fr-zgood morning. anyone already made the upgrade to 11 10?09:12
fr-zanyone tested already the 11.10 xfce?09:37
voicemehow to find music, made with ubuntustudio? is there some kind of repository?10:42
holsteinvoiceme: thats not a bad idea11:48
holsteinthere might be a 'made with ardour' resource11:49
holsteinfr-z: im still running 10.0411:49
holsteinthe long term support11:49
voicememee.. my isp sucks, his dns can't find your domain11:49
holsteini have an 11.10 install though11:50
fr-zof studio?11:50
voicemeah.. now he got it11:50
holsteinfr-z: i install xubuntu back then, and installed the packages11:50
holsteinto test11:50
holsteinpereyra: o/11:50
holsteinDarrenS: looks like its working :)11:51
fr-zi am using 11.0411:51
fr-zmy problem is about 11.1011:51
fr-zit seams the release was in xfce11:52
holsteingnome2 is gone11:52
fr-zand i would like to know how was it11:52
holsteinwe are moving to XFCE11:52
fr-zahhh its not ready yrt?11:52
holsteinwe didnt get *any* of the theme implemented AFAIK11:52
holsteinfr-z: no, its out11:52
holsteinits just not themed11:52
holsteindefault themes11:53
fr-zi asked because when i login i get an upgrade window to the ubuntu not ubuntu studio11:53
fr-zits quite strange11:53
holsteinnah, thats normal11:53
holsteini would *not* upgrade anyways11:54
holsteinit takes like 5 hours longer11:54
holsteinthat best case scenario11:54
fr-zi see11:54
voicemedisable ubgrade warnings ;D11:54
holsteini upgraded from 9.10 to 10.0411:54
holsteinand i usually try and test upgrades in VM or somewhere11:55
holsteinbut, i dont do that on my production machines11:55
fr-zso what you think i should do then? wait until new versioon is stable?11:55
pereyrai wasn't looking11:55
holsteinfr-z: depends11:55
voicemegot to go..11:55
holsteinim running 10.04 , and i dont plan on upgrading til 12.0411:55
holsteinif its a test scenario, then go for it, and report11:56
holsteinyou can join the mailing lists, and/or report in ubuntustudio-devel11:56
holsteinbut, TBH, we need people to help fix things11:56
fr-znice where can i do it?11:56
holsteinfr-z: what?11:56
fr-zi would be happy to help reporting and join oofc11:57
fr-zbut i am not a coder11:57
holstein /join #ubuntustudio-devel11:57
holsteinfr-z: im not either, and we need coders, but any help you can spare will be appreciated :)11:58
fr-zi can help on design and mainly on usability and navigation concepts11:58
fr-zmainly interface design11:58
pereyrahey holsteins, i'm hearing your solo bass12:00
pereyrai like it12:00
holsteinpereyra: right on... enjoy :)12:00
pereyra(yes, i know i talk like an apache. i'm not english speaker. don't care about it :) )12:02
holsteinpereyra: no worries.. glad you're here12:02
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sd_ubuntu__Hi! I'm new at ubuntu community and I'd like to give my contribute. Holstein (now I seem its not here) invited me for give an help here. Is there some work that I could start now with you?15:52
sd_ubuntu__(sorry if my english is not so good :-) )15:52
fr-zhi sd_ubuntu__16:15
fr-zwhat skills you have m8?16:15
sd_ubuntu__fr-z: Hi!16:16
sd_ubuntu__fr-z: programming in C/C++, Java16:17
sd_ubuntu__and I read something about packaging16:18
sd_ubuntu__so, if there is a work to do , I'd like to start now :-))))16:18
fr-zi am new here aswell16:19
sd_ubuntu__ah, ok!16:19
fr-zbut holstein gave me a link to it give me a sec plz i will parte it here16:19
sd_ubuntu__And are u doing something?16:19
sd_ubuntu__ok :-)16:19
fr-z<holstein> https://lists.ubuntu.com/mailman/listinfo/ubuntu-studio-users16:21
fr-z<holstein> https://lists.ubuntu.com/mailman/listinfo/ubuntu-studio-devel16:21
fr-zi will contribute on interface and usability16:22
fr-zworkflow interface16:23
sd_ubuntu__thank u :-)16:23
sd_ubuntu__he gave me that, but then I had to go away16:24
fr-zand please /join #ubuntustudio-devel16:24
sd_ubuntu__what does twc means? :-))16:25
fr-zsorry was afk16:29
fr-ztwc is wrong i wanted to type ywc = you r welcome :)16:30
sd_ubuntu__ahahah..... ok!! thank u16:30
texaswriterHi!! How do I upgrade to the latest version of Ubuntu studio (11.10)19:35
GridCubehello, i though this would be the best place to ask this, is there a media player that understand m3u lists?21:02
GridCubelike the old xmmp used to do?21:02
GridCubei asked today if anyone knew about a media player that understands m3u format lists? does anyone know?23:20
GridCubemmm yes :/ i was hoping for a more gtk'ish thing23:21

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