aboganiIt sounds cool06:07
* falktx is creating a live-dvd US image07:33
falktxhey there07:33
falktxi see the new downloads, cool07:38
falktxUS image works!08:48
aboganifalktx: Great!09:36
holsteinfr-z: sure11:58
fr-zhi :)11:59
holsteinalso, helping in the IRC channel/forums12:00
fr-zsure i will give my best :) 12:05
fr-zdo you use xchat?12:05
holsteinim using irssi running in screen12:07
holsteinxchat is nice12:07
fr-zi am trying to setup this so it performs the commands to identify and join channels auto. It seams to be on a file12:18
holsteinprolly, i have just done it from the GUI like http://xchat.org/faq/#q2312:19
holsteinirssi autojoins from a file i made12:20
fr-zany reason why you use urssi instead of xchat?12:34
holsteinit runs in the console12:35
holsteini can run it in screen on my server, and connect back in with ssh12:35
holsteini just leave it running and connect back in from where ever i want12:36
fr-zahh like a bnc12:37
scott-workhi fr-z and holstein  :)12:49
scott-workholstein: can we talk a bit at your leisure about 12.04 and what we want?12:49
TheMusoscott-work: Great to hear you are going to UDS, looking forward to meeting you.12:52
scott-workthank you TheMuso , i am looking forward as well :)13:07
scott-workalthough i feel that i have some substantial work ahead of me for the next release given the arguable failure or deficencies of 11.10 :(13:08
fr-zsorry holstein went for a lunch break ^^ a bnc is a kind of an irc bot/server that you have running on a server. Then when you login you make it to your server and not to the global server. That way you are online 24/7 and you connect to the bot anytime you want13:44
holsteininteresting... yeah, its something like that then13:44
holsteini have a bot running on this server too in screen13:44
fr-zthats cool13:46
fr-zhere you have a list of bounces. that way we can use any irc client13:47
fr-zone of them its yours ^13:48
fr-zhi scott-work i was afk13:48
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fr-zHi m816:30
sd_ubuntu___Could I help u in your work?16:31
sd_ubuntu___Hi! I'm new at ubuntu community and I'd like to give my contribute. Holstein (now I seem its not here) invited me for give an help here. Is there some work that I could start now with you?16:34
fr-zhave you made your registration already on the links i sent you earlier?16:36
sd_ubuntu___yes, in development16:36
fr-zi think that after you confirm your mail youl start to recieve things16:39
sd_ubuntu___ah, ok.... thank u! :-)16:42
sd_ubuntu___so, i wait16:42
sd_ubuntu___now i have to go16:42
sd_ubuntu___see u soon!!16:42
scott-workbah, webchat.freenode.net dropped me again17:58
fr-zany team manager online?18:16
scott-workfr-z: yes, i'm here18:17
fr-zhi scott how are you. i already subscribed to the devel list. but how can i see on what you need help? I can help designing and concept usability Interfaces (if you need ofc).18:19
scott-workfr-z: let me find a link18:25
fr-zthank you18:25
scott-workthis is what i had started but i hadn't done much on it18:26
scott-workto be honest, we are at the end of the cycle and there's not much to do currently for most upcoming items18:26
scott-worki expect development to pretty feverish and rapid during the next cycle and we will require a lot of testing18:27
scott-workso we will certainly need testing assistence when it all starts18:28
scott-workfr-z: i will also say that we probably need to update an application (ubuntustudio-controls) which could certainly use a new UI18:28
scott-workhowever, that project still needs to have in depth discussion about the purpose and design of the application needs to be going forward since many things have changed systemically18:29
scott-workin some cases, some functionality has been precluded by systemic changes in jack18:29
scott-workfr-z: any questions or comments?18:31
fr-zi will reply in a sec i am reading the page also18:32
fr-zi was also instaling ubuntustudio-controls to check how was the UI of it18:34
fr-zi can see that you also need help on the theme and maybe on the site layout?18:35
scott-workfr-z: i can give you some particulars about the theme18:38
fr-zthat would be nice. 18:39
scott-workfr-z: knome is working currently on the new website layout although i cannot speak to whether he would want or need assistance18:39
scott-worksorry, i'm at work so the pauses are when i need to address soemthing18:43
fr-znp i am still at the agency aswell18:44
scott-workfr-z: are you familiar with the xubuntu theme?  i think it is based on the thunderbird theme?18:44
fr-zi am a zero coder. I work on layouts and interfaces. I basicly develope the visual concept and usability skeleton of interfaces 18:46
scott-workthis is fairly representative18:46
scott-workfr-z: okay, can i use vague terms to describe an effect then?18:46
scott-workmy philosophy is that a pretty or fancy desktop is a distraction from doing pretty and fancy work ;)18:48
scott-worki think the desktop should not draw attention but be completely functional18:48
scott-worktransparent but accessible, perhaps18:48
fr-zthats why usability exists, its to serve those needs :)18:49
scott-worki like the xubuntu 11.04 theme because it has an understated simplicity that allows you to function18:49
scott-workthere are some thing i would change, but i'll mention those later18:50
scott-workif the target audience is to be users new to ubuntu/linux then we should maintain the expect desktop paradigm18:50
scott-worki.e. no unity or gnome318:50
scott-workxfce is a light weight and still developed alternative to gnome-panel that maintains the familiar desktop paradigm18:51
scott-worki would prefer neutral colors but perhpas this is the wrong adjective18:51
scott-workby neutral i mean that it doesn't attract attention18:51
scott-workso i would prefer grey (or gray as americans spell it), dark grey, or black for colors18:52
fr-zunity and gnome 3 are an insult to usability. I have a graphic station runing it and i will format if soon. On a well organized UI you work fast. On those you take too much time to swap between apps and the workflow is very bad18:52
scott-worki would like the window dressing to be uncluttered with fifteen jabillion window options...three buttons should suffice18:52
scott-workfr-z: agreed!  especially for audio work where you will have at least five active windows and perhaps as much as twenty with synth work!18:53
scott-workthe desktop wallpaper should be fairly homogenous and not cluttered18:53
fr-zfully agree18:54
scott-worka simple logo design that is unobtrusive would be acceptable if tacitly placed in a corner perhaps18:54
fr-zwho has a long work day on a station will need to feel the UI ans a structure that supports the apps18:54
fr-zi think the paradigm should be maintained. Not only for those that work on audio or graphics but, as you mentioned, on new users. Ppl i installed ubuntu where very happy and working on it. Now with unity they are on panic and cant work. Some are getting back to windos18:57
fr-zthats why unity is a fail18:57
fr-znot even talking about the left bar.18:57
fr-zwhen you work, you need an harmony, and a strong bar pushing the view to one side of the UI, like on unity, is not good for a designer18:58
fr-zthe workflow is needed, the simplicity18:58
scott-worki would posit that those who work with keystrokes instead of mouse can function very well with gnome3 or unity still, but that is not the majority of users though18:59
scott-workespecially new ones to linux18:59
scott-worki used unity for several months on my laptop, same with gnome319:00
scott-worki didn't like it very much although i found gnome3 slightly more usable with the "hot corner" and more than four workspaces19:00
scott-workbut as far as specifics for a theme, i can't offer much more than what i have already mentioned19:01
scott-workalthough i can offer a link to the most recent theme that i liked:  http://ubuntu-art.org/content/show.php/Ambiance+dark?content=13287519:02
fr-zthats about the same i use :)19:03
scott-worknot theme related but i think we might also want to reconsider our menu to ensure it is simplified19:03
fr-zhow can i help? i make a sketch "screenshot" and send to you ?19:04
scott-worki think that could be extremely helpful :)19:04
fr-zhow can i do it?19:05
scott-worksend the "screenshot" to me?  my email is scottalavender@gmail.com19:05
scott-worksomeone did suggest we use an existing theme to minimize our efforts but i haven't found a theme that is quite there19:06
fr-zi will work on it and will send it to you as soon as i can19:10
fr-zi will go to have dinner now i will get back later thank you for the help :)19:11
scott-workgreybird was the theme used for xubuntu 11.04, i'm not sure what is being used for 11.10 but i will find out tongith when i install it ;)19:11
scott-workokay, thank you fr-z 19:11
sd_ubuntu_it takes much time before to start?20:17
sd_ubuntu_(sorry for my english :-) )20:17

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