apacheloggerdebfx: oh, it does require a >= ? :/00:34
apacheloggerneeds some looking into00:34
apacheloggerbut I suppose we can always inject something via debhelper00:34
apacheloggermisc:depends can be abused for that most likely00:34
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valoriestuff like that is so cool to read!04:55
valoriethanks for linking it, claydoh04:55
claydohvalorie I think so too, it sure offsets a lot of the yelling and name calling :)06:11
valorieI was too busy to being in #kubuntu yesterday -- was there yelling and name-calling?06:12
jussivalorie: have you not seen the ML? 06:17
valorieoooo, no06:34
* valorie goes to read06:34
jussivalorie: you might come away depressed...06:36
valoriemy goodness, I was sort of dreading it, true06:37
valoriethis Marcus person06:37
valoriewhy is he on our list?06:38
valorieah, on mod06:39
valorietoo late, but better late than never06:39
valorieI agree with txwikinger - we need a focus on quality and stabilty for Precise06:43
valorienot new bells and whistles06:43
valoriemuch as I love bells06:43
debfxapachelogger: we could set misc:Pre-Depends but must packages don't use that07:57
markeyupgrade to Kubuntu 11.10 is taking its good time, but mostly because I overlooked a dialog that came up behind my browser window... gah08:54
markey"Replace custom config file XY with newer version?"08:54
markeypossibly a usability issue I think?08:54
markeyclicking on the KPackageKit icon in the taskbar also does not bring its dialogs into the foreground08:59
markeytaskbar works08:59
markeyok, rebooted09:04
markeyseems to have worked09:04
markeybut Gwibber comes up with half of its icons missing09:04
apacheloggerdamn, now I missed martin -.-09:15
apacheloggermarkey: what icons would those be?09:15
apacheloggersupposedly you need to install gnome-icon-theme or whatever it is called09:15
apacheloggerdebfx: or simply inject it into the target control file ;)09:16
debfxapachelogger: yeah but how? dpkg-gencontrol has a -D option ("Override or add an output control file field.") but we want to append something to pre-depends instead of overriding it09:18
markeyapachelogger: the icons at the top09:19
markeyhow do you call this again09:19
markeybelow menu09:19
apacheloggertoolbar icons?09:19
markeytwo of them are there09:19
markeythe rest shows the "missing icon" icon09:19
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apacheloggermarkey: yeah, probaly gnome icon stuff missing09:32
* apachelogger reads 11.10 reviews09:35
* yofel wonders how to use oxygen-gtk309:37
yofelhm, ok, got it "working"  - it completely ignores my color scheme though09:41
yofelat least it looks better than gtk1 style09:41
schnelleguys... sometimes chromium doesn't start : nikola@testbox:~$ chromium-browser 09:42
schnelleGtk-Message: Failed to load module "canberra-gtk-module"09:42
yofelschnelle: libcanberra-gtk-module installed?09:43
schnelleyes, but gtk3 module09:44
apacheloggerchromium uses gtk2 though09:44
schnellethis is clean install on my test partition09:45
yofelthis shouldn't be a fatal error though from what I know...09:46
yofelyep, here chromium works even without that lib09:46
markeyapachelogger: i A gnome-icon-theme09:48
markeyit's installed09:48
markeydoes it need -extras? or -full?09:48
markeyoh wow, Gwibber's config UI redefines minimalism. I actually like that though09:50
markeyI'm a fan of keeping number of options as low as possible09:50
apacheloggermarkey: no idea, really depends on the icons, but I suppose the more you have installed the better09:56
apacheloggerplus I'd report a bug against gwibber09:56
apacheloggerclearly there is something not as cross desktop as it should be09:57
yofelyay... polkit-kde-1 crashed. *sigh*10:23
yofeland doesn't seem to restart by itself...10:24
ghostcubehmm hi folks, after upgrading my plasma-desktop is crashing if i edit my environment with mini apps wallpaper and so on, i got an full backtrace for the crash10:33
ghostcubeanyone want maybe to look at it?10:33
apacheloggershow us the backtrace10:34
apacheloggerchances are it is a widget that causes the crash10:34
ghostcubehere we go10:35
apacheloggerghostcube: #6  WicdNetworkManager::createNetworkInterface (this=0x7ffff2889410, uni=...) at ../../../solid/wicd/networkmanager.cpp:16510:42
apacheloggertry not using wicd10:42
apacheloggerand file a bug at bugs.kde.org10:42
ghostcubei did already10:42
ghostcubeok will take out wicd 10:42
ghostcubethx so far :)10:43
bulldog98there was a new rekonq release where should I put the package for testing in? updates?10:59
shadeslayerwendar: Hotel ack'd delivery 11:32
shadeslayervalorie: How will we communicate with you once we land? :P11:35
shadeslayerknow any place where we can meetup with you? ( in the airport itself )11:36
Quintasanshadeslayer: Wait, what are you talking about, no UDS for u, right?14:05
Quintasanbambee: \o15:24
bambeecongrats to the team for this great release btw <315:37
GirlyGirlBroken link in #kubuntu topic "https://wiki.kubuntu.org/OneiricOcelot/Final/Kubuntu/Kmai" should be "https://wiki.kubuntu.org/OneiricOcelot/Final/Kubuntu/Kmail"15:41
mfraz74GirlyGirl: is there a size limit to the topic?15:42
GirlyGirlmfraz74: I don't know15:43
mfraz74GirlyGirl: should be https://wiki.kubuntu.org/OneiricOcelot/Final/Kubuntu/Kmail215:47
GirlyGirlmfraz74: Ah yes15:47
sharpshooterHaii all !! I  install kubuntu desktop in my ubuntu 11.10 box ...and I need to uninstall the kubuntu desktop 16:29
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sheytanif i upgrade from natty to oneiric and have kontact from experimental already installed, will i have problems with it, too?17:04
yofelshouldn't - as that's already 4.717:05
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bulldog98sheytan: since I had experimental too (but on oneiric) it will work :)17:43
bulldog98or was it natty back then17:43
sheytanbulldog98: is it worth an upgrade to oneiric?17:44
sheytanbesides new digikam and de 4.7.2 nothing new :*(17:44
GirlyGirlsheytan: I think it is17:44
GirlyGirlsheytan: Performance wise I find it a nice upgrade17:45
sheytanGirlyGirl: well, my machine is fast enough yet :)17:47
sheytanmaybe i will upgrade to lts17:47
sheytanso in april or so17:47
GirlyGirlsheytan: See for yourself ... but its no big deal doing a dist-upgrade17:48
* sheytan is afraid something might go wrong and brake his amazing desktop/apps/config setup :D17:50
sheytanhappned once17:50
GirlyGirlsheytan: If you already have KDE 4.7X there should be no problem17:51
sheytanGirlyGirl: there shouldn't be at all. Well, i'm not scared at all, this was kinda a joke, but don't really see good reason to upgrade :)17:54
GirlyGirlsheytan: So later on no early kde 4.8  for you :d17:55
yofel+ no 4.7 bugfixes. 4.7.2 will be the last point release I'll backport to natty17:56
sheytanyofel good you do :)17:57
yofelI'll backport them as soon as we have them in oneiric-updates17:57
yofelotherwise we'll get upgrade failures again like we did with maverick and 4.5.317:57
sheytanGirlyGirl: there's one cool feature awaiting me already: disabling  scrollbars completly :D (hell yeah!)17:57
GirlyGirlhttp://linuxblog.darkduck.com/2011/10/disappointments-of-kubuntu-1110.html  .... someone seems disgruntled, the comments there are positive though17:59
yofelthe release has good and no so good points, agreed. I don't think we did too bad though considering how many people worked on it17:59
claydohGirlyGirl: that guy only tests out live sessions, and doesn't really like Kubutu iirc :/18:00
yofel*sigh* - there's nothing we can do about users being disappointed we don't ship more than one default wallpaper18:03
yofelwe have no freakin' space!!18:03
GirlyGirlyofel: maybe a DVD release for people who want a more complete OS18:05
yofelGirlyGirl: we already have that...18:05
yofelpeople somehow just tend to not find it18:06
yofelhm, I know why it fails to shutdown with smbfs mounted18:10
yofelthe wireless network is disconnected as soon as you log out, and later umount hangs hard on syncing the now unavailable smb mount18:10
yofelnot sure why it never times out18:11
GirlyGirlI thought the dvd was just language packs18:11
yofelGirlyGirl: not really, you can for example compare the depencies of kubuntu-desktop with the deps of kubuntu-full18:13
claydohwell on kubuntuforums there aren't as many kmail related issues as I might have thought so far, just the ususal upgrade problems that seem to crop up relating to video drivers, etc.18:29
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yofelneither in #kubuntu actually. There were a few people that had issues and I pointed them to the kmail release notes18:32
yofelhaven't heard much from them after that18:32
GirlyGirlyofel: I've been pointing them to that again and again lots of people keep comming for that18:33
yofelhm,  I'm missing out on some of the busy times then18:34
GirlyGirlBut its decreasing ... there are a few no sound after upgrade complaints but I guess that's not kubuntu specific18:35
yofeldepends, some of those are phonon selecting the wrong output device18:35
yofelwhich I'm not sure why it happens18:35
wendarshadeslayer: great! (ack'd delivery)18:47
debfxyofel: I think the live part of the dvd has basically the same packages as the cd18:52
yofelhm, I need to take another look at the seeds then18:53
debfxwhich is why I think we should transform the dvd to an <2GB usb image like ubuntu18:53
yofelwhy <2G? I would rather have all of KDE on it and make it < 4GiB18:54
debfxdo you think many users want to have all of kde installed on their system?18:56
yofelgood question18:57
debfxI think 2GB is enough to fit the more popular applications and a bunch of language packs on it18:58
debfxyeah firefox and an image editor19:01
* yofel got a kernel panick o.O19:04
bambeeyofel: nouveau ?19:05
yofelnope, intel - but I think it was more related to a very high system load while I was compiling something19:05
bambeemy system is just unusable with nouveau here  (4 kernel panic today)19:05
yofelthis was my eeePC and I had ext4 symbols in the panic trace19:06
BarkingFishAfter 125 minutes of the most nailbiting stuff I've ever been through, I *finally* have oneiric :)19:10
nusch_hi, could someone explain me why the dist upgrade sets managed=false in /etc/NetworkManager/NetworkManager.conf19:29
nusch_? If kubuntu is desktop system why someone would need to bother with manual console configuration /19:29
* yofel wonders why nepomukindexer is indexing already indexed files o.O19:45
debfxyofel: have you read the latest blog post about nepomuk performance?19:53
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yofeldebfx: not yet19:56
valorieooo, you won't have a working phone, will you shadeslayer?19:58
valoriedo you have WhatsApp ?20:00
valorieI'll send you the dealieo20:00
valorieshould work with wifi, if SFO has wifi20:00
valorielet's find out if it does20:01
valoriewill one of you have a phone for that?20:02
nusch_I have network-manager running, can see it's proberly detects wifi network in dbus viewer, but plasma applet shows no connections, wireless is grayed, on wired I can see only ifup(eth0), ifup(wlan0) http://pastebin.pl/48602 where is the problem?20:10
nusch_this happened after upgrade to 11.1020:11
yofeldebfx: what I don't get is why the nepomukindexer processes end up consuming (or causing) SYS cpu usage, that seems to disable their nice level so they consume most of my eeePC's CPU time20:12
Riddellnusch_: I guess that means we don't know, and user support is in #kubuntu20:21
Riddellhmm, markus sent another not very helpful rant to the mailing list, I think I'll reject20:23
nusch_Riddell: and what about my first question - it's a general problem, I'm asking this question on launchpad with every release and problem still exists..20:24
Riddellnusch_: I don't know I'm afraid, network manager daemon package is maintained by the ubuntu desktop team20:25
nusch_Riddell: ok thx20:26
CIA-130[lp:~kubuntu-packagers/kubuntu-packaging/kalgebra] Philip Muškovac * 16 * debian/changelog New upstream release (LP: #872506)20:52
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debfxyofel: no idea about that, you could try to build the latest kde-runtime 4.7 snapshot20:57
yofelmeaning I should enable strigi in neon and see what happens20:58
yofelI doubt there's going to change much in 4.720:58
debfxhttps://trueg.wordpress.com/2011/10/13/taking-a-break-from-crash-fixing-for-usability/ says it's all backported to 4.721:00
yofelah, then I'll try it21:00
yofelok, I WILL try it21:02
debfxyofel: these are some packages I would put on an usb image: http://paste.ubuntu.com/708943/21:13
yofeldebfx: hm, I know gwenview has a scan plugin - do we need skanlite? 21:16
debfxyofel: from kipi-plugins?21:17
yofelnot sure, if it is we'll need skanlite then21:18
bulldog98_yofel: I’d like to get libreoffice replaced by calligra, since it make an amazing progress21:46
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yofelcome again once calligra has been released and calligra-word stops chopping of piecies of the characters21:47
bulldog98also kile would be nice, but I know that this won’t happen since texlive needs to much space21:48
bulldog98btw why is ktikz in debian but not in ubuntu archive?21:49
yofelwhat's that?21:55
bulldog98yofel: a tool to create latex (tikz package) graphics (texdoc pgf)22:01
yofelbulldog98: it probably got into debian after debianimportfreeze22:02
yofelshould get synced from wheezy soon22:02
bulldog98yeah :)22:02
bulldog98for the mean time I did an oneiric repackaging22:02
yofelwell, to make sure you could file a manual sync request22:03
yofelbut I guess it's too soon for that22:03
CIA-130[lp:~kubuntu-packagers/kubuntu-packaging/kalzium] Philip Muškovac * 19 * debian/changelog New upstream release (LP: #872506)22:11
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