smspillazcwillu: wait till the next sru00:26
smspillazcwillu: there's fixes distributed in several different packages, we don't want to reset the compiz timer over pushing new stuff which will block other fixes from happening00:34
axisyshow do I enable the wobbly windows?03:13
cwilluaxisys, install compizconfig-settings-manager, run ccsm and enable it.  (warning, ccsm is behaving a bit odd right now)03:19
* cwillu looks at smspillaz suspiciously03:25
axisysany idea how to modify the login screen so usernames are not showing03:33
axisyshave been searching in askubuntu and found nothing03:34
jbichaaxisys: you mean how to hide all usernames so you have to login as other?03:53
axisysjbicha: i think so..03:53
axisysjbicha: i find it security risk to display the valid users03:54
jbichaone way is to try raising the minimum uid in /etc/lightdm/users.conf03:54
axisysso ..logout to verify ?03:55
axisysjbicha: ^03:55
jbichait might require restarting lightdm03:56
axisysthat did not work.. restarted lightdm, which is like logout..04:04
axisysand then rebooted04:04
axisysstill showing user lists04:05
axisysi changed the minimum number to pretty high, 500004:05
jbichaI don't know, if it still doesn't work after rebooting I'd file a bug against lightdm for that04:06
TakyojiAre there still issues with Unity and a multi-monitor setup with separate X screens?04:07
TakyojiBecause X screen 1 is blank white for me, unless if anyone has ideas, or if I should file/search for a bug04:08
Takyojibecause this wasn't even present in 11.04 last I recall. I can move my cursor over to the other monitor, which turns the cursor to an X04:18
TakyojiSo it's not a graphics driver issue at all04:20
Takyojifrom my understanding04:20
TakyojiUnless if at least a single person out of 70 has an idea.04:21
arpui have a regrission for 11.10 can somebody confirm this? http://streamtivi.com/ click right on an channel flash player opens and show the peer assitent pop up and the allow is not pressable08:40
arpumaybe an unity bug smspillaz :> ?08:40
arpuworks on lucid lts08:40
arpuwrong channel?08:51
arpuhttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity/+bug/874897 i create a bug report09:29
ubot5Ubuntu bug 874897 in unity (Ubuntu) "flash peer assistent pop up noch clickable" [Undecided,New]09:30
cwillusmspillaz, just a further remark;  if I set /sys/modules/usbhid/parameters/mousepoll to 20, the synchronous mode moves are at least useable (i.e., the screen continues to update including the moved window at about 10-15 fps, rather than not updating at all until I stop moving the mouse)10:30
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neo84Hi all12:03
neo84cwillu: despite of our efforts still issue not fixed12:04
cwilluneo84, the general solution is to make a new user, test that it works, and then copy changes into it (being careful to suitably maintain ownership on the files) until it breaks again;  at that point, you know precisely what broke it12:06
cwilluit'll be something along the lines of those config files though12:06
neo84ok. I am creating a new user and will try to log in for that12:06
neo84creating user via users & groups will do right12:07
cwillushould, yes.12:08
cwillumight be convenient to make it an admin user12:08
neo84cwillu : that worked like charmed, new user have no issues, which configuration files I should copy12:18
cwilluneo84, if I knew that, you wouldn't have needed to make the new user :p12:18
cwilluI'd start with pieces of .config, .local/share/ and .gconf/, and go from there12:19
cwillu(copy into the new user, don't modify the original)12:19
neo84got it :)12:19
cwilluonce you've figured out what the problem is, you should be able to make the precise change to your existing user12:19
cwillu... without erasing any data or other settings12:19
neo84I am on it12:21
neo84I just need to copy compiz-1 or compizeconfig-1 as well12:22
neo84cwillu : copied from all locations , now what nex12:34
cwilluis it broken?12:35
cwillu(make sure to at log out and back in, otherwise you're not testing anything)12:35
neo84ohh ok12:38
neo84cwillu: you rock, it fixed my issue. I did identified that compize-1 folder had some issues12:52
neo84afer copying that it got fixed12:52
cwillucompize-1 or compiz-1?12:53
neo84compiz-1 ( you know I am champion in spell mistake :) )12:53
cwilluneo84, indeed.12:53
cwilluespecially since I seem to recall giving you some specific instructions regarding that particular folder :p12:53
neo84yes :)12:54
neo84but it was really nice to have you on this channel, you made my day12:54
htorquecwillu: i think i can confirm your window move thing13:51
cwilluhtorque, yeah, it's known breakage\13:52
htorqueah, ok. would you look up the bug number for me?13:52
cwillure: DBO before, I think he just wasn't as up to date as smspillaz13:52
htorquemaybe because he was sleeping - that's what you get for fixing a bug :P13:53
cwilluhtorque, I believe the bug report consists of a bunch of FIXME's in the source :p13:53
htorqueheh, k. :-)13:54
cwilluI think it's worse in my case because of the unnecessarily fancy mouse I use13:55
cwilluit appears to send enough events that compiz or x never actually catches up if things are running synchronously13:55
cwilluslowing things down as mentioned above results in an acceptably useable desktop, although it's still rendering much slower than it used to (which is the fixme)13:56
cwilluthe suggestion to wait and see the next sru before getting too worked up seems fine13:57
htorquei get it from time to time. if i move the mouse to fast, only the pointer moves. if i move it slower, the window updates only every X ms.13:57
cwillu(given the mouse workaround)13:57
htorquepretty jumpy.13:57
cwilluroot@cwillu-net:/sys/module/usbhid/parameters$ echo 20 > mousepoll followed by replugging the mouse is what made things useable13:59
cwillumay require actually unloading the module though, depending on... things.13:59
cwilluhaving re-read that, that doesn't make any sense14:00
* cwillu checks if the value is still set14:00
cwilluhuh, it is14:00
cwilluwhich is right, of course14:00
cwillujust... odd.14:00
Devil505hi nmarques15:39
nmarques     I'm having some problems (http://susepaste.org/8221184) building dconf-qt, anyone has a ideia on whatmight be happening ?15:47
Devil505nmarques, you need to patch QT416:49
nmarquesDevil505, I've seen it already16:51
nmarquesit's rebuilding for like 45 mins16:51
Devil505good luck then16:51
Devil505I give up with ayatana16:52
nmarqueswhy ?16:52
nmarquesI haven't given up really because Unity 2D works16:52
Devil505too much complicated with all these patches16:52
nmarquesand my last stuff is somehow working though compiz is segfaulting but this might be related to something else16:52
nmarquesDevil505, it's a good thing to learn :)16:53
nmarquesDevil505, thats why I keep doing it, but changed my philosophy16:53
nmarquesDevil505, it's just like a combat situation, no promises16:53
Devil505but patching it's not our philosophy (Frugalware dev team)16:53
nmarquesnot SUSE's also16:54
nmarquesbut now I have full control of the repository16:54
nmarqueswhich makes things faster and I can follow my own rules :)16:54
nmarqueszypper is potent enough to allow me to control the whole install process and replace any packages I want, so it's not really a big issue16:55
Devil505so untill ubuntu patches are not in upstream, porting ayatana will be too much complicated16:55
nmarquesthe 11.4 experiments have worked out well for users16:55
nmarquesDevil505, that's pressure you should exercise on upstream :)16:55
nmarquesDevil505, but yeah, I know the feeling16:55
Devil505well this pressure mus be done by canonical team not me :p16:56
nmarquesshould be done by everyone16:57
nmarquesbecause not having some patches upstreamed is a limitation to downstreamers16:57
nmarquesbut I've left politics and I'm starting a new job on monday16:57
nmarqueseverything is Red Hat there, so, my time for SUSE is also going to diminuish a lot16:58
nmarquesI'm going probably to shift over contributions to Fedora as it will somehow help me with work stuff16:58
Devil505fedora is a good distro16:59
nmarquesyeah, but I'm not going GNOME3 or KDE :)17:00
nmarquesI'm returning to Fluxbox now that I've fixed most of the stuff to work with GTK/GNOME3 apps17:00
nmarquesto be honest, the only graphical applications I need is a browser and urxvt17:00
nmarqueslooks like QT4 is finishing building :)17:01
nmarquesback to dconf-qt and check if I can still push Unity 2D to openSUSE 12.117:01
Devil505nmarques, I'm the maintainer of XFCE for Frugalware now :)17:17
nmarquessimple question17:21
nmarqueshave you ever launched Unity 4.0 on frugal ?17:21
* hyperair pokes smspillaz. is there a way to bring back my shiny blue top left corner in unity? i kinda liked it. it was much easier to notice than the little blue indicators17:56
chronehello all18:40
chroneis there any working project to reduce the default font and ui size? it's bigger than other popular oses and really taking screen real estate :(18:41
jbichachrone: simple config is possible in System Settings>Universal Access, for more fine-tuned control try gnome-tweak-tool18:52
chronei'll give it a try19:03
chronethanks dude for the tips19:13
chroneit's too small though19:13
chroneand is there any change to reduce the shortcut preview when first opening dash?19:13
chronethanks again, i'm off to bed19:34
chronelater folks19:34
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