GridCube!info emesene oneiric20:48
ubottuemesene (source: emesene): instant messaging client. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.11.7+dfsg-1ubuntu1 (oneiric), package size 1619 kB, installed size 6612 kB20:48
madnickhi GridCube 20:49
GridCube:D hello madnick 20:50
GridCube:) 20:50
GridCubehow are you20:50
madnickfine :) you?20:50
GridCubeplaning on upgrading to 11.1020:51
GridCubeso im saving some configs and stuff20:51
madnickI did that earlier today :P20:51
madnickMirrors were down yesterday20:51
GridCubei zsyncked the daily images :P20:52
madnickoh :]20:52
GridCubewill use the latest of those20:52
madnickSo now begins the journey to 12.04 20:52
GridCubein about a month20:52
GridCubewill re-start working on my interface so we can use it this round :D20:53
madnickI want to get started on the greeter :D20:54
GridCubethe most important changes will be, giving users the avility to erase their own reports, changing the way the tests history is shown and giving a simple search function20:54
ochosimadnick: yeah, looking forward to the revamped lightdm-greeter20:57
ochosi(and the new plymouth animation for that matter)20:57
madnickToo bad we didnt have time20:58
ochosiyeah, well that tends to happen in projects where people contribute voluntarily and in their free time20:58
madnickochosi: my plans are to make a greeter based on gtk and webkit20:59
madnickSo one can easily make their own CSS files etc21:00
ochosimadnick: sounds ambitious21:08
madnickWell, got until April :P21:08
ochosiyeah, but other things tend to get in the way21:09
madnicka plain GTK greeter is ofc a possible outcome, but its not my goal21:12
beardygnomehi guys, hoping someone can help me with onboard21:13
beardygnomeit opens every time i log in and i can't find how to stop it21:13
madnickbeardygnome: i think you need to disable gnome services21:13
madnickIts a bug afaik21:13
GridCubebeardygnome, tried closing whitout saving the session and then reloginging?21:14
beardygnomewhat are the side effects of disabling the gnome services?21:14
beardygnomeGridCube: i don't save the session when i log out and i always have it closed when i do log out21:14
ochosibtw, what are oneiric's known bugs? is there already a list?21:14
madnickbeardygnome: gnome services are not enabled by default afaik21:15
beardygnomeok, that explains why it doesn't happen on my netbook21:15
madnickbug 87251521:16
ubottuLaunchpad bug 872515 in xfce4-session (Ubuntu) "Onboard Keyboard appears on desktop when GNOME Services is checked" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/87251521:16
genii-aroundochosi: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/OneiricOcelot/ReleaseNotes#Known_issues21:16
ochosigenii-around: thanks, i meant xubuntu-specific, but nvm21:17
genii-aroundochosi: Ah21:17
genii-aroundThey do have the issues broken down by DE as well21:19
beardygnomeone other issue i had when updating my desktop was that it pulled in nautilus during the upgrade, which then took control of the desktop on logging in.  anyone else had this?21:21
GridCubewell :D going down to do a clean install, wish me luck :D21:21
madnickGridCube: good luck! :)21:21
GridCubexubuntu 11.10 installed and running!22:37
GridCube:D everything works so far ! :D awesomest23:01

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