:48
danopiatypo in !nounity, it says drowpdown02:48
sebsebsebnew2net: ok you on the Live CD for Ubuntu 11.04 maybe?02:48
=== Thesdsds is now known as sdsds
tanathsebsebseb, we've been over this. i know that02:48
MocXfce might be the way to go02:48
new2netsebsebseb, yes on a USB02:48
ryaxnbkamilnadeem, ubuntu betas are rolling release.02:48
ryaxnbYou were at yesterday's current release...02:48
sebsebsebryaxnb: they are not rolling release or not exactly02:48
ryaxnbif you do a sudo apt-get update  && sudo apt-get upgrade you'll be at final, even if you weren't then.02:48
sebsebsebnew2net: ok  can you show me a screenshot of gparted?02:49
ellisCan Xfce have the window management that stock Ubuntu has? I'm referring to window resizing when dragged to edge of screen02:49
ryaxnbsebsebseb, well, doing a update-manager -d gets you the very latest Ubuntu 11.10 as of the day you do it.02:49
tanaththe problem is removing things that don't need to be. they should be upgraded instead of removed, forcing user to note down what's removed and reinstall again after02:49
ryaxnbwhich includes some post-beta 2 files but maybe not the release files.02:49
Mocgoing to try xfce now..02:49
ryaxnbthe best thing to do is just do "sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade"02:49
episteme_new2net: happened to me before...if I was at home I would send you link to fix....try searching fogle and you should be able to find what I did.02:49
ryaxnbif there's any update, it will fetch it and then you'll be on release version.02:49
new2netsebsebseb, yes 1 moment02:50
episteme_Seems to happen during update..don't know why....02:50
sebsebsebnew2net: I used to help people with Ubuntu  partition stuff loads of times before, but woudn't normally anymore, since more invovled with other distros now days :D02:50
kamilnadeemok I have initiated the command in terminal  lets see02:50
ryaxnbhow the heck can you tell if you're on unity 2d or unity 3d02:50
rdkellis getting closer, I have one monitor at full res and one at 800x600, catalyst it still not keeping all changes, weird02:50
sebsebsebzaapiel: nope I started with Fedora Core 2 even, no Ubuntu back then :D02:50
ryaxnbi can't tell :(02:50
Mocryaxnb: if it suck, your on 2d, if it really suck, your on 3d02:51
ryaxnbshaddup and explain pls02:51
ryaxnbi need to know how urgent it is that i reboot02:51
ellisrdk: hah, well i guess that's a start. hit Super+s. Does your workspace changer look right? Cos mine doesn't at all02:51
kamilnadeemMoc why are you spamming man , if you can provide help then help otherwise bugger off02:51
ryaxnbif im on 2d, i need to reboot and install this new driver that will make my card fully support 3d. If im on 3d, i have some 3d support already.02:51
ryaxnbso rebooting is low priority02:52
new2netsebsebseb, http://img36.imageshack.us/img36/4413/screenshotap.png02:52
Coreyryaxnb: Please remain civil.02:52
al4nc4dssomeone using ubuntu studio 11.10?02:52
rdkellis, what is super?02:52
ryaxnbok corey.02:52
Mockamilnadeem: I was actually half serious on that answer02:52
rdkellis, I think something is keeping catalyst from saving changes and I got lucky once, hehe02:52
danopiaeliasp, windows key02:52
ellisrdk, Super = Windows Key02:52
danopiaellis, windows key02:52
tanathevince, pidgin, gnome, & synaptic are all in 11.10, yes? so upgrading should not remove them. it should upgrade them02:52
kamilnadeemryaxnb it is  showing that no upgrades are required02:53
ryaxnbtanath, i have synaptic in 11.10 by default.02:53
rdkwindows key-s pulls up a small text box in lower right02:53
ryaxnbi upgraded.02:53
sebsebsebnew2net: ok two hard disks, and  according to that it's on the second, and that not much space is used in that partiiton02:53
kamilnadeemI upgraded02:53
tanathand if evince isn't the default doc viewer then what is?02:53
ryaxnbso i don't think it removes synaptic...02:53
al4nc4dssomeone uses the 11.10 ubuntu studio??? stable ?02:53
sebsebsebnew2net: you should be able to delete your Ubuntu partition, and then make a new one when you re install 11.0402:53
al4nc4dskernel 3.0 ?02:53
tanathryaxnb, it wants to remove it for me02:53
kamilnadeemSynaptic is still here02:53
ryaxnbkamilnadeem, then you are on the newest ubuntu 11.1002:53
sebsebsebnew2net: or do it in manual install, and set up a seperate /home if you really wanted to even, but you got two hard disks anyway02:53
ryaxnband that is that.02:53
ellisrdk, oh right, well on mine it's the shortcut for Workspace Siwtcher. Just click that instead, it's in the launcher02:53
sebsebsebnew2net: manual install, I meant custum partitining in the installer02:54
ryaxnblet's try this02:54
ellisrdk, it's just that it has lots of strange rendering artefacts on mine, wondering if it's a common problem with AMD cards02:54
ryaxnbif unity-2d is running, they'll be a unity-2d process, right, and if 3d is running, there'll be a compiz process, right?02:54
grendal-primeok this is making me nuts...install just stops at the ubuntu screen02:54
ryaxnbso i can do a ps -aux to tell??02:54
grendal-primeeven the alternate installer02:54
ronhi, is it possible to upgrade from 11.04 to 11.10 using console? the website documentation seems to only mention how to do it using GUI.02:55
grendal-primewhat causes this...02:55
new2netsebsebseb, which device would I select for my boot loader?02:55
nac-godfathermaybe check the sleep timer in power management, that used to screw up my installs...02:55
rdkellis, I haev current killed unity unf02:55
ryaxnbah, i have compiz on ps -aux02:56
sebsebsebnew2net:  is Ubuntu on a external hard disk? or one insidey our computer?02:56
ryaxnbso i have unity 3d then.02:56
sebsebsebnew2net: doesn't really matter where it goes I think, which hard disk02:56
ellisrdk, oh right. Well I've just reinstalled 11.10, and am having the exact same problem as you now. AMD Catalyst isn't saving settings02:56
ryaxnbgrendal-prime, have you tried banging the keyboard, that actually worked for me once02:56
ryaxnbas in "pressing all the keys in succesion"02:56
new2netsebsebseb, I see. OK I'll give this another shot02:57
ryaxnbrather than truly banging.02:57
kamilnadeemryanxb why is this http://i.imgur.com/2fBVg.png ? when I am opening the home folder it is showing below the icons in unity , while in natty it would not do this02:57
al4nc4dssomeone uses the 11.10 ubuntu studio?02:57
al4nc4dssomeone uses the 11.10 ubuntu studio?02:57
sebsebsebnew2net: well it needs to be on the hard disk02:57
sebsebsebnew2net: that the computer is booted from really02:57
sebsebseb!studio | al4nc4ds02:57
ubottual4nc4ds: UbuntuStudio is a collection of packages for the artist who wishes to use Ubuntu as their Digital Audio Workstation. It contains all the best Audio/Visual components from the Ubuntu repositories. For more info and install instructions, join #ubuntustudio or see http://ubuntustudio.org02:57
rdkellis, oh dear02:57
zeroseven0183Good day. I'm trying to recall my password here in IRC. Can anyone point me to the correct channel? Thanks02:57
sebsebsebzeroseven0183: #freenode02:57
al4nc4dssebsebseb: 0o uses?02:58
sandraEvening my fellow Ubuntu inmates :-)02:58
zeroseven0183Thanls sebsebseb02:58
ryaxnbno clue.02:58
sebsebsebzeroseven0183: your welcome02:58
ryaxnbhave you tried removing and remounting the Files icon.02:58
kamilnadeemdo you experienc the same02:58
rdkellis, and to think I upgraded from my nice 10.04 installation to get multiple monitors working properly.02:58
sandraI trust everyone of you is doing well02:58
sebsebsebal4nc4ds: what?02:58
ellisrdk, I know, bloody marvelous isn't it ahah. Think I'm just gonna have to revert back to 11.0402:58
ryaxnbThat is, remove the Home Folder/Files icon that is on top, and remount the other one to a permanent position.02:58
al4nc4dsdistro uses studio in hd ?02:58
elliscould you not get dual monitors in 10.04>02:58
ryaxnbi think that worked for me when this occured, it's a bug.02:58
ryaxnbok bye down for reboot02:59
Stingray88Can anyone help me figure out why my samba shares aren't working right02:59
tanathso how do we figure out why upgrade tool wants to remove stuff i need/want?02:59
rdkellis, yeah, this is annoying, dual monitors should not be rocket science02:59
tanaththat it doesn't for others03:00
Stingray88They used to work fine, then I reinstalled ubuntu and I can't see anything from another computer03:00
ellisrdk, I've never had this problem before. 11.04 worked straight away for me, no problems installing Catalyst, no problems using it03:00
new2netsebsebseb, http://img37.imageshack.us/img37/6100/screenshot2ya.png03:00
ellisrdk, every other distro I've ever dreamed up of downloading has worked out the box too03:00
sebsebsebnew2net: ok yeah that's the manual install03:00
sebsebsebnew2net: ,but you need to set up the partitions03:01
sebsebsebin that03:01
Mocurm, xfce seem to do the job too03:01
danopiai have good results with dualscreens on everything except unity03:01
danopiaunity didn't like dynamic desktop size changes03:01
rdkdanopia, I am using gnome shell and still no lick03:01
Stingray88Can anyone help me figured out why my samba shares aren't working anymore03:01
danopiai don't have 11.10 set up yet so no idea on that03:01
sebsebsebnew2net: so I would do like 10GB maybe 12GB or so even for /   asi n root,  and then  maybe a seperate /home even03:01
Stingray88I've installed samba, set them up with the server gui… it worked before and now it's not03:01
sebsebsebnew2net: and Ext4 is the file system03:01
ellisdanopia, what are dynamic desktop size changes?03:01
danopiabut i always logged in to gnome2 for projectors/etc03:01
rdkellis, I'm going to uninstall catalyst and then try to install it from AMD03:02
danopiaellis, when i added a screen, unity wouldn't render onto that screen until i logged out and back in03:02
danopiaso it would be a huge rendering error03:02
kamilnadeemwhy is this http://i.imgur.com/2fBVg.png ? when I am opening the home folder it is showing below the icons in unity , while in natty it would not do this03:02
tanathi'm trying to give unity another chance instead of switching distros, but if if the upgrade tool is going to remove things it shouldn't...03:02
Gunz4MiPPleso if yr sound isnt working after upgrade, try restarting03:03
somethinginterescan anyone help me out. I have the new 11.10 Gwibber but the skin not the "complete" new one. the menu etc is slick looking but the skin used on the messages themselves is the yellow default one from prior to 11.10.03:03
kamilnadeemnow I have removed both the icons and brought new ones from dash yet they are not working properly03:03
ellisdanopia, ok, figures. I might try logging into Unity-2D then and seeing if it fares any better03:03
Stingray88can anyone help me figure out why I can't see my samba shares03:03
Moctanath: you should just boot an usb key and test it before you try to upgrade03:03
Stingray88I had them setup just fine before, and now they aren't working apparnetly03:03
tanathMoc, it died03:04
tanathMoc, and i don't see how that'd help03:04
kamilnadeemtanath what is it removing03:04
Moctanath: Well, you might have save yourself some unproductive hours03:04
danopiaalready foud a bug in 11.1003:04
KarmaonThat's strange, does 11.10 have a memory leak somewhere?03:05
Stingray88please, can anyone help me figure out why my samba shares aren't showing up anymore03:05
danopiaif you don't have any networking set up and go to register for a software center sync account, the captcha continually refreshes03:05
trojanerPTdanopia: you must be kidding03:05
danopialike, 15x/second03:05
tanathkamilnadeem, evince, pidgin, gnome, synaptic, ntfsprogs....03:05
danopianot major but03:05
KarmaonInstalling rails slows down the system to a halt considerably.03:05
Stingray88I have samba installed, and setup the folders in the server gui, but nothing is showing up on my other computer03:05
tanathMoc, how? the problem is with the upgrade tool03:05
kamilnadeemman it will reinstall that stuff I guess03:05
Moctanath: your using what now ? 11.04 ?03:05
tanathkamilnadeem, no, that's what it wants to remove03:05
shaun192need some help with a few 11.10 post b2 ==> 11.10 final issues03:06
tanathMoc, yes03:06
Stingray88please someone help me, it will be extremely quick I'm sure03:06
danopiaso are ubuntu software center accounts seperate from ubuntu SSO accounts?03:06
danopiabecause that's stupid03:06
nvzni think there is a problem with ath9k in lucid right now03:06
Moctanath: urm, donno then03:06
tanathStingray88, samba can be a real mess and pain to troubleshoot. try browsing directly to the ip. you might just not be browseable on network03:06
tanathStingray88, using samba-capable client like nautilus, of course03:07
Stingray88tanath, it worked just fine a week ago… all I did was intall samba and set it up with the server gui… then this week I reinstalled the same OS, repeated the same steps and have nothing03:07
tanathStingray88, maybe you left something out03:08
Stingray88tanath, I don't see how03:08
shaun192anyone get a lightdm configure md5sum: I/O error during a dist-upgrade03:08
Stingray88tanath, its only two steps03:08
tanathlet's try...03:08
=== zenrox_ is now known as zenrox
ubottuSamba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.03:08
tanathcheck those?03:08
Stingray88check what03:09
tanathStingray88, the links03:09
Stingray88I've read all the documentation… it will lead me no where03:09
tanathStingray88, well i'm afraid to get sucked into samba troubleshooting right now. can be time consuming03:09
Stingray88linux seriously drives me nuts03:10
sandraI was hoping that someone here could please tell me if there is a work around for the right click desktop option "Open as file Manger"  I did install nautilus-gksu but when I click on a folder the "Open as file manger" does not work.03:10
reisioStingray88: not Linux's fault03:10
Stingray88how can I do one thing one week, and do the same exact thing the next week on the same exact OS… and have it not work03:10
rhizmoe#samba 111 Got questions?03:10
Stingray88that is most definiately linux's fault03:10
reisioStingray88: usually because you've changed something03:10
sandrabut it is installed03:10
Stingray88I didn't change anything03:10
sebsebsebsandra: or Ubuntu's fault, rather than Desktop Linux as a whole any distro03:10
=== dvivgadfp is now known as dvivgadfpAFK
sebsebsebStingray88:  that was for you ^03:11
tanathStingray88, windows will drive you more nuts, generally. malware, etc03:11
sebsebsebsandra: wrong person03:11
Stingray88I'm not using windows03:11
shaun192anyone see this error when opening a term ==>  bash: /etc/bash_completion.d/rsync: Input/output error03:11
jeethi i just installed ubuntu 11.04 and my xchat-gnome crashes on accepting a XDCC transfer...does anyone know why this is happening?? is this an xchat bug or is there a way around?03:11
intokSo whats the state of the i845 GPU driver in 11.10??03:11
tanathStingray88, didn't imply you were03:11
nac-godfather"Open As File Manager" ?  what03:11
Stingray88this is a mess03:11
tanathStingray88, there are command-line tools to get more info03:11
tanathStingray88, narrow down the problem03:12
sandrasebsebseb, wrong person but perhaps you have the right answer ?03:12
Stingray88how can I do the EXACT same thing a week later and have it not work03:12
tanathStingray88, smbtree or somethign. things like that03:12
reisioStingray88: you can't, what does that tell you03:12
sebsebsebsandra: depends on your issue, I message you by mistake there, when I was meant to have messaged Stingray8803:12
tanathStingray88, maybe an update introduced a bug. it happens you know03:12
almoxarifeStingray88: I can help, but you will need to not argue, agreed?03:12
kamilnadeemI did the upgrade yesterday from 11.04 using the command "update-manager -d" via Alt+F2(as the update manager was not showing the new release even when I had the release update checked to normal in the update manager settings). So please tell me am I at 11.10 final or 11.10 beta 2.03:12
Stingray88I'll agree03:12
kamilnadeemI somehow belive I am on beta 203:13
maulanaare ubuntu 11.04  have recovery all my configuration or did ubuntu have check point of configuration ?03:13
nac-godfatheruname -a03:13
almoxarifeStingray88: you want to share ubuntu folders?03:13
Stingray88almoxarife: yes03:13
almoxarifeStingray88: the machine that is suppose to see these folders is on a local lan?03:13
sandraMy issue is not being able to implement the right click "Open as Administrator " function after installing nautilus-gksu03:13
sebsebsebsandra: oh03:14
Stingray88almoxarife: yes both computers are on my home network03:14
sebsebsebsandra: not quite sure the feature your after, but Nautilus has chaned in Ubuntu 11.10 it's Gnome 3.2 now not Gnome 203:14
dajhornshaun192: Remove the rsync package, delete that file if it still exists, and reinstall the rsync package.03:14
almoxarifeStingray88: can you ping the other machine?03:14
nac-godfather"cat /etc/issue" kamilnadeem03:14
nac-godfatherThat will tell you which release "codename" you're running.03:15
Stingray88almoxarife: I can VNC from my laptop into my ubuntu box03:15
rhizmoei got sound back on all by myself, yet still no speaker icon. no checkbox in the sound panel either03:15
Stingray88almoxarife: so they see eachother03:15
vivek200912getting problem in upgrading Ubunut to 11.10, update manager is not responding after clicking on upgrade, can anyone help?03:15
Benwalburndoes anyone know how to manually install broadcom driver on ubuntu? i have the tar file, i just need to know what command lines to run to install them03:15
maulanahallo please repon my faq03:16
almoxarifeStingray88: you installed some samba packages?03:16
xangua!broadcom | Benwalburn03:16
ubottuBenwalburn: Help with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx03:16
godzukiDo I need to add my user to the video group to use acceleration, like in Arch or Gentoo?03:16
dajhornvivek200912: Try again later.  The upgrade servers are overloaded.03:16
Stingray88almoxarife: yes, I did sudo apt-get install samba… and then sudo apt-get install server-config-samba03:16
maulanaare ubuntu have checkpoint of configuration or are ubuntu 11.04 have recovery all my configuration to default03:16
almoxarifeStingray88: unstall them along with the config files03:17
determinologyHow you get the wobbly windows to work on 11.1003:17
vivek200912dajhorn: Thanks it just worked now.03:17
dajhornvivek200912: Welcome.03:17
ubottuCompiz (compositing window manager), for a howto see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager and more help #compiz03:17
Stingray88almoxarife: whats the easiest way to uninstall all of that03:17
sandraodd I don't see why this feature is listed in Synaptic and yet not function under Gnome 3 .03:17
joshua__Hey guys, I have a question regarding enabling/installing Unity 3D.  Is anyone available to help?03:17
ubottugmail is a webmail service. For information on using it with Evolution see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingGmailWithEvolution03:17
tanathshouldn't that be updated for thunderbird?03:17
dajhorngodzuki: No, you normally don't do this on Ubuntu.03:17
trojanerPTis ubuntu studio part of the official ubuntu familie?03:18
sebsebsebjoshua__: hi03:18
sebsebseb!ask | joshua__03:18
ubottujoshua__: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience03:18
almoxarifeStingray88: use the same method you used to install, which was it?03:18
GI_Jack11.10.....worth it?03:18
reisiotrojanerPT: yes03:18
copprognome-volume-control-applet and gnome-power-manager-applet were removed from oneiric. What equivalents exist?03:18
sebsebsebGI_Jack: depends03:18
rhizmoeare there really no more application folders?03:18
Stingray88almoxarife: I used sudo apt-get install… do I just type sudo apt-get remove?03:18
GI_Jacksebsebseb - no, thats old people underwear03:18
GI_Jackstingray - yes03:18
almoxarifeStingray88: no, use 'purge'03:18
RobotBoti'm having problems migrating my mail from evolution to thunderbird. i foolishly ignored the pop up that suggested to migrate it over. now i don't know how. can anyone help?03:19
sebsebsebrhizmoe: I think if you use Gnome Shell, with an extension or mabye that gnome tweak tool even you can probably add folders to desktop,  as for Unity not sure03:19
sebsebseb!nounity | rhizmoe03:19
ubotturhizmoe: Ubuntu 11.10 uses GNOME 3 with the !unity shell by default.  To use GNOME Shell instead, install the "gnome-shell" package and investigate "gnome-tweak-tool".  For GNOME Fallback mode, which is similar to GNOME 2, install "gnome-panel". Both packages will place entries in the Sessions drowpdown. Using Natty? See !classic03:19
xannenubuntu 11.10 networking not working after dist-upgrade.03:19
godzukidajhorn: I just ask, because when I go to System Info -> Graphics, it lists my driver as unknown. But I know video-intel is instsalled.03:19
reisioRobotBot: from thunderbird to evolution?03:19
rhizmoeno, i mean in the dash03:19
sebsebsebrhizmoe: oh03:19
rhizmoemy entire menu was flattened03:19
reisiooh whoops03:19
GI_JackI want gnome classic, unity doesn't do it for me03:19
kesten_Looking for help with broken python dpkg on ubuntu 11.0403:19
GI_JackI use unity on my netbook03:19
RobotBotreisio: from evo to thunderbird03:19
joshua__Okay, I am using Ubuntu 11.04 (the Natty Narwhal), and ran the terminal command "echo $DESTOP_SESSION" and "gnome" was returned.  Is there any way to switch to Unity3D, or do I need to update to a newer version of Ubuntu?03:20
reisioyou can keep using evolution if you want03:20
Stingray88almoxarife: alright that's done03:20
almoxarifeStingray88: you used 'purge' ?03:20
Stingray88almoxarife: yes, it got rid of samba and the server-config-samba I believe03:20
sebsebseb!gnome2 | glebihan03:20
ubottuglebihan: The GNOME Foundation has ceased support for GNOME 2, and as such it is not in Ubuntu 11.10 (Oneiric Ocelot). See !notunity for an alternative desktop experience.03:20
RobotBotalmoxarife: even rebooting didn't get that message to come up03:20
sebsebseb!gnome2 | GI_Jack03:21
ubottuGI_Jack: The GNOME Foundation has ceased support for GNOME 2, and as such it is not in Ubuntu 11.10 (Oneiric Ocelot). See !notunity for an alternative desktop experience.03:21
sebsebsebglebihan: wrong one03:21
rdkellis, well, that didn't go well03:21
dajhorngodzuki: Look at the /var/log/Xorg.0.log file, and look at the `xdpyinfo` command.  Check that the GLX and DRI extensions are enabled.  The drivers for built-in Intel video are pretty good.  They're probably working correctly.03:21
almoxarifeStingray88: do you know how to use synaptic?03:21
GI_JackI think I might follow linux to XFCE03:21
GI_Jackerr linus03:21
sebsebseb!nounity |  GI_Jack03:21
ubottuGI_Jack: Ubuntu 11.10 uses GNOME 3 with the !unity shell by default.  To use GNOME Shell instead, install the "gnome-shell" package and investigate "gnome-tweak-tool".  For GNOME Fallback mode, which is similar to GNOME 2, install "gnome-panel". Both packages will place entries in the Sessions drowpdown. Using Natty? See !classic03:21
ellisrdk, what happened?03:21
Stingray88almoxarife: no, isn't that the update manager?03:21
rdknow it won't even boot into x, had to ctrl-alt f2 into another desktop and login then run startx03:21
sandraubottu, would you happen to know how to get nautilus -gksu which allows for the righ mouse click "open as Administrator" function to work under Oneiric?03:22
dajhornGI_Jack: I'm using Xubuntu.  It took me 15 minutes to make it look like the GNOME 2 desktop that I was using.03:22
ubottusandra: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)03:22
almoxarifeStingray88: no, it's a the package manager gui03:22
rdkellis, so far I am not impresed with 11.10 at all, thinking maybe I should just go back to 10.04 or 10.1003:22
GI_Jackalright thanks03:22
sandrathat will teach me lol03:22
Stingray88almoxarife: how do I open it03:22
reisiordk: what else are you thinking03:22
sandrateach me to run around in here w/out my reading glasses.03:22
almoxarifeStingray88: nevermind, let me find the package name you need03:22
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience03:23
nac-godfathermaybe now is a good time to try to build your own bleeding-edge desktop from SID.03:23
ellisrdk, give 11.04 a try if you haven't already. It's certainly a change from 10.x if you're just after some fresh scenery03:23
Stingray88almoxarife: will I still be able to use the server-config-samba gui? I don't like setting things up in the terminal when I don't have to03:23
ubottuDon't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/03:23
joshua__Haha.  <--- Lost03:23
rdkellis, i might, i don't need the scenery as much, was just after a clean install and good multi-monitor support :)03:23
almoxarifeStingray88: install via apt-get            nautilus-share03:24
popschI upgraded to oneiric four days ago. since then update-manager has never shown me any packages that would need upgrading. am I missing something?03:24
ellisrdk, can't really complain about 11.04's monitor support, and since you're not using Unity anyway then I imagine the differences won't be major03:24
Stingray88almoxarife: done03:25
rdkellis, that is prob true03:25
ellisrdk, I've installed xfce in a last ditch attempt to get 11.10 working03:25
ArcasIm really liking gnome 303:25
Stingray88almoxarife: wait no, that didn't work03:25
Arcasnow if I could get the sound to work03:25
almoxarifeStingray88: I assume you know how to use nautilus as a folder/file browser?03:25
Stingray88almoxarife: no not really03:25
rdkellis, hmm, that's an idea... how's it going? :)03:26
almoxarifeStingray88: how do you normally navigate the folders?03:26
Stingray88almoxarife: It can't find that package to install03:26
scottjanyone know an rss reader that has yahoo pipes style filtering/templating functionality? I've found several feeds that don't work with pipes so I thought I'd do it locally.03:26
dajhornpopsch: Probably not.  Not much changed this week.  My update log says that Monday was the last time anything in the base system changed.03:26
sandraellis, if it's any consolation I found oneriric Xfce is a very nice and snappy OS03:26
Stingray88almoxarife: whatever the default file manager is03:26
popschdajhorn, hm. a pity, because I experience lots of bugs with nautilus03:26
ellissandra, seems nice so far. Business first though: have to get these monitors sorted03:27
almoxarifeStingray88: I guess I should have asked, you using ubuntu?03:27
Stingray88almoxarife: 11.0403:27
popschdajhorn, but overall it's working :-) the bleeding edge.03:27
ellisrdk, falling at the first hurdle unfortunately. Catalyst won't open in super-user for some reason03:27
rdkellis, I think 11.10 hates catalyst03:27
dajhornpopsch: I had to suck it up and learn XFCE.  I couldn't get GNOME the way I wanted it.03:27
sandraI finally managed to install 11.10 ...was disapointed that I  couldn't get  Ubuntu 11.10 32 bit edition to load on my laptop.03:27
ellisrdk, sure seems that way03:28
almoxarifeStingray88: you did or did not install nautilus-share?03:28
Benwalburnthe guide that someone directed me to to install the broadcom driver manually either is not what i need or i did something wrong03:28
Benwalburncan someone walk me through?03:28
Stingray88almoxarife: I don't think I typed it in correctly hang on03:28
popschdajhorn, I think 11.10 looks gorgeous with the theme and the cleaned up nautilus. I like it03:28
almoxarifeStingray88: nautilus-share03:28
soreaurdk: ellis: It doesn't have anything to do with the version of ubuntu. Most any proprietary drivers are problematic03:28
sandraCould someone kindly tell me how to open a root file manager under 11.1003:29
ellisrdk, at least xfce has let me set independent screen resolutions... not with Catalyst, mind you03:29
Stingray88almoxarife: it says it was already installed03:29
ellissoreau: I don't think that is the case though. It worked flawless in 11.0403:29
almoxarifeStingray88: cool03:29
joshua__So, I need some help getting Unity running.03:29
s0ulburnIm going through the cd install of Ubuntu server and i got a Debootstrap warning file:///cdrom/pool/main/z/zlib/zlib1g_1.2.3.3.dfsg-15ubuntu1_adm64.deb was corrupt. I looked it up and it looks like that is the runtime library for gzip if im not mistaken. Is it safe to proceed with install and just update or download the package after install???03:30
soreauellis: ubuntu packages a different version of the driver every release, consistent with whatever AMD releases03:30
almoxarifeStingray88: now, open that file/folder browser, it should be nautilus and right click on a folder, do you see 'sharing' as an option?03:30
caesar_will i lose data when upgrading through the update manager?03:30
rdkellis, soreau hmm, now there's something we haven't tried, an older release of catalyst03:30
taglasss0ulburn: Did you check the checksum of your download?03:30
ellissoreau: I installed 11.04 yesterday, 11.10 today. I doubt AMD have changed their release since then. Still, can't be certain, that may turn out to be the case03:30
almoxarifeStingray88:  a folder in your home folder03:31
godzukidajhorn: will check it out. Thanks!03:31
PurpleSmokecaesar_ normally nope, but it's good idea to take a backup of your data before update.03:31
dajhorngodzuki: Welcome.03:31
rdkellis, 11.04 probably uses an older version of catalysr03:31
Stingray88almoxarife: yes, it's installing the sharing service now03:31
s0ulburnNo its the same Iso ive been using in my VMs i just burned it to a disc03:31
soreaurdk: The only way you might be able to is get it from amd but it may not be compatible with the newer version of X03:31
avsusandra: "gksudo nautilus" not working?03:31
caesar_PurpleSmoke: is it best to just do a clean install?03:31
Stingray88almoxarife: seems like its installing samba again03:31
ellisrdk, worth a shot. I also read that installing Catalyst through Terminal doesn't always give the latest version03:31
=== Halcyon is now known as Halcyon1011
PurpleSmokein my opinion yes03:31
soreaurdk: Also installing the driver outside of ubuntu repos may break your system03:31
almoxarifeStingray88: yes, but its deciding what it needs not you, let it be03:31
=== r0bby is now known as Guest62562
soreaurdk: The better option is to help the open radeon driver get better by filing bug reports03:32
Stingray88almoxarife: yup, I just restarted nautilus now03:32
s0ulburnI just used it to install UEC front end in a VM and didnt get this warning03:32
sandraavsu, let me try it brb03:32
rdksoreau, yeah, I've already broken it twice tonight, I am working on a clean install and I keep reinstalling :)03:32
Benwalburncan someone tell me how to manually install the broadcom driver? i have the tar file from the broadcom website, i just don't know what to do with it03:32
almoxarifeStingray88: pick a folder again and right click, your options should include 'everyone' , you need to choose it for ease of use03:33
soreaurdk: Also FWIW, real channels like #radeon may take several hours or even a day to get a response from a developer03:33
ellisrdk, I've been doing the same thing. I swear installs take longer then I remember...03:33
soreaurdk: You didn't stay, so no one will respond03:33
chintanwhy all realeases like 11.04 , 11.10 ,12.04 ,12.10 ?03:33
Stingray88almoxarife: there is no everyone option03:34
Stingray88almoxarife: there is a guess access option03:34
chintanany reason behind this03:34
rdksoreau, yes, unfortuantely I have to keep rebooting as I break things, I need to sign on from a different comptuer and try03:34
almoxarifeStingray88: guest03:34
Stingray88almoxarife: guest*03:34
ellischintan: [yy].[mm]03:34
almoxarifeStingray88: guest03:34
spikebikechintan: heh, because it's a 6 month release schedule in april ni oct03:34
chintanohhh thanks03:34
chintanyes i get03:35
ellisrdk, do you know how to open Catalyst from the command line?03:35
rdkhave to call it a night for today, thx for tips, we'll getit wokring somehow03:35
ellischintan: no problem03:35
rdkellis, nope03:35
ellisrdk, ok. hope it works out well, cya03:35
MrSassyPantsis there something like smartmontools for sd* devices?03:35
almoxarifeStingray88: then restart the machine, and check on the windows machine, you should see the ubuntu machine and the folder as a choice03:35
soreauellis: amdcccle03:35
Stingray88almoxarife: 'net usershare' returned error 255:net userhare add: cannot convert name "everyone" to a SID. The connection was refused. Maybe smbd is not running03:35
godzukidajhorn: Yup, you were right03:36
=== sysadamin|away is now known as sysadamin
=== ti-prgmr is now known as Ti-PrgmR
marconiushello. i am having problems with Ubuntu, am I at the right place?03:36
almoxarifeStingray88: did you restart the ubuntu machine?03:36
ellissoreau: command not found unfortunately!03:36
Stingray88almoxarife: no because I can't create the share03:36
chintani installed ubuntu 11.1003:37
Stingray88almoxarife: that is the error I get when I try to create the share03:37
chintan& its very good03:37
almoxarifeStingray88: log out then back in03:37
ellissoreau: ahah, no, my bad. I miscounted how many 'c's there were. Thanks03:37
almoxarifeStingray88: on the ubuntu03:37
spikebikechintan: how big a screen?03:37
soreauellis: AMD Catalyst Control Center Linux Edition03:37
muhomorchintan, did you smoke weeds?03:37
soreau! ot | muhomor03:38
ubottumuhomor: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!03:38
chintanmeans ?03:38
Stingray88almoxarife: I get the same error03:38
ellissoreau: makes sense. I was trying 'sudo amdcccle' to try and force it into super-user mode, but it doesn't seem to be making a difference03:38
sandraavsu, it works when I press alt F2 but what I wanted was the right mouse click desktop feature "Open as Administrator" function to work under Oneiric it works under Natty.03:38
bobbertmarconius: tip: just say what you need help with and someone will help.03:38
soreauellis: You should use the open radeon driver if at all possible03:39
chintanmuhomor : no man03:39
almoxarifeStingray88: you logged out?03:39
Stingray88almoxarife: yes I logged out and back in03:39
Stingray88almoxarife: tried to make the shared folder again and I get that error03:39
zmbmartinSo is there any awesome fully compatiable themes for 11.10?03:39
joshua__How would I go about getting Unity to work on my version of Ubuntu? (11.04)03:39
almoxarifeStingray88: you checked every box?03:39
avsusandra: i see...03:39
chintanvery good graphics03:39
chintan& docs also03:39
marconiusUbuntu started acting strange last week and I don't know how to debug the problem, because I am not really getting any errors03:40
Stingray88almoxarife: share this folder, allow others to create and delete files, guest access… all checked03:40
sandraavsu, any ideas you might have would be greatly appreciated.03:40
ellissoreau: it's acting very strangely in xfce. 'AMD Catalyst Control Center' opens normally but 'AMD Catalyst Control Center (Administrative)' does nothing03:40
almoxarifeStingray88: restart the ubuntu03:40
sandraavsu, I enjoy that feature I 1st discovered this feature on Linuxmint 11 which is based on ubuntu.03:41
ellissoreau: I'm starting to think I'm a bit over my head and would be better off reverting to 11.04 which I know works. Is there any way of reporting my problems to the relevant people, if it'd be helpful to them?03:41
soreauellis: The open radeon driver doesn't use amdcccle03:41
bobbertmarconius: whats it doing?03:41
complexity[root@NewBeginnings catalog]# mogrify -resize '800x600' *.jpg03:41
PotentChiliyou're probably asked this a lot.. but why did they remove the Fonts and Icons, etc settings from Appearance?...03:41
complexityhow do you recursively search all directories with that command03:41
complexitysave me a lot of time.03:42
soreauellis: Before installing fglrx/catalyst/proprietary/amd driver, the open radeon driver is already installed and working by default03:42
soreaucomplexity: First, don't run as root03:42
complexitygood point03:43
marconiusfirst of all, booting is slow. then the volume controls have been disabled (my audio device doesn't even show up in the Sound Settings), the pc freezes for 5-20 seconds every once in a while. I though the upgrade to 11.10 would fix this problem, but it didn't. I got one error once from HPlip saying that the there was no system tray. On another occasion I got a gconf error. its pretty frustrating. Does this seem familiar to anyone?03:43
soreaucomplexity: Second, use bash: for i in ./*.jpg; do mogrify -resize '800x600' "$i"; done03:43
Stingray88almoxarife: now I don't have the option to click guest access at all03:43
avsusandra: I have no idea why this feature is not in newest distro :P Maybe writing script is possible?03:43
ellissoreau: The problem I had was that it would not allow virtual desktops larger than ~2500px, whereas mine's 1680+1280.03:43
soreauellis: Sure it does03:43
almoxarifeStingray88: what folder you trying to share?03:43
Stingray88almoxarife: a folder on my desktop03:44
Stingray88almoxarife: eventually I want to share 3 USB drives as well03:44
bobbertmarconius: this sounds like usual upgrade problems. i have never managed to upgrade ubuntu and find doing new install far easier and safer. are additional drivers installed for audio device?03:44
sandraavsu, I was able to install this feature in Natty.03:44
complexitysoreau, I've been on IRC for 8 years and never got such perfect straight forward help, now I can drink a beer.03:45
sandraunfortunately it does not work under Oneiric.03:45
almoxarifeStingray88: lets try to share 'documents' in your home folder, what happens?03:45
dr_willisStingray88:  may be easier to edit the smb.conf and setup the shares03:45
soreaucomplexity: Don't you mean, you'll buy me one next time.. aw, nm03:45
Stingray88almoxarife: I get a very long error03:45
ellissoreau: This is the error I get: "The selected configuration for displays could not be applied. Required virtual size does not fit available size: requested=(2960, 1050)... ...maximum=(1680, 1680).03:46
rhizmoenoticed an interesting thing in the filemanager, if you click an arrow to expand a directory, you have to move the mouse before it will listen to another click03:46
tanathi can't upgrade without removing pidgin because pidgin depends on perlapi-5.12.4 which doesn't exist in repos03:46
ellissoreau: that is through System Settings >> Displays03:46
soreauellis: Pastebin the output of 'xrandr' and 'glxinfo|grep renderer'03:46
Stingray88dr_willis: what would be really easy is if the damn server-config-samba gui I've been using for months worked like it always did03:47
marconiusbobbert: I did not install any additional drivers. how do I check if there are?03:47
bobbertmarconius: then they wont be activated. specs of system?03:48
ellissoreau: "xrandr" - pastebin.com/HAbLXUU903:48
complexitysoreau, that too03:48
Philpassthe internet connection for my ubuntu 11 was fine until yesterday i type this to my terminal dskp - ppp..............and edit the pppconfig03:49
soreaucomplexity: or 'thanks' or somethin' (sheesh, now I need a beer)03:49
sanzoAnyone use Ushare?03:49
Philpassanyone know how to resolve it ?03:49
ellissoreau: I'm having to install mesa-utils for the other command.03:49
tanathseem i had a package held back for some reason. aptitude to the rescue03:50
marconiusbobbert: its an HP dv5 laptop with intel dual core 2.6 GHZ03:50
Stingray88god damnit03:50
Stingray88now I can't even find server-config-samba package03:50
rabbi1guys help, after changing few things in compiz, my titlebar is disappeared.03:50
joshua__Does anyone here know what I need to do to troubleshoot why my Ubuntu 11.04 installation booted with the gnome interface, instead of Unity?03:50
Stingray88I just installed it like 10 minute ago… how can ubuntu not find it all the sudden to install again?03:51
marconiusbobbert: actually, funnily enough, I can't even get to the system settings through the "Dash Home"03:51
ellisrabbil: same problem happened to me! Unfortunately I don't know the solution though, except to use Unity 2D for the time being03:51
OerHeks!language | Stingray8803:51
ubottuStingray88: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.03:51
maulanaany body at this chanel, am need to know did ubuntu have recovery all configruation to default !!!!03:51
rabbi1ellis: was not using unity, was on gnome03:52
Stingray88It's pretty hard to keep it family friendly when ubuntu makes no sense what so ever03:52
Philpassanyone know how to resolve it ?03:52
almoxarifeStingray88: gadmin-samba ?????? is that what you had before?03:52
Stingray88almoxarife: server-config-samba03:52
almoxarifeStingray88: no such animal03:52
Stingray88yes there is03:52
Stingray88google it03:53
bobbertmarconius: you would be best to back up data to external drive and re-install. upgrades do not fix problems. you're not alone, i am glad ubuntu comes out every six months because that's how long it takes me to wreck my install. is re-install possible for you?03:53
Stingray88almoxarife: I literally just installed server-config-samba like 15 minutes ago03:53
ellissoreau: glxinfo says - "OpenGL renderer string: ATI Radeon HD 5700 Series'03:53
soreaumaulana: When you install ubuntu, everything is default03:53
ellissoreau: Seems in order, it's a ATI 5770.03:53
douggleis alsa and/or jack the only alternative to pulseaudio?03:53
Philpassthe internet connection for my ubuntu 11 was fine until yesterday i type this to my terminal dskp - ppp..............and edit the pppconfig03:53
soreauellis: So you have fglrx installed..03:53
marconiusbobbert: yes, but I wanted to avoid it. I reinstalled already once two weeks ago. This is getting silly now. Should I just install 10.04 LTS to be sure that I have a more stable experience?03:54
glitch-modJust upgraded my laptop at first the sound worked not it doesn't detect my sound card, please help.03:54
almoxarifeStingray88: the package is 'samba'03:54
maulanasoreau, am have configuration anything but right know am have so many error on my ubuntu, and am need it back to default, couse right know am used ubuntu clasic that no good for me am love ubuntu nuty03:55
Stingray88almoxarife: no this is another package, I was saying the wrong thing03:55
godzukiDidn't X-Chat used to come as part of Ubuntu? Any reason it got pulled? I know it's old03:55
Stingray88almoxarife: system-config-samba03:55
Stingray88almoxarife: that is what I meant03:55
ellissoreau: Yes. The virtual-size-error I referred to was given by the 'Displays' menu with System Settings, both before and after I installed fglrx03:55
soreaumaulana: Try reinstalling03:55
soreauellis: Does it work with the default radeon driver?03:55
maulanasoreau, that will make my data lost03:55
almoxarifeStingray88: that does exist03:56
maulanasoreau, and what you mean reinstalling ?03:56
rabbi1hey, got it, just run compiz and from preference reset to default and then restart, but got to set on themes from scratch03:56
ellissoreau: It didn't when I first installed, that's why I resorted to Additional Drivers03:56
soreaumaulana: Back it up from a live sesion first03:56
Stingray88almoxarife: exactly… and I used that to setup my samba shares a week ago on the same EXACT version of ubuntu03:56
soreauellis: That seems strange..03:56
Stingray88almoxarife: now this week on the same software… it's not working03:56
soreauellis: Maybe you can try asking in #radeon after removing fglrx03:56
glitch-modIt is being reported when I check 'lspci'03:57
glitch-modAudio device: ATI Technologies Inc SBx00 Azalia (Intel HDA) (rev 40)03:57
maulanasorry am soreau am not have ubuntu cd or iso of ubuntu, and my internet conection so slowly, am need reconfigrution that will the best choise03:57
bobbertmarconius: not any more stable in my experience, pick an edition you like and don't monkey with system packages is the ticket. if it's a work machine put 10.04 on and keep that until it is out of support. my 11.04 has lasted a while. do you experiment with the system and packages?03:57
glitch-modbut no sound :(03:57
maulanaor thebest ide for me soreau03:57
ellissoreau: That's what made me think it was a problem with 11.10, especially since rdk seemed to be having the exact problem. I think for the time being I will revert to 11.04 and see how things go. I appreciate your help, thanks03:57
joshua__Okay, I have a new question. When I ran the command to see if my system is capable of running Unity, this is the output.  Can someone tell me what I'm doing wrong? http://pastebin.com/jgNWjkDT03:57
soreaumaulana: Why did you break it?03:58
romeo_Stingray88: I see it in my package manager. I assume you've refreshed by clicking 'reload' or apt-get update?03:58
soreauellis: rdk said it worked with the radeon driver.. he just had cursor corruption03:58
Stingray88almoxarife: I just purged it an reinstalled it03:58
maulanasoreau, break what that mean03:59
Stingray88romeo: I just purged it and reinstalled03:59
soreauellis: Typically open drivesr JustWork. Proprietary drivers often require configuration, especially in xorg.conf03:59
Stingray88romeo: but it doesn't matter… I've installed samba exactly as I did one week ago and it's not working at all03:59
soreauellis: You may just need to add some mode lines, for example03:59
ellissoreau: Oh ok, well I will give it another shot later on, thanks again. For now, it's 5am and I have lectures at 9... Computers kill my sleeping pattern :)04:00
spikebikehrm, usb-creator-gtk seems to install a bootloader that assumes graphics.  Unfortunately ubuntu-server ISOs don't have graphics enabled.  Anyone know of a workaround to get ubuntu-server installable from an usb thumb drive?04:00
soreauellis: You can try configuring it with xrandr though since fglrx supposedly supports it wiki.debian.org/XStrikeForce/HowToRandR1204:00
almoxarifeStingray88: quite a while back I went thru the samba server install and config to just share folders with another machine, I never got the confs right, I found a link that told me to use the method I suggested, and my problems were solved, btw, the link insisted on everything that was samba had to go prior to the fix, I didn't do it as it stipulated and was still in the same situation you are in, my point is this, once I followed t04:01
marconiusbobbert: I may experiment a little, but I don't know if what I installed are considered system packages: HPLIP, python image library, virtualenv, virtualenvwrapper ... that's about it... well apart from the python packages installed with pip adn easy-install into the virtualenvs. Nothing crazy.04:01
ellissoreau: that's given me some light bedtime reading :) Bye04:02
arghxspikebike: unetbootin04:02
hasehello, I am wondering if it is possible to share internet from my laptop which has wifi to my pc that does not through ethernet04:02
ironGuys, anyone can help me with this problem: "installing fglrx (post-release updates) fails" ?04:02
arghx!nat | hase04:03
spikebikearghx: ah, yeah guess I could do a netboot based install04:03
bobbertmarconius: sometimes ubuntu just slips. i dont know why, but i find i have to re-install about every six months :(04:03
intangiris there a way to still get a window bar? i really miss the window/task bar thing?04:03
Stingray88almoxarife: Just one week ago… one week ago. Using the exact same software… I did sudo apt-get install samba, then sudo apt-get install system-config-samba… then I added the folders I wanted shared in that gui… and bam, it just worked. How does this all the sudden not work one week later?04:03
glitch-modHow can I troubleshoot a sound issue?04:03
spikebikearghx: heh, ah, nevermind it's actually a project04:03
=== iron is now known as Iron
marconiusbobbert: do you have a seperate home partition?04:04
haseuboto doesn't know anything about nat04:04
arghxhase: NAT/ip masquerading is what you want04:04
IronGuys, anyone can help me with this problem: "installing fglrx (post-release updates) fails" ?04:04
rnigamhi I have a bunch of host os's and their guests all running on ubuntu 10.10 . I am primarily using open source Xen Hypervisor. I have been wondering if I should upgrade them all to 11.10 . Just wanted to check if there are any obvious hurdles or major changes that I might have to worry about.04:04
Stingray88almoxarife: this is pointless… I'm about ready to completely reinstall ubuntu and try again04:04
Stingray88almoxarife: even thought I just installed it a couple hours ago04:04
avsuglitch-mod: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting04:04
dajhornIron: Try to install it at a terminal prompt and pastebin the entire build transcript.  Also, don't repeat your question that quickly.04:04
arghxIron: there is an error before that. and: how do you install drivers? with a file from amd.com?04:05
glitch-modavsu, Thank you04:05
Stingray88This just makes no sense what so ever04:05
nosbigStingray88: Was there an update to samba in the last week?  Was the configuration file changed?  Have you looked at the samba configuration files to ensure they show what you expect?04:05
almoxarifeStingray88: for the love of the saints, start synaptic from a terminal with 'gksu synaptic'04:05
Irondajhorn, arghx : Sorry guys, I will pastebin the log file. Gimme a second...04:06
joe040288hi i just install 11.10 and the propritary drivers for nvidia but i cant seem to get compiz working04:06
bobbertmarconius: no, on same partition as OS. would probably be a good idea though, now i think of it. once i did something to ubuntu and you went power button > shutdown and nothing happened. that was annoying.04:06
arghxStingray88: what is your actual error message?04:06
homeso ubuntu04:07
hasesudo iptables -t nat -A POSTROUTING -s -o ppp0 -j MASQUERADE??? will that do what i want04:07
homeis officially kinda crap04:07
Stingray88almoxarife: when I do it your way it's very long04:07
home10.10 just broke04:07
homeI am ditching ubuntu -.-04:07
PhilosoraptorI have an external harddrive that won't let me write to it at all, says it is read only04:07
dajhornrnigam: Xen is back in the Oneiric kernel.  Keep the old kernels intact if you upgrade.04:07
hometested 11.1004:07
almoxarifeStingray88: alrighty then. good luck04:07
homewhich is crap04:07
arghxhase: you said you want to use your wlan, not a ppp connection?04:07
Benwalburnhow do i install the broadcom driver manually using the tar file from the broadcom website?04:08
bobberthome: if you gonna say that i recommend #rage04:08
arghxPhilosoraptor: check if it's mounted read only (mount) or if the permissions don't allow your user to write04:08
Stingray88almoxarife: 'net usershare' returned error 255: net usershare add: cannot convert name "everyone" to a SID. The connection was refused. Maybe smbd is not running04:08
Stingray88almoxarife: that is the error04:08
joe040288Benwalburn, you probably have to use ndfswrapper04:08
arghxBenwalburn: broadcom.com has a howto/readme04:08
romeo_home: try LInux Mint. Based on Ubuntu, but some issues I was having seem to be fixed.04:08
hometook a look at it04:09
homenot impressed04:09
romeo_hmm. To each his own i guess.04:09
Benwalburni didn't understand the readme :( i tried04:09
homemight stop using Ubuntu for  a while04:09
almoxarifeStingray88: is smdt running?04:09
arghx!enter | home04:09
ubottuhome: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line. Don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!04:09
Stingray88almoxarife: I don't know04:09
Irondajhorn, arghx : This is the jockey.log file it refers to... http://pastebin.com/D9QFtn8104:09
homego with Archlinux maybe. or even Gentoo04:09
Irondajhorn, arghx : I am going to generate again the error04:09
kylesumi do recommend Arch highly, i have it on my desktop. ubuntu on the lappy.04:09
histoI use arch as well04:10
romeo_hey, if you can figure out Gentoo...04:10
historomeo_: if you can use arch you can use gentoo no problem04:10
joe040288yea gentoo is a bit hmm weird04:10
histoI just got tired of emerging every damn thing04:10
bobberthome: go to #rage. noone here cares. this is not the place to moan about ubuntu. this is the place for ubuntu supptort.04:10
Philosoraptorarghx: /dev/sdb2 on /media/BHS type hfsplus (rw,nosuid,nodev,uhelper=udisks)04:10
rabbi1i reset my compiz and gnome, now alt+tab is not working :( any help04:10
spikebikearghx: every install a server with unetbootin?  I was hoping to install ont a /dev/md0 which afaict the ubuntu-dessktop varients can't handle04:10
homeI dont like UNITY04:10
homeor GNOME04:10
FloodBot1home: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.04:10
joe040288then install kubuntu04:11
determinologyOR windows04:11
kuchikucan anyone recommed me any dialer for adsl ?04:11
homeKubuntu eh hmm how is it04:11
homedeterminology, already got windows.04:11
histokuchiku: pppoe04:11
sianhulopeople, i heard that you can resize a ntfs partition with gparted without data loss04:11
histo!ppp | kuchiku04:11
ubottukuchiku: You want to connect via dial-up? Read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DialupModemHowto - Also try disabling/removing KNetworkManager if KDE applications cannot connect using dial-up04:11
determinologyoh ok04:11
rabbi1home: kubuntu is KDE04:11
Philosoraptorarghx: i can't move things to it as sudo either04:11
Edistodamn this upgrade is going slow...04:11
joe040288altho i got tired of all the issues i kept having with kde so i switched to genome04:11
sianhulois that true?04:11
homerabbi1, how is it?04:11
arghxspikebike: what has the program you use to create the install medium to do with what installer of ubunut you suse. you are confusing things badly04:11
histokuchiku: network-manager should be able to handle your dsl connection also04:11
homecompared to ubuntu04:11
histo!pppoe | kuchiku04:11
determinologyI would pick gnome over unity tho04:11
rabbi1home: no idea, used long time back, check few screenshots04:12
bobberthome: are you asking for a distro recomendation?04:12
dajhornsianhulo: Yes, it works.  gparted calls the ntfsresize program to do the actual work.04:12
joe040288altho i realllllllllyyyyyyy miss how easy kde was to customize04:12
kylesumdoes the old ubuntu classic trick still work in 11.10?04:12
ubottukuchiku: Setting up an ADSL/PPPoE connection? Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ADSLPPPoE04:12
homebobbert, sure.04:12
rabbi1i reset my compiz and gnome, now alt+tab is not working :( any help04:12
glitch-modHow do I find out the name of my sound module?04:12
sianhulodajhorn, thank you very much04:12
joe040288kylesum, yes04:12
histo!dsl | kuchiku04:12
Irondajhorn, arghx : this one has been generated after the error: http://pastebin.com/1dd6ndYR04:12
kylesumjoe04288 thanks.04:12
histowhat's with the bot tonight04:12
dajhornsianhulo: Welcome.04:12
joe040288kylesum, np04:12
spikebikearghx: umm, how so?  Yes I want to create a usb thumb drive I can install ubuntu-server with04:12
Stingray88almoxarife: how do check if smbd is running04:12
sianhuloi have another question, my BIOS  does support usb boot, however it always give me error doing that way04:13
almoxarifeStingray88: with gnome system monitor04:13
Edistohmmm.. i thought 11.10 was gonna look more like fedora or macos04:13
joe040288is there a way to enable the 3d effect for unity cause i cant seem to get it working04:13
rabbi1sianhulo: upgrade your bios04:13
sianhuloi 1 year ago(or so) asked here, and somebody told how to boot from my usb with grub, and IT WORKED, howeb04:13
homeEdisto, it is becoming more macish04:13
Ironsianhulo, where do you create your installation stick?04:13
Stingray88almoxarife: it's not, how do I start it04:13
bobberthome: then just say that. gentoo is good if you're a technical user. kubuntu is not very good, and hard  to get used to. xubuntu is ok. try distrowatch.com has good reviews of lots of distros.04:14
sianhulohowever, i lost that config04:14
almoxarifeStingray88: that's the thing, it should be running04:14
OerHeksKubuntu is great, bobbert04:14
sianhuloIron, i dunno, ubuntu make it itself and it works in another sistem04:14
sianhulorabbi1, it is already...04:14
Stingray88almoxarife: if you have samba installed it should always be running?04:14
simplebluei might give kubuntu a try04:14
Edistoit looks the same as 11.04 though =D just different icons04:14
homebobbert,  I personally might go gentoo or archlinux, but I like it as a media production desktop.04:14
zmbmartinrabbi1: speaking of upgrading bios. Do you know how I can upgrade bios for my hp envy 17 without a windows environment?04:14
rabbi1sianhulo: u trying to install ubuntu ?04:14
almoxarifeStingray88: I guess not in your case04:14
sianhuloi'm trying to update it04:14
romeo_sianhulo: whats the error you get?04:15
joe040288Edisto, most manufaters have a bios cd that you boot up04:15
Ironsianhulo, hummmm... you can try unetbootin and make sure you have it formatted in FAT3204:15
Stingray88almoxarife: how do I force it to start then04:15
Philosoraptorarghx: any ideas?04:15
rabbi1zmbmartin: never exp on hp. got to check their specific site for bios upgrade04:15
sianhuloi'm a mess with cds so i wanna update it through usb04:15
nosbighome: Another option to try if you want multimedia production with some stability...  Debian Wheezy/Testing with the Debian Multimedia repositories added...04:15
rabbi1sianhulo: then why you need bios ?04:15
zmbmartinrabbi1: yeah it says windows required. I tried a few things to know avail. Thanks anyways04:15
sianhuloIron,  i've tried with that, with the default of ubuntu and at least 2 more04:15
bobbertoerheks: i like the interface, but dont like the one click to open thing and the widgets. i also think theme is outdated. i am not condoning or hating it i am merely stating what my experience is with it, that it confused me as a new user.04:16
sianhuloneither worked04:16
bobberthome: it?04:16
kuchikuhow do i know i'm using kde or something else04:16
rabbi1zmbmartin: then install windows, upgrade bios then install ubuntu04:16
sianhuloromeo_, it only shows "boot error"(THE BIOS)04:16
Ironsianhulo, what kinf of error does it give?04:16
dajhornIron: The log says that the fglrx module was successfully compiled, but it seems like it didn't match the PCI identifier of the hardware.  What kind of ATI/AMD video card do you have in the computer?04:16
sianhuloIron, shows output "boot error"04:16
Stingray88how do I force samba to start04:17
zmbmartinrabbi1: I don't want to loose my ubuntu install I got going. Doesn't windows want the whole hd.04:17
Stingray88does anyone know?04:17
sianhulohowever, it works by grub, but i lost the configurtion04:17
almoxarifeStingray88: by undoing everything that may be samba related and then installing nautilus-share04:17
Irondajhorn, I have a Mobility Radeon 5650 HD04:17
sianhulosomebody know how to add the option?04:17
PhilosoraptorAny time i try to change permissions for this read only external harddrive, it says I can't because it is read only T_T04:17
kylesumhas anyone installed nautilus-open-terminal on 11.10?04:17
nosbigStingray88: service samba start?04:17
romeo_sianhulo: ah. i know a system of mine is a pain to boot off usb. It doesnt pick it up as a removable device, but as a harddrive. just a matter of changing the boot order of my harddrives. sound possible04:17
Stingray88almoxarife: I already tried doing purge on samba and system-config-samba but all of my configurations remain04:17
rabbi1zmbmartin: nothing, just goahead and do it. it's always better to have your bios upgraded once in 2 years04:18
Stingray88nosbig: unrecognized service… and yes, it's installed04:18
bobbertstingray88: /etc/init.d/samba restart. i think04:18
sianhuloromeo_, yep, mine tells that either, it's with my hardisk, however, that doesn't help04:18
almoxarifeStingray88: tell me when you are staring at synaptic04:18
Stingray88bobbert: no such file or directory04:19
Stingray88almoxarife: I am already04:19
almoxarifeStingray88: see search bar?04:19
Ironsianhulo, no clue... if you had tried another apps and it works on another systems...04:19
Stingray88almoxarife: yes04:19
almoxarifeStingray88: type samba04:19
rabbi1solved all my display problems in 15 mins, great ! thanks to forum, #ubuntu and ubuntu04:19
bobbertstingray88: ouch. i cant remember it!  :'(04:19
romeo_sianhulo: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootFromUSB - that sound helpful?04:19
Stingray88almoxarife: ok04:20
zmbmartinrabbi1: so you are saying I can install windows without blowing up my ubuntu install?04:20
rabbi1romeo_: if his bios doesn't support usb then that is of no use04:20
GrecooHey, do you know how to start with gnome3 on 11.10?04:20
Grecooi couldn't do it04:20
rabbi1zmbmartin: yes, you will just blowup the boot config file, that you can reset it later04:20
almoxarifeStingray88: what do you see installed? on left side click on installed04:20
IronGrecoo, here it started the last logged in session....04:21
Edistoi thought gnome3 was what 11.10 was using....04:21
arghxzmbmartin: you can, but you will need to reinstall grub afterwards04:21
zmbmartinrabbi1: awesome I will work on that. Thanks04:21
bobbertgrecoo: go to gnome.org and it will have install instruction for ubuntu.04:21
joe040288having trouble getting 3d effects working on 11.10 installed nvidia drivers and compiz settings manager but no matter what i change nothing works04:21
Grecoook, thanks04:21
sianhuloromeo_,  it seems, but i don't quite understand it xD, in fact, english isn't my primary language...04:21
rabbi1zmbmartin: before doing so, just keep the solution ready to recover your grub....04:21
IronGrecoo, actually, you can install from the Software Center04:21
joe040288Edisto, no its using unity but u can use genome 3 with the ubuntu classic trick04:21
itaylor57!notunity +04:21
nosbigHow have the upgrades gone?  Fairly smoothly?  Any major problems found so far?04:21
zmbmartinrabbi1: I can do that from a ubuntu live usb right?04:21
arghxjoe040288: is GLX hardware assisted?04:21
=== hasan is now known as Guest90796
joe040288arghx, no sure04:22
arghxjoe040288: then find out04:22
Grecooi thinked that it came by defect04:22
arghxzmbmartin: yes04:22
rabbi1zmbmartin: guess so. be prepared with all the situation..04:22
zmbmartinarghx: Thanks04:22
zmbmartinrabbi1: Thanks04:22
Stingray88almoxarife: samba, system-config-samba, samba-common, samba-common-bin, libwbclinet0, libpam-smbpass, python-smbc, smbclient, nautilus-share, libsmbclient, gnome-system-tools04:22
paulnmHey, my searches haven't come up with anything.  Is there a way to make upgrade-manager download-only?04:22
OerHeksStingray88, to check if samba is running > service smbd status04:23
Philosoraptorsooo arghx any ideas?04:23
arghxpaulnm: apt-get can do that04:23
rabbi1zmbmartin: you won't loose anything other than grub, and depends on your FS/ Drive Structure... So i have no idea how is yours, need to understand your situation and you are the best person to judge that04:23
rabbi1zmbmartin: conclusion is can be done.04:23
joe040288arghx, no looks like its software assisted04:23
arghxPhilosoraptor: need more info. error messages, permissions of files, etc04:23
Stingray88oerheks: warning: fake initctl called, doing nothing.04:23
dajhornIron: I'm looking for the supported hardware list of the latest Catalyst driver to check whether your GPU is supported.04:23
arghxjoe040288: then your nvidia drives are not installed corretcly. however: how do you know it's software only?04:23
zmbmartinrabbi1: Yeah I will take all that into consideration.04:23
Irondajhorn, ok, thanks04:23
paulnmarghx: yeah, but then I have to manually change the sources, then back again afterwards.  I was hoping upgrade-manager finally had that capability.04:24
almoxarifeStingray88: complete remove 'nautilus-share and samba'04:24
Irondajhorn, as it is offered here in the drivers app, it should be...04:24
Philosoraptorarghx: mount paste: /dev/sdb2 on /media/BHS type hfsplus (rw,nosuid,nodev,uhelper=udisks)04:24
arghxpaulnm: no you don't have to change anything. updsate manager and apt-get use the same sources.lost04:24
joe040288arghx, i looked at the nvidia setting manager and i think its software assited but i cant tell for sure04:24
Hdale85do you think a dist upgrade will go smoothly going from ubuntu server 8.04 LTS to 10.04 LTS?04:25
Philosoraptorarghx: when i try moving anything to it it says "Error while copying to "BHS". The destination is read-only."04:25
arghxjoe040288: you look in the wrong place. Xorg log or glxconfig is the place04:25
paulnmarghx: Oops, I meant when upgrading distro versions.04:25
joe040288arghx, ok04:25
arghxpaulnm: same applies. what is your actual problem you want to solve?04:25
Stingray88almoxarife: OK, completely removed those04:26
almoxarifeStingray88: now what do you see?04:26
Stingray88almoxarife: that those packages aren't installed04:26
arghxStingray88: and are they purged too or not?04:27
Hdale85really don't want to screw up my raid array upgrading lol04:27
almoxarifeStingray88: what is left showing in 'installed' with 'samba' in the search box04:27
Asad2005I have started liferea and it seems to have started minimized to tray, i dont see it now how do i see the application and change its prefrences to not attach itself to pannel04:27
arghxalmoxarife: hint: dpkg -l |grep samba04:27
paulnmarghx: If update-manager doesn't have the option, then it doesn't really matter.  In the past, I've changed the sources to the new release, apt-get/aptitude downloaded updates, then put the sources back.  When actually running upgrade-manager later on, it still downloaded more files.04:28
joe040288arghx, in the xorg log file it says it loaded the glx module but it doesnt say if it is hardware or software assisted04:28
almoxarifearghx: please feel free to assist, I won't go terminal until i have to04:28
arghxpaulnm: makes no sense. why only download? and why would you ever change back?04:28
Stingray88almoxarife: libpam-smbpass, libsmbclient, libwbclient0, samba-common, samba-common-bin, smbclient, gnome-system-tools, python-smbc04:28
IronDo you guys know of any software that is as good as Picasa for quick image "enhancing" ?04:29
arghxluminae: he doesn't tell me the error so I cannot help. just wanted to point out a possible problem when you reinstall samba and still use the old config in which case the problem won't be solved)04:29
IronI don't like Picasa having to use "wine" to run04:29
almoxarifeStingray88: complete remove samba-common, samba-common-bin, smbclient04:29
dajhornIron: Search the Ubuntu Forums for your part number.  The 8.881 release should be compatible with your hardware, but it can break during upgrades.  (ie: Upstream from AMD or downstream from Natty.)  Past that, you've got me stumped.04:30
Asad2005How do i start an application directly maximized from terminal04:30
joe040288arghx, and glxconfig doesnt seem to work04:30
Irondajhorn, part number?04:30
Stingray88almoxarife: done04:31
dajhornIron: Radeon 565004:31
arghx!doesn't work04:31
ubottuDoesn't work is a strong statement. Does it sit on the couch all day? Does it want more money? Is it on IRC all the time? Please be specific! Examples of what doesn't work tend to help too.04:31
Irondajhorn, ah, alrite! Thanks man for the effort04:31
dajhornIron: Np.04:31
joe040288arghx, running glxconfig from terminal says command cant be found04:31
almoxarifeStingray88: restart the damm thing :)04:31
* PCdoc upgraded to ubuntu 11.1004:32
Stingray88almoxarife: restarting04:32
mintsoupfirefox is doing weird things with text, for example wherever there is a word with 'fi', for example first, firefox displays the fi as A\, e.g. A\rst. Any ideas what would cause this?04:32
CygniaIs there a default calendar application in Oneiric that integrates with the clock/calendar in the top bar?04:33
Irondajhorn, if I go directly to the AMD's website and install the drivers from there, will it break my system?04:34
Stingray88almoxarife: OK it's restarted04:34
ryankrizanI just installed 11.10 on my Dell Inspiron E1505, and my network connection is very, very slow04:34
ryankrizanCould someone assist me in troubleshooting this?04:35
almoxarifeStingray88: go back into synaptic, check for anything in 'residual......'04:35
dajhornIron: Fully uninstall all of the Ubuntu fglrx packages before you try that.04:35
Irondajhorn, right! Thanks04:35
PCdocryankrizan: i also noticed something similar :-s04:35
sanduz2how do i add more workspaces to unity04:35
dajhornIron: And remember to manually clean up the *.run file if you go back to the distro drivers.04:35
ryankrizanPCdoc, What kind of download rates can you get? I can't get anything over 4kbps04:36
Irondajhorn, ha, now you got me ;P04:36
Stingray88almoxarife: where is residual04:36
joe040288ryankrizan, could be the ipv6 settings i noticed when i installed that they were set to auto dhpc to i set it to ignore04:36
Irondajhorn, if I just deactivate through the Drivers app, will it do?04:36
PCdocryankrizan: i didnt check by downloading files, but browsing is some what slow04:36
dajhornIron: The drivers from AMD come in a dot-run file.   They conflict with the drivers that you can install from the Software Center (or Jockey).  You need to be careful not to mixmatch them.04:36
crackheadOmg can ANYONE help me get rt73usb to work?!?!04:37
dajhornIron: Deactivating is inadequate.  You need to `apt-get remove --purge` them.04:37
elvis2_is there a way to tell apache2 to load php 5.2 instead of php 5.3? i know a time back i had this option within my vps, all i had to do was change my php.ini or .htaccess04:37
ryankrizanPCdoc, I'm going to try setting the ipv6 settings to ignore, see where that gets me04:37
Irondajhorn, right, gonna do some research on how to do it properly, thanks04:37
PCdocryankrizan: they shld be set to ignore .. mine is already ignored04:38
dajhornIron: Welcome.04:38
sanduz2can someone tell me how to add workspaces in oneiric please04:38
Stingray88almoxarife: do you mean software installed that is related to samba? or is there a way to organize by "residual"04:38
ryankrizanPCdoc, Set both wireless and wired to ignore. No change.04:38
PCdocryankrizan: how abt restarting modem/router ?04:38
crackheadI'm at my wit's end.. I've been reading the same bulletin board postings everywhere with NO solution.. Rt73usb.. If anyone can help or point me in the right direction, so appreciated04:38
almoxarifeStingray88: no, if its there its under installed, last option I think on right04:39
ryankrizanPCdoc, Not sure that would be the issue. The laptop I'm on now is a Dell 1545, and it's doing fine.04:39
almoxarifeStingray88: left I mean04:39
PCdocryankrizan: mine made a bit faster when restarted modem04:40
ryankrizanPCdoc, However, maybe it's having a fit with the 1505, might be worth rebooting.04:40
ryankrizanIt's worth a shot. Back in 2 minutes.04:40
Stingray88almoxarife: the only thing on the left is categories for packages04:40
PCdocoop!! electricity cut off04:40
sanduz2is there really no way to add workspaces in oneiric :|04:40
PCdoccya laterz :(04:40
Stingray88almoxarife: do you mean the little green box?04:41
almoxarifelittle green box?04:41
santiagowhere i am?04:41
zykotick9sanduz2, try ccsm / General / Desktop Size tab (i haven't tried oneiric though)04:41
Stingray88almoxarife: http://i.imgur.com/bkds1.png little green box04:42
=== slanderous is now known as ryankrizan
davfI can't install a gnome  shell theme on 11.10. tried webupd8 info but still won't allow me to choose a shell theme. Shell extensions doesn't show the option for themes04:42
Irondajhorn, ok, I did: sudo apt-get remove --purge fglrx fglrx_* fglrx-amdcccle* fglrx-dev* xorg-driver-fglrx04:43
randomusrAnyone been able use their cam on Facebook?04:43
Irondajhorn, now I am going to reboot04:43
almoxarifeStingray88: do you see 'status' down on the left side?04:43
randomusrWine perhaps?04:43
FSWolfwow XD04:44
FSWolfbig room04:44
FSWolfok fast question here... i got a logitech orbital web cam and im tryin to get the tilt pan and zoom working any one else here had any luck with this ???04:44
raevenProbably a dumb question here... anyone running the new distro yet?04:44
sanduz2zykotick9, thanks a bunch that worked04:45
optidudeman there is not a whole lotta chatting going on in  a lot of other channels04:45
Stingray88almoxarife: ah yes, there we go, so you want to know if anything is listed under Not Installed (residual config)?04:45
optidudethis channel people are always chatting04:45
almoxarifeStingray88: yes04:45
Adyethsis there a way to make the fonts in the bar across the top of the screen in Oneiric antialiased and not look so ugly? Everywhere else looks great except there.04:45
Stingray88almoxarife: yes there is from two things04:45
crackheadrt73usb ... anyone know why it's so fluctuating and slow with internet on 10.04, 10.10.. and virtually all 2.6 kernels???04:46
almoxarifeStingray88: both samba related?04:46
Stingray88almoxarife: indeed04:46
almoxarifeStingray88: get rid of both04:46
randomusrcrackhead, because it's and RT and it's usb?04:46
randomusrcrackhead, are you using the kernel driver?04:47
almoxarifeStingray88: stay in the 'status' mode from now on please04:47
crackheadI believe so, yes04:47
Stingray88almoxarife: I marked them both for complete removal, but the Apply button is grayed out04:47
crackheadrandomusr: should I install the oneiric kernel?04:47
almoxarifeStingray88: it would, a bug, would you believe it? :)04:47
FSWolfi cant seem to find any thing that will let me control the tilt pan and zoom :( can u please pm on this ...04:48
randomusrcrackhead, have you check for a madwifi driver, ndiswrapper, or proprietary driver?04:48
Stingray88almoxarife: is there another way to remove them04:48
glitch-modI followed the sound guide to no avail, right after I finished upgrading it was working but after a reboot I get no sound04:48
almoxarifeStingray88: we need to install something for shits and giggles, pick something04:48
crackheadevery post seems to advise against using madwifi, ndis04:48
randomusrcrackhead, perhaps the compatwireless package?04:48
crackheadwhere/which should I try? I'm game to try ANYTHING at this point04:48
Stingray88almoxarife: hah… so it's that kind of a fix04:48
crackheadI believe it was installed?04:48
crackheadHow can I check?04:49
crackheadwhat's the package name?04:49
almoxarifeStingray88: until the ubuntu gods fix it, yeah04:49
sianhulosomebody knows how to boot by my usb in grub?04:49
crackheadin synaptic it said the compat package was an empty module/package04:49
randomusrcrackhead, then check for a proprietary driver04:49
crackheadcheck where?04:49
almoxarifeStingray88: don't install anything samba related!04:49
randomusrcrackhead, hold please04:50
crackheadrandomusr: what's the cle command to check if the correct compact package is installed?04:50
crackheadok sure - holding04:50
Stingray88almoxarife: haha yes I figured… installing chromium, meant to try it sometime anyways04:50
raevencrackhead: what are you trying to use? (late to this discussion, but some experience...)04:50
almoxarifeStingray88: good choice04:50
crackheadraeven: I'm trying to get this freaking wifi card to work properly! since I switched (had to switch from wep to wpa) the rt73usb card is fluctuating and freaking slowwwwwwww!04:51
crackheadseems tons of people have the same problem04:51
crackheadI've read numerous pages on that site04:51
almoxarifeStingray88: the residual config should have gone, with the install done, verify04:51
crackheadrandomusr: what about that site/what page in specific are you referring?04:51
Stingray88almoxarife: will do in 30 seconds04:51
raevenOkay. What make and model of wifi card?04:52
randomusrcrackhead, check the compatability page on aircrack-ng04:52
randomusrThat should help04:52
kylesumwhat is this about emacs violating the GPL? has anyone heard that anywhere?04:52
crackheadwhat's aircrack04:52
* phlak_user is pleased as punch - on chatzilla via 11.10 liveCD :)04:52
rageHow do I access what was originally (in 10.04) Appearance Preferences -> Theme -> Customise -> Colours in 11.10?04:52
zmbmartinrabbi1: do you know if I could make or get a windows live cd and upgrade my bios from that?04:53
crackheadraeven: it's builtin on the mobo of my hp pavil desktop04:53
phlak_useris it me or does it seem faster?04:53
raevenAircrack is a WEP/WPA cracking script.04:53
randomusrcrackhead, what's the chipset?04:53
rabbi1zmbmartin: sorry, no idea04:53
crackheadrandomusr: I'm not sure - where can I find it? iwconfig wlan0?04:53
raevenBuilt in... surprising there's not a driver built into the kernel...04:53
Stingray88almoxarife: nothing under residual now04:53
almoxarifeStingray88: cool04:54
Adyethsis there a way to make the fonts in the bar across the top of the screen in Oneiric antialiased and not look so ugly? Everywhere else looks great except there.04:54
randomusrcrackhead, lspci -vv04:54
almoxarifeStingray88: install nautilus-share04:54
rabbi1zmbmartin: i don't think windows gives you that kind of option like ubuntu, check out the new 7 and 8. if you have any with you.04:54
raeven...What randomusr said.04:54
crackheadrealtek rtl8111/8168B, it seems.. kernel module r8169...?04:55
raevenMy last HP used an Atmel chipset...I think.04:55
phlak_userrage: same place- just type appearance in the dash search bar and click on Appearance04:55
Stingray88almoxarife: done04:55
raevenYou don't want to use rt73usb anyway... that's for dongles.04:55
crackheadraeven: I'm happy to follow your suggestions otherwise....04:56
ragephlak_user: Yes, I've made it that far04:56
almoxarifeStingray88: logout and back in04:56
phlak_userrage: colors are in the dropbox (that says wallpaper by default)04:56
celltechIs there anyway to purge my system of just unneeded and uncessecary junk?04:56
randomusrcrackhead, download the driver here - http://homepages.tu-darmstadt.de/~p_larbig/wlan/04:56
phlak_usercelltech: computer-janitor?04:57
Stingray88almoxarife: done04:57
ragephlak_user: I think thats the desktop colour04:57
celltechSomething better than that04:57
almoxarifeStingray88: choose 'documents' from your home folder to share04:57
celltechlike really drive out the trash programs and stuff04:57
phlak_userrage: hang on lemme check04:57
Stingray88almoxarife: wants me to install the service, let it?04:58
almoxarifeStingray88: yes04:58
crackheadrandomusr: I'll try that one...04:58
raevencelltech: computer janitor's good, also try gtk-orphan04:59
raevenFSLint's another good one.04:59
ryankrizanIs anyone else having a problem with slow network connection with Ubuntu 11.10?04:59
celltechCool. Yeah there's alot of things this system comes with that I'll never use in my life04:59
celltechmaking my instal WAY to big04:59
almoxariferaeven: janitor will tell you to delete packages in 'local'04:59
crackheadraeven: when I modprobe -r my rt73usb .. I get.. "all config files need .conf... ralink.." and ".conf... nvidia-kernel-nkc..." what's that mean??05:00
phlak_userrage: you're right! need to dig more05:00
sianhulopeople, i have an pendrive that i wanna use to boot by grub05:00
celltechI installed a 120gb harddrive on this system. installed 11.04, and I have 60gb left? That means there way too much junk it came with05:00
raevenalmoxarife: yes it will, but FSLint does it from the GUI (for those who prefer a happyclickyGUI)05:00
ragephlak_user: I know they can be changed, I've upgraded and it carried some of my colours through. They now clash horribly05:01
Stingray88almoxarife: http://i.imgur.com/lB1gC.png05:01
sianhuloit is /dev/sdf1, so it should be set root=(hd5,1) ?05:01
phlak_userrage: i need to research more now:)05:01
phlak_userrage: btw are you on unity or gnome305:01
mrguitarjoin #dotnet05:01
almoxarifeStingray88: yes,  looks good05:01
almoxarifeStingray88: create share05:02
ArcasI need help with my sound. my system sees all my hardware but I still cant get any sound from my pc05:02
ragephlak_user: Either05:02
Stingray88almoxarife: i can't05:02
complexity[root@NewBeginnings catalog]# mogrify -resize '800x600' "$i"05:02
ArcasI just installed 11.1005:02
complexitythis is taking forever, any ideas?05:02
ragephlak_user: We'll got with unity in this case05:02
raevencrackhead: sounds like either some config files are either missing, or missing the .conf extension...05:02
Stingray88almoxarife: I get that error in the picture05:02
phlak_userrage: ok05:02
ponitsomebody , I need to knowhow can I to made sound clearly...?05:02
dagerivWhen I ssh into a new box, I am asked if I want to trust the host which has provided RSA fingerprint. I also have the certificate for the server. How can I generate a fingerprint from the cert?05:03
idovecerponit, what do you mean?05:03
almoxarifeStingray88: restart the machine05:03
ponitmy sound can not get out05:03
raevencrackhead: stupid question - have you invoked the Great God Google?05:03
SunTsusianhulo: isn't grub-probe the tool to find out reliably?05:04
sianhuloSunTsu, i don't know it05:04
somsipArcas: run alsamixer and check if the channels are muted?05:05
phlak_userrage: this page asks us to install Gnome Tweak tool -> http://blog.sudobits.com/2011/09/08/10-things-to-do-after-installing-ubuntu-11-10/05:06
phlak_userrage: lemme try that out05:06
Stingray88almoxarife: this is what I get after I've restarted http://i.imgur.com/ik4pq.png05:06
raevencrackhead: check out this thread: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=136311105:07
FlynsarmyRhythmbox on 11.10 has no 'status tray' plugin. I have rhythmbox-plugins installed. any ideas?05:07
ArcasI found it....I had to switch it to Digital stereo since I'm running audio through optical05:07
Arcasthanks though05:07
crackheadraeven: yeah, invoked google a million times..05:07
crackheadeverytime i modprobe -r and reload the rt73 or any module, the keyboard starts flashing and freezing the whole system needs a reboot.. gah05:07
raevenWoah... haven't run into that one before!05:08
crackheadraeven: I'm going to try to get these enhanced rt73 compiled and installe.d. and see if that does anything.. though I don't think it will.. a lot of other people mentioned trying them, and not having any success...05:08
raevencrackhead: well, give it a try. The worst that could happen is thhat it still doesn't work.05:09
ragephlak_user: Doesn't look good05:09
Adyethsis there a way to make the fonts in the bar across the top of the screen in Oneiric antialiased and not look so ugly? Everywhere else looks great except there.05:09
Flynsarmyanyone know hot to use nouveau drivers on 11.10? i've installed nouveau-firmware but dont know how to turn it on05:09
almoxarifeStingray88: those two last errors I can't explain05:10
raevencrackhead: that warning you mentioned earlier means that the config files you referenced are simply missing the .conf extension.05:10
raevenAdd that to all of them and try it again.05:10
almoxarifeStingray88: also you should have samba config in etc after the nautilus-share install05:11
studentzHi there I upgrading to Oneric and I forgot my pass of phpmyadmin but i do remember my mysql pass any suggestion. Thanks05:12
Adyethsanyone know where I might be able to find an answer to my question?05:13
Stingray88almoxarife: sigh… I just don't get how things can get this messed up in one week05:13
Stingray88both being on fresh installs too05:13
Stingray88a week apart05:13
raevenAdyeths: I'll let you know as soon as my upgrade finishes downloading...05:14
VampsDaBeastanyone know of a package that converts mp3. wav, and other various formats to ogg?05:14
VampsDaBeastwould need to convert multiple format, and mutliple files05:15
zykotick9VampsDaBeast, converting mp3 to ogg is a bad idea05:15
crackheadraeven: is there a way to turn off the internal wireless adapter? and use a usb dongle adapter I have and can plug in?05:15
VampsDaBeastzykotick9, is there a better way?05:16
D_Russanyone having issues with 11.10 so far?05:16
raevencrackhead: if it shows up in ifconfig or iwconfig, then sudo ifconfig wlan0 down (assuming wlan0 is your onboard wifi card)05:16
D_Russhardware incompatibility issues?05:16
SunTsuVampsDaBeast: ffmpeg could do the trick, but as zykotick9 says: trying to convert one lossy compression into another one is no good idea05:16
raevenD_Russ: like what?05:16
VampsDaBeastzykotick9, starting to get a little annoyed with alot of the linux media players locking up and freezing with my mediaplayers05:17
zykotick9VampsDaBeast, check out oggconvert if you wish.  SunTsu's ffmpeg suggestion is good as well05:17
D_Russlike anything, raeven05:17
SunTsuVampsDaBeast: you end up having worst of both worlds and a serious decrese in quality05:17
complexity[root@NewBeginnings catalog]# mogrify -resize '800x600' "$i", this just freezes, I need some help05:17
SunTsudecrease even05:17
D_Russtrying to decide if i should go ahead and switch from 11.04 or wait a few weeks05:17
VampsDaBeastagain i ask.. other then redownloading ALL 400gb of music.. is there a better way to convert them with out the decrease / loss?05:18
raevenD_Russ: just curious. Still waiting on my upgrade to download, looking to get a jump on problems that might crop up...05:18
zykotick9VampsDaBeast, not possible.  lossy->lossy will decrease quality05:18
D_Russme too05:18
SunTsuD_Russ: last time I decided to wait a couple of weeks had me end up still using Maverick ;)05:18
FSWolfhi im using ubuntu and i have a logitech orbital web cam but i  cant control the tilt pan and zoom functions has any one else  experenced this issue and perhaps found a solution can you pm  me please ?05:19
D_Russfor how long SunTsu?05:19
glitch-modAnyone else having sound issues?05:19
VampsDaBeastzykotick9, is it possible to go from lossy to non-lossy to lossy without decrease?05:19
VampsDaBeastand how bad is the decrease?05:20
zykotick9VampsDaBeast, no - that's still lossy->lossy05:20
FSWolfglitch-mod: ya in the past try changing sound drivers05:20
D_Russthe torrent download is going VERY fast05:20
glitch-modFSWolf, How can I do that?05:20
zykotick9VampsDaBeast, might not be noticeable - depends how picky you are05:20
zykotick9VampsDaBeast, WAV and FLAC -> Ogg is fine05:21
VampsDaBeastzykotick9, well i'm not a music studio producer so for it to sound like Dolby isnt the goal05:21
studentzVampsDaBeast  sound converter05:21
chintanwhats the diffrence between logical & primary partition ?05:21
infinituxI have no internet on my laptop now that I installed fresh 11.10 and I want to install ndiswrapper so my wifi card will work but it's not installed.05:22
VampsDaBeastzykotick9, i do have some wavs in my collection.. so those to ogg will give little decrease?05:22
infinituxwhere do I get the i386 deb?05:22
chintandoes anyone know ?05:22
nosbigSo...  I tried to run the upgrade using the official method via update manager.  I was able to click the initial upgrade button above the empty list of 11.04 updates.  I then received the message pointing me to release notes where I clicked upgrade.  I was asked for my password, and then the application exited.  I tried to run update-manager manually, and it tells me that I need to run a partial upgrade.  When I choose a partial upgrade,05:22
nosbigthe tool exits and does nothing.05:22
zykotick9VampsDaBeast, well WAV file aren't lossy, so you will not lose anything "extra" - just what's suppose to be lost05:23
nosbigI looked at my sources.list, and the upgrade tool modified it to refer to oneiric, rather than natty.05:23
nosbigAny ideas>05:23
VampsDaBeastzykotick9, ok05:23
nosbigShould I run aptitude dist-upgrade?  Should I update the system piece by piece, group by group?05:24
studentzchintan a HD can have only 4 primary partitions and a logical partition can have a big number of subpartitions05:24
VampsDaBeastzykotick9, maybe taking just a few mp3 files and copying them and converting to test would be a wise idea?05:24
crackheadraeven: what packages are needed to build/compile the enhanced rt73?05:24
zykotick9VampsDaBeast, for sure - you might be ok with the results (you might not be)?  Test to see.05:24
chintanhere no one listen any question ..05:24
raevencrackhead: you should just need a compiler/linker, most likely gcc05:24
FloodBot1chintan: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.05:25
zykotick9studentz, it's actually an extended partition - that can have multiple logical paritions in it.05:25
chintanwhy onone listen my question ?05:25
raevencrackhead: ...which you most likely already have. If not, find it in synaptic (or apt-get if you prefer the command line)05:26
=== soreau_ is now known as soreau
studentzzykotick9 you are right. sorry :(05:26
anon_userchintan, you need to listen.  studentz andwered you05:26
soreaueir is a bot :P05:26
raevencrackhead: Unless the source comes with its own Makefile.05:26
chintanwhats the difference ?05:26
crackheadraeven: make keeps giving error 1.. failed to build?05:26
chintanwhen i choose logical & when i choose primary ?05:27
yagoochintan, primary is only for windows.. linux doesnt care if its log/primary05:27
studentzchintan do you want dual boot?05:27
sianhulopeople, how i do i add a line in grub to boot from my usb?05:27
raevencrackhead: um. give me a second on that one...05:27
crackheadsource comes with its own makefile05:27
studentzchintan I mean Ubuntu and MS05:27
chintanyes i want dual boot05:27
fowlwhere is grubs menu.lst05:28
studentzchintan or Do you want only Ubuntu?05:28
fowli have no menu.lst in /boot/grub05:28
yagoochintan, dosmbr-style partition tables uses these terms  -- GPT (more modern style) only uses Primary partitions05:28
chintani make swap partition as primary05:28
sianhuloi have it this way http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/707747/ (the usb is /dev/sdf1)05:28
chintanis it right ?05:28
yagoochintan, linux doesnt care..05:28
zykotick9fowl, long gone - that's a grub-legacy only file.05:28
soreauI downloaded the 11.10 dvd via torrent. Is there an md5sum for the 1.5GB iso somewhere?05:28
sianhulofowl, i think that's used with grub, i supose you have grub205:28
raevencrackhead: let me get back to you in a few minutes: my upgrade just finished downloading!05:28
yagoochintan, swap can be on a primary partition.. that's fine too.05:28
zykotick9fowl, see /etc/default/grub for most config options - after any changes run "sudo update-grub" to apply05:28
chintanthen why that options are provided in linux installation ...05:28
chintanany reason ?05:28
ShirakawasunaI've never upgraded an ubuntu distribution (11.04 -> 11.10 today). Do I need to be worried about anything/check anything after the process completes?05:29
otdelHi friends!05:29
debsanchintan, for you yo come here and ask :)05:29
ShirakawasunaI'm also excited to see that Unity's application lens now has built-in category filters. Soooooooo much better.05:29
SunTsuchintan: because linux allows you to do what you please. You have that choice so you are presented it05:29
soreauShirakawasuna: Back. Up.05:29
sianhulosomebody knows what is bad with this? http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/707747/ (i wan t to boot my usb by grub, the usb is /dev/sdf1)05:29
yagoochintan, it's the old dumb dosmbr-style partition table (if u try to make more than 4 partitions, u start using "logical" partitions after the third primary partition)05:29
sianhulobut still can't get it working :(05:30
soreauShirakawasuna: In case you need to reinstall05:30
fowlzykotick9: i only wish to back it up, im about to install windows on another partition and want to be ready for the destruction it causes05:30
zykotick9!grub | fowl05:30
ubottufowl: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before Karmic (9.10)05:30
chintanone another problem in 11.1005:30
otdelпривет с России=)05:30
chintanwhen i maximize any screen05:31
Shirakawasunasoreau: I alwasy backup. Is it common to need to reinstall?05:31
chintandocs still display left side05:31
soreauShirakawasuna: Upgrades are sometimes problematic05:31
chintanany option for autohide ?05:31
glitch-modwhat does sudo -s do05:31
otdelаля улю05:32
Shirakawasunasoreau: Is there anything I can do to prevent that? Any commands to check things after the process completes?05:32
sianhulosomebody knows about grub2?05:32
yagooglitch-mod, -s is for sweetness05:32
SunTsuVampsDaBeast: btw. in case you are new to sound encoding: lossy means that information (that you probably won't hear anyway) is lost while encoding.05:32
yagoosianhulo, grub2 is grub2..05:32
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience05:32
glitch-modyagoo, ಠ_ಠ05:33
soreauShirakawasuna: If you haven't messed with your natty install too much it should work ok05:33
sianhuloyagoo, something that may be a little more useful xd05:33
ironI don't mean to be rude, but who was helping me with the ATI drivers issue? :P05:33
SunTsuVampsDaBeast: problem is: every lossy encoding has a different approach and notion of that, so when reencoding a file that already lost information it will lose even more, which gives you more and more loss and a decrease in quality05:33
new2netDo I have to piss blood to get ---ANY---- ubuntu version to install?   Installer crashed, bug reporter crashed, then even tho I'm on a live CD i get this message "hey want to upgrade so I can crash again and ruin your whole week"? Its like no, I'll just find a better OS05:33
SunTsunew2net: or maybe better hardware05:33
yagoonew2net, thats disgusting05:33
sianhulobecause i'm trying to add a line to boot from my usb, but cannot get it working05:33
chintanhow to hide doc when i maximize any panel ?05:34
chintanQUESTION = "how to hide doc when i maximize any panel ?"05:34
sianhulo somebody knows what is bad with this? http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/707747/ (i wan t to boot my usb by grub, the usb is /dev/sdf1)05:34
complexity[root@NewBeginnings catalog]# mogrify -resize '800x600' "$i";05:34
complexitydude, why is that freezing05:35
yagoochintan, what's your mother language? you're not sounding clear05:35
chintanhow to hide doc when i maximize any panel ?05:35
SunTsunew2net: I'd check back with memtest86 and an urologist05:35
zykotick9sianhulo, (untested) but you could try to just plug your bootable USB in and run "sudo update-grub" and see if it's auto-added?05:35
yagoochintan, you really should um.. use the right words.. it is not possible to understand what you're asking05:35
sianhulozykotick9, it's been added, and i can't see it in grub menu, the problem is that i can't boot it(the problem is not my usb because i used it to install ubuntu in another computer)05:36
sianhuloso the problem is my sintaxis, but i don't know where the error is05:36
edogaaHEy, how do I get hdmi audio working with the OSS drivers on radeon?05:36
abhinav_singhhow do i switch back to unity from ubuntu classic in 11.0405:37
edogaait seems hdmi audio for the r600-700 series works...05:37
edogaafrom what i saw on the status matrix...but i can't figure out how05:37
zykotick9!classic | abhinav_singh reverse these directions05:37
ubottuabhinav_singh reverse these directions: The default interface in Ubuntu 11.04 is !Unity. To switch back to regular !GNOME: log out, click your username, click the Session box at the bottom of the screen, and select "Ubuntu Classic".For 11.10, see !notunuty05:37
D_Russabhinav_singh, log out and look at the bottom05:37
ReallycoolIt would appear I broke my system's appearance settings, is there a way to reset them to defaults?05:38
mongoi'm actually liking xubuntu05:38
yagooReallycool, probably one of the default themes..05:38
Mike9863Are all my packages taking a long time to download because of the new release being downloaded by others?05:38
copproHi there. Oneiric removed the gnome power and volume tray applets. What equivalent does it have? I am not using Unity.05:39
yagooMike9863, maybe its a slow mirror.05:39
Mike9863yagoo: Well I'm getting speeds of about 10KB/s. Anything I can do?05:39
SinnerNyxi'm having an issue where I'm running a grep, and I want it to run in the background, so I press CTRL+Z. and it shows the grep job as "STOPPED". When I type bg though it still shows the job as STOPPED. I've also tried "bg 1" however this still shows the same job as stopped....05:39
SinnerNyxam I missing something?05:39
yagooMike9863, 10 kilobytes? that's even slower than a 28.8 modem for crying out loud05:40
yagooMike9863, it'll take a million years to download a meg at that rate..05:40
Reallycoolyagoo: changing UI themes does nothing at all05:41
phlak_userrage: its in the universe repos05:41
yagooSinnerNyx, try bg %105:41
Mike9863yagoo: Yeah I don't know what's going on. I'm just using the Update Manager as I always do.05:41
SinnerNyxyagoo, same05:41
yagooReallycool,  u can probably copy a non-modified theme from /usr/share (not sure exactly).. and copy it back into your themes folder..05:42
yagooSinnerNyx, u tried fg %1 ?05:42
SinnerNyxnope lemme give that a shot05:42
yagoothen change ttys05:42
yagooand see if that process is still running05:43
=== esx is now known as zen|tao
yagooMike9863, i never use the gui tools for package management.. maybe there's a mirror select somewhere..05:44
yagooanyone knows?05:44
yagoo(do tell Mike9863)05:45
seven_hey i need help, i just installed ubuntu 11.10, my keyboard lights wont turn on05:45
yagooseven_, lol.. comeon that's not an emergency :p05:45
yagooseven_, at least the keys work right? LOL05:45
seven_well im in the dark05:45
edogaawow...why is kde so slow lol05:45
seven_i cant see my keyboard05:46
yagooseven_, is the keyboard plugged in? :)05:46
seven_im on a laptop05:46
SinnerNyxyagoo fg %1 appears to work fine...05:46
yagooSinnerNyx, good05:46
seven_asus g73s05:46
seven_it worked with 11.0405:46
fadezerohey guy how do i know if my firewall is on, im new to ubuntu05:46
SinnerNyxyagoo, but i need to run in the background...05:46
yagooSinnerNyx, btw, if u'r using ssh.. u may want to look at screen (if ssh breaks a connection-- u can relog back in and use screen -RR)05:46
zykotick9!u | yagoo05:47
ubottuyagoo: U is the 21st letter of the modern latin alphabet. Neither 'U' nor 'Ur' are words in the English language. Neither are 'R', 'Y', 'l8', 'Ne1' nor 'Bcuz'. Mangled English is hard for non-native English speakers. Please see http://geekosophical.net/random/abbreviations/ for more information.05:47
yagoo(screen is a multiplexer for text console-- allows to resume broken terminal connection)05:47
SinnerNyxyagoo, not ssh, regular command line in virtualbox guest05:47
sianhuloyeah, I know I'm becoming annoying, but... somebody knows what is bad with this? http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/707747/ (i wan t to boot my usb by grub, the usb is /dev/sdf1)05:47
seven_any experts in here :/05:47
seven_i dont wanna go back to windows05:47
fadezerocan anyone help me with setting up my firewall in ubuntu05:48
zykotick9sianhulo, it's probably not sdf1 if you boot it - can you use UUID or labels instead? (i'm not sure, just making suggestion)05:48
yagoosianhulo, looks like u have 6 harddrives05:48
sianhuloseven_, i don't know, that seems pretty strange to me05:48
minthi guys, I just installed 11.10 over my mint 11 partition and when I try to boot I get sent to the grub rescue thing with "invalid arch independent elf magic"05:48
mintanyone know what that is about?05:48
seven_yeah me too sianhulo05:48
minttried reinstalling grub from the live cd but it did not help05:48
seven_the hotkeys work05:48
seven_but the keyboard wont light up05:48
sianhulozykotick9, i don't know how to use UUID05:49
yagooseven_, what laptop is it?05:49
ubottuTo see a list of your devices/partitions and their corresponding UUID's, run this command in a !shell: « sudo blkid » (see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LibAtaForAtaDisks for the rationale behind the transition to UUID)05:49
zykotick9sianhulo, well good luck, hopefully someone has a real answer for you.05:49
yagoozykotick9, hfsplus implies OSX05:50
=== mint is now known as zeelot-livecd
fowlseven_: hows the g73s? im on the precursor g73jw05:50
gofaziif i remove pulse audio should alsa auto work after a reboot or is there some setup to do?05:50
sianhulono, i have been googling for a while, and i think there's no way you can use UUID05:50
symaxianHm, in 11.10 the mouse is offset by a few hundred pixels when in expo on my system, dual monitors under AMD05:50
yagoosianhulo, UUID is used in /etc/fstab and kernel bootlines05:51
marianoFrom time to time, I get these little orange circles with arrows around my windows and they make the window that I'm on shake or snap to a specific place. What are these things? I don't even know how I am activating this function.05:51
seven_i have05:51
sianhuloyagoo, but i mean to use grub205:51
seven_ASUS G7305:51
yagoosianhulo, grub.cfg <<< UUID for your kernel bootlines05:51
zeelot-livecdno one knows what my issue could be? sites seem to tell me to reinstall grub but it doesn't solve it for me05:51
seven_yagoo ASUS G73SW05:51
sianhuloyagoo, but i'm trying to boot from an usb, ky kernel configuration is all right05:52
DatzHi, will there be a way to fall back to gnome 2 for future releases?05:52
urlin2uDatz, no05:52
seven_fowl its nice but trying to get my keyboard backlights to work05:52
yagoosianhulo, to boot from usb. ur bios needs to support booting from usb05:52
Datzthis saddens me05:52
gofaziif i remove pulse audio should alsa auto work after a reboot or is there some setup to do?05:52
sianhuloyagoo,  but it "doesn't" so i'm trying from grub, I AM sure that is is possible05:53
urlin2uDatz, gnome 2 is not supported by its own designers anymotre05:53
QuestionHello. I got a question. Every time when i start my Laptop i have to choose what i want to start in bios. for example : 1. Ubuntu Normal 2. Ubuntu restoration etc etc... How can i set, that ubuntu normal always start?05:53
yagooseven_, there's a link for the keyboard on this site http://www.linlap.com/wiki/asus+g73sw05:53
seven_everything is working except my key my keyboard back light05:53
keyboardtalkWhy is there no authentication when booting into recovery mode? I am given root shell access with no password prompt05:53
faryshtaHello problems with broadcom here.05:54
faryshtaBroadcom Corporation NetLink BCM5787M Gigabit Ethernet PCI Express05:54
marianoIs anyone else having a difficult time adjusting their laptop's display brightness?05:54
seven_there is no fix there yagoo05:54
yagooseven_, checkout "Put this in your rc.local" from http://scottsautorepair.net/microsoft.sucks/G73SW.keyboard.lights.html05:54
Datzurlin2u: I don't know what the community is going to do without gnome2.. I can't stand unity or gnome shell.05:54
yagooseven_, i said a link.. i just posted above..05:54
faryshtaDoes someone here know how to make a broadcom wifi work?05:54
yagooseven_, geez..05:54
urlin2u!broadcom | faryshta05:54
ubottufaryshta: Help with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx05:54
seven_yes yagoo thats a fix for 11.0405:54
seven_it doesnt work for 11.1005:54
glebihanDatz, you can use gnome-fallback-session + gnome-panel05:54
seven_when i try it, ubuntu wont reboot05:54
fade_hey guys does the firewall automatically activates in ubuntu?05:55
yagooseven_, if none of ur current kernels can support the backlit.. then probably u have to do your own compiling :/05:55
Datzglebihan: thanks. It's either that or have to go with debian for awhile. :-/05:55
zykotick9fade_, nope05:56
seven_there is one that works for 11.0405:56
sianhuloseven_, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=175290005:56
seven_its just on the new one05:56
urlin2uDatz, personally  just adapted although I have multiple OS on my computer one has gnome 2.05:56
yagookeyboardtalk, that's better.. non password on recovery boot.. i dont see anything wrong with that05:56
QuestionHey Gusys. When i start my Laptop. I got to choose everytime what i want to start. Like Ubuntu restoration , or Ubuntu Normal.. How can i set it off ?05:56
gofaziif i remove pulse audio should alsa auto work after a reboot or is there some setup to do?05:56
phlak_userrage: i installed gnome-tweak-tool but there still seems no option for colors though there is a host of other stuff05:56
keyboardtalkyagoo: isn't this a security hole? anyone can boot the computer into recovery and gain full access to the system05:57
phlak_userQuestion: set default time to 005:57
yagooQuestion, u set a default #, in the grub.cfg file ...05:57
yagookeyboardtalk, dunno.. disable it then..05:57
seven_sianhulo thats for 11.0405:57
Datzurlin2u: yea, I can try to adapt as well. but gnome shell is more difficult to use... it's a step back05:57
seven_i have 11.1005:57
yagookeyboardtalk, u can also set passwords to grub ..05:57
yagookeyboardtalk, or simply set a password to the bios..05:57
urlin2ukeyboardtalk, to do anything you will have to use a password a cli does not= full control05:57
yagookeyboardtalk, so a password is needed after the bios-boot test05:58
marianoFrom time to time, I get these little orange circles with arrows around my windows and they make the window that I'm on shake or snap to a specific place. What are these things? I don't even know how I am activating this function. Help.05:58
Questionyagoo: where can i find this file ?05:58
Datzmaybe KDE is the way to go05:58
sianhuloseven_ wont hurt to try05:58
keyboardtalkyagoo: I have a bios password, but other users may not05:58
phlak_userQuestion:  change this line in /etc/default/grub  GRUB_TIMEOUT=10 (to 0) and run update-grub205:58
yagooQuestion, /boot/grub/grub.cfg -- there should be a line near the beginning -- it may be "set default .." or "default" (default numbering starts from 0)05:58
sianhulothe problem is that i know if you can use an old kernel version...05:58
keyboardtalkurlin2u: I was able to change the passwords for all users05:58
urlin2umariano, get a screen shot if you can it sounds like a compiz setup.05:59
zykotick9Question, yagoo's suggestion is actually a poor one.  grub.cfg says "do not edit" for good reason, it's reset every time you update kernel/grub - use phlak_user's suggestion instead05:59
symaxianWow, right after bootup there is a handful of regressions with expo and dual monitors on 11.1005:59
marianook i'll try it05:59
yagoozykotick9, it's a simple fix..05:59
urlin2ukeyboardtalk, with a password change prompt right.05:59
keyboardtalkurlin2u: yes05:59
yagoozykotick9, i don't believe theres any permanent solution for setting a default for grub2.05:59
gofaziif i remove pulse audio should alsa auto work after a reboot or is there some setup to do?05:59
yagoozykotick9, unless u have a better one.05:59
zykotick9yagoo, /etc/default/grub05:59
urlin2ukeyboardtalk, same will work in a logged in regular session, your need to do some study bro.06:00
yagoobut update the kernels..06:00
faryshtaurlin2u: do you know where to get the drivers after I installed the bcwml-kernel-source package?06:00
phlak_useryagoo: nope06:00
yagoonumbering can change..06:00
keyboardtalkurlin2u: You mean I can change any other user's password?06:00
urlin2ufaryshta, not really i think the link says it all right, as far a s cards I have never had to do this, most seem served by the link.06:01
faryshtaWhere can I get the drivers for a broadcom?06:01
faryshtaurlin2u: the links says that 'Aditional drivers' should work now but it doesn't.06:01
urlin2ukeyboardtalk, from a super user state yes.06:01
urlin2ufaryshta, I can't really help beyond the link it is beyond my pay rate. :D06:02
faryshtaWhere can I get the drivers for a broadcom?06:02
joshua__Hey guys, I'm unable to get Ubuntu to boot with Unity.  Can anyone help?06:02
keyboardtalkurlin2u: But the point is that you shouldn't be able to reach super user state without a password or some other authentication. Recovery mode just gives it to you06:02
phlak_userjoshua__: what version, what error?06:02
Lewoco__How does Ubuntu's release numbering work? I just discovered 10.04 is newer than 10.10 ?06:02
n1kono it isnt06:03
faryshtaDoes someone owns a broadcom wifi here?06:03
phlak_userLewoco__: it isnt; its LTS which means it has Long Term Support and hence is supported longer than the others06:03
glitch-modMy sound it still fubar, listed under sound --> hardware = blank06:03
urlin2ukeyboardtalk, you changed the password to get there it is part of the deal, if you want to lock out anybody else including yourself if you loose the password, you need a password protected bios06:03
joshua__Ubuntu 11.04.  There isn't really an error, so far.  From the moment I installed it, I've loaded into the very basic (gnome, I guess?) ui, instead of Unity.06:03
phlak_userjoshua__: if you selected gnome (it would be unity), if you selected gnome-classic (its without)06:04
faryshtahow can I make a broadcom wifi work?06:04
phlak_userjoshua__: you can select the environment as soon as you enter your username06:04
keyboardtalkurlin2u: What if my harddrive is placed into a different system?06:04
s1faryshta: hey , check it here https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx06:04
glitch-modHardware is detected, just successfully installed ati drivers from official binary but still no sound halp!06:05
joshua__I'll show you a screencap of my desktop.  (left is Ubuntu, right is a vm)  It's too simple to be Unity, I think? http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/13/screenshotbcar.png/06:05
urlin2ukeyboardtalk, you have to invetigate your own safety this is ubuntu support not what if I get hit in the head with a comet and the aliens steal my HD LOL.06:05
cousin_luigignome-shell keeps falling back into gnome-classic06:05
cousin_luigiany idea why?06:05
marianourlin2u: where should I upload the picture to?06:05
faryshtas1 I did. It says that I should have the drivers with the 'aditional drivers' tool but I can't see them.06:06
faryshtahow can I make a broadcom wifi work in 11.10?06:06
abhijeethey guys. . I installed the ubuntu 11.10 and next time when I boot my unity got crashed and now I am only getting a white bar at the top... :(   How can i restore the unity?06:06
urlin2umariano, http://imagebin.org/index.php?page=add06:06
yagoofaryshta, did u check the broadcom site?06:07
joshua__Is that what my desktop is supposed to look like?  I haven't told it to boot in classic mode, or anything.06:07
glitch-modunder my sound output menu it says06:07
glitch-mod'dummy output'06:07
yagooglitch-mod, lol06:07
faryshtayagoo: which one? I checked https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx and didn't work.06:07
* glitch-mod accidentally hit enter06:07
phlak_userjoshua__: you're right; it looks like classic; can you check what de is selected for session when you enter your username at login (its at the bottom generally)06:07
vladi tested ubuntu 11.10 last 12 hours. new ubuntu is great...fail06:07
urlin2ukeyboardtalk, I'm just joking with you, but a context with perspective is needed for this channel. There are other places to get super security answers06:07
yagooglitch-mod, if that was anything but dummy output that was the one :)06:07
s1faryshta: then check if the driver is loadded.06:08
glitch-modyagoo, There is nothing else to pick06:08
joshua__Hold on.  I may have to leave/restart to find out.  I'll pay attention this time, but I don't think it said...  Hold on.06:08
Questionphlak_user: When i want to save it, they tell me i dont got the rights. ?!06:08
marianourlin2u: The circles appear randomly when I'm using the touchpad. I don't know if I'm activating them by accident or what. Here is the link: http://imagebin.org/17892206:08
yagooglitch-mod, see if soundcore is load (lsmod |grep -i sound)06:08
xjjkhello, I just installed the AMD64 version of oneiric; is there a way to turn off the multiarch stuff?06:08
cousin_luiginevermind, managed with gnome-shell06:08
faryshtas1 how?06:08
xjjkit lists double packages in aptitude06:08
phlak_userQuestion:  did you use sudo before the edit command?06:08
xjjkI've no nead for any 32-bit packages06:08
yagoofaryshta, so what bcmXXX number is your chipset?06:08
cousin_luigiIs it possible to change the lightdm theme?06:09
faryshtayagoo: BCM5787M06:09
Questionim right in the folder06:09
yagoofaryshta, that page is not for bcm5xxxx06:09
phlak_usermariano: those look like resize handles06:09
yagoofaryshta, use a bit of logic man06:09
glitch-modyagoo, it returned a value so I guess its loaded06:09
[deXter]Hi all; unable to launch Unity 2D on my system. I select it from the login screen but it still starts the regular unity..06:09
QuestionAh okay06:09
QuestionI try it again :D06:09
urlin2umariano, hmm I have not seen those circles, have you messed with compiz?06:09
zykotick9xjjk, i highly doubt it - multiarch is in debian's wheezy/sid - and thus ubuntu06:09
phlak_userQuestion: ok06:09
faryshtayagoo: you are NOT helping.06:10
xjjkzykotick9: I don't see double-package listings in debian wheezy/sid06:10
xjjkI'm not sure what Ubuntu is doing06:10
marianoNope, I just installed ubuntu 11.10. The only thing that I've done is to enable two finger scrolling.06:10
glitch-modyagoo, its telling me I'm using snd-hda-intel06:10
yagooglitch-mod, thats good news..06:10
zykotick9xjjk, lol - welcome to ubuntu ;)06:10
marianourlin2u: I haven't touched anything else.06:10
xjjkzykotick9: heh, yeah…06:11
yagoofaryshta, look for bleeding code..06:11
joshua__Okay.  I'm back.  I'm trying to open the "Ubuntu" session.  Not ubuntu classic.06:11
faryshtadoes someone know how to make a broadcom wifi work on 11.10?06:11
yagoofaryshta, u may have to dig.. but u have to do the right digging.. BCM43xx is not for you06:11
yagoo(BCM43xx docs is not the right source)06:11
faryshtadoes someone know how to make a broadcom wifi work on 11.10?06:12
yagoofaryshta, chipsets are definite. Either it is a match or it isnt. If there's no match, then it WONT work06:12
phlak_userjoshua__: if you get the launcher panel on the left; it might be an indication that its unity06:12
cousin_luigifaryshta: trying on mine now06:12
srt42211so i fuked my phone up06:12
faryshtacousin_luigi: good I hope yours get to work.06:12
glitch-modyagoo, Think this could help me? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/alsa-driver/+bug/87313206:12
ubottuUbuntu bug 873132 in alsa-driver (Ubuntu) "[HDA-Intel - HDA Intel, playback] G51Vx No sound after 11.10 install (Fix inside)" [Undecided,New]06:12
phlak_usersrt42211: with ubuntu?06:13
Questionalright, doesnt work. Im directly in the folder etc / default / and open the file GRUB. right ?06:13
joshua__No, I don't.  I'm still looking at the same "classic" looking desktop.  I'm pretty sure I'm not in unity.  I have no advanced graphic options, and earlier when I ran the command in the terminal, I was returned "gnome" instead of "Ubuntu"06:13
Operaist2how do i check ubuntu's available disk size if i installed with wubi?06:13
AsadRis logwtmp for pptpd broken on Lucid?06:13
yagooglitch-mod, absolutely try that.. often laptops with linux -- have this issue with the sound chipsets06:13
urlin2umariano, not sure really all I could do is try searxches on google with various word prompts not sure where to start, seems like a compiz thing, as unity is a compiz plugin, but that is just a a theory.06:13
zykotick9Operaist2, "df -h" from a terminal should work06:14
cousin_luigifaryshta: installing firmware-b43-installer did the trick for me06:14
glitch-modThanks yagoo06:14
joshua__I have checked the Additional Drivers, and the driver for my graphics card says "This Driver is activated, but not currently in use."06:14
marianourlin2u: Also, do you know if not being able to adjust my screen display might be a bug in ubuntu?06:14
s1faryshta: with modprobe , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/WirelessTroubleShootingGuide/Drivers06:14
faryshtacousin_luigi: when you run 'lspci | grep BCM 'on consolE what do you get?06:14
cousin_luigifaryshta: bcm431806:15
faryshtacousin_luigi: thanks.06:15
Questionsind hier auch deutsche helfer? ^^06:15
phlak_userQuestion: you have to open it with superuser privileges; if you insist on using the GUI; press alt+f2 and type gksu gedit /etc/default/grub06:15
marianourlin2u: I've seen a few people have this issue, but not sure if it is a bug. I'm fairly new to linux.06:15
urlin2umariano, can you be more specific on what you mean by adjust screen display, do you mean resolution? Did you look in ,monitors?06:15
Flannel!de | Question06:15
ubottuQuestion: In den meisten Ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuche bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Einfach "/join #ubuntu-de" eingeben. Danke für Dein Verständnis!06:15
Operaist2zykotick9: is it possible to increase the size allocated after i installed with wubi?06:15
zykotick9Operaist2, i wouldn't touch wubi (or a wubi question) with a 30 foot pole.  Good luck.06:16
urlin2uOperaist2, no is the answer.06:16
marianoNot resolution. I mean the actual brightness that one is usually able to change on a laptop display via the Fn + shortcut.06:16
yagooQuestion, screw that.. it takes more steps.. just edit the grub.cfg file and add that little number.. yah the default# may change after a new kernel update.. so what.. u can change it back again later..06:16
zykotick9yagoo, seriously - stop giving bad advice06:17
Questionphlak_user: Done06:17
QuestionRestart and try ?06:17
urlin2umariano, that seems to be a issue for some,I never care I just run it full brightness.06:17
yagoozykotick9, at least explain to him how to do it.06:17
phlak_userQuestion: sure06:17
yagoozykotick9, you're not being helpful.06:17
AsadRWhy would logwtmp for pptpd not be working (not logging anything to wtmp) on 10.04 Lucid06:17
phlak_useryagoo: he would still need sudo wouldnt he? and you didnt tell him that06:17
TehDGMgoodmorning this morning06:17
edogaaSo, anyone here got hdmi audio working with their radeon card with OSS drivers06:17
Questioni still got to type update-grub2 ?06:17
yagoophlak_user, he's smarter than u think he is.06:17
phlak_userQuestion: yes, sudo update-grub206:18
marianourlin2u: thank you so much for your help. I really appreciate you taking the time to help me. :)06:18
phlak_useryagoo: support isnt about assumptions06:18
urlin2umariano, no problem it can be a tough when you investigate a new OS, good luck. :D06:18
zykotick9phlak_user, if they edit the grub.cfg and run update-grub it is going to remove the changes they made...06:19
EngonyrHow do I install GNOME 3.0 into Ubuntu? Will it break my Unity desktop? Will it install lots of extra applications?06:19
yagoophlak_user, help him. he's asking about YOUR and zykotick9 method.06:19
urlin2uEngonyr, you on 11.1006:19
phlak_userzykotick9: i know that; i havent asked him to edit grub.cfg; he's editing /etc/default/grub06:19
Engonyrurlin2u: yes06:19
Engonyri mean 3.2, sorry06:19
yagooso go on and explain to him.. you didn't explain to him the WHOLE procedure.06:19
urlin2uEngonyr, it is set to run ubnity and gnome 306:19
phlak_useryagoo: i did06:19
glitch-modyagoo, added this 'options snd-hda-intel model=auto' to '/etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base.conf' but no dice, anything else I can try?06:19
TehDGMyea dont edit grub.cfg directly06:20
zykotick9phlak_user, sorry - thought they might have gotten sidetracked by yagoo's suggestion.06:20
phlak_userzykotick9: which is quite possible :)06:20
Engonyrurlin2u: so is GNOME 3 already installed? I've noticed components of it all over Unity, but is the actual desktop installed?06:20
yagooglitch-mod, modinfo <*-intel> may list the other type of laptop models u can try..06:20
yagooglitch-mod, the name of that hdasndintel module06:20
phlak_userQuestion: did you edit /etc/default/grub ?06:20
Questionphlak_user: Alright, it works. Thanks !!06:20
urlin2uEngonyr, I think you have to install it fully my setup is from a install months ago06:20
phlak_userQuestion: phew!06:20
yagoophlak_user, and it may change..06:21
yagooQuestion, bye06:21
glitch-modyagoo, snd-hda-intel06:21
phlak_useryagoo: chill dude06:21
glitch-modyagoo, thats not what you were asking for right...06:21
faryshta_Does someone have a BCM5787M chipset?06:22
yagooglitch-mod, as a regular user, u can try /etc/init.d/alsa-utils reset 006:22
Engonyrurlin2u: Is "GNOME Shell" in the Ubuntu Software Center the right package?06:22
yagoofaryshta, u'r confusing me and others.. someone asked u what u get with dmesg|grep -i bcm and u said something with bcm4xxx... u're repeating this BCM5xxx number from where?06:22
pangolin!notunity | Engonyr06:22
ubottuEngonyr: Ubuntu 11.10 uses GNOME 3 with the !unity shell by default.  To use GNOME Shell instead, install the "gnome-shell" package and investigate "gnome-tweak-tool".  For GNOME Fallback mode, which is similar to GNOME 2, install "gnome-panel". Both packages will place entries in the Sessions drowpdown. Using Natty? See !classic06:22
faryshta_yagoo:  I never did.06:22
* phlak_user is going to reboot into 11.04; enough playing with 11.1006:22
robertoHello i will upgrade kubuntu 10.04 to 11.10 bat i have no upgrade option in my upgrademanger06:23
urlin2uEngonyr, should be, that is what I used originally, dfrom a command line I never use the software center06:23
glitch-modyagoo, alsa-utils doesn't exist! could this be the answer to my problem :D06:23
robertoand apt-get dist-upgrade is not comming06:23
Engonyrpangolin: thanks06:23
faryshta_Does someone know how to make a BCM5787M chipset work?06:23
Engonyrurlin2u: Yeah, I know, I used to use apt-get and Synpatic too.. but I prefer the Ubuntu Software Center now.06:23
urlin2uroberto, you can't do that upgrade06:23
edogaasigh gotta go see ya06:23
joshua__Can anyone help me try to get Unity working in my Ubuntu 11.04?06:24
zykotick9roberto, FYI by default LTS will only upgrade to another LTS - it can be changed, but i wouldn't know how06:24
robertobecorse? @urlin2u06:24
Engonyrurlin2u: anyway, thanks for the help. I'm off to log into GNOME 3. :)06:24
urlin2uEngonyr, cool06:24
robertome PC is upgrade but my notbook not?06:24
urlin2uroberto, you can only go from long term to longterm, 11.10 is not a longterm.06:24
pangolin!upgrade | roberto06:24
ubotturoberto: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade06:24
faryshta_Does someone know how to make a BCM5787M chipset work?06:25
glitch-modyagoo, only thing under /etc/init.d/alsa-  is 'store' and 'restore'06:25
yagoofaryshta_, lsmod|grep -i tg306:25
yagooglitch-mod, maybe it's one of those.. they may have changed the name (perhaps a wiki can give a hint on this)06:25
tanathi upgraded to 11.10 with gnome-session-fallback and decided to compare gnome-shell and unity so installed them. they don't show up at login screen though. O_o06:26
faryshta_Does someone know how to make a BCM5787M chipset work?06:26
tanathalso, login screen is now ugly06:26
QuestionAlright. i got a another question :D I want to see all my systemdata clear. is there any possibility? programm ?06:26
tanathbright blue. wallpaper is gone06:27
c_smithHey, being as libmp4v2  is deleted from Oneiric, what is an equivelant of it that is still in the repos?06:27
urlin2utanath, what did you upgrade from Natty?06:27
tanathurlin2u, yep06:27
yagoofaryshta_, 2008 forums show people have been trying this.. it's at least 3 years that chipset was released.. it should be workable.. I even gave u a hint on the module name.06:27
urlin2utanath, are you sure you got a clean upgrade, and what is the grapghic card?06:27
faryshta_Does someone know how to make a BCM5787M chipset work?06:28
faryshta_yagoo: you are NOT helping.06:28
yagoo^ that's spamming.06:28
tanathurlin2u, nope. i had to upgrade through aptitude actually06:28
tanathurlin2u, nvidia06:28
joshua__Hey, does anyone know of another channel that might be less busy where I could get some help with getting Unity working?06:28
urlin2utanath, you need to reload the card graphics at the least.06:28
yagoojoshua__, #linux ?06:28
urlin2utanath, the drivers don't follow a upgrade.06:29
Questionyagoo: is there any program where i can see all my systemdata clearly ?06:29
yagoojoshua__, the busier the better..06:29
tanathurlin2u, i did run jockey and tried to switch to an apparently more updated driver. said it failed and to check log. log said it succeeded06:29
yagooQuestion, ?06:29
illmortalso uh.. anyone know if there's a fix for Deluge after the 11.10 upgrade?06:29
faryshta_Anyone has a BCM5787M chipset work?06:29
yagooQuestion, u have to know what you're trying to fix.06:29
tanathurlin2u, far as i could tell at a glance anyway06:29
* yagoo thinks faryshta_ has asked the same question at least 20 times in 4 minutes..06:29
QuestionI just want to see my systemdatas06:30
joshua__yagoo, except for the people who can't get help.  Lol06:30
urlin2utanath, this is out of my general knowledge area, other then knowing about the reloads after a upgrade06:30
faryshta_yagoo can you stop talking to me?06:30
tanathurlin2u, anyway, why would unity & gnome-shell not add themselves to login screen?06:30
robertothx danke :-)06:30
Questionlike everesthome for windows06:30
illmortaljust do an sudo apt-get install gnome  and it'll be on the log in screen lis06:30
illmortalunity sucks... maybe good for touchpads and netbooks.. but definitely not for people on desktops.06:31
ecolitanhello, is it possible to make the do-release-upgrade script just calculate the packages and download them, then stop?06:31
EngonyrWell.. tried GNOME shell, did not like. To my surprise, I actually prefer Unity in 11.10.06:31
pangolinfaryshta_: take a look at https://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-nettool/+question/156833 comment #9 and #10 may be helpful to you.06:31
tanathillmortal, i don't want evolution and all the rest. already installed gnome-shell06:31
TehDGMillmortal: +106:31
yagoopangolin, i tried telling them commands but they refuse to.. he doesnt know how to use console06:32
faryshta_pangolin: thanks I already tried.06:32
ch3mi0nEnlightenment ftw06:32
tanathillmortal, i was of that opinion last i used it. i'm trying to give it another chance. apparently it's improved06:32
illmortalanyone using Deluge after the upgrade to 11.10? Can't connect with it anymore.06:32
faryshta_yagoo: quit the harassment please.06:32
yagooch3mi0n, that still exists?06:32
illmortaltanath.. I sat there for about 30 minutes trying to play with unity06:32
tanathillmortal, quick torrent link?06:32
illmortalit was too bloaty06:32
ch3mi0nyagoo, hell yeah06:32
yagooch3mi0n, it uses enlightment sound daemon still? curious cuse i see alsa and the sorts06:33
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!06:33
TehDGMi'll be honest. i dont like changes to my gui. at all. so trying the new one is still a big step06:33
illmortalya TehDGM. And my UI was completely broken on top of that thanks to the conflict between unity, compiz, and emerald06:33
faryshta_pangolin: when I run 'modprobe iwl3945' I get: 'WARNING: Failed to open config file /etc/modprobe.d/fglrx.conf: No such file or directory'06:34
yagooch3mi0n, i can live off ratpoison if u know what i mean :).. thought enlightment went extinct..06:34
tanathillmortal, just tested deluge. works great for me06:34
dc5alaany known issue with oneiric not updating screen properly? Like when typing etc.06:34
ch3mi0nyagoo, I don't know, actually...06:34
yagooch3mi0n, ratpoinson the light wm :)06:34
pangolinfaryshta_: I'm sorry I don't know how to help. I found the link after searching a little and thought maybe it would be useful.06:35
ch3mi0nNever heard of that one06:35
tanathTehDGM, i'm very adaptable. still didn't like unity06:35
tanathi'm liking even less that i'm trying to give it another shot and ubuntu is failing06:35
illmortalhmm... when I open it. I get a Connection Manager pop up window (never had that before, I don't think). I select it, click, "Connect" and it does nothing, tanath.06:35
faryshta_pangolin: no problem. Thanks.06:35
ch3mi0nI think Unity has potential, it just needs to emulate gnome-do more06:35
yagooch3mi0n, i cant stand unity..06:35
tanathillmortal, sounds like another connection issue other than deluge. i got no such popup06:35
yagooch3mi0n, it's too tabletty06:36
urlin2uch3mi0n, gnome-do that makes no sense.06:36
yagootabltetydo gnome-doalike :p06:36
tanathgnome-do is bloody great06:36
pangolinch3mi0n yagoo could you please take the non support convo elsewhere, $ubuntu-offtopic is a good place.06:36
TehDGMno the major issue with unity in my opinion is that if you want to do more then just browsing and text editing, it gets in your way rather then helping you. changing a simple configuration takes 5 clicks instead of 2 in regular gnome.06:36
ch3mi0nI personally run most programs fullscreen anyway, so Unity+maximize is awesome06:36
Karwanupgrading now :-) (dispite my misgivings about unity)06:36
tanathif only it didn't crash so much06:36
* TehDGM mumbers something about maximum menu depths06:36
ch3mi0nurlin2u: ??06:36
jiltdilIs this speed ok , i am transfering it from my one partiton to other http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/689/screenshotxle.png/06:36
illmortalinteresting... this time I clicked, "start daemon" and it pops up with an error, "deluge cannot find the deluged executable, it is likely that you forgot to install the deluged package or it's not in your PATH" lol.. I just finished re-installing it too.06:36
ch3mi0npangolin: ok06:37
jiltdilusing 64bit06:37
cjsSo, when I moved from 11.04 to 11.10, fvwm over Gnome still works ok for me, but gnome-panel seems to ignore all my customized settings from earlier versions (presumably saved under .gconf). Any thoughts?06:37
urlin2uch3mi0n, "I think Unity has potential, it just needs to emulate gnome-do more" gnome3-do is not even a dektop.06:37
tanathi like that 11.10 seems faster... now i just need it to _work_06:37
ch3mi0nurlin2u: didn't say it was06:37
tanathurlin2u, he's comparing gnome-do to the unity launcher06:38
ch3mi0nurlin2u: unity isn't a "desktop" either... I'm moving to #ubuntu-offtopic so people trying to get help aren't drowned out by our chat06:38
tanathor getting just about anything done in unity :P06:38
urlin2usynapse, and the cube, and docky make unity work nicely for me.06:38
tanathurlin2u, tried synapse and others, but they don't do everything gnome-do does, like pidgin contacts06:39
dr_williscube and 'work' are rarely terms used together ;)06:39
joshua__So, anyone up for trying to get Unity to work?  Not that we've all established that it sucks?06:39
frhodesis there a bash command to switch users with gdm?06:39
tanathdo like how synapse is lightweight though06:39
ch3mi0nGuess there's not actually anyone in that chan06:39
jiltdildr_willis: +106:39
urlin2udr_willis, gotta know how to do it.06:39
tanathjoshua__, me, lol. can't log in to it. not on list >_<06:39
pangolinch3mi0n: of course there is, 242 users06:39
dr_willisfrhodes:  you mean logout user 1 and login user 206:39
joshua__Me too.   Same problem.06:40
joshua__I think it has something to do with the Nvidia Graphics card I have.06:40
ch3mi0npangolin: bleh, empathy must be messing up then06:40
tanathok, so why did nautilus forget my folder view settings on upgrade? >_<06:40
faryshtaDoes someone knows how to make a BCM5787M chipset work?06:40
yagooch3mi0n, unity is what makes ubuntu.. i dont see how its not a big part of ubuntu.06:40
yagooch3mi0n, but i just commented on it that i dont really use -- hence cant help u with it..06:41
tanathand where's the icons to switch views? >_<06:41
yagooch3mi0n, yup.. unity is a ubuntu-only project..06:41
ch3mi0nAre you having a conversation with yourself by using my name?06:41
=== MmikeDOMA is now known as Mmike
tanathwhy do they have to keep removing useful features from everything? >_<06:42
yagooseems like you don't remember too well.06:42
* yagoo likes the real geek stuff of ubuntu06:42
ch3mi0nWhen did I say unity wasn't a big part of ubu?06:42
* jiltdil ubuntu seems that in some years it will like windows :P06:42
faryshtaDoes someone knows how to make a BCM5787M chipset work?06:43
ch3mi0nThey made it the default, what, with 10.04? 9.10?06:43
dr_williswindiws in a few years may be like unity06:43
ubottuWireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs06:43
urlin2ufaryshta, after you did the link voodoo did you logout or reboot?06:43
faryshtaurlin2u: reboot06:43
yagoook.. im out this spammer is really getting to be annoying.06:43
yagoognite folks06:43
tanathanyone using compiz window previews and find they don't go away 'til you make them? >_<06:44
tanathso many things broken06:44
ch3mi0nFinally got empathy to cooperate and join #ubuntu-offtopic properly, moving conversation there06:44
faryshtaurlin2u: the link wasn't useful. I still can't see the drivers on the 'aditional driver' featuer.06:44
urlin2ufaryshta, is that a yes, the deal here is not to repeat yourself often for one, second to give details when you post, otherwise you will get ignored to be honest.06:45
faryshtaurlin2u: what details you need?06:45
tanathso i had a theme i customized and loved. now on upgrade it's gone and appearance no longer has theme details06:46
urlin2ufaryshta, I cant help you but here is what the bot says.06:46
ubottuPlease give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."06:46
dr_willistanath:  gnome3 does themes differently06:46
faryshtaBCM5787M on ubuntu 11.10 isn't working.06:46
cousin_luigiAny idea how to change the lightdm theme?06:46
=== SomeoneWeirdAFK is now known as SomeoneWeird
urlin2u!repeat | faryshta06:46
ubottufaryshta: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/06:46
faryshtaurlin2u: I gave the details you asked.06:47
EngonyrJoining into the Unity discussion..06:47
dr_williscousin_luigi:  seen some docs about doing that online at the webupd8 blog site i belive06:47
EngonyrI find this version of Unity is _really_ polished06:47
cousin_luigidr_willis: ok06:47
Engonyrit hasn't crashed on me once06:47
Engonyrthe Dash is awesome06:47
zaapielunity sucks06:47
urlin2ufaryshta, I CAN"T help you but others can read what the bot says for general posting, and reapeating.06:47
zaapieldont praise it06:47
jiltdildr_willis: please have a look is this speed good m transfering from one partition to another  http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/689/screenshotxle.png/   using 64bit os 4g ram06:47
zaapielthey wont change it unless everyone compalins06:47
Engonyrzaapiel: that's your opinion. My opinion is that it rocks.06:47
zaapieloccupy #ubuntu till unity is dropped06:47
glitch-modCan someone help with a sound issue?  http://imgur.com/Y9IMd06:48
faryshtaYou can't help me that is ok. Mind if I keep asking for OTHERS to help me?06:48
faryshtaThank you urlin2u06:48
cousin_luigizaapiel: I've heard worse ideas.06:48
tanathdr_willis, i'm not sure i'm even in gnome 3. i can't bloody right click the panel anymore06:48
truongani have a broblem with ubuntu-restricted-extras, can anyone help ?06:48
Engonyri'll just join #ubuntu-offtopic06:48
tanathcan't move things with middle-click anymore either >_<06:48
dr_willisjiltdil:  the kind of hd and connection will matter more then the 64/32 bitness or ram size06:48
cousin_luigifaryshta: did it work with 11.04?06:48
urlin2ufaryshta, within channel rules I am not trying to censor you but get you help by useing them.06:48
jiltdildr_willis: hm its sata06:49
joshua__Can anyone tell me why I get this outcome when running this terminal command to test for the ability to run Unity? http://pastebin.com/vgcinuQa06:49
faryshtacousin_luigi: I don't know. I have a different chipset than you.06:49
killownWhen I did upgrade to 11.10 it does not install lightDM and alot other things that is necessary for the system, like the network manager... why the upgrade from update manager does not the right job?06:49
tanathgah, can someone just help me get gnome-shell and/or unity into the login screen so i can use one?06:49
cousin_luigifaryshta: I mean did your card work with the previous version of ubuntu?06:49
dr_willisjiltdil:  one hd to another sata or one partion to a 2nd partition?    no usb hds ?06:50
tanathzaapiel, made non-default is more reasonable06:50
jiltdildr_willis: one partition to anotehr06:50
urlin2utanath, until you get the nvidia card up and running you will not get those desktops I'm quite sure, they are 3d, although there is a 2d unity, not sure in 11.10 though06:51
jiltdildr_willis: no usb hds06:51
faryshtacousin_luigi: yes but not out of the box. It worked pretty bad. I used the same steps as before with no results.06:51
killownIs there something like apt-get install ubuntu-base ?06:51
dr_willisjiltdil:  and you think your speeds are low or what exactly?06:51
cousin_luigifaryshta: ndiswrapper, by any chance?06:51
faryshtaMy BCM5787M  chipset on ubuntu 11.10 isn't working. Does someone know how to help?06:51
tanathurlin2u, i'm not even talking about getting them working necessarily. they're not even options at login right now. THAT'S the problem06:51
c_smithis there an equivellant of mpeg4v2 in Oneiric that I can use with GTKpod?06:51
faryshtacousin_luigi: that is my last resource.06:51
jiltdildr_willis: Actaully sometimes i get almost of 100 so i think it might be some slow in this case06:51
cousin_luigifaryshta: what steps did you use in the past?06:52
complexity[root@NewBeginnings catalog]# mogrify -resize '800x600' "$i";, why won't that go through06:52
faryshtacousin_luigi: The ndiswrapper site doesn't mention my chipset and its not a native driver.06:52
complexityplease help06:52
urlin2utanath, because the system is set to not load them there until they will work I believe, I think your trying to put the cart before the horse.06:52
dr_williscomplexity:  why the "" marks06:52
tanathurlin2u, o_O06:53
faryshtacousin_luigi: http://www.taringa.net/posts/linux/3642171/wifi-en-fedora-_broadcom_-muy-facil.html06:53
complexitydr_willis, no idea someone recommended I use them06:53
=== Rankor is now known as Creatrix
faryshtacousin_luigi: replacing yum with apt of course.06:53
faryshtacousin_luigi: I am rebooting wish me luck.06:53
=== Creatrix is now known as creatrixsblood
cjsGod. I am so sick of getting fucked over by Gnome every time I upgrade Ubuntu.06:54
dr_williscomplexity:  i think you may want to spend an hr learninf bash basics. earlier someone gave you a complex command to do all files in a dir. you just pasted part of their example06:54
tanathurlin2u, 2011-10-14 02:52:32,084 ERROR: xorg:fglrx_updates: get_alternative_by_name(fglrx-updates) returned nothing06:54
=== creatrixsblood is now known as BloodandIvory
urlin2u!language | cjs06:54
ubottucjs: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.06:54
dr_willisim glad i always do clean installs...06:54
cjsurlin2u: Sorry.06:54
cousin_luigifaryshta: not familiar with that, sorry06:54
tanathurlin2u, it was working before i tried jockey. now driver isn't loaded and i get that error in log06:54
urlin2udr_willis, me to always.06:54
tanathurlin2u, but the entries weren't there before i poked jockey06:55
* jiltdil always prefer to fresh install06:55
urlin2utanath, I am not the person to ask for help it is outside of my pay rate.06:55
urlin2utanath, If I new card drivers I would help, but never have had to load one. :D06:56
jiltdilIs jockey issue fixed in 11.10?06:56
ubottuThe GNOME Foundation has ceased support for GNOME 2, and as such it is not in Ubuntu 11.10 (Oneiric Ocelot). See !notunity for an alternative desktop experience.06:56
faryshta_Hello can someone help me with a BCM5787M chipset on ubuntu 11.10?06:56
ubottuUbuntu 11.10 uses GNOME 3 with the !unity shell by default.  To use GNOME Shell instead, install the "gnome-shell" package and investigate "gnome-tweak-tool".  For GNOME Fallback mode, which is similar to GNOME 2, install "gnome-panel". Both packages will place entries in the Sessions drowpdown. Using Natty? See !classic06:56
dr_williswhich issue. ;) of the dozens..06:56
cjsSo how does one configure the unity-2d-panel?06:56
urlin2ucjs, as in?06:57
cjsRight-clicking on it doesn't seem to work. (Just like it doesn't work any more in gnome-panel, either.)06:57
c_smithso, anyone know an alternative to mpeg4v2 and mp4ip for GTKpod?06:57
dr_williscjs the webupd8 blog site had an artical on tweaking unity2d06:57
cjsAs in, putting it on the left side rather than the top, changing the colors, etc.06:57
c_smithbeing as those two were removed from the repos in Oneiric.06:57
dr_williscj s short answer is - i dont think you can do all that any more06:58
faryshta_Hello can someone help me with a BCM5787M chipset on ubuntu 11.10?06:58
killownHow to change the icon theme of the ubuntu 11.10? there is no place to do that...06:59
dr_willisfaryshta_:  you have checked the forums and askubuntu.com also?06:59
dr_williskillown:  theres a gnome tweak tool.06:59
faryshta_dr_willis: I checked the forums I didn't knew about ask ubuntu06:59
urlin2ucjs, you can put a docky on the left never used awn but it probably does as well.06:59
illmortalah deluge issue was I had deluge-gtk lol :P06:59
illmortalhad to uninstall deluge + deluge-gtk07:00
cjsurlin2u: I don't undertand what you just said.07:00
cjsdr_willis: Ouch!07:00
cjsurlin2u: Are you talking about alternative panel applications?07:00
urlin2ucjs, try looking on the web for docky and awn and ubuntu.07:00
urlin2ucjs, basically yes.07:00
dr_willishas a lot of must read configing info07:01
cousin_luigiok, I'm almost done here07:01
cousin_luigiDoes anyone know how to move the window buttons on the right side?07:01
cousin_luigi(on gnome-classic)07:01
ubottuStarting in Lucid, the minimize, maximize, and close buttons have been moved to the left side. For more informationand workarounds, please see http://pad.lv/53263307:02
tanathhow do you increase mouse sensitivity at login? it moves unbearably slow07:02
tanathurlin2u, so, i reverted to the driver that works and still not showing gnome-shell or unity at login07:02
cjsurlin2u: Ah, I see. Those look a little, well, "flashy" to me. Basically, I do most launching etc. though FVWM, so I'm just looking mostly for a minimalistic home for the status panel. Do you have thoughts on what might be best for that?07:02
cousin_luigidr_willis: does that apply to gnome-classic as well?07:02
faryshta_Hello can someone help me with a BCM5787M chipset on ubuntu 11.10?07:02
dr_williscousin_luigi:  should.. try it and see..07:03
cousin_luigidr_willis: it doesn't07:03
tanath!ask | faryshta_07:03
ubottufaryshta_: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience07:03
dr_williscousin_luigi:  in 11.04 or 11.10?07:03
cousin_luigidr_willis: but I remember I had managed to before reinstalling07:03
nnfxcousin_luigi, sudo -u user /usr/bin/gconftool-2 -s -t string /apps/metacity/general/button_layout "menu:minimize,maximize,close"07:03
cousin_luigidr_willis: 11.1007:03
faryshta_tanath I asked a question.07:03
urlin2ucjs, hard to say really I use synapse mostly to bring up apps but my needs are pretty simple.07:03
tanathfaryshta_, not a useful one07:04
nnfxcousin_luigi, where user is your login07:04
dr_willistheres a classic in 11.10?07:04
faryshta_tanath: again. What is a useful question here?07:04
smwdr_willis, gnome-panel I think07:04
cousin_luiginnfx: trying07:04
metellius*sigh* Hash sum mismatch, BADSIG, Failed to fetch, bzip2 corruption etc (all related). My upgrade fails at the very first step because of issues download package lists. has anyone else had this? I've seen it on my home pc, and me an several others at work are also getting it07:04
tanathdr_willis, kinda. install gnome-session-fallback. it's what i'm using...07:04
cjsurlin2u: What is Synapse? It doesn't sound like anything listed on http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Synapse_(disambiguation)07:04
smwtanath, are any features missing?07:04
dr_willisthats gnomeshells/g3s failsafe  ;) not the same as classic in 11.0407:04
cjsMy needs are extremely simple, too.07:05
cousin_luiginnfx: thanks, it worked!:)07:05
tanathsmw, it's 11.10. there's tons of stuff missing >_<07:05
nnfxcousin_luigi, ofc it did :)07:05
nemon82papai was using beta, and now its all updated... Do i still have to install last release07:05
tanathdr_willis, well it still says classic at login07:05
slothbaghey all, is it possible to get synergy to work with lightdm in 11.10?  I only have remote keyboard & mouse to ubuntu box07:05
andynjust installed 11.10 on my lenovo e325, however, the machine can't boot from the hard disk. might it be related to EFI?07:05
dr_willisnemon82papa: no07:05
urlin2ucjs, synapse is similar to gnome-do http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2010/11/synapse-gnome-do-launcher-app-review-ubuntu/07:05
smwtanath, And this is why my laptop still runs 10.10 and my desktop runs 11.04 in classic mode07:05
froohso I just upgraded and now when I log into X it shows a full screen nautalis, instead of like, a background and other stuff07:05
froohno matter what login options I select that happens07:06
smwtanath, And I am looking at replacements for ubuntu :-\07:06
cousin_luigithe only things that remains to be fixed is the flashplugin07:06
tanathsmw, indeed. i thought i'd give unity and gnome-shell a try and regretting it already. can't even get into them.07:06
smwtanath, are you upset you upgraded?07:06
tanathsmw, yeah i looked around. i might be switching to mint07:06
cousin_luigiwhy does flashplugin-installer try to download nspluginwrapper and all that jazz even when it does exist a native 64 bit plugin?07:06
smwtanath, looking at pcbsd now :-). Mint is on the shortlist07:06
tanathsmw, kind of, yes. i still wanna fix this stuff and give it a fair shake though before i ditch07:07
metelliuscousin_luigi: probably because the native one hasn't made it into ubuntu yet07:07
urlin2ucousin_luigi, use flash aid the Firefox addon.07:07
faryshta_Hello can someone help me to make a BCM5787M chipset work on ubuntu 11.10?07:07
RP64hey can anyone PM chat me for problems updating my flash i prefer PMs07:07
cousin_luigimetellius: odd, it's been out for a while now07:07
smwtanath, fair enough. Gnome-shell sucks too?07:07
froohanyone know how I can get it to start vanilla gnome when I log in?07:07
smw!notunity > frooh07:07
ubottufrooh, please see my private message07:07
tanathsmw, not sure. i can't get that or unity to show at login screen. didn't have them installed when upgrading...07:07
tanathsmw, so i can't log into them.. >_<07:08
urlin2uRP64, PM are discouraged as we all learn from each others help, use the FF addon flash aid and choose the latest or the beta.07:08
smwtanath, sudo apt-get install gnome-shell?07:08
tanathsmw, that's how i installed them. (only with aptitude)07:08
=== northwoods is now known as Northwoods
dr_willisor install ubuntu-desktop tanath07:08
smwtanath, reboot?07:08
tanathsmw, but they're not in the list07:08
RP64urlin2u? flash aid? Oh I didn't know about that what I did was install the add on "flash 11" through firefox and the default was flash 10, it installed and ran flash 11 and 10 at the same time, if I disable 10 , 11 doesn't work, if I disable 11, 10 does work07:09
tanathdr_willis, oh hell no. that installs way too much crap i don't want07:09
RP64urlin2u: and there's no option to uninstall either07:09
tanathsmw, more than once :P07:09
dr_willistanath:  so what does show in the login screen?07:09
urlin2uRP64, flash aid will fix all that.07:09
murlidharhello all . i have just upgraded my laptop to oneric and am not able to login into the desktop at all. only black screen comes after a while. no login screen.07:09
faryshta_Hello can someone help me to make a BCM5787M chipset work on ubuntu 11.10?07:09
cousin_luigiurlin2u: it relies on flashplugin-nonfree, which is likewise tainted07:09
RP64urlin2u: I have a confession if I'm using Mint not regular Ubuntu will it work the same? lol07:10
tanathdr_willis, elementary, which i had installed and didn't care for but forgot to uninstall, gnome classic, and 'user defined option' or something07:10
zaapieldont force your gpl down my throat07:10
tanathand i think failsafe or something07:10
RP64urlin2u:  it will i'm sure...yea it def should work07:10
zaapieli dont care about software licenses and most users dont either07:10
urlin2uRP64, should you will have to try, not sure really.07:10
costinhi ppl!07:10
smwzaapiel, what are you talking about?07:10
zaapielim just raging07:10
killownAfter the upgrade to 11.10 the sound no long works, do anyone help me?07:10
smwzaapiel, I hate GPL too. But not sure what that has to do with you :-P07:11
zaapielBSD is the only true free license07:11
zaapieldo what you want with it07:11
tanathzaapiel, focus your rage appropriately. more likely to make a difference then. choose your battles, etc. good licenses benefit all07:11
smwzaapiel, I agree07:11
faryshta_Hello can someone help me to make a BCM5787M chipset work on ubuntu 11.10?07:11
smwtanath, gpl must die :-P07:11
zaapielgpl is a cancer07:12
zaapielit taints all it touches07:12
ubottugpl is the GNU General Public License. See http://www.gnu.org/copyleft/gpl.html07:12
tanathsmw, whyzat? promotes sharing and such...07:12
zaapielit forces sharing07:12
zaapielit doesnt promote it07:12
dr_willisgetting ot...07:12
tanaththat's a bad thing?07:12
smwtanath, if you want, I can debate you in offtopic ;-)07:12
tanathsmw, tempting, but it's after 3am here.07:12
glitch-modI have no sound can someone please take a quick look at this output http://www.alsa-project.org/db/?f=8730adfb36ba7e013f73e7db71948596b8f2722907:12
smwtanath, ah, east coast US?07:13
tanathsmw, i really just wanna fix a prob or two07:13
tanathsmw, canadian07:13
smwtanath, cool07:13
faryshta_Hello can someone help me to make a BCM5787M chipset work on ubuntu 11.10?07:14
tanath*sigh* i give up for now. imma watch big bang theory and go to sleep :-/07:14
tanathnite all07:14
mekwallHmm, repeating of key when held down stops working for me. I have to open keyboard settings and re-tick that setting for it to start working again. Any solution to this?07:14
Geoffrey2anyone know what happened to the Broadcom firmware cutter?  I can't find it anywhere in 11.10....07:15
=== jincreator is now known as jincreator_away
=== jincreator1 is now known as jincreator
cjsurlin2u: Ah, ok. So I'm not clear on whether gnome-panel is considered an "application launcher," and whether application launchers also hold the notificaiton area.07:15
cjsurlin2u: (I mean, notification area and so on.) So, where do you see, e.g., your sound and network icons? In your Synapse display?07:16
somethingintereshi all, I have installed the latest VirtualBox on Ubuntu's newly released 11.10 by download the AMD64 Deb file. The progam is install and can be run from terminal with no problems but there doesn't appear to be icon for the program itself to start it without using the command line. There was an icon on 11.04. Any ideas?07:17
urlin2ucjs, in the classic gnome panel is a notification area, it is different then a application launcher except for what is running it will control.07:17
faryshta_Hello can someone help me to make a BCM5787M chipset work on ubuntu 11.10?07:18
minatoHi all. Im running Empathy 2.30.3 in lucid. My contact list is now invisible (Using jitsy I see it ok, half the peolple on the list connected). Any one with this "bug"?07:18
cjsurlin2u: Err...I didn't quite understand that again.07:18
cousin_luigifaryshta_: do you remember what firmware you were using in the past?07:18
d3vlinJust upgraded to Oneiric, but after booting I get command prompt tty1 instead of X. According to Xorg.0.log it can't find nvidia module. When I start lightdm then manually all is fine. I guess nvidia module is not loaded yet when X fires... is there a solution to this?07:18
faryshta_cousin_luigi: kmod-wl07:18
cousin_luigifaryshta_: that's the module07:18
faryshta_cousin_luigi: I think.07:18
cousin_luigiany additional binary blob?07:19
=== lighta is now known as Guest46533
faryshta_cousin_luigi: I am not sure. I installed the kmod-wl package.07:19
glitch-modhttp://www.alsa-project.org/db/?f=8730adfb36ba7e013f73e7db71948596b8f27229  -- corrected07:19
Edistohmmm... is eclipse and qt4 built into 11.10?07:19
Edistonm brb rebooting to 11.1007:20
Guest46533damn, how can I have my old good destop ?, 11:10 default look way too much like mac07:21
=== SomeoneWeird is now known as SomeoneWeirdAFK
harshada1hello guys07:23
harshada1hello guys07:23
Kestionhey again07:23
faryshta_Hello can someone help me to make a BCM5787M chipset work on ubuntu 11.10?07:24
Kestiongoogle is your friend07:26
spartan7I'm looking to virtualize a few servers. The hardware is a dual core 4 gig 2.2Ghz machine and would like to know the best software to do this under Ubuntu Server.07:26
smwspartan7, libvirt07:26
zeeroxthere is something really wrong with my ubuntu server, i setup dhcp for my switch > modem and setup net sharing for my windows clients, but for some reason it keeps disconnecting the modem and also sometimes the clients in windows (can still telnet to the box, just the net keeps dropping out) i set it up all with the how-tos on the ubuntu site07:27
smwspartan7, probably KVM07:27
zeeroxat first it was working fine, but past few days its having probs havnt changed a thing07:27
pratzhey guys i can you please suggest me a good software to create DFD's ??07:27
ashok_shettywhat is DFDs07:28
smwpratz, DIA07:28
spartan7smw, is kvm mostly commandline based?07:28
smwpratz, I also like the non-free Poseidon.07:28
smwspartan7, kvm is a technology in the kernel. You can use cli or gui07:29
smwspartan7, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/KVM07:29
faryshta_Hello can someone help me to make a BCM5787M chipset work on ubuntu 11.10?07:30
smwspartan7, the introduction is great07:30
Edistowow.... i upgraded to 11.10 and now i can't even load into ubuntu. I get 4 solid orange dots and it stalls07:30
spartan7smw, I know. last time I tried kvm there was no gui and the cli was a bit hard. Thanks for the link I'll check it out. Isn't Xen in the kernal now as well?07:31
smwspartan7, isn't xen hypervisor not linux?07:32
redhalp :)07:32
Guest46533hey guys, how can I have old desktop configuration ? just installed ubuntu 11.10, really not a mac fan here07:32
smwspartan7, nm, xen is also there07:33
zeeroxi setup dhcp for my switch > modem and setup net sharing for my windows clients, but for some reason it keeps disconnecting the other clients and sometimes the modem (can still telnet to the box, just the net keeps dropping out) i set it up all with the how-tos on the ubuntu site any suggestions?07:34
zeeroxas u can see its disconnecting me random from here to07:34
spartan7smw, thank you for the link I think KVM will be perfect. the performance stats are excellent07:34
Edistoif you keep crashing at bootup is there anything to press down that bypass to terminal?07:34
faryshta_Hello can someone help me to make a BCM5787M chipset work on ubuntu 11.10?07:35
ffk27how do i get the good old gnome 2 for ubuntu 11.10?07:35
ffk27gnome 2 was just perfrect for me07:35
airtonixffk27: install it?07:35
PurpleSmokeffk27 install gnome-shell07:35
ffk27i want the orginal lucid desktop07:35
ffk27thats not the same07:35
smwffk27, I don't think gnome2 is available in oneric07:35
PurpleSmokethen login into classic gnome07:35
ffk27ye fuck ubuntu07:35
smw!notunity > ffk2707:35
ubottuffk27, please see my private message07:35
s1Edisto: can you get to the GRUB menu!07:36
ubottuThe GNOME Foundation has ceased support for GNOME 2, and as such it is not in Ubuntu 11.10 (Oneiric Ocelot). See !notunity for an alternative desktop experience.07:36
ubottuUbuntu 11.10 uses GNOME 3 with the !unity shell by default.  To use GNOME Shell instead, install the "gnome-shell" package and investigate "gnome-tweak-tool".  For GNOME Fallback mode, which is similar to GNOME 2, install "gnome-panel". Both packages will place entries in the Sessions drowpdown. Using Natty? See !classic07:36
Da|Mummywhen ubuntu updates to new version, will i lose my current HOME folder and everything in it?07:36
smwDa|Mummy, no07:36
SunTsuDa|Mummy: only if you kill your box07:36
ffk27i better use 10.04 again07:36
SunTsuDa|Mummy: normally you won't, still I'd make backups of important stuff07:37
smwffk27, 11.04 is not bad.07:37
smwffk27, I run 10.10 on my laptop and 11.04 on desktop07:37
SunTsuffk27: _10_.04? Seriously?07:37
smwffk27, I am currently seeking an alternative distro to switch to when I have the time.07:37
Guest46533ffk27, you also have xfce or lxde no ? is it just desktop issue ?07:37
faryshta_Hello can someone help me to make a BCM5787M chipset work on ubuntu 11.10?07:37
airtonixGuest46533: he's just looking for something to be mad at07:37
smwairtonix, you don't have to look hard07:38
smwairtonix, I am pissed.07:38
airtonixsmw: neither do you07:38
Guest46533well I also not fan on new interface, don't found it interesting yet.07:38
=== Guest46533 is now known as lighta
glitch-modCan anyone help me, I have  no sound;  Realtek ALC272X07:39
airtonixlighta: early days, the gnome3 interface is based on css and javascript so the tools to customise are available and familiar to a larger group of people than they were on gnome207:39
mrolandAnyone here get Ubantu to display properly on a Macbook Air 11inch yet?07:40
mrolandWould be a great challange if anyone could get it to work :D07:40
lightaoh ? I should check that then airtonix that could be interessing, what I don't like it's the up panel. I used to have many app open and switch there, how can I do that now. also I don't see my cli shortcute anymore (yes alt+f2+xterm is too long)07:41
s1faryshta_: does the driver of that chipset shows up within " lshw -C network " .?07:41
=== FourDoll1rs is now known as FourDollars
faryshta_s1 don't know, let me send the outcome by PV07:42
tapoutis unity forced on 11.10?  classic a no go now?07:43
SunTsutapout: nope07:43
airtonixlighta: keyboard shortcuts lets you configure them07:43
smw!nounity > tapout07:43
ubottutapout, please see my private message07:43
* s1 lag!07:44
stephniam currently upgrading how do i backup my data and installed apps?07:45
FluffNiggzI have arrived07:45
EngonyrDoes anyone know how to move the Workspace Switcher up in the Unity Bar?07:45
EngonyrAs soon as I have too many apps open, I have to scroll to get to it07:46
SunTsustephni: the way you want to. Put them on a different box or external hdd, or eben usb pen drive07:46
FluffNiggzI just got kicked from the #redhat chan for telling them they were girly men for using redhat, lol, told them to drop that gay shit and get a real OS like DEBIAN07:46
faryshta_Hello can someone help me to make a BCM5787M chipset work on ubuntu 11.10?07:46
smwFluffNiggz, offtopic and watch your language07:46
PoontangClanbroadcom wifi?07:47
intokSo whats the state of the i845 GPU driver in 11.10??07:47
PoontangClani845 LOL07:47
PoontangClanI have one of those too07:47
PoontangClanI have MAD Issues with GMA in Ubuntu07:47
PoontangClanvivid is the name of a porn company07:48
vikyhi there.. After upgrading to 11.10 I'm unable to login from the GUI, though I can login form tty1 (Ctrl + Alt + F1)07:48
blockyif gnome shell is not starting on my virtual machine even when I select Gnome from session manager, is there a log file that says why gnome shell failed to start?07:48
jussiPoontangClan: lets try keep family friendly and ontopic please.07:48
PoontangClanI had the same issue07:49
PoontangClanwhen I upgraded from 10 to 11 with Intel GMA i84507:49
vikymy works are stalled because of this..07:49
PoontangClanI ended up reinstallation fresh07:49
vikyis there a way to recover this?07:49
faryshta_Hello can someone help me to make a BCM5787M chipset work on ubuntu 11.10?07:49
PoontangClanand the gfx performance is HORRIBLE in ubuntu 11 with that chipset07:49
PoontangClanIt was better in UBuntu 907:49
PoontangClanthey did something to butcher the driver07:50
PoontangClanunsure what07:50
PoontangClanmakes opengl or anythign accelerated perform about half what it should be07:50
vikyPoontangClan: I cant do that as I dont want to break my project flow07:50
PoontangClanwell, we both know i845 is ancient07:50
tapoutunity in 11.10 is actually *nice*.   I may use it.. actually.07:50
jussiviky: try creating a new user to see if it is your config that is the issue07:50
jussiPoontangClan: you arent being overly helpful.07:51
davidvipguys, what is Online Account for?07:51
PoontangClanbtw cntrl atl backspace will force GDM to restart07:51
PoontangClancontrol alt f1 will drop u to a command prompt07:51
vikyI'm able to login to the other account that I  already had07:51
PoontangClanwhy did u mute FluffNiggz?07:52
jussiviky: so it seems to be some sort of config issue - Im not so certain how to solve that.07:52
vikyok, anyway thanks jussi07:52
jussi!offtopic | PoontangClan07:52
ubottuPoontangClan: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!07:52
PoontangClanim trying to be helpful there07:52
intokPoontangClan yeah, in 11.04 I have to use the VESA driver as the actual i845 drivers crash randomly every 2 mins-2 hours07:52
PoontangClansharing what I have also experienced with that same chipset07:52
PoontangClani think the opers of this channel are assholes IMHO, we can take our discussion elsewhere07:52
pangolin!language | PoontangClan07:53
ubottuPoontangClan: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.07:53
Noobsome one can help me?07:56
davidviphi all07:56
Noobhy ^^07:56
davidvipwhat is Online Account use for?07:56
andynahh, authority problems07:56
lightadavidvip, ubuntuone as I remenber07:57
norbert_hey folks, I upgraded to 11.10 and noticed the icons I had placed on the top bar have disappeared07:58
norbert_not a real problem because I can just move them back07:58
Noobive got a great bug on my acount...07:58
Companionnorbert_, perhaps using a sledgehammer for it07:58
cutiyari upgraded to 11.10 , but do not boot after restart ask for network configuration.07:58
Noobive updated 11.04 to 11.10...07:58
Nooband now my account is wichout unity07:59
norbert_lots of icons (the images) disappeared though, which is kind of annoying07:59
Nooband the guest is working well07:59
ubottuPlymouth manages the Ubuntu boot process (before the root filesystem is mounted) and also provides a graphical boot animation.  To change your Plymouth theme use « sudo update-alternatives --config default.plymouth && sudo update-initramfs -u »07:59
jussidavidvip: online account is ubuntu one iirc07:59
cutiyari upgraded to 11.10 , but do not boot after restart ask for network configuration.08:00
davidvipthat means to backup my data into ubuntu1? then why it needs Google account logins?08:00
* Companion likes his rolling release :)08:00
thefinn93http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-gofUotkUfQ what would cause this?08:01
Companionreisio, thats naughty08:01
reisioCompanion: is it?08:01
Companionreisio, why did you CTCP me? :)08:01
reisioCompanion: so I could see the output08:01
Noob /o/08:01
Companionreisio, of...08:01
reisio/ctcp reisio version08:02
reisiomine is fake of course08:02
reisiobut yours isn't :)08:02
teresa_What's the default calendar software in Ubuntu 11.10. The calendar in the clock menu seems to be broken...08:02
Companionreisio, I got  nothin to hide :)08:02
zeeroxhow can i get a file to display to say tty2 (eg syslog)?08:02
reisiomine doesn't actually hide anything, it's just sillier than reality :p08:03
Noobno body cares a noob08:03
reisiozeerox: tail -f /var/log/something ?08:03
zeeroxthankyou reisio08:03
Companionreisio, I noticed08:03
Companionyou simply added a custom version under CTCP replies :)08:03
reisiowhat, you dare say my version is fabricated!? :p08:04
reisioNoob: hi08:04
SunTsuNoob: acting like you do makes people ignore you08:04
faryshtahow can I make the wifi work on an hp 6735b?08:04
Companionreisio, I call your version constructed08:04
reisiocousin_luigi: hi08:04
reisioCompanion: heh08:04
NoobSunTsu: yep... =/08:04
cousin_luigireisio: you're everywhere:)08:04
Noobreisio: hy08:04
Noobi just want help...08:05
cousin_luigiDo you know how to use compiz on gnome-classic without losing the ability to configure panels?08:05
zeeroxi setup dhcp for my switch > modem, setup net sharing for my windows clients, for some reason keeps disconnecting the win clients and sometimes the modem (can still telnet to the box, just the net keeps dropping out) i set it up all with the how-tos on the ubuntu site any suggestions?08:05
zeeroxwas working fine till a few days ago and i didnt change a thing08:05
faryshtahow can I make the wifi work on an hp 6735b?08:05
SunTsuNoob: Maybe you should try to be less a nuissance and actually ask your problem in a constructive way08:05
faryshtacousin_luigi: which is your laptop model?08:05
cousin_luigifaryshta: Not using a laptop atm, why?08:05
reisiofaryshta: looks like you want ssb for bcm432208:05
cousin_luigifaryshta: I have a bcm4318 on my desktop.08:05
CodeWardo you guys know of a netbook/laptop that uses Ubuntu on ARM08:06
NoobSunTsu: the problem is that my account on the ubuntu 11.10 dont have unity and the guest is all fine08:06
reisiocousin_luigi: you lost the ability to configurep anels...?08:06
reisioCodeWar: why do you ask08:06
lea_Hello, Please help me setup Compiz Ezoom up runing again in 11.10. I am visually impaired and strongly need it. I have much pain reading now08:06
SunTsuNoob: what guest?08:06
CodeWarreisio, I d like to familiarize myself with their instruction set .. having one for daily usage would be great08:07
NoobSunTsu: visitors account...08:07
reisioCodeWar: ah08:07
Noobsorry for the english =/08:07
crash1hddoes anyone know how to fix an efi boot?08:07
CodeWarlearn while you play08:07
reisioCodeWar: I guess I'd ask #hardware08:07
SunTsuNoob: what does your account have instead?08:07
reisioCodeWar: you only need one that's generically Linux compatible, though08:07
faryshtaI am having wifi problems. http://www.reddit.com/comments/lbtx3/c2relit here is a copy of my lspci command.08:07
reisioCodeWar: of course... kvm can emulate ARM08:08
teresa_No one know how I can use the calendar in the clock menu of the 11.10 release?08:08
reisioCodeWar: what processor are you using right now?08:08
NoobSunTsu: ive updated from 11.04 to 11.10 and thats happens08:08
CodeWarreisio, atom at the moment I would love to get hold of a quadcore or dual core Tegra/TI? in netbook configuration08:09
zeeroxthink i found the problem08:09
Noobon the 11.04 was ok...08:09
zeeroxcan't create /var/lib/dhcp3/dhclient.eth0.leases no such file or directory08:09
reisioCodeWar: which atom08:09
SunTsuNoob: so, what do you get when you try to log in?08:09
CodeWarreisio, N28008:09
girishrafter updating 11.10/unity, switching between gnome-terminal tabs is extremely slow. it takes 2 seconds to switch tabs08:10
girishri am using nvida prop. driver08:10
girishris this a known problem?08:10
NoobSunTsu: ive got the desk top with icons... but no side bar.. or upper bar.. no clock...08:10
CodeWar let me ask this .. Ubuntu is supporting Server on ARM right? what hardware did you guys use to test it08:10
gribouilleI've installend oneiric, but I can't start X, because it can't load the nvidia kernel module. how can I solve this?08:10
ntr0pyis there a way to install gnome2 on ubuntu?08:11
NoobSunTsu: and upper bar was wich "funtions" of the desktop...08:11
reisioCodeWar: ARM is well supported by Linux08:11
cousin_luigireisio: alt-rightclick doesn't work anymore08:11
oCean!arm | CodeWar08:11
ubottuCodeWar: ARM is a specific (RISC) processor architecture used in a variety of applications such as handhelds and networkdevices. For more information see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ARM . For ARM specific support, stop by the #ubuntu-arm channel.08:11
reisiogribouille: hi08:11
mekwallI don't really get how the nvidia drivers work with moving windows... When you move it slowly its all fine, but as soon as you up your speed it starts to stutter like insane08:11
xannen11.10 Networking issue: no network after upgrade.  and no network on live cd boot either.  network/internet was all fine before update.   and other network comp have no issues with connection or internet.  please help.08:11
faryshtaI am having wifi problems. http://www.reddit.com/comments/lbtx3/c2relit here is a copy of my lspci command.08:11
cousin_luigireisio: and I like the compiz screen magnifier08:11
=== chris_ is now known as Guest6869
reisiogribouille: lsmod | grep -i nvidia has nothing?08:12
gribouillereisio, no08:12
RichTUKntr0py: "sudo apt-get install gnome-session-fallback"  i think08:12
gribouillereisio, but eh nouveau driver is loaded08:12
ffk27please developers add gnome 2 again08:13
Math^anyone here using Xubuntu? I was wondering what calculator app it's using08:13
reisiogribouille: which do you want?08:13
dougglejust install gnome-shell08:13
douggleand then you dont need gnome 208:13
CodeWarok that wiki explains it .. apparently there is no server grade ARM hardware that is being used as a test vehicle08:13
gribouillereisio, In don't know. I just want to run X08:13
dougglei m not using unity on gnome 308:13
RichTUKffk27: why its no longer supported, add it yourself if you want it08:13
ffk27lol its still diffrent08:13
reisioCodeWar: it's much more popular for handhelds08:13
lightaMath^, what u mean by calculator something like scilab, mapple, matlab, or gnumeric ?08:13
Math^lighta, the one that comes by default in Xubuntu08:14
glitch-modCan anybody help me with this?  https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/pulseaudio/+bug/87393808:14
ubottuUbuntu bug 873938 in pulseaudio (Ubuntu) "[Aspire 7551, Realtek ALC272X, Speaker, Internal] Pulseaudio fails to detect card" [Undecided,New]08:14
reisioCodeWar: and I wouldn't be surprised if most of Ubuntu's ARM support so far is from Debian08:14
manas_hi, I just upgraded to ubuntu 11.10 on my Sony Vaio, the touch pad doesnt work anymore???08:14
lightaMath^, gnumeric as I remenber, but idk if you talking the same thing as me, something to do spreedsheet ?08:14
tarzeaui'm surprised. the upgrade worked, and it's much better than natty!08:14
Math^lighta, I'll check, thnx :)08:14
tarzeaueven the netboot installer preseed configuration worked so far without ANY changes...08:15
dougglealot of people are having issues it seems. I m having a very small one with wine and audio.08:15
NoobSunTsu: hm...08:15
gribouillereisio, if I remove the nvidia driver, will X work with nouveau?08:15
reisiogribouille: didn't sound like you had the nvidia driver08:15
zeeroxcan't create /var/lib/dhcp3/dhclient.eth0.leases no such file or directory (could this be causing my internet to be disconnecting all the time).............08:16
reisiogribouille: grep EE /var/log/Xorg*08:16
SunTsuNoob: I have no idea, did you have errors while upgrading?08:16
reisiogribouille: http://dpaste.com/08:16
reisiojesus the irony...08:16
SunTsuzeerox: do you have /var/lib/dhcp3? If not create it08:16
NoobSunTsu: the power gone off... :X but its was on the downloads... and have checked...08:17
manas_can anyone help!!08:17
ntr0pyRichTUK: that is gnome3 fallback i think08:17
manas_mousepad not working eversince i upgraded to ubuntu 11.1008:17
SunTsuor change the dhcpd to use something under /var/run, where some dhcpd directory should exist08:17
SunTsuNoob: did you complete your installation?08:17
NoobSunTsu: yes08:18
faryshtaI am having wifi problems. http://www.reddit.com/comments/lbtx3/c2relit here is a copy of my lspci command.08:18
sirpengiis it just me or is there nothing to manage a screensaver in system-settings in 11.10?08:18
NoobSunTsu: rebooted all ok...08:18
SunTsuNoob: how?08:18
gribouillereisio, http://dpaste.com/634162/08:18
NoobSunTsu: the power goed off on the downloads...08:18
RichTUKntr0py: did you run that command?08:18
kuchikuso in the whole of linux there's only 2 network manager ?08:18
kuchikui mean app08:18
reisiogribouille: okay, can you sudo modprobe nvidia && sudo rmmod nouveau ?08:19
NoobSunTsu: i just turned on.. and the system checked what was left... and downloaded.. and then installed...08:19
reisiogribouille: and then check /etc/modules08:20
Math^meh, can't find it... anyone here using Xubuntu? I need to know what calculator app Xubuntu is using by default. :)08:20
zeeroxcan someone please look at http://dpaste.com/634164/ i am having big probs with my internet :[08:20
gribouillereisio, I'm not under oneiric now. I have to switch first08:20
reisiogribouille: what're you under?08:20
gribouillereisio, maverick08:20
reisioMath^: got a screenshot?08:20
RichTUKntr0py: you need to log out and select gnome classic, its no just gona auto do it after the command is finished in terminal08:20
ntr0pyRichTUK: no i searched in synaptic08:20
Math^reisi, ye hold on08:20
reisiogribouille: why do you have two installs...08:20
kountry_gentlemaI just upgraded to 11.10 & my webcam nor my dvd drive work.  My upgrade did not finished and said there was an error.08:20
SunTsuNoob: that sounds OK, could you please pastey ~/.xsession-errors08:20
NoobSunTsu: ive got some problems before... with the unity of the 11.04....08:20
bingopajamahello all08:20
reisiokountry_gentlema: what error?08:21
manas_Mousepad not working after upgrade to 11.1008:21
NoobSunTsu: how to..?08:21
reisiobingopajama: hi08:21
RichTUKntr0py: its the correct command, ytou need to run it in terminal08:21
Math^reisi, http://www.screenshots-archive.com/files/images/09_some_stuff2.png08:21
gribouillereisio, because I never upgrade to a new distribution. I don't want to break a working system08:21
Math^just saying "calculator" lol :p08:21
phlak_userzeerox:  this is mighty strange -> DHCPREQUEST of on eth0 to port 6708:21
SunTsuNoob: er, you open that file, copy it's content to http://goo.gl/ixcN908:21
bingopajamaanyone here know anything about vim and how it is used in setting up MTP on natty 11.04?08:21
kountry_gentlemaI don't remember exactly but It restarted and everything but my webcam and dvd drive seem to be working.08:22
reisiogribouille: it's funny, I think Ubuntu is the only distribution that has these sorts of upgrade issues :p08:22
phlak_userzeerox: what is your configuration? is your modem a transparent bridge? how are you setting up the Internet connection?08:22
reisiobingopajama: what?08:22
phlak_user!details | zeerox08:22
ubottuzeerox: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."08:22
znowI have a vm with ubuntu 11.04 running on auto eth0 - but I need to set a static IP aswell, so I can access it with putty from windows... I need to set it to, what should be the gateway and dns servers?08:22
ntr0pyRICHTUK: yes i installed gnome-shell but thats all that gnome3 crap...08:22
jennyhothi all08:22
bingopajamatrying to get mp3 player recognized by transformer on natty08:22
reisioMath^: 1min08:22
RichTUKntr0py: did you run that comman tho, its not the same thing08:23
bingopajamathe program transformer08:23
RichTUKgnome session fallback isnt gnome3 ntr0py08:23
phlak_userznow: depends on what the gateway and dns servers in your setup are08:23
calaveraFNcheese not working (segmentation fault) in 11.04 64bits. Anyone else?08:23
cousin_luigiRichTUK: it's not?:O08:23
cousin_luigiRichTUK: what is it then?08:23
ntr0pyRichTUK: gnome-session-fallback is the fallback mode of gnome308:23
znowphlak_user: hmm, well, dont know where to see the setup?08:24
douggleokay i m getting an issue with wine audio anyone know how to solve this error fixme:alsa:AudioClient_GetMixFormat Don't know what to do with 32 channels, pretending there's only 2 channels08:24
dc5alabingopajama, what has vim to do with that?08:24
cousin_luigidoes compiz use the alt-rightclick shortcut for anything?08:24
phlak_userznow: how are you trying to connect to the Internet?08:24
bingopajamaThats what i was hoping you could help me with08:24
RichTUKyes but it gives you the option of choosing gnome classic from the login menu08:24
faryshta_how do I know which is my wireless card?08:24
phlak_userfaryshta_: sudo lshw -C network08:24
znowphlak_user: well its a vm, but my laptop is on WLAN08:24
ntr0pyRichTUK: gnome classic is gnome308:25
bingopajamai was editing a command line in 51-android.rules08:25
jennyhothi all08:25
theotheronehello there. One program I was installing needed sdl, I didn;t really knew what it is, so I compiled it from sourde on their page. Now I have "sdl initialisation failed :No device" problem. Help :(08:25
reisiofaryshta_: it's the broadcom08:25
NoobSunTsu: er... how i open...? =/08:25
RichTUKyes but its not the full gime3 look, its more of a gnome 2 look, like it was on the last ubuntu release08:25
bingopajamaapparently transformer does not work in ubuntu without adding a command line08:25
faryshta_phlak_user: How do I differentiate the ethernet from the wifi?08:25
kountry_gentlemaIf your upgrade to 11.10 did not finish property is there a way to redo?08:26
faryshta_reisio isn't that the ethernet? Just asking I am not sure.08:26
ntr0pyRichTUK: yes i tried that and most of the old interface is missing in that mode08:26
icerootkountry_gentlema: sudo apt-get install -f08:26
SunTsuNoob: You might want to read something about linux basics....08:26
Noobyep.... =/08:26
phlak_userfaryshta_: generally ethX -> ethernet, wlanX->wifi08:27
reisiofaryshta_: both are broadcom08:27
cousin_luigiRichTUK: ok, but it's not an unmaintained codebase08:27
reisiofaryshta_: ethernet should use tg3, wireless ssb08:27
NoobSunTsu: ! i forgot to say.. i am on vissitors account... there is fine...08:27
NoobSunTsu: :X08:27
bingopajamaHas anyone here tried to access their mp3 player on natty through transformer?08:28
faryshta_phlak_user: 'sudo lshw -C network | grep wlan' trows nothing :(08:28
RichTUKntr0py: if you want the full gnome 2.32.1 then try here, https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/oneiric/i386/gnome-session/2.32.1-0ubuntu2008:28
kountry_gentlemaiceroot: I just did that and it said that I had 0 updates.08:28
phlak_userfaryshta_: just pastebin without grep08:28
faryshta_reisio: I think my wifi isn't plugged or something since I can't find it on the lspci.08:28
ntr0pyRichTUK: thank you08:28
zeeroxi have a internet setup with modem > switch > ubuntu server  and the ubuntu server is setup as my gateway, which 1 have 2 windows clients connecting to, i read the howtos on the ubuntu site for internet sharing....and here is my syslog http://dpaste.com/634164/08:29
reisiofaryshta_: you have a hardware wifi on/off switch on the side?08:29
zeeroxsorry if i reapeted as i just disconnected again wasnt sure if it went through08:29
dc5alabingopajama, if you are not used to vim / don't know the basics you can use a simpler text editor like nano08:29
bingopajamafor wireless try Wicd08:29
reisioMath^: dunno, don't recognize that08:29
znowphlak_user: http://www.myupload.dk/showfile/1018143533c2.png/08:29
icerootkountry_gentlema: what is the output of "cat /etc/issue" and what of "dpkg -l | grep -v ^ii"08:29
iceroot!paste | kountry_gentlema08:29
ubottukountry_gentlema: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.08:29
glitch-modis it ok to purge pulseaudio?08:29
reisioMath^: should be easy to find out via the package manager, though08:29
faryshta_reisio: yes, its unresponsive. It keep showing off no matter how many times I push it.08:29
bingopajamaok so vim is a text editor?08:30
reisiofaryshta_: well you do need the driver08:30
icerootbingopajama: yes08:30
icerootbingopajama: and not installed by default08:30
omega_123i have a problem when i start thunderbird i got a error "Your Thunderbird profile cannot be loaded. It may be missing or inaccessible."08:30
bingopajamai just installed it08:30
Math^reisio, yes true, but don't have Xubuntu installed atm :P08:30
Math^running Xfce tho08:30
dc5alabingopajama, yes but one that requires "training" ;)08:31
bingopajamai believe i had 2 edit files running at the same time08:31
reisioMath^: ask #xubuntu?08:31
zeeroxphlak_user: any suggestions?08:31
reisiofaryshta_: sudo modprobe ssb ?08:31
znowphlak_user: ? :)08:31
NoobSunTsu:  access denied ¬¬08:32
phlak_userznow: i saw that; what do you want to do now?08:32
mekwallOk, this is really pissing me off. Key-repeat when key is held down stops working all the time08:32
kountry_gentlemaiceroot: Ubuntu 11.10 \n \l08:32
bingopajamaCan you tell me what this line means? etc/udev/rules.d/51-android08:32
znowwell, it doesnt get internet connection, thats the prob :p08:32
mekwallWorks for a couple of minutes, but then I have to retick the damn setting.08:32
mekwallThis is in 11.10 btw.08:32
NoobSunTsu: there is "permissão negada" permission(?) denied...08:32
omega_123pls help when i start the thunderbird mail i got an error"Your Thunderbird profile cannot be loaded. It may be missing or inaccessible."08:32
phlak_userznow: can you pastebin the output of sudo route -n08:32
faryshta_reisio: phlak_user http://www.reddit.com/comments/lbtx3/c2relit here is the lspci and the lshw08:32
reisiobingopajama: it's probably instructions for what the system should do if an Android device is connected to your system08:33
znowphlak_user: sec08:33
kountry_gentlemaiceroot: My problem is my webcam and DVD drive no longer work after the upgrade.08:33
Math^reisio, lol good idea... didn't think of a #xubuntu channel08:33
reisiobingopajama: like potentially auto mounting, etc.08:33
SunTsuNoob: Sorry, please, read basics and learn them I won't take you by the hand08:33
faryshta_reisio: I did the modprobe ssb but nothing seems to change.08:33
bingopajama i am trying to mount a samsung device on to my natty08:34
NoobSunTsu: ok08:34
reisioyou said 6735b, not q08:34
phlak_userfaryshta_: you dont seem to have a wireless card/interface -> is it disabled in BIOS?08:34
faryshta_phlak_user: nope, I just checked on my last reboot.08:34
phlak_userfaryshta_: when was the last time it worked?08:34
znowphlak_user: http://www.myupload.dk/showfile/10181483b2a7.png/08:34
faryshta_two months ago.08:34
omega_123pls help when i start the thunderbird mail i got an error"Your Thunderbird profile cannot be loaded. It may be missing or inaccessible."08:34
faryshta_phlak_user:  two months ago.08:35
phlak_userfaryshta_: ?08:35
zeeroxthis is annoying disconnecting all the time :-[08:35
phlak_userznow: is the gateway? if so, are you able to ping it?08:35
faryshta_phlak_user: the last time my wifi worked was two months ago. I though it was because I was using fedora then.08:35
theotherone Hello. I'm using Ubuntu Natty. One program I compiled from source needed sdl to be compiled, I was kinda oblivious what does it do, so I compiled it from source. The program I wanted to compile started to see it, but now every programs which used sdl say "could not initialize sdl, no video device found" What to do?08:36
znowphlak_user: pings fine08:36
phlak_userznow: are you able to resolv using dig (dig www.yahoo.com)08:36
znowphlak_user: doesnt seem so :/08:37
phlak_userfaryshta_: all i can say that is the system hasnt detected a wifi card08:37
bingopajamaso i installed transformer under media/transformer but when i try to open it i get an error message saying "could not display media/transformer The file is of an unknown type08:37
dc5alatheotherone, you compiled SDL?08:37
reisiotheotherone: what program08:37
faryshta_phlak_user: So its a hardware issue?08:37
znowphlak_user: no servers could be reached08:37
phlak_userznow: what is the output of that command and also dig @ www.yahoo.com08:37
phlak_userfaryshta_: could be08:37
bingopajamaany thoughts as to why this is happening?08:37
znowphlak_user: sec08:37
faryshta_phlak_user: damn.08:37
faryshta_I will have to get a new wifi tomorrow.08:38
senecahi guys08:38
bingopajamahi =)08:38
phlak_userfaryshta_: what laptop is it?08:38
gribouillereisio, I'm back, on oneiric08:38
Henry01my desktop dont start any more. i have run the upgrade 11.04 to 11.10, and the desktop was exiting it self.08:38
senecaAnyone knows how ow to search in selectes files  a word, ex:i want search for preview word in all .js formatted files in a folder08:39
faryshta_compaq 6735b08:39
faryshta_phlak_user: compaq 6735b08:39
jetienHi. Does somebody knows how NTFS works? I've rescued a disk image of a 500GG hard disk, of which about 100MB (not at the beginning) could not be retrieved. When I now mount the image there no files found at all. How is this even possible when only a fraction of the data is missing?08:39
omega_123pls help when i start the thunderbird mail i got an error"Your Thunderbird profile cannot be loaded. It may be missing or inaccessible."08:39
omega_123wht to do08:39
reisiogribouille: ok08:39
phlak_userseneca: grep -r 'preview' /directory/to/be/searched/*.js08:40
znowphlak_user: one server could be reached, rest couldnt08:40
gribouillereisio, what should I do?08:40
phlak_userznow: ?08:40
znowphlak_user: it said 1 server found, but connection timed out08:40
faryshta_reisio: phlak_user let me reboot and recheck the bios.08:40
reisiogribouille: lsmod | egrep -i 'nvidia|nouveau'08:40
manas_Hi All, my mouse pad isn ot working ever since i upgraded08:40
phlak_userfaryshta_: ok08:40
reisiomanas_: touchpad08:41
phlak_userznow: what is the gateway? is it a PC or a dsl modem etc?08:41
znowa pc08:41
gribouillereisio, nouveau is loaded, but not nvidia08:41
znowim sitting on my laptop with Windows 7, that is connected to wifi. then I have the virtual machine with ubuntu which needs a static ip08:42
phlak_userznow: is it configured to forward requests from LAN etc? is NAT enabled on it?08:42
manas_yeah touchpad i mean :P08:42
reisiogribouille: sudo rmmod nouveau && sudo modprobe nvidia08:42
znowphlak_user: I got fine connection when the stuff was set to automatic, but when I wanted to change to a static ip, it fails08:42
Henry01how i can repair my desktop (unity). After the upgrade from 11.04 to 11.10 thedesktopdont start08:42
phlak_userznow: ah! the VM is on windows 7?08:42
crash1hdHey all if I have a 250gb hdd and I am going to install ubuntu onto it I was thinking 100mb efi / 40gb ntfs (for windows 7) / (250mb for /boot) and 8gb for swap (as I have 8gb of ram) the remaining for / but I was thinking of having a /home but have no idea how much do I give to / and how much do I give to /home?08:42
gribouillereisio, I can't remove nouveau, because it is used by other modules08:43
phlak_userznow: ok change it back to automatic; when it works, note down the gateway and DNS settings and the route and set it to be the same when you config it manually08:43
omega_123pls help guys when i start the thunderbird mail i got an error"Your Thunderbird profile cannot be loaded. It may be missing or inaccessible."08:43
bingopajamaI Love Ubuntu!08:43
dr_williscrash1hd:  10 to 20gb is good for / rest for home08:43
lightacrash1hd, are you planning to share /home with windows ?08:43
znowphlak_user: thanks ill try that out08:43
gribouillereisio, the message is : Module nouveau is in use08:44
dr_williscrash1hd:  a /boot/ is normally not needed these days also.08:44
crash1hdlighta, no just like the idea of being able to backup the / and the /home seperate08:44
bingopajamathanks for your help reisio and dc5ala have a good one08:44
phlak_useromega_123: open a terminal and check if .mozilla-thunderbird exists08:44
crash1hddr_willis, what was the logic?08:44
NoobSunTsu: men... its 5:44 morning here....08:44
crash1hdI have just always heard it was better08:44
NoobSunTsu: cya...08:44
dr_williscrash1hd:  old limits on lilo and other reasons08:44
crash1hdAlso curious what the benifit is to having /home seperate?08:45
NoobSunTsu: tnx for all ^^08:45
faryshtaphlak_user: reisio rechecked bios, it says wlan is activated.08:45
lightak well I'll suggest a new partition for /home anyway and yeah 20 for / and rest for home should be good, that what I did08:45
dr_williscrash1hd:  easier to bqckup and upgrade later08:45
dr_williscrash1hd:  or clean installs a lot easier08:45
gribouillereisio, in the column "Used by" for nouveau, there is "1". what does it mean?08:45
Henry01how i can repair my desktop (unity). After the upgrade from 11.04 to 11.10 thedesktopdont start. I have alredy tryed to restart the gdm by console but it doesnt change anything. And a restart dont work too08:45
crash1hdcause the are on seperate partitions08:46
phlak_userHenry01: can you select some other DE on login (after you enter username)08:46
lightahaving home separate is like asking the benefit of separate partition crash1hd imo. personally I used to setup that on ntfs to share it with windows08:46
dr_willisomega_123:  thers no need to msg people your question.08:46
phlak_useromega_123: do what?08:46
znowphlak_user: the gateway should be -_- that is set, now I can dig www.google.com08:47
crash1hdlighta, you would have /home on an ntfs partition?08:47
phlak_userznow: there you go :)08:47
znowphlak_user: and everything works, it seems, thank you sir!08:47
phlak_userznow: yw08:47
dr_willisyou cant put /home on a tfs08:47
Henry01phlak_user, sorry I dont understand what you meaning with DE08:47
lightaI used too when I was using both windows and linux frequently08:47
ojiiif i want to fsck a sd card (that i mounted via my android phone + disk mode + usb cable), do i have to unmount it first?08:47
crash1hdahh didnt know that08:47
omega_123check .mozilla-thunderbird08:47
omega_123how to do it08:47
phlak_userHenry01: Desktop Environment - Session Manager08:47
crash1hdok so why 20gb for / what goes on it?08:47
Engonyrhow do I restart Unity while keeping my programs running? It's behaving a little weirdly.08:48
dr_williscrash1hd:  the system/os ;)08:48
phlak_useromega_123: oh; did you open a terminal? and type ls -la .mozilla-thunderbird08:48
zeeroxi have a internet setup with modem > switch > ubuntu server, ubuntu server is setup as my gateway, which i have 2 windows clients connecting to, i read the howtos on the ubuntu site for internet sharing....and here is my syslog http://dpaste.com/634164/ everytime it does the renewal i get disconnected08:48
maybeq all08:48
gribouillereisio, are you still here?08:48
crash1hddr_willis, right so if all data is on the /home or elsewhere and since ubuntu takes up less then 3gb of space would it be safe to assume that 10gb would be plenty?08:48
lightawell /proc, /mnt, /var etc; all thing you wont necessarly play with08:49
Henry01phlak_user, if i start up there are notihning only the console where i see that all services starts up08:49
faryshtaHow do I make sure that a wifi card is getting noticed by the bios?08:49
maybehey, people08:49
maybehelp me pls08:49
Henry01phlak_user, i cant select anything08:49
rohdefmaybe: don't ask to ask just ask08:49
dr_williscrash1hd:  i suggest 20gb. i have filled up 10gb /  befor08:49
crash1hddr_willis, ok thats why I am asking cause I am trying to figure out what would fill it?08:49
cutiyari want upgrade from 10.04 to 11.10 , how to do it?08:49
crash1hddr_willis, just programs?08:49
phlak_userHenry01: oic, you mean theres no graphical login screen at all?08:50
dr_williscrash1hd:  tmp, vms cache...08:50
maybei'm new user Ubuntu08:50
Henry01phlak_user, yes08:50
phlak_userHenry01: what graphics hardware do you have?08:50
emdubanyone have a local ubuntu mirror?  i just updated my local mirror with oneiric stuff but am getting an error with some packages being missing when i try to do-release-upgrade... it's missing some main/binary-i386 files which seem to be on the mirror i slurped from but are not being mirrored for whatever reason when i run apt-mirror08:50
maybei want install driver's for HP Printer08:50
Henry01phlak_user, I look, amoment08:50
MeanEYECan anyone give me few pointers in optimizing Unity? Performance is really bad. Compiz use to work much better.08:51
maybeanton@ubuntu:~$ sh hplip-3.11.10.run08:51
maybeCreating directory hplip-3.11.1008:51
maybeVerifying archive integrity...Error in MD5 checksums: 61e645bd1d21e324dc34ad8c48f474e5 is different from 36f452c28c4295e675beb83bb3694c1f08:51
FloodBot1maybe: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.08:51
phlak_usermaybe: go to HP website and download HPLIP08:51
lightacrash1hd, most of them would be program yeah, really depend on your architecture, like if you wanna chroot or setup server some like todo /serv or /chroot while other will setup that as /home/chroot, idk if you get the point here08:51
crash1hddr_willis, ahh had not thought of vms you mean virtual machines?08:51
dr_willis!info hplip08:51
ubottuhplip (source: hplip): HP Linux Printing and Imaging System (HPLIP). In component main, is optional. Version 3.11.7-1ubuntu3 (oneiric), package size 82 kB, installed size 584 kB08:51
faryshtaHow do I make sure that a wifi card is getting noticed by the bios?08:51
maybei'm download this08:51
faryshtaphlak_user: what is hplib?08:51
dr_williscrash1hd:  yes08:51
crash1hddr_willis, ok :)08:51
phlak_userfaryshta: huh?08:51
dc5alamaybe, looks like a broken download?08:51
reisiogribouille: okay you probably need to blacklist nouveau in /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf and reboot08:52
dr_willismaybe:  use the one in the repos. not that  .run version08:52
horazhi all08:52
crash1hddr_willis, this system is mostly for deluge as its my main server which is being connected to from the atv with xbmc08:52
MeanEYECan anyone give me few pointers in optimizing Unity? Performance is really bad. Compiz use to work much better.08:52
reisioMeanEYE: got a graphics card?08:52
reisiohoraz: hi08:53
=== robonautwa is now known as zoom
MeanEYEreisio: Yes, drivers are installed and up to date. It's not a powerful graphics card but it's far better than other two Intels I have and compiz works on them like it should be.08:53
gribouillereisio, ok, I'll try that08:53
phlak_userMeanEYE: in 11.10?08:53
MeanEYEphlak_user: Yes.08:53
reisioMeanEYE: intel? :p08:53
phlak_userMeanEYE: you could install gnome-tweak-tool and play around with the settings08:54
MeanEYEreisio: Comparing. I have problems with nVidia, intell work like they should.08:54
reisioyeah because they do a lot less08:54
phlak_user!info gnome-tweak-tool08:54
MeanEYEphlak_user: I have no intention of installing half of gnome3 with it. Install requirements are 80MB.08:54
ubottugnome-tweak-tool (source: gnome-tweak-tool): tool to adjust advanced configuration settings for GNOME. In component universe, is optional. Version 3.2.0-0ubuntu1 (oneiric), package size 71 kB, installed size 656 kB08:54
reisiolike when you lobotomize people their brain issues go away08:54
=== abhinav is now known as Guest84918
faryshtaHow do I make sure that a wifi card is getting noticed by the bios?08:55
Henry01phlak_user, My card is a Nvidea GF 7600GT with 256m ddr308:55
reisiofaryshta: see if it works on the livecd08:55
=== zoom is now known as somit
phlak_userHenry01: ok08:55
vakDuring upgrade the screen got locked but my usual password is not accepted to unlock, wth?08:55
horazare there any guides on programs and procedures to create a perfect linux experience for visually impaired users? i heard of orca but more details and other options would be greatly appreciated. i'm not new to linux. tia08:55
MeanEYESo there's no advice you can give me?08:55
phlak_userMeanEYE: sorry08:56
StavaIm on 11.04 and apt-get dist-upgrade wont give me 11.10, whats up with that? :o08:56
reisiohoraz: are they impaired or blind?08:56
horazreisio: not blind,08:56
dr_willisStava:  thats not the right command to go to the next release08:56
MeanEYEI can't imagine what Canonical did so horribly bad that makes compiz require much stronger card than it use to only a release ago. Way to go!08:57
ubottuFor upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade08:57
dc5alaStava, dist-upgrade is not what you think it is08:57
StavaI see08:57
Stavai'll read those articles then, thanks08:57
Henry01phlak_user, should I try to start with onboard graphics?08:57
phlak_userMeanEYE: thats not right; it works just fine on my EeePC ;)08:57
faryshtareisio: it didn't worked. At least the switch still showed off without being able to change that by pressing it.08:57
phlak_userHenry01: thats a start, yes08:57
dr_willisMeanEYE:  i would guess its more of a driver issue/bug then compiz changeing08:57
cutiyari want upgrade from 10.04 to 11.10 , how to do it?08:57
reisiofaryshta: ...what switch?08:57
=== Henry01 is now known as away|Henry01
emdubanyone know why do-release-upgrade would fail looking for i386 packages when upgrading an amd64 installation?08:58
dr_willis!upgrade | cutiyar08:58
ubottucutiyar: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade08:58
faryshtareisio: the on/off switch for the wifi.08:58
alkisgIf I statically configure my network in /etc/network/interfaces, and then unplug the ethernet cable, and re-plug it, should /etc/network/if-up.d events be generated?08:58
MeanEYEphlak_user: Well, I thought it was a driver issue, but it's not. I tried 2 different nVidia drivers, I tried both 32bit and 64bit versions of ubuntu.08:58
m4yerfaryshta: it should lshw and dmesg08:59
reisiofaryshta: I'm talking about the live CD08:59
MaMaGoodyhi, 11.10 bluetooth kb/mouse stop working.08:59
faryshtam4yer: which is the dmesg command?08:59
m4yerit should show up in lshw and dmesg ;)08:59
cutiyardr_willis, i want from 10.04 to 11.10 not one version upgrade08:59
crash1hddr_willis, lighta, Thankyou both :) installing now, have either of you used EFI? do you know if its worth it or not? I have a choice to have it or not08:59
phlak_useralkisg: yes08:59
MeanEYEdr_willis: I guess as much but that's nVidias driver. Perhaps installing the latest might help, or crash everything. It's a shame that weak Intel card on EeePC works 2x better than stupid nVidia.08:59
faryshtareisio: yes me too. When I was installing Oneric I tried to make the wifi work too.08:59
alkisgphlak_user: thank you, and any reason why they aren't? :-/08:59
reisiocrash1hd: doesn't get you anything09:00
dr_williscutiyar:  you do lts to lts or.. one version up at a time09:00
Da|Mummyshould i bugreport that autoupdate failed installing flash downloader?09:00
phlak_useralkisg: cant say without looking at o/p of dmesg when it is happening09:00
MeanEYECan someone direct me to nVidia divers ppa?09:00
ubottudmesg is a console command which outputs the kernel ring buffer - an important log for diagnosing problems in  Linux. Often when something errors with hardware it will result in additional lines reported which can be seen by running dmesg in a console.09:00
cutiyardr_willis, its 10.04 lts upgrading to 11.1009:00
alkisgphlak_user: thanks, I'll look at dmesg09:00
reisiofaryshta: did it work with an older version?09:01
dr_williscutiyar:  so you go 11.04 then to 11.1009:01
cutiyardr_willis, i have to upgrade to 10.10 >> 11.04>> 11.10?09:01
phlak_usercutiyar: or just burn a 11.10 CD and install09:01
dr_williscutiyar:  tahs what i have been saying09:01
crash1hdreisio, what do you mean I thought it sped up boot time?09:01
m4yerfaryshta: dmesg gives you _lots_ of informations ;) maybe its easier to find in lshw09:01
cutiyardr_willis, its takes too long not possiblle09:01
almoxarifeMeanEYE: ppa:ubuntu-x-swat/x-updates09:01
dr_williscutiyar:  do without i guess09:02
cutiyarphlak_user, if i did burn 11.10 ?09:02
MeanEYEalmoxarife: <3 thanks.09:02
cutiyardr_willis, what u mean?09:02
faryshtam4yer: http://www.reddit.com/r/linuxquestions/comments/lbtx3/bcm5xxx_driver_for_ubuntu/c2relit here is lshw and lspci outcome.09:02
gribouille2reisio, I did what you told me to do and rebooted, but nouveau is still loaded09:02
dr_williscutiyar:  you take the time  or  do a clean install09:03
cutiyardr_willis, how is clean install?09:03
dr_willisformat.. install09:03
phlak_usercutiyar: just boot from the cd you created and select install to hard disk09:03
artzrai search the repository to wacom ???09:03
cutiyarphlak_user, but the current will be deleted09:04
artzraits install on 11.0409:04
crash1hdreisio, can you expand on that? I was under the impression that it speeds up boot time?09:04
SunTsuDoes do-release-upgrade only do one release-upgrade at one time? Currently I'd like to use it to do a direct update from Maverick to Oneiric, but all it offers is natty09:04
=== away|Henry01 is now known as Henry01
phlak_usercutiyar: the normal thing to do is backup your documents (or home) folder to an external disk and then do a clean install09:04
MeanEYESunTsu: Yes, only one release at a time.09:04
m4yerfaryshta: I can only see wired their ...09:04
phlak_userSunTsu: thats the way it works09:05
cutiyarphlak_user, i know this method but i dont want this ,thanks.09:05
ksinkarhow does one install apache modules in ubuntu?09:05
almoxarifeartzra: what was the question?09:05
SunTsuMeanEYE, phlak_user: Thanks, damn, then this will be extra work09:05
_trinecan anyone help please I have just updated to 11.10 and now I can only log in as root09:05
faryshtareisio: yes it worked on ubuntu 10.04 but stoped working 2 months ago.09:05
phlak_userfaryshta: havent we been thro this earlier? your lshw and lspci *DO NOT* show wireless09:05
gentoo_drummercan i change the kernel config in ubuntu?09:05
reisioksinkar: with the package manager09:05
reisiofaryshta: with 10.04 still?09:05
artzraalmoxarife, thx i have found on 11.04 a good install of the wacom09:05
MeanEYESunTsu: Only LTS versions can update to next LTS and skip all the installations inbetween.09:05
gentoo_drummercan i change the kernel config on ubuntu?09:05
ksinkarreisio: thanks09:05
phlak_user_trine: what do you mean?09:05
mc_teodoes oneiric force you to use unity?09:06
reisiocrash1hd: boot time is pretty irrelevant, isn't it?09:06
phlak_usermc_teo: its the default DE09:06
faryshtaphlak_user: yes I know. I am just trying to find a way to know if its a bios issue or a hardware issue.09:06
gentoo_drummeri want to remove kernel drivers09:06
dc5ala_trine, what happens when you try as other user?09:06
phlak_userfaryshta: not by doing the same things over and over again09:06
faryshtareisio: no, it doesn't work with 10.04 anymore.09:06
crash1hdreisio, true but is that really the only advantage to it? So basically its not worth it then09:06
gribouille2reisio, I did what you told me to do and rebooted, but nouveau is still loaded09:06
mc_teophlak_user: yeah, but can you use classic desktop instead09:06
faryshtaphlak_user: do you know a way?09:07
ntr0pyHow can i install software in Kubuntu? all i get from muon is "This operation cannot continue since proper authorization was not provided"09:07
_trinephlak_user, it will not let me log in with my usual user name either when just clicking on the user name on the screen or using other user09:07
m4yerfaryshta: tried to find something in dmesg?09:07
phlak_user_trine: what do you mean by that? does it say authentication failure?09:07
phlak_userfaryshta: no dude09:07
_trinephlak_user, yes it says the passwd is not correct09:07
horazreisio: i found vinux, i'm trying it out now09:07
phlak_user_trine: did you change it?09:08
faryshtam4yer: dsmeg | grep wlan trow nothing. That is as far as I can think on how to search there.09:08
ksinkarreisio: but how do i identify the package?09:08
phlak_user_trine: login as root and change the password for normal user09:08
_trinephlak_user, I have even changed the passwd and it is still the same09:08
TengleOk, noob question. I just upgraded to Ubuntu 11.10. It looks like it dosent have ubuntu classic anymore, and that I am stuck with Unity. Have I missed someting? I find Unity realy hard to navigate. Anyone know how to reinstall regular Gnome?09:08
faryshtaphlak_user: :( no worries. Thanks dude.09:08
phlak_userfaryshta: yw09:08
reisiocrash1hd: "Q: What problem is the Forum trying to solve? A: Interest in EFI has been growing steadily, and the Promoter companies believe that broad adoption requires industry management and control." — http://www.uefi.org/about/09:08
_trinephlak_user, I have already tried that09:08
SunTsuThanks for the clarification, then I'll try doing two updates. Though I guess that this will end up in a mess09:08
phlak_user_trine: press ctl-alt-f1 and try loggin in09:08
faryshtaphlak_user: ¿?09:08
m|kaelhello i tried to install gnome-shell but after its installed and i pick it at login screen all graphics are wierd and the fonts are unreadable, did i do anything wrong with the installation? i executed "sudo apt-get install gnome-shell" did i miss anything?09:08
reisiocrash1hd: notice the lack of real answer? :p09:08
andynsomeone really messed up the bluetooth pairing in oneiric! the pairing password gets concatenated to the device name that is displayed on the remote device09:09
phlak_userfaryshta: you're welcome09:09
artzrai try to add repository of 11.0409:09
m4yerfaryshta: Wireless / wireless / $corporation of wlan-card-vendor(e.g. Intel)09:09
_trinephlak_user, yes that worked but I am only in a terminal09:09
arp-m4v que locura pasa aca09:09
faryshtam4yer: let me try.09:09
phlak_user_trine: this means that the authentication failure isnt the problem09:10
reisiocrash1hd: I don't suppose it will do you any harm to get the EFI model, though09:10
Henry01phlak_user, I have start, but it say since few minute "Booting system without full network configuration..." And nothin else he do09:10
artzraif this one is correct link ;;;sudo add-apt-repository ppa:tualatrix/ppa09:10
gribouille2in lsmod output, what what does it mean when there is a 1 in the "Used by" column?09:10
phlak_userHenry01: what did you do?09:10
MaMaGoodycan I get back the classic desktop? I tried 2d09:11
faryshtam4yer: nope :(09:11
Henry01phlak_user, I have my graphicalcard tuned out and started the system, nothing else09:11
MaMaGoodyor it's 2d unity now?09:11
faryshtam4yer: BCM showed the ethernet but nothing else.09:11
nomoaHi, with the 11.10 unity window switcher : Alt-Tab switch between "applications group", if I have multiple terminal windows it's very annoying because Alt-Tab doesn't switch to the last terminal window but to another application09:11
crash1hdreisio, well thats just it the mobo I have has EFI on it and I have learned alot about EFI, I also have learned that it can mess up too lol so I am not sure how much of a fan I am09:11
phlak_userHenry01: oh you used the on-board graphics?09:11
bazhang!notunity | MaMaGoody09:11
ubottuMaMaGoody: Ubuntu 11.10 uses GNOME 3 with the !unity shell by default.  To use GNOME Shell instead, install the "gnome-shell" package and investigate "gnome-tweak-tool".  For GNOME Fallback mode, which is similar to GNOME 2, install "gnome-panel". Both packages will place entries in the Sessions drowpdown. Using Natty? See !classic09:11
_trinephlak_user, is there a solution09:11
Henry01phlak_user, yes09:11
crash1hdreisio, without EFI at least you have a better chance of it booting09:11
reisiocrash1hd: it should boot :)09:11
MaMaGoodybazhang thanks!09:12
crash1hdreisio, I have no idea how to fix an EFI boot though09:12
phlak_usernomoa: its actually quite cool; if you have multiple terminal windows and hover over the icon during alt-tab; it will split and show you icons for the other terminal windows09:12
crash1hdreisio, like a non EFI boot hdd with ubuntu on it can be placed into another machine and still boot09:12
crash1hdreisio, with EFI it would have to be a machine that has EFI to make it boot09:13
l0lwutHas anyone had trouble logging in after the update? I get the splash window and then it just hangs on a black screen, I can start a window manager on screen :1 manually if I switch over to the terminal. tldr: I can't get to the login window on boot09:13
phlak_user_trine: without additional info, cant think of anything. did you try selecting a different Session?09:13
m4yerhm, faryshta, doesn't look that good ... I'm out of ideas ... (expect running through the whole ~1000 lines of dmesg and hoping, that you simply didn't come up with the right phrase to search)09:13
Henry01phlak_user, I can only witch to condole by presing ctrl + alt + F1 -F609:13
_trinephlak_user, the other thing it will not let me do is to change to clasic view either09:13
phlak_userHenry01: thats a start!09:13
Da|Mummynames slipping my mind, whats that better torrent app other then transmission?09:13
phlak_userDa|Mummy: deluge?09:13
faryshtam4yer: :P thanks09:13
gribouille2in lsmod output, what what does it mean when there is a 1 in the "Used by" column?09:14
Da|Mummyphlak_user, THX!09:14
dr_willisdozens of torrent apps09:14
m4yerfaryshta: maybe lspci09:14
nomoaphlak_user, yes, but when you work on 2 terminals it's cool to do a single Alt-Tab to switch between this 2 terminals, how can I do with 11.10?09:14
crash1hdreisio, I guess what I mean by that is when I go to boot ubuntu that is installed on a drive but was installed with EFI and I try to boot right from the drive without EFI it says that it cant find any os09:14
phlak_usernomoa: i just told you; wait over the single terminal icon; it will change to show you two windows09:15
zeeroxi have a internet setup with modem > switch > ubuntu server, ubuntu server is setup as my gateway, which i have 2 windows clients connecting to, i read the howtos on the ubuntu site for internet sharing....and here is my syslog http://dpaste.com/634164/ everytime it does the renewal i get disconnected09:15
reisiocrash1hd: I'd suspect configuration error first09:15
zeeroxi think its when it does the renewal anyway09:15
phlak_userzeerox: what ips are the windows clients getting?09:16
disseis it possible to encrypt the home folder at the desktop installation?09:16
scarleoHi. I'm having trouble booting after upgrade to 11.10, it says at boot Waiting for network configuration, then Waiting 60 more seconds, then Booting without network configuration and it never gets passed that screen09:16
crash1hdreisio, ok well it seems that when I install ubuntu with EFI it creates an ubuntu boot menu choice in the bios and if I dont use it then I cant boot from it09:16
zeeroxphlak_user: i assign the windows clients the ips09:16
grifo74one opinion about ubuntu 11.10?09:16
faryshtam4yer: tried that too. Didn't worked either :(09:16
grifo74give me09:16
zeeroxphlak_user: got the gateway set to the ubuntu server09:16
crash1hdreisio, so if for some reason I downgrade my bios and loose the ubuntu boot choice then the OS no longer can boot09:16
SunTsugrifo74: I wish there was only one09:16
m4yerfaryshta: then sorry... now im totally out of ideas ...09:16
nomoaphlak_user, ok thanks09:16
phlak_userzeerox: so what is disconnecting? the gateway?09:16
reisiocrash1hd: if you don't use the boot option you can't boot?  That doesn't sound so odd, does it?09:16
zeeroxyeah, just the past few days but i havnt changed nothing09:17
pasqoocan i not use unity while keeping gnome 3? i mean... i'd like to continue using gnome as it was before 11.04... with the bar on the top with the list of my opened apps etc09:17
nomoaphlak_user, just found Ctrl-Alt-Tab, it's actually what I want09:17
phlak_usernomoa: oh ok09:18
crash1hdreisio, no but if I install ubuntu without EFI then one doesnt need it to boot (I realize this is a moot point) but just seems like its another step in the process, which is why I was originally asking if it was worth it (and I guess trying to convince myself that its not)09:18
almoxarifezeerox: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ifupdown/+bug/840947 <-- that help?09:19
ubottuUbuntu bug 768171 in isc-dhcp (Ubuntu) "duplicate for #840947 /sbin/dhclient3 remains after all dhcp3 packages purged" [Undecided,Fix committed]09:19
zeeroxwell whats disconnecting is the net, i think it keeps redoing the dhcp... cause i can still ping the server09:19
reisiocrash1hd: ignoring the whole EFI domination monopoly thing09:19
zeeroxalmoxarife: thanks, ill have a look09:19
reisiocrash1hd: I see it rather as Unix vs Linux09:19
stimpieAfter upgrading to 11.10 I have a realy weird issue. When I use the compiz grid plugin to put applications all locations work execpt for the 'top right' position. <ctrl><alt><kp9> puts the window in the top position. The keymappings in ccsm are correct. Any one else has this problem?09:19
crash1hdreisio, right :)09:19
_trinephlak_user, it wont even let me boot to a recovery console from the log in page09:19
reisiocrash1hd: one is improved, but not in really amazing ways09:19
_trinephlak_user, using my own user name09:19
reisiocrash1hd: if I were assembling a box, I'd go with coreboot09:19
dc5ala_trine, another idea: maybe go to your console and try a stop lightdm and start gdm and see if you have same problem there09:20
crash1hdreisio, and there for probably not worth using09:20
phlak_userzeerox: from your pastebin, it appears that you dont have two network cards (one for WAN and one for LAN) hence the flip-flop of IP addresses09:20
phlak_user_trine: hmm09:20
faryshtam4yer: it was a hardware issue.09:20
reisiocrash1hd: well I guess if you really had a reason to use it, you'd know :p09:20
crash1hdreisio, true09:20
=== edwink is now known as Luci4n0
faryshtam4yer: reisio phlak_user i solved it by getting a usb wifi. My internal wifi card seems to be useless now.09:20
phlak_userfaryshta: ok good for you!09:21
manas_HI All, my touchpad doesnt work after i upgraded to 11.1009:21
reisiofaryshta: it was rather sounding that way09:21
zeeroxphlak_user: i got 2 network cards in there tho :/09:22
reisiofaryshta: doesn't have bluetooth, does it?09:22
_trinephlak_user, it does allow a guest session09:22
phlak_user_trine: you need to look at some logs to see whats going on09:22
faryshtareisio: I don't think it has bluetooth.09:22
faryshtareisio: how can I know for sure? :P09:22
phlak_userzeerox: can you pastebin the output of sudo ifconfig09:22
reisiofaryshta: I don't think it does09:23
phlak_userfaryshta: did it come in a box? the label should tell you09:23
=== gijs is now known as GijsK
phlak_usermanas_: try toggling the touchpad disable button/key sequence09:24
GijsKHow do I add a custom executable to the unity launcher in 11.10? I've googled but the general idea seems to be to use the 'Create Launcher' option from the desktop context menu, which no longer exists. :-\09:25
HalabundHello!  I'd like to know where is the executable search path for root set on an Ubuntu system.  For a root account the PATH from /etc/environment is not being picked up.  I'd like to know where that path that root sees is set.  It's not /etc/profile, not /root/.profile ...09:25
zeeroxphlak_user: http://pastebin.com/9j2t69Hg09:25
faryshtaphlak_user: reisio the box didn't mentioned bluetooth so I think it doesn't have it. Well guys thank you very much.09:25
faryshtaphlak_user: reisio I lost but I am happy because you were really helpful.09:25
phlak_userfaryshta: glad you worked things out09:26
phlak_userzeerox: what is the virbr0 interface doing?09:26
madurax86bluetooth can't send files it says "permission denied(13)"09:26
madurax86obex-client[5160]: Permission denied (13)09:26
alkisgphlak_user: I'm getting no messages in dmesg when I unplug/replug the cable, but I'm getting an entry from network manager in daemon.log about "unmanaged device found, state CONNECTED forced," and "info (eth0): carrier is now ON". Still the scripts in if-up.d don't get executed.09:27
zeeroxphlak_user: i aint sure how that popped up, its not in my interfaces file09:28
phlak_userzeerox: also, pl confirm that you have the cables connected correctly (cable from modem to eth0 and cable from LAN switch/AP into eth1)09:28
crash1hdreisio, thanks for the advice :)09:28
zeeroxyeah i do09:28
phlak_userzeerox: are both cables going into the same switch?09:28
zeeroxphlak_user: lol09:29
kindofabuzzis this a bug? open up system moniter, right click it, and you can't select any submenu, and causes launcher to not auto dissappear09:29
kindofabuzz11.10 btw09:29
phlak_userzeerox: im proud of my crystal ball09:29
zeeroxphlak_user: umm.... so what do i do with that virbr009:29
cousin_luigiWhat is the cleanest way for adding startup programs on gnome-classic?09:29
phlak_userzeerox: looks like a vm is running; leave it09:30
alkisgphlak_user: network manager also mentions this bug about state CONNECTED forced: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/firefox-3.0/+bug/191889 - maybe the fix there broke if-up.d for devices managed by /etc/network/interfaces?09:30
ubottuUbuntu bug 191889 in network-manager-applet (Ubuntu Hardy) "[MASTER] [WORKAROUND] "Offline Mode" feature fails to detect proper online state for networks that are managed outside of network manager." [High,Triaged]09:30
HalabundI just installed texlive from the texlive website (not with the package manager).  How can I add it to the executable search path so that it's visible for *all* users, including root (i.e. it works with sudo and sudo -s)?09:30
howlymowlyhi poeple..  short question:   after the upgrade my aptitude does not work anymore09:30
zeeroxphlak_user: isnt a vm virtual machine?09:31
phlak_userzeerox: yes09:31
howlymowlywhen doing "sudo aptitude upgrade" it says "$Resolving dependencies...09:31
howlymowly$Unable to resolve dependencies for the upgrade: no solution found. $Unable to safely resolve dependencies, try running with --full-resolver.09:31
madurax86bluetooth can't send files it says "permission denied(13)" i can recieve files09:31
zeeroxphlak_user: why would that be running?09:31
zeeroxsorry me noob09:31
howlymowlyif I use the --full-resolver option it tries to remove like 500 packages from my system09:31
stephnistill upgradind but if i leave my computer i come back it sleeps and the download stops why?09:32
howlymowlybut the "normal" update via apt-get works fine09:32
phlak_userzeerox: no idea; you should ask whoever installed that server09:32
zeeroxphlak_user: that was me :/09:32
cjsHow do I suspend from the command line in Ubuntu 11.10? Or is that still broken the way it was in 11.04?09:33
kindofabuzzstephni, because when a computer sleeps, the network is shut down09:33
andyhi everyone09:33
stephnii want it to stop how do ido it09:33
phlak_userzeerox: maybe you can read this -> http://forums.admon.org/linux-networking/5783-how-can-i-disable-remove-virbr0.html09:33
Andy80hi all09:33
cjsstephni: It's in the power management setup of system settings.09:34
minnillowhere is the release party again?09:34
dc5alaHalabund, you usually do such things in your shell startup file, any reason your not using the repo version?09:34
kindofabuzzstephni, look in your power settings and tell it to never sleep09:34
andyI am trying to access the advanced settings tool and it keeps crashing09:34
andyit says user-theme is not installed09:34
Andy80can someone please explain me this "funny" joke: yesterday I upgraded to Oneiric and this morning my GRUB had the "Debian" theme (there is the Debian logo too!). what the...?!09:34
andydo you know how to go about installingthat?09:35
Halabunddc5ala, the repo version is texlive 2009, shamefully old.  It doesn't have packages I need to compile my stuff I've been writing on Windows with MiKTeX.  Latest is texlive 2011.  If I do it in my shell startup file, it's only going to be set for myself, not for any other users.09:35
kindofabuzzcould someone try to reproduce this:on 11.10, open up system monitor, right click it, and you can't select any submenu, and causes launcher to not auto dissappear09:35
HalabundI think09:35
reisioAndy80: slapstick09:35
Andy80reisio: No packages found matching slapstick.09:36
* phlak_user is installing 11.10 on a Lenovo Ideapad S10-309:36
* reisio is looking for a coffee machine09:36
Halabunddc5ala, is there a global place I can set the path so it'll work for all normal users and for root (i.e. with sudo and sudo -s)?09:37
norbert_many icons are missing09:37
* phlak_user is pleased to note there is an option to "Upgrade" in the installer09:37
zeeroxthanks for ya help phlak_user09:37
phlak_userzeerox: yw09:38
kindofabuzzweird, now it works09:38
_trinephlak_user, do I stop lightdm with /etc/init.d/lightdm stop  ??09:38
phlak_user_trine: whats lightdm?09:38
madurax86bluetooth can't send files it says "permission denied(13)" i can recieve files09:38
phlak_usermadurax86: remote device might not be accepting?09:39
fowlhello all. i just installed windows and attempted to do the boot-repair stuff, but it only set up windows in the grub menu. how do i fully restore the old grub conf (my partition layout hasnt changed at all, so it should be fine)09:39
_trinephlak_user, sorry I thought it was you when it fact it was dc5ala who mentioned that09:39
madurax86phlak_user: its an android, i check it with another installation of 10.04 paired and it worked09:39
phlak_user_trine: np09:39
Raydiationare there gnome-shell spins available?09:40
phlak_usermadurax86: are you sending thro cli?09:40
_trinedc5ala, it looks like lightdm could be the problem09:40
dc5alaHalabund, where did you install it?09:40
madurax86phlak_user: no gnome3's interface, before i used xfce's but nothing works09:40
dc5ala_trine, gdm is working then?09:40
Henry01phlak_user, I tryed again with graphical card and it shows a loading screen with Ubuntu 11.04 with black background and Booting system without full network configuration, but I dont know what I can do. Should I try to reinstall the gdm?09:40
phlak_userHenry01: 11.04?09:41
Henry01phlak_user, It does only show that, and not more09:41
andyhas anyone received this error before?09:41
Halabunddc5ala, default location, somewhere inside /usr/local/texlive, it has its own bin directory there and told me to add it to the path.  I added it to /etc/environment, which makes it work for me as a user.  But I need to make it work for root so it can update and install latex packages09:41
andySettings schema 'org.gnome.shell.extensions.user-theme' is not installed09:41
_trinedc5ala, I dont know ,, do I stop lightdm with /etc/init.d/lightdm stop09:41
elacheche_anishey I have a big problem with LightDM09:41
_trinedc5ala, I see problems in dmesg with lightdm09:41
Henry01phlak_user, yes, but is upgradet to 11.10 but i dont know if it is finishd updatet because desktop was died09:42
phlak_userHenry01: then it probably didnt go through09:42
dc5alaHalabund, you could use the global bashrc in /etc for that, e.g. a line like PATH=$PATH:/usr/local/texlive/bin09:42
phlak_userHenry01: dead due to power outage?09:42
_trineelacheche_anis, I also seem to be having problems with lightdm09:42
dc5ala_trine, and have you tried to start gdm instead then to see if it has same problems?09:43
Henry01phlak_user, The desktop was at one time only black09:43
_trinedc5ala, I am not sure how to do that09:43
Henry01phlak_user, I havent change any setting since that09:44
phlak_userHenry01: did it ever boot after that?09:44
dc5ala_trine, after your did a "sudo stop lightdm" you can try "sudo start gdm" (haven't tried that but gdm is still on my system, see "sudo dpkg-reconfigure gdm")09:45
Halabunddc5ala, there's not /etc/bashrc, should I create it?  Or use /etc/.profile?  or /root/.profile ?  The reason I didn't want to use those is that those files are nto where the path is set for root.  I was wondering where exactly is the path set for root (as it's different from PATH for my user).  Also I don't understand why 'sudo echo $PATH' gives the PATH from /etc/environment, which has texlive; while 'sudo tlmgr' (the texlive package manager) doe09:45
Halabundrk.  There's something I really don't understand.  Also, 'sudo -s', then 'echo $PATH' gives a different path again from 'sudo echo $PATH'09:45
Henry01phlak_user, before i upgraded it had ever boot with the typical "pink" color09:46
dc5alaHalabund, i have a /etc/bash.bashrc, adding a path there is working for me09:46
Halabunddc5ala, oh, I have that one, will try09:46
Henry01phlak_user, it was how the screenshots, what at the ubuntu page09:47
phlak_userHenry01: from the liveCD?09:47
dc5alaHalabund, also have in mind sudo -i to initialize environment properly09:47
phlak_userHalabund: why would you need to run tex as root?09:48
Halabundphlak_user, to use the texlive package manager09:48
phlak_userHalabund: oh ok09:48
Henry01phlak_user, The system is installed since 6 months or longer and there cam yesterday a windows that asked, if i like to ugrade, I have done it with this graphical09:49
farciarz84pypy is not working under ubuntu 11.10 and this is your fault09:49
phlak_userHenry01: i understand; but I have a feeling that the upgrade did not go through09:49
dhruvasagarHi guys, I am just upgrading to 11.10, it gives me option between gdm & lightdm, I know gdm, but I want to know what's your recommendations !?09:50
Halabunddc5ala, oh, I didn't know about that.  I have never used linux as a desktop long-term, now I'm giving it a go again, and setting up the essentials (e.g. working tex with all the packages I have used on Windows)09:50
phlak_userdhruvasagar: someone else seems to have issues with lightdm09:50
dhruvasagarphlak_user: ok, is phlak still alive ?09:51
=== MonkeyDu1t is now known as MonkeyDust
MonkeyDust 09:51
phlak_userdhruvasagar: no idea; was many moons ago ;)09:51
dhruvasagarphlak_user: yea...many moons indeed :)09:52
zeeroxphlak_user: tried that site u told me about removing vm.... but yum aint installed... how do i go about changing the apt-get location so i can get this yum program?09:52
andyhas anyone else had problekms loading gnome-tweek-tool? I cant seem toopen it as it says extention.user-theme is not installed09:52
dc5alaHalabund, don't know the reason why TeX is in 2009 version but it probably is a good one ;)09:52