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markithi, I've a problem with tuxmath. In ltsp (thin) full sreen is slow like hell. Can't find if is possible to setup a global value for it start "windowed" by default, except give a command line parameter21:46
markitbut for my scripts is easier add an entry in /etc/whatever than "hack" the command21:46
markitany tip?21:46
alkisgexcept give a command line parameter => so you found a command line parameter for it?21:47
alkisghehe, --fullscreen21:47
alkisgIt's not in the man page21:47
alkisgmarkit: to override programs with command line parameters of your choice, here's a method:21:47
alkisgput scripts for them in /usr/share/local/bin, e.g.:21:48
alkisg/usr/local/bin/tuxmath, with contents:21:48
alkisgexec /usr/games/tuxmath --windowed21:48
alkisgThat works even from the menus21:49
markit(btw, never tried, I've tried F10, it makes things better, but of course not ideal with many clients)21:49
markitoh, great, I'll try, thanks a lot!21:49
* alkisg used to hate java but now with android I've changed my mind :D21:52
alkisgmarkit: did it work?22:07
markitcan't test yet, is a problem I had yesterday at school, and I'm still installing stuff in my new ltsp server22:07
alkisgmarkit: btw, another method is to run xrandr to select a low resulution, then run it full screen, and then again xrandr to restore the original resolution ;)22:07
markitother question was "isn't available something like "word art" in libo?"22:08
alkisgNo idea, but there's cool stuff in openclipart.org22:08
markitand it's not, and i don't know how to use inkscape, and in any case seems more difficoult22:08
markitopenclipart is about clips22:08
markitwordart is that you enter a label22:09
markitand then make it fancy22:09
markitwith tons of effects22:09
markitor something like that (don't use M$ chains)22:09
markithi dgroos!22:09
alkisgAh sorry I forgot about wordard, it's been years since I've used word22:10
dgroosHowdy markit22:10
markitare you also testing Epoptes?22:10
dgroos1At this very moment!22:10
markit"the latest the greatest" :)22:11
alkisgmarkit: there are many online text logo creation sites though22:12
dgroos1not sure, whichever one gets automatically installed--how do I tell?22:13
markitif it has the "monitor student" option is the last22:13
markitunfortunatly the about box is not updated22:13
alkisgdpkg -l epoptes22:13
markit(that option is near the "assist student"22:13
dgroos1alkisg: How hard would it be to put a users full name as an icon label, instead of their username?22:13
alkisgdgroos1: it's in the TODO22:14
alkisgWe'll also allow for custom display names22:14
dgroos1Really is great.  I know my teachers will be happy to use it.22:14
alkisgE.g. for someone that doesn't have fixed ip addresses for his ltsp clients, so they are like ltsp123, ltsp124 etc,22:15
alkisgso he'll be able to "rename" them to "pc01", "pc02"22:15
alkisgThat will only be a display name, not a host name, but it should help in those cases22:15
dgroos1I assume I start it from a fatclient using remote-apps, just like we worked up for starting sch-scripts?22:15
dgroos1That will be very hand--I've still to update the lts.conf lists since all the movements/expansions in our efforts.22:16
alkisgdgroos1: I've thought of a better way to do it, when we both have some time we can test it so that it's officially supported in next versions:22:16
alkisgYou install epoptes-client in the ltsp server, and epoptes in the chroot!22:16
alkisgSo it actually runs on your fat client22:16
alkisgAnd the other clients connect there; not on the server22:17
alkisgThat would be configurable with lts.conf22:17
alkisgSo, e.g., you'd put:22:17
alkisgSo all clients would then contact ltsp123, where your fat client would be22:18
alkisgOne downside is that this client needs a fixed dns name or ip address22:18
alkisgThe good side is that you can broadcast to one class, and another teacher to broadcast to another class, from different machines (from your fat clients), not from the same (the server), doubling the frame rate22:19
alkisg(those lts.conf variables are not implemented yet)22:19
dgroos1I'll be configuring this for the teachers this weekend and will have some feedback by next week.22:26
dgroos1Time to take my son to sell wreaths... :)22:27

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