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JamesTaitHappy morning after, everyone! It's Friday! :D08:39
gordhey all - getting a looot of weird issues with u1 today, keeps dropping connection causing it to notify-osd spam me with "there are x files uploading to u1", nothing really seems to make it up to u1 though - lots of weird errors like http://paste.ubuntu.com/707827/ on pretty much all the files its attempting to upload08:40
aquariusgord, that sounds like something rye would know about09:32
czajkowskigord: you're breaking things today, I'm sure there are a lot of sore heads today09:33
gordaquarius, actually been okay for the last 20 minutes or so, fingers crossed :)09:33
ryegord, the exception in question is bug #872924 - we are pushing for it to get fixed, because it is critical09:33
ubot4Launchpad bug 872924 in ubuntuone-client (Ubuntu) (and 2 other projects) "Resuming a failed upload crashes with ValueError: I/O operation on closed file (affects: 4) (dups: 3) (heat: 42)" [High,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/87292409:33
ryegord, please click "affects me too"09:33
gordrye, awesome :)09:33
ryegord, and additionally some users experience slow performance from filesync, the foundations team is working to make servers faster. So this is both a client-side and server-side issue09:35
Lunar_LampIs there an ETA for when ubuntuone will finally work behind proxys?10:08
ryeChipaca, ^ is it Precise?10:35
ChipacaLunar_Lamp: not a precise ETA, no10:35
Chipacawork is set to start in early November10:36
Chipacaestimation hasn't been done yet10:36
Lunar_LampOh, so it is going to happen.10:38
Lunar_LampThat's something at least!10:38
Chipacathe change should be released to N and O at least when done (we'll try for L and M also, but it might take a bit longer)10:42
Chipaca(that's a british bit, as in a hurricane being "a bit of weather")10:43
Lunar_LampWell, if there's anything I can do to help with testing etc, I'm semi-desperate.10:44
Lunar_LampI have to sit behind a proxy at work, and thus can't sync with my home system.10:44
Lunar_LampDrives me mad.10:44
ChipacaLunar_Lamp: what kind of proxy is it?10:44
Chipacaphew :)10:45
Lunar_LampThough it wouldn't surprise me if that changes in the future :-(10:45
Chipacathat one should be the most straightforward kind to get working10:45
Chipacaas long as it doesn't go kerberos or ntlm10:45
Lunar_LampWell, if you could just get started a little ahead of time, and drop me the update this afternoon...?10:45
Chipacaat work, do you have windows, or ubuntu?10:46
Chipacawhat release?10:46
Lunar_Lamp(I'm a linux sysadmin, I refuse to work with anything else)10:46
Lunar_LampAs of this morning, 11.1010:46
Chipacahm. I don't think the old patch will work. But you can try it, if you're confortable patching stuff (i'd recommend --dry-run if you're considering doing it on the system software directly)10:47
ChipacaI think https://code.launchpad.net/~chipaca/ubuntuone-client/very-basic-proxy-support-for-stable-1-4 might apply10:48
Chipacabut if it breaks, no promises10:48
Lunar_LampAny risk of data loss?10:54
Lunar_LampI'm happy to play as long as it's n ot likely I'll delete the contents of my home folder or similar.10:55
Chipacasorry, was afk10:57
Chipacaum, no, either it works or it doesn't work10:57
Lunar_LampI'll have a play later if I get time :-)10:58
Chipacaok :)10:58
alecuhello, all!12:30
gatoxalecu, hi!12:31
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dobeyla la la13:07
hrwCan someone tell me how much time does it takes to send 120KB file to u1 from desktop (on 3Mbps upload pipe)? And why it is over half hour :D13:43
beunofacundobatista, ^13:43
facundobatistaHi hrw13:44
hrwfile has time 15:02, 15:44 is now and I see 4th popup from U1 that it is sending this file13:44
facundobatistahrw, the popups are not really trustworhy, you should check the logs to really see what's going on, probably the client is gettind disconnected and reconnected13:45
hrwfacundobatista: where I find logs?13:45
facundobatistahrw, ~/.cache/ubuntuone/log/13:45
alecuhrw, there are lots of "server connection made" and "server connection lost" messages in that log.13:54
alecufacundobatista, ^13:54
hrwalecu: indeed, wondering why13:55
alecurye, facundobatista: there are lots of "ssl handshake failure" on the second log13:56
czajkowskimandal: meet the new Ubuntu Community Council http://j.mp/nbeO2q13:56
alecurye, any idea if there's a ssl issue with the servers?13:56
alecuczajkowski, do you mean mandel?13:56
ryealecu, redirecting the question to facundobatista13:57
czajkowskimandel: ^^13:57
czajkowskialecu: didnt tab complete13:57
facundobatistarye, alecu, hrw, we're experiencing some issues in the servers, that's why the reconnections13:57
hrwone day I will have to try u1 on headless machines13:58
ryeczajkowski, are you sure it is mandel, are you talking about Martin Albisetti?13:59
hrwfacundobatista: and thx for log files location info13:59
dobeyczajkowski: that is beuno you mean13:59
ryehrw, i had some experience running u1 syncdaemon headless, once dbus session is created it is pretty smooth (provided the servers are cooperating)13:59
hrwrye: I want it to run on bootup14:00
czajkowskino I was letting mandel know14:01
czajkowskibeuno: is ona  plane14:01
czajkowskibut he should also be told also14:01
ryehrw, it is still required to have some user, root is not recommended, and it can operate within $HOME of that user14:02
beunoczajkowski, landed 2 hours ago. Also, \o/14:02
hrwrye: it will be for non root user14:02
hrwrye: just want a way to share .dotfiles between my desktop/laptop/servers14:03
czajkowskibeuno: congrats14:03
beunoczajkowski, ditto!14:03
czajkowskifun times ahead14:03
ryehrw, 1. get oauth tokens and put them to ~/.config/ubuntuone/syncdaemon.conf 2. run ubuntuone-syncdaemon14:03
ryehrw, .dotfiles are not in a single dir and you will need to symlink them to some location within Ubuntu One folders14:04
beunoczajkowski, indeed!  Took me a few minutes to get passed the jetlag and interpret the results14:04
ryehrw, i am using launchpad bzr for my .files with an install script (yeah, manual step)14:05
ryehrw, lp:~rye/+junk/config14:05
hrwrye: ~/U1/dotfiles/.{vim,bashrc,etc} is fine14:07
hrwrye: and I would rather setup own git server then use bzr for it14:07
ryehrw, the problem is that u1 will grab quite a log of X-related stuff to a headless server since it uses some gobject and gtk stuff14:08
dobeywell, ubuntu-sso-client will pull the X stuff14:09
hrwrye: I have tens of GB free there still14:09
dobey"ubuntuone-client" binary package doesn't require X14:09
hrwrye: and 200GB space waiting for allocation so few extra deps are not  a problem14:10
ryedobey, depends: ubuntu-sso-client14:10
dobeyrye: yes14:14
dobeyrye: but that /can/ be hacked around14:15
taisahi, i have a problem with U1 control-gtk, after starting it, it sometimes switches to the status page but quickly returns to the welcome "Register for U1" page. Could somebody pls help me?14:15
ryetaisa, hi, could you please tell what you mean by "status" page?14:15
dobeyrye: account page14:16
taisarye: yes, the page, which shows, that U1 is syncing or not and so on14:16
dobeytaisa: probably your authentication token was deleted from the server, but you still have it in your local keyring, so it fails to authenticate14:16
taisadobey: do i have to reinstall U1 or only delete the token in Seahorse?14:17
dobeytaisa: just click "already have an account" on the welcome page and sign in again14:18
ryetaisa, what is the name of the token in seahorse, by the way?14:18
dobeyalecu: btw, it looks like maybe gwibber is what is breaking the keyring in oneiric and causing the weird introspection error :-/14:20
taisarye: ubuntu one token for https://ubuntuone.com14:20
alecudobey, weird! how is it breaking the keyring?14:20
dobeyalecu: it seems to be causing creation of default keyring with a translated filename14:21
ryetaisa, yes, then in case token has been removed on the server the control panel won't be able to work with it - ubuntu-sso only supports reading these tokens, not upgrading14:21
dobeyalecu: see last couple of comments on that bug :)14:21
ryetaisa, so if you remove the token and run control panel you will be able to connect14:21
alecuI wonder what "osnovnaya" means. Probably "default214:23
ryealecu, default, yes... well, "main" but translators differ14:23
taisarye: i`m feeling really stupid now, thx for your help, using ubuntu comforts me too much^^14:27
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ryetaisa, the old token thing puzzled me too 2 days ago14:28
taisarye: thx^^14:30
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dobeyalecu: "house liquor"14:50
dobeylunch time, bbiab :)15:14
gatoxalecu, ping16:48
alecugatox, I'm just going to lunch, I'll ping you back when I return.16:50
gatoxalecu, ok16:52
alecugatox, pong17:43
gatoxalecu, hi! :P i have this branch for review: https://code.launchpad.net/~diegosarmentero/ubuntuone-control-panel/unicode-issues/+merge/7942917:43
gatoxif you can17:43
gatoxalecu, also....... are you the only one here? jeje17:44
alecugatox, dohbey is around too17:46
gatoxdobey, :D can you review this branch please: https://code.launchpad.net/~diegosarmentero/ubuntuone-control-panel/unicode-issues/+merge/7942917:46
gatoxi need reviewers :P17:47
dobeywill leave that one to alecu17:48
dobeyWe don't understand that code well enough to say if it's right or not17:49
gatoxdobey, ok, no problem!17:50
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j0nrevening folks19:19
j0nrI need advise for dealing with ubuntuone stuff when wiping a computer for a fresh install of ubuntu19:21
j0nrwhat to do with my music collection?19:21
j0nrhi dobey19:21
dobeyanything you don't want to re-download afterward, you should probably backup locally somewhere19:22
dobeyor avoid formatting your home partition19:23
j0nrhave to format home.19:25
j0nri have ~/Music synced19:25
j0nrWhat order is best to do things if i back up my music locally19:26
j0nrso i don't need to redownload it19:26
dobeycopy it to a usb/sd/whatever drive, reboot/install, copy music back, sign in to u119:26
dobeydon't delete anything out of u1 synchronized folders, while u1 is running/connected, or it will try to delete them on server also19:27
dobeyj0nr: and after you sign back in to u1, wait until u1sdtool -s shows "IDLE" for status, before re-subscribing to the ~/Music folder in the control panel19:28
j0nrso empty ~/home empty ~/Music.... I sign into U1 then.... it will sync the contents of the Ubuntu Obe folder I assume.... but not the Music folder?19:35
j0nris it default behaviour on a new machine to only sync the U1 folder or something?19:37
dobeyshould do, right. well it will "sync" by checking the metadata for local vs. server, and resolve any differences. there shouldn't be any though19:37
j0nrwell my U1 folder will e empty locally on a fresh instal;19:37
dobeyj0nr: yes, default is to not subscribe to folders/shares.19:37
dobeyu1 folder doesn't exist until you sign in to u119:38
dobeythen it will synchronize what's in the u1 folder to the local machine19:38
j0nroh right... So I sign in, U1 folder gets created and synced19:38
dobeyj0nr: and when all that's finished, you can subscribed to the music folder again, and u1 will do a few checks, and you should be good19:39
dobeyj0nr: keep the back-up until it's all clear though. there are a couple of issues in the client we are working on getting SRUs out for, that were found last-minute, but you should be ok19:40
j0nras long as I re-populate the Music folder first with the backup, not subscribe it when empty19:41
dobeyyeah, if you subscribe with it empty, then u1 will want to download everything again19:41
j0nrhow would does it decide that it needs to download everything rather than delete everything on the server?19:42
dobeywell, with the folder existing, it will ask to "Merge" the folders. click yes, and after a short period of comparing local to server, you should be good to go19:42
dobeyj0nr: because there would be no local metadata for ~/MUsic yet19:43
dobeyj0nr: until you set that folder to be synchronized, there won't be any metadata for it, so when you subscribe, it will ask to merge the folders :)19:43
j0nrah right, cool! and it will do checks and magically realise that all the stuff in the music folder (my backup) is the same and not need to sync anything?19:48
dobeyyep. as long as you don't change the files while not inside u1. it hashes the files and compares the hash with what's on the server19:49
dobeyso if you change any tags (like play count or anything), the hash will be different19:49
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j0nrcheers dobey20:27
dobeyhave a good weekend all21:07
jderosedobey: you too :)21:19
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x-iphi all o/22:20
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gatoxx-ip, hi!22:26
x-iphi gatox o/ ^^22:37
gatoxx-ip, you are in all the channels :P22:37
x-ipgatox, hehehe, i'm reading ubuntu one client code to learn more about twisted, as a facundobatista_ 's advice ^^22:38
x-ipso i thought it'd be a good idea to join this channel ^^22:38
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karniBye bye!23:52

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