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maxbjames_w: Did branch-distro finish OK yet?09:25
wgzmaxb: apparently there were issues, but I'm not sure if that actually blocks restarting the importer10:45
wgzsee the irclog for yesterday10:46
* maxb will assume it does block it10:46
wgzha, but looking at the instructions again today I think I know what I did wrong with their funny way of setting up ssh forwarding11:04
wgzso, I can probably get the log, which might mean something to you maxb11:04
maxbYou might be crediting me with more knowledge of LP internals than I actually have, there11:06
maxbThere's more than one way of setting up ssh forwarding?!11:06
wgztheir way isn't the way I've always done it, so I screwed it up yesterday by not reading the example config properly11:19
wgzokay, the log just has a bunch of warnings about stacking, as was mentioned, but at the end gives an error11:20
wgzof generic nature.11:20
wgzdon't know if that means any more to you than it does to me maxb.11:26
darkstarzcan some please provide the link for the latest (stable) verision of bzr for ubuntu (11.04)17:46
nigelbdarkstarz: you just want to install it?17:47
nigelbsudo apt-get install bzr should do it17:47
darkstarzyes , I am a beginner17:48
darkstarzi would like to install and test it out17:49
nigelbgo to software center17:49
nigelband search for bazaar17:49
nigelband click install17:49
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