bcsallerhazmat: not responding to hails, send a rescue team00:00
bcsallerhazmat: we should include a exit code output check on /etc/init.d/apt-cacher-ng status00:02
hazmatservice apt-cacher-ng status00:02
hazmatmore localization fun00:03
bcsallernot with the exit code00:03
bcsallerbut about that, the virsh thing, its not for user interaction, we can force the locale when we exec it00:03
zodiaksorry, I got sidetracked by work ;)00:04
zodiakservice apt-cacher-ng start fails to start00:05
bcsallerzodiak: np00:05
bcsallerzodiak: did you do it with sudo?00:05
zodiakhuh.. what the .. install: cannot change owner and permissions of `/var/run/apt-cacher-ng': No such file or directory00:06
zodiakand even if I do sudo, it still says ; Problem creating log files. Check permissions of the log directory, /var/log/apt-cacher-ng00:06
bcsallersounds like the package didn't install properly but thats very odd00:06
zodiakokay, so, time to bug the ubuntu peeps00:07
bcsallerzodiak: you might try reinstalling the package and seeing if that leaves things in the same state or not00:08
zodiakbcsaller, good call00:08
zodiakokay, so, apt-cacher-ng installed fine the second time (not hugely reassuring)00:11
bcsallerI'd destroy-environment and then bootstrap again00:11
zodiakbcsaller, I did indeed.. and.. public-address is now in the juju status :D :D00:13
bcsallerzodiak: very good00:13
zodiakand I am going to kill whoever packaged up apt-cacher-ng00:13
bcsallerzodiak: failure is just another word for lesson :)00:13
zodiakyes.. or murder :P00:14
bcsallerfair enough00:14
bcsallerthat's firmly under the heading of bad juju though00:15
zodiakalthough now I have a fun weekend ahead of me, trying to figure out how to create custom charms to help deploying our rails app00:15
zodiakyou couldn't resist.. could you ? :)00:15
bcsallerI'm weak00:15
bcsallerwhat can I say00:15
zodiak*chuckles* well, I think you have earned your bad puns for the day ;)00:15
zodiakdanke everyone, bcsaller, hazmat00:16
bcsallerzodiak: try the examples mysql, wordpress if you want to see it working locally with something a little more addressable00:16
hazmatzodiak, awesome.. go forth and multiply ;-)00:16
bcsallerits nice to see that level of isolation running on a local box00:17
bcsallerhazmat: that was an odd one, huh? :)00:17
bcsallerfailure in the apt-cacher-ng package00:17
hazmatbcsaller, packages are a bunch of random scripts00:17
bcsallerI've heard that somewhere00:18
zodiakhrm. is there an 'undeploy' for juju ?00:26
zodiakunexpose but .. no undeploy ?00:27
m_3zodiak: I have an old rails example here http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~mark-mims/+junk/ensemble-rails/files00:38
m_3I'll be happy to help modernize it after the weekend (at a conference atm)00:39
zodiakm_3 ooohhh.. awesome! thank you :)00:39
m_3it's for rails3, but there're references to "ensemble" instead of "juju"00:39
m_3but the basic idea's still sound00:39
hazmatzodiak, destroy-service is undeploy00:41
hazmatkills the containers as well (minus the master used for creating new ones)00:42
m_3hazmat: where would I look to find logging during "expose"?01:15
hazmatm_3, provisioning agent01:15
hazmatm_3, /var/log/juju/01:15
m_3k thnaks01:15
hazmatm_3, it should come out of a debug-log as well01:15
yitnohi all02:58
xxiaois juju for public cloud or can it be used for private cloud?04:08
SpamapSxxiao: it supports any EC2 provider, in theory05:12
SpamapSxxiao: its been tested against AWS and OpenStack.05:12
SpamapSxxiao: also a long time ago it was tested against eucalyptus 2.005:12
_mup_Bug #874801 was filed: Juju should have a capistrano renderer for status <juju:New> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/874801 >05:16
backburnerjuju owns12:10
hazmatm_3, its time to go to work ;-)13:08
eagles0513875hi guys :)13:13
_mup_Bug #875042 was filed: allow for import/export of a environment or subset <juju:New> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/875042 >14:10
_mup_juju/unlocalize-network r408 committed by kapil.thangavelu@canonical.com16:01
_mup_unlocalize the libvirt network integration16:01
hazmatkoolhead17, greetings... again ;_)18:22
hazmatkoolhead17, so you would have a db-relation-changed hook in moodle18:22
hazmatthat would check (using relation-get ) for the username/password/db name18:22
koolhead17enmand_: welcome18:24
enmand_Hi there18:24
* enmand_ waves18:24
koolhead17enmand_: https://juju.ubuntu.com/docs/18:24
koolhead17hazmat: user=`relation-get user` password=`relation-get password` host=`relation-get host`18:25
koolhead17am reffering to that drupal charm18:25
koolhead17hazmat: everything lies " db-relation-changed "18:28
hazmatkoolhead17, back.. so yeah that's the ticket18:37
hazmatkoolhead17, but you have to check if its set to a value, and if not exit the hook, and it will be called again when it is18:38
hazmatm_3, what's your twitter handle?18:40
koolhead17hazmat: so how will mysql server know what all things it has to pass18:41
hazmatkoolhead17, its relation hook has a known set of things it needs to allocate and set for a new relation18:41
koolhead17or how would i know in my formula from which charm i should get what18:42
hazmatkoolhead17, you know because your charm needs some service, and there's a service for that charm.. the 'interface' for the relation defines a communication protocol18:43
hazmatbut its loosely typed/spec atm18:43
hazmatkoolhead17, we have some documentation on the wiki regarding some of the more common interfaces and what they define for values18:43
koolhead17hazmat: i have a situation where my settings.php file wants hostname for the running machine18:44
koolhead17where and how will i define that18:44
koolhead17App running machine18:45
hazmatkoolhead17, unit-get public-address18:51
hazmatin a hook will get the public hostname for the unit18:51
koolhead17hazmat: where will i define it18:53
hazmatits available in any hook18:53
Brimzen3Where are you from19:01
koolhead17Brimzen3: ?19:03
_mup_juju/assume-local-ns-if-local-repo r408 committed by kapil.thangavelu@canonical.com19:05
_mup_auto qualify local ns if local repo specified and no namespace19:05
_mup_Bug #872164 was filed: [Oneiric] Cannot deply services - store.juju.ubuntu.com not found <juju:In Progress by hazmat> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/872164 >19:07
m_3hazmat: http://paste.ubuntu.com/708845/19:23
m_3hazmat: http://paste.ubuntu.com/70884619:23
hazmatm_3, thanks19:23
hazmatm_3, which is which?19:24
hazmatm_3, nm19:24
hazmatm_3, so it looks like there's some sort of odd race in the db-changed hook19:28
hazmatm_3, on wiki2 when its called the second time it just exits19:28
hazmatno output19:28
hazmatm_3, on wiki1 on the second call it does additional stuff19:28
hazmatseems like a good time for debug-hooks19:29
hazmatm_3, could you paste bin your creation script?19:29
m_3hazmat: http://paste.ubuntu.com/708850/19:30
hazmatm_3, thanks19:30
* hazmat hugs local provider 19:30
m_3too big for local provider though19:31
m_3http://paste.ubuntu.com/708852/ is a paired down version19:31
hazmatm_3, not my local provider ;-)19:31
hazmatm_3, do you have local charm mods?19:32
SpamapSm_3: how's the hackering going?21:00
m_3SpamapS: great21:05
m_3hitting some basic charm bugs21:06
m_3relations stepping on each other a bit21:06
m_3but we have access to their openstack labs env now21:07
m_3everyone just wants to see gource though :)21:09
SpamapSm_3: lol21:21
SpamapSm_3: glad we could give them a shiny21:21
SpamapSm_3: I've been kind of hoping that you guys will completely replace the mediawiki charm with one that kicks serious ass. ;)21:23
SpamapSm_3: I suppose its time I made it actually show errors/successes properly. :)21:34
hazmatSpamapS, so one problem making it work in labs22:37
hazmatSpamapS, it doesn't look like we have the latest python-txaws in the repo for lucid22:37
hazmatwhich is the host we're launching things from22:37
hazmatactually the ppa for txaws looks a bit old22:39
hazmati guess i just source install FTW!22:40
hazmatlame for them though22:42

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